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Turbowheel Lightning 957WH Battery Electric Scooter

Nely Hayes
13 May 2024


A powerful on-road and off-road beast that guarantees safety, stability and affordability while delivering a blistering speed of 40 mph and a commendable range of up to 44 miles.


Electric scooters have become a familiar sight in the boardwalks, college campuses and streets. While most of these fall in the 200-250W, 15-20mph category, there are still plenty of powerful and long-range electric scooters lurking in the shadows.

The Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter is an impressive piece of technology that is well-equipped to handle both city roads and off-road terrains. But that’s not all; this e-scooter is a different speed and power class.

Lightning will fulfil your wildest desires, whether you are an adrenaline junky or a dare-devil stunt-master.

Turbowheel Lightning: The Lowdown…

From the onset, Turbowheel Lightning looks like those high-end e-scooters that are sure to dent your pocket, going by its top-quality features and functions. But surprisingly, it’s a relatively affordable electric scooter that offers immense value for money.

You can’t talk about power without mentioning Turbowheel Lightning. Its perfect combo of 1000W dual motors and the powerful Li-ion battery helps it deliver a top speed of 40 mph and take you up to 44 miles on a single charge. 

When it comes to construction, Lightning boasts an attractive design and exterior elements similar to Techlife X9 and Zero 10X. Its frame is made from aluminium alloy, but some of its accessories are made of steel. The e-scooter weighs 77 pounds and can support up to 330 pounds riders. Its deck is spacious enough for a comfortable stance when riding.

This electric scooter integrates front and rear dual disk brakes complemented by regenerative brakes to tame its immense power. It also comes with high-quality 10 x2.4-inch Touvt tyres, which provide smooth rides on any terrain. The suspension on both wheels offers superior cushioning, allowing you to ride on any terrain without feeling the heat.

Its dashboard comes with a brightly-lit digital screen that helps you to keep tabs on the battery level, speed and ride mode. While it’s not the most portable e-scooter, we’ve seen yet, carrying it is generally comfortable, thanks to a folding mechanism where the stem collapses on the deck.

If you appreciate electric scooters with design-minded architecture, pulsating speed and extended range, look no further than the Turbowheel Lightning 957Wh.

Turbowheel Lightning Specifications

Motor2 x 1000W
Battery52V 18.5 Ah 957Wh Lithium-ion battery
Charge Time4hrs with a rapid charger, 4.5 hours with two standard chargers, and 9hrs with the standard charger
Single-Charge Mileage44 miles
Max Speed40mph
Climbing Range 45% (depending on rider weight and state of charge)
Braking SystemFront and rear disc brakes + regenerative braking
Tyre Type10 x 2.5-inch air-filled Tuovt tyres
SuspensionFront and rear swingarm suspension
LightingLED headlight + brake activated taillight
Max Load330 pounds
Scooter Weight77 pounds
Product MaterialAluminium alloy + steel
Size (L x W x H, cm)Fold Size: 128 x 68 x 50 cm
Unfold Size: 128 x 68 x 123 cm
Horn TypeN/A
Water ResistanceNo IP Rating

Turbowheel Lightning Review Video

Check out some extra details about Turbowheel Lightning in this video review. In summary – a stable, safe, eye-catching, high-performance motorised machine that gives riders real value for their hard-earned money. 

Turbowheel Lightning Pros

tickicon Quick recharge time

tickicon Powerful 1000W dual motors delivering a top speed 40 mph

tickicon Boasts three-speed options

tickicon A powerful 52 V 28.5 Ah battery

tickicon Dual suspension and extra-wide tyres

tickicon Great price

Turbowheel Lightning Cons

red At 77 pounds, it’s too bulky for everyday commutes

red Poor lighting for night visibility

red The stem is not adjustable

red It doesn’t have a water-resistance rating



Turbowheel Lightning Summary

With turbo and Lightning in its name, expect nothing short of brisk and robust from the Turbowheel Lighting electric scooter.

Armed with two powerful motors and a massive 52 V 18.5 Ah Li-ion battery with a battery capacity of 957Wh, Turbowheel Lighting does justice to its name by delivering a maximum cruise speed of up to 40 mph. You should also expect exhilarating rides up to 44 miles on a single charge with such battery power. Conversely, no urban hill is too steep for Lightning; it tackles 45% inclines without breaking a sweat.

You’ll also love the safety features integrated into this on-road and off-road beast. First, it packs some serious braking power thanks to the ample front and rear hydraulic disc brakes that work seamlessly with regenerative braking.

The 10 x 2.5-inch air-filled tyres make a breeze by riding on pebbles, bumps, or other road imperfections. The Turbowheel Lightning is also equipped with suspension on both wheels, making even the harshest obstacles feel gentle.

