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Urban Drift Gobi S Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
18 July 2021


A bold and elegant commuter scooter with a top speed of around 37 mph and a range of up to 37 miles.


The Urban Drift Gobi S is a premium scooter that doubles in urban efficiency while making your off-road dreams come true. The sturdy dual suspension and wide, grippy tires are perfect for ripping across the city or carving up mountains at exhilarating speeds.

The design itself features intricate craftsmanship, high-quality materials and attention to detail that ensures its durability in rough conditions, as well as its overall ride comfort. So whether you’re exploring uncharted territory with friends or cruising around town on this impressive electric scooter, Urban Drift has designed the Gobi S to meet the versatile nature of your commuting needs.



Urban Drift Gobi S – The Lowdown

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Urban Drift is a reputable brand that is the culmination of years of hard work and dedication when it comes to electric scooter production. They are known to create stylish and high-quality electric scooters that facilitate a smooth and enjoyable ride experience. They design and manufacture innovative and affordable adult and children’s electric-powered scooters and electric bikes that have snagged the company a unique position in the electric mobility solutions market. The growth projections have been exponential, and we don’t see that ending any time soon.

Urban Drift has roots in the OEM and ODM business of electric scooters. This history led to the creation of the brand. As the name so aptly suggests, the inspiration behind their designs is street and hip-hop culture. Urban Drift Gobi S, one of its signature scooter brands, reflects Urban Drift’s dedication to creating bold, elegant and efficient personal mobility solutions. Practical and fun, this scooter model vaguely reminds you of a ‘Monster Truck’ with its large 10-inch beefy tyres, powerful motor, dual suspension, and unique large single-sided swing arms. These specs combined make the scooter the perfect off-road companion and literally tips the scale in terms of weight.

Excellent design, perfect execution in development, guarantee in quality, knowledgeable tech support; these are just some of the perks you experience with Urban Drift when you acquire the Gobi S. The scooter fits the bill as a last-mile transport solution as well as a solid exploration machine. The feature-packed electric scooter delivers an unbeaten riding experience. Seasoned scooter riders will be impressed by the robust dual motors with extremely high torque, high-capacity batteries and solid build quality. 

The all-powerful Gobi S off-road electric scooter could be yours at an affordable price of approximately £1080 ( $1500). The best part, Urban Drift has large production sites and automatic production lines; therefore, you’re guaranteed quick shipping upon payment. So, read on to find out if the Drift Gobi S deserves your coins and the attention of scooter enthusiasts as the ultimate all-terrain scooter.


Urban Drift Gobi S Specifications

Motor800 Watt Dual Motor, Max Power 3000W
Battery52v, 20AH Battery
Charge Time2 Hours Fast Charging, 5 Hours Normal Charging
Single-Charge Mileage37 miles / 60 km (may vary depending on riders weight and terrain condition)
Max Speed37 mph / 60 km/h
Climbing Range25 degrees
Braking SystemDual Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake
LightingFront LED Lights and Safe Light
HornHorn attached
Max Load120 kg / 265 lb
Scooter Weight30 kg / 66 lb
Product MaterialAluminum Alloy
Folding Handlebar6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Steering Tube6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
SuspensionSmooth front Cam-link suspension and adjustable rear twin-shock suspension system
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 124 x 25x1 23cm (L x W x H)

Folded Size: 124 x 25x 50cm (L x W x H)
Water ResistanceIP65


Urban Drift Gobi S Video


Watch the detailed video review of the Urban Drift Gobi S. 

The Gobi S is a high-performance electric scooter model that is superbly built with high-grade materials to ensure the conquering of any terrain with unmatched comfort.

Urban Drift Gobi S Pros


tickicon Hydraulic disk brakes for precise braking and enhanced safety

tickicon High-performance motors

tickicon Exhilarating top speeds

tickicon Spacious deck for optimal riding comfort

tickicon It comes with an alarm and key fobs to deter theft


Urban Drift Gobi S Cons


red It lacks brake lights as the rear lights only function  as running lights

red It lacks Bluetooth connectivity

red It lacks a locking latch mechanism for the stem to lock to the rear fender when folded

red It lacks a cruise control feature, which comes in handy during long-distance cruises




Uran Drift Gobi S Summary


The Urban Drift is one of the most iconic scooter brands in the world. They excel in the self-transport technology space with innovative and intelligent scooters, a product of the rigorous research and development they are famously known for. Their adult and children scooters integrate passion, fun, style, control, safety, and speed in their design. Today, we review Urban Drift’s flagship model- the Gobi S, a customer-favourite that packs immense power and boasts top of the range features. 

