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The Best Electric Scooters for Kids this Christmas

Holly Darani
26 January 2024

Christmas is coming, but what is Santa bringing this year? Will it be new toys? Chocolate? Clothes? Or are you planning to go all out and give your child the gift of a lifetime – an electric scooter?


While private e-scooters aren’t allowed on public roads in the UK, the law should change too, so it’s the perfect time to get your kid used to riding one of their very own.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top kids’ electric scooters for 2023. Ready to spread some festive cheer?

Can kids ride electric scooters? 

While it’s legal to ride private electric scooters on public roads in other countries, in the UK we can only ride shared scooters (GB News). However, privately owned e-scooters are allowed on private land, so yes, your child can ride their new best friend at home.

The next question you probably have is whether e-scooters are safe for kids. We’d suggest you avoid getting them an off road adult scooter, and instead choose a model more suited for their age and size.

Before purchasing a scooter, it’s worth considering a few factors.

Is your child old enough?

Before buying a kid’s electric scooter, it’s essential to check the age limits, as scooters are each designed for different purposes. For example, a young child shouldn’t ride e-scooters with speeds that exceed 10 mph, while older children might want a faster model.

Does your child have physical coordination?

Children develop coordination skills as they get older, and at around five, they can handle different tasks, such as balancing and catching balls. Scooters require some agility and coordination, so it’s worthwhile making sure your child has the physical capability first.

Are you promoting safety?

Watching your child ride the scooter can help them get to grips with the controls, and you can monitor them should anything go wrong. Be sure to provide protective gear, including a child’s size helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and anything else that will help prevent injuries.

The best kids e-scooters for Christmas 2023

We searched far and wide to find the best electric scooter models that children of all ages will love for Christmas. The following scooters deliver on all bases, including:

  • Substance
  • Style
  • Safety features
  • Price

From teen scooters to starter models for toddlers, these top picks will make Christmas morning magical.

ScooterMinimum AgeSpeedRangeWeight LimitPrice
Razor E1008 and over10 mph10 miles120 lbs£189
Gotrax GKS Plus6 and over7.5 mph7 miles154 lbs£104
Segway Ninebot Zing E86 to 12 years old8.6 mph6.2 miles110 lbs£219.99
Razor Power Core E908 and over10 mph10 miles120 lbs£180 - £209
GoTrax Vibe8-15 years old10-15.5 mph13 miles220 lbs£203
Swagtron SK15-8 (and over)6.2 mph4 miles143 lbsUnder £100
SkootHop K3Toddlers3.1 mph4.2 miles110 lbs£125
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No kid wants to ride around on an e-scooter that doesn’t look the part, and the Razor E100 will make their eyes light up on Christmas day. It’s an entry-level scooter that lacks high speeds but will still take your child on an epic adventure. 

At just £189, the Razor E100 is also friendly on your wallet while still managing to pack a range of winning features. 

Whether it’s so your child can get used to scooter riding or off-roading, this is one scooter that almost has it all. 

What you’ll love

The Razor E100 comes in various colours, including vibrant purple, pink and red, making them highly popular with children. Better still, it’s designed with the younger person in mind, and with a maximum speed of 10 mph, it’s one of the safer options out there. 

With 10 miles of riding time, around 40 minutes, the scooter is perfect for short rides and weighs just 22 lbs. 


Despite being a child’s e-scooter, the Razor E100 doesn’t come with reflectors or bells, but you can buy them separately, so it’s not a major issue. Also, some people find the motor requires regular maintenance, but for the price, the Razor E100 is a safe option. 

Is it the sleekest scooter? No. It’s also not the fastest or most expensive, but we rate it highly as a starter model for children. 

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As an upgrade from the original Gotrax GKS, the Plus model offers more features and upgrades, making it a worthy Christmas present for any child. Many people describe it as the scooter that puts safety first due to its Safe-Start features. 

Instead of just starting the motor, riders must use the two-button start sequence, ensuring the proper standing position. 

Parents can rest easy, knowing that the GKS Plus is a great starter model that allows young riders to get used to the various controls.

What you’ll love 

First things first, the scooter costs just £104, which is ideal if you’re on a budget. As an improvement from the original GKS, children can also look forward to a longer riding time of seven miles and speeds of 7.5 mph. 

What makes the Plus model unique is its LED lights built into the deck and frame, creating a glow and allowing your child to ride at night. 

Weighing in at just 22 lbs, it’s also easy to move around, and the six-inch wheels are made of rubber, which won’t puncture. 


With its budget-friendly price tag, the GKS Plus isn’t meant to have premium features, but some children might find the 7.5 mph speed underwhelming. While ideal for children aged 6 to 7, older kids will probably want more power. 

Some people find foot controls easier than handlebar controls, while others prefer a combination of both. The GKS Plus model only uses feet control, so it might be a good idea to look for an alternative model if you’re worried about ease of use. 

The GKS Plus is a fantastic model, but its limitations might make it a dealbreaker.

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Segway released two child-friendly e-scooters, but the Ninebot Zing E8 is better for children aged 6 to 12. 

