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Debut of Unagi Model One Voyager at Micromobility America

Daniel Foley
16 September 2022
Daniel Foley
16 September 2022


Unagi Model One Voyager: The ultimate lightweight portable electric scooter

Unveiled at Micromobility America, Unagi, the company redefining urban commuting with best-of-breed electric scooters available under a “no-contract” monthly subscription, unveils the “Model One Voyager”, the ultimate lightweight portable electric scooter, available December 2022.

This second generation model maintains the lightweight and portable design of its predecessor (which will still be available as a lower priced option through Unagi’s monthly subscriptions service).

The Model One Voyager is nearly identical to the Model One. The only visual difference is the Voyager is 8mm wider at the base, which, along with reimagined geometry has the added benefit of improved ride comfort and stability.

However, the Voyager expands the company’s scooter range and improves upon the Model One with significantly more power, acceleration, and smart mobile app features.

It’s Unagi’s first smart scooter with enhanced functionality and control via mobile application – you can check out scooter status and configuration, lock and unlock the scooter and manage your account all from your IOS or Android App.


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With tens of thousands of active monthly scooter members on our platform, we’ve learned that our riders value portability over all other competing features. However, many have expressed the desire for improved range without sacrificing our classic Model One’s class-leading lightweight design, said David Hyman, CEO and Founder of Unagi.

“Using the latest improvements in battery cell technology, optimized motors and motor controllers, our members can finally have their cake and eat it too. And a new accompanying mobile application for smart functionality along with increased power is the icing.”

Feature comparison of Model One Voyager to Model One


Model One Model One Voyager
Range 8-12 miles (varies dependent on rider weight, speed terrain) 14-20 miles (varies dependent on rider weight, speed terrain) – 66% improvement
Weight 28.5lbs 29.6lbs
Mobile App Features for iOS and Android None Scooter Status & Configuration, App-based Lock/Unlock security, Account Mgmt
Peak Power 800W 1000W – 25% improvement in peak power
Torque 26Nm 32Nm – 23% improvement in max torque
Acceleration (time from 0-15mph) 25% improvement in acceleration
Deceleration / Braking (distance from 15mph to 0) 25% improvement in braking distance
Improved Geometry New fork rake angle improves stability at high speed
Hill climb Excellent hill climbing Better sustained hill climbs. Climbs steeper hills for longer distances.
Tires Unique airless, ventilated tires Same airless tires

2020 Unagi Scooters 110adj



Model One Voyager

$67/month with $50 one-time set-up fee. No contract. Free shipping. Unlimited free maintenance. Includes theft insurance and color choice. If you want your own perfect scooter, this can be purchased for $1190.

Revised Model One Pricing

$55/month, including theft insurance.

Upgrading from Model One to Model One Voyager subscription

Existing subscribers can swap out their Model One for a Voyager for incremental cost of service plus $50 one time fee to cover shipping costs.

Unagi “All-Access” Subscription Service Growth


Unagi’s All-Access, no-contract, monthly subscription service has tens of thousands of members nationwide. With increased prices of ride sharing and gasoline, along with many urbanites coming back to the office, commuters are flocking to this extremely cost and time efficient option.

An e-scooter subscription is a vastly superior option to ride sharing for both employers and scooter users.

Daily ride sharing commuters are spending north of $250/month compared to Unagi’s $55/month base offering.

Unagi can keep costs low and pass savings onto subscribers because they don’t have the unit economic challenges of running hundreds of service centers, “juicers”, and prohibitively high maintenance costs for fleet management.

Unagi X Best Buy: Hardware as a Service

Unagi recently launched their first in-store retail partnership for this subscription service with Best Buy, with their own dedicated kiosk.

This is now live in San Francisco and will be expanding to more Best Buy stores this fall, along with integration into the Best Buy website.

This “hardware as a service” offering in retail is unprecedented. There have been hardware sales coupled to “software as service” offerings like Peloton, but never the hardware itself.

They have also just closed a similar partnership with PC Richards, a big box consumer electronics retailer with a large footprint on the East Coast.

Enterprise scooter subscriptions

Unagi offers an enterprise business, where employers provide Unagi scooter subscriptions to their employees as a perk. With a recent partnership with Google formally announced, Unagi have also just announced they’ve signed on the incredible software company, Unity.

Unity employees nationwide now get a free Unagi subscription courtesy of their employer. This type of green, high-utility employee perk is equal to, or of greater value than, wellness perks commonly offered.

Sunsetting the planned Indiegogo backed Model Eleven

Front wheel and deck of a red Unagi model one voyager e-scooter


With the strong wind in their subscription offering sails through incredible consumer adoption (Unagi’s daily subscriber count trumps their sales by 20 to one), they’ve axed the Model Eleven passion project. But, the company is keen to stress they’re not leaving their backers behind.

They’re providing three options for backers.

  • A full refund.
  • A 3-year All-Access subscription to the Model One Voyager, with color choice, guaranteed new scooter, and theft insurance included. Scooter arrives in November. A month prior to formal release. (Normal value of $2412)
  • 2 Voyager scooters to own. Our standard 1 year warranty included. (Normal value of $2390)

“We sincerely apologize and hope our make-up offers are amenable. We’re also confident some of the technology developed for the Eleven will trickle down into products that will become available in the future.

To learn more, visit:

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