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So You Want To Go Offroad? Find The Best E-Scooter For The Trails

Nely Hayes
24 March 2022
Nely Hayes
24 March 2022

 If you are determined to hit the trails, investing in an off-road electric scooter is the way to go.

People who don’t know much about electric scooters assume that these gadgets are only good for urban commuting. While it’s true that regular scooters won’t stand up to extreme riding on the beaten track, there are powerful electric scooters ideal for an off-road spin.

If you are determined to hit the trails, investing in an off-road electric scooter is the way to go. Off-road scooters come with specialised features to take on challenging terrains and harsh conditions outdoors. These include powerful motors and batteries, heavy suspension systems, and well-thought-out safety features.

The most powerful e-scooters intended for true off-road adventures will take on all of these off-road trails. The downside? Most will cost you an arm and a leg!

Often, such scooters will have excellent torque and acceleration, breathtaking incline ability, robust build, powerful braking, enormous (and usually grooved or treaded) off-road tyres, among other things.

Based on the available features, e-scooters can ride in three primary off-road terrains:

  • Flat terrain (cement roads in cities, smooth roads, and flat lawns like parks and fields)
  • Uneven terrain (forest trails, dirt tracks, and hiking paths with 10-20-degree slopes)
  • Rough terrain (hilly, rocky, bumpy, and mountain-esque areas with a slope of more than 35 degrees).

 Below are our top 9 choices for the best off-road electric scooters. To make it easier and faster for you to decide what suits you best, we will highlight what each model is truly good at.

So let’s dive straight in to find out which models are a cut above the rest!

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 – Best All-Round Offroad Electric Scooter

wolf warrior 11


  • Motor: 2 x 1200W – 5400W peak

  • Battery: 60V, 35Ah LG/Samsung

  • Charge Time: 6 hours with the quick charger, 17 hours with standard charger

  • Top Speed: 50 MPH

  • Total Range: 70 miles (eco/single motor)

  • Climbing Angle: 45 degrees

  • Braking System: Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes


Want an off-road electric scooter that makes riding over difficult terrain to feel like a breeze? Well, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 might just be what you’re looking for. This model doesn’t break a sweat going over hills, rocks, and mountain-esque landscapes. Every of Warrior 11’s parts screams off-road. Probably 9 out of 10 scooterists buy it primarily for riding off-road. For many, it’s the go-to electric scooter for off-road adventures.


So what exactly makes the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 the best model for off-road use? Naturally, it all starts with motors. The scooter combines two powerful 1200W motors with a 60V 35Ah battery to generate 5400W of peak power. As a result, it can reach rocket-style speeds of 50 mph.


The impressive top speed of the Wolf Warrior 11 has a huge impact on its climbing angle. The scooter clocks in at a remarkable angle of 45 degrees. You probably won’t encounter seriously steep slopes like this on most off-road terrains. But the scooter’s spine-tingling torque equips you to overcome pretty much any incline you might encounter when riding off-road.


While dual motors are the star of the Wolf Warrior 11, the battery is also excellent. This bad boy’s huge LG/Samsung cell can last up to 70 mi in eco mode and around 50 mi in sport mode. Of course, the actual mileage will depend on a myriad of other factors, especially the rider weight.


The Wolf Warrior 11 is designed for the ultimate off-road performance, along with the speed, climbing ability, and mileage. This vehicle rides on huge 11” x 3.5” off-road tubeless tyres made for extreme resilience. The tyres are deeply treaded to generate consistent grip when riding over loose dirt, gravel, or rocky surfaces. Besides the cushioning of the tyres, the Wolf Warrior 11 features front hydraulic and rear spring suspension, ensuring that the vehicle absorbs any-size bumps and sails smoothly.


Safety is a big deal when riding off-road. That’s why Kaabo equipped the Wolf Warrior 11 with front and rear full hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring great stopping power even in the most rugged terrain. There is the option to activate an ABS (anti-lock braking system) so that the wheels don’t lock up when you brake. This lets the wheels maintain traction with the surface for greater balance and more stopping power.


