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VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
23 August 2021


A bold, all-around electric scooter with an exhilarating top speed of around 50 mph and a range of up to 114.9 miles.

If the Vsett 10+ electric scooter were a person, it would definitely be a bodybuilder — all muscles and strength. It’s as if it was beamed here from the year 2040.

This VSETT model is styled in a futuristic and high tech manner. Ultra-modern lines, geometric shapes and yellow accents give the 10+ its distinctive look, which stands out like no other. This well-designed scooter delivers power and off-road capability, making it an excellent choice for adventurous riders who want to take on any terrain they run into.

What’s more, the rugged design ensures easy handling as well as uncompromised safety, whether you’re riding in the rain, in the dark or on upbeat terrain.

Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter: The Lowdown…

The Vsett electric scooter brand began with a simple mission: to make the best electric scooter available. This meant addressing the shortcomings of the existing popular electric scooters. Vsett took on the task by upgrading everything from battery and range to handling and user experience. This transformation required a complete reworking of the existing scooter design language. The result- the two-wheeled wonders that incorporate high performance and groundbreaking technology. Each Vsett unit is designed and tested to meet the most elevated aesthetic, structural, and performance standards. As a result, these scooters can withstand even the most challenging conditions ensuring that it’s easy to enjoy all of your adventures.

The Vsett 10+ electric scooter is one of the top scooters in the Vsett dream team. It has outstanding features that make it one of the most elite scooters on the market today. Its top-of-the-line features and stunning design is sure to inspire a youthful spirit in every rider. The scooter sports top of the line features- for instance, the 10+ is one of the first mid-range scooters to utilize an improved anti-theft mechanism, a unique Vsett control throttle display, and a patented triple locking stem mechanism, which truly sets it apart from other scooters in its category. The VSETT 10+ is perfectly adapted for urban terrain and off-road tracks, with its high-strength body frame combined with a dual suspension.

The innovative features make the 10+ the ultimate high-performance electric scooter, blending reliability, performance, comfort, and functionality to meet the needs of various riders. This scooter can adapt to any lifestyle- whether running to work or going on a weekend getaway with friends. But, does it pack enough features and specs for its hefty price tag of £1,662.50 – £1,829.17/ $2,305.75- $2,536.90 ? Read on to find out.

Vsett 10+ Specifications

MotorDual 1400 watt motor
Battery60V 20.8AH / 25.6AH (LG) / 28AH (LG)
Charge Time2A Charger- 14hrs or 2x 2A Charger- 7hrs
Single-Charge MileageIn single motor/ Eco mode 80.7 miles (130Km) 99.7 miles (160 Km) and 114.9 miles (185 Km). In turbo dual motor mode 40 miles (65 km) / 50 miles (80km) / 55.9 miles (90km)
Max Speed50mph (80 km/h)
Climbing Range35 degrees (varies depending on charge state and weight of the rider)
Braking SystemFront and Rear Hydraulic Brakes + Electric ABS Brakes
LightingBrake light, Turn signals, Front LED, Rear LED
Max Load285 lbs / 130 kg
Scooter Weight79 lbs/35.8 kgs
Product Material6082-T6 Aluminium, SCM 440, propylene covers
Tyre Type10″, 3″ Wide Pneumatic Front and Rear tyres
SuspensionAdjustable, front coil-spring, and rear hydraulic suspension, and sprung arms
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 130 x 63 x 136cm (LxWxH)

Folded Size: 130 x 26 x 46 cm (LxWxH)
Water ResistanceIP54 Certified

Vsett 10+ Review Video

Watch this detailed video review of the Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter.

The Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter lets you explore further and travel faster. The scooter is equipped with large tyres to handle any terrain, a powerful motor and a large customized battery.

