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ZERO 11X Review

Daniel Foley
29 January 2024

0-60 mph (96 km/h), a powerful, large and intimidating scooter not for the faint of heart.

The ZERO 11X is the latest addition to the ZERO lineup, which consequently is limited to a handful of scooters, namely the ZERO 9, ZERO 10X models. The 11x however is the peak model as of March 2021 and offers some incredible specifications, well beyond your typical electric scooter.

With 2 x 1600w BLDC hub motors rated at 3200w continuous or 5600w peak (although some websites claim 6400w) there is more than enough power, even for larger riders. The 11x is a no-compromise solution for everyone be it a commuter for a daily scoot or a speed junkie looking to break the 60 mph (96 km/h) mark.

ZERO 11x The Lowdown…

This is, off the shelf, one of the most powerful electric scooters out there – whilst it does fall short of the hyper-scooter category, it’s not far from it, and for the price point it’s definitely one of the better bargains when you consider power to price ratio.

With uncanny acceleration and the ability to climb almost any hill thrown at it you’ll absolutely love the 11X wherever you may ride it.

And, just because it goes fast, doesn’t mean you need to worry about range anxiety, because to complement the huge power output is a large battery to keep the power flowing. The 11x range comes with 2 different battery options, namely a 28ah model and a 32ah model – the 32ah using a genuine lithium-ion LG battery (it’s speculated that the 28ah battery is a cheaper chinese battery – possibly unbranded).

This isn’t an electric scooter for new / novice riders.

ZERO 11x Specifications

MotorMax 5,600W BLDC Dual-Hub Motor (2x 1600w continuous output)
Battery72V – 31.5Ah – 2,268Wh - Usually LG or Samsung Cells - also available in 28AH Unbranded battery
Charge Time15h (Standard Charger) - 7h (Dual Charging) - 2x GX16 Ports
Single-Charge MileageClaimed 80-90 miles, real world conservative riding 49 miles, fast riding autonomy 18 miles.
Max Speed62+ mph (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider)
Climbing Range70% or 35 degrees (varies depending charge state and weight of the rider)
Braking SystemHydraulic brakes with ABS standard and 160mm disks
LightingStem lighting, Dual LED Headlight and Tail light, Brake light, Turn signals
HornBuilt-in Bell, No Horn
Max Load330 lbs. (150kg)
Scooter Weight110 lbs. (53kg)
Product Material6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Handlebar6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Steering Tube6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
SuspensionFront Single Shock Lever Suspension

Rear Single Shock Suspension
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded: 1420 × 1325 × 720 mm

Folded: 11420 × 600 × 720 mm
Water ResistanceNo IP Rating


ZERO 11X Review Video

Check out the 11x video review – here we look at build quality, pros, cons and things you should watch out for when buying a ZERO scooter.

ZERO 11x Pros

tickicon Very sturdy construction

tickicon Whilst it is heavy, it helps to maintain stability at speed

tickicon Resistive steering (to prevent speed wobble)

tickicon Sturdy steering column with no stem flex / wobble

tickicon Long deck

tickicon Sturdy metal footplate / rear mudguard

tickicon Powerful and lots of torque

tickicon Good range when rode conservatively

tickicon Efficient out of the box front lighting

tickicon Attractive design

ZERO 11x Cons

red  Cheaper construction (quality issues in some areas)

red  Poor quality LED instrument panel & voltmeter

red  No water resistance

red  Very heavy at 53 kgs / 117 lb – not portable or suitable for carrying up or downstairs

red  Known issues with frame fractures and potential for front suspension pin failure

red  Motors aren’t efficiently sealed

red  Controllers are known to overheat


ZERO 11X Summary

The ZERO 11x is an exceptionally powerful scooter with good range, sturdy construction and a robust double bar steering column. The longer deck and metal rear footplate makes ride positioning much easier. Taller riders will find it easier to maintain a rider stance at speed & there’s plenty of room on the deck to find a comfortable riding position.

The 11x comes with hydraulic disc brakes however the brand of calipers can vary depending on location – most ZERO 11xs will ship with NUTT hydraulic calipers.

Cockpit arrangement is neat, basic and consists of the cheaper LED odometer panel and a handy independent volt meter to show battery voltage.

Performance Overview

The ZERO 11x is undoubtedly one of the best performing scooters that’s still highly practical. Whilst there are much faster alternatives out there such as the RION RE series, the ZERO is one of the fastest electric scooters within price point.