The Wolf Warrior 11 weighs 101 lbs. and can support riders up to 330 lbs. weight limit. Additionally, this scooter is built to last. All its main parts are made of a durable 6082-T6 aluminium material that withstands the pressure of extreme riding conditions. What’s more, this off-road scooter is foldable. You can break it down and store it in the car’s trunk when not in use.



  • Optimum shock absorption for a smooth ride

  • Excellent braking system for safety

  • Optional ABS for maintaining traction

  • Off-road and road tyres are available

  • Extremely bright front LEDs for night vision

  • Good travel range

  • IPX4 liquid ingress protection rating



  • No locking mechanism for the folded configuration

  • The handlebar could be longer

  • Quite heavy at 101 lbs

Dualtron Ultra 2 – Fastest Offroad Electric Scooter

Dualtron Ultra 2 main image


  • Motor: 6,640W BDLC dual hub motor

  • Battery: 72V, 35Ah – 2,520Wh

  • Charge Time: 23 hours with standard charger, 11 hours with two standard chargers, and 5 hours with the quick charger

  • Top Speed: 62 mph

  • Total Range: 87 miles

  • Climbing Angle: 35 degrees

  • Braking System: Front and rear disc brakes with ABS standard


A proven off-road scooter, the Dualtron Ultra 2 is the successor to the renowned Dualtron Ultra V2 from Minimotors. It brings the power, speed, and reputable quality we’ve always known the Dualtron brand for. Much like the Wolf Warrior 11, the Ultra 2 is purpose-built for off-roading. It’s safe to say this is the best off-road scooter alternative to the Warrior 11. It can breeze through mud, sand, rocks, hills, gravel, and other harsh elements.


What sets the Ultra 2 apart from the competition is its badass suspension. It packs front rubber suspension as well as rear adjustable rubber suspension. But that’s not all! You can easily adjust the rear suspension in five stages to match your skillset and riding condition. These dual rubber shocks absorb any pressure bumps associated with off-road adventures to make your ride smooth.


Good suspension isn’t the only thing that roots this electric scooter firmly in the off-road category—its beefy wheels help too. The Ultra 2 stands on 11” x 4” tubeless pneumatic tyres, which provide an ultra-wide contact patch for improved traction on various surfaces. The scooter’s knobby tyres are especially suitable for loose terrain, primarily sand, dirt, and rock. They provide good stability and balance, allowing for better control when navigating corners or executing jumps.


The Ultra 2 is much more than just an off-road scooter. This beast boasts enough power and speed befitting of the Dualtron line. Dual motors powering this scooter can put out an enormous 6640W of peak power, enough to drive the machine at an astounding top speed of 62 mph. Put simply; the Ultra 2 is one of the fastest electric scooters we’ve ever seen.


The Ultra 2 can devour inclines as high as 35 degrees thanks to its rapid acceleration and muscular torque. It’s an excellent scooter for thrill-seekers to hit the steepest mountain slopes—and also to do so at a fast speed! The Ultra 2 is designed to push the boundaries of what off-road electric scooters can do. Its huge 72V 35Ah LG battery can give you a whopping 87 miles of range on a single charge!


The Ultra 2 comes fitted with front and rear disc brakes with ABS on the safety front. This type of system is critical in halting your onslaught of speed to get you out of harm’s way. From its sheer speed and power to comfort and safety features, it’s clear that Minimotors built the Dualtron Ultra 2 with off-road activities in mind. It’s a premium machine ready to race across unforgiving terrain.



  • Foldable handlebar

  • Adjustable rear suspension

  • Improved traction on bad terrains

  • Rear stepping platform

  • Upgraded LED lights (RGB)

  • Strong battery for long mileage



  • On the pricey side

  • No official IP certification


INOKIM OXO – Most Versatile Offroad Electric Scooter

Inokim Oxo


  • Motor: 2 x 1000W – 2600W peak

  • Battery: 60V, 26Ah – 1536Wh

  • Charge Time: 13.5 hours

  • Top Speed: 40 mph

  • Range: 68 miles

  • Climbing Angle: 15 degrees

  • Braking System: Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes


Most scooters built for off-roading tend to be pretty specialised, which is good. They are designed to have no issues climbing hills, breezing through uneven terrain, and going over dirt and mud. However, the problem with this kind of specialisation is that off-road scooters look odd when used for more casual purposes—like going to a grocery store. This is where Inokim OXO comes into the picture.


