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The Best Electric Scooter for 2024

15 April 2024
15 April 2024

Discover the best electric scooters that offer epic speeds, portability, commuting in style, off-road power riding and much more right here.

Whether you’re looking for a powerful off-road scooter, something for the little ones, or an easy way to commute, there’s a scooter out there for you.

To make finding the perfect electric scooter for your needs easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best electric scooters in 2024, covering everything from budget electric scooter models to e-scooters with baskets and everything in between.

Let’s find you the best electric scooter…

The best electric scooters in 2024

In 2024, we reviewed all available scooters, from classics that still reign supreme today to newer models that boast revolutionary features.

With prices ranging from under $200 to $4,000, there’s something for everyone. Here’s the crème de la crème of electric scooters in 2024 (remember to read on for full reviews on experience and performance).

ScooterBest ForSpeedMax RangeWeightCharge timePriceMax Rider Weight
Apollo Phantom V4All-round ridingUp to 41 mph25-50 miles77 lbs6-12 hours$2,799Up to 300 lbs
Unagi Model One Voyager CommutingUp to 20 mph25 miles29.6 lbs2-3 hours$1490 or $79 monthlyUp to 220 lbs
Levy OriginalTraveling on a budgetUp to 18 mph10 miles28 lbs3 hours$529Up to 275 lbs
EMOVE CRUISERHeavy AdultsUp to 25 mph62 miles56 lbs9-12 hours$1,399Up to 352 lbs
TurboAnt M10 Lite StudentsUp to 16 mph15.5 miles30 lbs4-5 hours$299Up to 220 lbs
Unagi Model One ClassicLightweight travel and storage needsUp to 12 mph12 miles28.5 lbs4-5 hours$990 or $59 monthlyUp to 220 lbs
Razor EcoSmart MetroSeated ridingUp to 18 mph12 miles65.12 lbs12 hours$629Up to 220 lbs
Hiboy S2 LitePortabilityUp to 13 mph10.6 miles21.8 lbs3.5 to 4.5 hours$279.99Up to 180 lbs
Segway Ninebot ES1LBudget buyersUp to 12.4 mph12.4 miles24.9 lbs6 hours$199Up to 220 lbs
Kaabo Mantis VSClimbing steep hillsUp to 40 mph33 miles65 lbs4 - 12 hours (depending on charger)$1,599Up to 265 lbs
Nami Burn-E 2 MaxTraveling long distancesUp to 60 mph90 miles103 lbs8-10 hours$3,999Up to 330 lbs
Glion BaltoCarrying itemsUp to 17 mph20 miles38 lbs3-5 hours$499Up to 255 lbs

Apollo Phantom V4

For all-round riding 

Man folding an electric scooter

Buying an Apollo e-scooter means you’re investing in quality. While the Apollo City Pro will always be popular, we think the Phantom 4 is the best overall electric scooter. Why? Because it’s packed with features that suit most riding styles and environments.

Whether you want a lot of speed, love going on long rides, or need a powerful scooter to handle steep inclines, this beauty does it all.

Top features:

  • Dual motor and different riding modes make the scooter suitable for all environments

  • Quadruple suspension system

  • Ultra-bright LX display screen

  • Capable of climbing 25-degree inclines

  • Up to 50 miles of travel time per charge

Potential drawbacks:

  • It’s on the heavier side

  • The IP54 rating could be better


What makes the Apollo Phantom V4 the best electric scooter for adults overall? Its performance and features go above and beyond what you’d expect. The different riding modes are ideal for long commutes and off-road riding, while built-in lights enhance your safety at night.

With maximum speeds of up to 41 mph and an advanced disc brake system, the scooter can effortlessly navigate 25-degree inclines without breaking a sweat.


Bigger batteries mean more power and the Phantom V4 is no expectation. It powers through rugged terrain, and the innovative Ludo mode lets you maximize your current speed for a thrilling experience.

The V4’s maximum rider weight also makes it suitable for heavier riders, but it’s not the best electric scooter for teenagers. They’ll love it, but we recommend finding a less powerful model.

Unagi Model One Voyager

The commuter’s dream travel buddy 

Man folding an electric scooter

You’d be forgiven for thinking the Unagi Model One Voyager is all about looks – but beyond the sleek design, there’s a whole lot going on.

