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Swagtron SK3 Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
15 July 2021


One of the best commuter scooters around that has a top speed of around 7.5 mph and a range of up to 8 miles.


When it comes to kid-friendly, portable electric scooters, the Swagtron SK3 Glide electric scooter is a solid choice.

This sleek machine can sure handle its own, with a decent 8-mile range on a single charge and a powerful motor that hits speeds up to 7.5 mph! It’s easy enough for kids aged 6-10 and perfect for adults who want an eco-friendly way around town without breaking their budget.

The best part? You’ll be hard-pressed to find an affordable electric scooter this good without making all the usual budget-scooter compromises. The kids will love it not only because the design oozes “swagg,” but its performance too makes us say “woot!”



Swagrton SK3 – The Lowdown

sk3 001 1

Who doesn’t love an exciting scooter? Swagtron isn’t just a company; it’s quickly become a way of life. Swagtron has significant experience in electric & manual scooters. The people behind these wheels of success specifically know what they’re doing when it comes to electric scooters, as witnessed with their incredible sales numbers. Their inventory has hit critical mass since launching in 2015, and their growth has been exponential, with offices popping up all over the United States- in South Bend, Indianapolis, Denver, and several other locations.

Swagtron has always been a market leader in hoverboards, e-bikes and skateboards manufacturing, and it’s no surprise that they have quickly carved a reputation for themselves in the electric scooter market. They are constantly releasing new and innovative products that put them ahead of their competitors. Their electric scooter line comprises top-notch scooters with super smooth and powerful engines. Today, we look at the SK3 Glide, an entry-level scooter that perfectly fits Swagtron’s mission of producing fun, safe, and reliable scooters.

If you’re looking to buy the perfect gift for your son, daughter, grandchild etc, think about getting them a Swagtron SK3 Glide Scooter! This scooter has all of the features your kid will need to zoom around in style- most notably the LED front wheel. What’s more, it also ensures optimal safety thanks to its state-of-the-art, solid design. It is also packed with an abundance of innovative features that your kid will enjoy as they make lasting impressions on the playfield. Experience exhilarating speeds with a balance of safety features for the optimal riding experience with the SK3 Glide


Swagtron SK3 Specifications

Motor120W Kick-start cruise motor
Battery25.9V, 2.6Ah Lithium-ion batteries
Charge Time2.5 hours
Single-Charge Mileage8 miles / 13km ( may vary depending on riders weight and terrain condition)
Max Speed7.5mph / 12 km/h
Climbing Range10 degrees
Braking SystemRear-friction
LightingMulticoloured front-wheel LED
Max Load61kg / 135lb
Scooter Weight3.7kg / 8.1lb
Product MaterialAluminum Alloy
Folding Handlebar6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Steering Tube6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
SuspensionNo suspension
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 79 x 28.3 x 81- 97 cm (HxWxL)

Folded Size: 79 x 28.3 x 81 cm (HxWxL)
Water ResistanceIPX4


Swagtron SK3 Review Video


Watch this video of the SK3 Glide scooter to get a good insight into how SK3 Glide scooters work and what makes them so popular.

The SK3 Glide scooter is one of the best kids scooters on the market. It’s built with high-end materials and comes with a super-smooth ride. The scooter’s lightweight, smooth ride, and high-end components make it one of the best scooters for kids on the market.

Swagtron SK3 Pros


tickicon It has a kick start motorised boost cruise control feature

tickicon It has a height adjustable handle bar

tickicon It charges relatively quick

tickicon It has an easy-folding design for easy hauling around

tickicon The front-wheel has LED lights for low light visibility by other road users


Swagtron SK3 Cons


red It lacks safety measures such as a horn, reflector and lights

red The rear friction brake takes time to get use to




Swagtron SK3 Summary


Swagtron is a  United States-based global leader in the electric scooter manufacturing industry and has held this reputed title for several years now. Swagtron is an equal opportunity production line, frequently releasing high-grade scooters for users across all ages and experience levels. Anything electric on two wheels, Swagtron are your best bet! Their track record of innovative scooters built with the best and latest technology brings us to today’s review of the Swagtron SK3 Glide.

The SK3 foldable electric scooter W LED wheels is a kid’s kick scooter that benefits from Swagtron’s immense technological know-how and innovative approach to scooter manufacturing. Like other Swagtron electric scooters, it is crafted with a focus on style and design. It is built using aluminium alloy, which is responsible for its durability and lightweight. Additionally, it has a unique “swag” design with its LED-embedded front tyre, larger 5 inch rear wheel and a 5.5-inch expansive and textured deck. 

Performance on the road? Its kick to start feature makes it the perfect scooter to introduce your kids to the world of electric scooting. This is further solidified by the 4.7-inch front wheel and 5 inch rear Polyurethane (PU)  tyres that offer enough elasticity, toughness, and durability for lightweight commutes. It is easy for the young riders to quickly master the SK3, as the spacious deck allows for easy balancing, and with 2-3 kicks and an average speed of 1.8 mph,  the rear motor automatically kicks into gear.

