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Top 10 E-Scooters For Off-Roading

Nely Hayes
11 February 2022
Nely Hayes
11 February 2022

In this guide, we’ll reveal our top picks for the best off-road electric scooters, but first, let’s look at the difference between city scooters and off-roaders.


In the space of a short time, electric scooters have taken off and become somewhat of a global sensation. While there are laws in the UK that prevent people from riding a privately owned scooter on public roads, there’s nothing to stop you from taking your e-scooter off-road.

You’ll notice that off-road models are much different to the traditional city e-scooters you’ll often see, but this is because they need to be a lot sturdier so they can handle challenging terrain.


What’s The Difference Between City and Off-Road E-Scooters?

The e-scooters you see every day are classed as city scooters because they’re designed for people to get from A to B. They’re usually lightweight and compact, ideal for navigating through traffic and storing at home.

Most people use these scooters for commuting and general riding, but they’re not designed to handle challenging terrain. You’ll notice that most off-road e-scooters are much larger and heavier because they need the extra power to work on the grass and rocky roads.

Many people who love extreme sports will choose an off-road scooter over a city model because it enables them to enjoy recreational activities without petrol. As an off-road e-scooter is powered with electricity, you can go further and faster, perfect for speed freaks.

Should I Buy an Off-Road Electric Scooter?

The big question for many people is whether it’s worth buying an off-road e-scooter, and it ultimately depends on what you’ll use it for. As privately owned e-scooters aren’t yet legal on UK public roads, an off-road model can provide you with hours of fun and still help you get to where you need to be – as long as you’re taking the ‘scenic’ route.

If you want an alternative to an e-bike or public transport, it’s best to choose a city scooter, but off-road scooters are perfect for people who enjoy the thrill of speeding over challenging terrain.

There’s no question that off-road scooters can provide hours of fun, and they’re also beneficial if you live in a more rural area.

So, let’s look at the best e-scooters for going off-road with that in mind.

Electric Scooters For Off-Roading: Our Top 10

Our team of e-scooter enthusiasts has been hard at work trying and testing a range of off-road electric scooters, and we’ve narrowed it down to 10 of the best. You’ll find models for speed freaks, comfort lovers, people who want the best of both urban and off-road worlds and even an e-scooter for younger people.

Let’s dive in.

Off-Road Scooter Price Max Speed Range  Motors & Power Best For 
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 £2599 50 MPH 75 Miles  2 Motors, 5700 W Off-road riding, with some city riding
Dualtron Ultra 2 £3280 62 MPH 85 Miles  2 Motors, 6640 W A powerful off-road experience 
Inokim OXO £2199 40 MPH 68 Miles  2 Motors, 2600 W  All round riding 
Apollo Ghost  £1399 – £1599 34 MPH 39 Miles 2 Motors,

2000 W

Mid-range off-road scooter
Currus Panther £1999 50 MPH 75 Miles  2 Motors, 5400 W Style Lovers
Nami Burn-E £3199 60 MPH 90 Miles  2 Motors, 4200 W Pure Power 
Kugoo M4 Pro £564 28 MPH 37 Miles 1 Motor, 

500 W

Seated riding
GoTrax G4  £399 20 MPH 25 Miles  1 Motor, 

350 W

People on a Budget 
Razor RX200 £299 12 MPH 8 Miles  Chain Driven Motor Children Over 13 
Kaabo Mantis 8 Base  £1499 31 MPH  46 Miles  2 Motors, 1600 W Best for Comfort 


Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

wolf warrior 11 73200208 a195 40d1 b115 2ee061758db8 1 

Pros: Highly durable, Can double as an urban scooter and has excellent suspension.

Cons: Can be expensive

When it comes to off-road electric scooters, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is one of the most advanced models you can find. It’s incredibly popular, and despite other e-scooters on the market, this brand has a loyal fanbase.

The majority of people buy this scooter for off-road use, and it’s definitely got the power to give you the ride of your life. But is the right e-scooter for you?