For many, a top speed of 60 – 62 mph (96 – 100 km/h) is more than enough, and coming it at less than £2,500 ($3,500) from some UK and International retailers, this is fantastic value for money.

To put it into context, very few scooters operate in the 5400w peak range and almost none at this price point.

The 11X has 2 BLDC hub motors capable of putting out over 2700w peak power each for a combined output of 5400w.

Acceleration is heavily dependent on battery state, scooter age, terrain and rider weight so it’s impossible to quote a uniform time to 60 mph (96 km/h). We were able to reach 62 mph (100 km/h) from a stand still in around 9 seconds on flat level ground, on a dry day with a battery state of 81v and a rider weight of 64 kg (141 lb).

We’d expect the average 0 -60 mph (96 km/h) time to be between 9 -12 seconds for most people, which for such a heavy scooter is quite an achievement.

Overall performance is exceptional – the 11X was able to manage a full day of messing around on paths and fields with battery to spare. Real world usage in terms of range is again, conditional on many different factors.

Claimed peak range (depending on which websites you look at) vary between 75 miles (120 km) to 90 miles (145 km). The reality is, it’s very unlikely anyone will ever achieve these ranges. The most we were able to achieve on a FULL state of charge, a 64 kg (141 lb) rider and ambient outside temperature of 18 c was 49 miles (79 km) using ECO mode with single motor.

In full power mode (ECO off, dual motor, P Settings set to 80% power) we were able to fully discharge the 11x’s 32ah LG battery in just 18 miles – which, at speeds of 50 – 60 mph (80 – 96 km/h) would mean a run time of just 18-20 minutes.

Performance OFF road was fantastic, although the ZERO 11X is very heavy and can feel a tad unresponsive in muddier conditions – plus, you absolutely MUST have the right type of off road tyres to stand any chance of retaining grip.

For most users, the ZERO 11X is best kept on the road (with road tyres) as the off road tyres can be very noisy and do not offer the same level of grip in the damp.

zero 11x front


Speed & Acceleration

Expect average acceleration rates to be between 9 – 12 seconds to reach 60 mph (96 km/h) from a standing start. Heavier riders of 80 – 100 kgs+ (176 – 220 lbs) will see acceleration times dip to around 15 – 17 seconds, but again, this is entirely dependent on terrain, battery SOC, scooter age, ambient temperature and more. 



    Top Speed

    Again – the top speed of the 11X is really dependent on the rider weight and terrain. Wind will also impede top speeds – if your going against a stiff breeze or strong winds you’ll loose anywhere from 5-10 mph (8 – 16 km/h).

    Peak recorded speeds are generally around 60-62mph (100 km/h). Downhill speeds, some users report being able to reach up to 68 mph (109 km/h).

    ! Important !

    The ZERO 11X uses a cheaper chinese odometer / control panel, therefore the accuracy is questionable – you also need to ensure the right wheel size is selected. Many users opt to carry a GPS to get a more accurate reading of top speed.

    Typical GPS top speed reports are around 60 – 62mph (96 – 100 km/h).  

      Hill Climbing

      The 11X is capable of gradeability of up to 35% although lighter riders may get away with up to 40%. The scooters heavy weight means it’s slightly less capable when it comes to steep hills than the Dualtron Thunder from Minimotors..


      Battery & Range


      Ride gently and potter around the paths and you’ll squeeze up to 50 miles on a single charge, but, make no mistake, it’s pretty much impossible to get close to the claimed ranges (believe me we’ve tried). In single motor, ECO mode on mostly flat terrain with an average speed of just 15 miles per hour & a 64kg rider, the most we were able to get was 49 miles.

      Driving style will no doubt significantly reduce range – hill climbing and longer bursts of “full throttle” will significantly reduce ground covered to as little as 18 miles.

      This is based on the 32ah battery.

      Reported mileage for the 28ah battery varies between 15 miles to 35 miles, but again, we’ve not tested this (we’re going to at some point).

      Expect your baseline range to be on average around 25 miles with mixed use.

      If you decide to test the ZERO 11x hill climbing ability, you’ll reduce the range much faster – the 11X tends to run with hot controllers, loading them can really speed up battery charge dissipation.



      Motor Configuration

      The 11x has a dual BLDC (brushless DC electric motor) configuration. The motors appear to be generic, unbranded motors. The 11X offers multiple modes with single or dual motor operation, but also decreased and elevated power modes.

      ECO mode will wind down the amount of power at the controller whereas single / dual mode literally is what it says it is, basically you can run the 11X around on a single motor.

