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Reid E4 Plus Review

Daniel Foley
24 May 2021

One of the best commuter scooters around that has a top speed of around 15.5 mph (25 km/h) and a range of up to 27 miles.

 This scooter is just perfect for those who like to cruise around the city on their days off. The E4 Plus by Reid can take you farther and faster than ever before, which means more time exploring your surroundings. It offers a smooth ride that’s unmatched in quality; with its beefy tyres, it’ll glide effortlessly over bumps or cracks in the pavement without jarring you out of position! This sturdy little e-scooter has an elegant design complete with customisable LED lights, so no matter where you go, people will know exactly what they’re dealing with-a powerful machine unequalled by any other manufacturer!


Reid E4 Plus – The Lowdown


Reid E4 Plus electric scooter

Reid has grown gradually from a small Australian startup focused on manufacturing bicycles to an electric scooter powerhouse with footprints in over 20 countries globally. Its release of the Reid E4 and Plus series reigned them as one of the top innovators for quality, affordable e-scooters that simplify urban commuting like never before! The original Reid E4 was released back in 2019, which marked its intention to take over the market by introducing many innovative features. However, their latest model – The E4 Plus – affirmed they were right off the bat, ready for success against competitors. In fact, the E4 Plus has been dubbed the Hiboy ES2 and Xiaomi M365’s love child, and you’ll see why as we get into the specs review.

Fun fact, did you know that Reid plants a tree for every scooter purchase made? The company has strongly positioned itself as industry leaders concerned with environmental conservation, and that’s not it for value. The E4 Plus also combines performance and style, all while cutting a slim modern appearance. The scooter cuts an image of the latest wave in electric mobility with its 10- inch solid wheels, custom larger deck, wide handlebars, multi-LED front headlight and integrated rear brake light. Another outstanding specification that makes this different from other models is it comes with the Reid eMobility app that transforms it from just your average run of the mill scooter to something more like a smart technology gadget!

So, the unspoken (or harshly spoken) mantle in the electric scooter industry is that Xiaomi gave us the formula with the M365 and the Pro, and all you have to do is correct the formula where you deem necessary or make improvements where you can. So, let’s take a look at the specs and see if the Reid E4 Plus has enough offerings to take home the title of The Xiaomi Pro Killer. Spoiler alert; we’re enthusiastic enough about it. 

Reid E4 Plus Specifications

Motor350W Front hub motor
Battery36V, 30 cells, 7.5Ah
Charge Time4-5 hours
Single-Charge Mileage17 miles (28km) (varies depending on the weather, terrain and weight of the rider)
Max Speed15.5 mph (25 Kph)
Climbing Range15% Gradient climb (varies depending on charge state and weight of the rider)
Braking SystemFront electronic brake, rear fender footbrake, mechanical disc brake with automatic motor cut
LightingFront LED headlight, Rear integrated brake light, ambient under deck lighting
HornRing bell
Max Load220 lbs (100kg)
Scooter Weight32 lbs (14.5kg)
Product MaterialAviation grade Aluminium alloy
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
SuspensionIntegrated rear suspension
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 120 × 120 ×52 cm

Folded: 120 × 51 × 52 cm
Water ResistanceIPX4 (the scooter is protected from a few water splashes from any direction)

Reid E4 Plus Review Video

Watch this step by step analysis of the Reid E4 Plus electric scooter. 

The E4 Plus is a modern scooter with advanced and intuitive features making it the perfect daily commuting alternative for urban dwellers. 

Reid E4 Plus Pros

tickicon It has a spacious customised deck with rear suspension for enhanced rider comfort

tickicon Reid mobile app that shows the speed, distance, lighting customisation, journey tracking, and an option for electronically locking the motor for heightened security

tickicon It has large 10-inch wheels that are puncture-proof and maintenance-free tyres for a worry-free ride

tickicon It has a triple braking system for effective and practical braking

tickicon It has a bright front headlight that can be controlled via the Reid App and from the display

tickicon It is splash and light shower resistant 

tickicon It has Bluetooth

tickicon It has 3 ride modes

tickicon It has a simple and safe folding mechanism for portability

tickicon It has a unique customised LED HUD display that shows the speed, battery levels, speed mode and distance travelled.

tickicon It has decent clearance

Reid E4 Plus Cons

red It lacks cruise control

red The solid tyres perform poorly during braking and in wet conditions

red It has a low load capacity

red The IPX4 water resistance rating is not good enough

red Its wide handlebars do not fold

Reid E4 Plus Summary

The Reid E4 Plus is the latest and the most powerful in the Reid line of electric scooters. It has modern design features that make it a standout among its competitors- most notably the E4, Hiboy ES2 and Xiaomi M365 Pro (the industry’s mid-range giants). It boasts an elegant minimalist look while still providing top performance for all riders. A downside to this outstanding model is the limited colour choices, only coming in a matte black option.

