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The Fastest Electric Scooters of 2022

Brett Heyns
17 March 2022
Brett Heyns
17 March 2022


Today we review the Best-in-Class Electric Scooters for 2022


It’s 2022 and fuel / energy prices are going up faster than one of Elon Musk’s rockets into space – so what is the solution? an E Scooter of course – but, if you are looking to get somewhere a little quicker, or, be able to keep up with traffic then a faster electric scooter will obviously be of benefit! Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the fastest electric scooters for 2022 – there are some scooters here from 2021 – that’s because theyu’ve retained the speed crown!  So, whether you are an adrenaline junkjie looking for a speed hit or a commuter who wants to get to work that little bit quicker – here’s a list of our fastest scoots for 2022.

Below in this review, you will find some of the most hardcore e-scooters that money can buy.

There will always be a high-level performance need of any transport mode, and the electric scooter manufacturers gladly took up the challenge and went all out on designing and constructing the outrageous machines in this breakdown.

Plus, the major benefit is that you no longer have to own multiple e-scooters any more. Just one, or maybe two, will totally get the job done of blowing your socks off while you are going to work, AND you can load up the same bad boy on the weekend, and go tearing up the trails and mountain paths to your hearts content. Make the mountain bikers jaws drop a bit as you rip past them.

Whether you need your scooter to be able to chew up practically any off-road terrain – dominating almost any obstacle, or you feel the need for speed and racing along the road at a ridiculous pace is what you are after, you have got to check out the list below.
A good few of the top speed and power models we reviewed can actually fulfil both requirements, and are both street racers and off-road monsters, built into one truly complete shredder.

So get ready, and strap in because for those who seriously prioritise having the ultimate thrill ride with their electric scooters, this list gives an overview of our top picks of the ten fastest and most powerful models available in 2021 – all from trustworthy manufacturers, catering to the ultimate enthusiast market.

The Bronco 11 Xtreme

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Priced from: £3,300 to ‎£3,500

Let’s cut to the mustard, the Bronco 11 Xtreme is one of the fastest production scooters on the planet. That’s because Bronco Motors took a Dualtron Thunder style of frame, kept it light, and jammed 2 powerful 4kw motors in with a 100amp PURE SINEWAVE controller. Basically, what they have made is an absolute beast of a scooter. Whilst the power output is less than a WEPED FF, it’s as quick as it gets the power out super efficiently.

Reasons to buy the Bronco 11 Xtreme


tickicon  Exceptional Build Quality (Hot Forged)

tickicon  Insane Power Output 8400w BLDC Dual Motors

tickicon  Top Speed Close to 70MPH (110KM/H)

tickicon  Incredibly smooth and stable at high speeds

tickicon  Ships with Steering Damper

tickicon  Very Agile Scooter to Ride

tickicon  Longer Wheel Base thanks to Rear Suspension & Swingarm

tickicon  Rear Footrest Angle is Great

tickicon  Solid Double Clamp for Stem

tickicon  Great range

tickicon  Adjustable Air Suspension

What we don’t like about the Bronco 11 Xtreme


red  Will destroy tyres unless you pull off gently every time

red  No stem mounted front lighting

red  Slow to charge



Summary of the Bronco 11 Xtreme

The Bronco 11 Xtreme really does live up to its name. It’s an extreme scooter by name and nature. Expect to reach speeds of up to 70mph on flat ground and expect to do up to 50 miles when ridden carefully. The 11 Xtreme is such a unique scooter because of the combination of features. It’s the first scooter we’ve seen using premium PURE SINEWAVE controllers running at 100amp with short term support phase currents up to 200a per phase or (400amp peak). No other scooter we’ve ever seen runs controllers that are so capable (other than the RION). Bronco motors decided to take a scooter and make it so powerful and robust without making it stupidly expensive. They’ve used high quality parts and a bespoke hot forging process to manufacture the frame.

This is the first electric scooter we’ve seen that has air suspension (gas suspension) thanks to the rear shock absorber which uses air instead of a conventional spring. You are supplied with a shock pump to adjust how much pressure is within the unit. The front and rear shock absorbers also offer dampening adjustment which means you can customise your ride just by adjusting the dials.

The Bronco is just such an incredible scooter – the manufacturers even LOCTITE everything – again, something other manufacturers should be doing to stop bolts going missing during shipping or for those who ride scooters out of the box without checking anything. The Bronco 11 Xtreme is handbuilt and goes through individual quality control inspection before being shipped out – we don’t know many manufacturers who do this as most are made and distributed in bulk.

The 11 Xtreme is an agile, fast scooter that’s robust, fun to ride and stands out from ALL other scooter models. Whilst at a glance it might not look special from a distance – trust us, the 11 xtreme IS one of the best scooters out there. 

Check out our FULL REVIEW of the Bronco 11 Xtreme

Is the Bronco 11 Xtreme Value for Money?

Yes Yes and YES. The amount of power and fun you get for £3400-£3500 (depending on where you buy it) is unquestionable. The 11 Xtreme offers the best value for money based on performance and not features. The 11 Xtreme doesn’t offer much in terms of a LCD control panel or handlebar features / switchgear, it makes up for this with sheer performance and ride quality as well as the scooters overall build quality.

Who is the Bronco 11 Xtreme Suitable for?

It’s made for pure speed & adrenaline junkies. Whilst it can be used by any experienced rider we wouldn’t recommend it to new scooter riders or those with little experience riding – primarily because it’s fast and dangerous if not ridden properly.  It can also be used for endurance runs as long as you run single motor mode and potter around.

Bronco 11 Xtreme Specs

  • Scooter Weight 102lbs (46kg)
  • 8400W Peak BLDC Motors
  • Max speed of 70 mph (110km/h)
  • Range 50 miles (80.4 km)
  • Charge Time- 115 Hours on Standard Charger
  • Max Climbing 35-45 degrees rider weight dependent
  • Front Adjustable Spring Suspension, Rear Air Suspension
  • 11″ Wheels
  • Front and rear full hydraulic disc brakes with ABS
  • Electronic Braking
  • IP54 Splash Resistance
  • Deck lighting
  • Custom Bronco LCD Panel
  • Display- Battery level/ Speed/ P-settings
  • Size (Unfolded) 1340mm x 1330mm x 680mm
  • Size (Folded) 1340mm x 580mm x 310mm


Where to Buy the Bronco 11 Xtreme

  • Dirt E- Scooters

The Kaabo Wolf King Electric Scooter

A picture of the amazing Kaabo Wolf King electric scooter

Priced from: £2,100 to ‎£3,200

The Kaabo Wolf  King electric scooter is not only powerful and fast but also well-rounded. With an excellent build, astonishing fast top speed and impressive ride quality, this scooter can easily replace your car. 

Reasons to buy the Kaabo Wolf King


tickicon  Tough, beefy build 

tickicon  Great off-road terrain capability

tickicon  Fantastic top speed 

tickicon  Incredibly smooth and stable at high speeds 

tickicon  Well-rounded with zero stem wobble 

tickicon  Ergonomic design with a solid frame

tickicon  Impressive hydraulic suspension 

tickicon  Extremely strong and efficient hydraulic braking system 

tickicon  Ultra-bright dual headlights with a horn 

tickicon  Great range

tickicon  Extensive 1-year warranty, with an option to extend.

What we don’t like about the Kaabo Wolf King


red  Quite bulky and not very portable

red  Doesn’t fold easily due to the complicated folding mechanism

red  No riding mode indicators



Summary of the Kaabo Wolf King

The Kaabo Wolf King electric scooter is pretty similar to the Wolf Warrior but better in every aspect. The Wolf King falls in the category of the top of the range electric scooters with its incredible power, superior folding mechanism, robust dual stem hydraulic suspension, ultra-bright headlights and a loud horn. It’s essentially a speed machine built for experienced scooter riders looking for an adrenaline rush.

The scooter features rugged solid construction with massive hydraulic shocks and a tubular steel exoskeleton with a striking gold finish that adds to its aesthetic qualities. The scooter’s handlebars are pretty broad, measuring 24.6 inches, and feature a rubber finish providing maximum grip and stability when riding. A pair of majestic gold rings are placed on each handlebar’s ends, adding to the scooter’s premium finish.

What’s more, the controls are intuitively placed, allowing users to control the scooter fully. The Eco/Turbo and Single/Dual motor selection buttons and the innovative EY3 display and finger throttle are placed on the right side of the handlebars, allowing for easy reach and control.

The Wolf King is a true performance monster. Combining MiniMotors’ electric system and a 72V battery, the Kaabo Wolf King delivers unprecedented torque levels and power like never before. The scooter is equipped with dual 1500W motors found at the front and the back, propelling it to an impressive top speed of 60 mph (100km/h) in full acceleration mode, i.e. turbo: on, Dual motor: on, P-settings turned up. The scooter also has an impressive acceleration, zooming from 0 to 48 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. With such high power, the scooter can effortlessly conquer intense climbs of up to 45-degrees at full throttle.

The enormous dual motors are powered by a 72V 28Ah Samsung 35E battery with SBMS and dual 40A Minimotors controllers producing up to 6720W of power output. As a result, the scooter has an incredible range of up to 50 miles, 20 miles fewer than the Wolf Warrior (70 miles). The scooter’s range is dependent on several factors such as riding styles, terrain, weight, hill climbs etc. Realistically, except a range of probably less than 50 miles depending on the factors mentioned above.

Regarding battery charge time, the Wolf King has implemented an innovative charging mechanism that sees the overall charging time drop to just 5 hours when using two chargers- on the two charging ports, and 19 hours on a standard charger alone. The manufacturer recommends that you use both the standard and the fast charger to optimise the process. With such an efficient charging system, don’t expect to wait for long to charge your scooter fully.

Expect utmost comfort when riding the scooter owing to its impressive features that enhance the ride quality. The scooter features thick 11-inch tyres and an impressive hydraulic suspension providing a springy cushioning for a highly comfortable ride. It almost feels like gliding on air as opposed to riding. The scooter boasts high-end, motorcycle-grade inverted hydraulic front shock absorbers and dual rear springs, delivering an extremely high level of shock absorption even on rugged terrains. The 3-5-inch wide, large tubeless tyres have excellent traction and effectively soak up the underfoot obstacles for comfortable rides. In essence, the stiff frame, solid suspension, spacious rubberised deck, ergonomic handlebars and fat tyres work in combination to achieve an excellent ride quality.