      What is absolutely important for any ZERO 11X owner or prospective owner to know about is:

      1. Running the 11X around on single motor mode is ONLY suitable for riders below 100 kg (220 lbs) and on flat terrain, loading a single motor puts significant strain on the motor and controller. Single 1600w hub motors shifting 53 kg (116 lbs) of scooter + x KG of rider makes for a lot of strain.
      2. The brushless motors are not impervious to water ingress and are VERY quick to rust. It’s recommended to use a silicone spray to partially waterproof the motors to minimise the opportunity for water or damp to get into the motor casing.

      zero controlpanel

      Construction & Quality

      The 11x has a very sturdy construction mixed with a boxed base and curved / triangular suspension arms that are styled whilst maintaining rigidity. The frame of the ZERO 11X is made from aviation grade aluminium alloy & is powder coated in black / red / blue.

      The overall construction of the scooter is very good – the frame components are generally very strong and the suspension configuration helps to minimise the ability for any flex between the wheel sections and the main box section itself.

      The innovative approach to use the footplate as a suspension mounting point shows that a lot of thought went into the design of the 11X, although with that being said, there are other areas that let the scooter down.

      Hydraulic lines to the rear brake run through a plastic enclosure that’s firmly fixed to the 11x box section, however, the line has lots of room to move around and is exposed excessively in multiple areas.

      Where the rear hydraulic brake line leaves the plastic box section, it runs past a sharp corner where over time excess friction is likely to fracture the hydraulic line.

      The other area of concern is the front suspension mount. The 11X has a triangular style suspension / pivot mount design that means the shock absorber connects the inner part of suspension arms together. This joint is load-bearing & the pin/bolt that runs through the suspension mount is too thin making it liable to snapping – this is potentially dangerous, especially if travelling at high speed.

      Because there are some potential quality issues with the metal used in the bolts – there is also the potential for corrosion/rust to cause the bolt to suffer prematurely

      During our time of ownership, we observed that even light dampness on the steering clamp bolts caused surface rust to appear – this isn’t something you want present on important bolts that hold the scooter together.

      The steering column itself is quite unique, very few scooters have this arrangement. Most e scooters use a single column arrangement with a clamp – single column scooters have to distribute more stresses to the clamp area – the ZERO11X doesn’t suffer from this issue, the 11x’s steering column is one of the sturdiest we’ve ever seen – there is literally NO play in lateral side to side or front to back movement attempts.

      Overall the build quality is GOOD but could be improved. We love the 11x but we can’t help but feel the metal components used aren’t as high quality as we’d have liked.

      zero motors11


      The 11x has a unique lever arm suspension arrangement. The front and rear configurations are similar in pivot points but have a different mounting point arrangement.

      The front suspension consists of 2 suspension arms and an adjustable shock absorber slung back around 1 cm from the wheel.

      The arrangement keeps the front wheel as close to the deck as possible without reducing the turning circle too much. The only down side to this arrangement is that the load bearing support is minimal. The bolt used to mount the suspension to the top and bottom arms is too thin especially when you factor in the total scooter weight, load weight (rider) and suspension configuration.

      This is potentially a weak spot on the 11x that users should address by using a stronger stainless steel bolt.

      The rear suspension arm is a single arm with a pivot mount between the lower arm and the rear footplate. This is really innovative – and was one thing we really liked.

      The overall suspension and ride quality out of the box is good. The shock absorbers seemed to be of good quality and offered fair, smooth travel. The scooters unsprung weight means you may need to adjust the suspension to suit your weight and riding style (off road riding will mean you are better off tightening up the suspension).

      Overall the suspension does a good job and offers a smooth ride.

      Ride Quality

      The ZERO 11X ride quality overall is very good. A large, long deck, sturdy foot rest, high handlebar position and good suspension make this scooter a pleasure to ride. Potholes and poor road surfaces are easily managed and off road is also a doddle – but, don’t get too complacent, the 11X’s power can make it a challenge to handle in the damp.

      Even light riding – we were able to kick the front wheel out and nearly fall off a few times.

      Overall the ride quality is one of the best we’ve seen amongst most scooters – this is definitely a selling point for the ZERO 11X.

       The 11x’s suspension is forgiving but the 11″ wheel size isn’t, like most electric scooters you’ll want to avoid potholes or any sudden wheel impact / excessive suspension loading.

      zero 11 x over


      The ZERO 11X comes with front and rear hydraulic brakes. You get a fairly standard setup with dual 160mm discs (rotors) and NUTT calipers. To support mechanical braking the 11x also has regenerative braking which uses load resistance to help slow the wheels / scooter down.