We’re talking about speed, range, functionality, and features that make the Voyager the best electric scooter for commuting.

Top features:

  • 25 mile maximum range on one charge

  • 20mph maximum speed

  • Puncture proof tires

  • Sleek, lightweight design

  • 2-3 hour charge time

  • Available on subscription

Potential drawbacks:

  • The solid rubber wheels aren’t great for rough terrain

  • The foot brake takes some getting used to 


The Model One Voyager was designed to achieve more than its predecessor without losing focus on what Unagi does best: create beautiful scooters that look as good as they perform. Its superior range allows commuters to travel up to 25 miles on one charge, enjoying 20mph top speeds.

Puncture-proof tires ensure minimal maintenance, while the sleek carbon fiber frame and magnesium handlebars ensure a smooth ride into the office. With 250-watt motors in the wheels, the Voyager can deliver 1000W of power at its peak, helping you navigate inclines.


With a selection of sleek colors to choose between, commuters love the style Unagi’s Voyager offers. The lightweight electric scooter weighs just 29.6 lbs, making it easy to carry and store in the office.

With a top speed that aligns with most traffic laws and an impressive battery life, this scooter won’t disappoint you. It’s also the best foldable electric scooter with a one-click mechanism that prioritizes convenience.

Levy Original E-Scooter

For $500 budgets

Man folding an electric scooter

OK, we’ll put our hands up here and admit something: It’s near impossible to find a quality e-scooter for under $500. However, the Levy Original model comes close, with a retail price of $529. If you can squeeze a little extra out of your budget, you’ll get a great scooter with enticing features.

Top features:

  • Three riding modes

  • Cruise control feature

  • It weighs just 28 lbs

  • Choose between solid or pneumatic tires

  • Removable battery

Potential drawbacks:

  • Smaller range than most electric scooters

  • It doesn’t have premium features


When looking for an e-scooter that will serve as your faithful travel companion, finding a quality model for less than $500 is challenging. The Levy Original gets close, and it’s the best budget electric scooter available right now.

Why? Well, there are three riding modes: beginner, sport, and eco. Activate cruise control, and you’ll get up to 18 miles of travel time. The weight of 28 lbs also means the Levy Original is easy to transport and store.


OK, the battery capacity isn’t ideal, but the Levy Original has a swappable battery, which means you’ve always got a backup on hand. In theory, buying another battery will give you up to 20 miles of range, but this does come at an additional expense.

While riders can choose between rubber or pneumatic tires, the scooter lacks features in premium models. There’s no fancy display or a dedicated app, but you’re getting reliability and riding flexibility for a low price.

EMOVE Cruiser S

For heavier adults

Man folding an electric scooter

Unfortunately, most electric scooters have a max rider weight of between 220 and 250 lbs, making it hard for heavier people to find a model that accommodates their needs. The EMOVE Cruiser S is a powerful scooter with a maximum rider weight of 352 lbs.

Combining power with functionality, you might just find this scooter gives you the ride of your life.

Top features: 

  • Riders up to 352 lbs will have a great experience

  • Maximum range of 62 miles

  • Spacious deck and adjustable handlebars

  • Optional seat

  • Tubeless pneumatic tires

Potential drawbacks:

  • A longer charging time of 9-12 hours

  • It’s not very portable


Most scooters require heavier riders to make sacrifices, but the EMOVE Cruiser S is designed to offer superior performance. With dual suspension to absorb shocks, riders can enjoy a smooth cruise at a maximum speed of 25 mph.

Semi-hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear ensure excellent stopping power, making the scooter ideal for city riding and traveling on rough terrain. With a whopping 62-mile range, you’ll get a lot of usage between charges.


What we love about the EMOVE Cruiser S is that it factors in potential problems for heavier riders and eliminates them. The large deck measures 10 inches wide and can accommodate a seat or storage case, ensuring a comfortable ride, while adjustable handlebars are ideal for taller individuals.

TurboAnt M10 Lite

For the campus cruisers 

Man folding an electric scooter

When cruising around campus, you want a light, trustworthy scooter that won’t damage your rep. The TurboAnt M10 Lite was designed for people on a budget with light travel needs. It’s not a showstopper by any means, but the e-scooter has a range of practical features.

