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VSETT 9+ Dual Motor Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
26 January 2024


A top-performing dual motor electric scooter with a top speed of 33 mph and an impressive range of up to 62.1 miles.

The Vsett range of electric scooters is a new line of next-generation electric scooters designed to provide the ultimate performance. The Vsett 9+ stands out in the Vsett line with its blazing top speeds, long-range, and without being overly bulky or expensive.

The Vsett 9+ retains a lot of the desirable specs of its predecessor, the Vsett 8+ but improves on aspects such as the deck size, tyres, ride quality, and the lighting system. The dual motors deliver more torque, significantly improving acceleration and hill-climbing.

The sleek solid black frame stands out with teal highlights- the 9+ is the chic version of the Vsett range.

But is this the dual-motor electric scooter you’ve been yearning for?

Vsett 9+ Dual Motor Electric Scooter: The Lowdown…

Vsett scooters came and took the electric scooter industry by storm with some highly unprecedented moves. For instance, while GoTrax has struggled with equipping their scooters with suspension, even the cheapest of the Vsett scooters rocks a dual spring suspension system.

Alternatively, while Minimotors does not get its scooters IP certified, all of Vsett’s models are rated IP54, making them highly reliable as year-round scooters. Let’s not forget that each Vsett scooter comes with an NFC key card immobiliser, which indicates how seriously the company takes its craft when it comes to intelligent scooter design.

Vsett Intelligent Technology Co is just a few years old in the electric scooter world, but they are a force that scooting enthusiasts should be keeping an eye on. They have a reputation for releasing nearly flawless performance electric scooters at varied price points. The scooters are a cut above the rest across multiple specifications, e.g. range, speed, ride comfort, reliability, ride quality and overall performance.

The scooters will be constantly compared to models by other brands. Still, the competition for Vsett is very internal, with each subsequent release leaving the market more amazed than with the previous.

The Vsett 9+ is one such marvel. The intricate craftsmanship is detailed to the tee. Whether you’re impressed by the curved design of the handlebars or the low weight of this dual-motor scooter- there’s plenty to tickle your fancy. The 9+ is fast and will take you over long distances- excellent qualities for those interested in a commuter scooter.

The scooter does not weigh tons like most other dual-motor, dual suspension, large battery capacity performance scooters. Even better, the scooter comes equipped with Vsett’s proprietary triple stem locking mechanism, making this scooter portable enough to carry onto public transportation or in the trunk of your car.

Is the Vsett 9+ scooter all bells and whistles, or is this scooter worth the £ 1167.9158/ $1624 you’ll pay for its acquisition?

Read on to find out.

Vsett 9+ Specifications

MotorDual 650W Brushless Motor
Battery48v; 21Ah, 19.2 Ah and 15.6 Ah LG Battery Variations
Charge TimeSingle 2A Charger 7.5 -10.5 Hrs or Dual 2A Charger 3.5 -5 Hrs
Single-Charge Mileage24.9 miles (40 Km) to 55 miles (88.5 Km) on Dual motor. & 43.5 miles (70 Km) to 62.1 miles (100 Km) on Single Motor/ Eco
Max SpeedLimited to 29.8 to 32.9 mph (48- 53Km/h)
Climbing RangeUp to 25 Degrees
Braking SystemFront & Rear Disc Brakes+ Electric ABS Automatic power-off function
LightingFront spotlight + front and rear turn signal lights + Rear brake light
HornElectronic horn
Max Load265 lbs. (120Kg)
Scooter Weight55lbs. (25Kg)
Product MaterialFrame and handle: Aviation aluminium forging alloy, 6082-T6, Shaft: SCM440, Covers: Polypropylene
Tyre Type8.5'' x 3'' Front and rear pneumatic tyres
SuspensionFront and Rear Adjustable (C-type) Spring Suspensions
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 122 x 69 x 121 Cm (LxWxH)

Folded Size: 122 x 23 x 29 Cm (LxWxH)
Water ResistanceIP54 Certified

Vsett 9+ Review Video

Take a look at this Vsett 9+ e-scooter review video to understand the said scooter visually.