Like most powerful electric scooters, braking is essential. The Wolf King is fitted with a pair of front and rear hydraulic brakes, which are extremely powerful and sensitive to touch. While both the rear and front brakes can be engaged simultaneously, it’s advisable that you use the rear brake first to decelerate the scooter then pull on the front brake to bring the scooter to a slow stop. You can shift your weight towards the scooter’s kick plate while braking for better control.  The Wolf King has an ESG certified braking distance of 3.1 m evidencing the high efficiency of the brakes.

The Wolf King electric scooter is a lot of things, but easily portable is not one of them. Its sheer weight and extreme size make it pretty difficult to fold, let alone carry. Besides, the folding mechanism is rather complicated and takes a bit of time and practice to fold it securely. To fold the scooter, you must first understand how the three components of the folding mechanism work, i.e. the pull-lever, the red safety mechanism and the safety pin with a chain leash.

The Wolf King doesn’t fold down to a compact package, with longer folded dimensions (126L x 125 W x 66 H cm) than the unfolded (150 L x 47 W x 27 H cm). Besides, the handlebars don’t fold inwards, plus the stem doesn’t lock to the deck; thus, it is extremely difficult to place it in the back of your car. In short, while the scooter can be folded, it’s less compact and weighty, limiting its portability and storage in compact spaces. Nonetheless, the scooter can still fit in a truck bed or SUV boot, and you can easily load it yourself.

The Kaabo Wolf King is safe to ride at night, thanks to the combination of super-bright headlights, fender-mounted brake light and under-deck lighting that provide maximum visibility. When braking, the rear safety lights illuminate, ensuring you’re visible from the back. The scooter also features a smart EY3 (EYE3) MiniMotors trigger throttle with an LED display that allows you to customise the configuration of the scooter to match your needs. The EY3 displays several metrics relating to the scooter, including speed, battery level, and access to your P-settings.

Apart from being IPX4 water-resistant, the Wolf King comes with some other impressive highlights, including an electronic anti-lock brake system (E-ABS), cruise control, riding mode and easy to access buttons that allow you to alternate between the 4-speed modes. It also features a horn, which can be accessed via a button on the left side of the handlebar.

Overall, the Kaabo Wolf King is undoubtedly the king of the trail. It’s an extraordinarily powerful scooter with outstanding performance, excellent build quality, incredible ride quality, powerful braking without forgetting the aesthetics achieved via the gold finishing touches and the Blue LED under deck lights.

Is the Kaabo Wolf King Value for Money?

The Wolf King’s incredible performance, braking power and outstanding ride quality match its high price point. It’s undoubtedly one of the most powerful electric scooters you can get at a budget-friendly price. It’s much more affordable than other highly priced power electric scooters such as the Dualtron Ultra 2, Zero 11X, Dualtron Storm and Dualtron X 2. 

Who is the Kaabo Wolf King Suitable for?

With jaw-dropping top speed coupled with unmatched power, the Wolf King is undoubtedly made for experienced scooter riders looking for a thrill. It is a good fit for individuals looking to buy a high performing electric scooter without breaking the bank. 

Kaabo Wolf King Specs

  • Scooter Weight 105 lbs (46.5 kg)
  • 3000W- Dual 1500W VM motors (Front and Rear)
  • Max speed of 60 mph (96 km/h)
  • Range 50 miles (80.4 km)
  • Charge Time- 19 hours on a single charger, 5 Hours with a fast and standard charger
  • Max Climbing 45 degrees
  • Front Hydraulic, Rear C Spring shocks
  • 11″ off-road tyre
  • Front and rear full hydraulic disc brakes with ABS
  • Electronic Brake
  • IPX4 Water Splash Resistance
  • Headlight 2.0 W/ Tail/brake light and Under deck lighting
  • Riding Modes Low/High
  • Motorcycle grade horn
  • Display- Battery level/ Speed/ P-settings
  • Size (Unfolded) 126L x 125 W x 66 H cm
  • Size (Folded) 150 L x 47 W x 27 H cm


Where to Buy the Kaabo Wolf King

Kaabo Shop
Scooter Hut
Electric Rides

The Dualtron X2 Electric Scooter

Image of the Dualtron X2 electric shooter

Priced from: £5,000 to ‎£5,500

Released in 2020, the Dualtron X 2 is an improvement of the beastly Dualtron X. The X 2 provides incredible performance upgrades in all the right ways.

Reasons to buy the Dualtron X2


tickicon  Incredibly powerful with a 8300W dual motor 

tickicon  High top speed and range 

tickicon  Excellent suspension system 

tickicon  Efficient braking system 

tickicon  Ultra-wide 13-inch tubeless tyres for maximum riding comfort 

tickicon  Front and rear LED lights for maximum visibility at night 

tickicon  Intuitive LCD display with fingerprint locking system 

tickicon  Control module for turn signals, horn, modes, emergency lights and on/off function

tickicon  Great build quality 

tickicon  Water-resistant

tickicon  6-months Warranty 

What we don’t like about the Dualtron X2


red  Pretty heavy so portability can be an issue 

red  Long charge time 

red  The seat has to be bought separately 

red  Short warranty period considering the high price point. There’s a $350 charge to extend the warranty to one year 

Summary of the Dualtron X2

Termed as the biggest and baddest electric scooter in the market, the Dualtron X2 lives up to its tag line. The scooter is incredibly powerful, fast and with impressive features to complement its overall performance. The scooter has been reviewed as a hybrid between racing motorcycles and small foldable electric scooters. It essentially offers the best of both worlds, i.e. the convenience and flexibility of electric scooters and the comfort, performance and security of bigger bikes. 

Dualtron X2 construction is flawless and oozes quality. The scooter employs a rugged construction with the frame built from a corrosion-free, aerospace-grade aluminium alloy. The aluminium construction makes the scooter lightweight, sturdy and durable. From afar, the scooter appears well-constructed, with the rugged, beefy tank-like exterior giving riders the confidence they need, especially when travelling at such high speeds.

The Dualtron X2 is a performance monster. It’s fitted with dual BLDC Hub motors that cumulatively produce a mind-blowing 8300Watts of raw power. The high-performance brushless HUB (Direct Drive) motors deliver a consistent drive with a progressive response, propelling the scooter to an eye-blinding top speed of 68 mph. What’s more, the scooter can conquer intense climbs of up to 70% (35 degrees) at incredible speeds-a true performance beast. The motors are indeed of high quality, coming with a two-year warranty to guarantee riders of its quality. 

The X2 is equipped with an enormous 72V42Ah LG/ Samsung Li-ion battery providing an impressive range of up to 93 miles on Eco mode. It is also equipped with a stem-embedded sub-battery rated at 12V 16 Ah 192 WH for lighting and accessories. As usual, the range is dependent on several factors such as the rider’s weight, riding speed and the steepness and roughness of the terrain. With a range of 93 miles or 8 hours of continuous riding, you can cycle from Bristol to London or tour across the entire New York State on a single charge. How incredible is that?

The battery integrates three charging options with different charging times. A single 5A fast charger will take 8 hours to hit full battery on the main battery, while a 4.5A charger will fully charge the sub-battery in 3.5 hours. The scooter integrates an innovative cooling guard design where a metallic piece on the bottom of the deck keeps the battery and controller protected. The inbuilt radiator enhances the cooling and airflow of the battery. 

At 68 mph, the X2 needed to have a robust braking system. The scooter is fitted with massive hydraulic brakes in both front and rear with ABS and an electronic braking system. The brake rotors are 160 mm and ventilated, allowing for efficient and precise braking. What’s more, the brake levers are robust and highly sensitive, responding to the lightest pressure. As such, it gives you complete control over your scooter’s speed plus guarantees maximum safety. The scooter achieves a braking distance of 17 feet while travelling at full speed. 

The Dualtron X2 excels in riding comfort thanks to massive tyres and a remarkable suspension system. The scooter’s powerful motor, large battery, heavyweight frame, large wheel size, and steering damper makes it a pleasure to ride. Of particular is the high-performance, 19-step adjustable hydraulic suspension fitted at the front and rear. The suspension is adjustable, enabling you to alternate between soft and stiff based on your weight and terrain. As a result, you can never be limited by any terrain. 

Ride comfort is further enhanced by the enormous tyres measuring an impressive 13 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The X2 has the largest tyres ever seen in an electric scooter, providing plenty of benefits. The thick tyres increase contact patch keeping you steady and balanced, while the pneumatic tubeless design helps soak in road vibrations and impacts, facilitating smooth rides. While the enormous tyres allow you to roll over large obstacles and provide an exciting riding sensation that feels similar to gliding, it doesn’t allow for quick manoeuvring or the capability to make sharp turns. This makes the scooter less suitable for use in congested urban environments. 

The scooter’s deck is wide and spacious, providing sufficient stability and comfort when riding. A spacious deck is quite necessary for such a scooter considering the long range-you won’t have to put your feet in an awkward position, limiting comfort. Better still, the scooter comes with an optional seat attachment which you can purchase separately to enhance the overall ride comfort in case you’re travelling for a long distance. You can also use the seat to carry a passenger, provided the total weight doesn’t exceed 330 lbs. (150) Kg.

Weighing a staggering 145.5 lbs, it goes without saying that the Dualtron X2 is less portable. It’s one of the heaviest electric scooters, and you definitely will have trouble carrying it. Nonetheless, considering that it’s a high-performance scooter and can go over any terrain, you’ll be spending most time riding it rather than carrying it. The scooter can also be folded, allowing for ease of storing it inside a flat, house or garage. You can also put it inside a lift and ascend with it to your flat or office block. 

With such a powerful scooter, riding at night should not be a problem. The X2 features some seriously powerful lights providing utmost visibility and safety at night. The scooter is equipped with dual LED headlights at the stem, providing a clear view of the road with a pretty long illumination distance. The LED headlights can be controlled via a simple menu on the LED display, plus adjust the light’s direction with a small panel on the handlebars. 

