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Top 10 Most Reliable E Scooters

Nely Hayes
4 February 2022
Nely Hayes
4 February 2022

Not all electric scooters are created equal. In the world of modern transportation devices, reliability is a significant factor in how appealing a product is to its consumers.

Not everyone wants a flashy car that can be seen from across the street with little function or performance. The same extends to e-scooter manufacturers – no one wants an e-scooter that barely offers service or breaks down after just a few months of use. 

What does it mean when we say that a scooter is reliable? The reliable models are incredibly durable, lightweight, and powerful — with motors that are strong enough to haul you up steep hills, batteries with a lifespan of more than 15000km, chassis that can support even the heaviest users, availability of spare parts, and extended warranties. Now that they have become a viable alternative to cars in urban transportation, coupled with their inclusion in public transport systems, e scooters are an undeniable, integral aspect of modern-day living.


Again, when choosing a reliable e-scooter, you want to consider a reliable design/manufacturer: A proven track record in electric scooter manufacturing/engineering. How well documented is the design/manufacturing process? Does the company have a large user base? Is there a strong presence of the scooter community on social media and forums? Do they know how to use it properly? How long has this company been in existence? Are they still around today, not going anywhere anytime soon?? What do other people think about this brand/company online who have owned one for a long time, not just critics looking for attention but true fans.

Read on for a detailed list of electric scooters that deliver a reliable range, power, off-road capability, hill-climbing, portability, and all-weather access.

Vsett 11+ The Best Electric Scooters in Terms of Range

vsett 11plus electric scooter main image

The market has it all when it comes to single charge mileage on an e scooter. You have electric scooters that will ride for as little as 8 miles and others that will do a clean 80 miles. But, we also have over performers in this category, such as the featured scooter and models that have found a way to beat the system, such as the honourable mention at the end of this segment. The range is usually determined by many factors, including the battery size, battery brand, terrain, single/dual motor engagement, riding style, weather, and, let’s not forget, regenerative function.

Let’s dive in and see why the featured scooter, the Vsett 11+, has earned a position on the most reliable electric scooters list.

Vsett 11+

The Vsett 11+ is currently the longest-range e-scooter in the market. The Vsett 11+ electric scooter goes beyond its sleek, classic design with an impressive range that takes you further than ever before. As with all Vsett scooters, you get variations in the battery size. The two variations of the 11+ include the 60V, 31.2Ah LG lithium battery and the 60V, 42Ah lithium battery. The latter delivers an impressive maximum range of 140 miles (225km), while the former can run for 100 miles (160km) before requiring a recharge on a single motor.

To put this in perspective, the Vsett 11+ rides so long that it leaves the second contender for this category, the Dualtron X, by almost 43.4 miles (70 km): you also get the 11+ for half of what the X costs. Dualtron’s high performers come up quite a bit on the list of long runners with mentions like the X2, Ultra, Storm and Thunder, all delivering mileage over 62 miles (100 kms). However, there’s no contest that the 11+ is the best bet for an environmentally conservative, long-distance commuter. It also helps that the scooter clocks a comfortable 49.7 mph (80 km/h).

It is simply an order of magnitude above and beyond what any other electric scooter can currently offer.

It is worth noting that, as with all-electric scooters, you can only ever expect to achieve about 70% of the advertised maximum mileage when riding under the most ideal conditions. In real-world tests with its 31.2Ah battery, you can ride the VSETT 11+ for 42-47 miles (68-75km) if you opt to ride in dual motor mode. But, on the single motor mode, it is relatively easy to achieve 80-85 miles (128-136km). Ultimately, the 11+ still ranks top of the long-range electric scooters.

With a battery that powers the scooter for so long, you need some form of protection against electrical faults during charging or when riding. The 11+’s battery has neat safety precautions to preserve longevity. It is equipped with a management system that ensures balanced charging, and prevents overcharging, short-circuit, and over-discharging. Another neat feature is the intelligent temperature control that serves as an overcurrent protection. It ensures the battery does not completely malfunction from overexertion by cutting power to the scooter and regulating the temperatures. A simple restart after cooling off will do the trick.

It takes considerably longer to fully charge, 16 hours — placing it alongside similar models like the Wolf Warrior, with comparable battery size and 17 hours charging time. The 16 hour charge time for this model is inconsequential given its enormous range, which makes it ideal for long rides. Moreover, the battery can be fully charged in as little as 8 hours if you purchase an extra charger.

Honourable mention: Turboant X7 Pro

The featured image of the Turboant X7 Pro electric scooter

What if we told you that you could ride this scooter infinitely? Well, not really, but it’s theoretically possible.

The scooter is among the few on the scooter market with a changeable battery pack, thus giving it an unprecedented range. You can purchase as many swappable batteries as you desire and change them on the go. The limitation here would be the weight capacity, which stands at 271 lbs (123 kgs). The battery weighs about 6.5 lbs (3kgs), so based on your weight, you can figure out the maximum number of batteries you can carry, and of course, based on your budget.

