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VSETT 8+ Dual Motor Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
19 August 2021


Termed as the next-generation electric scooter, the Vsett 8+ is a high-performing, maintenance-free e-scooter with a top speed of 28 mph/ 45 km/h and an impressive 25-31 miles/ 40-50Km range.

The Vsett 8+ is a substantial improvement to its predecessor, the Vsett 8, with improved performance and a myriad of high-end features at a very competitive price. The scooter churns out overwhelming power thanks to the dual motors, which provide a combined 2200 W. of raw power. The Vsett 8+ offers an excellent balance between performance, safety, and riding comfort, focusing on minimal maintenance. 

Unlike most dual motor e-scooters, the Vsett 8+ folds down to a compact scooter that can be easily carried over short distances or stored in compact spaces, providing absolute convenience. The Vsett 8+ is essentially a performance-enhanced version of the Vsett 8, and outside of the power boost, many of its features remain the same. Without further ado, let’s take a dig at this top-grossing electric scooter in the Vsett e-scooter line.

Vsett 8+ Electric Scooter: The Lowdown…

Vsett Intelligent Technology Co. has been a leader in the intelligent electric scooter space since its establishment in 2018. Vsett prides itself in its strong R&D, robust production capacity and a reputed sales and marketing team. The Vsett 8 series is a high-performance category of budget electric scooters from Vsett, consisting of three models: Vsett 8, Vsett 8R, and Vsett 8+. This review focuses on the Plus, the second release of this popular series.

If you loved the Vsett 8, the 8+ would definitely intrigue you, thanks to its excellent upgrades that bring you plenty of power for better acceleration and gradeability. Vsett has been unwavering in its dedication to producing smart mobility solutions. Even on its affordable models like the 8+, you will spot cutting-edge, proprietary features like front and rear turn signals, NFC key card reader lock and DDM mode.

However, the most significant flex on the Vsett 8+ is the dual (front and rear) (1200W peak power/ 2200 W nominal power) motors with a capability of accelerating the scooter to a nerve-racking top speed as well as tackling intense hill climbs without breaking a sweat. This is further complemented by the high capacity battery that eliminates your range anxiety by giving you more miles than other scooters in its category.

The scooter integrates multiple riding modes with a cruise control function, allowing for a safe and genuinely personalised riding experience. But is this the right dual-motor scooter for you? 

Read on to find out why (or why not) you should be spending £995.00 in the UK or about $1,282.50 in the US for this 2021 release of Vsett’s 8+ model.

Vsett 8+ Specifications

Motor2x 600W Brushless Motor
Battery48v 16Ah LG Battery
Charge TimeSingle 2A Charger 11hr+ or Dual 2A Charger 5.5hr+
Single-Charge Mileage31 Miles (50 Km) on dual motors, 56 miles (90 Km) on a single motor
Max Speed28 mph (45 Km/h)
Climbing RangeUp to 25 Degrees
Braking SystemFront and Rear drum brake & Electric ABS Automatic power-off function
LightingLED stem lights, Dual LED headlight, taillight (brake light), and front and rear turn signal
Max Load120 kg (265lbs)
Scooter Weight20 kg (46lbs)
Product MaterialFrame and handle: 6082-T6 Aviation aluminium forging alloy, Shaft: SCM440, Covers: Polypropylene
Tyre Type8’’x 2" front and solid rear tyres
SuspensionFront and Rear Adjustable C-type Spring Suspensions
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 112 x 61 x 125Cm (LxWxH)

Folded Size: 109 x 20 x 40Cm (LxWxH)
Water ResistanceIP54

Vsett 8+ Review Video

Take a look at this review video to have some first impressions of this scooter. The video even compares the 8+ with other scooters in the Vsett 8 series.  