At the rear, the bright LED brake lights keep you visible, ensuring other road users are aware of your presence. Apart from the headlight and rear brake lights, the scooter is also fitted with LEDs all over the stem tube, deck, under the deck, and on the rims. These lights add to the scooter’s aesthetics, making it appear cool and provides 360-degree visibility at night and on foggy days. Ensure you turn on the lights for extra safety and protection, especially at night. 

Other impressive highlights on the scooter include an EYE LCD display fitted on the dashboard. The LCD display allows you to observe and change several metrics of the scooter, including battery voltage, cruise control and acceleration. The scooter is also water-resistant at an IP54 rating and features a fingerprint locking system ensuring your expensive ride is always safe. The dashboard is equipped with an electric horn, plus you may add additional accessories on the left side of the stem, such as a camera or a phone holder. 

In summary, the Dualtron X 2 is undoubtedly one of the most powerful, fastest and longest ranged electric scooters. With such enormous power, you’ll need to take utmost safety precautions while riding the scooter.

Is the Dualtron X2 Value for Money?

With a price tag starting at £5 000, the Dualtron X2 is a bit expensive. Nonetheless, its top speed, intense power and long-range mean you’re getting value from every inch of the price. You can also replace the road tyres with knobbly high-traction off-road tyres, and hit your favourite off-road trails with ease. 

Who is the Dualtron X2 Suitable for?

The Dualtron X2 is suitable for adrenaline junkies looking for a powerful and fast scooter for the utmost thrill. It’s a perfect addition to one’s line of scooters. 

Dualtron X2 Specs

  • Scooter Weight 66kg (145.5 lbs)
  • 8300 W- Two brushless DC HUB (Direct Drive) 4150W motors
  • Max Speed 68 mph (110 km/h)
  • Range 74.5 miles (120Km)
  • Charge Time 8 hours-Fast Charger
  • Max Climbing 70% or 35 degrees
  • High-performance, 19-step adjustable hydraulic suspension at the front and rear.
  • Massive 13″ tubeless tyres
  • Hydraulic brakes with ABS
  • IP54 Water Splash Resistance
  • Headlight 2.5 W/ Tail Lights/ Turn Signals and All-round LEDs
  • Riding Modes Eco/  Standard
  • Display- Battery Voltage/ Cruise Control/Power/ Trip/ Mode/ Odometer/ Speed
  • Size Unfolded 130.5 cm x 63.2 cm x 124 cm
  • Folded Size 130.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 78 cm


View our full Review of the Dualtron X2

The Rion RE90 Electric Scooter

Picture of the Rion Re90 hyper scooter

Priced from: £5,300 to ‎£7,500

With a governed top speed of 80 mph or 129 Km/h, the Rion RE90 hyper scooter is a true racing machine with a sleek design and excellent build quality. 

Reasons to buy the Rion RE90


tickicon  The fastest e-scooter on earth 

tickicon  Great hill-climbing capability 

tickicon  Relatively lightweight 

tickicon  Excellent braking 

tickicon  It comes with an accompanying app and an inboard mini computer

tickicon  The scooter’s specs can be customised via the app to a rider’s specification. 

tickicon  It comes in a variety of colours, i.e. glossy and matte options  (with a customisation option)

tickicon  It comes with a Two-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects 

tickicon  Exceptional customer service 

What we don’t like about the Rion RE90


red  Only built for you on pre-order 

red  It doesn’t come with a kickstand; thus, parking is quite challenging 

red  It doesn’t come with a headlight or rear lights limiting its usage at night 

red  No water resistance rating

red  It lacks any off-road capabilities 

red  It is at an extremely high price point.  



Summary of the Rion RE90

The Rion RE90 has been termed as the “Bugatti” of electric scooters owing to its top speed of up to 100 mph but governed to 80 mph for safety reasons. The scooter is manufactured and assembled in Rion’s Plant in Los Angeles, USA. The RE90 is the world’s fastest hyper-production scooter, characterized by its extreme performance, perfect for scooter thrill-seekers.    

The RE90 features a robust and sporty design with aggressive curves similar to those of sports motorcycles and racing cars. The design integrates sharp edges, sleek yet robust frame and smooth tyres. The glossy or matte colours give it a modern, classy vibe ensuring it’s well inside the category of high-end, hyper scooters. 

The RE90 is the first electric scooter made almost entirely of carbon fibre, and this includes the stem pole, front fender, handlebar and chassis. The front and rear arms are constructed of aero-grade aluminium thus are lightweight, durable and sturdy. Thanks to the carbon construction, the Rion RE90 is pretty lightweight, weighing only 59 pounds (27.2 Kg) – much lighter than other powerful electric scooters such as the Dualtron X. The low weight is further maintained by its lack of additional features such as a kickstand and lights.    

The Rion RE90 electric scooter has been designed for performance similar to Formula 1 racing cars. The scooter is fitted with 10,000W dual (each at 5000) brushless hub motors, which churn out a top speed of 100 mph. However, the maximum speed is capped at 80 mph for safety reasons, which is still insanely fast. Speed is controlled by use of a ground-breaking and innovative curved thumb wheel throttle that counters vibrations and whisky throttle, common with twist grip and thumb throttles. The throttle is constructed using military-grade aluminium 6061, which speaks to its reliability and low maintenance.

The RE90 is powered by a  96.6V lithium-ion battery encompassing  30Ah-23S 7P 21700 super high capacity rated cells controlled by a battery management system, i.e. in-board mini-computer. The battery controllers absorb and release enormous power, shooting out 600 amps each per phase. This gives the scooter extreme acceleration and an incredible range of up to 70Km at top speeds and 96Km at conservative speeds. Despite the high-power capacity, the battery charges in under 5 hours, 4 Hours 30 Minutes, conferring plenty of benefits to riders. The short charging time is delivered by a smart charger, which comes with the scooter. The scooter also has a fast-charging option that can further cut the charge time to about an hour.

With such a high riding speed, an effective braking system is vital for the safety of both riders and pedestrians; the RE90 comes with a highly rated braking system comprising dual hydraulic disc brakes (140 mm rotor discs) that are clamped down by MAGURA MT7 SL (4 pistons per calliper and carbon levers) at the front and rear. The scooter doesn’t feature electric braking with a kinetic energy recovery system (regenerative braking). Nonetheless, the mechanical braking, which incorporates both front and rear braking discs, is very effective, ensuring the scooter is safe even when riding at top speeds. 

High-performance scooters like the RE90 introduce unorthodox challenges, uncommon to lower budget scooters, for instance, excessive heat output. With Rion pushing more watts than any other e-scooter on the market, the need for cooling is higher than most. The scooter incorporates several design aspects that allow for air cooling, such as vents for the hub motors, and the under-deck has an air scoop and 4 high-speed fans running at 30,000 RPMs that allow for air passage through the battery and controllers. Rion plans to introduce water cooling systems in their future releases, but that comes with the added challenge of ensuring that the scooters are waterproof.

The RE90 offers outstanding ride quality thanks to the PMT slick tyres: 105/50 6.5 at the rear and 90/65 6.5 at the front. The 11-inch tyres provide sufficient traction and absorb impacts on bumpy terrain. What’s more, the scooter features firm and flexible suspensions on the rear arm providing outstanding impact immersion and consequently a comfortable ride. You’ll also appreciate the handlebar turns/swing, which are rigid and highly resistant to movement, allowing for better handling at high speeds. 

The scooter’s deck is also well-raised, pretty spacious and embedded with a traction material to facilitate maximum stability and comfort while riding. The RE90 weighs 59 pounds, which is a bit heavy when carried around for long. Nonetheless, the scooter folds into a compact package (measures L128, 27 cm x H52cm x W29cm), allowing for ease in carrying and storage. The stem is made of carbon fibre and folds without the aid of a locking latch.

The RE90 can be customised to fit a rider’s preferences. This is because it’s handmade upon order; therefore, you can send in your customisation options. For instance, you can customise the height of the pole tube to perfectly fit the rider’s height, the colour of the aluminium arms, the rings of the brake callipers, and the finish (you choose between glossy or matt carbon). Better still, Rion gives riders the option to have their names embedded on the carbon deck. The accompanying Rion app allows riders to monitor their scooter status and customise it to their liking. 

Overall, the Rion RE90 is indeed a hyper scooter with insane performance. Its rank as the World’s Fastest Hyper Production Scooter is well-earned. If you’re thinking of buying this scooter, be ready to break the bank. Top performance doesn’t come cheap. 

Is the Rion RE90 Value for Money?

Available for a price of more than £7 000, the Rion RE90 is one of the most expensive electric scooters. In terms of performance, the scooter justifies the high price point considering that it’s not common to see a scooter reach speeds of up to 80 mph. It also has one of the best power to weight ratios. Rion justifies its lack of essential features such as headlights, rear lights, kickstand, etc as necessary to maintain a low weight and ensure the scooter stays rugged by avoiding breakables. However, at its price point, we would expect a few more basics, including water resistance, electronic brakes and cruise control. Our conclusion: the scooter is designed and targets speed chasers, and the zealous price point will not make sense for your average commuter. For a performance scooter, though pricey, you get enough punch for your buck.

Who is the Rion RE90 Suitable for?

The Rion RE90 Electric scooter is built for speed and performance. It is therefore ideal for scooter enthusiasts looking for an adrenaline rush second to none, as well as riding at high speeds. Riders should weigh less than 100Kg and definitely have prior experience riding powerful e-scooters.

Rion RE90 Specs

  • Scooter Weight 27.2 kg
  • 10000W- Dual Brushless Motor
  • Range: 70Km on Fast Ride and 96Km on Normal Rides
  • Max Speed of 80 mph (129 km/h)
  • Charge Time 4 hours, 30 minutes 
  • Max Climbing Angle of 40 degrees
  • Rear Arm Suspension
  • Front Tyres: 11-inch PMT Slick Racing 90/65 6.5 Tyre 
  • Rear Tyres: 11-Inch PMT Slick Racing 105/50 6.5 Tyre 
  • Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes, i.e. Magura MT7 SL
  • Single Riding Mode
  • Size (Unfolded) L – 137. 26 cm x H – 55.8 cm x W – 36. 83 cm
  • Size (Folded) L – 128.27 cm x H – 52 cm x W – 29 cm


Where to Buy the Rion RE90

  • The E-Scooter Co.
    My Mobility

The Apollo Pro Ludicrous Electric Scooter

The main image of the Apollo Pro Ludicrous electric scooter

Priced from: £2,100 to ‎£2,500

The Apollo Pro Ludicrous is not only powerful but also comes with impressive highlights that make it a great electric scooter for your everyday needs. The performance capabilities are so superb, and the ride itself feels smooth as butter on these wheels! 