Vsett 9+ Dual Motor Pros

tickicon Blistering all-round performance with feature-rich design

tickicon Lightweight for a dual motor scooter

tickicon Affordable- great value for money

tickicon Remarkable ride quality with adjustable swing arm suspension

tickicon Triple stem locking mechanism that eliminates stem wobble

tickicon Portable with foldable handlebars

tickicon Three riding modes with cruise control 

tickicon Fitted with turn signals

tickicon Antitheft features such as the NFC card reader

tickicon IP54 water-resistance rating

Vsett 9+ Dual Motor Cons

red Pretty bulky for a commuting scooter

red Rather long charging time using a single charger

red Low mounted lighting, with poor illumination





Vsett 9+ Dual Motor Summary

The Vsett brand’s goal was to create a series of scooters that provide exceptional performance without being too bulky or breaking the bank. The Vsett 9+ lives up to the brand’s goal, delivering impressive all-round performance at an affordable price. The Vsett 9+ e scooter is a remarkable improvement from the previous Vsett scooter models such as the 8, 8+, 8R, and 9R. The scooter takes a compact, innovative design with premium construction, guaranteeing ultimate durability.

 Like all other scooters in the Vsett line, the scooter is constructed from aluminium, steel, and polypropylene, used on the covers and fenders. The stem and frame are built from aviation-grade aluminium, rendering it stocky and lightweight, while the shaft is constructed from steel, making it pretty steadfast. The construction oozes quality, while the touch of teal accents on the solid black frame gives it a premium, chic vibe.

The Vsett 9+’s dual 650W motors( 1300W nominal, 2000W peak) delivers plenty of zip, propelling the scooter to a maximum speed of 33 mph/ 53Km/h and powers it up hills of up to 25 degrees without affecting performance. Riders can ride in Turbo mode (both motors engaged) or Eco mode (single motor engaged).

The scooter comes with either one of three battery capacities- 21Ah, 19.2 Ah or 15.6 Ah. The batteries deliver a remarkable range of between 24.9 miles to 62.1 miles (40km to 100 Km), depending on the battery rating and whether or not the rider has activated dual motors.

The range also varies greatly depending on other factors such as the rider’s weight, weather conditions, and riding style. 

The batteries take quite some time to charge, i.e.7.5 to 10.5 hours. However, you can reduce the charge time to half by using two chargers simultaneously or a fast charger recommended by the manufacturer.

The Vsett 9+ offers an exceptionally smooth ride thanks to the combination of adjustable dual swing arm coil-spring suspension and dual 3″ x 8.5 “pneumatic tyres that provide lots of outstanding damping. The ride is smooth and comfortable, whether on paved or slightly off-road terrains. Additionally, the front and rear mechanical disc brakes and electronic ABS braking system help the scooter achieve precise, safe, and responsive braking even at high speeds or in wet conditions.

Weighing 55lbs/25Kgs, the 9+ e-scooter is pretty bulky but is still portable thanks to its folding design with foldable handlebars and stem. What’s more, it integrates secure locking mechanisms, ensuring the scooter locks into place safely. The patented triple stem locking mechanism eliminates stem wobbling, otherwise making the ride uncomfortable and dangerous. Once folded, the scooter is reasonably compact and can fit in tight spaces.

The Vsett 9+ e-scooter comes with high-tech features, including an NFC Key Lock Immobilizer, advanced LED display with finger throttle, DDM button to switch from single to dual motors and vice versa, and many more. It’s water-resistant (IP54 rated) and comes with a unique lighting system encompassing the front spotlight, rear brake light, and Front and rear turn signals, making riding at night safe.

With its tremendous power, exceptional range, excellent build quality, comfortable rides, and a host of high-end features, the Vsett 9+ e-scooter appeals to both experienced and casual riders looking for a commuting scooter. It’s essentially an all-in-one package that allows you to experience the high performance and ride comfort of a dual-motor electric scooter without breaking the bank.

Vsett 9+ dual motor scooter

Performance Overview

The Vsett 9+ performs impressively well due to its 650W dual motor, which churns out 1300W nominal power and 2000W peak power. With this amount of power, the 9+ is torquay with incredible acceleration and impressive hill-climbing capability. The scooter reaches a top speed of 33 mph/ 53Km/h and effortlessly climbs 25-degree hills.

The scooter can also comfortably accommodate a max rider weight of up to 265lbs. /120Kg, thus suitable for a vast range of riders, both teenagers and adults alike.

    Top Speed & Acceleration

    The Vsett 9+ hits a top speed of 33 mph/ 53 km/h at peak performance. It’s not overly fast, especially when compared to most high-performance dual-motor electric scooters. However, considering its price point, its top speed is well above other similarly priced e-scooters such as the Inokim Quick 4 Super, E-Twow GT and the Inokim Ox.

    At 33 mph, the scooter is speedy, and you’ll be able to keep up with traffic reasonably well. What’s more, when you consider the speed to weight ratio, the 9+ holds up relatively well against other scooters in the 50-60 lbs. weight category.