Reid E4 Plus is crafted from high-grade materials that are responsible for its durability and compactness. The scooter is uniquely designed with an LED HUD centrally placed on the handlebars that shows the speed, current battery level and speed mode. Riders will appreciate the well tucked and internally routed wiring that makes for that elegant finish. 

Additionally, the scooter is ergonomically designed to offer the rider comfort, as evidenced by the spacious deck that accommodates parallel standing and wide ergonomic handlebars fitted with rubber grips to offer better control when riding. For a neat finish, the brake and bell are conveniently integrated on a single left lever and the throttle on the right, within easy reach. 

Another significant feature on this scooter is its enhanced safe and smooth folding mechanism. The system is an upgrade to the M365’s, which had a handful of scooters recalled. The reinforced folding latch has an additional safety clip and, coupled with the scooter’s low weight, is conveniently portable and offers easy storage options.

There are several ways the Plus distinguishes itself from its predecessor, most notably with the distinct, large 10-inch maintenance-free, in-cellular solid tyres and inclusion of an integrated suspension system. This makes the scooter quite reliable on smooth and off-road terrain. The large wheels are also responsible for the scooter’s large clearance, thus safeguarding the deck’s underplate.

The scooter can achieve an exhilarating maximum speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h) thanks to its robust 350W front hub motor and its suitably high 220 lb (99 kg) weight-capacity that is not too easily defeated by hills (less than 15%). However, note that its ability to climb hills depends on the charge state and weight of the rider. With this top speed, it is crucial that the rider has reliable stopping power, and Reid did not disappoint. The scooter has three braking options; a front electronic brake, a rear mechanical disk brake and a rear fender foot brake; thus, you can rest assured your stopping will not be compromised. 

That’s not all. The Reid eMobility App is another force to reckon with and a Reid Scooters standard. Connected via Bluetooth and available on Android and iOS, it connects the scooter to your mobile to show the speed, distance, lighting and has a special anti-theft feature that locks the motor. If you’re not sold yet, then how about the big, solid kickstand, or the magnificent underglow, or the fact that the scooter also doubles as a kickscooter in case of a drained battery.

Read on for a comprehensive look at the Reid E4 Plus and its impeccable features.

Performance Overview

Reid E4 Plus is powered by a 350W front hub motor that delivers supreme performance.

It performs impressively when climbing hills because of the immense torque generated by its robust motor with a maximum power output of 500W. The motor can tackle a 15% gradient climb using speed mode 3. The scooter has decent acceleration and can attain a top speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h) in just 6 seconds. Real-world tests affirm the braking distance to be 5 meters for the disc brake and just slightly longer for the rear fender foot brake when going at top speed. For effective braking, the rider needs to apply the brakes simultaneously to maximise the stopping power.

reid e4 plus electric scooter

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Reid E4 Plus is a great choice for urban commuters. The maximum speed of 15.5 mph is not the fastest in its class, but it’s enough to get around town without incident.

Additionally, it has three riding modes with different top speeds, and each mode corresponds to a 1, 2, or 3 on the display. Speed 1 maxes out at 5.6 mph (9 kph), which basically means it’s walking speed; perfect for beginners just getting into electric bikes! The intermediate rider would be content in using speed 2, as this maximises 11.2 mph (18 km/h) – or about jogging pace. For experienced riders looking to push themselves even further, they should try out speed 3 because it tops off at 15.5 mph (25 km/h).

The scooter is no slouch; it reaches the top speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h) in an impressive 6 seconds and has a thumb controlled throttle which makes adjusting its speed easy with only slight pressure on your thumbs.

Battery Life & Range

E4 Plus runs on a premium quality 36V,7.5Ah high capacity pure ternary lithium battery. It is packed with 30 cells responsible for the higher-output battery capacity that gives the scooter a maximum range of 17 miles (28km) on a single charge- comparable to the high priced Unagi Model One. Lithium batteries offer reliability and extended battery life when compared to other battery types. The battery on this model takes 4-5 to fully charge, which is average. Additionally, the electronic front brake has an energy capture system for extending mileage as it recharges the battery while cruising.

Motor Configuration

The Reid E4 Plus is powered by a 350 watts front hub motor enclosed in a hub encasing to preserve it from elements. This is a significant upgrade from the 250 Watts motor found on its predecessor, the E4. The motor outputs an instant maximum power of 500W. 