Reasons to buy the Apollo Pro Ludicrous


tickicon  Incredible power and blistering acceleration

tickicon  World-class Stormcore controller

tickicon  Impeccable build

tickicon  Stem notch for perfect front wheel alignment

tickicon   2-Year Warranty

tickicon  Outstanding dual suspension system

tickicon  IP54 Water-proof Rating

tickicon  2 charging ports for faster charging

tickicon  Regenerative braking

What we don’t like about the Ludicrous


red  No built-in lights. But self install light is supplied.

red  The kickstand is a little too short

red  Relatively long charging time 

red  The rear fender is too small to prevent upspray when riding in the rain



Summary of the Apollo Pro Ludicrous

The Apollo Pro Ludicrous is a one of a kind, limited edition scooter carefully designed to provide unmatched performance. The scooter is cutting edge, and due to high demand, mostly available on pre-order. Apollo delivers exceptional build quality with a robust frame and is packed with high-end features for an epic riding experience. The scooter boasts of a forged aluminium frame which contributes to its moderately lightweight and delivers a sturdy ride. The handlebar is ergonomically shaped with heavy-duty hand grips on its ends for maximum stability and control when riding. The controls for regen braking and throttle are intuitively placed on the handlebar making the scooter easy to ride. Besides, the cables are internally routed for a sleek and neat finish.  

When it comes to power, the Apollo Pro Ludicrous is a force to reckon with. It’s fitted with dual 1,200W BLDC motors with a combined power output of 2.4kW of power. The enormous power generated by the motors propels the scooter to top speeds of 44 mph (70.8 Km/h). The scooter’s acceleration is also fantastic, going from 0 to 32kmh in just 2.3seconds, faster than most scooters in and out of its price range. This model is fitted with the Stormcore Controller which significantly boosts the amp output to the motors. The Pro Ludicrous is among the fastest hill-climbing scooters, tackling steep hills of up to 40 degrees at high speeds. If you live in hilly areas, you won’t have much resistance from this scooter getting home. Ensure you switch to Turbo and Dual Motor for more power to conquer steep inclines.  

With a 60V 21aH battery powered by Samsung cells, the Apollo Pro delivers up to 56 miles(90Km) of range while riding in ECO/Single Motor mode. When riding in full power mode, i.e. Turbo/Dual Motor on, you can expect a range of up to 25 miles (40Km). The scooter features dual charging ports speeding up the charging process. Using a single charger, the scooter takes 10-12 hours to charge fully. Two chargers reduce the charging time by half, which is pretty convenient. Additionally, an optional fast charger can be purchased separately to speed up the charging time to just 4 hours. 

The Apollo Pro Ludicrous delivers the ultimate ride comfort, ranking high in the category of scooters with the best ride quality. The scooter is fitted with best-in-class, adjustable dual spring shock absorbers, one in the front and one in the rear. The swingarm suspensions will see you glide over rough off-road terrains, speed bumps, rocks and potholes effortlessly. The suspension system is well-tuned to enhance stability, comfort and safety over long rides.

 The ride quality is further ensured by the 10-inch pneumatic tyres, which soak up impacts on the riding track to deliver a smooth and safe ride. The oversized deck embedded with Apollo’s signature grip tape design ensures riders are stable and comfortable when riding the scooter, especially on longer commutes. In essence, the Pro Ludicrous excels both as an off-road warrior and an urban scooter with unmatched ride quality. 

The intense power and top speeds on the Apollo Pro Ludicrous demands a powerful and efficient braking system. The scooter comes fitted with two high-performance hydraulic disc brakes and electric regenerative braking, facilitating a tested braking distance of 16.1 feet or 5 meters at top speed and 2.9 meters at 24kmh. The disc brakes leverage high-efficiency callipers and come finely tuned for maximum safety. 

The electric regenerative brake is automatically activated when you press the dedicated regenerative brake paddle on the left side of the handlebar. The regen brake functions by passing a reverse current through the motor and recharges the battery in return. As a result, it smoothly decelerates the motor and re-charges the battery every time you brake for an even extended range. The Pro’s braking system offers incredible braking power guaranteeing you maximum safety even at high speeds. 

Most powerful scooters place an ultra focus on performance at the expense of other functional elements such as foldability and portability. The Apollo Pro Ludicrous is quite different. Equipped with a ring locking mechanism, the stem folds down, compacting the scooter to a neat 128 cm (L) x 68 cm (W) x 52.5 cm (H) package. The sturdy stem ring lock and two securing clasps makes the scooter easy to haul around, although its weight of 77 lbs (34 Kg) guarantees that you won’t be carrying it over long distances. 

The Apollo Pro Ludicrous has a companion App, i.e. Lacroix Stormcore app, that converts your phone into a display that’s held in position by the dedicated phone mount. Notably, the App is only compatible with iOS 13 and above, with a promise to release the Android-compatible version. The app keeps track of riding stats like the distance and state of battery charge. Riders can customise torque, max power output and braking resistance on the app. Additionally, power users can further fine-tune the features via the PC App, connected by USB.

After many use complaints, Apollo has now thoughtfully includes a 2500 lumen headlight that riders are required to manually fit to their e-scooter. The Pro also boasts an IP54 waterproof rating, fine-tuned for riding in light showers. Again, the scooter features cruise control allowing riders to set their preferred pace. Overall, the Apollo Pro Ludicrous is an unstoppable force with outstanding performance on & off-road. It’s swift, has an insane amount of torque,  is very comfortable to ride, and most importantly it boasts outstanding safety features.

Is the Apollo Pro Ludicrous Value for Money?

The Apollo Pro Ludicrous is one of the best scooters on the market. With unrivalled features like record-breaking acceleration, hill-climbing power, and stupendous braking, it’s not hard to see why this high performing piece of machinery commands its relatively high price tag. But, for what you are getting, the Ludicrous definitely beats out a lot of the competition.

Who is the Apollo Pro Ludicrous Suitable for?

The Pro Ludicrous is designed for high-performance and experienced scooter riders with an eye for cutting-edge technology and insane speed. The Pro meets the needs of the most demanding scooter riders in every aspect, including portability.

Apollo Pro Ludicrous Specs

  • Scooter Weight 77 lbs (35 Kg)
  • 2400 W- Dual 1,200 W continuous motors
  • Max Speed of 44mph (70 km/h)
  • Range 56 miles (90 Km)
  • Charge Time 4-12 Hours (4 Hours on Fast Charger)
  • Max Climbing 40 degrees
  • Front and rear spring suspension
  • 10″ pneumatic rubber tyres 
  • Front and rear Zoom hydraulic disc brakes plus regenerative braking
  • IP54 Water Resistance Rating
  • Headlight as an Accessory
  • Riding Modes Eco/Turbo 
  • Dedicated iPhone Mount
  • No Display but IOS Phone can be used via Lacroix Stomcore App
  • Size (Unfolded) 128L x 68 W x 132 H cm
  • Size (Folded) 128 L x 68 W x 52.5 H cm 


Where to Buy the Apollo Pro Ludicrous

  • Apollo Scooters
  • Adventure Sports
  • Ride Fat Daddy

The Weped SST Electric Scooter

The main image of the WePed SST electric scooter

Priced from: £4,700 to ‎£5,400

The Weped SST Electric Scooter packs enormous power, stability and long-range in a relatively compact package. The scooter’s excellent top speed makes it a true racing machine. 

Reasons to buy the Weped SST


tickicon  Unique, stand-out design 

tickicon  Powerful performance 

tickicon  Excellent build quality 

tickicon  Impeccable ride quality 

tickicon  Patented detachable wheel with excellent grip 

tickicon  Extremely long-range 

tickicon  Fast charging time with a fast charger

tickicon  Premium lighting 

tickicon  Indestructible folding system

tickicon  Adjustable front and rear suspension 

tickicon  Fully waterproof

What we don’t like about the Weped SST


red  Great for race use only 

red  Quite bulky 

red  High price point 



Summary of the Weped SST

The Weped SST electric scooter is an authentic Korean masterpiece. The scooter is produced in low quantities and hand-assembled, thus ensuring top-notch quality. Although manufactured by a less-known Korean company specialising in tunable electric scooters, the Weped SST outdoes several high-end scooters manufactured by renowned companies such as Segway. Something that will attract you to this scooter is its unique boxy design with an unusual, curved, open stem and ultra-wide tyres.

The design is nothing but neat, with tidily routed cables via a hefty flex tubing that is secured with strain-relieving fixtures. This feature maintains the clean look of the scooter and ensures that the scooter’s wiring remains intact with no accidental snagging or fraying due to prolonged use. The handlebar is ergonomic and well-arranged, achieving a minimalistic vibe. The brake levers are placed on both sides of the handlebar, with the voltmeter and hand throttle placed on the right-hand side.

The Weped SST is a powerful racing scooter coming with dual motors producing a combined 3200W of power. The motors propel the scooter to an eye-blinding top speed of about 80mph (130Km/h), faster than some cars. The 3200W of raw motor power translates into insane hill-climbing power, acceleration and torque. The front and rear motors move at different speeds and current and are controlled by an Active-Motor Qintrol to achieve top-notch efficiency. With such intense power, it may be overwhelming for riders to control the speed. For better control, the scooter integrates three-speed modes: Normal mode with speed capped at 22mph (36 Km/h), Super Mode, limiting you to 31mph (50Km/h) and the Corsa Mode that allows you to rave up to 80mph (130Km/h).

The Weped can comfortably tackle intense climbs of up to 50 degrees. It comes fitted with a Samsung SDI 21700 – 50E 20S 9P = 72v 45A 2,520Wh battery pack that can provide up to 75 miles( 120 Km) range at moderate cruising speed, i.e. 40-50Km/h. The charge goes from 0-100% in just 3 hours, thanks to the upgraded 84V/5A fast charger sold separately. At 3 hours, the Weped SST is among the fastest charging scooters bringing in an outstanding level of convenience.

