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The Best Electric Scooters Under £1000 For 2023

Nely Hayes
13 April 2022
Nely Hayes
13 April 2022

Over the last few years, the popularity of electric scooters has grown massively, meaning the number of choices in the electric scooter market is also massive.

Trying to determine which scooter could be the best e-scooter for you could be daunting. There are so many available features and styles that make choosing just one scooter a challenge. With prices powered by these factors, they range from as little as £100 for kids models to a whopping £2,000 for a top-of-the-range off-road adult electric scooter. 

So which one should you go for? In this guide, we’ll outline what we believe are the best electric scooters for under £1000 in 2023. 

What factors affect the price of an electric scooter?

If you’re wondering why there is such disparity between the price tag of different electric scooters and questioning how much you should pay for your electric scooter, it boils down to several key factors and how important they are to you:

Battery life and range

How far do you need to go? How often do you want to charge your scooter during your journey or the day? The last thing you want is your scooter to cut out on you halfway through your trip.

As a rough guide, the average range for mid to high-end electric scooters is 25 miles, which could last up to 100 minutes of travel time.

If your scooter comes with a removable battery, you can get a spare and enjoy more convenience as it’s easy to switch batteries and ensure your scooter’s always charged.

Top speed

As far as top speed is concerned, the average ranges from 15-30 mph.

In the UK, e-scooters are classed as “powered transporters” and therefore have to follow all the legal rules and regulations as cars when in public spaces.

At the moment, privately owned electric scooters are only legal to ride on private property, but the law might change in 2024, allowing riders to enjoy more flexibility.

Safety features

Protection at all times of day and all terrains is almost a minimum requirement when riding an electric scooter, at least for most people. So what safety features are the top electric scooters utilising, and how effective are they likely to keep you safe?

Popular features include:

  • Wide decks
  • Dual braking systems
  • Suspension
  • High IP ratings

Weight and capacity

Electric scooters generally cater for all rider weights; however, the scooter’s weight could mean that it could be too heavy when you need to move it manually.

For example, do you live in a top-floor apartment with no lift? Choosing a lighter e-scooter can offer more convenience. However, choosing the lightest electric scooter might not suit heavier riders as they won’t be able to manoeuvre the scooter.

Cost and charging cost

The most crucial factor of all is the cost of your e-scooter. How much will it set you back, and how does that outweigh the alternative cost of bus tickets or car fuel? Can the longer-term costs like battery life span for replacements or average price to charge – impact a decision?


Style may not seem important, but everyone has their preferences. Many may choose style over practicality, while others prefer the other way. It’s generally best to compromise on style and focus on the functions and features.

Security features

There is nothing worse that can happen or that you could imagine happening to your e-scooter than coming out of a destination to find it has been stolen.

Security features such as locks, GPS and protection could make or break your purchase decision.

Best electric scooter for under £1000 in 2023

One electric scooter sits at the top of this list, high above others, and is undoubtedly our favourite e-scooter to avoid driving or using public transport.

Potentially the best electric scooter currently available, the Pure Air³ Pro+ is an extreme all-around e-scooter with a price tag that’s on the medium to high scale rather than too expensive. This scooter gives you so much for your money, and aside from the features, it leaves you with reliability, style and a comfortable ride.

Pure has made impressive improvements as a third-generation scooter, including a better range, 710W motor and IP65 water resistance. This scooter delivers on all bases. Not your thing? We have plenty of other models to choose from.

Read on to find which is best for your needs.

What are the best electric scooters?

Let’s make it easy:

Pure Air³ Pro+ – £649

Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 – £599.99

Segway P65E – £909

Pure Advance + – £899

Carrera impel is-1 – £399

Pure Air Pro LR – £499 to £549

Inokim Ox – £1299 (Yes, we know it’s over £1000, but not much, so we had to include it)

TX85 Pro Scooter – £259

Pure Air³ Pro

Our top pick for the best electric scooter under £1000 in 2023.


We previously reviewed the Pure Air Pro 2nd Gen, but the newer Pure Air³ Pro+ is a high-performance electric scooter that deserves its place on this list. With its speed, portability and range, you won’t be disappointed with this cost-effective scooter.

