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The Ultimate Guide To Riding Your E-Scooter At Night

Nely Hayes
17 February 2022
Nely Hayes
17 February 2022

Riding an e-scooter is a great way to get around, and it’s a lot of fun too. But there are some things you need to know before hitting the streets at night.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the best ways to stay safe when riding your e-scooter at night. We’ll cover everything from lighting to safety gear, so you can ride with confidence no matter what time of day or night it is.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Use Front and Rear Lights

Make sure your e-scooter is well lit. One of the biggest dangers of riding your e-scooter at night is that you may not be visible to other drivers. This is especially true if you’re riding on a busy street or in an area with low lighting.

To combat this, make sure your e-scooter has plenty of bright lights. The front and backlights should be exceptionally bright, so drivers can see you coming from a distance. And if you’re riding in a particularly dark area, consider using a headlight or taillight as well.

Some electric scooters come with built-in lights, such as the Kaboo Wolf Warrior, which is a heavy-duty electric scooter with plenty of powerful features.

However, you can also find some great lights for night riding, which is excellent if you don’t want to upgrade your current model.

Depending on your needs, you can find a range of suitable lights. Let’s take a look at some.

LED Strips

If you want to be seen by other road users, consider adding some extra sparkle with LED strips. Place them on your stem or deck of scooter and along both sides for an impressive light show that will let other road users know you’re there.

The best thing about LED strips is they come in many different colours, so you can customise your scooter to suit your style preferences. One thing to think about; these lights aren’t as powerful as other options, but they’re still a practical and fun solution.


Wing Lights

Wing lights are a must-have for safe riding. They’ll be particularly crucial as more people start to ride scooters on public roads. While the current electric scooter laws in the UK don’t allow for privately owned riding (unless it’s on private land) at this time, this is very likely to change in the near future.

If you want to navigate your electric scooter safely, wing lights are necessary. Some models already come with them, but you can also buy a set to act as turn signals.



A good headlight is an essential part of your riding experience, and while most scooters come with one already, they might not have enough power. There are plenty of bright headlights to choose between, so if you’re planning on night rides, we recommend you find one that offers more visibility.


Brake Lights

In countries that legalise the use of private e-scooters on public roads, brake lights are often a requirement. Most electric scooters have some form of brake light, but you might need to find something more powerful.

Which Lights Are Best?

With so many lights for electric scooters available, it can be challenging to know where to start. If you’d like to find extra lights that keep you safe and secure, our guide on the best lights for e-scooters has a review of the best options available.

pure air pro electric scooter lights

Wear Reflective Clothing

Another essential thing to remember when riding your e-scooter at night is to remain visible to other drivers. You want them to see you coming, so they can take steps to avoid hitting you.

One way to do this is by wearing bright clothing. You may also want to consider attaching reflectors or reflective tape to your clothes and scooter, which helps drivers see you even in low lighting conditions.

There are many different forms of reflective clothing available, including winter and summer wear.


Reflective Vest

Reflective vests are great options for night riding because they offer maximum visibility. They’re also relatively lightweight to wear, so if you’re not a fan of heavy clothing, you won’t notice the vest.

However, if you’re riding in cold conditions, you’ll probably find a vest doesn’t offer the same benefits as a jacket.


Reflective Jackets

Reflective jackets are one of the more popular options, and there are plenty to choose between. Most are specifically designed for motorcycle users, so these jackets are excellent for preventing serious injuries.

One disadvantage is that these reflective jackets are pretty heavy to wear, which is great during winter, but you’ll notice their weight in summer.



If you’re not a fan of reflective clothing, stickers can be an excellent alternative. They go onto your scooter and let other road users know you’re there. While stickers might not be as effective as reflective clothing, they’re still a worthwhile solution for staying visible.

Wear A Helmet

When it comes to staying safe while riding a scooter, wearing a helmet is always the best option. Despite what some people may think, helmets are not just for bicyclists – they are essential for anyone who wants to stay safe while on two wheels.

Helmets can reduce the risk of severe injuries by 70% (The Guardian), which is why they’re so important for safety. It doesn’t matter if you’re only going on a short journey or you use your electric scooter for night riding; a helmet can save your life.

While some scooter riders hate the idea of helmets, when you’re on public roads, other vehicles such as cars and motorcycles will share those roads, and if there’s an accident, you’ll take the brunt of it.

If you’re not sure which helmet is best for your needs, please check out our guide on the best helmets for riding an electric scooter.

Use Other Protective Gear

While protective gear won’t prevent accidents, it will reduce the risks of severe injuries. Newer e-scooters are often equipped with more powerful motors, and while most countries have a speed limit of 25km an hour, that kind of speed can still cause serious injuries.

Helmets are the obvious option, but body armour can also be an excellent way to protect yourself. If you don’t want to invest in heavy vests or jackets, we recommend using knee pads and elbow pads as a minimum.