Rion RE90 The Best Electric Scooter in Terms of Power

Picture of the Rion Re90 hyper scooter

What do we mean by a powerful scooter? This scooter rocks a large motor, a scooter that travels incredibly fast with fantastic acceleration, a scooter that can easily conquer hilly terrain, and a scooter that carries even the heaviest of riders (within realistic limits).

These electric scooters are additionally equipped with the best-in-class braking mechanisms to ensure that the scooters brake without compromise, even from the highest speeds. Again, these electric scooters need to feature state-of-the-art cooling mechanisms to ensure that the electrical components don’t short circuit and that the temperatures remain regulated.

So, why is the Rion RE90 the most powerful scooter in the market? Read on to find out.

Rion RE90

Almost everything about the Rion RE90 is over the top, best-in-class, state-of-the-art, and a pioneer in the industry.

The Rion RE90- the Bugatti of electric scooters, needed to take so much into consideration to ensure that this beast performed optimally on the road, without compromising the riders’ safety, comfort, or cruising experience. A 500 watts- 1000 watts motor is sufficient for most riders’ scooting needs in the scooter industry. After all, it will power you through most urban tracks, most inclines, carrying above average rider weights without compromising on the thrills of clocking average speeds of 12.4 mph- 24.8 mph (20 km/h- 40 km/h).

So, what happens when a company puts together the world’s first hyperscooter? You get the Rion RE90 in all its glory. The Rion RE90 is a beast, sporting dual 5000W motors, with a combined power output of 10,000W. That’s not all. Each motor gives off 6000W peak power and a combined 12,000W peak power- phenomenal! Now, there are a few models that have inched in on the Rion’s incredible power output capacity, like Dualtron X2 with an 8300 W output and the Weped SST with dual motors rated at 10000W. Still, most other scooters lag far behind, with other performance scooters averaging at the 6000W mark. 

But the motor rating is not everything. We have speed, and the Rion is again in a class of its own. It is the world’s most powerful electric scooter and can reach speeds of up to 100mph (160km/h), but the speed is capped at 80mph (128km/h) for obvious safety reasons. Riders will feel such an intense pull as the scooter begins to accelerate that even experienced riders might find it challenging to hold on as the scooter picks up momentum to top speed. Again, at 80 mph, riding on a scooter with no wind barrier and balancing your stance, it takes an experienced rider and a whole lot of protective gear to feel safe cruising at that speed. The Dualtron X2 gives the Rion’s capped speed some competition at 67.7 mph (109 km/h) but remains no match.

The Rion can accommodate a maximum rider weight of 243 lbs (110 kgs) and weighs 60 lbs (27.2 kgs). The weight comes from the robust features required to keep the wheels safely and efficiently rolling on the Rion; including a powerful LI-ION 96.6V 30Ah-23S 7P 21700 Super high capacity cells battery, dual hydraulic Magura MT7 disc brakes, front PMT Slick Racing 90/65 6.5 and rear PMT Slick Racing 105/50 6.5 tyres and the dual motors. The weight is also responsible for the scooter’s stability at high speeds.

Additionally, the scooter features the highly rated Magura brakes that feature four pistons per calliper and carbon levers at the front and rear, ensuring uncompromised stopping at any speed. 

The fastest scooter needs the most advanced cooling system. The Rion leverages air cooling to regulate the motor, battery, and controller temperatures. Each of the E90’s motors has its own controller that can deliver up to 600 amps of power. The controllers are three-phase, meaning that there are three separate sets of wires that carry power into the motor. They also run at different times, enabling the scooter to accelerate quickly.

The scooter has vents for both motors to prevent overheating, and the underdeck has an air scoop and four high-speed fans running at 30,000 RPMs. These design specs allow air passage through the battery and controllers, but Rion hopes to introduce a much more effective water cooling system in the future.

Apollo Phantom The Best Electric Scooters in Terms of Safety

Electric scooter safety is a key consideration when picking out your two-wheeled PEV. They need to stop reliably from whatever speed, which means the brakes must be of unquestionable quality. Many scooters incorporate dual and even triple braking to ensure that the scooter always stops on a dime.

Additionally, a safe scooter should ensure that riding in low light situations is as safe as riding in broad daylight, which brings to question lighting and reflectors. Again, road safety means not just being conscious of your safety but also considering the road safety of other road users- a safe scooter should have a balance of each of these elements.

So, why is the Apollo Phantom considered one of the safest, if not the safest, scooters?

Apollo Phantom

Apollo Phantom electric scooter

After a year of design, production, testing, and focus-groups (on loop), Apollo’s engineers took the already impressive Pro and gave us the near-flawless Apollo Phantom. This is the unofficial Scooter of the Year-2021. The Phantom is a speedster and clocks top speeds of 38 mph (61 km/h). Apollo got right down to the T; a rider needs reliable brakes at such neck-breaking speeds. It’s important to note that this scooter comes in two variations defined by the braking system the rider opts for.