Top features:

  • Quick-fold mechanism

  • Ability to climb inclines of 15%

  • Dual braking system

  • Streamlined design

Potential drawbacks:

  • It lacks motor power

  • Tall riders might struggle with the brake lever


Considering its low price, the M10 Lite still offers decent top speeds of 16 mph and a range of 15.5 miles, making it ideal for traveling short distances. With 8.5-inch pneumatic tires, it can handle smooth and rugged terrain and 15% inclines.

The quick-fold mechanism works in three seconds (sorry, no excuses for being late for classes), with safety features including a dual braking system and LED headlight.


As an entry-level scooter, the TurboAnt M10 Lite doesn’t have a powerful motor or premium features, but riders can take advantage of an IP54 water-resistant rating and dual braking system. The pneumatic tires ensure a stable ride, but you will need to perform ongoing maintenance.

Overall, the M10 Lite offers a combination of practicality and affordability, making it ideal for students.

Unagi Model One Classic

For lightweight transportation and storage

Man folding an electric scooter

Could the Model One Classic be the best electric scooter under $1000? Unagi’s flagship scooter created a lot of buzz when it was first released. Taking inspiration from luxury cars, its sleek design is reminiscent of a Mercedes and BMW, eliminating clunky features. If you’re looking for a lightweight scooter that still offers performance, the Model One Classic won’t disappoint.

Top features:

  • It weighs just 28.5 lbs

  • One-click folding mechanism

  • Max power of 800W

  • Available on a monthly subscription

  • Suits city riding

Potential drawbacks:

  • Not suitable for rough terrain

  • Large riders might struggle with the compact deck


The Model One Classic focuses on convenience, offering riders a stress-free way to cruise around their cities. Its lightweight design means you’ll have no problems with transportation or storage, and the one-click folding mechanism works in seconds.

With solid rubber tires and a maximum range of 12 miles, the Model One Classic is an alternative to public transportation, and top speeds of 12 mph mean you can take the scooter anywhere.


The Model One Classic isn’t your typical electric scooter, and its gorgeous design will certainly turn heads. What the scooter really excels in is portability. Whether you’re carrying it on public transport or storing it in your apartment, the Model One Classic is the best lightweight scooter available.

Razor Metro EcoSmart

For riding with a seat 

Man folding an electric scooter

If you don’t want to sacrifice comfort but also need a scooter that offers superior performance, the Razor Metro EcoSmart is a good compromise. Its sleek, European design combines the winning features of bikes and scooters, creating a stunning finish.

Add the seat, and you have everything you need to travel smart – and in style.

Top features:

  • Unique design with a seat

  • It doubles as a standing scooter

  • Suitable for teenagers and adults

  • Maximum speeds of 18 mph

Potential drawbacks:

  • There’s no folding mechanism

  • Long charge time


Nobody wants a seated scooter that doesn’t perform, and the Metro EcoSmart will surpass your expectations. With 16-inch pneumatic tires, it can handle various terrains without compromising comfort. Its maximum speed of 18 mph means the EcoSmart is suitable for most public roads.

What we love about this scooter is its flexibility. You can ride with the seat on or take it off and stand on the expansive bamboo deck.


Razor’s Metro EcoSmart is a great scooter that won’t break the bank. It comes with a storage basket and boasts Continental style many other scooters fail to offer.

However, it lacks a folding mechanism, making it one of the clunkier models, and the long charge time of 12 hours might prove too much for some people.

Hiboy S2 Lite

For unparalleled portability 

Man folding an electric scooter

The majority of electric scooters for adults weigh over 28 lbs – there’s no getting around that. But what if you want something ultra-portable? The Hiboy S2 Lite weighs just 21.8 lbs, making it easy to move and carry.

Sure, it’s designed for teens, but if you weigh under 180 lbs, the S2 Lite might be a good choice for accessibility.

Top features:

  • It weighs just 21.8 lbs

  • You can carry it anywhere

  • Maximum speed of 13 mph

  • It’s affordable

Potential drawbacks:

  • Underwhelming max range of 10.6 miles

  • It’s only suitable for lighter people


Aside from its weight, the Hiboy S2 Lite has a folding design that enables you to carry it on public transport and store it in a convenient bag. If you have a small apartment or are buying a safe scooter for your teen, the S2 still offers decent maximum speeds and a sleek design.

