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VSETT 9 Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
26 January 2024

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A powerful, safe, and exceptionally designed electric scooter that delivers an exhilarating max speed of 28 mph and a maximum range of 50 miles. 

When the Vsett range of electric scooters was introduced, everyone thought they were just a spin-off of the famous Zero models. Surprisingly, their exceptional design and top-class features and functions created a unique identity when they hit the market.

Among the e-scooters that have made a name for this brand is the Vsett 9, an excellent entry-level scooter that packs a punch to cater to the needs of both casual commuters and serious riders. The Vsett 9 boasts an innovative design, outstanding range, incredible power, and a ton of high-tech features that let you ride in comfort and style.

If you’re looking to experience the freedom of cruising on an e-scooter that brilliantly marries technology with style and usability, then the Vsett 9 is the best choice.

Vsett 9 Electric Scooter: The Lowdown…

When you first come across the specs of the Vsett 9 electric scooter, you might be tempted to think that it’s just a typical entry-level e-scooter. However, only when you set your foot on the deck and pull the throttle will you understand why this motorised machine is a cut above the rest of the e-scooters in its class.

The Vsett 9 features a 650W hub motor that allows you to hit a max speed of 28 mph and effortlessly tackle terrains with up to 25-degree gradients. It is also fitted with a 52V 17.5 Ah lithium-ion battery that supplies an impressive range of 50 miles.

You’ll never have to worry about your safety being compromised when riding the Vsett 9 electric scooter. This machine runs on durable 8.5 x 3-inch air-filled tyres and boasts dual-swing arm-coil suspension. This powerful combo guarantees a smooth ride on any terrain.

It also comes with powerful rear disc brakes for safe and responsive stoppage—even when cruising at high speeds. For visibility, this e-scooter has a bright headlight and taillight and integrated turn lights and flashing brake lights.

Riders will also appreciate the high-tech features of this motorised scooter. It flaunts an aggressive style and design, a cutting-edge VSETT Control Throttle Display, a heavily padded deck, ergonomically shaped handlebars, and a reinforced yet easily foldable stem.

Vsett 9 Specifications

Motor650W hub motor
Battery52V 17.5 Ah
Charge Time4.5-8.5 hrs
Single-Charge Mileage50 miles (80km)
Max Speed28 mph (45 Km/h)
Climbing RangeUp to 25 Degrees
Braking SystemDual disc brakes + electric braking system
LightingFront light, tail light, turn signals and brake lights
HornElectric horn
Max Load120 kg (265lbs)
Scooter Weight23 kg (52lbs)
Product MaterialAluminium alloy
Tyre Type8.5 x 3-inch pneumatic tyres
SuspensionDual swing arm-coil suspension
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 122 x 64 x 121 cm (LxWxH)

Folded Size: 122 x 23 x 49 cm (LxWxH)
Water ResistanceIP54

Vsett 9 Review Video

Check out this impressive Vsett Video review to learn more about this scooter. In summary, this is a perfectly designed, practical, powerful, safe, advanced, and portable electric scooter.

Vsett 9 Dual Motor Pros

tickicon Dual-spring arm-coil suspension for smooth and comfortable rides on any terrain

tickicon Solid 52V 17.5Ah lithium-ion battery that delivers a range of 50 miles on a single charge

tickicon Advanced foldable design for enhanced portability

tickicon Triple-stem lock system for improved stability

tickicon Multiple lights for enhancing visibility

tickicon IP54 water-resistance rating for comfortable rides in any weather

Vsett 9 Dual Motor Cons

red Threaded collars on the handlebars tend to loosen while riding

red LCD is not visible during the day—especially when the sun is shining brightly

red A little too heavy for everyday commutes

red Handlebars don’t sit tight against the stem when folded




Vsett 9 Dual Motor Summary

The Vsett 9 is a fantastic mid-range scooter that allows riders to uncover all the hidden secrets in their city.

For starters, it comes fitted with a 650W hub motor that produces 1100W peak power. This means propelling the machine to a blazing speed of 28 mph and overcoming hills with up to a 25-degree incline will not be a problem. But that’s not all! The scooter’s 52V 17.5Ah lithium-ion battery produces enough juice to allow riders to travel up to 50 miles on a single charge.

