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Xiaomi M365 Pro

25 May 2021

A feature-packed, sturdy, foldable electric scooter with a powerful motor that can yield a top speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h) and a respectable range of up to 27 miles (43 km).

A sequel of Xiaomi M365 that is considered to be one of the world’s most cherished e-scooters, the Xiaomi M365 Pro brings its A-game with a ton of improvements and new features that make your riding experience worthwhile. This solid and robust electric scooter boasts an expanded display, an enormous battery, an appealing design and a powerful motor. The added features may come at an extra price but overall, the Xiaomi M365 pro gives you incredible value.


Xiaomi M365 Pro – The Lowdown


xiaomi m365 pro electric scooter


Released to the market in 2019 as an alternative to the original M365, the Xiaomi M365 Pro is a cost-effective machine that packs a bountiful array of exciting features. Atop the newly upgraded features—including the robust motor, crystal-clear display, powerful battery, and exquisite design—this electric scooter boasts 8.5-inch air-filled pneumatic tyres that promise a smooth and comfortable ride.

It features an extended deck (extra 50MM) that allows you to move your feet with more ease. It also comes with a sturdy folding mechanism, an effective dual-braking system, a durable, lightweight frame, and a comfortable thumb throttle.

While the Xiaomi M365 Pro’s added weight contributes to its stability, it also takes a toll on riders’ muscles if they need to carry it for longer distances. However, if you’re using it for short commutes (e.g. going to and from the train station), then it will diligently serve its purpose.

The original XIAOMI M365 was one of the worlds most popular scooters as of 2020 and was also known under “MI Electric Scooter” or “Mijia” brand.  The M365 gained popularity because it offered a cheap way of getting around in style offering plenty of value for money. Rideable by almost anyone and great for nipping around, the XIAOMI has cemented itself firmly in the scooter marketplace – in fact it’s become so popular even BIRD Scooters use them as part of their rental scheme.

Xiaomi M365 Pro Specifications

Battery36V 12800mAh lithium-ion battery
Charge Time9 hours
Single-Charge Mileage27 miles
Max Speed 15.5 mph
Climbing Range20% (12 degrees)
Braking SystemRear mechanical disc and front regenerative
Lighting1.1W headlights, rear brake light
HornNone (comes with a bell)
Max Load220 pounds
Scooter Weight31.3 pounds
Product MaterialLight aluminium alloy
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 118 x 43 x 113 cm
Folded: 113 x 43 x 49 cm
Water ResistanceIP54 rated

Xiaomi M365 Pro Review Video

Check out the following Xiaomi M365 Pro review video for more details.
In summary, it’s a powerful, stable and dependable beast with one of the most extended ranges on the market and an outstanding foldable design

Xiaomi M365 Pro Pros

tickicon  A powerful battery with a fantastic range
tickicon  Three riding modes for a fabulous cruising experience
tickicon  Comprehensive central display to check your speed, battery level and mode
tickicon  A robust motor that supplies extra oomph for uphill riding
tickicon  Grippy, air-filled pneumatic tyres for smooth and comfortable rides
tickicon  Longer stem and handlebars for taller and broader riders

Xiaomi M365 Pro Cons

red  Control button is hard to reach if you have small hands
red  Takes a long time to charge
red  Not ideal for off-road action
red  Lacks suspension on both wheels
red  Some users have reported screws in the folding mechanisms coming loose


Xiaomi M365 Pro Summary

Although the Xiaomi M365 Pro is over one metre tall and weighs 14kg (31.3 lbs), you’ll be surprised at how fast it is compared to e-scooters of this size and weight. In terms of performance, this mini vehicle boasts several outstanding features. The 8.5-inch pressure-filled tyres are made of a soft compound that offers unmatched grip, even during wet conditions. It also comes with a large battery that powers the 300W motor to deliver a top speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h) and comfortably climb hills with gradients of up to 20%. With the extended battery, riders can expect to achieve as much as 60-70% more range over the standard Xiaomi M365 – basically they’ve crammed a more lithium dense battery pack into the deck – which likely means they’ve also made better use of the extended deck space.

This electric scooter also boasts outstanding safety features. For starters, it comes with confidence-inspiring dual brakes that allow you to steadily come to a halt, even on short distances. It also features a massive deck that supplies enough space for riders to move their feet comfortably while in transit. If you enjoy after-dark escapades, M365 Pro features an LED headlight to illuminate your path and a tail light to warn other motorists of your presence.

You will love this machine’s folding design that can be folded and carried by the handlebars. Even, due to its hefty 31.3 pounds (14 kg) and the extra length, it might not be the best one for teenagers and smaller riders.

Another outstanding feature of the Xiaomi M365 Pro is its dashboard, which boasts a well-lit display that allows riders to check the speed, battery level and mode. The stem-mounted button can power the scooter, change riding modes and turn the lights on/off.
With a hard-to-beat price, top-class performance, and a host of innovative features, the Xiaomi M365 Pro is the ideal commuting solution for first timers and seasoned riders alike.