Well, if you’re a fan of stand out designs, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 makes an immediate impression. With its sleek and powerful design, it reminds us of a dirt bike and will undoubtedly turn heads.

The dual hub motors provide 2400 Watts of power. They can generate 5700 Watts of peak power which gives the Kaabo Wolf Warrior a tremendous amount of power and navigates rugged terrain.

With 11-inch pneumatic tyres, this beast can get you where you need to be, but here’s where it gets interesting; you can switch the off-road tyres for standard tyres, which is perfect for city riding.

There are also shock absorbers that take the impact when you ride on difficult terrain, and the motors offer a climb angle of around 17° so you can power your way up hills.

Overall the Kaabo Wolf Warrior is a superior e-scooter that offers users a ride they won’t forget. The prices can run relatively high, but if you’re looking for a powerful off-roader, then you can’t go wrong.


Dualtron Ultra 2 


A photos of the Dualtron Ultra 2 electric scooter standing up

Pros: Huge range and speed, Heavy-duty pneumatic tyres 

Cons: Expensive, Lacks some versatility. 

Tied for first place with the Kaabo Wolf Warrior, the Dualtron Ultra 2 is an outstanding example of high-tech electric scooters, and many would say that this model would be their ultimate choice. 

The Dualtron Ultra 2 is more expensive than its main competitor, but there’s so much on offer with this unique scooter. For starters, it offers 12 miles of additional range than the original Dualtron Ultra, which means you can take advantage of 87 miles of ride time before you need to recharge. 

This isn’t the kind of scooter you’d want to take to the office because it weighs a sturdy 88 lbs, but that’s what makes it so perfect for off-road riders. There is also only the 11-inch pneumatic tyre option, with extra strong grips to navigate the most challenging terrains. 

Perhaps the most distinct advantage of this powerful e-scooter is the motors, which offer peak power of 6640 Watts and can take you to speeds of up to 62 mph. If you want to elevate your experience, the Dualtron Ultra 2 will take you to places you never dreamed of. 

Yes, it comes with a hefty price tag, but this no-nonsense electric scooter delivers on all levels. If money isn’t an object, or you want to invest in a scooter that will offer extraordinary power and a comfortable ride, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

Inokim OXO


Inokim Oxo  

Pros: Flexible for multi-use, Compact Design, Long-range 

Cons: Not as advanced as the Wolf Warrior or Dualtron 2 

Electric scooters are an investment, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to find a model that meets your needs. Most off-road scooters are designed for a specific purpose, but the Inokim OXO offers a great deal of flexibility that you won’t find from other brands.  

While this scooter is designed for off-road use, it’s probably one of the best all-rounder models you can buy. If you decide to use it for city riding, it’s essential to understand that the scooter will have more power than other models, but it still benefits from a sleek and compact design. 

You can switch between 10-inch pneumatic tyres for off-road riding or switch to the standard tyres, which are better for all-purpose use, and you can take advantage of the hydraulic suspension on both wheels. 

With a maximum range of 68 miles, one charge will give you a lot of usages, and the scooter can reach 40 mph. The aviation-grade aluminium alloy frame will last for a long time, but the scooter isn’t fully waterproof. 

Overall this is one of the better e-scooters you can buy, and its versatility is one of the reasons, so many people buy it. If you’d like the option of off-road and city riding, this could be the perfect choice for you.

However, both the Wolf Warrior and Dualtron Ultra 2 are better if you want a high-quality off-road experience because both are designed for that specific purpose.

Apollo Ghost 


Apollo Ghost Scooter

Pros: Great if you’re on a budget, 24-month warranty, customisable braking system

Cons: Standard wheels, Lacks the functionality of other scooters 

Off-road e-scooters are expensive; there’s no getting around that. One of the main reasons for the high prices is that these scooters require a lot of design work and must have the power, frame and braking system to navigate challenging terrain. 

If you’re looking for an off-road electric scooter but don’t want to spend a fortune, the Apollo Ghost could be the ideal choice for you. With prices ranging from £1399 to £1599, it’s not a cheap option, but most people regard it as a mid-range model that still offers many features. 