The scooter’s controls are easy to use, with puncture-proof tires and a beginner-friendly brake and throttle system. Built-in LED lights also promote safety when riding at night.


As the best portable electric scooter, the S2 Lite’s main selling point is its lightweight design. Can it compete with premium commuter scooters? No. Will it give you a thrilling experience? Probably not. However, there’s enough speed to help you easily cruise along a bike lane or ride through your city.

The budget electric scooter isn’t the sexy option, but it is practical, and that’s enough for some people.

Segway Ninebot ES1L

For when you’re on a tight budget 

Man folding an electric scooter

Buying an electric scooter on a tight budget is no easy feat, but the Segway Ninebot ES1L is the perfect compromise. If you’re looking for a comfortable ride and don’t have far to travel, this scooter is the no-frills functional option.

Think of it like a starter car. Sure, it won’t turn heads, but the ES1L offers safety, affordability, and stability. It’s way under $300, and we think it’s the best affordable electric scooter on the market.

Top features:

  • Impressive range of 12.4 miles per charge

  • Max speed of 12.4mph

  • Solid rubber wheels

  • Lightweight design

  • Front and rear brakes

Potential drawbacks:

  • You’ll struggle to climb hills with inclines over 7%

  • The max speed and range are often unrealistic


When you’re looking for a budget electric scooter, the sweet spot will always be value and functionality. At just $199, the Ninebot ES1L is a highly accessible starter scooter ideal for traveling short distances—we’re talking around college campuses or as a last-mile solution.

Overall, it’s a sound choice, with an impressive top speed of 12.4mph and a range to match. The lightweight design is easy to carry and store, giving you a no-fuss travel companion.


OK, Segway’s Ninebot ES1L doesn’t set the world on fire – but it’s not meant to. While many electric scooters focus on features, the ES1L is more about accessibility. Unfortunately, many people don’t achieve the advertised range and speed, but it depends on where – and how – you’re riding.

We recommend this scooter as a starter model, but you’ll probably want to invest in something with more features later on.

Kaabo Mantis V2

For climbing steep hills

Man folding an electric scooter

Kaabo is known for creating beasts, and almost all electric scooters from this brand offer supreme power. The Mantis V2 is no different. It’s a mighty scooter that adapts to all terrains and boasts impressive hill-climbing ability.

At just $1,599, the Mantis V2 is the more affordable alternative to Kaboo’s Wolf Warrior models. Don’t underestimate it, though, because this scooter will take your riding experience to new levels.

Top features:

  • Maximum include of 30 degrees

  • Top speeds of 40 mph

  • Hydraulic brakes

  • Powerful motors

  • Comfortable ride experience

Potential drawbacks:

  • It’s a heavy scooter, weighing 65 lbs

  • It’s difficult to fold and transport


It will come as no surprise that the Mantis V2 combines premium features for an exhilarating experience. With an ability to reach 15 miles per hour in just over two seconds, this scooter is your trusty steed for charging up steep hills.

The front and rear suspension system uses a swingarm and spring mechanism to ensure superior shock absorption, and the scooter’s torque power ensures smooth riding on all terrains. With maximum speeds of 40 mph and an impressive range, the Mantis V2 is for serious riders.


While many scooters don’t perform well in off-road settings, the V2 uses heavy-duty pneumatic tires, making it the best electric scooter for winter riding. Whether you live in a hilly area or enjoy off-road riding, this scooter always delivers on experience.

Is it suitable for city commutes? Well, that depends on your area’s scooter laws. However, as one of the larger scooters, it’s not easy to transport, and you’ll have problems storing the Mantis V2 indoors.

Nami Burn-E 2 Max

For uninterrupted rides

Man folding an electric scooter

Imagine being able to travel all day without recharging your e-scooter. Well, that’s what you get with the Nami Burn-E 2 Max. With up to 90 miles of travel time per charge and a host of premium features, this scooter isn’t messing around.

The big question is, does the high price tag justify what it offers? Let’s find out if the Nami Burn-E 2 Max is the best long-range scooter available.