The Urban Drift Gobi S is the raw definition of Urban Drift’s years of experience as an OEM and ODM business before they decided to launch their exclusive brand. Through their solid craftsmanship, Urban Drift’s team of skilful engineers and designers built the Gobi S using high-quality materials, with a focus on performance, safety, aesthetics, and functionality. The electric scooter is made of industrial-grade aluminium alloy- an excellent material whose properties allow the scooter to withstand extreme conditions, thus extending the scooter’s life.  The design is sophisticated with its beefy all-terrain tyres, standard Urban Drift black colour with red accents, and unique single-sided swing arms.

It’s a heavy monster! The Drift Gobi S is slightly heavier than other regular scooters- understandably so, with its beefy specs. Dual 800w motors propel the scooter with a combined 1600w output that packs a punch as you zip along your trail. The powerful dual motors are responsible for the scooter’s insane top speed of 37 mph (60km/h), making it one of the fastest mid-range scooters in the market. The scooter has a high enough max rider weight- 265lbs (120 kg), to carry most adult riders effortlessly. Additionally, the scooter has an impressive ability to tackle tough inclines thanks to the maximum instant output of 3000w that propels it uphill grades of  20 degrees/ 25% without a struggle. 

The Urban Drift Gobi S is a high-performance electric scooter, and with its insane top speed, it requires an uncompromised and efficient braking system. The scooter’s braking system comprises dual, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, which provide excellent stopping power, even when the scooter is travelling at high speeds. The Gobi S is equipped with a front and rear dual suspension system, which, when combined with large 10-inch tyres, delivers a smooth, comfortable and controlled ride in all-terrain. The scooter features a powerful lighting system that comprises a front LED headlight and dual front and rear safe lights. 

Read on for an in-depth look at the Urban Drift Gobi S- one of the most powerful scooters in its price range and a real “Monster Truck” of a scooter.

Performance Overview


The Urban Drift Gobi S takes the idea of an electric scooter to a whole new level; it is an incredibly powerful electric scooter. It’s a dual-motor scooter with both wheels, each fitted with a powerful 800W rated motor. This makes for a faster and smoother ride experience. The scooter’s dual 800-watt motors generate a combined 1600 watts of peak power and 4,000 watts of continuous power. What’s more, you get to choose between the conservative Eco mode with speeds of between 25 to 28 mph (40- 45 km/k) or the rageful Turbo mode that reaches 35-37mph (56- 60 km/h)

Riders can engage in either single motor or dual motor settings. Single motor mode is impactful in conserving battery, thus extending range. On the other hand, dual motors come in handy when you need a power boost. The motors’ immense torque yields enough push to propel the scooter through the hilly terrain of up to 25% or 20 degrees. It is an ideal choice for people who travel through rough or hilly terrain. The Urban Drift Gobi S scooter is also equipped with dual hand-operated front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, efficiently bringing the scooter to a complete halt. 

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Top Speed & Acceleration


The Urban Drift Gobi S is the ultimate scooter for both city commute and off-road adventures. It features an 800-watt dual electric motor that lets you cruise at manufacturer-cited top speeds of 37 mph (60km/h). Notably, Urban Drifts indicates to its riders that the scooter has a tested top speed of 40 mph (64 km/h), which is insanely fast for an electric scooter. Additionally, it has Eco/ Turbo mode settings, plus Dual/Single motor speed options that further customize your speed. You also get three gear modes that accommodate the new user and seasoned rider alike.

We move over to acceleration. The scooter has an adequately responsive, flat acceleration. It is equipped with a linear throttle system, and there is no lag between tagging at the throttle and feeling the scooter zip away. The trigger-style squeeze throttle gives immediate power to the scooter without the delay felt on some more traditional throttles.  The throttle is located on the left side of the handlebars and is smooth and straightforward in control. 

The Urban Drift Gobi S scooter has an impressive hill-climbing ability, thanks to its powerful dual 800watts motors with a combined output of 1600w and maximum instant peak output of 3000w. It can tackle inclines of 25%  or 20 degrees without losing speed. This makes it an excellent option for those who live in hilly neighbourhoods.