Based on your budget and preference, you can go for the dual mechanical + regenerative brakes combo or the significantly more expensive full hydraulics + regenerative brakes equipped version of the Phantom. The dual mechanical brakes offer a great degree of control and safety. The Nutt Hydraulic, on the other hand, is more responsive, which nicely complements the custom-made 10” x 3.25” hybrid tyres that are designed to perform optimally on paved and unpaved riding tracks.

In addition, the Apollo allows riders to customise the strength of the electronic braking via the P-settings, from 0 (lowest) to 3 (strongest). It gets better! The average disc size for most electric scooters is 140mm. The Apollo is not a basic scooter. It features dual 160mm discs that improve brake performance and facilitate better cooling. The brakes are controlled by independent, ergonomically designed levers on the right (for the front) and left (for the rear). The Phantom is not done impressing you. The super-effective brakes will stop the scooter from a speed of 15 mph (24km/h to a complete stop) with a braking distance of 8 ft/ 2.4 metres.

For night rides, the Phantom will give you a 1000W lumen, stem mounted, intense headlight. The glare from this headlight not only illuminates your path but ensures you are extremely visible to other road users. Apollo takes it further by outfitting the deck with dual front and dual rear deck lights complementing the headlight’s function. Speaking of other road users, the scooter also comes with integrated rear turn signals and a dedicated brake light that communicates your turning or stopping intent to other road users. The turn signals are activated via a control located near the left handlebar; but, all lights can be controlled via the proprietary HEX display that’s centrally located in your cockpit.

The motor is whisper-quiet in operation; thus, a bell whose switch can be spotted on the right side of the handlebars keeps unwary road users aware of your sudden presence. The CNC manufacturing process ensures that the Apollo’s design is safe and highly durable and of the best quality. Extra features like the textured silicone deck cover provide a sturdy stance, while the rubberised handle grips ensure that sweaty palms don’t lead to loss of control of the scooter.

The Apollo Phantom has truly been built to almost guarantee the safest ride- the margin of error is left to the rider’s own priority for safety and other external factors.

Xiaomi M365 Pro- The Commuters’ Choice: The Most Popular Budget Scooter 


xiaomi m365 pro electric scooter

The commuter’s choice is not an award granted to any old scooter. What is a commuter scooter? Scooter categories evolve and occasionally get redefined in a fast-growing and ever-expanding market. However, a commuter scooter is a scooter that riders use for personal transport by simple definition. The electric scooter can be ridden for the entire length of the journey or as a last-mile commute alternative. You don’t purchase a commuter scooter for speed thrill, long excursions, or off-road adventures.

If a commuter scooter gives you these conveniences, they should be noted as extra benefits. Commuter electric scooters are essential and offer average range and speed and decent ride quality; they weigh very little to stay portable and do not carry many flashy bits on them.

Below, we look at the features that make the M365 Pro the commuters’ choice and the most reliable budget scooter. 

Xiaomi M365 Pro

The mid-budget range of electric scooters can be aptly named “The search for the Xiaomi Pro Killer”- because the M365 Pro is that good. Established and generic brands have copied this tried and tested formula; some have even tried to spice it up. But, no scooter beats the M365 Pro in terms of reliability across all spectrums and at a price that will leave your tail wagging. So, let’s get into the heart of why this scooter has remained the talk of the town since its release in December of 2016.

As any good shopper knows, what you want is value for money. The Xiaomi M365 Pro falls squarely in the budget category- priced lightly at just between £346 – £360 ($480 – $500). For this price, you get a commuter scooter that is durably built, with decent ride quality, has excellent performance and is all-around safe. The scooter may not be the cheapest but gives electric scooters in its category tight competition in the bang for buck competition, notably; Segway’s Ninebot Max, ES4, Inokim Light 2, Pure Air Pro and the Levy Plus.

The M365 is constructed from a light aluminium alloy that keeps the scooter’s weight at a paltry 31.3 lbs/ 14.19 kgs. Aluminium is also primarily responsible for the scooter’s durability as it can withstand the wear and tear that comes with everyday use. Additionally, when folded, it collapses to a small package that measures 113 x 43 x 49 cm- this will easily fit your car trunk or occupy a small space in your garage/ closet. 

The 300 W motor will power the scooter to top speeds of 15.5mph (25 km/h), which is above average in the commuter category. It also has enough torque to propel the scooters up a 20% gradient and carry a maximum rider weight of 220 lbs (100kgs). The scooter features three-speed modes to allow riders to pick a top speed that is comfortable for their experience and preference: Eco 9.3 mph (15 km/h), Drive 12.4 mph ( 20 Km/h) and Sport 15.5 mph ( 25 Km/h). The 36V 12800mAh lithium-ion battery carries the scooter through 27-mile (43 km) commutes on a single charge but takes a whopping 9 hours to charge fully.

