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Uscooters Booster Sport Review

Brett Heyns
29 January 2024

One of the most portable commuter scooters around that has a top speed of around 22 mph (35 km/h) and a range of up to 20 miles (32 km).

The Uscooter Booster Sport joins the E-Twow brand as a champion in this new era of reinvented urban mobility.

The e-scooter brand is packed with head-turning features that ease commuting without compromising on quality and safety. If they had a banner ad in the sky, it would simply say affordable, ultralight scooter because you get more than you pay for on those two specs. It is very convenient as a last-mile means of transport. From the brand E-Twow, we get a range of powerful, durable, ultralight and affordable e-scooters, ideal for urban commuters looking for reliability in their daily commute.

Below, we explore just how well the Uscooter Booster Sport delivers on the brand’s promise.

Booster SportThe Lowdown…

For several years now, e scooters have slowly transitioned into a highly reliable means of transport thanks to the efforts of companies like Electric Two Wheels, or “E-Twow” for short. E-Twow has made massive strides in technological advancement in the electric scooters market, evidenced by the ingenuity that characterises each subsequent release. With their model, the Booster Sport, the highlight feature has to be that it’s ultraportable on a budget. Ultra Portability has quickly risen to the top of the checklist for urban commuters, as most riders typically rely on the scooters as a last-mile resort. The portability function already speaks to the scooter’s low weight of 24.5 lbs (11 kg). But what else does the house of E-Twow bring us with this outstanding product? 

With over 300,000 electric scooters worldwide sales to their name, E-TWOW has grown in brand recognition globally. The Uscooters Booster Sport checks off the marks in quality, durability, portability, performance, efficiency and safety. The Booster Sport delivers more than it promises with its impeccable build, decent maximum speed and range, 7.5’’ inch solid wheels, dual suspension, flashy display and easy to use controls. Further on, the scooter’s reputed reliability matches that of scooters in the higher-end budget range and even outshines revered models like the Xiaomi M365 in certain specs, as will be discussed in this review.

The Booster Sport ranks high on reliability and is praised as an incredibly low maintenance scooter. Long-time owners of this model have been more than pleased with the lithium-ion battery, the non-adjustable brakes and solid tyres, all that are conveniently maintenance-free. For further reliability and safety, the battery charger has a unique function where it cuts power output to the battery once it attains a full charge. Wouldn’t it be nice not to set the alarm to unplug your scooter at 5 AM? Or even worse, wait till it is fully charged to hit the sack? These nifty features don’t end there. E-Twow listened and heard riders complain of the lengthy reaction time brought on by the effort to reach the brake lever and instead installed a thumb controlled brake that is always on reach for that instant reaction to barriers (or kids). 

If this isn’t already sounding like the perfect e-scooter, read on for a more in-depth look at this modern scooter. 

Uscooters Booster Sport Specifications

Motor 500W front brushless hub motor
Battery 314 WH, 36V, 10.5 Ah lithium-ion with Samsung Cells
Charge Time 3 hours
Single-Charge Mileage 20 miles (32 Km) (Depending on the weight of the rider and environmental factors)
Max Speed 23 mph (37 Km/h) (Depending on the weight of the rider and environmental factors)
Controls Bright LCD screen featuring odometer, trip meter, speedometer, and ambient temperature
Climbing Range Up to 25 degree inclines
Braking System Dual braking system- Front thumb-activated regenerative, Rear fender brake
Tyres 8.5-inch solid
Suspension Front coil spring, Rear suspension
Lighting Embedded high mounted front lights, rear fender tail/brake light and side reflectors
Max Load 280 lbs (127  Kg)
Scooter Weight 24.5 lbs (11 kg)
Product Material 6061 T6 aluminium
Horn Type High-pitched digital horn
Size (H x L x W cm) Unfolded: 116 x 102 x 38 

Folded: 33 x 97 x 14.5

Water Resistance This scooter has no water resistance rating


Uscooters Booster Sport Video Review:

The Booster Sport is one of the most affordable and ultraportable electric scooters and comes packed with several essential features to ease urban mobility.