Inokim OXO can play the role you need, whenever you need it. It has the same power as most off-road scooters yet boasts a natural and casual look. With dual motors of 1000W outputting a total of 2600W, the OXO certainly means business. That peak power should be enough for a top speed of 40mph and a solid climb angle of 15 degrees.


The OXO also has a reasonably long range. When its 60V 26Ah battery is fully charged, the scooter is capable of crossing 68 miles without needing to be replenished. Both commuters and off-road enthusiasts will significantly appreciate this range. The scooter sports 10” pneumatic tyres, and there is the option to choose between standard road tyres and off-road tyres. We recommend you get both if you’re after more versatility.


The scooter comes furnished with fully hydraulic brakes on both wheels, an excellent suspension system, and a sturdy frame with a weight limit of 265 lbs. All of that makes it a fantastic choice for off-road rides and more casual usage. As if that’s not enough, the Inokim OXO is one of the toughest off-road electric scooters ever engineered and built. It’s made from aviation-grade aluminium alloy, so don’t expect it to rust or corrode any time soon. It also has an IPX4 ingress protection rating and won’t suffer water damage.


At 75 lbs., the Inokim OXO is not a portable scooter. However, it’s still around 30 lbs. less than other off-road scooters.



  • Multi-functional scooter for anyone that wants to ride regularly

  • Performs well on grass as it does on smooth sidewalks

  • Delivers luxurious ride and can deal with most lumps

  • Reliable, durable, and proven scooter

  • An excellent all-rounder



  • Too expensive for a simple city ride

  • Reasonably heavy at 75 lbs.

Varla Eagle One – Best Offroad Electric Scooter for Beginners

Varla Eagle One


  • Motor: 2 x 1000W – 3200W Peak

  • Battery: 52V 18.2Ah

  • Charge Time: 4-5 hours dual charging, 8-9 hours standard charging

  • Top Speed: 40 mph

  • Total Range: 40 miles (eco mode)

  • Climbing Angle: 30 degrees

  • Braking System: Dual hydraulic disc brakes


The Varla Eagle One certainly isn’t the beefiest off-road electric scooter around. But in many ways, it makes a fantastic choice for first-time off-road riders. This off-road scooter packs style and performance in one modest package. Its dual 1000W motors spit out quite a decent amount of power. Indeed, when engaged at their peak, they generate 3200W of power, delivering a maximum speed of 40mph. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Varla offers a 52V 18Ah battery with their Eagle One. A single battery charge provides a maximum range of 40 miles, which should be enough for beginners to cruise along some forest trails and hiking paths. Its acceleration will have you gasping for air. Whether you’re riding on a shady forest trail or flying along a city sidewalk, brace yourself to get your heart pulsating a little quicker.


One of the most powerful off-road electric scooters for beginners, the Eagle One can scale 30% gradients without compromising on speed. The scooter’s ultra-sensitive throttle delivers good acceleration for rides on most surfaces, regardless of how steep the incline is. The Eagle One arrives with top-of-the-line hydraulic brakes, given its powerful acceleration and torque. These are some of the best brakes on the market. They guarantee accurate control over your stopping power, keeping you out of harm’s way.


The Eagle One’s ferocious performance matches its buttery-smooth ride quality. Thanks to its dual spring suspension system, you’re in for the best-in-class comfort across multiple terrains. You can also fine-tune the suspension to fit the surface you’re riding in. On construction, the Eagle One is made from forged aluminium. It’s incredibly sturdy and can support riders up to 330 lbs. even in rough off-road conditions.


Its 10”x3” tyres are brilliant at shock absorption. These pneumatic tyres add extra cushioning to your ride, letting you tackle even the most challenging obstacles. Keep in mind the Eagles One comes with slick road tyres as standard. But these aren’t the only options available. For an extra $99, Varla offers the option to upgrade to off-road-specific knobby tyres that provide ultimate traction on loose surfaces.