Top features:

  • Travel for up to 90 miles on a single charge

  • Fully adjustable front and rear suspension

  • Maximum speeds of 60 mph

  • You can control scooter settings to your preferences

  • Sleek design

Potential drawbacks:

  • The scooter weights over 100 lbs

  • It’s awkward to transport and fold


The wind in your face, beautiful scenery to gaze at, and hours of interrupted riding time—yes, the Nami Burn-E 2 Max delivers on all bases. Beyond its unreal range, the scooter has a triple braking system, combining hydraulic disc brakes and regenerative braking.

With top speeds of 60 mph, you can tackle different terrains, making it the best off-road electric scooter money can buy.


While most electric scooters for adults have limited customization options, the Nami Burn-E Max 2 lets you adjust the suspension and personalize acceleration settings. With a suite of LED lighting, visibility won’t be a problem with night riding, ensuring a safe riding experience.

If you want the best electric scooter battery life money can buy, you’ve got it with the Burn-E 2 Max. However, making this premium scooter your off-road companion costs almost $4,000.

Glion Balto

For carrying items 

Man folding an electric scooter

The Glion Balto is a customizable e-scooter with the visual appeal of an e-bike. With its option to add a seat and bike, we like to think of it as an all-rounder. Sure, it doesn’t have the power of other scooters, but if convenience is your priority, the Glion Balto is a wise investment.

Top features:

  • Attachable seat and basket

  • You can use it as a standing scooter, too

  • Built-in turn signals and lights

  • Maximum range of 20 miles

Potential drawbacks:

  • The scooter isn’t very powerful

  • Pneumatic tires require more maintenance


Glion’s Balto e-scooter offers a range of benefits, including accessibility and convenience. Whether you’re using it for grocery shopping or want a convenient way to travel with personal belongings, its bigger wheels and pneumatic tires ensure seamless performance.

With a wide deck and built-in lights, the scooter can travel on public roads while keeping you safe. Is it the fastest? No. However, the Glion Balto is all about accessibility.


The Balto is one of those scooters you’ll either love or hate. Thrill-seekers or commuters looking for a sleek model might be unimpressed, but it’s good as an errand-running tool. As one of the cheaper scooters, the Glion Balto is also a good starting point for new riders.

How to choose your perfect electric scooter

Man folding an electric scooter

With so many great e-scooters available, finding your perfect match is challenging. Are you looking for a budget model for general travel or something that gives you a thrilling ride? Is budget a key factor in your decision? Or, are you all about premium scooters that offer sleek style?

Here’s how to choose the perfect scooter for your needs.

What are you using the scooter for?

Electric scooters for adults come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. The question is, what are you planning on using the scooter for?

  • Commuter Scooters: These scooters are lightweight, foldable, and less expensive than performance scooters. They’re ideal for commuting or general urban riding.

  • Off-Road Scooters: Designed to tackle challenging terrain, offroad scooters often come with bigger batteries, built-in suspension, and other premium features. However, they’re usually too powerful for city riding.

  • Long-Range Scooters: A long-range scooter has a larger battery capacity. Some models are for off-road use, while others might also double as commuter scooters.

  • Budget Scooters: These scooters are ideal for children or adults who want to run general errands. They usually lack the mileage commuter models offer.

Once you know how you’ll use the scooter, it’s easier to narrow down your choices and select a model that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Affordability versus longevity

Price is another crucial factor because you’ll need to strike a balance between quality and affordability. Scooters come at various price points, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive model is the best.

Let’s take a look at what you can get for your budget:

  • $100 to $300: A budget scooter is often best for children or newbies. These models typically have a lower range and battery capacity.

  • $300 to $600: Scooters in this tier are usually more advanced than low-budget models but still lack premium features.

  • $600 – $1500: At this price point, you’ll find premium commuting scooters, some off-road models, and better connectivity.

  • $1500 and Over: Long-range performance scooters and high-grade off-road models with huge battery lives usually cost more.

Remember to think about what you’ll be using the scooter for and decide which model offers the best features. For example, if you’re commuting, you won’t need an off-road model, but investing in a premium city scooter will give you years of usage.

Speed and range

High-speed e-scooters offer heaps of fun—but they’re not ideal for city riding or commutes. Most places have 20 mph speed limits, so using a performance scooter could cause legal issues. However, if you plan on going off-road, you’ll want a bit more bang for your buck.

Range is another vital consideration, as scooters with a longer battery life are more expensive. Long-range scooters could be a wise investment if you’ll be going on long rides, but commuters can save money on models with smaller ranges.

