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Urban Drift S006 Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
19 July 2021


A top-class e-scooter with a minimalist, geometric design that delivers a top speed of 15.5 mph, and a maximum riding range of 21.7 miles.


As the name suggests, the Urban Drift S006 is an urban-friendly electric scooter that delivers unmatched control, safety, stability, comfort and power. This mini vehicle comes with a powerful motor and a decent speed for your daily commute. It also features extra-wide tyres for enhanced strength and incredible braking power for smooth stoppage. Finally, it boasts a solid, sturdy frame and is available at an unbeatable price.

If you’re in the market for an electric scooter with top-range performance, great speed and portability, then we recommend that you consider Urban Drift S006! We find out more about it in this detailed review.



Urban Drift S006 – The Lowdown

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It’s not every day that you find an entry-level e-scooter with a ton of incredible features in a compact package like the Urban Drift S006. This mini vehicle boasts astonishing power, thanks to its high-limit 36V 10AH lithium-ion battery which yields a maximum range of 18.6 miles when fully charged. It also packs a 350W brushless direct-current motor that’s able to hit an impressive top speed of up to 15.5 mph.

If you’re worried about your safety, you will be pleased to learn that this S006 boasts various exciting features to ensure that you are comfortable and secure. The 10-inch air-filled pneumatic tyres offer enhanced grip and stability on smooth urban terrain. Besides, the disk brake and electric locking mechanism allow for a steady and responsive halt—even when cruising at high speed. Additionally, the extra-wide footpad, sturdy aluminium frame and welded edges improve steadiness and easily support up to 265 pounds.

Riding the S006 at night is safe and easy, thanks to its bright headlights, backlights and reflectors. You’ll also love this e-scooter’s clear display as well as the Urban Drift App which interfaces with Bluetooth to give you better control.


Urban Drift S006 Specifications

Motor350W brushless motor
Batterylithium battery 36V 10AH
Charge Time5 hours
Single-Charge Mileage21.7 miles / 20 km (may vary depending on riders weight and terrain condition)
Max Speed15 mph / 24.1 km/h
Climbing Range15 degrees
Braking SystemDisc brake and electric braking system
LightingFront light, taillight, and side lamp
Max Load120 kg / 265 lb
Scooter Weight17.6 kg / 39 lb
Product MaterialAluminum alloy
Folding Handlebar6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Steering Tube6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
SuspensionWide anti-slip pedal
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 121.7 x 45.7 x 126.0 cm

Folded Size: 121.7 x 45.7 x 49.7 cm
Water ResistanceIPX4


Urban Drift S006 Video


In summary, the S006 is a powerful, portable, stable and safe e-scooter that is best suited for your modern urban commute.

Urban Drift S006 Pros


tickicon Electric and mechanical brakes deliver twofold security and enable responsive braking at short distances

tickicon Comes with 10 x 2.73-inch air-filled pneumatic tyres for enhanced grip, stability and comfort

tickicon Powerful enough to deliver a maximum speed of 15.5 mph

tickicon High limit 36V 10AH battery can take you up to 21.7 miles on a single charge

tickicon Front, rear and side reflectors allow for low visibility riding


Urban Drift S006 Cons


red No horn to signal other motorists

red LED headlights are not adequate for night riding, so riders must invest in a new set

red Struggles to climb steep hills when the battery is at half-charge

red No suspension on both wheels makes the scooter wobbly over large potholes or bumps in the road




Urban Drift S006 Summary


In today’s market, it is not easy to find an e-scooter that combines performance, aesthetics, and portability. The good news is that the Urban Drift S006 offers all this and much more. This electric scooter comes with a super 350W brushless direct-current engine, which yields a top speed of 15.5 mph. Its motor is powered by a 36V 10AH lithium battery that takes five hours to charge and lasts for 21.7 miles on a full charge.

Additionally, the perfectly welded aluminium-alloy frame delivers unmatched strength and offers enough surface area for all the other components and accessories to latch onto comfortably. It also comes with collapsing handles and weighs just 39 pounds, which means it’s easily foldable and can be carried with one hand while travelling.

On safety, the Urban Drift S006 boasts a dual-braking system for steady and comfortable stoppage. This system combines well with the 10-inch pneumatic tyres to offer unmatched steadiness and an incredible riding experience on any urban or suburban terrain. It also features front, rear and sidelights for ultimate visibility.