Varla also offers other extras worth considering, including a detachable seat and an ultra-bright attachable headlight, among others. In addition to these accessory gifts, you stand a chance to receive a free safety kit when you purchase the Eagle One. Your free kit includes elbow pads, knee pads, and a pair of protective gloves. All these are extremely useful when riding off-road for the first time.



  • An affordable option for beginner off-roaders

  • Powerful torque and acceleration

  • Best-in-class features

  • Thorough dual spring suspension

  • Responsive hydraulic brakes with ABS

  • Includes tons of free gifts



  • Slick road tyres are available as standard

  • On the heavy side at 77 lbs.

Apollo Ghost – Best Value Offroad Electric Scooter

apollo ghost electric scooter



  • Motor: Dual 800W – 2000W Peak

  • Battery: 52V 18.2Ah

  • Charge Time: 12 hours

  • Top Speed: 34 mph

  • Total Range: 39 miles

  • Climbing Angle: 25 degrees

  • Braking System: Dual hydraulic disc brakes


You may have noticed that most off-road electric scooters are super expensive. The prices of some of them may even sound ridiculous. That’s understandable. To be fair, a lot of work goes into producing these vehicles. And it’s almost impossible to cut the production costs. That’s where the Apollo Ghost comes into the picture. The Ghost is excellent value for money at a price tag of just $1,499, considering it performs flawlessly when riding off-road.


The scooter comes with dual motors of 800W each. The two motors output a combined 1600W of absolute power and 2000W of peak power. At this price range, this is quite a lot of power. The Ghost is also insanely fast with serious acceleration. It can take you from 0 to 15 mph in under 3.1 seconds and up to 25 mph in as little as 5.3 seconds. Its top speed maxes out at 34 mph. The Apollo Ghost’s climbing angle is also excellent, soaring to the top of 25-degree inclines as if they were just a small bump on the road.


Large 10” pneumatic tyres are there to absorb shocks and keep your ride smooth and balanced. Apollo doesn’t offer the specialist knobby tyres for the Ghost. But don’t worry. The tread on these tyres isn’t relatively as smooth as true road tyres. Indeed, many users say that its tyres provide sufficient traction on typical hiking paths and forest trails. Better still, the Ghost excels as far as the ride quality goes. It features dual spring suspension on both its front and rear wheel. The scooter can easily soak up surface vibrations, allowing for a smooth ride across uneven terrains.


Plus, the suspension system is adjustable with just the hex key. This gives you plenty of ways to customise the ride for rough terrain. As standard, the Ghost also features robust dual disc brakes, while there is an option to upgrade to hydraulic ones. But the disc brakes are very reliable and consistent, stopping the scooter from 25 mph in slightly over 7 meters. More importantly, the Apollo Ghost’s sturdy build and sleek, water-resistant frame can haul up to 300 lbs. maximum weight limit. Finally, its awesome 52V Dynavolt cells will give you 39 miles of range per charge.



  • Lightweight scooter at 64 lbs.

  • Adjustable suspension for a customised ride

  • Powerful motorcycle-grade batteries

  • Whisper-quiet and ghoulishly fast

  • Super bright, low-mounted lights

  • IP54 rating for dust and water damage



  • It doesn’t come with specialist off-road tyres

DRIDER 10X – Best Heavy-Duty Offroad Electric Scooter


  • Motor: 2400W

  • Battery: 52V, 18Ah

  • Charge Time: 10-12 hours

  • Top Speed: 35-40 mph

  • Range: 35-40 miles

  • Climbing Angle: 20 degrees

  • Braking System: Front and rear disc brakes


The DRIDER 10X is a heavy-duty electric scooter built to overcome all the hurdles on rough terrain. For starters or teens, handling this beast will require a bit of experience. Equipped with a 2,400W motor, this off-road scooter gives you a top speed of 40 mph, depending on the weight on the board. It can also climb hills as high as 20 degrees, including the bumpy, hilly, and rocky ones.