The scooter is also safe as it comes with a rear mechanical disc brake and a front regenerative brake that stops the scooter without compromise. Coming from a 15mph speed, the scooter will stop in under 5 minutes, which is pretty impressive at its cost. Additionally, night rides are facilitated by the bright headlight and a rear light that blinks when the brakes are engaged. It comes with a bell to alert other road users, and it is IP54 rated to ensure that the electrical components do not suffer electrical faults when caught up in showers.

The M365 pro rides on dual 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres that compensate for the lack of suspension with their shock-absorbing qualities. This makes for a decent ride quality- though not the best. The deck and handlebars are covered in rubber grip to ensure the sturdiness of both feet and hands to allow for a comfortable ride.

The Pro also offers additional features like Bluetooth App connectivity and a seamless LED display that shows your basic riding metrics. All of the scooters’ features are a cut above the rest in the budget commuter category- and there is more than enough evidence why this scooter takes the Commuter’s Choice crown.

Glion Dolly The Most Reliable Scooter in Terms of Last Mile Commute (Portability)

While the Xiaomi M365 is the undisputed king of the budget commuter category, one scooter steals the show regarding last-mile commute reliability. Portability is an essential feature in a commuter electric scooter, and riders need assurance that the scooter will not break their backs when trying to lift or carry up a flight of stairs. Manufacturers do this by keeping the weight at a minimum, ensuring that the stem is ergonomically designed to allow for easy handling, incorporating state-of-the-art folding mechanisms, and recently, more proprietary designs that provide riders don’t dread that last 10 minutes to the office. 

Read on to discover why the Glion Dolly remains the undisputed champ in the last mile commute and why the Segway Air T15 gets an honorary mention.

Glion Dolly

glion dolly electric scooter

The Glion Dolly takes portability to a whole new level. The scooter is fitted with many portability-enhancing features such as telescoping stem and dolly wheels coupled with a lightweight design to achieve ultra-portability. As any hardcore commuter understands, an ideal commuting scooter should be lightweight and compact enough to fit in small spaces. You’ll definitely want your scooter to sit next to you on a train or bus. 

The Glion Dolly fits this bill with its lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium alloy construction that does the most to keep its weight at a trivial 28 lbs. /12 kgs. At that weight, carrying this scooter over some distance or up a flight of stairs won’t break a sweat. The aluminium alloy construction coated with powder is also largely responsible for the scooter’s durability as it keeps up with use and abuse, synonymous with daily commutes. 

The Dolly easily and neatly folds down to a compact package measuring 91.44 cm x 40.6 cm x 20.32 cm. The handlebar also folds inwards, making the scooter more compact. In addition, folding the scooter is pretty straightforward and takes under 10 seconds. Simply pull the handlebars, flick the quick-release lever, and hit the metal pedal, then you’re good to go. Unfolding the scooter is also straightforward and takes around the same amount of time. Just pull the handlebar, and you’ve got a solid and lightweight scooter right in front of you.    

The Dolly further enhances its compact folded package with a vertical self-standing feature. Now, if you’ve ever used a portable scooter, you’ll know that most are unstable when left to stand alone. Not the Glion Dolly, though. The scooter integrates a vertical standing feature that allows it to take minimal space. This feature provides many conveniences, especially for the daily commuter who uses it as a last-mile commute solution.

Transporting the Glion Dolly scooter is a breeze, just like folding it. You’ll appreciate the multitude of features, including a telescoping stem, dolly wheels, and telescoping towing handle that makes it pretty easy to transport. Of particular note is the dolly-wheels after which the scooter is named. These mini-wheels coupled with the telescoping towing handle (deployed by a simple push of a button) allows you to effortlessly tow the scooter around like those roller bag suitcases or hand luggage cases. 

The range is as important as the portability features when it comes to a last-mile commuting scooter. You don’t want to run out of juice, commuting from the subway to your office space, or simply running errands in town. The Glion Dolly keenly considers this aspect, providing a manufacturer-claimed range of 15 miles (25 kms). Of course, the range lowers in real life, but you shouldn’t expect anything below 13 miles depending on your weight, terrain, riding speed, battery charge, and riding conditions. 

Honourable mention: Segway Ninebot AirT15

Ninebot Segway Electric Scooter seen from the side

The Segway Ninebot Air T15 comes with a sleek, gorgeous design free of sharp angles and edges, amazingly lightweight construction (it’s not called Air for no reason), and an extremely compact folded package (flat as a plank of wood).

It weighs 23.2 lbs. / 11Kg integrates an intelligent folding feature that ensures effortless folding and unfolding. With a single pull of a lever, the scooter collapses smoothly, with the handlebars folding down parallel to the frame.

What’s more, the kickstand retracts into the deck entirely, and the stem sits inches away from the deck, making the scooter super compact for ultimate portability. The scooter’s folded form allows the front wheel to aid in rolling, just like the Glion’s dolly wheels or a roller bag suitcase. You can also vertically stand the scooter on public transport, taking up minimum space. 

