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10 of the Best Accessories All Electric Scooter Owners Need

Nely Hayes
21 February 2022
Nely Hayes
21 February 2022

The ten accessories listed here will significantly improve your electric scooter’s functionality and overall look.

Picture this. You just bought yourself a new e-scooter. It’s trendy, practical, economical and green. It gets you from point A to point B just like it’s supposed to.

But then an idea strikes you; what if your electric scooter could do more than ferry you around? What if it was more comfortable? What if it could accommodate more luggage? What if you could ride it well into the night?

The good news is that you can customise your e-scooter to your liking by installing electric scooter accessories.

The first electric scooter was bare-bones, with two wheels, a frame, a handlebar and a motor mechanism. But as the idea of commuting on an electric scooter began to take root, more functional parts became standard for new scooters.

However, to keep production costs down and make e-scooters affordable, many companies keep their final products simple with provisions for upgrades. This has created a demand for after-market electric scooter accessories. Today, you will find more than a hundred specialised accessories for your electric scooter.

Our job is to help you select the ten most practical accessories you need as an electric scooter owner. Let’s get right into it.


To a certain point, a helmet is not just an accessory but a necessity for anyone riding an electric scooter. It should be the first thing you buy when you have a scooter.

Accidents happen. A rider is at a more significant risk of serious injuries if involved in an accident without proper gear.

Some modern electric scooters can achieve speeds of up to 75mph. A fall from such a speed may be fatal if you are not geared up. Worse is to get into an accident with larger vehicles without proper protection.

Wearing a helmet increases your survival chances when caught in such scenarios.

There are different types of helmets that you may want to consider. For starters, there are heavy-duty helmets similar to what motorcyclists wear. If those prove too bulky, you can go for the lighter and collapsible helmets that are easy to carry and store.

Heavy-duty helmets are recommended for fast riders, while their lightweight alternatives are perfect for the daily 15-25 mph cruise.

Most regions do not have laws requiring e-scooter riders to wear helmets. But as we said, we highly recommend getting one as it could save your life.

The price for a good helmet starts at $50.

Tyre Slime

A tyre slime or tyre sealant is a must-have accessory if your e-scooter runs on pneumatic tyres. It provides a quick fix for the tyre or inner tube punctures.

We all love pneumatic tyres. They provide an unrivalled level of comfort. However, they can be costly when compared to non-pneumatic tyres. Replacing or repairing flat tyres is not cheap.

Having a tyre slime will spare you repair costs or even the cost of replacing your tyres as it is easy to use. You do not require any form of specialised training to fix your tyres. All you have to do is locate the puncture and apply the slime.

Safety Gear

Your body will absorb the entire force of an impact if you get into an accident while riding an e-scooter. Apart from a helmet, you will need additional safety gear to protect you in case of an accident. Accessories such as gloves, knee guards, elbow guards, and protective glasses are essential.

A pair of suitable gloves will not only keep your hands warm but prevent you from grazing your hand. Having all the necessary safety gear is essential regardless of your riding speed. A fall from 5 mph is enough to peel off your skin.

There are different types of gloves, guards, and protective glasses. The rule of thumb is always to choose those that offer maximum protection. Motorcycle gloves provide the best alternative in this instance. However, you can also select light-duty gear depending on your ride style.

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Phone Mount

First of all, it is not advisable to use your phone while riding your e-scooter. The dangers of doing this are more grievous than texting while driving. As we stated earlier, nothing protects your body from absorbing the full impact of a crash. In this case, conservative riding is the best prevention.

However, there are instances when we would want to take quick glances at our phones. We might be checking the map or checking an incoming call. You will agree with me that stopping to retrieve your phone from your pocket every time you need to check it can be cumbersome. It’s why you need a phone mount. A phone holder is usually mounted on the scooter handlebar for easy access.

Other than checking your map or incoming calls, most scooters come with the option of a paired app. These applications can help track your speed, battery levels, distance covered, or even relay error messages for your scooter. A phone holder will allow you easy access to this information.

Typically, a phone mount is placed on the handlebar. Phone mounts will come with varied features. As such, be sure to get one that suits your needs and fits your electric scooter.

The price range for this accessory is $15-20.

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Electric scooters are a prime target for thieves because they are lightweight and portable. As e-scooters have become a preferred mode for short commutes, they are present everywhere we go, including school, work, the movies, and the grocery store.