Vsett 8+ Dual Motor Pros

tickicon Outstanding performance in terms of range, top speed, acceleration rate, and hill-climbing

tickicon Height adjustable stem making it ideal for a wide range of users

tickicon Adjustable spring suspension

tickicon Maintenance-free solid tyres

tickicon Rear kick plate with built-in handle

tickicon NFC card reader with key-lock immobiliser

tickicon Foldable with collapsible handlebars and locking position

tickicon IP54 Water resistance rating

Vsett 8+ Dual Motor Cons

red Pretty long charging time using a single charger

red Quite bulky to be used as a last-mile commuting scooter

red Smaller deck compared to other Vsett scooters

red The lighting is not functional for illuminating your pathway during night rides

red Solid, non-pneumatic tyres are a bit of a letdown in regards to ride quality




Vsett 8+ Dual Motor Summary

The Vsett 8+ is a next-gen e-scooter that achieves an excellent balance between performance, safety, portability and ride comfort for the ultimate scooter riding experience. The scooter boasts of a sleek and modern design with a premium build, guaranteeing unparalleled durability. The frame is constructed from aviation-grade aluminium, making it both lightweight and sturdy with high corrosion resistance.

The shaft is constructed from tough steel, ensuring maximum stability and control, even at extreme speeds. What’s more, the deck accommodates the battery underneath to lower the centre of gravity (CoG) and ensure the scooter remains firmly rooted on the road surface for stable, non-wobbly rides.

Like the Vsett 8, the 8+ sports a black and sage finish giving it an aggressive look that fits its astounding performance. Talking of performance, the 200W nominal/ 2200W peak output powertrain propels the scooter to an incredible maximum speed of 28 mph/ 45Km/h and offers 25% gradeability. The 48V 16 Ah, 770Wh LG battery achieves a range of up to 31 miles/ 50Km at peak performance and up to 56 miles/ 90 Km range in Eco mode.

Sadly, the battery takes an insane 10 -11 hours to attain full charge, but the charge time can be halved using dual chargers as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Equipped with swing arm suspension on both the front and rear wheels, the Vsett 8+ offers smooth rides. The swingarm suspension system encompasses custom coil-rings fitted with advanced polyurethane (PU) bushings for maximum dampening. Riding the 8+ is exceptionally comfortable, and it almost feels like you’re gliding on air.

 The scooter comes with solid tyres, resistant to flats, providing convenience, especially in urban settings. Of course, the trade-off with solid tyres is that they have minimal impact-absorbing capability compared to pneumatic (air-filled tyres). Nonetheless, the Vsett 8+ still manages to offer extremely comfortable rides thanks to the shock absorbers.

The Vsett 8+ is safe to ride for both novice and experienced riders. The scooter is fitted with a reliable dual-braking system consisting of dual drum brakes on both the front and rear wheels and an anti-lock e brake with an ABS feature that ensures smooth and responsive braking. The ABS feature cuts off the motor power when you engage the brakes, ensuring precise stops even in wet conditions. Its functional lighting system consisting of LED stem lights, dual front LED deck lights, taillight (brake light), and front and rear turn signal makes the Vsett 8+ extremely safe to ride at night.

Weighing 46 lbs. (20.8 Kg), the Vsett 8+ is not the most manageable electric scooter to carry around. However, it remains portable with a 3-step folding system. The scooter folds down to a compact package thanks to the foldable handlebars coupled with a retractable stem. A lock lever at the front of the deck locks the stem into place for seamless carrying.

In addition to its exciting performance, the Vsett 8+ comes with innovative features that enhance the overall riding experience. There’s a Control Eye Throttle OLED Display (QS-S4 display) that informs you on several metrics, including battery capacity, time, speed, and an odometer to measure the distance travelled by the scooter.

There’s also a voltmeter under the OLED display, providing battery performance information. Other innovative features include an NFC Key Lock Immobilizer, Autosave function, cruise control, telescopic stem allowing for adjustable handlebar height, and IP54 water resistance rating.

All in all, the Vsett 8+ is a feature-rich, performance-enhanced dual-motor scooter that still manages to remain portable. The 8+ stands out in the 8 series with its impressive power, great range, outstanding gradeability, convenient portability, almost impeccable ride quality, and decent safety features. And with 265 lbs. /120Kg maximum load with a height-adjustable stem, the Vsett 8+ is hugely appealing to both teenagers and adult riders seeking a budget-friendly, high-performance e-scooter. 