Your attention will also be piqued by Vsett’s eye-catching and top-class design. The solid aluminium-alloy frame allows the scooter to support adults weighing up to 265 pounds. However, the highlight is the improved tabular stem, which features a triple-locking mechanism to ensure that it doesn’t fall off while riding. More importantly, you’ll love the teal accents, metal button casing, chrome-accented motor hubs, and unique folding mechanism.

The Vsett 9 electric scooter also boasts various security features to guarantee safety, stability, and comfort. Its dual-mechanical disc-brakes offer incredible stopping power at any speed. Its frame rests on 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres, wide enough to provide exceptional grip and high enough to give the scooter excellent ground clearance.

The tyres combine well with the dual-spring arm-coil suspension to manage almost every type of terrain. It also features a sturdy deck that is wide enough to supply plenty of foot space and is rubber-coated for improved traction. Also, this electric scooter is equipped with various lights to ensure that you can see and be seen while riding around town.

As we said earlier, the Vsett 9 integrates a plethora of high-tech features, making every ride an experience. Its throttle display ensures convenient acceleration and allows riders to check all parameters, from speed to battery level.

You will also love the NFC card reader, an intelligent feature that enables you to lock and unlock the e-scooter for improved security.

Lastly, the IP54 water-resistance rating allows riding in the rain.

Whether you’re looking for a scooter to commute to the bus station or to scour the hidden gems in your city, the Vsett 9 is the ideal choice.

Vsett 9 scooter folded

Performance Overview

The Vsett 9 may not have the fastest speed and range, but it makes a statement considering its weight. Thanks to its powerful motor and battery, this scooter delivers exhilarating acceleration and fantastic range. You can cruise at a blazing speed of 28 mph and go up to 50 miles without charging this urban juggernaut.

Another feature that makes this e-scooter a top performer is its tyres. The Vsett 9 rides on pneumatic tyres that are three inches wide and 8.5 inches in diameter. The wheels offer excellent surface grip and guarantee smooth and comfortable rides. Moreover, they are complemented by dual-spring arm-coil suspension for enhanced shock absorption while cruising on uneven or bumpy terrains.

Thanks to the dual-mechanical disc-brakes, you can ride this electric scooter with confidence, knowing that you can bring it to a sudden halt at any speed. For improved visibility, this e-scooter boasts a fender-integrated headlight that helps illuminate your path when it’s dark. It also comes with a tail light, brake lights, and turn signals to help alert other motorists of your presence and your next action while on the road.

You also don’t have to worry about the stem collapsing while you ride. This machine has a robust, patented triple-locking mechanism that is foolproof and sturdy.

Finally, the advanced dashboard allows riders to accelerate smoothly while keeping an eye on the battery level, speed, cruise control, and more.

    Top Speed & Acceleration

    Thanks to its robust lithium-ion battery and powerful 650W motor, this electric scooter cruises at an insane top speed of 28 mph. For this reason, only those with exceptional riding skills should try to reach the maximum speed. Reaching 28 mph as a beginner can be detrimental, as it can be challenging to control the e-scooter at such speeds.

    If you have been on a scooter before, then you’ll be blown away by how quickly the Vsett 9 e-scooter accelerates. A slight press on the throttle delivers instant power, thrusting this machine to top speeds in seconds. This is why it’s crucial that you set your feet firmly on the deck and firmly latch onto the handlebars before you hit the throttle.

      Hill Climbing

      Since the Vsett 9 was primarily designed for urban commutes and city adventures, its hill-climbing capabilities are not top-notch. However, its solid 650W motor—which yields 1100 peak power—enables this modern e-scooter to tackle hills with up to 25-degree inclines like a pro. (Note: This will depend on road conditions, rider weight, battery level, and temperature.)

      Battery & Range

      This scooter is equipped with a modern and powerful lithium-ion battery. The 52V 17.5Ah battery is made of LG cells and delivers a maximum range of 50 miles on a single charge. It takes between 4.5-8.5 hours to charge this scooter fully, but you can reduce the charging time by investing in a fast Vsett charger.