Most of these establishments will not allow electric scooters into their premises but may provide a space for their storage. Unfortunately, most of these spaces do not offer any form of security for your vehicle. This means one thing; you will need a secure lock to keep your scooter from being stolen.

There are various types of locks available to e-scooter owners. The most common is the cable lock; it’s flexible, light and provides multiple lock angles. However, cable locks are unsuitable for high-risk areas as any determined thief can cut them.

You can also use the chain lock. It is an upgrade of the cable lock in terms of security, providing improved security as it’s made out of high-tensile steel that is harder to cut. The only downside is that it isn’t as portable as the cable lock.

Finally, the U-lock or D-lock is similar to a big padlock in looks and functionality. It is the most secure and affordable of the three.

Unfortunately, it has an Achilles heel; you will need a firm object on which to lock your scooter.

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Saddle Bag

A saddlebag is an excellent addition to carrying necessary items with you. It is usually attached to the stem or the handlebar of the scooter. The saddlebag will provide extra storage for the e-scooter charger, tyre slime, allen keys, and even snacks.

When shopping for a saddlebag, ensure that you look for one made of durable material and is waterproof.


Many electric scooters only come with dimly lit front and rear lights as standard features. However, you will notice that these lights tend to be of poor quality unless yours is a high-end scooter. They do not function well in the dark and have poor visibility. Sometimes, they are mounted in such a way that diminishes their effectiveness.

The good news is you can get quality after-market lights at affordable rates.

Front Lights

I know many of you hate it when you have to beat the darkness on your way home because your front lights do not illuminate well.

You can get a 750-lumen LED light and quit worrying about getting home before dark ever again. An excellent front light will correctly light your way and provide additional visibility.

Rear Lights

We cannot turn a blind eye to the rear light either. It is crucial to keep you visible and alert other road users when you brake or intend to make a turn.

In most cases, you will find the rear light installed on the back fender, limiting its visibility to other road users. You can purchase multi-functional rear lights that can be attached to the back of your helmet or backpack. This light is also key in signalling braking or intent to turn.

Ambient Lights

You can also attach ambient lights to the bottom of your electric scooter for increased visibility and a feel-good factor.

pure air pro electric scooter lights

Carry Strap

While most electric scooters are made light to enhance portability, they do not meet this criterion. E-scooter weights will vary depending on the material used on the frame and the size of the battery pack.

A carry strap is an excellent addition to your electric scooter accessories if your scooter’s weight is on the heavier side. It allows you to bear the scooter’s weight on your shoulder, making it easy to carry.

This strap is also handy when carrying lightweight scooters over a long distance as it distributes its weight to your more substantial upper body. When selecting a carry strap, go for those with padding to reduce the pressure on your shoulder.

Safety Vest

Your e-scooter accounts for less than 20% of the visible surface area, especially when riding in the dark. The rest of the percentage is taken by your body. As a responsible rider and for your safety, it is advisable always to wear a safety vest when riding your scooter.

Your local laws may or may not make it a requirement. Remember, you are safer when seen by other road users. You can go a step further and get a reflective cover for your backpack.

The price range for a fully reflective vest is around $15.

Additional Battery

An additional battery is highly recommended for when you run out of juice or running peripheral devices such as extra lights, LED dashboards, music devices, or even charging your phone.

Sure, batteries can be a bit heavy and tiresome to carry in your backpack all the time. You can use your saddlebag to store it instead, as it also provides easy connectivity options when you need to power other devices using the battery.

Be sure to store your battery in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight for extended battery life.

What Accessory Did We Forget?

E-scooter owners can improve the functionality and aesthetics of their units by installing various accessories. We deem some of these accessories necessary to ensure your safety, especially if you regularly ride on busy roads or enjoy night travel.

To recap, some of the essential accessories every e-scooter owner should have included a helmet, a pair of gloves, wrist guards, knee guards, elbow guards, and eye protection. Similarly, accessories that mitigate the risks of accidents are highly recommended.

Generally, the ten accessories listed here will significantly improve your electric scooter’s functionality and overall look. However, feel free to share your thoughts on what you believe we should have included.

All said and done; your safety is your #1 responsibility.

Be visible; stay safe!

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