Worried about stability, beauty and comfort? Rest easy as Lightning has you covered. This is not like other high-performance e-scooters that concentrate on speed and range and forget the aesthetics. Its frame is made of aeronautic-grade aluminium alloy, supporting riders weighing up to 330 pounds. It also comes with an extra-wide deck that provides enough footrest and doesn’t limit movement when cruising.

Although it folds at the base of the stem, portability is not one of its strengths. It comes with foldable handlebars, but unfortunately, they don’t have anywhere to clamp. Still, at 77 pounds, this e-scooter is heavy to carry around. Another downside is that it doesn’t have a water-resistance rating.

The dashboard is pretty straightforward, with multiple control buttons on both the right and left handlebars. The digital display lets you know the speed, distance and riding mode. It connects to the throttle, key lock and mode button for convenient riding.

If you’re looking for a powerful, fast and solid e-scooter that will take on all urban terrains like a pro, the Turbowheel Lightning is your best bet!

Main image of the Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter

Performance Overview

Flat out, the Turbowheel Lightning eats all other electric scooters in its price range for breakfast when it comes to performance. A 52V 18.2Ah 957Wh Li-ion battery powers its dual 1000 motors to produce enough juice to achieve 40 mph.

Still, on power, this scooter can deal with all terrains, from grass and dirt hills to asphalt and bumpy city roads. Its incredible amount of torque means you can climb 45% inclines like a wild cat. More importantly, it comes with three riding modes, which will enable you to ride at a speed you’re comfortable with.

On a full battery, the Turbowheel can take you up to 44 miles on a single charge. But it doesn’t just offer a good range; it also allows you to recharge the battery quickly, whether you’re using a single fast charger, a standard charger or two standard chargers.

The scooter’s build quality is above average, with its sturdy frame capable of carrying a load capacity of 330 pounds without breaking down. Besides, its massive deck is large enough to accommodate players with different feet sizes. The footpad at the rear end of the deck adds extra space for safe and comfortable riding.  

A set of 10 x 2.5-inch wheels offer enough grip on any surface, ensuring that the electric scooter remains stable regardless of the conditions. Its pneumatic tyres combine well with the suspension system to deliver one of the smoothest and most comfortable rides ever.

The deck has lights attached to the front and rear to increase your visibility to other drivers at night. Unfortunately, we’ve seen scooters with better lighting, and you might even want to invest in additional light sources if you travel a lot after sunset.

With the amount of torque and performance that Turbowheel Lightning has, it was only prudent that its manufacturer had to be extra careful about its braking power. The good news is that its front and rear disc brakes deliver unmatched stopping power. The brakes are super powerful, and we found them to perform exceptionally well on gravel and loose soil.

Whether you are in the market for a motorised vehicle for short city escapades or recreational off-road adventure, the Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter is an ideal choice.

Speed & Acceleration

The Lightning’s dual motors with an output power of 2000W and a peak power of 3600W produce enough torque needed to push it to a top speed of 40 mph. Whether you’re climbing grassy hills or riding on flat ground, the Turbowheel Lightning has you covered.

With this motor power also comes some serious acceleration. Indeed, if you don’t train yourself to smooth out the throttle application or are not careful enough, you might find yourself in a ditch. Luckily, this fast electric scooter comes with power limiting features to help you set the appropriate speed and power for each situation.

For example, you can use the single/dual button to engage one or two motors or the Eco/Turbo button to ride high-end or low-end power. The three-speed modes allow you to dial in the power of your choice. Mode 1 takes you to 22 mph, Mode 2 up to 30 mph, and Mode 3 up to 40 mph if all conditions are right.

As a testament to how fast this scooter is, riders who had given it a shot say they only managed 37 mph before self-preservation and self-doubt kicked in. Only a few were able to hit the 40 mph mark.

    Hill Climbing

    Although the Turbowheel Lightning doesn’t have an official hill-climbing rating, its engines and battery combo boast enough torque to deliver blistering performance. Independent tests have established that this off-road and city beast can climb hills with 45% inclines.

    Surprisingly, it can do this while carrying a rider weighing 180 pounds and when other conditions are right. You’ll feel like there’s plenty of power to spare when climbing city hills.

    Battery & Range

    With an incredible 52V 18.5 Ah 957Wh Li-ion battery, the Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter squeezes itself in the list of some of the most respected long-distance electric scooters. This is despite the fact that it’s nearly half the price of most high-performance electric scooters.

    Offering a maximum range of 44 miles, Lightning allows you to take recreational rides or daily commutes without worrying about the battery dying on the way.