      While everyone loves this scooter’s battery power, the position of the charging ports on the top-front part of the deck has become a point of contention. Most riders claim that this position puts the ports at an elevated risk of being damaged by dust or foot movement.

      Motor Configuration

      The Vsett 9 e-scooter may not be the fastest scooter on the market, but it boasts a powerful motor that can reach a top speed of up to 28 mph. Its 650W hub motor can reach 1100 of peak power, making it one of the most reliable Vsett scooters in its price category.

      The motor specs may be on the lower side, but you’ll understand how powerful this motorised mini-vehicle is once you press the throttle.

        Vsett 9 electric scooter

        Construction & Quality

        Looking at the Vsett 9 from a distance, you can tell that it’s a rock-solid beast. Its sturdy and reinforced frame is made of aviation-grade aluminium alloy and can support up to 265 pounds. A triple-stem locking mechanism helps to ensure that it never turns more than 90 degrees or becomes wobbly while you’re riding around the city.

        Riders will also love the ample-sized deck that’s covered with rubber for improved traction and the curved handles for enhanced stability and comfort.

        It’s also worth mentioning that the teal accents, toned swing arms, and metal button casing make this scooter stand out.

        electric scooter Vsett 9 brakes

        Suspension & Comfort

        Shock absorption allows the Vsett 9 electric scooter to deliver smooth, stable, and comfortable rides. This electric scooter comes with solid dual-spring arm-coil suspension, which combines well with the 8.5-inch wheels to soak up whatever urban terrains and off-road trails throw at you.

        However, since this scooter is meant for smooth urban landscapes, regular use on extreme off-road adventures can reduce the scooter’s efficiency and durability.

        Ride Quality

        Overall, this electric scooter offers a smooth, fast, and comfortable ride, thanks to several useful features. First, the extra-large and wide pneumatic tyres combined with the incredible dual-spring arm-coil suspension ensure convenient riding over asphalt, pebbles, potholes or mud.

        Additionally, its innovative triple-stem locking mechanism ensures that the stem doesn’t rotate or become wobbly while you’re riding.

        The extra-wide deck supplies ample foot space, thereby enhancing the rider’s stability and posture. The generous ground clearance also ensures that the deck doesn’t hit raised obstacles, such as bumps in the road.

        Also, we can’t forget the handlebars, which are curved to increase stability and come coated with rough rubber to reduce friction.


        The Vsett 9 e-scooter has dual-mechanical disc-brakes, which are hand-operated from either side of the foldable handlebars. While most riders prefer hydraulic brakes over mechanical ones, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have any problem when trying to bring this urban juggernaut to a halt. And the best part is that you can always upgrade to hydraulic brakes if you feel like your machine needs extra stopping power.

        Vsett 9


        Although the Vsett 9 weighs 52 pounds, it can be easily folded into a portable machine. The scooter comes with a simple folding mechanism that allows the stem to collapse and latch onto the rear. The T-bar comes with a hook that latches onto the kickplate to create a compact product that can fit in a car boot.

        Vsett’s handlebars are also foldable for convenient carrying and storage. The only drawback is that the foldable handles don’t lock onto the stem, so they move around while carrying the scooter with one hand.


        The tyres are one of the winning formulas that the Vsett 9 uses to offer superb ride quality. The 8.5-x-3-inch pneumatic tyres feature unique threading and provide an unmatched grip on any surface. Since they are air-filled, they work well with the dual-spring arm-coil suspension to absorb shocks from all uneven and bumpy terrains.

        Their three-inch width allows riders to negotiate sharp corners and enjoy stabler rides on rough roads. Overall, the Vsett 9’s tyres offer unmatched traction, improved grip, and better brake performance.


        The 360-degree lighting on the Vsett 9 makes it one of the best electric scooters to ride when it’s dark. The fender-mounted headlight illuminates your path, but it’s not bright enough for scenic nighttime rides.

        This electric scooter also comes with an LED taillight, brake lights, and turn signals, which play an integral role in beating the city traffic.


        The Vsett 9 electric scooter comes with a medium-sized deck for increased foot space. The 58.4 cm x 17.8 cm deck is robust and sturdy, and it’s covered with stiff rubber and a silicone panel at its centre. This helps to offer more grip on your soles, thereby reducing slips and improving your comfort.