    The 9+ integrates three-speed modes allowing you to achieve the desired speed based on the set speed limitations or the environment you’re riding. You also get the option of turning or engaging either dual motors or a single motor- which reduces performance but extended ranges.

    Regarding acceleration, the dual 650W motors offer plenty of punch, providing fast, steady and adrenaline-filled acceleration. It accelerates up to 40 Km/h in under 7 seconds, depending on the battery capacity and other factors, including rider’s weight, terrain and weather conditions.

      Hill Climbing

      The remarkable torque from the dual motors makes the Vsett 9+ climb 25-degree hills with ease. With 25 degrees gradability, the Vsett 9+ is at par with other dual motor scooters in the same range, such as the Apollo Phantom and Ghost.

      While the 9+ doesn’t match the hill-climbing capabilities of big players in the hill-climbing category, the scooter can still climb even the steepest hills in typical urban settings. 

      Battery & Range

      The Vsett 9+ comes in three battery variations rated at 48V- 21Ah, 19.2 Ah and 15.6 Ah. They deliver the following ranges at peak power (dual motor mode) respectively- 24.9 miles (40 Km), 31 miles (50 Km) 55 miles (88.5 Km). Alternatively, single motor mode (Eco) limits performance but increases the range to 43.5 miles (70 Km), 56 miles (90 Km) 62.1 miles (100 Km), respectively, for the three battery size variations. Regarding range, the scooter competes neck to neck with several dual-motor e-scooters such as the Mantis 8 Pro, the Apollo Phantom series, Inokim Oxo, Kaabo Wolf King etc.

      The scooter’s battery is equipped with a battery management system that prevents electrical faults. The dual charge ports are conveniently located on the top, front side of the deck, just below the neck, allowing more straightforward accessibility, convenient charging, and enhanced protection. When it comes to charging, the 9+’s batteries charge as follow:


      • 21Ah: On a single 2A charger- 10.5 hrs. On dual 2A chargers- 5 hrs.
      • 19.2 Ah: On a single 2A charger- 9.5 hrs. On dual 2A chargers- 4.5 hrs
      • 15.6 Ah: On a single 2A charger- 7.5 hrs. On dual 2A chargers- 3.5 hrs

      Motor Configuration

      The Vsett 9+ is fitted with dual 650W motors on both the front and rear wheels. The motors produce 1300W combined raw (nominal) power and 2000W peak power. The motors are well configured to provide impressive torque, accelerating the scooter to 33 mph (53 km/h) maximum speed while hauling a maximum rider weight of 265 lbs (120 kgs). Using the DDM button placed on the left handlebar next to the horn, riders can toggle between a single motor and dual motors.

        Vsett 9+ Dual Motor electric scooter front

        Construction & Quality

        The Vsett 9+ sleek, neat design is compounded by a unique build that can surely withstand daily use and abuse to serve you for a long time. The construction is a mix of aviation aluminium forging alloy, SCM440 steel, and polypropylene on the covers.

        The main scooter frame is constructed from the aviation-grade aluminium forging alloy (6082-T6), making it lightweight and robust for maximum ride stability. The frame appears sturdy and neat with good cable management. You’ll appreciate the touch of bubblegum blue accents on the solid black frame giving it a premium, stylish vibe.

        The stem is also constructed from aluminium, making it sturdy enough for wobble-free rides. The shaft is made of SCM440 steel, ensuring durability and longevity. Further, the scooter’s deck is rubberised with a run of silicone in the Vsett logo for maximum riding comfort and safety.

        The ergonomic handlebars are rubberised for comfort. They are also curved to enhance the riding and folding convenience. The scooter also boasts sporty front and rear fenders to keep you clean as you ride. The heavy-duty footrest offers a more comfortable & aggressive ride stance and comes in handy to protect the rear fender from damage. For added ride comfort, you’ll want to place one foot on the kick plate and lean over for a more forward thrust. The footrest also has a hook, allowing the scooter to fold and lock into position.

        In addition to its impeccable construction, the Vsett 9+ integrates a triple stem locking mechanism that prevents annoying wobbles seen in most electric scooters.

        Vsett 9+ electric scooter display

        Suspension & Comfort

        The Vsett 9+ is fitted with an advanced, ultra-efficient shock-absorbing system, providing world-class rides. The scooter features front and rear adjustable spring shock absorbers, also referred to as swing arm suspensions. The swing arms soak up impacts on urban and forest terrains, ensuring smooth and comfortable rides.