Controls & Display


The Urban Drift Gobi S scooter features a solid, stylish aluminium handlebar with rubber grips that feel comfortable when cruising. The scooter handlebar plays home to a few strategically placed controls. There is a linear throttle and front brake lever on the right;  the rear brake lever lies on the left alongside the unique LCD intelligent display and single/dual eco/turbo motor switch controls. Finally, the headlight switch and horn button are also located on the left.


Battery Life & Range 


The Urban Drift Gobi S scooter is powered by a premium quality, high-capacity  52v 20AH battery, which powers the scooter through 37 Miles (60km) per charge under ideal conditions. The scooter’s riding range depends on many factors, including the battery level, rider’s weight, and the track condition.

Engaging Eco mode and single motor mode (front-wheel drive) also conserves the battery and gives you the longest possible range. The battery takes 5 hours to charge using your regular charger. You also have the option to secure a fast charger that cuts the charge time to a meagre 2 hours.

Motor Configuration


The Drift Gobi S is a high-performance electric scooter powered by an 800-watt dual motor (1600w output- max power 3000w). The overall rating of the motors gives the Gobi S unparalleled high torque. You can cruise at 37 mph 60km/h top speed, and the scooter comfortably accommodates a max rider weight of 265 lbs (120 kg).


Construction & Build Quality


The Gobi S  is an incredible piece of technology. It is one of the fastest and most powerful electric scooters retailing at its price today in the market. It features a unique, beefier and more sporty design as compared to the original Gobi. The scooter is hard-built with a rugged looking exterior and appears as bulky as it actually is. The wires are internally routed to complete the sophisticated look.

The Gobi S is made from high-quality, industrial-grade aluminium alloy and is designed for durability across various environments and conditions. It has a spacious and striking deck that comes covered in textured rubber and the Urban Drift logo highlighted in custom red and white accents. The deck sits well above the ground, and is fitted with an embedded kickstand and has a tubular lining whose ends are fixed with LED safe lights. The battery is also encased within the deck.

The handlebars are solid and laced with essential buttons and controls. The Stem is firm and has additional adjustable stem clips to reinforce its stability. The stem is also crafted from the same industrial grade aluminium alloy as the chassis. The Gobi S also has a unique alarm that can be activated and deactivated using a key fob.    



Unfortunately, the Light 2 isn’t fitted with a suspension system, hindering the overall ride quality comfort. This isn’t very pleasant considering the high price point. However, the major difference between this scooter and other scooters in the range is that it comes with dual air-filled tires. They accommodate for the lack of damping by absorbing some of the vibrations on bumpier roads.


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Ride Quality


The Urban Drift Gobi S is a standout in terms of looks, performance and reliability. That aside, the scooter rides smoothly and delivers impressive comfort on wheels. It is insanely stable at top speeds. This is also reinforced by the spacious deck that ensures the riders assume their most comfortable position while riding without being too cramped. The rubber coat on the deck reinforces the rider’s grip. The scooter is also super quiet on the move, which is pleasant for therapeutic cruises around the park.

The Drift S also rolls on large 10-inch all-terrain tyres for an optimised riding experience in different track conditions. It also helps that this model comes with a dual suspension system that takes a one-sided swingarm design installed on opposite sides of the front and rear wheel. They are finely tuned to absorb shocks on the trail, thus facilitating a comfortable ride experience. The robust suspension system and beefy tyres make the Gobi S a true master of all-terrain. 

The scooter has an adequate lighting system that enhances the rider’s safety when riding at night. Additionally, it is fitted with a horn to alert other road users of your presence and an alarm system to deter thieves from making away with the scooter. The handlebars are rubberised for comfort when riding. Urban Drift also equipped this unit with an effective dual hydraulic braking system for optimised braking power, and riders can confidently cruise at top speeds. Overall, the Urban Drift Gobi S will deliver an unbeatable riding experience.




The Urban Drift Gobi S electric scooter utilizes powerful and adequate hydraulic disc brakes located in the wheels. Hydraulic brakes are the best-in-class braking system and are essential in fast electric scooters like the Drift Gobi S. They provide highly responsive braking power for instant braking to ensure optimal safety at whatever speed.



The Urban Drift Gobi S scooter is neither lightweight nor portable. In fact, it is one of the heaviest electric scooters in its price range. It weighs a whopping 66 lbs (30 kg). The beefy features, including the swing arm suspensions, the dual motors, hefty tyres, expansive deck and high-performance battery, all add to the scooter’s significant package weight. Even so, the scooter has a folding design that allows you to stow it in your boot. Unfortunately, the scooter also lacks a locking latch to secure the stem firmly to the deck when folded- this calls for the need to be creative.