The SST achieves an excellent level of ride comfort thanks to the WEPED patented W4LDPS (WEPED 4 Link Damping System) high-speed type front suspension coupled with the WEPED patented detachable wheel. The 4-link dampening front suspension and rear bushing setup soak up road impacts allowing for smooth and stable rides. What’s more, the scooter can be fine-tuned to meet a rider’s specific needs for best riding comfort.

The scooter’s 11-inch original Kart Racing tyres are constructed with thick, soft natural rubber along with tight nylon pads providing excellent grip and straightness even at high speed. Better still, owing to the thick tubeless tyres, the scooter can effortlessly go over rocks and bumps at high speeds without compromising on ride quality. The Weped SST’s outstanding design with ergonomic handlebars, steering control, the pretty lengthy stem, along with the long and very comfortable non-slip deck, further adds to plush ride quality.

Powerful scooters must integrate a powerful braking system to keep riders safe. The SST has an extremely powerful braking system consisting of hyper-powerful hydraulic disc braking (2 discs front and rear; 160mm) with an ABS ensuring exceptional braking. The hydraulic brakes are stated to be durable with no oil leakage or balance even after prolonged use. The braking system coupled with the thick grippy tyres brings the scooter to a slow but precise stop ensuring riders are always safe even at high speeds.

The Weped SST is among the big boys- it is not a portable scooter. You’re not just going to stick it in the back of your car or sit beside it on a train or bus, let alone carry it up a flight of stairs to your office or flat. The scooter weighs a staggering 132 lb. (60Kg), significantly compromising its portability. The SST is one of the heaviest electric scooters in the market today, failing to succeed in portability like its powerful counterpart scooters.

Despite lacking in portability, the Weped SST is pretty compact, thanks to a unique folding mechanism. The scooter leveraged the Weped signature folding mechanism where the bars and wheels are locked in position once the scooter is folded, allowing for easy storage. What’s more, the handlebar folds down, folding the scooter even more compact. To fold the scooter, proceed by removing the gold pin, fold the stem, and insert it again to lock it into a safe position.

The fantastic lighting system adds to its aesthetics plus makes it safe to ride it at night. Apart from the primary lighting system encompassing a headlight and rear brake lights, you can opt for multicoloured LED strips on the stem, panels, footrest, wheels and handlebars for better visibility at night. A microcontroller gives you control over the LED lights enabling you to choose between various lighting colours and animations, including cycling, breathing and radar-like sweeping animation on both wheels. Other notable highlights on the scooter include key-throttle theft protection, rear camera, in-built Air Pump System, tyre patching onboard kit and a custom logo.

Overall, the Weped SST is an extremely powerful electric scooter integrating modern technology for added functionalities. It’s ideal for individuals demanding a top-tier solidly built scooter.

Is the Weped SST Value for Money?

With prices starting at around £4700, the Weped SST falls in the category of high-end scooters. However, when you consider its solid build, immense power, excellent range and speed, its high price feels justified, in fact, the only highlight that’s missing on this scooter is an App control function. 

Who is the Weped SST Suitable for?

Like most powerful scooters, the Weped SST is perfect for scooter enthusiasts looking for a top-tier scooter to experience an unrivalled thrill while exploring their hobbies. It’s not ideal for commuting or daily use, considering its extreme power that may put other road users at risk. 

Weped SST Specs

  • Scooter Weight 132 lbs (60 kgs)
  • Dual Motors total power 32000W
  • Max Speed of up to 80 mph (130 Km/h)
  • Range  miles 75 Km (120Km)
  • Charge Time 3 Hours using a fast charger
  • Max Climbing 45 degrees
  • W4LDPS (WEPED 4 Link Damping System) High-Speed Type Front Suspension.
  • 11″ WEPED Original Kart Racing Tires 
  • Weped hydraulic brakes
  • Headlight/ Tail Light/ LEDs on Stem
  • Riding Modes: Normal/Super Mode/ Corsa Mode 
  • Size (Unfolded) 134L x 64 W x 122 H cm
  • Size (Folded) 134 L x 64 W x 51 H cm


Where to Buy the Weped SST

  • Weped
  • The Scooter Co

Priced from: £1,500 to ‎£2,150

Powerful, fast and with outstanding build quality, the Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter holds up to its name as one of the toughest and fastest electric scooters. 

Reasons to buy the Turbowheel Lightning


tickicon  High-quality braking system

tickicon  Powerful performance

tickicon  Well-designed scooter with artistic quality

tickicon  Great ride quality

tickicon  Impressive range

tickicon  Amazing acceleration

tickicon  High load capacity

What we don’t like about the Turbowheel Lightning


red  Quite bulky 

red  Poor quality LED lights 

red   The handlebars/stem are not height adjustable

red   The stem does not lock down when folded



Summary of the Turbowheel Lightning

The Turbowheel Lightning is a reasonably priced, high-performance electric scooter with outstanding build quality and design. The design is quite attractive with a two-toned look-a charcoal black with metallic cherry red accents on the fittings and the torsion suspension bar. It also comes with an intuitive colour dashboard that adds to its aesthetics. The handlebar features an ergonomic and rubberised handgrip for added comfort and stability while riding. To say the least, the scooter is well-designed and oozes quality. 

The Turbowheel Lightning offers outstanding performance regardless of the terrain. It’s fitted with high-performance dual-1000W motors that combine to produce 2000W raw power and peak power of 3600W. The intense power propels the scooter to a top speed of 40 mph (65 kph). Thanks to the enormous power from the dual motor, the scooter easily storms steep inclines up to 45 degrees with excellent stability. In terms of acceleration, it accelerates perfectly, hitting 30 mph in under 10 seconds. However, you need to accelerate carefully, as this beast can easily throw you off if you are not careful. 

The scooter is equipped with three-speed modes plus several power limiting features to make it safe. Mode 1 limits the top speed to 20 mph, Mode 2 caps the speed to 30 mph, while Mode 3 lets you experience the full force of the scooter. In addition, there are power options: Eco and Turbo.

The Turbowheel Lightning scooter is powered by a 52V 18 Ah 957 WH Li-Ion battery (LG/ Syncpower 18650) that provides an impressive range of 40 miles on Eco mode and 30 miles on Turbo Mode. The scooter features dual charging ports allowing for faster charging time. Using two chargers, 4.5 hours will be enough for the battery to fully charge, while a single standard charger charges the scooter to full in 9 hours. You can also buy a separate fast charger to reduce the charging time to under 4 hours. 

How does the Turbowheel Lightning scooter’s ride feel? Well, the scooters offer an excellent ride quality even at high speeds or on dirt hills and grassy terrain. It’s an off-road worthy beast featuring high-end suspensions at both the front and rear wheel. The front suspension uses a torsion bar, while the rear has both a hydraulic damper and spring with an added adjustable screw setting. As such, it offers uncompromised levels of impact absorption, facilitating smooth and stable rides on and off-road terrains. You’ll also appreciate the thick 10 x 2.5-inch pneumatic tyres (with the option for 10 x 3’’ Tuovot or 10 x 3’’ Tupda hybrids) that soak up impacts from the riding surface for hassle-free rides. Besides, the scooter offers outstanding grip to tackle the steepest gradients, curbs and off-road terrain with ease.

Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter provides high levels of stability and road safety. It comes with powerful brakes that guarantee outstanding braking performance under both wet and dry conditions. The scooter is fitted with a dual braking system encompassing front/rear Zoom hydraulic disc brakes and regenerative motor braking, which are engaged simultaneously to bring the scooter to a brisk smooth stop. The regenerative braking converts kinetic energy lost when decelerating to electric energy stored in the battery for an even more extended range.  

The scooter is also safe to ride at night owing to its integrated front and rear deck lights. The tail/ brake light pulsates when you engage the brake, alerting other road users that you’re decelerating. However, you’ll need to install a handlebar headlight for enhanced vision and added safety at night.  

The Turbowheel Lightning scooter is not the most portable scooter around. It’s evident that the manufacturer sacrificed portability for power. Unfortunately, there is nowhere to clamp the stem down once folded. This makes it pretty hard to pick up and carry. Worse off, the scooter is quite bulky, weighing 77 lbs (35Kg), further limiting portability. 

Overall, the Turbowheel Lightning electric scooter’s highlights include excellent performance, great overall build quality and extra-functional features, including voltage readout display and key ignition switch. 

Is the Turbowheel Lightning Value for Money?

Termed as a powerful economic scooter, the Turbowheel Electric Scooter offers outstanding value for money. The scooter’s performance, built quality, ride comfort and safety is exceptional, giving higher priced models such as the Weped SST a run for their money. 

Who is the Turbowheel Lightning Suitable for?

The Turbowheel Lightning scooter is a versatile scooter perfect for thrill-riders, sensation-seekers, stunt devils, off-roaders and weekend cruisers alike. It can also be used as a regular commuter scooter despite its shortcoming with portability.

Turbowheel Lightning Specs

  • Scooter Weight 77lbs (35 Kg)
  • Dual Motors total power 2000W real, 3600W peak
  • Max Speed of up to 40 mph (65 kph)
  • Range 40 miles (64 Km)
  • Charge Time (fast charger, dual charger and single standard) 4/ 4.5/ 9 Hours 
  • Max Climbing 45degrees
  • Front & rear spring + hydraulic suspension
  • 10″ x 2.5” pneumatic tyres or choice of off-road tyres 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes and regenerative braking 
  • Embedded front and rear deck lights
  • Riding Modes: Mode 1, 2, 3 Eco/Turbo 
  • LCD Dashboard Display: Speed/ Battery Charge/Mileage  
  • Size (Unfolded) 128L x 68 W x 122 H cm 
  • Size (Folded) 128 L x 68 W x 50 H cm 


Where to Buy the Turbowheel Lightning

  • EWheels Store
  • Fatdaddy Urban eMobility

The Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

The main image of the Dulatron Thunder electric scooter

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Priced from: £2,600 to ‎£3,000

Voted the best electric scooter in 2020, the Dualtron Thunder is a top contender for the most powerful and fastest electric scooters in 2021. 