Vsett 10+ Dual Motor Pros

tickicon Incredibly powerful dual 1400w motors.

tickicon It has a decent hill-climbing ability

tickicon Patented triple locking design

tickicon Foldable handlebars and stem

tickicon It has an impressive riding range

tickicon It has a decent maximum speed

tickicon Superior suspension

tickicon NFC keycard safety 

tickicon Powerful braking system

tickicon IP54 water-resistance rating

Vsett 10+ Dual Motor Cons

red It is heavy, thus affecting portability

red The horn is not very audible

red Headlight bounces up and down on rough terrain due to its position





Vsett 10+ Summary

The Vsett 10+ electric scooter, a flagship model of the Vsett scooter brand, is a worthy example of the company’s aspiration to take over the electric scooter market . This speed-demon has a lot to offer! It’s the upgraded version of the 9+R, an electric scooter that many users have discovered and love with good reason. The scooter is quite beefy and well-calibrated for off-roading as well as decent strolls around the neighbourhood or the park. 

The highlight of this scooter is the dual 1400W motors, which can power the scooter to an incredible 50mph (80 km/h). The motor can drive the scooter on all kinds of terrains and delivers enough torque to conquer 35% inclines without losing power. The 10+’s 10″ x 3″ front and rear pneumatic tires (filled with air) mean they can absorb bumps better and run at low pressures to provide a greater contact area for traction. For a delectable riding experience, Vsett complements the pneumatics with dual adjustable suspension, ensuring that the 10+ remains a true off-road king.

A strong 60V Li-ion battery means you’ll never run out of juice when you’re on the road. Just charge it up for 14 hours on a single charger and 7 hours on dual chargers, and keep enjoying the ride! The Vsett 10+ also comes with additional battery variations; 20.8AH / 25.6AH (LG) / 28AH (LG), which offer riders diversity in range. Long-distance commuters will never have to worry about running out of battery power again because the 60V 28Ah Li-ion battery can take you as far as 114.9 miles (185 Km) on a single charge.

The 6082-T6 aluminium and SCM 440 frame, the dual motors, the dual suspension, the beefy kickstand and the high-performance battery contribute to the 10+’s heavyweight of 79lbs/ 35.8 kgs. However, this also lowers its centre of gravity, making it feel more stable than most other scooters on the market today. Even at high speeds, you’ll feel safer than ever before with the Vsett 10+. Its ample deck space also gives you a little more room to carry your belongings along with you, making it perfect for both work and play.

VSETT’s cockpit is packed with features that make this one of the most advanced electric scooter control set-ups on the market. It features an NFC Key Lock Immobilizer, which ensures that unauthorized personnel cannot start the VSETT. Use the Dual/Double Motor button to alternate between single and dual motor, and when you need more, use the Sport Mode for a burst of extra power. Additionally, VSETT models are IP54 water-resistant, meaning they can withstand rain and splashing from any direction. However, we do not recommend riding in the rain. 

There are many other safety features on the 10+, such as the highly responsive hydraulic brakes (equipped with E-ABS) that allow you to come out of those high-speed chases and pull up smoothly. The stem features the brightest integrated fender headlight that provides a clear view at night time. The LED taillight will make all other road users aware of your presence at night. The flashing brake lights and integrated turn signal lights make you even more visible to the public during the day. For added safety, the turning radius is limited to prevent a lockout.

With all these excellent features that you won’t find anywhere else, the VSETT 10+ is definitely a scooter worth your consideration. Read on for a more in-depth look!

Vsett 10+ scooter

Performance Overview

The Vsett 10+ is one of the most powerful scooters in the market. The scooter is equipped with twin 1400w brushless motors that deliver immense power making it ideal for seasoned riders looking to upgrade their scooters. The dual high torque motors deliver an exhilarating 50 mph (80 km/h) maximum cruising speed. The 10+’s 50 mph (80 km/h) top speed is on par with other high-performance scooters — including the Dualtron Thunder, Wolf Warrior, and Dualtron Ultra, all of which retail for a slightly higher price. The fact that it undercuts those heavyweights on cost is almost as impressive as its blazing speed.