Multi-functional! Riders need not worry about the battery depleting and zapping their fun down. The good news is that the scooter can be used as a traditional kick scooter. The battery charges quickly in about 2.5 hours and can carry riders for a rough 8 miles, which is decent on a kiddy scooter. The motor powers the scooter to a maximum speed of  7.5 mph (12 km/h) and features an automatic motorised cruise control function that engages in 15-second intervals.

Less is more! The scooter is elegant and minimalistic. The handlebars are refreshingly free of any controls or any display, which minimises the distraction levels for your young one on the road. The absence of a throttle is compensated for by the automatic boost function on the motor that also engages the cruise control function. The scooter is foldable, which coupled with its low weight means that your young one can easily haul it around. The height-adjustable aluminium handlebar allows your kid to grow with the scooter as they also advance in height. 

Ultimately, is this scooter worthy of the 5-star rating it’s received through customer reviews? Read on for an in-depth look at the SK3 and find out why it’s such a crowd favourite. 

Performance Overview


The SK3 is powered by a 120W rear hub kickstart the motor. The hub driven motor is silent compared to the chain-driven motors that are common in the majority of kids scooters. It performs impressively with the ability to tackle inclines of up to 10 degrees. It also has an incredible top speed of 7.5 mph (12 Kph).

Notably, the scooter has two-speed modes. The manual mode requires the Metro SK3 riders to ride it in the fashion of standard kick scooters, that is, by kicking it off with their feet. After reaching speeds of 1.8 mph, the motor will automatically kick into cruise mode and maintain the speed.

The brakes aren’t as powerful as those on an adult scooter, but neither is the motor. Therefore, the scooter relies on the rear friction brake for effective slowing and halting. Performance-wise, the scooter scores as expected.

sk3 006

Top Speed & Acceleration


The Metro SK3 is perfect for entry-level riders, with a maximum controllable speed of 7.5 mph (12 kph) that accords you the freedom to enjoy outdoor adventures. What’s more, it has two riding modes, which means more fun for the youngsters. Your kid will have first to kick off using their feet, just as they would with a traditional scooter. If they need to go faster, they kick harder.

The scooter automatically engages in cruise mode function if the rider maintains their speed. The Kick Assist motor lets the kids enjoy their rides at speed and grants them control over their acceleration. This acts as a great segue as they transition into the world of throttle-controlled, intermediate-level scooters.

Most kids’ scooters perform dismally when climbing inclines, but this is not the case with the SK3. It is powerful enough to tackle hilly inclines of up to 10 degrees, at an optimal weight of up to 135 lbs (61.2 kgs), thanks to its robust, high-torque 120W motor. Note that the scooter’s ability to tackle hills also depends on the battery level and state of the scooter.



Controls & Display


The Metro Glide features stripped-down handlebars that are devoid of the usual controls such as the throttle, brake levers and a display. Your kid will focus more on the joys of the ride, as opposed to tagging at a myriad of controls, which is an added safety feature. However, a power button is located at the front of the deck, which powers the scooter on and off by a simple push.


Battery Life & Range 


The Swagtron Glide motor is powered by a reliable 25.9, 2.6Ah lithium battery that delivers an impressive riding range of 8 miles (13km) on a single charge. Lithium batteries are reliable and have an extended battery life, especially when compared to lead-acid batteries commonly found on kids scooters.

The battery charges relatively quickly, with just 2.5 to attain full charge. Alternatively, should the rider find themselves with a depleted battery, they can switch and use the scooter as a regular kick scooter.  

Motor Configuration


Swagtron deviated from other brand’s kid scooter norms by going for a hub-driven motor. Other scooter brands use noisy chain driven motors. However, the SK3 Glide W LED wheels’ kick start boost motor is rear located, and rated at 120W motor.


Construction & Build Quality


The SK3 Glide is a high-performance scooter with a keen eye for aesthetics. The foldable electric scooter with LED wheels is a guaranteed head-turner. It has lean handlebars devoid of any controls or a display. The scooter is designed to give kids the best and safest riding experience, thus has its wires internally routed. Further, the scooter frame is crafted from high-end aluminium alloy that guarantees its lightweight build and durability. The aluminium alloy can withstand a range of environmental conditions and is not overly fragile.

The height-adjustable stem is built from the same high-grade aluminium alloy and comes with foldable handlebars. You can adjust the length according to your kid’s height- it extends 6 inches. The deck is also made from aluminium with a textured surface, and it is wide enough to accommodate riders of varied foot sizes.

The battery is housed beneath the deck, and it contributes to scooter stability. A solid kickstand is pegged on the left side of the scooter for easy and safe parking. The handlebars have a rubberised coating to offer the rider a comfortable grip. In addition, it is equipped with 4.7-inch front and 5 inch rear durable tyres made of polyurethane. 

sk3 003



This model lacks a suspension system. The solid tyres do not aid in shock absorption, limiting your kids’ rides to well-paved and maintained roads for the ultimate ride comfort.