Vsett 8+ scooter

Speed & Acceleration

The Vsett 8+ has a top speed of 28 mph/ 45 Km/h making it the fastest scooter in the Vsett 8 scooter line. Its two smaller brothers, the Vsett 8 and Vsett 8R have a 24-26 mph top speed. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the 8+ has a higher top speed than its brothers, as it is the only one equipped with dual motors.

The Vsett 8+ comes with three-speed modes to turn on/off the dual motors; thus, allowing for a more personalised ride. Riding on a single motor facilitates slower speeds and conserves the battery power for prolonged ranges.

The dual 600W motors generate enormous torque, allowing for fast and non-jerky acceleration. The 8+’s acceleration is terrific, ensuring you experience breath-taking, adrenaline-filled rides. The scooter accelerates from zero to 15 mph in under three seconds.

Check out the below video to have a view of the scooter’s acceleration and top speed.

    Top Speed

    With a top speed of 45Km/h, the Vsett 8+ is amazingly fast, shortening your commutes. However, because some riders may not adequately handle speeds past 30Km/h and some cities have imposed speed regulations, Vsett 8+ has its top speed capped at a standard 25Km/h. However, if you want more speed or you’re riding on private property, you can opt to have the restriction removed by selecting the “Max Speed Unlock” option when ordering your scooter.

    The Vsett 8+ top speed and acceleration are almost at par with the higher-priced Vsett 9+ (dual 650W motors), which accelerates to 15 mph in 2.7 seconds and achieves a faster top speed of 33 mph. 

      Hill Climbing

      Having a scooter with good gradeability is quite essential, especially if you live in hilly places or are looking to explore hilly terrain on your scooter.

      The Vsett 8+ has an incredible hill-smashing capability, capable of climbing hills of up to 25% inclination. 

      Battery & Range

      The Vsett 8 series lineup comes with varying battery configurations. The Vsett 8 comes in two battery size options, 48v, 15.6 Ah,/ 19.2 Ah. The 8R gives riders extra range as it sports the largest battery of the series, a 48V, 21 Ah LG battery. The Vsett 8+ is fitted with a 48v 16Ah LG battery- slightly smaller than the 8R, as it is equipped with dual motors, thus houses a 2nd controller that takes up the extra space.

      Despite being small in size, the battery offers a remarkable range of up to 31 miles/ 50Km on full performance (dual-motor ON) and up to 56 miles/ 89Km on Eco mode (single motor ON). The scooter’s range is awe-inspiring and offers plenty of benefits, especially if you commute quite a long distance. Of course, the above-noted range is on paper, and you should expect a bit of a lower range in real life based on your weight, riding style, terrain, and riding conditions.

      The battery takes up to 11 hours to fully charge using a single charger. Like the other scooters in the Vsett 8 series, the 8+ comes with two charging ports placed at the top left of the deck, next to the base of the scooter’s folding plate. Using dual chargers cuts the charge time by half, meaning you can hit the road again in just 5.5 hours. You also have the option of using a single fast charger as advised by the manufacturer.

      Motor Configuration

      The Vsett 8+ is the only scooter in the 8 series equipped with dual motors- it sports dual 600W motors, fitted both at the rear and front wheels. The motors are overwhelmingly powerful, producing a combined 1200W nominal power and 2200W peak power. With this power capability, the 8+ can accelerate to a top speed of 28mph/ 45km/h and climb 25% hills.

      Riders have the option of engaging either one or both motors based on how much power they want. Riding on a single motor leads to reduced performance but conserves the battery for a prolonged range. On the contrary, engaging both motors offers your peak performance but with reduced capacity. The scooter is equipped with two 48V, 23 A square wave controllers.

        Vsett 8+ electric scooter

        Performance Overview

        Equipped with dual 600W motors producing 1200W nominal power and 2200W peak power, the Vsett 8+ is noticeably a high-performing scooter. The dual motors generate overwhelming torque that translates to fantastic acceleration as well as outstanding hill-climbing ability. The scooter tops out at a speed of 28 miles/ 45km/h and effortlessly climbs 25% grade hills without a drop in performance. Additionally, the scooter can support a load/ max rider weight of 265lbs/ 120Kg.