Additionally, the VSETT 10+ has Sports ( Turbo boost) mode and eco mode. In dual motors and sport mode, the scooter is as good a rush as any roller coaster. Sports mode is an exciting feature that gives the scooter a burst of speed for 2 minutes before the scooter’s temperature control feature steps in, regulating your speed back down to around 44 mph (70km/h). But don’t worry- it only takes 5 minutes for your scooter to cool down so you can re-engage the sports mode and experience more exhilarating rides. Again, this Intelligent Temperature Control Management System is meant to keep the scooter from overheating, thereby preventing damage to the internal components, e.g. battery, motor.

Real-world tests have confirmed that the scooter can reach a top speed of between 47-48 mph (75.6km/h-77 km/h) with a rider weighing an average of 160 lbs (72.5 kgs), while a rider weighing about 210lbs (95.2 kgs), the scooter was able to achieve 44 mph (70 km/h).

Also, the scooter is fitted with dual Nutt hydraulic brakes, which gives the scooter incredible stopping power and a highly responsive braking experience. The scooter also has a cruise control feature, and to turn on the scooter’s cruise control, press the P17 setting on your QS-S4 display. This feature helps you maintain a constant speed without having to keep the throttle pressed down – making it perfect for long rides on even terrain.

    Top Speed & Acceleration

    The Vsett 10+ comes with a powerful 1400-watt dual motor that reaches a max speed of 50mph (80 km/h). The off-the-line acceleration is strong and maintains its speed. In fact, you could argue that it has a bit too much zip on tap – at times, you will struggle to keep up with its pace! 

    The electric scooter has Sports mode ( Turbo boost), Eco mode, Dual motor and Single Motor mode to suit different ride preferences and varying road conditions. Sport mode provides a short-lived burst of speed that propels the scooter to the maximum speed of 50 mph (80km/h), while eco mode offers more conservative speeds for extended range. Additionally, the scooter features 3-speed modes, 1,2 and 3, to further regulate the rider’s preferred speed.

      Hill Climbing

      The Vsett 10+ is the ultimate electric scooter for adventure, boasting an impressive dual drive motor function that can take you up inclines of 35 degrees. However, the 35-degree incline in practice is dependent on the rider’s weight, available traction, state of battery charge, and the terrain on the track.

      Battery & Range

      The high-capacity battery is one of the most prominent features of this scooter. As a result, it contributes to a lot of the weight. In exchange for the extra pounds, however, you are getting incredible stability and range. However, note that the riding range will vary depending on the terrain, weather, and rider’s weight.

      The Vsett 10+ scooter is powered by one of the most efficient power sources around -an incredibly powerful 60V, 28Ah lithium-ion battery. The powerful battery delivers an impressive riding range of 114.9 miles (185 Km) on a single charge when riding on a single motor and Eco mode. The battery voltmeter will show you roughly how much juice is left and how much you can expect the scooter to go on one charge.

      The scooter also offers two other battery varieties to customize your experience. The 20Ah battery has a range of 80.7 miles (130 km) range, while the 25.6Ah battery can travel around 99.7 miles (160 km) in Single & Eco modes. All batteries are made by LG, an electronics company with a reputation for building reliable products. The batteries are all just as effective, guaranteeing reliable performance for the entire time you’ll own the scooter.

      The battery takes a considerably long time to charge fully. For example, with a 2A charger, you will wait for 14 hours for the battery to fully charge, while two 2A chargers will significantly reduce the charge time to 7 hours. The battery also has built-in protective features such as balanced charging, overcharging, short-circuit, and over-discharging and overcurrent protection. 

      Motor Configuration

      Vsett 10+ electric scooter is a high-performance machine that can conquer most terrains with its dual 1400-watt motors, which produce a staggering 2800W of power. Its high torque allows it to take on hills of inclines of up to 35 degrees while hauling a maximum rider weight of 285 lbs / 130 kg. Choose your preferred power output by engaging Single/ Dual motors or Turbo/Eco mode. The scooter is also equipped with two 60V 35A x 2 square wave controllers that regulate the motor speed.