With a maximum range of 31 miles per charge and speeds that can reach 15.5 miles per hour, this next-generation scooter will get you where you need to be, making it an excellent choice for commuters.

The 710W motor scooter can climb inclines of up to 19%, and it also has an IP65 rating, making the Pure Air³ Pro suitable for riding through puddles.

It’s important to note that this scooter performs well for general city riding and commuting but won’t perform well for off-road riding.

Overall, you can benefit from a fantastic scooter that offers value for money. It looks good too, which is a bonus.

Range: 31 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 16.5kg; Maximum rider weight: 120kg; Charge time: 6hrs; Motor power: 710W

Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2

In second place, and only by a small difference, we have the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2.


“The Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 electric scooter is Xiaomi’s premium level electric scooter, complete and proven with high range, speeds and motor quality”.

Being very similar to its previous versions and having similar features and design points to some of the other electric scooters on this list has made the Mi Pro 2 ranked second. A feature-rich scooter with high battery power and a comfortable ride, there is nothing you can’t like about these popular e-scooters.

Built with an intent to take larger weights and have some of the strongest and tallest wheels available, this scooter sits on the heavier side of product weights. However, this is countered mostly through its folding technology, which allows you to transport the scooter.

If you are looking for the smoothest ride and solid build quality, then the Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 could be the choice for you. The scooter’s range is also impressive and a very welcome bonus for riders.

Range: 40 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 14.2kg; Maximum rider weight: 100kg; Charge time:8hrs 30mins; Motor power: 300W

Segway Kick Scooter P65E

OK, The Segway P65E is one of the more expensive scooters on this list, but it offers riders a fantastic experience and boasts an impressive range of 40 miles.

The higher price tag might not be an issue if you’d rather not worry about constantly charging your scooter.

With top speeds of 15.5 miles per hour, this scooter is also suitable for public road usage – only where privately owned e-scooters are legal.

The dual braking system, with EBS anti-lock braking and disc brakes, ensures excellent stopping power.

Better still, this scooter can handle inclines of up to 22% and has three useful riding modes, including walk and park modes, making it easier to control.

Range: miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 28kg; Maximum rider weight: 120kg; Charge time:4 hours; Motor power: 350W

Pure Advance +

“Pure Advance +, the scooter designed with style in mind.”


Sleek, sexy and convenient, the Pure Advance + holds nothing back and certainly makes an immediate impression. This lightweight electric scooter was designed from the ground up to incorporate a range of winning features—and the team at Pure Electric succeeded.

While the top speeds are average, you’re getting a fantastic range of 31 miles and hill-climbing abilities too. Better still, the charge time is quicker than some other models, and this is one of the rare scooters that can easily support heavier riders.

With an ingress rating of IP65, the scooter can handle puddles and light rain, making it a worthy contender in this list. Is it more expensive? Yes. But if you want a stylish scooter with a stunning design, you won’t mind the extra money.

Range: 31 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 16.2kg; Maximum rider weight: 120kg; Charge time:7hrs 15mins; Motor power: 710W

Carrera Impel is-1

Ranking fifth on our list and choosing function over fashion is the Impel is-1.


“Boasting high-quality performance technology commonly found on performance e-scooters, the impel comes at a price that won’t break the bank.”

Carrera is one of the longest-standing other future brands. Having decades of experience building and designing scooters and bikes and putting that behind the design and build of the Impel is-1 ranks fifth on our list.

Although not overly stylish, this electric scooter maintains its place due to its performance-related features. The Impel is-1 has been built to last, solid and pneumatic tyres combined into 8.5 inches of wheel, allowing for a shock-absorbing, smooth ride.

Whatever terrain you choose to take your Impel is-1, you have incredible safety features, including a powerful safe dual-disc braking system and an electronic locking system with a built-in cable lock.

Despite its ranking, this e-scooter is still a strong contender and worth looking into as an option for your purchase.

Range: 18.6 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 17kg; Maximum rider weight: 100kg; Charge time:4 hrs; Motor power: 350W

Pure Air Pro LR

“Pure Air Pro LR electric scooter – our newest, most powerful e-scooter model featuring our longest 37m range and 700W peak motor power.”