The first thing you’ll notice is the winning design, which combines a sleek frame with impressive handlebars to create a scooter that’s easy on the eye. No kid will feel embarrassed when cruising along on the E8, which is available in either pink or blue. 

Despite being an entry-level scooter, there are some incredible features you might not expect to see in other budget models. 

What you’ll love

A maximum speed of 8.7 miles per hour is enough to give younger children a travelling companion, but it also ensures safety. What makes the E8 stand out is its different riding modes, including Safe, Cruise and Turbo for the thrill-seekers. 

The 3M reflective sticker ensures safety on the road, and different braking systems offer excellent stopping power, including generative and electric brakes. 

An IPX4 rating also protects the scooter from splashes of water, a feature many models don’t have. 


No scooter is perfect, and the E8 does have some disadvantages. We’ll start with the obvious: the price. Coming in at over £200, there are cheaper kid’s e-scooters, but it’s also important to remember the E8 has impressive features. 

Some children might find the range doesn’t give them much riding time—especially when using turbo mode, so the scooter’s best for casual riding rather than going to and from school. 

Lastly, while it comes with a reflector sticker, there aren’t any lights. You can buy them separately, but the scooter costs £219, so this might not be an option. 

Overall, the Ninebot Zing is a great scooter, but children might need an upgrade sooner than you’d like. 

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If you have slightly older children – probably in their tweens – the Razor Power Core E90 is a solid bet. It’s packed with features and has an impressive maximum speed of 10 mph, more than enough to get around without compromising safety. 

As you’d expect from Razor, the scooter holds nothing back in design, with bright colours and modern lettering that will immediately grab attention. 

Is it perfect? No. But there are features that make it ideal for kids who want a little more speed and parents who want safety. 

What you’ll love 

With impressive top speeds of 10 miles per hour, tweens won’t feel like they’re being held back, and the Razor Power Core E90 can make for an impressive ride. However, parents will love the kick-to-start feature, which makes it easier to manage the e-scooter. 

The scooter is also constructed with robust materials, ensuring durability. While some kid’s scooters lack solid construction, the price of the E90 is justifiable due to its ability to withstand a lot of usage.


OK, the Razor Power Core E90 has many qualities, but its 12-hour charge time might be a dealbreaker for some people. Granted, you get 10 miles of travel time per charge, but that often means you need to leave the scooter plugged in for an extended duration. 

The pneumatic front tyre can offer extra suspension, but you’ll need to perform more maintenance than solid rubber tyres. 

Also, people have noted the e-scooter doesn’t perform well on wet surfaces, but most children won’t ride on them regularly. 

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Teens will want some extra bang for your buck, and the GoTrax Vibe certainly won’t disappoint. With its sleek design and eye-catching features, the scooter is an attention grabber – and people aged between 8-15 will love showing their skills off. 

Weighing in at just 21 lbs, it’s also easy to transport and could be ideal for trips to school (where legal). There are also four vibrant colour options and safety features that make the Vibe a good choice. 

What you’ll love 

While many kids’ scooters lack speed, the GoTrax Vibe doesn’t hold back. The official website happily lists this scooter as having a max speed of 15.5 mph, but most would agree that 12 mph is the reality. 

However, that’s plenty of speed for younger riders, but it also ensures the scooter is relatively safe. Other features include a waterproof rating of IPX4 and clear acceleration and brake controls on the handlebars. 

The scooter also comes with rubber tyres, making it a low-maintenance option and a built-in LED light for night riding. 


There are plenty of reasons to buy the GoTrax Vibe, but owners get a reality check when they finally hop on board the deck. One thing is clear: that 15.5 mph speed is highly optimistic, and GoTrax has clearly overestimated their scooter. 

Another drawback is the 7-mile range per charge, which isn’t a huge issue – but with a four to five-hour charge time, it might not be suitable for daily use. 

Overall, the benefits of the Vibe outweigh the cons, and it’s a great starter scooter for tweens and teens to enjoy.

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On a limited budget? The Swagtron SK1 is one of the cheapest scooters, with average prices at under £100. It’s not the fastest or the most powerful, but we see this scooter as a great entry-level model for pre-tweens. 

With two vibrant colours, cotton candy pink and firetruck red, the scooter immediately grabs your attention, and kids will love showing it off to their friends. 

OK, it’s got the looks – but what about the features? 

What you’ll love 

As a kick-to-start scooter, the engine only kicks in when it reaches 3 miles per hour, and a 6.5 mph max speed is a safe option for children to get to grips with riding. 

With a highly durable metal frame, you won’t need to worry about wear and tear, an impressive feature for the low price tag. But, the adjustable stem sets the scooter apart, as it can grow with your child – until they want some extra speed and range. 

Better still, the SK1 was designed with the younger rider in mind, so you can be sure you’re getting a safe scooter. 


The scooter is advertised as suitable for children up to 8 and over, but its basic design and low speed are best for younger children. As your child reaches their tweens, they’ll probably want something with a little more power. 

However, the low price means you’re not sacrificing too much, and upgrading to a more powerful model is easy. 