        Vsett 10+ folded scooter

        Construction & Quality

        Construction and quality are two areas where most electric scooters fall short. This isn’t the case with the Vsett 10+. The Vsett 10+ is a sleek, fast electric scooter that performs even better than it looks. This eye-catching scooter has a clean, rugged exterior with a flawless internal layout of wiring that perfectly complements the unit’s look. The black coating with bright yellow highlights ensures that this scooter is easily noticeable without overbearing accents. 

        Vsett10+ scooter’s frame is crafted from 6082- T6 aluminium- a high-quality, durable material used in aircraft, helicopters, and fighter jet parts. This material makes the Vsett 10+ incredibly durable and virtually immune from rust, no matter how wet or humid your climate. The shaft is made from SCM400 carbon chromium alloy steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion and impact. The rear fender has been reinforced with sturdy polypropylene plastic, and the front fender is all metal. The curved handlebars have a unique design and are neat with a few controls. They are wrapped in shatterproof rubber to improve overall grip.

        The spacious deck features a silicone surface and has a dedicated footrest area where riders can rest their foot as they ride. The Vsett has an added unique twist to the deck design, as it features dual charging ports on the top, front end. This feature elicits different reactions from riders, with a majority appreciating the safe placement. In addition, a beefy kickstand is attached to the side, with one of the best alignments.

        The 10+ also features a triple locking mechanism that prevents the stem from unscrewing mid-ride, as is often the case with the traditional collar clamp. The result is an ultra-rigid design that makes for a safer scooter that is resistant to rattling.

        Vsett 10+ electric scooter rear

        Suspension & Comfort

        The Vsett 10+ is an incredibly versatile e-scooter for commuters who want a comfortable ride with some extra style. It combines a front spring with an adjustable rear hydraulic coil-over-shock and swingarms, making it the go-to choice for long commutes and recreational road use.

        The rear hydraulic coil-over-shock is adjustable, so riders can choose their preferred shock setting to achieve a comfortable ride while reducing noise and vibration. Even better, the rear 165 mm and front 125 mm spring suspensions are readily available if one wishes to replace them. 

        Ride Quality

        The Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter is a scooter that raises the bar for what a two-wheeler can be. The scooter is a versatile machine that offers unbeatable speed, stability, and comfort while you zip around town.

        The scooter comes equipped with large 10-inch front and rear pneumatic tyres, giving it optimal flexibility to ride on any terrain. The advanced shock system absorbs bumps on the road like a dream. The rear hydraulic coil-over-shock can be adjusted to your preference, and it is backed with a front spring and swingarm suspension. With this set-up, you will enjoy a ride with unparalleled smoothness, no matter how bumpy the ride gets. Additionally, the spacious deck with a silicone surface and a footrest make for a stable ride.

        The handlebars are broad, measuring 25.5″ in width. The curved, ergonomic handlebars strike a perfect balance between form and function. They are not only easy on the eyes but also on your shoulders as well, with several convenient features that make riding the scooter a breeze. However, the folding handlebars do not inspire confidence in all riders- some worry that the folding ends can cave in when riding at high speeds, which would be a major disaster. Luckily, the handlebar is easily replaceable with a solid, non-folding set. The scooter has a safety feature that limits your turning radius to prevent steering lock accidents. This feature also reduces the stress and yank on the cables while making tight turns.

        The lighting on the scooter is designed in a way that not only adds appeal to its looks but also makes night rides feel safe and practical. In addition, the scooter is equipped with a horn to alert other road users. Finally, to ensure optimal braking, Vsett has fitted this model with dual Nutt hydraulic brakes and an electronic anti-lock braking system for secure stops so that you can travel at top speeds with complete confidence. Overall, Vsett 10+ is an outstanding personal mobility solution that combines performance, convenience, and reliability to deliver a quality riding experience.


        The Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter’s braking system is as impressive as the rest of its features. It is equipped with an intricate braking system that comprises dual hydraulic disk brakes and an electronic anti-lock braking system (E-ABS). The Nutt hydraulic braking system combines the strength of disc brakes with the responsiveness and precision of a standard brake. The result is powerful, precise stopping power — even when wet or in emergencies.