    The other thing to like about this powerful scooter is that it takes a relatively short time to recharge. It has two charging ports that support three charging methods.

    • Fast charger which takes 4 hours
    • Two standard chargers which take 4.5 hours
    • A single standard charger which takes 9 hours.

    The scooter comes with a standard charger in the box, but you can order another standard or a fast charger. Worth mentioning is that you can’t use two fast chargers simultaneously. When fully charged, the battery displays a green light and a red one when low.


    Motor Configuration

    The Turbowheel Lightning comes with two hub BLDC motors. Each motor delivers 1000W real power and 1800W peak power. When combined, the two engines offer 2000W real power and 3600W, delivered through two distinct controllers.

    With such juice in the box, it’s a little wonder that this machine can attain a top speed of 40 mph and tackle terrains with 45% inclines.


      Construction & Quality

      Designed with durability and ride comfort in mind, every part of the Turbowheel Lightning exudes top-notch engineering and excellent quality. The strengthened aluminium alloy frame is tough and sturdy enough to carry a maximum load of 330 pounds. This means that the scooter is ideal for heavy riders who want to relish a speed rush.

      Other crucial components, such as fenders, are made of steel but what stands out is how all the parts are welded and put together to create the final product. The attention to detail and craftsmanship that EWheels puts into making this mini-automobile is evident from the moment you set your eyes on this beast.

      It also comes with an expansive rubberised deck that offers ample foot space for improved stability and ride comfort. The raised footpad in the rear part of the deck provides extra space, which comes in handy when cruising at high speeds. 

      You’ll also love its Fold-in XTasy handlebars that collapse to allow for compact storage. The ergonomic handlebars are coated with rubber to lower friction and deliver a comfortable grip. You’ll also find solidly built brake controllers on each side of the handlebars.

      Suspension & Comfort

      One of the highlights of this electric scooter is the suspension systems on the front and rear wheels. At the front wheel is a torsion bar with a bouncy spring suspender similar to the one used on Duatron scooters. At the rear wheel, the scooter uses a combination of two dampeners, one hydraulic and one spring, with an adjustable screw setting.

      The rear and front suspension systems facilitate easy riding, with many experienced riders terming it as one of the best suspension setups in the market. It combines with the extra-wide pneumatic tyres to ensure that this motorised vehicle takes you where others can’t. 

      Ride Quality

      Riding the Turbowheel Lightning feels overall comfortable and safe. The perfect suspension and 10-inch tyres combo make riding over cracks, or harsh bumps feel extra smooth. You won’t feel any vibrations or wobbles, whether you’re riding on grass terrains or pebble roads.

      The solid and sturdy aluminium frame, the extra-large deck and the suspension make this motorised unicycle stable even when carrying a 330-pound rider. More importantly, the scooter stores enough braking power to get you out of any situation.

      Overall, Turbowheel Lightning offers a fun and premium-quality riding experience. It’s the ideal choice if you want to spice up your routine city commutes or make your weekend adventures more memorable.


      So far, the lights are Turbowheel Lightning’s biggest let-down. The scooter is equipped with both a headlight and a brake activated tail light. The headlight is not bright enough, but the main point of concern is its positioning at the rear of the deck.

      At least the tail light pulsates when you tap the brakes to warn other riders that you’re about to slow down. However, if you enjoy after sunset riding escapades, you’ll have to invest in brighter T-bar mounted lights.


      No worries, even if you cruise at higher speeds than usual. This e-scooter provides unparalleled levels of road safety, thanks to the cable mechanical disc brakes on the rear and front wheels.

      These disc brakes work well with regenerative motor braking to bring the scooter to a halt in dicey situations. Furthermore, they store the energy generated from braking in the battery and reduce wear and tear.

      Currently, riders can opt for an electric scooter with fully hydraulic Nutt brakes, which are considered standard for hydraulic braking.

      While the Turbowheel Lightning solid brakes make it one of the safest e-scooters to ride, you need to respect its immense power by adorning proper protective gear such as a helmet and knee pads.


      Like most high-performance e-scooters, portability is not the Turbowheel Lightning’s strongest suit. But this doesn’t mean you can’t fold it into a compact size. It boasts a simple folding mechanism that allows the stem to collapse on the deck. Its handlebars fold to facilitate easy storage; however, they don’t have anywhere to clamp.

      Finally, this electric scooter weighs a whopping 77 pounds. So, unless you’re lifting it into the elevator or trying to place it in a car trunk, this is not the kind of scooter you carry by hand to and from the bus station.


      By default, The Turbowheel Lightning comes with 10-inch Tuovt tyres ideal for urban and slight off-road use. The 2.5-inch wide tyres offer a robust surface grip that provides excellent control and comfort.