Reasons to buy the Dualtron Thunder


tickicon  Outstanding top speed

tickicon  Incredible range

tickicon  Impressive build quality

tickicon  Strong acceleration and hill-climbing abilities

tickicon  Customizable LED lighting

tickicon  Emergency hazards lighting

tickicon  Easily foldable with an additional lock

tickicon  Dual hydraulic anti-lock braking system with ABS

tickicon  Modular wheel design for easy maintenance

tickicon  Retractable handlebars for portability

What we don’t like about the Dualtron Thunder


red  Doesn’t support as much weight as other powerful e-scooters.

red  Lacklustre suspension

red  No water resistance rating

red  Need to buy an additional front light for night riding




Summary of the Dualtron Thunder

The Dualtron Thunder from MiniMotors is a serious performer delivering insanely high speed without compromising safety and ride comfort. Unlike other powerful electric scooters with a bulky, “ugly” design, the Dualtron Thunder is somewhat sleek and minimalist despite the large deck and thick tyres.

The scooter is constructed with aviation-grade aluminium forged alloy allowing you to ride at high speeds without wobbling even on rough terrains. The stem is made from SCM440 alloy steel, ensuring top-notch stability, while its fenders and covers are crafted from polypropylene with silicon details guaranteeing durability.

The Thunder looks sporty, tough and appealing to the eyes. It features a straight handlebar with foldable hand grips for easier storage. The handlebar consists of, among other things, a motor emergency hazard button and control buttons (red and yellow buttons) on the left side, LCD displays with its switch and throttle on the right side.

The Thunder’s smart EYE LCD is extremely visible even under direct sunlight, enabling you to effortlessly monitor your speed, battery, and ride time, as well as toggle between riding modes. The handlebar is also compatible with a wide range of accessories, including a wireless phone charger, smart fingerprint scanner for security and an extra stock bar where you can attach a phone holder or GoPro.

Whilst the Thunder isn’t precisely a racing scooter, it’s well-equipped to handle speedy rides. The scooter’s build quality and features make it well suited to offer stable rides even at high speeds. It’s fitted with dual 1200W motors (total 2400W raw power) with a combined peak power of 5400W. With that power, the scooter races to a top speed of 50 mph (80.5 Km/h).

In addition to the thrilling top speed, the Thunder churns out incredible torque and acceleration, hitting 15 mph in just 2.1 seconds. Note that while the scooter can hit a top speed of 50 mph, MiniMotors USA limits the top speed to just 15 mph via a speed limiting wire in models sold in regions with speed limit regulations for electric scooters. This is also done to comply with insurance requirements and DOT regulations.

The Thunder has a remarkable climb angle of 35 degrees thanks to the combination of intense power, 11-inch thick tyres providing greater torque and traction, and the powerful battery. The scooter comes with a 60-volt 35Ah battery pack consisting of LG 3500 lithium-ion cells providing an impressive range of 80 miles (120 Km) on optimum conditions. However, this range is advertised, and you should expect a more realistic range of around 40-50 miles-still a reasonable distance on a single charge. Using a standard charger, the battery takes an annoyingly long time to charge, around 20 hours. However, you can use a fast charge to cut the charging time to around 5-6 hours.

Like most high-end electric scooters, the Dualtron Thunder excels in ride quality. It comes with both a front and rear rubber cartridge suspension and large 11’’ x 4’’ pneumatic tyres. The suspension can be adjusted in 45 stages by installing stiffer or softer cartridges based on the terrain conditions, rider’s weight and personal preference. Softer cartridges are suitable for lighter riders or cool climates, while the stiffer cartridges do well with heavier riders.

The 11-inch pneumatic wheels offer you extra control and stability, soaking up impacts for an extra smooth ride. In addition, the rubberised handgrips on the handlebar end and the highly spacious deck enhance the ride quality by ensuring stability and comfortable posture while riding the scooter. The deck is wide enough that you can attach an optional seat if you’re riding for long hours.

Dualtron Thunder brakes extremely well, guaranteeing maximum safety for riders. It comes with dual Nutt-branded 160 mm hydraulically-actuated disc brakes. The dual hydraulic brake is highly sensitive, responding to the lightest touch without making the scooter jerky and annoying to brake.

In addition to the dual hydraulic brake, the Thunder comes with an electronic anti-lock braking system (ABS), making it safer even at high speeds. The ABS prevents the wheels from locking or slipping when you hit the brakes. For more efficient braking, it’s recommended that you use the rear brake to decelerate, then use the front and rear brake simultaneously to bring the scooter to a complete stop after decelerating. Riders have the option of turning off the ABS or adjusting the brake’s responsiveness depending on the prevailing conditions.

The Thunder comes with a full range of lights that adds to the scooter aesthetics and enhances visibility and safety when riding at night or in poor light conditions. Aside from the standard front and rear lights typical with most electric scooters, the scooter features an illuminated handlebar stem, hazard lighting and savvy under-deck lights. It comes with a remote control that enables you to customise the lights to fit your style.

You can choose up to 20 preset colours or create your personalised colour palette and customise the colours’ density for a better display. What’s more, you can use your remote to adjust the brightness of your Thunder’s LED lights as well as the speed at which they wax and wane for better visibility. The Thunder’s lighting system is nothing but beautiful, especially in regard to aesthetics. However, you’ll need an additional headlight for better visibility, especially at night.

Weighing 95 lbs (43) Kgs, the Thunder is nothing close to being portable. Lots of riders find it quite challenging to carry. Besides, the scooter is quite lengthy, meaning that individuals will have troubles fitting it in the boots of most sedan car models. Nonetheless, the scooter’s handlebars and stem can be folded, allowing for easy storage. Once folded, the scooter measures 123.8-centimeters by 31.9-centimetres by 54.3-centimetres. Even with its folding feature, the scooter doesn’t get any more portable owing to its sheer high weight. Folding only makes it slightly more compact for easy storage and transportation.

Overall, the Dualtron Thunder is a fantastic top-performing scooter finding a balance between performance and quality. It comes with other impressive features, including cruise control, and optional turn signals.

Is the Dualtron Thunder Value for Money?

Despite retailing at a higher price than the other powerful scooters in this review, the Thunder offers value for money due to its quality, performance, and high number of outstanding specs. If you can comfortably meet the price, it’s really a good scooter. If not, you may want to consider more affordable models such as the Apollo Pro 60V Ludicrous, coming at a lower price with a slightly lower top speed. 

Who is the Dualtron Thunder Suitable for?

The Dualtron Thunder is designed for adrenaline junkies. It isn’t suitable for general commuting, beginners or casual riders. It’s also great for enthusiast off-road riders, especially after a few modifications. 

Dualtron Thunder Specs

  • Scooter Weight 94.8 lbs (43 Kg)
  • Dual Motors total power 2400 W raw, 5400 W peak
  • Max Speed of up to 50 mph (80.5 Km/h)
  • Range 80 miles (128.72 Km)
  • Charge Time of 5 – 20 hours (Depending on the charger type used)
  • Max Climbing 35 degrees
  • 45 Steps Control Suspension System 
  • 11″ pneumatic tyres 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes + ABS 
  • Tail and brake lights with built-in colour customisable stem lights and deck under-glow
  • Riding Modes: Single/ Dual  
  • LCD Dashboard Display: Speed/ Battery Charge/Ride Time 
  • Size (Unfolded) 123.8 L x 62 W x 121.9 H cm 
  • Size (Folded) 123.8 L x 31.9 W x 54.3 H cm


Where to Buy the Dualtron Thunder

[scooter-location-links  usa=””]

  • MiniMotors USA
  • EWheels
  • Ride and Glide

View our full Review of the Dualtron Thunder

The Outstorm MAXX Pro Electric Scooter

The main image of the Outstorm Maxx Pro electric scooter

Priced from: £1,400 to ‎£1,600

A powerful electric scooter with incredible top speed and range, the Outstorm Maxx Pro is here to give other performance scooters a run for their money and at a significantly less price.

Reasons to buy the Outstorm MAXX Pro


tickicon  Super powerful performance 

tickicon  Great top speed

tickicon  Bulky and sturdy design for maximum stability 

tickicon  It comes with all-terrain tyres 

tickicon  Optional included detachable seat for long rides 

tickicon  Excellent range

tickicon  Retractable handlebars and height-adjustable stem for convenient storage

tickicon  Anti-theft Key-lock feature

tickicon  Handy features like a compass, USB port and voltmeter

tickicon  IP65 Water resistant rating

What we don’t like about the Outstorm MAXX Pro


red  Road tyres are an additional cost

red  Quite heavy

red  Short deck and angled handlebars make for uncomfortable riding posture for taller riders.



Summary of the Outstorm MAXX Pro

The Outstorm MAXX Pro is a powerful, heavy-duty scooter designed for all terrains, including off-road environments. With a bulky, tank look, this scooter is built with adventure-seekers in mind. It’s super-fast with impressive ride quality on off-road, rocky or grassy terrains thanks to the rugged off-road tyres. The bulky construction can carry riders weighing up to 385 lbs. and comes with a free included seat attachment for enhanced comfort during long rides.

The MAXX Pro is ultra-fast, reaching speeds of up to 56 mph thanks to its powerful 3200W dual motor(1600 W each). The dual-motor set enables the scooter to achieve hilly climbs of up to 30 degrees, giving higher-end models real competition. For enhanced safety and easier commuting, the MAXX Pro integrates a plethora of features, including 3-speed modes, 2 power modes, dual motor control and even cruise control. These features enable you to choose a suitable speed and power based on your skill level and riding environments. If you are just starting out with scooters, you’ll want to use the first 1st speed level; a safer mode as you get used to the scooter.

The scooter is powered by a large 60V 25Ah (upgradeable)Samsung battery that provides an impressive maximum range of 53 miles (85 Km) on optimum conditions. With such a long-range, the scooter is well-suited for long-travel use. The battery takes 7-9 hours to charge fully, but you can use a fast charger to cut the charging time to about 4 hours. The functional ergonomic finger throttle allows for a more comfortable long commute, and there’s always cruise control when you get tired of tugging at the throttle. However, taller riders who might want to arch towards the back for better stability will be thoroughly inconvenienced by the combination of angled handlebars and a short (but wide)deck surface.