        What’s more, the swing arm suspensions are adjustable, meaning that they can be customised to meet your desired shock absorption performance based on the terrain. However, while the suspensions deliver impressive shock absorption, they are not ideal for extreme off-road terrains.

        Therefore, you’ll want to stick to tarmacked or paved urban terrains for a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

        Ride Quality

        The scooter delivers an exceptionally comfortable ride thanks to the combination of thick pneumatic tyres and ultra-efficient, adjustable Front and rear swingarm suspensions.

        The scooter is designed with an eye for ride comfort with ergonomic, curved wide handlebars, a spacious deck with decent ground clearance, and a kickplate that allows the rider to rest their leg as they ride comfortably. What’s more, the scooter integrates a triple stem locking mechanism, preventing stem wobble, which often makes scooter rides uncomfortable and unsafe.

        The Vsett has a limited turning radius, a design feature that improves safety by preventing steering lockouts during cornering. In addition, the cruise control function ensures that riders can rest their fingers off the throttle on longer rides. In essence, the Vsett 9+ is comfortable to ride on typical urban terrains.


        Fitted with mechanical dual hydraulic disk brakes on both the front and rear wheels as well as electric ABS brakes, the Vsett 9+ delivers exceptional braking power. The Vsett 9+’s disk brakes have been engineered with precision, achieving a stopping distance of just about 4 meters from a speed of 20 mph.

        In addition to the dual disc brakes, the Vsett 9+ comes with electric ABS brakes to complement the stopping power. The electronic braking feature cuts off the motor power every time you break, ensuring smooth and precise braking. The e-brakes can also be adjusted to customise the braking power.

        Vsett 9+ electric scooter folded


        The Vsett 9+ weighs a whopping 55 lbs. (25Kgs), which is not as heavy as most dual motor scooters. What’s more, with the proprietary Vsett folding mechanism, the scooter remains portable. It integrates a folding mechanism with foldable handlebars and a half-folding stem. It folds down to a compact package measuring 122 x 23 x 29 Cm. As such, the scooter can easily fit into compact spaces such as the trunk of a car or your closet.

        What’s more, the 9+, just like other models in the Vsett range, comes with a hook placed at the top of the stem to lock into the kickplate, making the scooter easy to carry over short distances.

        Overall, the scooter is remarkably portable despite its somewhat bulky appearance.


        The Vsett 9+ has undoubtedly the best tyres in the Vsett scooter line, providing unrelenting smooth rides. The scooter is fitted with 3″ x 8.5 “front and rear pneumatic tyres, offering exceptional dampening for smooth and comfortable rides. Other members of the Vsett family sport either dual solid tires or a mix of pneumatic and solid tires. 

        The air-filled tyres on the 9+ are thick enough, ensuring agile handling and absorbing shock to a greater level. In addition, the 3″ inch thickness comes in handy to enhance the surface contact between the scooter and road surface, increasing traction and consequently improving grip and braking performance.

        While the pneumatic tyres offer brilliant ride quality, they are more vulnerable to punctures than their solid counterparts. However, punctures aren’t much of a concern as they rarely occur, especially if you’re an urban rider. 


        The Vsett9+ has a complete lighting setup with a front spotlight, rear brake light, and front and rear turn signals. The front spotlight is lowly mounted and is not very bright, meaning you’ll need to attach an extra headlight to enhance night visibility. The flashing brake lights turn on when the brakes are engaged, notifying other road users that you’re braking.

        In addition to the brake lights and front spotlight, the 9+ also features Vsett’s proprietary dual-LED headlight/ turn signals indicators and dual rear taillight/ turn signal indicators. They come in handy when navigating heavy traffic. Pressing the left button will turn on the left turn signal, while pressing the right button will flash the right turn signal enhancing overall visibility and indicating your directions.

        Overall, the lighting system is well laid out, providing optimal visibility from the front and rear during nighttime riding.


        The Vsett 9+’s deck offers a great amount of real estate, ensuring safe and comfortable rides. The deck is a significant improvement to the 8 series’s and measures 8 inches wide x 28 inches long. The kickplate extends to the back over the rear fender providing additional standing space up to 5 inches.

        The deck is covered with hard rubber and a silicone strap with a striking VSETT logo placed at the centre to ensure maximum grip. The deck is not only spacious but also pretty easy to clean.

        A robust kickstand is attached to the side to facilitate easy parking.