Suspension and tires

Tires are a controversial topic among scooter enthusiasts, with some preferring pneumatics and others swearing by solid rubber tires. Pneumatic—or air-filled tires—are ideal for off-road use as they can absorb shocks and navigate challenging terrain.

Solid rubber – or puncture-proof – tires are best for urban scooters, as riders don’t require as much suspension. Rubber tires are also easier to maintain but won’t provide shock absorption for off-road riding.


A powerful motor can significantly improve your riding experience. Budget scooters usually have smaller motors, restricting their speed and hill-climbing ability. In contrast, off-road and performance models will have more power, enabling you to navigate rugged terrain and steep inclines.

Consider where you’ll use the electric scooter and whether you need a model that lets you power through inclines.


How fast do electric scooters go?

Electric scooters can travel at different speeds, depending on their motors, range, and overall design. Budget motorized scooters, including models for children, might have maximum speeds of 8-12 mph, while commuter and city scooters can range from 12 mph to 20 mph.

Off-road and performance scooters have higher speed options, but it also depends on your riding mode. For example, eco mode preserves battery life, which means the scooter will run at more conservative speeds.

Do I need a driver’s license to ride an electric scooter?

It depends on where you live, as international electric scooter laws vary. According to electric scooter laws in the UK, all riders must have a category Q entitlement to use an electric scooter. In most cases, scooter users in Ireland need a driving license and insurance.

Laws in the US vary depending on the state you live in, with some requiring a license. The best way to find out is to look at local traffic laws and follow the guidelines.

What is a last-mile scooter?

Last-mile scooters are popular for commuters and city dwellers because they bridge the gap between public transportation and accessibility. If you live a mile away from your local bus or train station, these scooters can help you get where you need to be quicker instead of walking or using a taxi.

These scooters are known for their lightweight designs and portability, often having a folding mechanism and shorter mileage than traditional commuter scooters.

The Unagi Model One Classic is an example of this, but there are plenty of electric scooters for city commutes and last mile commuting available.

Why should I choose an e-scooter over an electric bike?

Both electric scooters and electric bikes offer a range of benefits, and the right mode of transportation depends on different factors.

From portability to affordability and convenience, there are many reasons to choose an e-scooter. The following comparison table can help you make an informed decision:

E-Scooter and E-Bike Comparison


Average WeightAverage Cost (quality model)PortabilityConvenienceRunning Costs
Electric Bike40 lbs to 80 lbs$1000 to $4000Some e-bikes fold, but they’re bulkier than scooters.Easy to ride and park - but less agile on busy roads.On average, $100 to $300 a year on running and maintenance.
Electric Scooter20 lbs and over (depending on the type of scooter)$300 to $4000Easy to fold and carry around. Commuter scooters are designed to be lightweight.Easy to ride and park - compact enough to maneuver through traffic.On average, $50 to $100 a year on running and maintenance.

Which scooter accessories and protective gear are must-haves?

Safety and comfort are vital for e-scooter users—especially when riding on public roads. While some accessories aren’t essentials, they can make your experience more enjoyable. The best e-scooter accessories and protective gear include:

  • Helmets: Wearing a helmet could save your life. We all know that – even though many countries don’t have concrete laws on helmet use for e-scooter riders. Investing in a quality helmet should always be a priority.

  • Lights and Signals: Many scooters come with built-in lights, tail lights, and turn signals, but you might want to choose brighter lights and invest in side reflectors for more visibility.

  • Horns: A high-decibel horn can be beneficial for riding on public roads or at night, as it alerts other road users to your presence.

  • Protective Clothing: From reflective clothing to knee pads, elbow pads, and jackets, protective clothing can prevent serious injuries.

  • Lock: If you plan on using your scooter in the city, buying a sturdy lock will protect against theft and keep it safe.

Are any scooters fully waterproof?

No, they’re not. Scooters have sensitive components, but some offer higher IP ratings than others. Generally, the best waterproof electric scooter for your needs depends on where and when you’ll be riding.

Models with IP54 or IP55 ratings can handle water jets from all directions, but that doesn’t mean they should be used in heavy rain or flooded areas.

Instead of spending ages searching for the best electric scooter for rain, understanding how to protect your model from water damage gives you years of stress-free usage and preserves the scooter’s components.

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