Performance Overview

Like its predecessor, the M365 Pro doesn’t compromise on performance. Its 8.5-inch air-filled tyres are large enough to offer the required stability and are solid enough to supply a smooth roll. Disappointingly though, this scooter doesn’t have any suspension which means you will want to keep off rough terrains and bumpy roads. It can be challenging to keep the throttle pushed down—or even to hold the scooter with one arm – on uneven terrains.

The 300W motor supplies enough power to yield a top speed of 15.5 mph. It also enables riders to climb small hills effortlessly, while keeping a decent pace (depending on their weight and other conditions). For those who want to release the throttle and relax a little bit when riding for long distances, you can activate cruise control with a mere push of a button.

Additionally, you’ll never have to worry about stopping when cruising on the M365 Pro. It comes with a dual-braking system that delivers superb braking performance, enhanced heat management and smooth and comfortable rides. Other features that contribute to fantastic performance include the LED display that allows you to check your speed, mode and battery charge. Its bright front and rear lights enhance visibility for those who enjoy riding after the sun goes down.

The performance class of the XIAOMI M365 Pro is entry level – meaning it’s a scooter that can be ridden by most age groups. The power delivery is smooth and the ride is not intimidating, the scooter is light, easy to handle and because of those reasons, is a first choice for many entry level scooter riders looking to get their first electric scooter.

Don’t expect bursts of power – this is an entry level scooter with a torque output of around 16nm (newton meters) or 12 lbf-ft). But do expect something that’s super easy to ride and really smooth on acceleration.


xiaomi m365 folded


Top Speed & Acceleration

Although we expected this scooter to offer more in terms of speed, it still has the same 15.5 mph (25 km/h) of its predecessor. Even so, this is enough for all your suburban commutes. Riders seeking more thrill and adrenaline rush should probably look elsewhere.

What we found impressive on this aspect is that Xiaomi M365 Pro features an effective launch that rises to 15.5 mph (25 km/h) in just six seconds. However, riders must kick-push the scooter manually for no less than 2 mph before engaging the throttle. It also comes with three ride modes that allow cruising at various speeds.

The acceleration overall is sufficient for most people, however anyone who’s ridden a scooter with 1000w + will likely find the M365 Pro lacklustre. 

The original and M365 Pro have gained popularity amongst the “firmware” hacking community. The top speed of the scooter can be increased by a firmware hack that will override a limiter in the controller – some riders have reported speeds of 20-25 mph (32 – 40 km/h) depending on the hack implemented.

Be warned – ANY firmware hack will immediately invalidate the Xiaomi M365 Pros warranty.

We have found a video from Digs Moto which shows an M365 PRO apparently doing 31 mph (50 km/h) however as one Youtuber pointed out, the XIAOMI’s built-in speedometer isn’t overly accurate – but needless to say this looks a lot quicker than the quoted 15 – 18 mph (24 – 29 km/h).


Battery Life & Range

One of the highlights of the Xiaomi M365 Pro is its large and powerful battery. The 36V 12800mAh lithium-ion battery is solid enough to power a 300W motor and deliver a fantastic range of 27 miles. When the scooter’s charge is drained to 10%, it automatically lowers the maximum speed. The only drawback is that it requires nine hours to charge fully.

The 365 Pro’s average battery consumption works out to around 1.1kWh per 62 miles (99 km) ridden – so that works out at just over 2 full battery charges.

The Xiaomi M365 Pro’s battery offers up a total of 460Wh which is VERY impressive for such a small scooter, to put it into perspective a Dualtron Thunder which is SUBSTANTIALLY more powerful offers up 2100wh – now consider the price difference, the M365 is 1/8th the price but has 1/4 of the equivalent battery capacity.

Motor Configuration

The Xiaomi M365 Pro comes with a robust 300W motor that produces a top speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h). Although this speed is enough to make you feel like you’re rushing somewhere, it’s not fast enough to give you an adrenaline rush. The scooter comes with three ride modes for your riding convenience. These include the Eco Mode, Drive Mode, and Sports Mode, with top speeds of 9.3 mph (15 km/h), 12.4 mph (20 km/h) and 15.5 mph (25 km/h), respectively.

xiaomi m365 front shot reddit

Construction & Build Quality

Xiaomi’s reputation for building top-quality electric scooters is unrivalled, and the M365 Pro is no exception. All its parts scream quality, from the deck and stem to the handlebars and brakes. This bulky beast comes with a solid and sturdy aluminium-alloy frame that anchors all the other components. It has a matte black finish with splashes of red on the front wheel and brake-cable housing. Everything on this mini vehicle feels compact and robust.

xiaomi m365 electric scooter grey reddit post 019324i



The Xiaomi M365 Pro does not feature independent suspension however there are third party suspension options including the MONORIM V3 suspension kit for Xiaomi M365.