Uscooters Booster Sport Pros

tickicon  It is lightweight and compact, making it ultraportable

tickicon  Very fast charging times

tickicon  It uses solid airless tyres that are maintenance-free

tickicon  Can tackle mild inclines

tickicon  Has dual suspension that smoothens the ride

tickicon  It comes with a powerful 500W motor

tickicon  The dual braking system on this scooter enhances safety

tickicon  It has a carrying handle for conveniently carrying the scooter

tickicon  It has a high-pitched horn

tickicon  It has an adjustable handlebar stem

tickicon  It has a lot of torque

tickicon  It has decent acceleration and range

Uscooters Booster Sport Cons

red  It is not water-resistant

red  The deck has limited space, forcing some riders into uncomfortable riding positions

red  The small solid tyres do not roll smoothly over bumps and have poor cushioning

red  The solid rubber tyres don’t perform well in wet conditions

red  The front headlight projects light poorly


Uscooters Booster Sport Summary

The Booster Sport is a modern scooter that delivers on all the features highly sought after by experienced and intermediate-experience riders. This is not a kids scooter, as defined by the high-performance features. E-Twow & partners have developed a template for their electric scooters that continues to deliver performance-packed utility, uncompromised safety, applause-worthy reliability, culminating in a series of high-demand products. We begin by taking a look at the scooter’s frame. The Booster Plus S is crafted using 6061 T6 aluminium alloy material responsible for its practical strength-weight ratio, durability, and corrosion resistance. This material is also hugely responsible for the low weight of the scooter.

This model is available in five different colours; red, grey, blue, black and white. It features a striking sporty appearance with a solid glossy frame and small but beefy tyres. The Booster S went for the less cluttered steering rack with a minimalistic display and miniature controls to complement the sporty look. The narrow handlebars have an ergonomic thumb-activated regenerative brake on the left and a throttle on the right. The scooter has a telescopic stem to facilitate height adjustment according to the rider’s comfort. Weighing only 24.5 lbs, the Booster Sport is ultra-lightweight and portable. Further, it is foldable, making it easy to fold and carry in the back of your Uber or under your desk at work.  

The robust 500W motor on this scooter packs a punch that can push it to exhilarating top speeds of 24.3 mph (37 kph). The 500W motor peaks at an output of 800W, making the scooter one of the most potent of the electric scooters in this class. With its immense torque, the scooter can handle a rider weight of 280 lbs with ease and tackle steep inclines of 25 degrees without a sweat. The motor runs on a 36v, 10.5 Ah Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The battery is efficient and offers the scooter an extensive riding range of 20 miles, of course, depending on the rider weight, weather conditions and terrain. The battery takes 3 hours to charge fully, which is relatively quicker than other scooters in the same price range.

This safety-centric scooter combines two braking systems for effective stopping power. The scooter has a rear fender brake applied by pressing the foot on the rear fender and a front regenerative brake activated by the thumb. The Booster Sport also features 7.5-inch Solid rubber tyres. The tyres cannot absorb shock like pneumatic tyres; however, they are zero maintenance and puncture-proof. The lack of comfort on the solid tyres is countered by the dual suspension system on this scooter that enhances the riding experience. The short handlebars further improve the ride quality with rubberised grips. 

The steering rack features a centralised LCD that relays to the rider important information such as the speed, battery levels, battery temperature and mileage.  The handlebars have two controls for brakes and speed. A downer, however, is the small-sized deck that highly limits standing, making it less comfortable for riders with larger feet.  However, it does easily support a max rider weight of 280 lbs. Overall, the Booster Sport offers convenience and reliability. It easily folds, and with the carrying handle, you can haul it where you need to. The high-pitched horn is a welcome variation, which is loud enough to alert other road users. 

Read on for a further detailed look at one of the most affordable and portable scooters in the market.