        On the other hand, the electronic anti-lock braking system (E-ABS) is a state-of-the-art addition to the scooter’s safety features. The E-ABS is an integrated system that improves braking and stability while preventing the locking of the brakes when hit too hard. Riders get to choose the strength of the electronic brakes from 1 (weakest) to 5 (strongest).

        Overall, the braking system delivers maximum stopping power.

        Vsett 10+ electric scooter front wheel


        Although the Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter is the next generation scooter, it is pretty heavy at 79 lbs/35.8 kgs — but that is because it packs maximum performance into every inch of its frame. Its powerful features make it well worth the weight. However, the scooter has a foldable stem and handlebars to facilitate stowing the model into the car trunk. Once folded, the deck features a handle extension that allows rivers to clasp the folded stem for easy transportation. What’s more, the Vsett 10+ features a triple locking mechanism for the folding hex stem riser that guarantees a sturdy lock with no wobble.


        The tyres on the Vsett 10+ are a pretty big deal. It rolls on 10-inch pneumatic tyres, and unlike the typical, solid tires, the pneumatic tyres can handle any terrain you throw at them.

        Rough pavements? No problem. Slippery swamps? The Vsett can handle it with ease.

        This gives you the freedom to use your scooter outside without worrying about not being able to get home. In addition, with a 3-inch width, the tyres provide excellent stability and traction so that riders can enjoy a smooth ride through rough terrain. 


        The Vsett 10+ features two LED lights embedded in the front part of the deck, with the main headlight attached to the front fender. It also has turn lights to alert drivers of your riding direction. And when you brake, the rear turn signals flash brightly to make you more visible to trailing traffic. The lighting system is sufficient to light the pathway, albeit low mounted. However, you can always purchase an additional headlight for added safety.


        The Vsett 10+ has a large deck measuring 27 inches long and 8.5 inches wider, giving it an extra touch of stability and comfort. With the scooter’s extended deck, you have more room to manoeuvre and control your ride with more ease. Also, with a large deck, low centre of gravity, and 7″ ground clearance, the scooter can handle even the most challenging pathways. Minimal lean on sharp turns means riders can manoeuvre through obstacles easily but still have the option to ride in a comfortable upright position.

        Vsett 10+’s deck has a silicone surface, making it superior to similarly priced scooters. Most other brands use grip tape — which is less grippy, wears out over time, and isn’t very flexible. Vsett’s deck material means better performance over time and a more leisurely ride through bumps, cracks and obstacles. The 10+’s deck is easier to clean, as opposed to grip tape decks. However, the trade-off is that the 10+ gets dirty or shows dirt faster than a regular grip-tape deck.

        Controls & Display

        The Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter features a unique wide, ergonomically built handlebar that folds. The handlebar grips are fitted with a unique shatterproof rubber coating that also has turn signal switches. The levers on either side of the handlebars actuate the 160 mm hydraulic disc brakes with a simple pull. While other scooters use a key lock as an Anti-Theft Function, the Vsett 10+ features a key-lock immobilizer that uses an NFC card to activate the scooter, deterring thieves from stealing your unit. 

        The NFC card reader is integrated with the QS-S4 display on the right handlebar. The battery voltage display is also incorporated in the design of the QS-S4 display. The index trigger throttle is integrated with the display making it practical when accelerating. The display has the functionality to gauge your scooter’s condition in real-time. At the same time, the central command system and cockpit let you manage and control your scooter’s features, offering vital information you need when riding your scooter, such as riding mode, speed, battery level, the distance covered on the current ride’s overall mileage, cruise control, gear indicator and fault warning light.

        The left handlebar hosts the horn on the lower side of the handlebar, DDM button and sports mode button. The DDM button controls the dual motors and lets you toggle between the single motor mode and the dual motors. The sports mode (Turbo Boost), on the other hand, lets you inject a shot of immense power, albeit for just 2 minutes.