      Overall braking performance on the ZERO11X is very good. From 60 mph (96 km/h) the 11X can brake to 0 within 50 meters.

      The regenerative braking is also very effective BUT, it can also damage controllers when regenerating as the feedback load puts a strain on the controllers – especially if the battery is at full capacity. Many turn regenerative braking off altogether and some reduce the amount of regen braking.

      Overall, the braking capabilities of the 11x are very good.

      Make sure you buy spare pads – they don’t last very long.

      nutt ima1 zero


      Well, this is where the 11X is let down, and to be honest, the 11x wasn’t designed to be portable, it was designed to be big, fast, powerful.

      Weighing over 50 kg (110 lbs) this isn’t going to be something that people can just sling in the boot of their family hatchback, or carried up the stairs into an apartment – it’s big, heavy and unwieldy to lift.

      What’s worse, there’s no locking mechanism when you fold the handlebars down – meaning you can’t lift the scooter by the handlebars – meaning you have to fumble around looking for a gap around the wheel or suspension arm to lift – which for most, just isn’t possible.

      The 11x ISN’T portable. Whilst you may fit it in a larger car with the seats folded down, you won’t be getting it and out of awkward places with ease or without damaging things.

      So if you live up in an apartment, flat or a shared house and you need to move your 11x up and downstairs – forget about it.


      The 11X comes with lights, and so it should given the size and presence this thing will have on the road. Out of the box, the lighting arrangement is very good. The 11X uses a frame mounted BAR that houses 2 independent LED lights either side.

      What’s great other than the powerful front LED output is also that the lights are adjustable.

      Because they’re just the right height from the ground, the beam pattern does a good job at night in lighting the roads / paths ahead (unlike traditional eScooters which may house their lights at the top of the steering column).

      The adjustable front lights are powerful and illuminate more than 3 meters ahead of the scooter – making them practical for night visibility

      The 11x also comes with rear lights (The usual flashing lights that activate when braking and the permanent rear semi-illuminated LED lights).

      The 11X doesn’t come with any indicators which is a shame, but, you can always wire your own in.


      The 11X comes with 11 inch tubed tyres which are road tyres from the factory although it is possible to have your 11x shipped with off road tyres.

      Being inner tube based, it makes changing the tyre / inner tube much easier in the event of a puncture. Tubeless tyres (although more durable) are harder to deal with when you get a puncture.

      Lots of 11x owners report rear punctures are very easy to get – so make sure you get a spare inner tube and tyre.

      The 11x supports both on road and off road tyre configurations.


      The deck is huge – one of the biggest we;ve seen on any electric scooter, measuring over 2.5 feet in length it offers PLENTY of room when standing. Unlike other scooters in this power range (the Dualtron Thunder and Dualtron X) which have a much shorter deck, the ZERO offers more room making it much easier to find the perfect riding position.

      The ZERO 11X deck ships with a centre based sticker of the ZERO logo surrounded by grip tape.

      The deck is fairly resistant to stone chips and marks but the edge of the decks are really easy to chip.

      The logo / sticker on the deck also peels off easily and isn’t overly durable.

      At the back of the deck is the footrest so you can maintain a lower, more primed stance when travelling at high speeds.

      Build Quality

      The 11x is just an incredible scooter for the money there’s no doubt about that. You get exceptionally good value for money – but, there has to be a compromise somewhere. The build quality of the ZERO overall is fairly good.

      It’s not a scooter that feels fragile or where it feels like there is a lack of robustness. The 11x is reassuringly heavy and sturdy. The tight steering column, firm suspension and overall solid look and feel scream “good quality build”.

      But there are underlying issues that may surface as the scooter ages.

      A recall was put out by Smart Motion Bikes / ZERO electric scooters Australia for some ZERO11X’s that could have a catastrophic frame fracture due to a manufacturing fault due to a crack line during the forging process / the Y-Channel material needed to be thicker / reinforced against cracking.

      Some users reported finding a crack in the front Y section of the frame.

      Other users have reported the front suspension pin fracturing/shearing during heavy use.

      We observed rust on some of the bolts including the steering clamp bolts which appeared to be a lower quality metal.

      The overall build quality is good but be sure to maintain your scooter, avoid abusing it, riding it in the wet, submerging the motors in any water or putting it through excess mud and damp conditions.

      As solid as the 11x is, it’s still breakable.