Performance Overview: 

The Booster S is a powerful and ultraportable e-scooter propelled by a 500W motor that can reach 800W maximum power output. The massive torque output is sufficient to handle a rider weight of up to 280 lbs and propel the scooter to a top speed of 24.3 mph. The scooter also tackles hilly inclines of 25 degrees effortlessly. The motor runs on a 314 WH (36V, 10.5 AH) rechargeable lithium-ion battery with enough juice for an impressive riding range of 20 miles on a single charge. However, the acceleration pales in comparison to others in the range like the Unagi One and Glion Dolly.

E-Twow combined a front regenerative braking and a rear fender footbrake for uncompromised stopping power.  The regenerative has low stopping power, but it stops the scooter with immaculate precision when used alongside the rear foot brake. With regenerative braking, the battery is charged on the go providing the rider with an extended range. Overall the Booster S is a powerful and solid electric scooter perfect for your urban commute, offering an enhanced riding experience for seasoned riders.


Uscooters Booster Sport electric scooter standing upright main image

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Uscooters Booster Sport has its top speed capped at 24.3 mph (39 km). This is more than enough speed for an urban cruiser, and it is an exhilarating speed compared to other scooters in its price range. The scooter has a zero start feature and doesn’t need a kick-to-start to activate the motor- riders can get cruising with just a throttle pull. The Booster  also has decent acceleration. Real-world tests have quoted the scooter as accelerating to 15 mph (24 km/h) in an easy 6.3 seconds and 20 mph (32 km/h) in 10.2 seconds (in optimal conditions).

Acceleration is attained by using the ergonomic throttle placed on the right handlebar. The scooter also has a cruise control feature that locks the scooter’s speed according to the rider’s preference. The cruise control function can be activated by maintaining constant speed for 5 seconds. To turn off the feature, apply brakes or adjust the throttle. The coloured LCD ensures that the rider is not flying blind by relaying the (cruising) speed stats. 

Hill Climbing

The motor on this scooter outputs high torque sufficient to propel the scooter up hilly inclines of 25 degrees without a hassle. Real-world tests have shown it making a 10 degree incline in 19.2 secs, which is 0.8 seconds faster than its big brother, the Uscooters Booster V.

Picture of the front wheel of the Uscooters Booster Sport electric scooter

Battery Life & Range

The Booster Sport is outfitted with a 36V, 10.5 Ah (314 WH) rechargeable Li-ion battery.  The battery cells are issued by Samsung, whose reputation in innovation needs no introduction. This maintenance-free battery offers better performance than the generic type lithium-ion batteries used in most e-scooters.

The battery, when fully charged, provides the rider with 20 miles (32 km) on a single charge. With the regenerative brake, the rider could get more mileage. However, note that this scooter’s mileage depends on the rider’s weight, battery charge, terrain, weather conditions, and speed. 

The battery takes around 3 hours to charge fully, making this scooter perfect to charge at the office, before your trip back home at the end of the day. In its class, the Booster Sport is almost untouchable with the combination of impressive range and seriously fast charging times.

Motor Configuration

A 500 Watts front hub brushless motor powers the Booster Sport. The 500W motor packs immense torque output that peaks at 800W. The output from the motor can handle a load capacity of 280 lbs (127 kg) and tackle hilly inclinations of 25 degrees. This is a zero start motor and doesn’t require push-kicking to engage.

Construction & Build Quality

E-Twow electric scooters are built using high-grade materials for uncompromised quality and reliability. The Uscooters Booster Sport is built using a 6061-T6 aluminium alloy with structural strength and is ultra-lightweight, making it ideal for both portability and durability. For enhanced durability, the aluminium alloy is also anti-corrosive and all-weather resistant.

The scooter has a telescopic (adjustable) stem adjusted according to the rider’s preferred height. The downtube can also fold to transform the scooter into a portable scooter. The narrow handlebars fold easily and quickly through a spring-loaded mechanism. When unfolded, they lock in place tightly with no room to wiggle. The handlebar stem holds in place the brake lever, the throttle, digital horn, centralised LCD and rubberised grips ends. There is also a guide track, that ensures that the handle bars are always perfectly aligned to the front wheel.