Bird One: The Most Reliable Shared Scooter Model (Rental Scooter)

Bird One Jet Black Scooter

Scooter rental companies such as Bird and Lime are credited with being behind the surging e-scooter usage in urban areas.

Before the e-scooter revolution marked by growth in personal electric scooters, renting an electric scooter via scooter sharing apps and services was one of the most popular ways to get around the city. However, with the dawn of personal electric scooters, scooter rental companies are increasingly producing and selling their in-house models. The good thing with these models is they are versatile; they can be used privately or rented out to the public using a smartphone app.

So, why is the Bird one considered top pickings in the rental industry? Let’s find out.

What does it take to build a shared scooter model? For a scooter to be shared or rented out, it should be compatible with a wide spectrum of riders, durable, safe, reliable, and most importantly, have decent anti-theft features. The Bird One ticks all these boxes with a design customised for the sharing environment. 

The Bird One’s design considers the needs of a vast range of riders with different requirements or preferences. To begin with, the scooter is available in three colours. You can opt for the overstated ‘Dove White’ or ‘Electric Rose’ or the more understated ‘Jet Black’ colourway. The scooter’s base measures 118 x 46cm, with the handlebars bringing the height to 118 cm. It weighs 17.5 Kg and can comfortably accommodate riders weighing up to 100 Kg. As such, the scooter is compatible with both teenagers and adults alike. 

Bird One Scooter

The scooter’s construction and build quality are well optimised for ride-sharing. It’s constructed with premium materials to withstand the wear and tear of the rental market. With a beefy build, the Bird One can endure all manner of falls, poor riding by reckless riders, bumpy, upbeat tracks, and exposure to unforgiving weather elements. 

Whether the users are careful riders or just some reckless scooterists, you can be sure the Bird One can withstand all kinds of rides. Bird even claims that the scooter was constructed according to 31 different safety and quality certifications, guaranteeing unmatched longevity even when used daily. The scooter also doesn’t fold, perhaps to avert the structural shortcomings of folding scooters.  

Performance-wise, the Bird One is compatible with both novice and experienced riders. The scooter’s 36V, 300 W motor propels it to a top speed of 18 mph, with a non-jerky acceleration. As such, it’s safe even for new riders who are recommended to keep their speeds at a minimum. For the range, the 36V, 12800 mAh lithium-ion battery can power the scooter for up to 25 miles on a single charge. The range is sufficient enough to ensure the renter finishes running their errands before returning them. 

For a shared scooter model, safety is paramount. Bird One keeps the riders safe, coming with a dual braking system consisting of a rear mechanical drum brake and regenerative front motor brake. The two brakes link up beautifully to offer more than sufficient braking power. Aside from the functional brakes, the scooter is mounted with an in-built LED headlight and rear 30-40 lumens lights, ensuring maximum visibility at night. 

If you’re going to have a rental scooter, how will you ensure it doesn’t get stolen in the name of renting? Well, the Bird One provides a rented scooter that doesn’t get stolen by integrating a multitude of anti-theft features. For the most part, the scooter comes with an accompanying Bird rental app which is used to lock/ unlock the scooter. The scooter connects to the Bird App (available for both Android and iOS devices) via Bluetooth. In addition to allowing riders to lock/unlock the scooter, the app can track battery charge and the total mileage. 

The Bird App also integrates GPS and cellular connection, allowing you to track the scooter’s exact location, i.e., it gives you an approximate address with a postcode. As such, you can retrieve the scooter if it’s stolen or lock it remotely using the immobilisation option. There is also a tamper alarm that alerts you when the scooter is being stolen. 


Hiboy S2 Lite The Best Kids E Scooter

A reliable kids scooter needs to be functional, durable, perform optimally as per the age bracket, comfortable to ride, and most importantly, safe. Portability is really not a prerequisite in kids scooters, considering that kids aren’t commuters just yet. Nonetheless, a kids scooter should be lightweight and stable enough even at relatively high speeds. If you’re considering getting your kid an electric scooter to introduce them to the scooting world and keep them physically active, the Hiboy S2 Lite is a highly recommended option. 

Read on to find out why your kid should already own this e-scooter. 

Hiboy S2 Lite

The Hiboy S2 Lite takes some premium features from the highly ranked Hiboy S2 electric scooters for adults and optimises them for kids’ use. Only the Hiboy App, 350W motor, and suspension are lacking in this model, which has been designed with kids in mind. The scooter is available in three colour options-cool stone-white, soft baby pink, and matte-black with an incredibly lightweight frame, making it an attractive option for kids, especially in the teen bracket. 

The S2 Lite incorporated a sleek, innovative, and chic design, just like the Hiboy S2. The kids-friendly construction oozes quality, notwithstanding the intuitively placed controls that significantly contribute to ease of riding. The handlebars, texturised in rubber grips, are long enough to provide sufficient control while riding. 