The MAXX Pro offers outstanding ride quality both on and off-road terrains. It’s fitted with front hydraulic shock absorbers and rear standard spring suspension, providing enhanced shock absorption from small bumps and even large rocks on extra-rough terrain. What’s more, the scooter comes with rugged 11” off-road tyres providing a smooth and controlled ride when riding on all types of terrain. Its bulky structure with a robust frame and stem makes it highly steady at high speeds and on rough terrains ensuring maximum comfort. Additionally, the 9’’ wide deck covered in grip tape adds to rider stability with the provision for parallel foot placement.

Outstorm MAXX Pro brakes effectively on sandy or slippery surfaces, thus safe for all-weather use. It is equipped with a dual front and back oil brake system as well as an electronic blackout brake. The electronic brake is regenerative, enabling the scooter to conserve energy for an even more extended range. In essence, the scooter’s combination of mechanical and electronic regenerative braking ensures quick and safe braking for maximum safety.

You can safely ride the MAXX Pro at night or in low light thanks to its ultra-bright LED headlights and side LED lights for maximum visibility. The scooter also features a rear tail light with blinkers for enhanced safety at night. The scooter has additional top deck lighting that is quite unusual on scooters but adds to the aesthetic flair. The lighting provision is responsible for the clear plastic casing found atop the deck. For better safety at night, you’ll want to wear high visibility clothing and a helmet.

Weighing a whopping 101 lbs. (46 Kg), the MAXX Pro is not the most portable scooter around. It’s pretty challenging to carry, especially if long distances are involved. However, its convenient foldable design with a height-adjustable stem and retracting handlebars allows for easy storage in compact places.

The MAXX Pro offers impressive performance both on and off-road. Besides, it’s a great hill climber, thus suitable for individuals living in hilly areas or looking to explore alpine regions using an electric scooter. Other exciting highlights of this scooter include a manual shut off-key, free detachable seat, horn, compass, USB port and a voltmeter. The scooter is also rated IP65 for riding in extreme mud and dirt, as well as light rain.

Is the Outstorm MAXX Pro Value for Money?

With prices starting under £1 600, the Outstorm MAXX Pro is a great powerful budget electric scooter. It’s undeniably fast with an impressive range and great hill climbing capability. Better still, its performance on off-road terrain is incomparable.

Who is the Outstorm MAXX Pro Suitable for?

The Outstorm MAXX Pro e-scooter is well suited for individuals looking for off-road, adventure seekers and speed junkies looking for a high-on-performance and high-on-safety scooter. It’s not suited for the average commuter or someone who’s just getting started with electric scooters. However, you can buy the optional road tyres, and have a ride that will give you the ultimate commute experience. 

Outstorm MAXX Pro Specs

  • Scooter Weight 101 lbs (46 Kg)
  • Dual Motors total power 3200 W
  • Max Speed of 56 mph (90 km/h)
  • Range: 53 miles (85 Km)
  • Max carrying capacity up to 385 Lbs (175 kg)
  • Charge Time 9 hours standard, 4-5 hours fast charge
  • Max Climbing of 35 degrees
  • Front Hydraulic Shock Absorbers and Rear Standard Spring Suspensions
  • 11″ Pneumatic, polyurethane off-road tyres
  • Dual Front and Back Oil Brake System and Electronic Regenerative Brake System
  • IP65 Water and dirt resistance
  • Dual Headlight, mid-stem mounted headlight, Tail light, top-deck glow
  • Riding Modes: 3 Speed Modes
  • LCD Dashboard Display: Speed/ Battery Charge/Ride Time 


Where to Buy the Outstorm MAXX Pro

  • Outstorm Shop
  • Desert Cart UK

The Turbowheel Phaeton Electric Scooter

The Turbowheel Phaeton electric scooter main image

Priced from: £2,800 to ‎£3,000

The Turbowheel Phaeton is amazingly fast, powerful, agile, and has an impressive 80 miles range at moderate cruising speeds.

Reasons to buy the Turbowheel Phaeton


tickicon  This e-scooter has a very impressive range 

tickicon  High top speed 

tickicon  Adjustable hydraulic steering 

tickicon  Excellent braking 

tickicon  Highly stable with a high riding quality with a steering damping system

tickicon  It comes with cruise control 

tickicon  It has a beefy kickstand

What we don’t like about the Turbowheel Phaeton


red  Quite bulky 

red  Not fully protected against water damage

red  Not very portable 

red  Warranty does not include shipping costs



Summary of the Turbowheel Phaeton

The Turbowheel Phaeton is the most powerful and fastest electric scooter in the Turbowheel range of electric scooters. The scooter looks both gorgeous and commanding with a massive frame, double stem and huge wheels. It’s nothing like the sleek design of the Rion RE90 or the Weped RR’s crazy looks. To say the least, the scooter is built like a tank. The scooter’s ergonomic handlebar features a pretty simple and colourful multifunctional OLED display showing the battery life, mileage and current speed. A voltage display and a key lock feature keep the scooter safe by locking the motor and locking the wheels in place.     

Performance-wise, the Turbowheel Phaeton competes neck to neck with the Dualtron X2. It comes with a dual-1600 W hub motor that produces a peak output of 6, 480W using the latest twin 2x 45A @ 72v controller. With such enormous power, the Phaeton quickly zooms to a top speed of 60mph. The scooter is also a great hill climber tackling climbs of up to 45 degrees thanks to the intense power.    

For better speed control, the scooter integrates a speed control feature, i.e. P setting that enables you to tune the scooter and control the speed. The P settings will allow you to customise top speed, acceleration, torque and more based on the environment you’re riding. For instance, if you’re riding in a city, you’ll unlikely exceed 25 mph. The P setting would enable you to adjust the scooter and keep your speed down, at least. 

With a fierce motor on the Turbowheel Phaeton comes a powerful battery. The scooter is fitted with a 2,520Wh/35Ah battery pack containing the Samsung 35E 18650 3.5Ah cells. The battery offers an impressive range of up to 80 miles (129 Km) at moderate cruising speed. Of course, the range is dependent on several factors such as terrain, riding speed, incline, the weight of the rider and other conditions. What’s more impressive, the scooter charges to 80% in just three hours thanks to the upgraded 84v/5A rapid-chargers and two charging ports.   

The Turbowheel Phaeton excels in ride comfort owing to its functional features. To start with, the scooter is equipped with an adjustable hydraulic steering damper for enhancing the handlebar control & stability, especially at higher operational speeds. Better still, it’s also fitted with long-travel mega-sized dual-spring suspension, each on the front and rear tyres. The medium-hard suspensions provide outstanding stability and balance at high speeds plus soak up impacts for smooth and comfortable rides. The suspensions are stiff, robust and adjustable, unlike most suspensions seen in most entry and mid-level electric scooters.

In addition to its dual-spring suspension, the Turbowheel Phaeton comes with massive 11-inch pneumatic (air) tyres. The tyres offer exceptional grip on all terrains in any weather, with good shock absorption adding to the overall ride quality. With such tyres, you can ride on any terrain without trouble. The Turbowheel Phaeton is super comfortable to ride and effortless to control. The spacious flat deck coupled with the ergonomic handle offers incredible buoyancy and stability for top-notch ride comfort. For even more stability at high speeds, the manufacturer includes a standard adjustable, hydraulic OEM steering damper.

In fast and powerful electric scooters, efficient braking is not negotiable. The scooter comes with a hydraulic Zoom calliper with a 160 mm Nutt hydraulic disc brake with cooling fins to cool the heated plates when braking. The disc brake is further supplemented with electronic regenerative braking activated via the Dashboard providing up to 5 levels of stopping power. The scooter’s braking is highly effective, guaranteeing maximum safety of the riders.    

By now, in this review, you should have realised that fast and powerful electric scooters are not very portable- the Phaeton is no different.  While it’s constructed from forged aluminium, it’s still heavy, weighing a whopping 132 lb. (60Kg). As such, it’s pretty challenging to carry even when folded, considering that it’s still huge measuring 142 x 71 x 54 cm. Besides, its quadruple latch folding mechanism isn’t straightforward, with cycles of opening and tightening screws and nuts. 

Nonetheless, once folded, the scooter can easily fit a car boot, depending on the car model. To be on the safe side when it comes to portability, first determine the dimensions of your car boot, then relate it to the scooter’s folded dimensions to ascertain if it will fit effortlessly.  

The Turbowheel Phaeton electric scooter is safe to ride at night. It comes with a complete set of LED headlights, tail lights and brake lights. The dual 500lm high-intensity headlights attached to the stem’s bottom provide maximum visibility at night and in low light conditions. The scooter also comes with a tail light right above the wheel for added visibility.

Is the Turbowheel Phaeton Value for Money?

There is no denying that the Phaeton represents the best value in terms of speed-per-dollar. With a top speed of 60 mph, 6, 480 W peak power rating and outstanding miles, you’ll be getting great value for your money. Overall, the Turbowheel Phaeton is an incredible electric scooter with a beastly, sporty design and extreme performance.

Who is the Turbowheel Phaeton Suitable for?

The Turbowheel Phaeton is better suited for thrill-seekers rather than average commuters. You will also want to have some experience with electric scooters before trying this one out at total capacity, considering its high-speed, incredible power, and blistering fast acceleration.

Turbowheel Phaeton Specs

  • Scooter Weight 132 lbs (60 Kg)
  • Dual Motors total power 1600 W x2, 6480W Peak
  • Max Speed of up to 60 mph (96 km/h)
  • Range 80 miles (128.72 Km)
  • Charge Time 3 Hours (Fast charger)  
  • Max Climbing 45 degrees
  • Double Spring Suspension 
  • 11″ pneumatic tyres 
  • Hydraulic disc brakes and regenerative braking 
  • Technically, not water resistant
  • Headlight dual 500lm, tail/brake light.
  • Riding Modes: P Setting  
  • LCD Dashboard Display: Speed/ Battery Charge/Mileage plus Voltage Reader 
  • Size (Unfolded) 142 L x 71 W x 133 H cm 
  • Size (Folded) 142 L x 71 W x 54 H cm


Where to Buy the Turbowheel Phaeton

  • EWheels 

The VSETT 11+ Electric Scooter

A picture of the Vsett 11+ electric scooter

Priced from: £2,400 to ‎£2,600

The VSETT 11+ is an engineering masterpiece, providing a combination of speed, power and range for the most extreme experiences. The Captain America of scooters- aptly named for its blue and red colour combination, with a signature star on the deck plate.