        Controls & Display

        The Vsett 9+ features an intuitive and user-friendly control system. The right handlebar comes equipped with a QS-S4 display that houses a finger throttle. Below the displays are the battery voltage meter and NFC immobiliser to turn on/off the scooter.

        On either side of the handlebars, you will find hand-operated disc brakes levers and turn signals on/off switch for front and rear lights, all conveniently placed within arm’s reach so that they can be used at any given moment!

        The scooter also features an electric horn button and a DDM button, which is used to switch on/off the dual-motor on the left-hand side.

        The Vsett control throttle display also referred to as QS-S4 display, is feature-rich and informs you on several scooter metrics, including battery capacity, Metric Units, error codes speed, and distance covered.

        The display is backlit, ensuring night visibility, and allows you to customise various aspects of the scooter such as electric braking performance, the brightness of the display, speed mode, cruise, and adjust the auto-turn-off settings based on how you’d like the battery to be conserved.

        The display is attached to a finger throttle, which facilitates hassle-free and comfortable acceleration. A battery voltmeter display is placed below the scooter’s QS-S4 display. The voltmeter notifies you of the remaining battery juice via a gorgeous battery bar visualisation. The Scooter’s NFC key-lock immobiliser is a sleek and convenient way to lock the scooter. You can seamlessly use the card provided by the manufacturer or set up an NFC compatible device for quick unlocking!

        Water Resistance

        All the scooters in the Vsett series are water-resistant; the Vsett 9+ is no different. Rated IP54, the Vsett 9+ electric scooter is resistant to both water and dust. As such, you can comfortably ride in light showers without worrying about the electric components getting damaged.

        Nonetheless, avoid immersing the scooter in water or riding in very wet weather, as this isn’t advised. You can also glide through rain puddles, but beware of long rides in deeper puddles. 


        The Vsett 9+ electric scooter is one of the most reliable dual-motor electric scooters combining overwhelming power with remarkable range, decent build quality, good portability, impeccable rides, and a host of modern features, including an NFC key reader, triple stem locking mechanism, cruise control, and adjustable spring suspension.

        As a commuter scooter, you will also enjoy the convenience of having speed at the command of your finger, uncompromised braking, the ability to tackle light off-road tracks, riding in wet weather and the lighting system that facilitates night riding. The icing on the cake is that you get a reliable scooter at an incredible bargain price.

        Warranty & Customer Support

        For the most part, the Vsett 9+ is a reliable scooter ideal for daily commuting or casual riding. It comes with a 12-month limited warranty that doesn’t cover several aspects such as wear and tear, damages caused by accidents or collisions, as well as malfunctions arising from unauthorised modifications. Vsett has customer-friendly support easily reachable via email and phone calls. 

        Known Issues

        The Vsett 9+, like other scooters in the Vsett series, doesn’t have many glaring issues, pointing to remarkable design execution.

        However, riders have reported the following:


        • The handlebars don’t lock on the stem despite the stem locking on the kickstand via a hook. This leaves the handlebars dangerously exposed when carrying the scooter. 
        • The unique stem shape makes mounting accessories on the scooter pretty challenging.
        •  Also, most users have complained about the positioning of the charge ports, but this is not much of an issue as users have varied opinions on the matter.


        Like all scooters, the Vsett 9+ requires routine maintenance for optimal performance and durability. Some regular maintenance you can undertake on this scooter includes

        • Regular cleaning. Avoid corrosive cleaning agents, and preferably wipe the scooter with a damp cloth.
        • Charging before storage. Use only the manufacturer recommended charger and for the recommended time.
        • Inflate the pneumatic tyres to the correct pressure before riding.
        • Check for any loose nuts or screws, and adjust accordingly.

        Vsett 9+ Dual Motor: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

        The Vsett 9+ delivers blistering performance at a great value. The scooter outdoes several other similarly priced scooters in performance, range, and other ride qualities. The outstanding sleek design combined with impressive power and range makes the Vsett 9+ a nearly perfect, all-in-one commuter scooter.

        The fantastic qualities on the Vsett 9+ sometimes even outrank other higher-priced models in the Vsett series, which makes the £ 1167.91/ $1624 price tag quite the steal. If you’re simply looking to upgrade to a higher-performing commuter scooter without the extreme roar of dual motor scooters, then this is the perfect scooter for you. 

        • Lightweight for a dual motor scooter
        • Affordable- great value for money
        • Adjustable swing arm suspension
        • A triple stem locking mechanism
        • Three riding modes with cruise control
        • Pretty bulky for a commuting scooter
        • Rather long charging time using a single charger
        • Low mounted lighting, with poor illumination

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