The best scooter should deliver the longest possible mileage on a single charge. And that’s precisely what the 10X is built for. Its powerful 52V 18Ah battery gives you up to 40 miles of uninterrupted range. One feature that separates the 10X from most models in this guide is the dual swing arm, front and rear spring suspension, which is known for its sheer comfort. With it, you will hardly notice any shaking as the scooter cruises through bumps, potholes and rocks.


For an even more stable ride, this beast sports 10”x3” wide tyres. These add up to your standing balance as you go over rough terrain. The tyres are tubeless, so you can comfortably enjoy your off-road escapade without interruption. The 10X comes with dual disc brakes for powerful halting performance, one in the front and another one in the rear wheel. The brakes are safe enough to give you the confidence you need during off-road riding.


Bright front LED headlights, and rear brake lights add to your safety as you ride in darkness. The front LEDs illuminate your path while the brake lights notify other road users when you’re about to stop. Reading travel stats on an e-scooter has never been easier. The 10X features a large LCD display that lets you keep track of your speed, battery life, and other crucial elements to ensure you ride your off-road scooter within safe limits.


This electric scooter is not only heavy on performance but also on weight capacity. It weighs 80 lbs. and can support up to 330 lbs. of load. The DRIDER 10X won’t disappoint when riding in extreme weather. Its water-resistant features can overcome damp conditions such as muddy surfaces and snow.




  • Ideal for highly rough terrains

  • Front LED headlights to illuminate your path at dusk

  • LED brake lights to signal other road users

  • Excellent dual spring suspension for a comfy ride

  • Foldable handlebars and adjustable stem

  • Water-resistant to overcome damp conditions


  • At 80 lbs., the 10x is pretty bulky to carry around


VSETT 8 – Best Scooter for Light Offroading

Vsett 8 electric scooter


  • Motor: 600W – 1100W peak

  • Battery: 48V, 21Ah

  • Charge Time: 5.5 hours with 2x2A charger, 11 hours with 1 x2 A charger

  • Top Speed: 26 mph

  • Range: 30 miles

  • Climbing Angle: 32.5 degrees

  • Braking System: Dual front and rear drum brakes


An entry-level scooter in the VSETT range, the VSETT 8 is ideal for light off-road riding. The high-value scooter rides well on flat road terrain, including smooth pavement and grassy expanses. It’s a reasonably low-maintenance e-scooter too, which makes it ideal for beginners. One sure thing is that the VSETT 8 is built to deliver high levels of comfort across grassy parkland. Unlike most scooters, it features a high-grade dual coil swingarm suspension on both wheels. This helps to offer an excellent damping effect on both ends while protecting you against road imperfections to ensure a smooth ride.


The scooter’s 8.5”x2” front pneumatic tire also helps with extra cushioning. Air-filled tyres protect the rider’s joints against vibrations. Its rear-wheel comes fitted with solid tyres. Generally, we don’t recommend solid tyres as they’re less comfortable than pneumatics. But at this price point, we’re willing to pass. Besides, solid tire counterparts also have some inherent advantages. Namely, they are wear-resistant and won’t suffer a puncture.


Both the scooter’s front and rear tyres have a slick tread, producing more traction on flat off-road terrain. These tyres also deliver decent performance on grassy areas that are more compact underfoot. Although the VSETT 8 uses a 600W single motor, it has enough power to handle the majority of gentle urban slopes. The motor boasts a peak output of 1100W, that’s sufficient to get it to a maximum speed of 26 mph.


This off-roader can cover a maximum range of 30 miles on a single charge. Considering its affordable price, this is pretty respectable. Dual front and rear drum brakes come to your aid when you want to control your scooter’s speed in busy traffic. Despite this braking technology quickly getting outdated, it delivers consistent and reliable stopping performance. We love that VSETT covers these brakes in a robust casing to prevent any contact with dirt and water, meaning they require very low maintenance. Another thing that makes the 8 a perfect choice is that it supports various riders. The scooter is lightweight at just 46 lbs. but has a great weight limit of up to 265 lbs.