      The 11x has proven to be a fairly reliable scooter but it hasn’t been without problems. In our 5000 miles (8046 km) of use we’ve had numerous issues with the controllers, a failed LCD display, punctures, rust and issues with front motor vibration (most likely a bearing).

      The controllers are perhaps the most persistent issue with the ZERO 11X. The 40 amp controllers just aren’t up to the job and regularly overheat unless you turn the power setting (in P settings down).

      The deck of the 11x is also prone to water ingress which can also cause problems with electrical components.

      Overall, with general day to day use in dry weather and without excessive off-road use, you can expect your e scooter to be relatively reliable.

      Harder driving on a regular basis will wear the battery prematurely as well as other components on the scooter.

      The 11X battery display (in the LCD) is absolutely pointless so make sure you ONLY observe the voltage on the independent voltmeter.

      Be warned, as the 11X ages it will be prone to premature shut off. The BMS (battery management system) will effectively stop the scooter from working once it falls below 60v, however, if your battery is around 65% and you load the motors heavily the voltage can drop below 60% triggering cut off even if the battery isn’t fully discharged.

      Warranty & Customer Support

      ZERO 11X Scooters may come with different warranties depending on where they are purchased from. You should check with your supplier to see what warranty may come with the scooter. The default warranty coverage appears to be 1 year but also appears to be conditional.

      ZERO 11X: Conclusion

      Fast, fun, exceptionally good value for money. Very quick, sturdy and will propel even the heaviest of riders up to speed swiftly. Whilst there are some quality issues, the low price of the scooter makes this partially ignorable.

      Providing you are caring and do not abuse your 11X, you can expect to have a fast scooter that’s relatively reliable.

      Be aware of controller issues and the poor quality instrument panel (do not use the battery indicator, it’s completely inaccurate).

      ZERO 11X: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

      In our opinion, YES, the 11X is worth the money, I don’t think anyone could expect absolute perfection when you get so much scooter for your money. The quality issues can be overlooked as long as you look after and maintain it, keep it away from the wet and make sure you change the 11X P Settings so that you run 80% power or less, anything more and you’ll fry the controllers.

      There aren’t many other scooters at this price point with this much power, sturdiness or presence.

      Pound for pound excellent value, immense fun to ride & what’s more you’ll be the envy of your average electric scooter riders pottering around on 350w – 1000w scooters like the Xiaomi m365 or Kugoo G booster.

      Buying Second Hand? What to look for

        • Mileage is key – make sure your ZERO 11X isn’t high mileage as most won’t go through the cost of replacing the battery (which can cost up to £1200 depending on which battery you buy). We recommend avoiding anything over 1000 miles unless the owner can prove the battery has been replaced.
        • Suspension components – subject to the ZERO’s cons, the suspension mounting points are a weak point, check for surface corrosion or any form of impact damage. Check the suspension is firm and returns to the unsprung height after you take your weight off.
        • Motor / wheel bearings – have the 11X raised off the floor so you can rotate the motors freely. Slowly move the wheel backwards and forwards, look for any feel of grinding or resistance. Ensure brake pads aren’t impeding wheel movement. If you feel any sort of grinding or resistance it could be rust/corrosion inside the motor. 11s aren’t impervious to motor rust/corrosion which can cause the motor to fail. To check wheel bearings look for any marginal side to side movement.
        • Battery pack – the 11X battery like all high capacity lithium-ion batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. As they age and go through charge cycles the lithium-ion chemistry will breakdown & each cell will become more inefficient. This will lead to a significantly reduced range on the 11x.   Consider buying an Electric Scooter Battery tester – it’ll measure the batteries health. Whilst this may seem a tad extreme, if you are parting with thousands of £ then being due dilligent is worth it – you don’t want to end up buying your 11x and finding that the range is exceptionally poor from a worn out battery.

      danp d

      Daniel Foley


      Daniel is the ultimate adrenaline junkie when it comes to performance scooters. Daniel's favourite scooter is the Bronco 11 Xtreme. With a land speed record of 72 mph on electric scooters - Daniel lives for everything e Scooter.

      • Very Fast - 60mph+
      • Very Good Range
      • Solid & Sturdy Build
      • Excellent Lighting
      • Excellent Value for Money
      • Good Gradeability
      • Controller Issues / Overheating
      • Some Quality Issues & Recalls
      • Very Heavy, Not Portable, No Folding Latch Mechanism
      • Clamp Mechanism Cumbersome
      • Poor Quality Odometer / LCD Instrument Panel
      • Not Waterproof / NO IP Rating

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