What makes this scooter one of our favourites is you can choose between a hydraulic braking system or regular brakes if you’d like to save money. The hydraulics perform better, but the standard system still provides a great off-road experience. 

It’s not as fast as other scooters, but with the combined power of the dual motors, you can get up to a speed of 34 mph and enjoy a 39-mile range. With a standard IP54 rating and a 24-month warranty, you can get a lot of use from the Apollo Ghost. 

One disadvantage of this scooter is it comes with standard tyres, which means that you might experience some issues with rocky terrain, but it delivers a lot of excellent features for the price. 

If you’re looking for the best scooter for off-road riding, this is probably more of a compromise, but we love the design and functionality of the Apollo Ghost. 


Currus Panther 


Currus Panther

Pros: Gorgeous design, robust construction, durability 

Cons: Not easy to find in the UK, Bulky 

Let’s be honest; looks matter. If you’re investing in an off-road electric scooter and style’s your primary concern, you won’t find a sleeker and sexier model than the Currus Panther. Most people haven’t heard of Currus, and they’re a relatively new manufacturer, but luxury is undoubtedly their biggest priority. 

If you’re in the UK, you might find it challenging to get hold of this scooter, as it’s mainly available in Canada and the US – but some European websites stock the Curran Panther. But can its performance match its looks? 

Dual motors offer a peak power of 5400 Watts, which translates into 50 mph of speed and 75 miles of range. You can get a lot of use from this beast, and one charge will take you a fair distance. 

The scooter is primarily designed for off-road riding, and this is clear when you look at the 11-inch pneumatic tyres, which have deep treads and are 3.5 inches wide for extra stability. With a complete hydraulic braking system and a sturdy design, the Curran Panther will help you navigate all terrains. 

Overall, it’s a fantastic scooter and perfect if you prefer original designs. It also offers incredible durability, primarily due to the Hard Rock nuts. We can’t really fault this e-scooter, but it can be challenging to get hold of, and it’s not the most straightforward model to transport!


Nami Burn-E

Nami burn-e viper electric scooter

Pros: Incredible power, great range, IP55 rating

Cons: Heavy and Bulky – not easy to store and transport 

When choosing a great off-road e-scooter, power will probably be one of your main concerns. Well, how does 8400 Watts of peak power sound? Yes, you read that right. 

8400 Watts…

Imagine riding over the roughest terrain and still feeling like you’re gliding because that’s what this incredible scooter gives you. With brushless DC motors and 50 amps controllers, it packs a real punch and is undoubtedly the most powerful off-road scooter around. 

It’s a high-speed scooter, delivering up to 60 miles per hour, which should be something that only the most experienced off-road users should take advantage of, and it’s got a fully customisable suspension system so that you can tailor it to your needs. 

Better still, the Nami Burn-E has an ingress protection standard of IP55, making it one of the more water-resistant scooters available. The manufacturers designed the scooter based on feedback from genuine users. 

It’s designed based on user feedback, and every scooter element has a specific purpose. If you love heavy riding and don’t want to restrict yourself, you can rest assured that this scooter can take one hell of a beating, and it just keeps ongoing. 

Are there any negatives? Well, as you’d expect from an electric scooter with this much power and durability, it’s incredibly bulky and not something you’d be able to store in your apartment. 

Overall, this scooter is designed for off-road riding, and that’s it. It’s too powerful for city riding – but the off-road experience is second to none. 


Kugoo M4 Pro 

kugoo kirin m4pro

Pros: Seated e-scooter, strong build

Cons: Mediocre speed, Only available in Europe

Kugoo scooters are very popular in Europe and haven’t made their debut in America – yet. If you’re a fan of seated scooters, you won’t be disappointed with the M4 Pro, which is ideal if you’re on a budget as well.

It provides a great deal of functionality, is suitable for off-road and city use, and can reach 28 mph, so it’s not the fastest scooter, but it’s up there with the best budget models.