  • Practical scooter for light off-roading

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around

  • Adjustable handlebars to accommodate taller riders

  • Two charging ports for quick charging

  • NFC lock immobiliser to unlock the scooter

  • IP54 water-resistant rating

  • Relatively low maintenance – perfect for beginners



  • Solid rear tyres aren’t fit for rough terrain

  • Brakes are quite outdated


NanRobot D4+ 2.0 – Best Folding Offroad Electric Scooter

Nanrobot D4+ electric scooter


  • Motor: 2 x 1000W – 2000W Peak

  • Battery: 52V, 23Ah

  • Charge Time: 9-10 hours, 4-5 hours with two chargers

  • Charge Time: 3 hours on a dual charge, up to 10-12 hours using a single charge

  • Top Speed: 40 mph

  • Range: 40 miles

  • Climbing Angle: 45 degrees

  • Braking System: Electronic braking system (EBS) with front and rear mechanical disc brakes


The NanRobot D4+ 2.0 is a folding electric scooter, hence perfect for your hunting escapades in the wild. Even though it’s fairly heavy at 60 lbs., its handlebar is collapsible for easy storage in cramped car trunks. Still, the e-scooter features a safety lever system. You could take it with you on the subway and then unfold it once you’re done with your public transportation trip.


When it comes to performance, the D4+ 2.0 offers one of the best boils on the market. Able to reach a top speed of 40 mph, this unit is unsafe for those who don’t know what they’re doing. Meanwhile, the scooter can climb an incline of 45 degrees while supporting a maximum weight of 330 lbs. Its 52V, 23Ah Li-ion battery lasts long and is super energy-efficient. You can reach long distances of up to 40 miles per charge.


The NanRobot is a sporty off-roader encased in premium aluminium alloy, is tough and ideally suited for heavy-duty riding. Its suspension system is also very tight. A damping control system with five shock absorbers gives this off-road scooter sensational cushioning as you ride on the bumpiest of surfaces.


The ride quality of the D4+ 2.0 is off the charts. Groovy 10” pneumatic tyres help cushion the impact of uneven terrain. Moreover, four sets of spring suspension in the front and a single spring suspension in the rear make this e-scooter a joy to ride on. The NanRobot’s brakes are superbly remarkable. There are two braking systems: an electric and a mechanical braking system. Use brake levers on the handlebar to activate the disc brakes. The EBS comes preset on the D4+ 2.0 off-road electric scooter for even more stopping power.



  • Simple folding mechanism for easy portability

  • Double charge ports cut charge time in half

  • Five shock absorbers for optimum off-road functionality

  • Powerful EBS braking system with dual disc brakes

  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn controls



  • Too heavy for prolonged carrying

  • Long charge time when using a single charger

Hollyburn P5 – Best Premium Offroad Electric Scooter


Works Electric Hollyburn P5


  • Motor: ZM3-R brushless DC motor – 5200W peak

  • Battery: 52V Samsung SDI Cells – 1238Wh

  • Charge Time: 5 hours

  • Top Speed: 37 mph

  • Range: 28 miles

  • Climbing Angle: 25 degrees

  • Braking System: Dual-piston hydraulic brakes with Regenerative Interlock Braking (RIB)


Just when you thought you had seen it all, here comes the Hollyburn P5. Sure, it may not be the most powerful off-road electric scooter around, but it bags some premium quality components. The premium e-scooter is one that adults of all ages would be proud to ride. Just a quick look at the P5 is enough to recognise that this scooter is on a level of its own. Design-wise, this is easily the boldest scooter that’s comparable to nothing else out there. It hardly looks like an e-scooter at all! For example, unlike other scooters with mudguards, this vehicle has armour. Literally!


The P5 sports stainless steel brush guards, aluminium debris guard, motor shield, and full aluminium underbody plating. It’s arguably the toughest mobility scooter built to endure any form of punishment. The design of this scooter is reflective of its power. A chain-drive ZM3-R brushless DC motor outputs 5200W of power. Add that to its powerful brushless DC controller, and you will understand why the P5 is capable of a top speed of 37 mph. Probably the only drawback of this off-road scooter is its range. With all this motor power and a 1238 WH battery capacity, we expected a range of 40s and above, but we only managed 28 miles.