        The highly responsive motor is powered by a high capacity LG Battery, which offers a remarkable 50Km range and up to 90 Km in Eco mode. The drum brakes fitted on both the front and rear wheels and the electronic ABS brake are very responsive and work in combination, ensuring smooth and precise braking.

        Construction & Quality

        The Vsett 8+ construction oozes quality. The scooter comes in a sleek, neat design with a glossy and superior black and sage finish giving it a militaristic vibe that fits its astounding performance. The scooter is constructed from a mix of aviation aluminium forging alloy, SCM440 steel, and polypropylene on the covers. 

        The frame is constructed from the aviation-grade aluminium forging alloy, making it lightweight and robust for maximum ride stability and handling daily use and abuse. The army-issue colour scheme finish on the frame gives it a badass mechanistic appearance in line with its superior performance. The frame appears sturdy and neat with good cable management.

        The strip of LED light running the length of the stem adds to its aesthetics and enhances visibility at night. Top of the height-adjustable stem, you’ll get the handlebars, which are pretty wide (24 inches), providing enhanced control and handling. The handlebar harbours the scooter’s QS-S4 display and other controls, which we’ll discuss later in this review.

        The deck is less spacious than other Vsett models but is fitted with the battery underneath to lower the centre of gravity and ensure stable rides. In the front left corner, you’ll find the two charging ports. Their location significantly improves the placement seen on models like the Vsett 10, which houses them front and centre. In this version, the ports are adjacent to the folding parts, reducing the chances of reaching them with your feet.

         The fenders, covers, and wheel lining are made from polypropylene- a rigid form of plastic that can sustain intense pressure for maximum durability. The handlebars are lined in thick rubber for sufficient grip and maximum stability when riding the scooter.

        In essence, the Vsett 8+ comes with a premium, sleek and modern design with the remarkable build quality.

        Vsett 8+ scooter

        Suspension & Comfort

        The Vsett 8+ has one of the best suspensions, not just on budget scooters but in any scooter category. It features a swingarms (C-type suspension) system consisting of coil springs and advanced polyurethane (PU) bushings. With such an adjustable suspension system, you can be well assured that the scooter will provide smooth, vibration-free rides even on off-road or grassy terrains.

        What’s more, the front and rear swing arm suspension can be adjusted to meet your desired shock-absorbing performance based on the terrain.

        The Vsett 8+ has much better suspension than other higher priced dual-motor scooters, ranging from the £5 055/ $7000 Weped SS7 down to the £1500 / $2000 Outstorm Maxx.

        Ride Quality

        The Vsett 8+ provides a decent but not a great riding experience. The scooter incorporates functions such as dual adjustable swingarm suspensions with coil springs to compensate for the minimal shock absorption offered by the 8″ solid rubber tyres.

        The dual coil swingarm suspension is adjustable, allowing you to go over rough terrains without compromising the ride quality. Loosen the suspension for rough terrains and tighten them for smooth urban landscapes.

        Other features that significantly affect the scooter’s ride comfort include the reduced deck size that incorporates a kickplate for added standing room. However, this does not fully compensate for reduced deck dimensions. All the same, the height-adjustable stem for rider’s height compatibility, wider suave ergonomic design handlebars embedded with silicone for maximum comfort, and of course the cruise control feature which allows you to maintain a particular speed with your hands off the finger-throttle will more than give you reasons to spend your money on this ride.

        The scooter is also easy to ride for both novice and experienced riders. 


        Equipped with mechanical dual drum brakes on both the front and rear wheels and electric ABS brakes, the Vsett 8+ delivers exceptional braking power. While the dual drum brakes are known to be less powerful than the more modern disk or hydraulic brakes, the Vsett 8+’s drum brakes have been engineered with precision, achieving a stopping distance of just under 4 meters from a speed of 20 mph. What’s more, drum brakes benefit from minimal maintenance- which is the Vsett 8+’s principal focus.

        In addition to the mechanical dual drum brakes, the Vsett 8+ comes with electric ABS brakes to add to the stopping power. The electronic braking feature cuts off the motor power every time you break, adding to the braking responsiveness.