Riders will also love this scooter’s advanced LED display which allows them to check the speed, mode, current speed, battery level and other vital ride information. The company’s smart app also provides added tech support by allowing riders to access more control options via Bluetooth connectivity.

If you’re looking for a modest e-scooter that delivers fantastic cruising speed, incredible power and commendable range for all your city commutes, then you can’t go wrong with the Urban Drift S006 electric scooter.


Performance Overview


One of the most significant considerations when choosing a scooter is performance. Urban Drift S006 electric scooter might only be an entry-level scooter, but it has met and exceeded all performance expectations. Thanks to its 350W brushless direct-current motor, the S006 can deliver a top speed of 15.5 mph. Furthermore, the e-scooter comes with three ride modes, thereby ensuring that riders can cruise around town at the speed of their choosing.

The S006 boasts 10 x 2.7-inch air-filled pneumatic tyres that offer unparalleled grip, thereby ensuring that the 39-pound scooter is always stable. Although it lacks shock absorbers on both wheels, the S006 boasts a wider anti-slip pedal and a high-quality aluminium body for added stability and extra strength.

Additionally, this modern e-scooter boasts an excellent braking system that allows riders to slow and bring the scooter to a halt—regardless of their speed or the terrain. The bright LED headlights, taillights, and reflectors will ensure that you can get home—even after the sun goes down. Lastly, this electric scooter comes with a fully functional dashboard that features ergonomic controls, including a bright display with which riders can track their speed, ride mode and battery level.

urban drift s006 10 wheel 350w electric scooter

Top Speed & Acceleration


With a powerful 350W brushless motor that delivers up to 500W, the Urban Drift can hit a top speed of 15.5 mph. While this is not something that thrill-seekers will find particularly exciting, it’s sufficient speed for commuters who want to relish the panoramic city views and avoid careless scooter accidents.

Another fascinating thing about the Urban Drift S006 is its smooth and steady acceleration. This means that everyone—including teenagers—can ride this scooter. Moreover, the S006 comes with three distinct ride modes that enable comfortable speeds while cruising around the city.

The Urban Drift S006 electric scooter may have been designed for city cruising, but this doesn’t forbid it from delivering commendable hill-climbing power. While it may not rival renowned off-road beasts, its 350W motor allows it to effortlessly tackle terrains with up to 30-degree inclines.

However, this will depend on the battery level, the weight of the rider and weather conditions (whether it’s windy or not).


Controls & Display


When it comes to control, the SOO6 e-scooter comes with a simple but highly intuitive dashboard. The throttle is on the left side while the digital display sits at the centre of the T-bar, allowing riders to monitor their speed, battery life, mode and cruise control. Below the display is a button that changes the speed mode. There is another button to switch the lights on/off and another for electronic braking. This scooter’s simple operation makes it ideal for riders of all ages.


Battery Life & Range 


The S006 has received lots of praise for its fantastic battery. This e-scooter comes with a 36V 10AH lithium battery that delivers a range of 21.7 miles on a single charge. But that’s not all; this long-range battery takes a respectable 5 hours to fully charge and can last even longer when used in moderation.

Motor Configuration


Although Urban Drift’s official website insists that S006 is suitable for both kids and adults, riders have warned against allowing kids under 15 years old anywhere near it, primarily due to its power output. As we mentioned earlier, it has a 350W brushless direct-current motor that can deliver a max output of 500W. This is enough power to overwhelm younger kids.


Construction & Build Quality


For its price, the Urban Drift S006 offers excellent value for money when it comes to build quality. The scooter comes with a solid body made of aviation-grade lightweight aluminium alloy. The frame is coated in high-quality paint that gives it a classy and somewhat beefy look. Its collapsible handles padded with soft rubber help to reduce friction during rides. The inward wire configuration and 10-inch tyres also contribute to this scooter’s quality.  



Unfortunately, this portable scooter doesn’t have any shock absorbers on either wheel. Even so, it compensates for its lack of suspension by offering large tyres, a robust frame and a wide, anti-slip pedal that absorbs shock on rough terrains.


Ride Quality


Although its lack of suspension makes riders feel like the S006 has some stability issues, this is far from the truth. This scooter boasts one of the sturdiest and most solid frames in its category. Additionally, it comes with a massive deck, ultra-wide tyres and incredible braking power.