Where the Kugoo M4 Pro does shine is its range. It’s rare to find a scooter at the price of £579.99 that can go up to 37 miles on one charge, but this perfect combination of speed and range is ideal for off-roaders that want more control of their scooter.

The tyres are 10 inch pneumatic with deep treads and have explosion resistant features, and dual suspension gives you extra stability on challenging terrain.

Overall, this e-scooter is excellent value for money, and it’s great if you want to enjoy the thrill of off-roading but need to remain seated. Is it as advanced as other models? No. But we feel it’s ideal for newer riders or people that aren’t so focused on speed.

Hopefully, Kugoo will begin to offer their expertly designed scooters globally, but for now, Europeans can’t go wrong with this high-quality scooter.

GoTrax G4


Gotrax G4

Pros: Great budget option, strong tyres, suitable for city and off-road riding

Cons: Not specifically designed for off-road

If you’re on a strict budget, it’s almost impossible to find an off-road electric scooter that delivers enough power to navigate all terrains. Well, the GoTrax G4 isn’t designed to be an off-road scooter, but it’s a great compromise if you want the best of both worlds.

One thing that immediately stands out with this scooter is its ease of use. Commuters love it because, at a weight of 36 lbs, it’s so easy to transport and store. The design is simplistic and sleek without going overboard, so if you’re looking for an understated scooter, you won’t be disappointed with the G4 from GoTrax.

What makes the GoTrax G4 ideal for off-road riding is its 10-inch pneumatic tyres, which can handle more challenging terrain, but there’s no added suspension. It’s not the best e-scooter, but for the price, you can’t go wrong.

With a decent speed and range, we’d rate this as the best budget choice for off-roading, but it’s best for people that want a mix of city and off-road riding.

Razor RX 200


Razor RX 200

Pros: Ideal for teenagers, Cost-effective

Cons: Very short range

While off-road e-scooters are primarily for adults, kids want to get in on the action too! Of course, most of the off-road scooters on this list are way too powerful for children, but that’s where the Razor RX 200 comes in.

It’s perfect for teenagers aged 13 and up or anyone up to 154 lbs, so it’s not going to offer colossal speed or range, but if you want to have peace of mind that your kids will be protected, this is a reasonably priced model.

The Razor RX 200 offers up to 12 mph of speed, and a range of 8 miles, so it’s safe to say that commuters won’t get much use out of it – but this isn’t what it’s designed for.

With decent tyres, the scooter will offer extra protection for younger riders while giving them the excitement of off-roading.

In our opinion, it’s a great starter scooter and the easy to operate chain-driven motor and braking system means younger people can be safe while having a lot of fun.

Kaabo Mantis 8 Base 


mantis8 2 9fc76f5c 5a78 40de a1f2 a1c30d51a826

Pros: Very comfortable, Supports heavier riders. 

Cons: No IP rating, Can be challenging to navigate at first 

If you’re looking for a comfortable riding experience, you can hedge your bets on the supremely comfortable Kaabo Mantis 8. It’s a joy to ride, and the sleek design is ideal for both off-road and city use. 

The expansive deck ensures stability on the road and ultra-wide tyres that cut through challenging terrain without a problem. As the tyres are 8 inches high, you might need a bit of practice before you get the hang of this scooter, but it’s absolutely worth it. 

With superb front and rear shock absorbers, you can rest assured that whether you’re riding on rocky roads or grass, braking will be a breeze.

Heavier riders will also love the Mantis 8 because it can take up to 120 kg of weight, and the footrest at the back will help you stabilise yourself. Unfortunately, though, this scooter has no IP rating, which means you’ll have to avoid riding in the rain. 

Overall, the comfort the Mantis 8 offers is incredible, and if that’s your primary concern, then you won’t be disappointed with this scooter. There are better scooters from Kaabo, such as the Wolf Warrior, which is more suitable for off-road riding, but we feel this performs well enough to be worth mentioning.


Things To Consider

As you can see, there are plenty of excellent e-scooters available for all budgets and uses. It can be challenging to know which off-road scooter is right for your needs, but it’s crucial to weigh up which features are most important before purchasing.