        In summary, the Vsett 8+ has an effective and reliable braking system, ensuring smooth and precise braking even on wet, slippery roads.

        Vsett 8+ scooter


        Weighing 46 lbs. (20.8 Kgs), the Vsett 8+ is too bulky to be used as a conventional commuter scooter for the last mile commute. However, the scooter is still amazingly portable thanks to its 3-step folding system that makes it easily portable. The scooters stem folds down and locks to the deck while the handlebars collapse, making the scooter perfectly portable.

        The 8+ comes with an almost perfect locking mechanism, facilitating ease in portability. Start by collapsing the handlebar to fold the scooter, then fold the telescopic stem towards the deck. The scooter locks into itself with an audible click indicating that the scooter has locked into position.

        Once folded, the scooter is pretty compact, measuring 109 x 20 x 40Cm (LxWxH). Needless to say, this folded size makes the scooter easy to tuck into the back of your car to go with on vacation or store in compact spaces such as your home closet.


        Unlike its brother, the Vsett 8 electric scooter, which features a front pneumatic and solid rear tyres, the 8+ has entirely flat-resistant solid tyres. The scooter sits on an 8-inch front and solid rear tyres, which offer sufficient traction both on and off-road. While the solid tyres are resistant to flats, requiring minimal maintenance, they are pretty stiff and less impact-absorbing than their pneumatic (air-filled) counterparts.

        Nonetheless, the solid tyres are complemented by the functional dual suspension system to offer a decent ride experience. Changing the solid tyres in case of damage (extremely rare) is also straightforward. Simply disconnect the motors and split the rims, then change the tyre.


        The Vsett 8+ comes with a well-laid lighting system that ensures safety and visibility at night or in low light conditions. The scooter features a stem LED strip light, rear brake light, and proprietary front and rear turn signals. The scooter’s stem is fitted with a narrow LED strip running its vertical length. The LED strip doesn’t offer much in terms of visibility but certainly comes in handy to add to the scooter’s aesthetics. The scooter also features two rear brake lights that alert other road users that you’re braking.

        Another remarkable light feature on this scooter is the front and rear turn signals, not seen in most e-scooters. Pressing a button on the handlebar will switch on the turn signals, which will flash on both the rear and front sides of the deck, enhancing your visibility to other traffickers. The lights are well laid out, and you can be sure to remain visible at night.

        For enhanced front visibility, it wouldn’t hurt attaching another light to the stem.


        Vsett scooters are generally equipped with large decks, but the 8 series falls short on this front. The Vsett 8+ comes with a smaller deck, providing enough standing room but not enough for comfort. The deck measures 26.5 inches long and 8 inches wide. Vsett equipped the 8+ with a kick plate at the rear to compensate for the reduced standing space, adding more room, i.e., up to 5 inches of extra space where riders can rest one foot. 

        Even with the kickplate, riders are forced to assume unnatural poses, and the experience is slightly uncomfortable. You may want to assume a balanced and aerodynamic position for better ride comfort by placing your back foot on the kick plate and leaning your body forward as you accelerate to your preferred speed.

        The deck’s standing surface is covered in silicone, with two sparse columns of grip tape running across the deck’s surface for maximum grip and stability when riding. The silicone covering also allows for easy cleaning of the deck, providing additional convenience. The Vsett 8+ logo runs across the outer length of the grip tape, giving the scooter enhanced aesthetics.

        Controls & Display

        The Vsett 8+ has many intuitive controls and a premium eye throttle display packed with plenty of features. On the right handlebar is the QS-S4 display attached with a finger throttle. Below the display is the battery voltmeter and an NFC immobiliser. The hand-operated drum brakes levers and button on either side of the handlebar to turn on/off the front and rear turn signals. The left handlebar is a button to switch on/off the dual-motor function, i.e., Eco and Turbo riding modes.

        The Vsett 8+ eye throttle OLED display also referred to as QS-S4 display, is feature-rich and informs you on several scooter metrics, including battery capacity, time, speed, and distance covered. The display also allows you to customise various aspects of the scooter, such as electric braking performance, the display’s brightness, speed mode and cruise control.