      The pneumatic tyres have inner tubes that help absorb the road’s impact and ease tackle curves and hills. Suppose you decide to go for aftermarket wheels. In that case, we highly recommend Tupda hybrid off-road tyres, which boast the exact measurement as the default tyre but integrate larger deep treads to increase stability when riding in off-road terrains. These tyres combine well with the front and rear suspension to guarantee excellent performance on any terrain.


      The deck provides the rider with the best stance when cruising on city roads or off-road terrains. Unlike other scooters with long and slim decks, the Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter comes with a shorter but broader deck. This allows you to either put your feet side by side or one behind the other.

      More importantly, the deck is rubberised to provide extra traction and avoid slips. A raised part at the rear of the deck acts as a footpad offering extra standing space, especially when cruising at high speeds. 

      Controls & Display

      It’s not every day that you find a scooter with such a detailed yet easy-to-use dashboard. All controls are evenly spread on the handlebars. The crystal clear digital multicolour screen on the right side displays the battery level, current speed, trip distance and speed mode.

      The screen connects to a small dashboard that houses the power and speed mode buttons, trigger throttle and ignition lock with the voltmeter. You’ll also find the front brake lever on this side.

      On the left are two buttons, one for switching between single and dual motors and the other for Turbo or Eco mode activation. There is also a bell and rear brake lever on the left handlebar.

      Water Resistance

      Another of the Lightning’s downsides is that it doesn’t come with an IP water protection standard. Although the manufacturer claims that its key components, such as the battery casing, are well protected against water, they don’t guarantee how the e-scooter will behave when exposed to wet conditions. So, as it stands, you are better off avoiding riding this e-scooter in the rain or through puddles.


      Whether you’re strictly looking for an electric scooter for daily city commutes or a rugged off-road beast for weekend adventures, the Turbowheel Lightning will deliver the most trustworthy and comfortable riding experience.


      When you purchase the Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter from a recognised distributor, it comes with a 12-months warranty covering all design flaws and other damages that could result from everyday riding. Damages from collisions or water are not covered, though.

      Battery defects are also covered for the same period, which is a plus since most manufacturers offer six month-warranty for the battery.

      From our reviews on different online platforms and our experience, we can confidently say that EWheels offers one of the most responsive and reliable customer support systems. Their friendly team will help you throughout the buying process, during assembly and after you start using your machine.

      The support reps respond to questions and inquiries swiftly, with some even acquiring a mini-celebrity status due to their commitment.

      Known Issues

      Like any electronic gadget, the Turbowheel Lightning is not without a few issues. Luckily, most would-be deal breakers are problems that customers are aware of even before purchasing the scooter. These include subpar lights, lack of a place where the handlebars can latch and absence of a water-resistance rating.

      However, there are still issues that a handful of people have reported. First, some users say that its locking mechanism gets looser after trail riding, thereby letting out a squeaking sound. Others have complained about the handles and brake pads being too rigid.

      Other minor issues include:

      • The occasional flat tyres.
      • Noisy front brakes.
      • An overly sensitive throttle.
      • Slight understeer of the front wheel.

      The best part is that most riders who reported having issues with their scooters got sorted by the company’s responsive support team.


      While the Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter oozes quality, you need to take good care and maintain it properly if you want it to remain in tip-top shape.

      Some of the quick routine maintenance you must observe include:

      • Dusting it off after every ride
      • Checking the tire pressure and inflating them if needed
      • Lubricating moving parts and joints

      Also, check for loose nuts and screws and tighten them and adjust the brakes if need be. Store your scooter fully charged, but don’t leave it charging overnight.

      Finally, since this scooter doesn’t have a water-resistance rating, you should avoid spraying it with water and instead use a soft, damp cloth for cleaning.


      Turbowheel Lightning: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

      Overall, the Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter offers the best value of all e-scooters in its class. Despite providing a crazy top speed of 40 mph, a maximum range of up to 44 miles, and reliable and safe ride quality, this e-scooter won’t break your bank.

      We like that its manufacturer takes care of riders of all levels by offering three riding modes and options to use one motor. With that being said, we believe that the Turbowheel Lightning is not for everyone. It’s best suited for responsible and experienced riders. But the takeaway is that the scooter is worth every cent.

      • Quick recharge time
      • Powerful 1000W dual motors
      • Boasts three-speed options
      • A powerful 52 V 28.5 Ah battery
      • Dual suspension and extra-wide tyres
      • Great price
      • At 77 pounds, it’s too bulky for everyday commutes
      • Poor lighting for night visibility
      • The stem is not adjustable
      • It doesn’t have a water-resistance rating

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