Add to its minimalist design and extra-intuitive control, and you’ll understand why this e-scooter is gaining global popularity at such a rapid rate. Additionally, its IPX4 water resistance rating means that you can always make it home—even when it’s raining or after a heavy downpour.


urban drift s006 10 wheel 350w electric scooter 1



Braking power is another integral aspect that riders consider when choosing a scooter. This high-performance e-scooter comes with a dual-braking system that includes a rear-disc brake and an E-ABS front electronic brake. These two brakes allow riders to bring the S006 electric scooter to a halt—even at short distances.



The Urban Drift S006 is the perfect companion, especially if you use public transportation regularly. It boasts a classic folding system that allows the stem to collapse and latch onto the deck at the rear wheel. The handles are also foldable, which means the scooter can retract into a compact item that can be stored in a car boot, under a bus seat or in an office or classroom. Moreover, it weighs just 39 pounds, which is quite light for anyone to carry with one hand.

Water Resistance


Urban Drift S006’s IPX4 water-resistance rating means that riders can use this scooter in the rain or after a heavy downpour. All integral components and accessories are fully encased to avoid water damage. Even so, we recommend that you avoid using this scooter in the rain—unless it’s an emergency. Also, don’t ride through pools of stagnant water to avoid destroying its electrical parts.




Urban Drift S006 comes with three sets of lights – front and rear LED lights and side reflectors – to ensure that your visibility is taken care of. However, these lights are not suited for late-night action, so those who enjoy night rides will have to invest in new headlights.



The S006 comes fitted with 10 x 2.7-inch air-filled pneumatic tyres. These are wide enough to rest comfortably on the ground, thereby delivering a smooth riding experience on all kinds of roads. Additionally, the tyres boast advanced anti-skid technology that prevents sliding.



The Urban Drift S006 electric scooter comes with a 20 cm wide deck for increased stability, foot space and riding comfort. The deck is padded with rubber to improve traction and prevent sliding when riding downhill. With such ample foot space, riders can enjoy cruising on any terrain while assuming the correct upright posture.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support


The Drift Gobi S is a reliable piece of machinery. It is efficient as an urban commuter and performs just as well on rough riding trails. The scooter will give you speed, and it will provide you with reliable mileage, which gives explorers peace of mind as they satisfy their wanderlust. The scooter can also handle a substantial payload and will not fail you as you go up hilly tracks. Most importantly, Urban Drift has a history in the OEM and ODM electric scooter industry, and as such, their scooters are built of the highest quality. They are guaranteed to give you performance on a budget.

Urban Drift offers its customers a 180-day limited warranty that only covers parts or issues arising from manufacturer defects. You can buy directly from their website. The customer will foot the cost of shipping and insuring the shipment of the scooter. For an additional  £179 ($249), you can get an extended warranty of 365 days.

Urban drift has an online presence run by their dedicated customer service representatives. The team responds to customer issues quickly through the company website, email and via Facebook Messenger. They are also on Instagram and Youtube.




Like all other electric scooters, the Urban Drift Gobi S requires maintenance to ensure it stays in shipshape condition. The best way to keep the scooter running smoothly is to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. You need to clean it up regularly. It is a good idea to clean it up before and after every trip if you can spare the time. You also need to check the bolts, screws, and nuts regularly and tighten any that have come loose.

Also, check the bearings for wear and tear. If you notice any rust or pitting, it’s a good idea to replace them. It is again advisable to charge the scooter using the manufacturer issued charger and within the recommended charging hours to ensure the safety and longevity of your battery.


Known Issues

Some users have complained of wheel nuts loosening and making the disk rotors rub as they ride. 


Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?


For an entry-level e-scooter, the Urban Drift S006 delivers impressive power, speed, safety and comfort. It boasts a ton of exciting features that put it ahead of the competition in this price point. Overall, this bargain scooter is worth checking out if you want a mini vehicle to ride around your neighbourhood.


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  • Comes with 10 x 2.73-inch air-filled pneumatic tyres for enhanced grip, stability and comfort
  • Powerful enough to deliver a maximum speed of 15.5 mph
  • High limit 36V 10AH battery can take you up to 21.7 miles on a single charge
  • Wide, anti-slip pedal, solid aluminium frame and expansive deck offer improved steadiness and comfort
  • Electric and mechanical brakes deliver twofold security and enable responsive braking at short distances
  • No horn to signal other motorists
  • LED headlights are not adequate for night riding, so riders must invest in a new set
  • Struggles to climb steep hills when the battery is at half-charge
  • No suspension on both wheels makes the scooter wobbly over large potholes or bumps in the road

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