Ride Quality

For an entry-level scooter, the Xiaomi M365 Pro delivers a commendable riding experience. Its excellent combination of weight, power, geometry, and tyres creates a fantastic ride quality. Although the pressure-filled tyres don’t have an integrated suspension, they supply an unmatched surface grip and allow you to control the machine effortlessly.

The extended deck offers comfortable foot space for individuals of all weights and heights, while the long handlebars offer enough latching space for adults of all sizes. However, we advise keeping off rough terrains when riding this scooter due to the constant vibrations.


The M365 Pro comes with a dual-brake system that consists of rear and front brakes – linked and controlled by a single lever. The 120 mm rear disc brake boasts nicely routed cables that allow smooth activation. With this braking system, you can bring the scooter to a halt in three seconds when cruising at full speed. There is also a regenerative brake, whose power can be adjusted through the provided Bluetooth-enabled app.


Collapsing the Xiaomi M365 Pro takes just a couple of seconds, given its proprietary, tried-and-tested folding mechanism. The machine is held in the folded position by the bell, which latches onto the fender. But even with this innovative design, the scooter is a little bulky, weighing up to 31.3 pounds (14 kg). You certainly wouldn’t want to carry it for extended distance or up several flights of stairs.


The 1.1W LED headlight positioned between the handlebars helps to light up your way when darkness finds you outside. However, it doesn’t produce enough light, meaning you may need additional light if you often drive after the sunset. The Xiaomi M365 Pro scooter also comes with a taillight that is always on; this helps to signal other motorists. The backlight flashes when the brake is engaged which indicates that the mini vehicle is slowing down.


The Xiaomi M365 Pro comes with the same 8.5-inch air-filled pneumatic tyres as the previous version. These tyres have a reputation of offering a smooth and decent ride when traversing on level grounds, and they absorb shocks from bumps well. However, this scooter lacks an integrated suspension, so if you hit large potholes or try to tackle cobblestones, you’ll most likely feel the vibrations.


You will never have to worry about foot space with the Xiaomi M365 Pro. This adult electric scooter boasts a 45 x 15 cm deck. The deck is finished with a rubber coating and is covered in nubs to increase traction and provide more stability. For an entry-level scooter, the deck size is amazing. Another fantastic upgrade is the magnetized rubber cover which encloses the charging port on the front corner of the deck.

Controls & Display

Like any other scooter, the Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooter’s controls are positioned between the handlebars. You can find the throttle on the right handlebar, the brakes on the left, and the glossy display and bell in the centre. Riders can view several details on the LED dashboard, including battery level, speed and riding mode.

Below the display is a multifunctional button that you can use to power the scooter on/off, change riding modes, and switch the lights on/off.

With such a well-rounded and straightforward control system, anyone can understand why this Xiaomi product is so popular in the UK.


Water Resistance

This electric scooter by Xiaomi is rated IP54 for water resistance. What this means is it won’t give you any trouble when trying to get home on a rainy day. However, if you decide to cascade through puddles, the IP54 rating won’t help you and you may end up destroying the electrical parts.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Featuring a plethora of top-tier features, a magnificent design, and backing from one of the most reputable e-scooter companies in the world, the Xiaomi M365 Pro is a mini-vehicle you can rely on.

Xiaomi allows new riders to rest easy once they buy this scooter by offering a one-year warranty on components and normal wear-and-tear. The brand is also famed for its dependable and responsive customer support. Most users say they got helped within 1-2 days which is quite impressive.


Due to the constant folding and unfolding, the moving components get loose over time. Riders should check for loose nuts and screws and tighten them after some time. Since this scooter comes with air-filled tyres, you must check the tyre pressure and fill them if it’s running low. Finally, keeping your mini vehicle free from dirt will ensure that it serves you for long.

Accessories & Upgrades

  • Helmet
  • Extra charger
  • Knee pad
  • Horn/ bell
  • Bike lights

Known Issues

  • The most common issue we’ve seen users report about the Xiaomi M365 Pro is the tyres. Once the inner tubes are worn out, replacing them can be a daunting task—even for professionals. Additionally, finding the nozzle to inflate the tyres once their pressure runs low is another challenge.
  • Other customers have complained that the scooter’s charge time increases as the scooter ages.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

For the extra features, range and oomph, this electric scooter is worth everything you pay for it! Whether you’re looking for something for recreational use or short-distance transportation, the Xiaomi M365 Pro is a perfect choice. Of course, the lack of integrated suspension and the added weight can be deal breakers, but the range of benefits supersede the demerits. So, if you want an entry level e-scooter suitable for adults, then you won’t regret buying the Xiaomi M365 Pro.


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  • A powerful battery with a fantastic range
  • Three riding modes for a fabulous cruising experience
  • Comprehensive central display to check your speed, battery level and mode
  • A robust motor that supplies extra oomph for uphill riding
  • Grippy, air-filled pneumatic tyres for smooth and comfortable rides
  • Longer stem and handlebars for taller and broader riders
  • Control button is hard to reach if you have small hands
  • Takes a long time to charge
  • Not ideal for off-road action
  • Lacks suspension on both wheels

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