The deck on this scooter is relatively small (16.8’’ by 6’’) and has an equally limited ground clearance of 3 inches. The scooter has a sandpaper textured deck that offers anti-slip benefits to the rider. The scooter cruises on 7.5-inch maintenance-free rubber tyres. The airless tyres eliminate the possibility of a flat tyre compromising the comfort and traction offered by air-filled or pneumatic tyres. The Uscooters Booster Sport has an effective dual suspension system that absorbs vibrations on the riding track.

For safety, the scooter has reflectors on the side for maximum visibility.  The LED headlight is high mounted on the handlebars and has several white LED bulbs that provide a bright light for illumination. The rear tail light is embedded low on the rear fender. Both lights perform dismally. The scooter has front and rear fenders to protect the rider and scooter from dirt, splashes and debris. The rear fender plays an additional role of braking. 

An image of the side view of the Uscooters Booster Sport electric scooter


The Booster Sport’s deck measures 16.8’’ by 6’’ with 3 inches of ground clearance. The standing allowance is highly limited for riders with longer feet. The deck does not feature the ergonomic style adopted by brands like Razor, which allows a comfortable footrest on the angled rear. However, it can haul an impressive load capacity of 280 lbs (127 kg) without a hassle.

The scooter’s deck is covered in a sandpaper-feel material (just like skateboards) that ensures riders get a maximum grip when riding. Caution should be taken when riding as the low ground clearance can be problematic when going over a curb or terrain with raised patches. 


The Uscooters Booster Sport has 7.5-inch solid rubber tyres, perfect for flat terrain and warm weather. While they are limited in shock absorption, they make up for it with maintenance-free and puncture-proof capability.

Additionally, the small size of the wheels further aids in ultra-portability as it reduces the dimensions by which scooter parts extend from the folded package.


This scooter has superior shock absorption, which is brought on by its dual- front and rear suspension, for enhanced ride quality. The front spring suspension cushions the rider from most of the vibrations picked up by the solid front tyre that would otherwise travel up the stem tube to the rider’s hands.

Additionally, the rear suspension seriously smooths out vibrations on the deck that reach the rider’s feet.


A scooter as powerful and fast as this model requires a braking system that is reliable and uncompromising. This explains the choice by E-Twow to combine two simple but effective braking systems for enhanced stopping power. The two braking systems involve a rear fender footbrake that is activated by pressing one foot on the rear fender and a thumb-activated front regenerative brake. The two brakes, when applied concurrently, increase the stopping power, unlike when used separately.

The regenerative brake also utilises KERS technology to convert braking energy that recharges the battery. The regenerative brake has a stopping distance of 40 feet when used alone, while the combined system reduces the distance to 19 feet when travelling at full speed. 

Picture of the rear wheel of the Uscooters Booster Sport electric scooter

Ride Quality

The scooter is not shabby on performance. The scooter’s solid tyres perform impressively in dry weather and on flat terrain. However, the scooter heavily relies on the dual suspension system that does an excellent job of absorbing shock on bumpy terrain and through cracks on the road. The front hub motor on this scooter is super quiet, making it easy to zip to work or around the neighbourhood without the attention that some noisy hub motors and clunky chain motors attract.

The dual braking system is effective when both brakes are applied simultaneously. Riders also do not have to worry about running out of juice mid-journey as this scooter offers an impressive 21 miles on a single charge and has an LCD battery level indicator. The scooter also packs essential security features; reflectors, a headlight and a rear tail light to enhance the rider’s safety. 


The Booster S comes with an LED headlight embedded on the handlebars in front of the LCD. The headlight has 6 powerful bright LEDs. However, the headlight lacks an optic to directly project the light, giving it a poor illuminating profile.

The scooter also has a tail light embedded in the rear fender. It is advisable to have an extra high mounted rear light to complement the OEM tail light, especially at night, for maximum visibility.

The deck also has side reflectors, for additional visibility and safety, when riding at night.

A close up image of the Uscooters Booster Sport electric scooter

Controls & Display

The Booster Sport features simple and lean handlebars with only two controls and an LCD. The left thumb controls the regenerative brake, while the right control is the thumb-activated throttle for acceleration.