        Vsett 10+ electric scooter

        Water Resistance

        The Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter is IP54-certified, meaning it can withstand jets of water from all directions. This factor is convenient as riders can comfortably ride in light and infrequent rains. However, seek shelter and dry the scooter off as soon as you can. The scooter can also travel through shallow puddles for short periods of time. Just don’t ride through deep puddles, as this can damage the electronic components.


        The Vsett 10+ is a remarkable scooter with an impressive range of abilities and features. With its ability to handle bumps, cracks, and other obstacles, the Vsett 10+ electric scooter is one of the most versatile mobility solutions. The scooter combines trendiness and practicality into one stylish smart scooter. Additionally, the scooter is equipped with a host of cutting-edge features yet to be popularised in the scooter industry: NFC Key-Lock Immobilizer (Anti-Theft Function), patented Triple Stem Locking Mechanism and an improved QS-S4 Display & Throttle.

        Warranty & Customer Support

        The Vsett 10+ is covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, which only covers defects related to the product’s manufacture. Anything additional will likely not be covered, including wear and tear, accidents, collisions, abuse, or modifications to the product.

        Vsett has an excellent customer support team. The team is available through their email, and they can also be reached on the phone and the contact us page on their website.

        Known Issues

        • Users have noted that the light on the front fender keeps bouncing up and down when they are riding on rough terrain.
        • For high-performance scooters like the Vsett 10+, a steering damper is essential.
        • Certain groups of riders are not confident with the location of the charging port and feel like it affects their standing position.


        Like any machine, this 10+ scooter needs some occasional maintenance to perform at its best. Luckily, it’s not a complex process and will not cost you much time! With a simple cleaning of the machine and basic maintenance, you can ensure your scooter is in good working condition. Of course, the frequency with which you do this depends on how often you use the scooter.

        The battery should be charged frequently and only with a manufacturer-recommended charger. Using poor quality chargers can leave your battery exposed to damage from electricity in the long term. Always regularly check the tyre pressure and ensure it is inflated to the recommended PSI. Remember always to check the nuts and bolts on your scooter and adjust them accordingly. 

        Vsett 10+: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

        The Vsett 10+ is one of the most versatile electric scooters on the market. It offers an excellent range of features that few other scooters at its price range can match. Incredible speed, range, ride quality, and safety are a few of the highlights this scooter presents. It is ideal for a variety of uses, from weekend excursions to local errands and even business meetings. With an impressive array of features and a design that can adapt to nearly any environment, it’s easy to see why this is the one scooter to rule them all.

        With its sturdy design, knobby tyres, polished frame, futuristic look, and powerful motor, the scooter feels and rides like an ultra scooter. Vsett scooters are ultimately reshaping the future of scooter technology with sporty, sophisticated, and stylish scooters. Vsett 10+ is a new way to commute, offering modern design, comfort, and simplicity, which goes way beyond the rider’s expectations of electric transportation.

        The few issues reported by riders who’ve used this scooter are debatably more of personal preferences. The only real problem is the low mounted headlight whose beam bounces due to the suspension movement; however, this can be solved by purchasing an auxiliary light. The only question now is whether a price tag of £1,662.50 – £1,829.17/ $2,305.75- $2,536.90 is too hefty for this scooter. The scooter justifies its price point with incredible features, fantastic performance, exceptional ride quality, versatility, and nearly no compromises.

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        Nely Hayes


        Nely is an adrenaline junkie and one of her life goals is to sky dive, but until that day she gets her kicks from testing fast electric scooters. Part time scooter fanatic & part time SEO analyst. Nely’s favourite scooter is the Dualtron X.

        • Incredibly powerful dual 1400w motors
        • Patented triple locking design
        • Spacious deck with a footrest
        • Impressive riding range
        • Foldable handlebars and stem
        • Powerful braking system
        • Heavy, thus affecting portability
        • The horn is not very audible
        • Headlight bounces up and down on rough terrain due to its position

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