        The display is attached to a finger throttle, which facilitates hassle-free and comfortable acceleration. A battery voltmeter display is placed below the scooter’s QS-S4 display to notify you of the remaining battery juice via a gorgeous battery bar visualisation.

        The NFC (near-field communication) key-lock immobiliser is placed directly below the battery voltmeter. This feature functions to deter thieves, allowing you to seamlessly lock your scooter using an NFC key card lock, similar to a credit or debit card. The scooter can only be unlocked by waving the card in front of the NFC reader. You can also set up your NFC compatible device, i.e., smartphone, smartwatch, and more, to function as your NFC key and lock/unlock your scooter. 

        Water Resistance

        The Vsett 8+ is rated IP54, meaning that it’s resistant to both water and dust. With an IP54 water resistance rating, the 8+ electric scooter allows you to ride it in light showers without worrying about damages. However, you’re advised against fully immersing the scooter in water for some time, considering it’s only splash-proof and still susceptible to water damage.


        A significant improvement of the Vsett 8, the 8+ is undoubtedly a reliable ride. The scooter offers an excellent mix of performance, portability, safety, and riding comfort, focusing on very low maintenance. Besides, the scooter comes with modern features, notably an OLED display with cruise control, telescopic stem, and NFC key-lock immobiliser. The scooter is suitable for riders looking for a powerful dual-motor electric scooter without breaking the bank. It’s almost a perfect scooter for commuting and riding around for fun.

        Warranty & Customer Support

        The scooter comes with a generous 12-month warranty. However, the warranty comes with a few limitations, including that it doesn’t cover wear and tear, malfunctions arising from unauthorised modifications, as well as damages caused by collisions or accidents. The manufacturer has customer-friendly support easily reachable via email and phone calls. 

        Known Issues

        There aren’t many defects on this scooter. However, one noticeable issue on the Vsett 8+ is the poor cable management. For instance, the rear drum brake wire is exposed badly outside the swingarm, making it highly prone to damage. It would be best to have the cables covered or concealed inside the frame.

        All in all, the scooter is well constructed and doesn’t have significant flaws.


        Equipped with solid tyres and mechanical drum brakes, the Vsett 8+ is indeed focused on minimal maintenance. However, for optimum functionality and durability, you need to undertake some general maintenance practices, including cleaning it regularly, charging before storage, avoiding the use of corrosives, and using only the charger recommended by the manufacturer.

        Vsett 8+ Dual Motor: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

        For the most part, it’s a tremendous dual-power electric scooter that offers overwhelming performance and still manages to remain portable-a feature hardly seen in dual-motor scooters. Besides, the 8+ is feature-rich and takes a modern approach to enhance the ride experience. The Vsett 8+’s impressive range, powerful motor, convenient portability, and safety features make it worth buying. The scooter checks on the most critical aspects of a great commuter scooter.

        However, for riders looking to make this a leisure travel companion, the scooter falls a little short in terms of ride quality. The reduced deck size is uncomfortable for riders with larger foot sizes- despite the kickplate.

        Additionally, dual solid tires do not make for excellent shock absorption, a feature that is somewhat overridden by the highly functional suspension system.

        All in all, at £995.00/ $1,282.50, riders expect some sort of compromise, and this scooter doesn’t call for much of that. Therefore, the verdict is that the scooter’s exceptional features actually justify the price point.

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        Nely Hayes


        Nely is an adrenaline junkie and one of her life goals is to sky dive, but until that day she gets her kicks from testing fast electric scooters. Part time scooter fanatic & part time SEO analyst. Nely’s favourite scooter is the Dualtron X.

        • Outstanding performance in terms of range, top speed, acceleration rate
        • Maintenance-free solid tyres
        • Foldable with collapsible handlebars
        • Height adjustable stem
        • NFC card reader with key-lock immobiliser
        • Pretty long charging time using a single charger
        • Quite bulky to be used as a last-mile commuting scooter
        • Smaller deck compared to other Vsett scooters
        • The lighting is not functional for illuminating your pathway during night rides.
        • Solid, non-pneumatic tyres are a bit of a letdown in regards to ride quality.

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