The backlit LCD has buttons controlling mode and power. It also has a unique high pitched digital horn to caution other road users.


Weighing an incredibly light 24.5 lbs (11 kg), the Uscooters Booster Sport is ultra-lightweight and compact, thanks to its aluminium alloy build. The low weight and its folding ability significantly improve its portability. It has a 3 point folding system that ensures the stem, handlebars and tiny wheels all retract.

This compacts it to an unbelievably small package that can be carried and stored virtually anywhere (within reason). It also comes with a carrying handle, further simplifying the hauling around of the scooter. 

A picture of the folded up Uscooters Booster SPort electric scooter

Water Resistance

Unfortunately, the Booster Sport is not water-resistant and therefore, extreme caution should be taken when riding. It should not be ridden in the rain, and the riders should avoid water puddles.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Uscooters Booster Sport is built superbly with high-quality and world-class material that guarantees durability and reliability. This unit offers substantial mileage on a single charge,  and riders can curate their journeys accordingly. The battery also has a convenient, fast charging time of 3 hours. The tyres, battery, motor and brakes on this scooter require little to no maintenance, greatly aiding its reliability.

E-Twow offers a 1-year limited warranty. The warranty covers the battery pack but does not extend to consumables such as tyres. The company pays for shipping for the unit’s return to local customers, but international customers have to pay for the shipping of their units. 

E-Twow/Uscooters has a quick-response customer service team that efficiently attends to customer queries. The team can be reached through email, postal service, a dedicated customer hotline, and their website’s contact form.


Like any other electric scooter, the Booster Sport requires regular servicing and maintenance for optimal and reliable performance. This scooter is built with quality in mind, and users have reported going thousands of miles with just a few or no repairs.

It is a standard requirement that customers charge the unit as instructed by the manufacturer, and this extends to using the recommended charger. Also, ensure that the unit is dry and dust-free to gain significant lifetime mileage without any major repairs while extracting maximum value from your purchase.

The benefit of this scooter is that the performance features are mostly maintenance-free, and the majority of sensitive parts are encased and protected from external environmental elements. 

Known Issues

Users have complained of low clearance that makes it inconvenient to go over some pavements or higher obstacles.

Two people standing on their Electric Scooters

Is this Electric Scooter value for money, and is it worth buying?

The Booster Sport is one of the most ultraportable electric scooters. It also comes packed with all the essential features you need in a scooter, presenting you with the opportunity to streamline your daily commute reliably. This scooter is in three words- durable, efficient and practical. The dual suspension on this scooter cushions the rider in any terrain, while the airless tyres are reliable and maintenance-free. The cruise control feature ensures that you ride at a constant speed of your choice to your destination.

Additionally, the lithium-ion battery on this scooter is built by Samsung and, unlike the generic ones, is more reliable and delivers extra battery life and mileage. The price may be unconventionally high for entry-level riders, but for riders that understand the value brought on by the high-performance features on this scooter, then this is definitely value for your money.

Accessories and Upgrades

  • Helmet
  • Knee pad
  • Extra charger
  • Your own front LED light

Other Similar Electric Scooters

  • Unagi one
  • Glion Dolly
  • Booster V
  • Xiaomi M365
  • It is lightweight and compact, making it ultra portable
  • Very fast charging times
  • It uses solid airless tyres that are maintenance-free
  • Can tackle mild inclines
  • Has dual suspension that smoothens the ride
  • It comes with a powerful 500W motor
  • The dual braking system on this scooter enhances safety
  • It has a carrying handle for conveniently carrying the scooter
  • It has a high pitched horn
  • It has an adjustable handlebar stem
  • It has a lot of torque
  • It has decent acceleration and range
  • It is not water-resistant
  • The deck has limited space, forcing some riders into uncomfortable riding positions
  • The small solid tyres do not roll smoothly over bumps and have poor cushioning
  • The solid rubber tyres don't oerform well in wet conditions
  • The front headlight projects light poorly

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