Construction & Build Quality

The Reid E4 Plus is an affordable and attractive electric scooter. It has a sporty look with stylish wide handlebars, nicely curved edges and beefy tyres that make it stand out on the road. The futuristic-looking Tesla-like HUD top (Head’s Up Display) will certainly attract the right kind of attention. For an elegant finish, the wires are internally routed in the non-adjustable stem. The frame of this scooter is built from aviation-grade aluminium alloy, which ensures its quality, low weight and unmatched durability. It further guarantees elegance and a high tolerance for diverse elements.

 The stem is built from high-grade aluminium and is foldable, thanks to the stainless steel folding mechanism that enhances its sturdiness and strength. The E4 Plus’ deck is also crafted from aluminium, with a sandpaper feel top plate for grip stability. Beneath the deck is a waterproof casing that houses the battery and the controller. Embedded on the side of the deck is a big solid aluminium kickstand for stability when parked. The handlebars are rubberised for a comfortable holding grip. Additionally, the tyres are made of solid rubber and feature a unique in-cellular design, meaning the inside of the wheel has holes cut through, a feature that delivers some level of cushioning.


E4 Plus has a rear spring/ coil suspension system that works in combination with the spacious customised deck and in-cellular tyres to facilitate a smooth ride. The suspension effectively limits shock and vibrations, enhancing the ride quality. Unlike the shocks on the Hiboy ES2, the ones on the E4 Plus are effectively quiet.

Ride Quality

The E4 Plus has a customised and spacious deck combined with an integrated rear suspension that offers a smooth ride. The deck is lined with a sandpaper grip for the rider’s stability. The handlebar stem is fixed at an accommodative angle of 76.5 degrees and does not wobble, allowing for comfortable riding posture and easy manoeuvring. Additionally, the handlebars have rubber grips for a comfortable riding experience.  

 For quality low light rides, the scooter comes equipped with a multi-LED front headlight, a rear LED light and underglow lighting that ensures the rider’s path is well illuminated and that the scooter is visible to other road users. The scooter has other safety features like a bell and side reflectors. 

The large 10 inch solid rubber wheels may be maintenance-free but do not offer a good ride quality as pneumatic tyres. However, the size does allow for a good solid ride, and the air holes cut through the tyres absorb some of the shocks on the riding track. The scooter also has a triple braking system to ensure that the scooter comes to a complete stop quickly when required, even when cruising at the top speed. 


Reid values the rider’s safety, which is why they went for a unified triple braking system. The braking combines a front and regenerative electronic brake, mechanical disk brake and a rear fender foot brake with an automatic motor cut. The brakes work just okay when used independently but are more effective when used together.  It’s worth noting that the mechanical disc brake is far more efficient as compared to the electronic and foot brake. However, it does require regular maintenance for optimal performance. 


The E4 Plus is slightly heavier than scooters in the same price range, but it is still portable. The scooter is built from aviation-grade aluminium, which is responsible for its low weight. The electric scooter weighs 32 lbs (14.5 kg), making it portable (though with significant effort). The scooter’s frame is forged from high-grade aluminium and has a simple safe folding mechanism with an additional safety clip that greatly facilitates the folding. When folded, the scooter has a compact size of 120 × 51 ×52 cm, making it possible to shove the scooter in the car boot or tight spaces. 


The E4 Plus has a super bright multi-LED front headlight with ambient headlight colour, which can be controlled via the Reid App. The light projected from the LED front headlight is sufficient to illuminate the rider’s path, and the ambient headlight increases the scooter’s visibility to oncoming traffic. Alternately, the rear integrated brake light makes the scooter visible to trailing traffic. To enhance the scooters visibility, the scooter has reflectors on the sides . It also has ambient under deck lighting that unfortunately does not have customisation options on the app and changes automatically.


This electric scooter rolls on large 10-inch solid rubber wheels, which Reid claims will last up to 1,800 miles (3,000 km). The puncture proof tyres are made from cellular rubber, making them more elastic than regular solid tyres. The tyres are also durable and have a firm grip. Although pneumatic tyres offer better cushioning than solid tyres, these tyres provide a bit of comfort due to the holes punctured within the cellular make of the tyre allowing for some level of shock absorption. 


The E4 plus sports a spacious deck that comfortably allows parallel foot positioning for riders with average-sized feet. The deck is crafted carefully using high-grade aluminium with a textured top for rider stability. Though the battery is cased underneath, the 10’’ tyres significantly raise the deck plate, giving the scooter enough clearance to avoid scraping as the rider goes over track obstacles.

