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Bronco Motors Brand

Bronco Motors are not to be confused with car manufacturers. Bronco Motors are an e scooter manufacturer based out of Singapore. They aren’t well known and as such, their current range only includes the 11 Xtreme. They are a small team of specialist engineers who set out to build an electric scooter like no other – and that’s what they’ve done.

Whilst they are tiny compared to other scooter manufacturers, they stand out by using full hot forging when manufacturing and pressing the frames of scooters – they also use high-quality components & they have a strict, manual quality control process.

Bronco Motors are fairly active on social media and generally highlight things for owners to look out for, any issues that might need addressing, news on new models and more.

The overall build quality and attention to detail from scooters made by Bronco Motors is very good given that they are small but dedicated to building a superior scooter.

As a company – whilst they may be in their infancy – they are likely to grow thanks to the quality of their products and how superb their first model was. Whilst there isn’t much about them online – they have a website at  or you can find them on facebook at