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MinIMotors Dualtron Brand

Dualtron is a brand of scooters manufactured by MiniMotors and is synonymous with quality & range diversity. MiniMotors own the Dualtron, Speedway and Futecher brands of scooter.

MiniMotors was established in 1999 and since – they have been the de facto leader for the design & manufacture of personal mobility vehicles. MiniMotors set out to achieve great things by focusing on quality and by scaling via distribution globally.

MiniMotors & Dualtron Brand scooters are now available in over 30 countries across the globe thanks to a strengthened distribution network. This means that access to the Dualtron range of scooters is easy for most.

Minimotors was originally founded in Busan, South Korea but is predominantly aimed at the US market due to the sheer size and demand. As a brand, MiniMotors grew significantly after the release of the Dualtron brand – since, global retailers have been desperate to re-sell them primarily because of the quality, range and power options available.

The Dualtron name brand came into existence around 2015 – since then, they’ve grown exponentially with over 500,000 scooters sold across Europe and over 1 million units sold globally.

Dualtron is known for its wide range of models which are constantly evolving. from the more entry-level Dualtron Mini & Compact models through to the mid range thunder and ultra models topped off with the powerhouses such as the Dualtron Ultra 2 and the Dualtron X / X2.