The scooter’s frame spots an aviation-grade aluminium alloy construction, making it lightweight and robust. The deck is amazingly spacious and is covered with a rubber textured grip to keep kids firmly rooted for safe rides. The construction offers an excellent level of robustness to withstand daily use and abuse. As such, your kid(s) can ride this scooter for the better part of their teenage years. 

In regards to performance, the S2 Lite is optimised for kids. The 250W motor propels the scooter to a top speed of 13 mph, just the right speed for teenagers. The S2 Lite can effortlessly tackle 15% degree hills. No kid’s scooter can manage such gradeability-another reason why the S2 Lite is the best kids scooter. With a quoted range of 10.6 miles/ 17 Km, you can be sure of longer commutes based on your kid’s weight, speed, and terrain. 

hiboy s2 lite electric scooter

Ride comfort is another area in which a kid’s scooter should excel. You don’t want your kid to break his/her spine in the name of riding an e-scooter. The S2 Lite offers a decent ride quality on typical urban terrains with exceptional handling despite lacking suspensions. However, the scooter isn’t ideal for off-road environments. 

Kid scooters should be downright safe-the Hiboy S2 Lite ensures the highest level of riding safety. The scooter is fitted with a dual braking system consisting of a rear foot brake and a front electric anti-lock brake. What’s more, the scooter is equipped with a 4 tier lighting system for maximum visibility at night. There is also a bell on the handlebar to warn other traffickers of pedestrians when  

The Hiboy S2 Lite isn’t water-resistant for apparent reasons: kids should not be riding scooters when it’s raining or snowing for health and safety reasons. The scooter incorporates advanced features not seen in a standard kids scooter. To put this in context, it comes with cruise control to prevent fatigue in times of longer commutes. Indeed, the Hiboy S2 Lite has been optimised for kids, giving them a taste of premium scooters.

Dualtron X2 and Unagi E500: The 2 Most Reliable Scooters in Terms of Build Quality

Build quality determines several aspects of the scooter, including performance, ride quality, and durability. For an electric scooter to be reliable in terms of build quality, it should be constructed using quality and durable material, feature attention to detail, incorporate state-of-the-art technology, and stand out in terms of aesthetics. Premium build quality assures riders of reduced maintenance, enhanced durability, and value for money. 

The Dualtron X2 and Unagi E500 are the two most reliable scooters in terms of build quality. Why? Read on to find out.

Dualtron X2


The Dualtron X2 is a premium, high-end e-scooter offering a beefy, sporty look. The X2 is an absolute beast of a scooter in terms of performance and build quality. The scooter sports a beefy build with thick front and rear wheels, predominant shock absorbers, and a solid deck with a great deal of ground clearance. 

Front shot of Dualtron X2 electric scooter

The X2’s frame is constructed from corrosion-free, aerospace-grade aluminium alloy, ideal for enduring even the toughest of hits tantamount with off-road terrains. The stem is constructed from sturdy steel composite materials, while the mudguards are made from hard-wearing polypropylene plastic for maximum durability. With a gross weight of 145.5 lbs. (66kg), the aluminium alloy construction does very little to minimum weight. But don’t fret; this scooter isn’t constructed for daily commutes.

The chunky and tank-like frame sports a black paint job to match its menacing, beefy construction. It flawlessly joins the stem and column mount, which are strong and reinforced on the underside with crisscrossing bracing for enhanced forte on the front end to prevent annoying wobbles. The scooter’s deck construction is robust, featuring a solid undertray plastic, and measures 22 inches long by 13 inches wide with a ground clearance of 7 inches. 

The RGB side lighting coupled with the original “white LED” array illuminating the Dualtron logo on the deck will undoubtedly delight riders with an eye for aesthetics. The scooter’s construction also integrates other premium features, including a smart EYE display and throttle, battery voltage meter, turn signals, steering damper for enhanced stability, fingerprint scanner, USB charging terminal, and an optional seat attachment. 

The beefy, tank-like build coupled with premium materials used in the construction is enough assurance that the scooter can stand the test of time, giving you great value for your money.  

Unagi E500

Do you dislike those beefy, tank-like scooters? The Unagi Model One E500 could be a great alternative to the solid, beefy scooters, some of which look pretty awful. The E500 is a premium, mid-range electric scooter with a futuristic, modern, techy look. If you’re tech-savvy, this chic-looking durable scooter will undoubtedly impress you. The Unagi 500’s frame is so premium; it has been built from the same material used by Elon Musk in his Space-X rockets! 

The side view of the Unagi Model One E500 electric scooter

The Unagi E500 leverages a minimalist and futuristic design, a rolling piece of art indeed. This is not your average scooter- It stands out with its elegant finish, concrete refinement, and silken laminated frame with a bespoke feel. The stem elegantly tapers from the front deck to the sleek handlebars with an ultra-stylish cockpit. The cable management is at its best with the bolts and screws embedded in the scooter’s construction. 