Yes, the range is disappointing, but we see the Swagtron SK1 as the ideal starting point for children to test out a scooter and develop their basic riding skills.

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No parent wants to put their child in danger, and many scooters aren’t suitable for toddlers. The ScootHop K3 changed everything with its toddler-friendly design and safety features that surpass expectations. 

The price tag of £125 might seem steep, but you’re paying for security, and many would consider the K3 an excellent training model. 

Various features make the K3 stand out from other three-wheel scooters, including a decent top speed and range with lean-to-steer technology. 

What you’ll love 

Kids can activate automatic riding by kicking off just one to three times. Afterwards, the K3 jumps into action, offering up to 3.6 miles of speed. Sure, it doesn’t exactly cruise along, but the maximum speed is suitable for toddlers and ensures safety. 

Toddlers don’t need to worry about getting to grips with the controls, as the scooter utilises lean-to-steer technology, which means they can gently use their bodies to navigate corners. 

With its non-slip features and adjustable height, your child can experience the thrill of e-scooters without feeling out of control. 


At just £125, the K3 won’t break your budget, and it’s ideal for toddlers to develop their skills. For these reasons, there aren’t many drawbacks associated with the scooter; you get what you pay for. 

Your toddler will want something with more range, speed and features as they grow, but it’s easy to assemble and will put a smile on any young child’s face.

Things to consider before choosing an electric scooter

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As a caregiver, your priority is safety – while your child will naturally want something they can show off to their friends. Luckily, there are scooters that deliver on all bases, and it’s a matter of choice.

Consider the following factors before choosing an e-scooter and rushing out to buy some gift wrap.

What’s the weight limit?

Most electric scooters have a weight limit, which includes the max rider weight and scooter load. For example, if a scooter has a limit of 110 lbs, and the rider weighs 105 lbs, they might still exceed the load if they have a backpack.

Also, too much weight can result in the scooter moving at a slower speed, so purchasing a model that accommodates your child is essential. At the same time, heavier scooters will be challenging for light children to manoeuvre, which can compromise their safety.

Range and speed

Kids scooters aren’t going to have massive speeds, as that wouldn’t be practical—but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise. Tweens and teens will want more power than very young kids, and the GoTrax Vibe can deliver up to 12.5 mph, while the SkootHop K3 is the slowest scooter, at 3.1 mph.

Range is less important if your child uses the scooter around the garden, but some countries allow privately owned models on the road. Make sure you choose a model that will serve its purpose to ensure you’re not charging the electric scooter battery constantly.

Starting and stopping

Electric scooters for kids don’t have much power, but some teen models will offer better acceleration. However, young kids might struggle to handle the traditional twist grip, and that’s why kick-to-start features are so important.

Scooters with the feature are simple to control and ensure a comfortable ride for children. Thumb controls are another suitable option, as the scooter will slow down if your child loses their grip.

Remember, the brakes are the most important features, so ensure your child can grip them properly and understand how they function.

Tyre type

Tyres might not seem like a big issue, but they define whether your child will have a comfortable ride. Here’s the thing: the common belief is that pneumatic tyres are better – but that’s not necessarily the case.

Air-filled tyres are ideal for off-road riding and provide extra suspension in a high-speed setting but require ongoing maintenance. Solid rubber tyres are fine for most children because they are puncture-resistant and don’t flex under load.


Christmas is the time to spread joy, but that doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget on an e-scooter. Most of the electric scooters on our list cost less than £200, making them ideal as gifts that will last your child for years to come.

However, if your child is 7 or 8 years old, consider how much usage they’ll get from the scooter. Buying a more expensive model that only gives them a couple of years of use might not be the best idea, as you’ll need to upgrade it.


The great thing about e-scooters is the range of styles on offer, including traditional kick models to sitting scooters and three-wheels. Choosing can be challenging, but some scooter types suit specific age ranges:

  • Three-Wheeled Electric Scooters: Best for kids under five, as they’re easier to balance on.

  • Kick Scooters: Like traditional two-wheel models, these scooters offer kids, tweens and teens a thrilling experience.

  • Seated E-Scooters: If your child has a disability, getting a scooter with a seat can be a good idea, as it doesn’t require balance.

Of course, most children will also care about the scooter’s appearance, but kids’ models often feature eye-catching designs and various colours.

The bottom line

An electric scooter will make the perfect Christmas gift for your child, and they can provide hours of entertainment. While the UK law on scooters hasn’t changed, the government will likely follow other countries and make privately owned models legal on the road.

Getting your child a scooter now helps prepare them for the future when they can handle riding to school and around town.

Now, all you need to do is choose a scooter that suits your child’s preferences and enjoy watching them unwrap it. What could be better than that?

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  • Sustainable styling is nice (we love it)
  • Wide bamboo deck looks and feels great
  • Massive wheels and chunky tyres give a stable ride
  • Sturdy steel frame is well-made
  • Twist and go scooter is super simple
  • 62.72 lbs (28.5kg) weight makes it super-heavy
  • The scooter doesn't fold down
  • Can be difficult to store if you don't have much space
  • Battery life is poor for bigger riders

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