That being said, the P5 has a smart battery management system. This patented Individual Cell Fusing (ICF) technology will see you enjoy a battery lifespan of around 1500-2000 charge cycles. Considering that most batteries last around 300-500 full charge cycles, this is a fantastic feat. A true off-road scooter, the P5 rides on high-quality tyres with a diameter of 14 inches. It’s the champion of oversized tyres and a favourite for those seeking a stable ride off-road. The P5 doesn’t have any additional suspension system. But with tyres that huge, why would you need suspension? To put it simply, the Hollyburn P5 is one of the best off-road electric scooters the money can buy.



  • Unique proprietary components including a Crusher Five-Point Chassis Armor, Pure Sine Wave Vector Control, and Cell-Level Battery Fusing

  • Brilliant workmanship

  • Tough and endures punishment

  • Extensive deck and stem

  • Regenerative interlock braking to feed energy back to the battery



  • No suspension system

  • The range could be longer

How to Choose the Right Offroad Electric Scooter


If you genuinely want to hit the trails and just let it loose (with safety gear on, of course), then here are the most important aspects to look out for in an off-road electric scooter:


Motor Size

The size of the motor dictates an e-scooter’s acceleration and hill-climbing ability. A 2 x 800W motor should be enough to climb slopes up to 20 degrees (total weight, type of terrain, and weather also need to be considered).

Meanwhile, electric scooters with over 5000W can climb the steepest of hills (up to 45 degrees) and go over difficult terrains. Aim for a more powerful off-road scooter if you plan on going up hills regularly.


Battery Life

The higher the battery capacity, the longer the e-scooter can travel. If you want to enjoy long ranges, look for an off-road scooter with a higher battery capacity.

However, do note that high-capacity batteries mean very long charging times. So consider a model with a good balance between battery life and charging time.


Wheels and Tyres

Having durable wheels is important if you want to go off-road. Strong wheels can withstand harsh terrain and conditions when riding at high speeds.

For off-road electric scooters, choose wider and larger tyres that are at least 8 inches high and 3 inches wide. Such tyres offer excellent absorption and grip.

We recommend pneumatic tyres because they offer better shock absorption against the ground. Air-filled tyres bring a more stable riding experience, especially when riding off-road.

Although solid (airless tyres) are puncture-proof, they cannot absorb bumps and are uncomfortable on uneven surfaces. But if you want tyres that require little maintenance, you can go with solid tyres.


Braking system

A quality braking system will keep you safe on the road. Look for an e-scooter with strong, smooth, and reliable braking power.

Disc brakes are usually the strongest and most effective type of brake for electric scooters. The brake system is activated by simply pressing a hand lever on the scooter’s handlebars, and the scooter stops almost instantly.

For scooters that go off-road most of the time, it’s important to have multiple braking systems for extra protection. This ensures you are safe in the event one of the brakes fails.



Suspension is useful for riding on rough terrain over long distances. Electric scooters can have suspension on the front wheel, rear-wheel or both.

The best off-road scooters are those that come with independent suspension. Unlike the non-independent suspension, independent suspension systems keep the scooter’s centre of gravity (CoG) stable.

It also maintains contact between the tyres and the road. As a result, it absorbs all road imperfections for a smooth, disturbance-free ride.


Build Quality

Scooters that are regularly driven off-road bear the brunt of abuse from potholes, bumps, and other road imperfections. As such, they should be sturdy enough to withstand difficult terrains.

Before purchasing an off-road scooter, do a thorough inspection to ensure that it’s durable and long-lasting. Electric scooters made from aerospace-grade aluminium, polypropylene, or carbon fibre should be able to stand up to most road imperfections.


Water Resistance

This is one feature most people overlook when buying an off-road electric scooter. If you’re riding your scooter outdoors, make sure it’s protected against water splashes and dust.

Electric scooters with a waterproof rating of 4 or 4+ can be ridden in light rain. For the best possible protection, choose off-road scooters with a waterproof rating of IP54 rating.

Even so, it’s important to note that electric scooters are not meant to be ridden in heavy rain or across water puddles. Even scooters with the best waterproof rating can still suffer water damage. 

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