        The scooter’s battery is encased under the deck for more stability, and the charging ports are found at the top front of the deck. The rear kick plate at the back of the deck supplies extra space for a broader and safer stance.

        Controls & Display

        The Vsett 9’s controls are exquisitely positioned on the handlebars for easy and convenient riding. Like most modern electric scooters, it has an advanced display system that combines a finger throttle and an LCD. The LCD sits on the right side of the handlebars, offering insights into specific parameters (e.g. battery life, speed, and distance travelled). Although the Vsett 9’s display is not customisable, it supplies other settings such as cruise control, acceleration strength, and brake power.

        Discerning scooter enthusiasts will also note that this machine has an advanced anti-theft function, dubbed the “NFC Key-Lock Immobilizer.” This is a proprietary technology similar to the technology used for bank cards, which allows riders to unlock/lock the scooter by waving the card near the sensors found below the display on the right-hand side.

        On the left handlebar is an integrated electric horn that’s activated via a button.

        Water Resistance

        Another outstanding feature of the Vsett 9 is its IP54 water-resistance rating. This urban mini-vehicle can withstand water splashes, making it ideal for riding while the ground is wet. You can also ride it in light rain and not experience any problems.

        However, just because the scooter has a good water-resistance rating doesn’t mean that you should try to drive it through puddles or take it out only when it starts to rain. It might withstand splashes, but when submerged in water, you’ll be lucky if it escapes without water damage.


        The robust 8.5-inch tyres, solid aviation-grade aluminium-alloy frame, solid braking power, and excellent suspension on both wheels enables the Vsett 9 e-scooter to deliver reliable and comfortable rides. It also boasts straightforward controls that instil confidence in any rider, whether a beginner or a pro.

        Warranty & Customer Support

        Once you buy the Vsett 9 electric scooter from the brand’s official distributor, it comes with a 12-month warranty. While this might be enticing on the surface, it’s crucial to scour through the various conditions and limitations to avoid voiding the warranty. The first thing you should know is that any damages you cause yourself won’t be covered. Wear-and-tear and water damage are also not covered.

        This brand boasts a great customer service team that responds to queries swiftly and diligently. They also offer an elaborate Frequently Asked Questions section on their website that answers the most pressing questions about the Vsett 9 e-scooter.

        Even so, we hope to see more videos detailing how to use and maintain this electric scooter in the Support section in the future.

        Known Issues

        Although the Vsett 9 has emerged as one of the best entry-level performance electric scooters, it’s not devoid of issues. The main concern for most riders is the loosely threaded collars on the handlebars, which makes them wobbly.

        Then there is the issue of the rear mudguard starting to wear away and make noise while riding.

        Finally, riders complain that the scooter’s LCD is not very visible in bright sunlight.


        As a good rule of thumb, any electric machine should be properly maintained to increase efficiency and longevity. First, you will need to clean the Vsett 9 electric scooter and remove all debris and dust after each use. You will also need to inspect the scooter for any loose nuts and screws—especially on the stem-locking area and handles—to ensure that it is wobble-free and sturdy.

        Finally, always remember to check the tyre pressure, adjust the brakes, and charge the battery after use.

        Vsett 9: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

        With its wide range of features and functions, the Vsett 9 e-scooter is worth every pound. Its rock-solid folding stem and robust frame instil confidence, while its solid tyres and dual-spring arm-coil suspension guarantee a smooth and comfortable ride.

        Moreover, most electric scooters that deliver a top speed of 28 mph and a range of 50 miles are priced way above the Vsett 9 e-scooter. Although not everything about this scooter is perfect, it definitely gives you excellent value for your money.

        • Dual-spring arm-coil suspension
        • Solid 52V 17.5Ah lithium-ion battery
        • Advanced foldable design
        • Triple-stem lock system
        • IP54 water-resistance rating
        • Threaded collars on the handlebars tend to loosen while riding
        • LCD is not visible during the day
        • A little too heavy for everyday commutes
        • Handlebars don’t sit tight against the stem when folded

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