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E-TWOW Brand

A conundrum when you try to pronounce it, but, E-TWOW is short for Electric Two Wheels, which is, lets face it, a lot easier to say.  E-Twow promotes itself as a high quality, premium yet affordable electric scooter manufacturer based in China.

The brand was established to bring quality, affordable electric vehicles & scooters direct to consumers in urban areas, looking for something light, convenient and sufficiently quick to be usable for everything from a last mile commute to a shop.

The E-TWOW was born from the first concept from Dr Sorin Sirbu, a Romanian engineer who took the concept and went on to develop the brand alongside a team of electrical engineers with a background in mechanical & electrical engineering.

E-Twow as a brand, also touts itself as suitable for businesses and governments who may want to offer rental schemes – thanks to GPS, Bluetooth Connectivity and Smart Apps, E-TWOW scooters are suitable for rental schemes also.

The first E-TWOW scooter was designed and built in 2013, a few years prior to the electric scooter boom. Since then, E-TWOW have gone on to produce a number of different scooter models including the S2 Booster, GT2020, Booster V and Booster Plus.