The Unagi 500’s frame is constructed from TORAY’s carbon fibre, the global leading carbon fibre manufacturer. Unagi has gone to a greater extent to reinforce the fibre at particular parts of the frame to enhance its tensile strength and make it more durable. On the other hand, the handlebars are constructed from magnesium alloy, which is 33% lighter than its aluminium counterpart and more expensive. The handlebars are further covered in silicon and have a sleek LED display to inform you of the vital metrics in your ride.

The stainless steel construction on the folding mechanism hinges offers excellent corrosion resistance plus assures riders of stability and safety while riding. The deck is constructed from a single piece of sturdy machine-cut aluminium with the top covered in silicon to keep the rider firmly rooted. The deck finish oozes quality: you won’t spot joints, screws, bolts, or loosely hanging wires. The battery is effortlessly housed under the deck and is barely noticeable. Also, the kickstand is almost invisible as it’s cleverly integrated with the deck. The front and rear fenders are constructed from rigid plastic to safeguard the scooter and rider from dust and dirt. 

Unagi utilised four-paint coatings with a silky laminate and high-abrasion-resistant paint for the scooter’s finish, giving a premium, luxurious vibe. The paint coupled with the laminate goes at more extraordinary lengths in protecting the scooter from wear & tear, ensuring durability. 

Unagi 500 integrates innovative features, including an iPhone-like command centre that informs you on several aspects of the scooter, including speed, odometer, battery charge, dual/single motor status, and riding mode. In addition, Unagi is equipped with an IP54 water-resistance rating and can withstand water splashes, just in case you’re caught up in the rain.

Boosted Rev and Emove Cruiser The 2 Most Reliable Electric Scooters in Terms of All-Weather Riding

Reliable electric scooters need to be useful year-round. With the extreme and sometimes sudden changes in weather conditions, it is practical and highly advisable to have an IP-rated scooter. This means that the scooter can ride for a distance without getting the electrical components completely fried before seeking shelter. The motor, battery, and cockpit sometimes have higher ratings than the scooter frame as an added layer of safety for these delicate parts.

Why are the Boosted Rev and Emove Cruiser the best deals when it comes to reliable all-weather electric scooters? Let’s find out. 

Boosted Rev and Emove Cruiser

Scooters vary by their weather adaptability, and some are better at handling extreme conditions than others. You will want a scooter that can handle anything that Mother Nature throws our way. Boosted Rev and Emove Cruiser are solidly built to withstand daily use and year-round weather conditions. 

The electric scooters are built to be weatherproof, meaning that they can withstand rain, sleet, humidity and dust. The Boosted Rev has an IP67 rating, meaning that it can withstand both dust and water. It will also function normally after being submerged in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. There is a rubber seal to protect the charging port from water coming in, and the internal components feature further waterproofing. 

 The Cruiser electric scooter also has a waterproof rating of IP67. This means that the Cruiser is dust-tight and can be immersed in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes without sustaining damage. While we don’t recommend riding into a lake or submerging your scooter, it will survive an accidental trip through a puddle, rainstorm, etc. The Boosted Rev’s battery is preserved in an IPX7 waterproof rated auto-grade housing. For this reason, the Rev can sustain longer immersion more comfortably than other waterproof electric scooters.

Both electric scooters are neat, with the wires routed internally through the frame, so you won’t have to worry about extreme weather affecting exposed wiring. In addition, Boosted Rev sports 9” air-filled pneumatic tyres, while the Emove Cruiser has 10-inch pneumatic tyres. Pneumatic tyres are constructed with supple rubber hence have a higher static coefficient of friction, meaning that they are less likely to skid as they ride. They allow for better braking performance and offer excellent traction even in wet conditions. 

The Emove Cruiser’s durable deck is made of reinforced aluminium. A hard plastic bumper protects the deck’s end from injury and prevents damage to legs, walls, or other objects. The Boosted Rev scooter features a Super-Flex composite deck that provides additional strength, stability and stiffness.

It has an 8-ply front-to-rear deck with an additional fibreglass layer in the middle. The rear section has 6-ply, and the front is made up of 3-ply plus fibreglass. Their sturdy deck construction ensures that the rider’s feet remain firmly rooted, especially in wetter conditions.

The handlebars on both electric scooters are large and have rubberised grips that provide enhanced grip during rainy or hot and sweaty days.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior Most Reliable Scooter in Terms of Excursion (Off-Road and Hill Climbing)

Not all electric scooters are equipped to venture off-road. Excursion scooters cost a pretty penny as they sport heavy-duty features that facilitate their ability to venture off-road, e.g., suspension, high powered motor, responsive braking and all-terrain tyres. That is why the Wolf Warrior 11 comes highly recommended and has even earned the moniker “the Monster Truck of Electric Scooters”.