An off-road scooter is a significant investment, so here’s what you should look at before making a decision.


The Budget

If you have an unlimited budget, you won’t need to worry about what you can afford, but most people need to consider whether the cost is worth it. While there’s no doubt that riding off-road means you’ll need a more durable e-scooter, you can still get some great deals.

Some excellent budget scooters, including the GoTrax G4 and Kugoo M4 Pro, are available, but they lack power, and some don’t have hydraulic brakes. It’s no secret that off-road electric scooters are expensive, but if you want the best possible experience, you should think about which model will suit your needs most.

In terms of a mid-range scooter, we recommend the Apollo Ghost, which costs between £1399 – £1599. There’s also the high-end Dualtron Ultra 2 and Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11. Both are more expensive, but the best you can get.

Range and Speed

For most people, speed and range are two things they aren’t willing to compromise. Off-road scooters need to deliver both on how fast they’ll go and how long they last. All manufacturers list the range and top speed of their e-scooters, but you should be aware that consistently riding at that speed will not last the full range.

Most manufacturers will calculate their range ratings for economic riding, but it’s similar to using a car in a way. Most cars can go up to 150 mph, but very few drivers will reach that speed. It’s more important to consider whether the speed and range of your chosen e-scooter will match your preferences.

If you’re looking for maximum speed and power, then you can’t go wrong with the Nami Burn-E. It offers an incredible 60 MPH and 90-mile range – but the Kaabo Wolf Warrior is cheaper and probably a practical option, with a more conservative speed of 50 MPH and 75-mile range.

Tyre Choices

All e-scooters come with default tyres, but some manufacturers let you choose between standard or off-road tyres. Many things to consider, but an e-scooter that can handle rough terrain will have pneumatic tyres with deep treads.

While some city e-scooters can handle light off-roading, you’ll always have a better experience with strong tyres that are tubeless. All of the scooters on our list offer a smooth ride, but the ones specifically designed for off-road use will always be stronger.


Most premium e-scooters have some form of suspension, but an off-road scooter should offer both front and rear suspension. Going over rough terrain means your scooter will take some knocks, and when there’s no suspension, you’ll feel the full impact.

Dual spring suspension absorbs the shock, and if you can find a scooter with hydraulic disc brakes, you’ll be able to have more control when it comes to going around corners and braking. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior has an impressive combination of hydraulics and springs, making it one of the most powerful electric scooters.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, both the Inokim OXO and Apollo Ghost offer a lot of stability, and they won’t break the bank.


Community Questions

How Much Should I Spend on an E-Scooter?

If you’re buying an electric scooter for primarily off-road use, you can expect to spend anywhere between £600 to £3500. However, as you can see from our list, less expensive models are available, but these are primarily for the city and off-road use.

Premium off-road e-scooters will always cost more, but these are usually the ones with the more impressive speed and range, so if you’re looking for the best experience, it’s worth spending a bit more.

Does Weight Limit Matter?

If you want to enjoy some awesome off-road adventures, you’ll need to make sure that your scooter can support your weight. While the scooter won’t break if you exceed the restrictions, you will notice that it doesn’t ride smooth and won’t perform well when navigating steep inclines.

Most electric scooters will support people of an average to slightly heavier frame. Still, if you want to avoid a lightweight scooter, then the Kaabo Mantis 8 can take up to 120 kg, so every off-road enthusiast can enjoy the sheer power it offers.

What Is Shock Absorption?

Shock absorption refers to how well an electric scooter can reduce the impact you might feel on rough terrain. When you’re riding off-road at top speeds, it’s essential to have the proper protection in place, and most regular scooter models won’t offer the right amount of shock absorption.

While it’s not essential to have shock absorbers, it can make the ride more comfortable, and you won’t need to deal with any shakes when you hit bumps or go over rocky roads.

If you want to ride on gravel, you’ll also need to ensure your e-scooter is equipped with a robust suspension system and shock absorbers.

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