Reasons to buy the VSETT 11+


tickicon  Outstanding design and build quality 

tickicon  Blistering acceleration and ultra-fast top speed 

tickicon  Feature tyre huggers that offer maximum protection from mud and water splatters 

tickicon  Thick plush pneumatic tyres for outstanding ride quality 

tickicon  IP54 Water Resistance 

tickicon  Ultra-bright LED headlight for maximum visibility at night 

tickicon  Incredible long-distance range.

What we don’t like about the VSETT 11+


red  This e-scooter is quite bulky 

red  The stem doesn’t lock into place when folded, hindering portability 

red  Turn signals aren’t very functional 

red  The colour scheme may not be suitable for some people. 



Summary of the VSETT 11+

VSETT 11+ is not your typical electric scooter. This beast of an e-scooter comes with an insanely high top speed and an incredible range never seen before in an electric scooter. The scooter doesn’t only excel in performance but also in the design and complementary technological features that make it safe, at its incredible top speeds. VSETT 11+ touts aggressive styling with its tanky structure, dual stem, open type frame and a generously spaced deck. At 27.5 inches, its handlebars are quite wide, providing better control over the scooter. 

We begin with the steering column lockout feature that prevents the steering column from locking up by rotating a full 90 degrees. This makes the scooters highly stable and safe even at high speeds. The ergonomically shaped handgrips covered in a grippy, rubberized material at the handlebar ends offer better balance and stability, ensuring maximum safety. 

If you are a fan of Spiderman or Captain America, you’ll most definitely love the VSETT 11+ colour scheme. The bombastic, blue and red paint job makes the scooter stand out amidst the regular black, grey or matte black colours seen in most e-scooters. However, not everyone loves garish colour schemes, but this shouldn’t be an issue. In essence, the scooter’s aesthetically pleasing lines, design and awesome colour combination are outright imposing and admirable.     

VSETT 11+’s performance is nothing short of amazing. It’s fitted with dual 1500W motors that produced a combined 3000W raw power, 6000W peak power, propelling the scooter to a top speed of 50mph. With such a speed, VSETT 11+ competes neck to neck with the Dualtron Thunder, which also has a top speed of 50 mph but available at a higher price. 

VSETT 11+’s dual motors offer exhilarating acceleration ideal for thrill lovers. For better speed control and enhanced safety, the scooter features a DDM button to control dual motors. The button allows you to seamlessly shift between the scooter’s Eco and Sport riding modes based on your personal preference, riding experience and environment. Eco mode engages a single motor keeping your speed low, whereas the Sport mode opens up spine-chilling torque levels and acceleration. On Sport mode, the scooter easily conquers steep climbs up to 30 degrees.     

Aside from the DDM button, the scooter also features a Turbo Boost button injecting 5 Ah more power for the motor for 2-minutes of rocket fuel. This comes in handy if you need a power boost, maybe to tackle a particularly steep hill or are looking for more thrill at 53 mph top speed. Note that this power boost feature lasts for only 2 minutes before the scooter automatically reverts to its standard state to prevent overheating. Once the scooter has cooled down for about 10 minutes, the burst of rocket fuel is readily available once again. 

The scooter is powered by an enormous 60V/31.2Ah LG Li-Ion battery providing an extraordinary range of 100 miles (161Km). The 60V/42 Ah battery version offers a maximum range of 140 miles (225 Km). With such a long range, the VSETT 11+ is the best overall scooter across the globe in terms of range. The scooter takes around 16 hours to fully charge using a single charger and 8 hours using multiple chargers. Whilst 16 hours appears like a really long charge time; it’s in line with the enormous range. You can ride for close to a week before needing to charge your scooter again in the case of short commutes. 

VSETT 11+ is smooth and comfortable to ride. It comes fitted with double hydraulic springs (adjustable) in the rear and hydraulic shocks in front (fixed), enabling it to tackle both urban and off-road terrains with ease. With such an efficient suspension system consisting of the front fork hydraulic shocks, a set of hydraulic coil-over-shocks, and swingarm suspension in the rear, you’re guaranteed smooth, vibration-free rides regardless of the terrain. 

In addition, the scooter comes with 11’’ by 4’’ pneumatic tyres constructed with shock absorption and ride quality in mind. With these tyres, you almost feel like you’re gliding rather than riding. The rear wheel is lined with a tyre hugger preventing a great deal of protection against mud and water splashing on your back as you ride. The ride quality is further compounded by the spacious silicon deck, lengthy handlebar with rubberised handgrips for maximum stability. 

VSETT 11+ has been built with safety in mind, coming with front and rear Nutt hydraulic disc brakes operated via a pair of handlebar-mounted levers. The Nutt disc brakes are highly responsive and smoother, stopping the scooter without the annoying jerky feeling. The scooter also integrates an anti-lock braking system (ABS), preventing the wheels from locking up or skidding and losing control once the brakes are engaged abruptly.

Weighing 128 lbs (58 Kg), the VSETT 11+ is not entirely portable. Worse off, the scooter does not come equipped with a clasping lock latch, making it challenging to transport. You’ll need to use bungee cords or straps to hold the scooter together when folded and transport it easily. Nonetheless, the scooter is much easier to store thanks to its intuitive folding mechanism, folding into half at the stem rather than the deck. The scooter isn’t particularly portable, but at least you won’t have any trouble storing it. 

The scooter’s reasonably large, ultra-bright LED headlight brilliantly placed between the scooter’s two front pistons allows for night riding. The headlight is impressively bright, providing outstanding visibility at night or in low light. You really don’t need to invest in extra lighting for better safety as with some other scooters. In addition to the piercingly bright LED lights, the scooter features snazzy tail lights and brake lights that flash when you slow down. The VSETT logo on the side of the deck also lights up, enhancing visibility and allowing easy identification of the brand-perhaps for marketing purposes. 

What’s more, the scooter boasts of front and rear turn signals located on the side of the deck rather than the front and back. The turn signals’ location makes them pretty less visible, thus somewhat redundant. It would be best if they were placed on the side of the deck for better visibility. 

In addition to its incredible performance, the scooter comes with high-end features that add to its functions. It features a QS-S4 display & throttle for customized performance configuration, USB port charging your devices, NFC key-lock immobiliser to prevent theft, battery voltage display, motorcycle horn, and cruise control.

Is the VSETT 11+ Value for Money?

With prices starting at £2,400, the VSETT 11+ is a great value high-performance electric scooter. It’s less expensive than the Dualtron Thunder but delivers more in terms of performance, range, specs and functionality, including IP54 water resistance rating, which is absent in most high performance electric scooters.

Who is the VSETT 11+ Suitable for?

Like all powerful and exceedingly fast electric scooters, the VSETT 11+ is well suited for scooter enthusiasts with vast experience in riding scooters. Its extreme weight and lack of portability make it a lousy choice for commuters. It’s perfect for both urban and off-road environments. 

VSETT 11+ Specs

  • Scooter Weight 128 lbs (58 Kg)
  • Dual 1500W Brushless Motors-3000W Raw, 6000W Peak 
  • Max Speed of up to 50 mph (80 km/h)
  • Range: 50-100/ 140 miles
  • Charge Time: 8-16 Hours (Comes with 2 chargers for faster charging)  
  • Max Climbing 35 degrees
  • 1 x Front hydraulic suspension, and 2x rear hydraulic suspension
  • 11″ x 4″ Pneumatic front and rear tyres 
  • Dual hydraulic disc brakes with electronic ABS 
  • IP54 Waterproof 
  • Headlight, Tail light, turn signals, light-up VSETT logo
  • Riding Modes: Eco/ Sport/ Turbo Boost    
  • QS-S4 Display: Speed/ Ride Distance/ Mileage 
  • Battery Voltage Display  
  • Size (Unfolded) 133 cm x 70.5 cm x 134 cm 
  • Size (Folded) 133 cm x 70.5 cm x 63 cm


Where to Buy the VSETT 11+

  • Rev Rides
  • Riedis Electric
  • Fat Daddy Urban Emobility
  • VSETT Shop


Electric scooters have become undeniably popular across the world, providing a convenient and environmentally friendly means of commuting, especially in urban areas. When choosing the best, the fastest and the most powerful electric scooter, there are plenty of options to consider based on your budget and precise riding needs. With a quick and powerful electric scooter, you not only experience the thrill of riding at high speeds but also get to experience enhanced ride quality, good hill climbing and off-road capabilities, excellent braking and additional functionalities to complement your scooter experience.

While the Rion RE90 is currently the fastest electric scooter with speeds of up to 121 km/h, it’s relatively expensive and doesn’t perform greatly on off-road terrains. The Turbowheel Lightning and the VSETT 11+ offer you a lot more bang for your buck, and you can definitely consider them if you’re looking for a powerful, high-speed commuter scooter that doesn’t obliterate your finances. The VSETT 11+ gives impressive range, while the Outstorm Maxx Pro is the scooter of choice for off-roaders.

Dualtron X2 gives you exceptional build quality but compromises largely on scooter weight, which may not be too ideal. The Apollo Pro V6 Ludicrous offers the best customisation over your performance settings via an iOS controlled app and supplementary PC enabled one. The Weped SST is a second runner for speed, with the added advantage of being fully waterproof. The Turbowheel Phaeton, Dualtron Thunder and Kaabo Wolf King offer well-rounded performance without compromising functionality and staying in the relatively affordable budget range.

So, can we resoundingly pick any of these scooters as the pack leader in terms of performance? We firmly believe that a one-shoe-fits-all answer does not exist. With all said and done, user needs, preferences, and budget allowance will always undoubtedly influence yours/our top pick.

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Nely is an adrenaline junkie and one of her life goals is to skydive, but until that day she gets her kicks from testing fast electric scooters. Part-time scooter fanatic & part-time SEO analyst. Nely’s favourite scooter is the Dualtron X.