 In sixth place is the LR, with a massive range longer than most models currently on the market.

With a leading electric scooter max range of around 37 miles, the LR (long-range) claims its right to rank amongst the best, despite its hefty price tag. However, you generally get what you pay for.

Housing most of the same premium and beneficial features that many of the other Pure Air Models house, this scooter packs a punch.

This scooter’s second best feature is the massive 700w motor, which allows increased acceleration and uphill torque, making those longer journeys more satisfying and smooth.

The LR is also one of the very few scooters to be styled with a maple and birch wood platform to stand on.

Range: 37.2 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 17.5kg; Maximum rider weight: 120kg; Charge time:9hrs 30mins; Motor power: 700W

Inokim Ox

Seventh Place shines on a scooter built with heavier users in mind.


“Known as the SUV of electric scooters, the Inokim Ox electric scooter features a mighty 800W rated motor, exceptional range of up to 56 miles AND a brilliantly comfortable ride.”

At over £1,000, the Ox is classed and rated as one of the top-end models available today on the e-scooter market. With many specifications ranking amongst the best globally, paying over £1,000 doesn’t seem too bad.

However, this e-scooter falls outside a large proportion of riders’ budgets at that price. Therefore setting this product back in the rankings.

The suspension system, unique in the industry, enables riders to customise ride heights to accommodate the different speeds and terrains.

This, combined with a quality “aircraft-grade” aluminium alloy frame and large 10-inch wheels with air-filled tyres, means a highly comfortable ride.

Range: 56 miles; Top speed: 22mph; E-scooter weight: 28.3kg; Maximum rider weight: 120kg; Charge time: 7 hrs; Motor power: 800W

TX85 Pro E-Scooter

Last and certainly not least is the TX85 Pro which offers riders a good experience and won’t break the bank.

It might not have a big name behind it, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy plenty of winning features with this budget e-scooter.

Despite its impressive range and motor, the scooter weighs just under 13kg, which makes it a great choice if you’re looking for something convenient.

With LED lights and an IP54 rating, you’re getting great value for money. Is it the best-looking scooter? No. However, it offers many great features and is one of the better entry-level electric kick scooters.

Range: 18.6 miles; Top speed: 18.6mph; E-scooter weight: 13kg; Maximum rider weight: N/A; Charge time: 6-7 hrs; Motor power: 700W

Choosing the right e-scooter for your needs 

First, you would likely want to settle on a price point, whether the low end at £300 or jumping up towards the high end at £700 – £2,000. Don’t focus on price entirely and forget to assess the features, as you could be paying for the design over functions.

Remember to cover all the key points we recommend reviewing when choosing out of the best electric scooter, including but not limited to battery life, range, top speed, safety features, weight, capacity, cost, charging cost, style and security features.

There’s an electric scooter brand and model for everyone, so shop around, read our reviews and find a model that will give you endless hours of fun.

Are electric scooters legal in the UK?

The short answer is yes; the long answer is no. A privately owned electric scooter is not legal in public spaces and can only legally be ridden on private land with permission from the landowner. However, rental electric scooters are permitted in public areas.

To understand this more clearly, private electric scooters are purchased from any location by you. A rental electric scooter is part of a scheme that trials electric scooters nationwide in controlled and protected ways, such as limited max speed.

Therefore, rental scooters may be your best option now to ride legally and safely in the UK.

Either way, electric scooters require all the same best practices as cars, as they are powered electric vehicles; therefore, a driving licence is required. But if you happen to live within a city or town with a scheme running, then it is highly recommended that you test electric scooters and “try before you buy”.

As the government continues exploring the prospects of legalising e-scooters in the UK, we can expect further updates in 2023.

Are electric scooters legal in the US?

Private electric scooters are legal in most US states; however, rules tend to differ from state to state, and many states require a driving licence to ride an e-scooter.

Are electric scooters legal in the EU?

Electric scooters are legal to ride in many EU countries and most European tourist hubs, including France, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands. Different countries have different rules on e-scooters and best practices for when riding.

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