Ride Quality


The Swagtron Glide w LED wheels kick scooter has a 5.5-inch expansive deck that is spacious enough to facilitate a smooth ride. The deck has a textured surface to offer the rider stability when cruising. It has a sturdy and robust, adjustable stem that easily accommodates the rider’s growth in height. The handlebars are rubberised to enhance riding comfort. 

The scooter has a led front tyre that lights up with fancy LED lights, which allows some level of visibility during low light rides. However, note that the scooter lacks functional lighting, making riding at night or foggy/misty conditions a dangerous affair. It also lacks other safety features such as a bell or horn and side reflectors. For stopping power, the scooter is equipped with friction, rear fender brakes that function optimally in bringing the scooter to an uncompromised halt.

The 4.7-inch front and 5 inch rear wheel are maintenance-free, which accords parents confidence and peace when their young riders are out on the trails. They may not be as comfortable as pneumatic tyres, but they offer durability, elasticity and have good traction. The scooter also lacks a suspension, which means that the rider may experience jarring as they ride over bumps and cracks on the riding track. 




The Glide has an adequate rear friction/ back wheel brake system. The brake is applied by pressing one foot on the rear fender when the rider wants to slow down or stop. Your kid may take a minute to acclimatise to this braking system; however, it starts to feel like second nature with a bit of practice.



The SK3 foldable electric scooter w LED wheels weighs 8.1 lbs (3.7 kg), making it extremely lightweight. The scooter is compact, and it has an easy one-step folding system that facilitates portability and easy stowing.

Water Resistance


The scooter comes with an IPX4 rating. This means that the scooter can withstand rides in light rains or showers. An  IPX4 rating also means that the SK3 can withstand low-pressure water splashes at any angle for about 10 minutes. Therefore, riders need to exercise caution as overexposure to water may damage the scooter’s internal mechanisms.




The only piece of lighting on the Swagtron Glide w LED wheels kick scooter is the red-green LED on the front wheel that serve more aesthetics than function.



This unit rolls on 4.7-inch front and 5 inch rear solid tyres. The tyres are manufactured from polyurethane, a revolutionary material that delivers toughness, durability and elasticity. They offer excellent traction, but the small wheels won’t do the rider much good on off-road tracks.



The Swagtron Glide features a 5.5’’ expansive deck that accommodates the rider’s growing feet. The deck is built from high-grade aluminium and with a textured surface for enhanced stability. 


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support


This electric scooter is superbly built like other Swagtron scooter using the same standards, technology and keenness that Swagtron is known for. The frame is durable, and the aluminium alloy keeps the weight at a minimum. The tyres are maintenance-free, as is the lithium-ion battery, which removes pressure from both riders and their guardians. The scooter is foldable, which makes it easy to carry and store when not being ridden. The battery also powers the scooter to a decent range, as the motor propels the rider to thrilling speeds- capped at 7.5 mph.

Swagtron offers a 90-day limited warranty covering the original scooter buyer from any defects that result from the manufacturer’s workmanship. The warranty is valid from the date of invoice. Swagtron, under this warranty, will replace or repair the product. 

Swagtron has a reliable customer service team whose hours of operation fall between Mon-Fri: 10 AM to 6.30 PM EST. You can leave them a message with your details and required services on their website, indicating your contact info. They also ask that you check your preferred mode of contact- by phone call or email.




The Swagtron SK3 Glide scooter is designed to be a fun and safe way to get around. However, to ensure that it gives you the best service, you’ll need to carry out some routine maintenance.

It is crucial that you keep it clean and use only a damp cloth to wipe down the scooter. For grime and muddy situations, refer to the information on the user manual for a detailed rundown of how to clean it without damaging the internal workings. Users are also advised to take the scooter to a service shop for a tune-up every year to maintain optimal functioning.

The manufacturer also recommends charging it within the prescribed hours and using the recommended charger- this prevents battery faults, overcharge and discharge issues. 


Known Issues

  • Some users have reported the scooter failing to kick in the electric motor.
  • The stem and handlebar have been reported to get loose and wobbly with time.


Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?


Priced at £70/ $99 for the United Kingdom and the United States respectively, the SK3 is quite the steal. The scooter is a reliable means of commuting for your kids and serves as excellent training wheels before they can graduate to intermediate-experience scooters. The top speed is capped at 7.5, keeping it safe without disrupting the fun of zooming around the hood. The friction brake is very reliable and easy to apply. The battery charges relatively fast and facilitates a lengthy 8-mile range on a single charge, which is sufficient for kids. 

While safety features like headlights, taillights, bells and reflectors can be deal-breakers for advanced riders, with kids scooters, the aim is not to encourage nighttime riding or riding in busy traffic routes; hence the concern is less for parents. At the end of the day, Swagtron checks the boxes for shoppers looking to acquire an entry-level scooter at a budget. And with their swell reputation, you definitely get value as advertised with the Swagtron SK3 Glide electric scooter.


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  • It has a kick start motorised boost cruise control feature
  • The front-wheel has LED lights for low light visibility by other road users
  • It has a height adjustable handle bar
  • It is easy to use
  • It has an easy-folding design for easy hauling around
  • It lacks safety measures such as a horn, reflector and lights.
  • The rear friction brake takes time to get use to

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