Water Resistance


The Urban Drift Gobi S scooter has an IP rating of IP65. An IP rating of 65 is protected against multi-directional, low-pressure water jets. So, it can withstand the rain and can ride over puddles of water without the fear of electrical damage. However, don’t go riding the scooter for long in larger water masses; the scooter is water-resistant, not waterproof. 




The Drift Gobi S has a bright front LED headlight fitted with four LED bulbs. The downside- the light is lowly mounted. But even so, the LED headlight will adequately light up the roads ahead path at night and in low light conditions. It also has a set of two safe red lights at the front and back of the deck to increase the rider’s visibility at night. Another downside is that the rear safe lights do not blink or increase in luminosity when braking-so technically, the scooter lacks braking lights and indicators. 



The Drift Gobi S runs on large 10-inch anti-puncture all-terrain tyres. The large tyres are ideal for rough terrain and are also great for grip. When off-roading, you want tyres that will sustain a beating and the set on the Gobi S guarantees just that.



The Gobi S  boasts a spacious deck measuring 22’’ long by 8.5’’ wide. It accommodates varied feet sizes without effort. The large tyres also give the deck sufficient ground clearance to go over a curb or come down a curve without scraping the deck underplate. The deck features a textured rubber surface that offers better stability than the standard sandpaper-feel grip tape. For aesthetics, the word Urban Drift is emblazoned across the deck. 


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support


The Drift Gobi S is a reliable piece of machinery. It is efficient as an urban commuter and performs just as well on rough riding trails. The scooter will give you speed, and it will provide you with reliable mileage, which gives explorers peace of mind as they satisfy their wanderlust. The scooter can also handle a substantial payload and will not fail you as you go up hilly tracks. Most importantly, Urban Drift has a history in the OEM and ODM electric scooter industry, and as such, their scooters are built of the highest quality. They are guaranteed to give you performance on a budget.

Urban Drift offers its customers a 180-day limited warranty that only covers parts or issues arising from manufacturer defects. You can buy directly from their website. The customer will foot the cost of shipping and insuring the shipment of the scooter. For an additional  £179 ($249), you can get an extended warranty of 365 days.

Urban drift has an online presence run by their dedicated customer service representatives. The team responds to customer issues quickly through the company website, email and via Facebook Messenger. They are also on Instagram and Youtube.




Like all other electric scooters, the Urban Drift Gobi S requires maintenance to ensure it stays in shipshape condition. The best way to keep the scooter running smoothly is to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. You need to clean it up regularly. It is a good idea to clean it up before and after every trip if you can spare the time. You also need to check the bolts, screws, and nuts regularly and tighten any that have come loose.

Also, check the bearings for wear and tear. If you notice any rust or pitting, it’s a good idea to replace them. It is again advisable to charge the scooter using the manufacturer issued charger and within the recommended charging hours to ensure the safety and longevity of your battery.


Known Issues

Some users have complained of wheel nuts loosening and making the disk rotors rub as they ride. 


Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?


The Gobi S is the ultimate electric scooter for adults. It puts together a show of power, style, and performance in one of the most innovative electric scooters on the market. It has an impressive ability to tackle rugged terrain and hilly trails for adventure lovers. To accentuate the scooter’s superiority, it is equipped with unique large beefy tyres that are ready to carry you across any roads or lack thereof. 

Most importantly, the scooter is built without compromising safety with its practical dual hydraulic rear and front brakes that bring the scooter to a halt when need be. To add to its long list of impressive and innovative features, the scooter has a high-capacity battery that packs enough juice for an extended range of 37 miles/ 60km per charge- amazing!

 All these features at an unbeatable price of less than £ 1080 ( $1500). Sounds too good to be true, but the Gobi S is a shoo-in for the ultimate, budget, all-terrain electric scooter!


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  • High-performance battery
  • Can manoeuvre through any terrain
  • Relatively quick charging time
  • Incredible riding range
  • Hydraulic disk brakes for precise braking and enhanced safety
  • It lacks brake lights as the rear lights only function as running lights
  • It has no Bluetooth connectivity
  • It lacks a cruise control feature, which comes in handy during long-distance cruises
  • It lacks a locking latch mechanism for the stem to lock to the rear fender when folded

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