We also have the Outstorm Maxx as an honorary mention with incredible off-roading and hill-climbing abilities.

Let’s look at what makes these scooters the ultimate excursion champions.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior is a high-performance scooter designed for adventurous riders. The scooter is built to handle challenging terrain thanks to its high torque dual brushless 1200W motors. The motors deliver a combined peak output of 5400W that propels the scooter to a maximum speed of 50 mph (80km) and effortlessly scales hilly inclines of up to 30 degrees.

Further, the scooter is equipped with a notable motorcycle-grade suspension system that comprises dual front hydraulic shock absorbers and dual rear spring suspension. This ensures a smooth and stable ride, even on rough terrain. 

A picture of the Kaabo Wolf King electric scooter standing upright

A set of two tyre options complements the scooter’s suspension system. It comes with slicker tyres ideal for city-style cruising. And for the more adventurous riders that might be considering off-road excursions, the scooter offers dedicated knobby off-road tyres. The latter delivers the best riding experience on rough terrain.

Additionally, both the front and rear wheel are 11-inch pneumatics tyres; thus, offering superb shock absorption and enough ground clearance through unforgiving terrain. Coupled with the dual suspension system, riders will experience a surprisingly smooth ride as they go over all manner of obstacles on their excursions. Additionally, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior’s 101 lbs (45kg) weight dramatically contributes to its stability. 

Off-road electric scooters require a reliable braking system, mainly due to the strong motor power and the gravitational pull when coming downhill. The Kaabo got it right with high-end dual front and rear disc hydraulic brakes. The brakes are also outfitted with an electronic anti-lock braking system and draughty callipers to enhance the scooter’s braking power. Hydraulic brakes are considered state-of-the-art and are more common on performance scooters.

You get better modulation on hydraulic brakes than mechanical disc and drum brakes; thus, with minimal pressure on the lever, you get the same braking power as you would on mechanical disc brakes.

Honourable mention: Outstorm Maxx

The Outstorm Maxx rides steadily alongside the Wolf Warrior in the excursion race. Dual 1600w motors power the e-scooter with a combined peak power of 3200w that deliver high torque enough to propel the scooter to top speeds of 56 mph and up inclines of 30°.

outstorm maxx pro electric scooter main image

The scooter is also outfitted with 11-inch off-road tyres that offer excellent cushioning, especially on rough terrain. Additionally, the scooter sports dual front and rear spring suspension, which coupled with the off-road tyres deliver an incredible riding experience.

It also has a unique braking system that includes an oil pressure disc brake and electric ABS braking that ensures the scooter stops, especially when going down the hill during your outdoor adventures.

Top 10 Most Reliable E-Scooters: Final Thoughts


When shopping for your ideal e-scooter, reliability is a crucial factor you ought to consider. Reliability is an umbrella term that covers various aspects of the scooter, such as performance, durability, construction, portability, and more. Reliability is pretty dynamic and largely depends on the needs of a particular rider. For instance, a lightweight, portable scooter with a long-range, such as the Glion Dolly or the Xiaomi M365, may be reliable for a commuter but not for a performance-focused scooterist thirsting for more power or even a kid. In the same way, a heavyweight, powerful scooter such as the Rion RE90 may be reliable for thrill-seekers but not to a commuter.

Irrefutably, the Rion RE90 is the best electric scooter in terms of power, with a 12 000W peak power and a top speed of 100 mph. The Apollo Phantom excels in safety due to its excellent braking, excellent illumination and durable frame. In the mid-budget commuter scooter category, the Xiaomi M365 Pro stands out with its sturdy, lightweight construction, decent performance, and ride quality, as well as great value for money. The Boosted Rev and Emove Cruiser, on the other hand, ensure that riders can ride year-round as they are both waterproof.

The Glion Dolly is clearly the most reliable scooter in terms of last-mile commute owing to its meagre weight and portability enhancing features, notably the dolly wheels, telescoping towing handle, and a vertical standing feature. Thanks to its sleek, lightweight construction and smart folding system, the Segway Ninebot AirT15 is a top contender for the most reliable scooter in terms of last-mile commute. And, if off-road excursions are your thing, look no further than the beastly Kaabo Wolf Warrior and the Outstorm Maxx.

Regarding reliability in terms of build quality, the Dualtron X2 and Unagi E500 are top contenders with their robust build that leaves nothing to chance. Of particular is the Unagi E500, which has been constructed with premium materials, achieving a sleek yet robust build. And if you’re looking for a shared scooter to rent out, look no further than the Bird One owing to its top-notch anti-theft features, including remote lock/unlock as well as GPS tracking. Kids need scooters, too; the Hiboy S2 Lite is well optimised to get your little buddy active. 

So, can we emphatically pick any of these electric scooters as the ringleader in terms of reliability? Needless to say, a one-shoes-fits-all answer doesn’t exist. With all said and done, reliability is dependent mainly on your preference-specific needs on an e-scooter.

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