Stay Alert When Night Riding An Electric Scooter

It’s essential to stay alert when riding your e-scooter at night. You need to be aware of your surroundings at all times and keep an eye out for potential hazards – which are everywhere.

Whether it’s other vehicles on the road or pedestrians, you have to prioritise your – and their – safety. Most of the time, staying alert is more about common sense, but we do have some great tips to protect you on the road.

One way to stay alert is by keeping your head up and looking around. It’s so easy to lose attention for a couple of seconds, but that’s all it sometimes takes for a serious accident to occur. Always be on the lookout for other road users, and make sure you look out for pedestrians and bicycle users.

You should also avoid using headphones while riding, as this will limit your ability to hear traffic and other dangers. If you’re using your phone as a navigation system, make sure it doesn’t block your view of the road. A phone holder can be an excellent solution, but if you can avoid using it, then you should.

Finally, make sure you keep your speed slow enough so you can react quickly if needed. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re riding an electric scooter because you can feel the wind on your face and have a sense of freedom – but it’s your responsibility to protect yourself and other road users by maintaining your speed.

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Plan Ahead

When it gets dark outside, you need to pay more attention than before. You might think that your eyes are good enough for the road, but they’re not–in reduced visibility conditions like winter months, there is an increased potential of hazards.

If you’re planning to use your electric scooter at night, plan your route before leaving so you don’t need to look at your phone. Nighttime is when you really need to be on your guard, and streetlights are there to improve visibility for all road users.

It’s so much easier to lose control when you’re an e-scooter riding at night, and that’s when you’re in a familiar location! If you know of any areas with bad road conditions, avoiding them will pay off in terms of safety and ensure you stay alert.

Potholes and small stones may seem easy enough obstacles during daylight hours; however, they become much more dangerous than expected after dark because you might not notice them. If you’re travelling at the maximum speed and go over a pothole, you could quickly lose control of the scooter and have a severe accident.

Maintain Your Electric Scooter

As with any other type of vehicle, including a car or bike, it’s essential to keep your e-scooter in good condition. Ensuring everything is in working order is vital for your safety, especially when electric scooter riding at night.

Here are some essential maintenance tips.


Check Your Tyres Before Night Rides

Ensure your electric scooter’s tyres are in good shape by checking the air pressure before going out. If you have pneumatic tyres, make sure you set each one at the manufacturer’s recommended level.

You’ll also need to check solid rubber tyres because they can wear down with regular use and might lose their grip. The last thing anyone should do is ride electric scooters with substandard tyres. Performing routine checks, you can notice any potential problems before they escalate into a severe accident.


Clean and Lubricate Your Electric Scooter

Cleaning your scooter regularly will remove any debris, preventing rust and corrosion. Your ultimate goal should be to ensure your scooter is always in perfect working order, and rust can impact your ability to brake and turn – which is essential for safe night riding.

Lubricate the moving elements of the scooter, too, with a special lubricant. If you can’t find one made specifically for an e-scooter, a bike chain lubricant will be fine. Always make sure you use a suitable option and avoid WD-40 as it’s a penetrating liquid.

Once you’ve cleaned and lubricated your scooter, make sure it’s dry and safe to use.


Be Aware of Your Brakes

Many newer electric scooters have disc brakes, which are excellent for riding at night, but you need to maintain them. Look at the friction material on each pad to see how worn down it is (this will give you a good idea of whether you need to replace them).

Most pads have a couple of millimetres of friction, but the manufacturer guide should explain what to look for. Just as you would with a car, replacing the brake pads can improve your scooters ability to react in wet conditions, and you’ll have a quicker braking time.


Charge The Battery

Batteries seem easy on the surface; you charge them, then go. However, lithium batteries (which are common in most electric scooters) should always be treated with care, and there are some things you should do to make the most of them.

It’s essential always to ensure your battery is charged, but never overcharge it. Lithium batteries can burn if you constantly do this, and you should also make sure you use a manufacturer recommended charger at all times.

Think about where you’ll be going and how much power you’ll need. Electric scooter riders don’t want to run out of power – especially during the night – but as you can see, overcharging your battery can cause numerous problems.


Make Sure Your Cables Are Secure

It doesn’t take much to check your scooters cables and fasteners are secure, but doing this can prevent serious accidents. If you’re not a fan of general maintenance, there are plenty of guides online, or you can see if your local garage can give your electric scooter a quick check.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re new to electric scooters, night riding can seem daunting – but with some preparation and a commitment to protecting yourself and other road users, you won’t need to worry. E-scooters offer so much convenience for commuters, and they’re environmentally friendly – just remember the following tips for riding at night.

  • Always be visible to oncoming vehicles.
  • Ride in well-lit areas.
  • Use protective clothing.
  • Take care of your electric scooter.

Hopefully, you now understand how to stay safe at night so you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility these lightweight yet powerful modes of transportation offer.

If you’re looking for the best electric scooter reviews, please feel free to check out our many guides. We live and breathe everything related to e-scooters and are the largest resource on the internet. 

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