Controls & Display

The Reid E4 Plus features an aesthetically pleasing look with a unique patented handlebar design. The ergonomic handlebars are fitted with wide rubber grips for added comfort and better control. The right handlebar houses the plastic throttle, while the brake lever is located on the left for quick access. A safety ball is also integrated to alert other road users.

 The uniquely designed waterproof LED is centrally located on the handlebars and provides the rider with relevant information such as current speed, battery level and ride mode. The riding modes can be switched through a power button at the centre of the display. However, note that it may be problematic trying to access the button with both hands on the handlebars, making it a bit challenging to change modes while riding.

The scooter also has Bluetooth connectivity that allows the rider to pair the scooter to the free Reid eMobility App, to engage the rider in Journey tracking, and as a control for the scooter’s lights.

reid e4 plus folded electric scooter

Water Resistance

This electric scooter has a water resistance rating of IPX4. The scooter can withstand a few splashes from all directions, but it shouldn’t be ridden through water puddles exceeding the depth of 2cm. The rider should exercise caution when riding in the rain. However, the LED display is waterproof and can withstand light showers of rain.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

This e scooter is superbly crafted using aviation-grade aluminium that ensures the scooters durability, portability and reliability. The 350W motor powers the scooter through urban, off-road and inclined terrain, while the large 10-inch wheels roll over road cracks and bumps like a champ. The rear coil spring suspension limits the shock and vibrations on bumpy terrain, thus riders are not limited in terms of riding environment. The lithium-ion battery is efficient as it offers extended battery life and an impressive range compared to other similarly priced scooters. The unified triple braking system on this scooter ensures instant stopping, including at maximum speed. 

Reid values customer satisfaction, and so they offer a lifetime warranty on every Reid frame, a lifetime warranty on all rigid alloy and steel forks, 5 years on carbon and a 2-year warranty on all suspension forks and Shimano components. A 1-year warranty covers non-consumables and all e scooters. However, customers must register their Reid to activate their warranty. Note, the warranty is valid from the date of purchase and not the date of registration. Reid has a simplified procedure to make warranty claims, and their Customer representatives are available online to resolve any issue.


The E4 Plus, like any electric scooter, needs regular maintenance as outlined in the user manual. This optimises its performance and prolongs its lifespan. The scooter uses a rear mechanical disc brake, and this type of brake requires maintenance for its sustained effectiveness, while the rest of its brakes require zero maintenance. Cleaning the unit with a damp cloth and then drying it is recommended to prevent corrosion. Also, the unit should be charged within the prescribed charging time, and an original charger used to prevent the battery from common hazards. 

Hill Climbing

The Reid E4 Plus is a high-quality, lightweight electric scooter that performs well on hills. It can tackle inclines of up to 15%, and it’s equipped with a strong 350W motor that delivers 500W instant output when you need it most. Note that the scooter’s hill-climbing ability depends on the charge state and weight of the rider. 

Accessories & Upgrades

  • Helmet
  • Knee pad
  • Extra charger
  • Phone holder

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

So, is the Reid E4 Plus the elusive Xiaomi M365 Pro killer? While the Reid does not eclipse Xiaomi’s popularity (just yet), the scooter does bring some design ingenuity that knocks the game out of the ballpark. The beefy 10’’ tires, rear coil suspension, spacious deck, high top speed, impressive mileage, robust motor, triple braking system, incredible lighting profile and nice ergonomic build to boot are just highlights of why the Reid E4 Plus is in the running for the best mid-range scooter.

Additionally, the scooter optimises the ride experience with the Reid eMobility app, ergonomic design and reliable build quality. The scooter does not demand many compromises on build quality and performance, giving owners real value for every dime spent on the purchase. So, the verdict on this scooter is that Reid has designed an exemplary scooter that will definitely give higher priced scooters a run for their money. Yes, we fully endorse this scooter. 

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Daniel is an avid scooter fan who has owned and tested over 50 different scooters. Part time scooter enthusiast & part time SEO specialist.  Daniels favourite scooter is the Dualtron Thunder.

  • Spacious customised deck with rear suspension for enhanced rider comfort
  • Reid mobile app that shows the speed, distance, lighting customisation, journey tracking, and an option for electronically locking the motor for heightened security
  • It has a large 10-inch wheels that are puncture-proof and maintenance-free tyres
  • It has a triple braking system for effective and practical braking
  • Bright front headlight that can be controlled via the Reid App and from the display
  • It has Bluetooth
  • It has 3 ride modes
  • Customised LED HUD display that shows the speed, battery levels, speed mode and distance travelled
  • It lacks cruise control
  • The solid tyres perform poorly during braking and in wet conditions
  • It has a low load capacity
  • The IPX4 water resistance rating is not good enough
  • Its wide handlebars do not fold

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