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Razor Turbo A Black Label Review

Brett Heyns
13 May 2024

One of the best kids scooters around that has a top speed of around 10 mph and a range of around 25 minutes of continuous ride time.

What do you get when you add a motor and a swappable battery pack to Razor’s original non-electric kick scooters? You get the Turbo A Black Label e-scooter.

For scooter enthusiasts, the Razor brand- a United States-based company, is synonymous with pocket-friendly, remarkable releases that provide high performance and quality without stretching your budget. The Turbo A Black Label electric scooter is just the perfect entry-level scooter for your young scooting enthusiast.

Moreover, the Turbo A Black Label guarantees an exhilarating outdoor experience while creating those memorable moments. As Razor’s cheapest electric scooter, and outstanding performance levels, there’s no reason why your child shouldn’t own this great ride.

Turbo A Black Label – The Lowdown…

Brands like Razor have completely revolutionized the electric scooter market with their innovation and lack of compromise on quality. What’s even more interesting is the niche they’ve created for themselves in the kids’ electric scooter category. Now, kids’ scooters are not necessarily the flashiest, especially when considering their low price points, but Razor’s standard minimalistic designs are basically less-is-more. A grand example of doing the most with the least is Razor’s Turbo A Black Label.

The Turbo A Black Label is a 12V lithium-ion powered electric scooter that facilitates 25 minutes of non-stop ride time. As with all of Razor’s scooters, safety is prioritized and enhanced by capping the maximum speed to a reasonable 10 mph. In all fairness, this speed is just ideal for kids over the age of 8. The ride quality on this scooter is not what avid riders would call the best, but suffices for trips around the neighbourhood or quick strolls to the park.

The design is simple, kid-friendly, well-thought-through, and professionally done, to provide a great experience for your kids. Razor’s marketing went crazy with the quick charge, plug-in power, swap, and go battery mechanism, which is pretty cool if you think about it. With their long-standing history of comfortable, high-performing, and durable scooters, it’s no wonder reviewers and riders are still raving about the performance of this e-scooter. Let’s take a deeper dive into what the Turbo A Black Label really offers.

Razor Turbo A Black Label Specifications

Motor 80-watt, push-to-start, high-torque, geared-wheel drive
Battery 10.8V lithium-ion pack, easy-change, quick-charge (UL2271)
Throttle Electronic, pressure sensor, foot-activated controlled
Charge Time 4 Hours
Single-Charge Mileage 25 minutes continuous ride time
Max Speed 10 mph (16 kph) (Depending on the weight of the rider and environmental factors)
Braking System Rear fender with power cut off
Tyres 3.9” Urethane
Lighting No installed lighting
Max Load 110 pounds (50 kg)
Scooter Weight 7.33 pounds (3.33 kg)
Product Material Aluminium deck and down-tube, steel handlebars with foam grips
Suspension No installed suspension
Horn Type No installed bell or horn
Size (L x W x H cm) Unfolded: 66.8 x 28.0 x 83.6
Water Resistance This scooter does not any water resistant rating


Razor Turbo A Black Label Video:

The Turbo A Black Label is a standard show of comfort, usability, performance, and safety. Explore more of the Turbo A Black Label electric scooter features in this video.

Razor Turbo A Black Label Pros

tickicon  Compact build and modern design

tickicon  Reliable rear fender braking system

tickicon  Foldable size for incredible portability

tickicon  Maintenance-free urethane wheels offer solid riding

tickicon  Quick charge battery for reduced downtime

Razor Turbo A Black Label Cons

red  Lacks basic safety features; e.g. Front and rear lights, reflectors, bell

red  Limited range

red  Performs poorly on inclined surfaces

red  The handlebars are not height adjustable


Razor Turbo A Black Label Summary

For two decades, the Razor company has made a significant impact in the electric scooter space. While most brands were busy tinkering with speed and motor power on high-performing scooters, Razor took to perfecting their range of children’s scooters- this paid off. The Turbo A Black Label is a classic example of a quality kid scooter model that bears an elegant design, with an emphasis on the quality and performance famously associated with Razor. We start with the sturdy and durable aluminium deck, followed by the easy-fold down tube and the foamed steel handles that complete the seamless finish of the scooter’s frame.

Many Razor fans are already familiar with the signature deck curve over the rear wheel. Interestingly, for this model, Razor went with a curved guard instead that houses the battery unit- a cool installation you won’t fail to notice. It also features urethane wheels that deliver solid rides even in the roughest of terrains. The scooter is the lightest in the brand’s line of electric scooters and features a foldable stem- a feature not so common in Razor kids e scooters, e.g., the Power Core E100, the E100, the Power A2, and the E200.

The high torque 80 Watt motor is activated by a kick-off system, plus a foot-controlled pressure sensor that activates the motor and controls acceleration. This scooter achieves speeds of up to 10 mph on a full battery charge and can reach a maximum of 25-minutes of non-stop ride time. This speed limitation helps deter kids from wandering away from unsupervised areas. The ‘swap and go’ quick charge battery pack is removable for easy charging, and with a short charge time of 4 hours, it’s the perfect on-the-go companion.

Like all budget scooters, there are a few compromises. The scooter lacks basic safety features like lighting profiles (front and rear lights), reflectors, and a bell. The handlebars are totally plain, save for the grips. It lacks an LED display and does not come equipped with suspension. However, it delivers the expected levels of performance required by your children before they can graduate to more advanced and higher-performing scooters such as the E200 and adult scooters.

Below, we comprehensively explore and evaluate the Turbo A Black Label electric scooter features.


Performance Overview: 

While performance is not integral in kids’ electric scooters, Razor never fails to deliver some level of performance efficiency in all its releases. This 12 V lithium-ion-powered electric scooter packs a mean 10 mph top speed, which is pretty fast for a scooter this size.

The 80-watt geared wheel motor delivers high torque and can comfortably support a max rider weight of 110 lbs. At optimal rider weight and full battery charge, the 10 mph top speed is one that might be daunting for parents. However, Razor fitted an easy-access rear foot brake that is a pretty intuitive way to slow or halt the scooter.

Like most kids’ scooters, the performance on inclines is subpar unfortunately.

The main article image of the Razor Turbo A Black Label electric scooter

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Turbo A Black Label comes with an average 80-watt geared-wheel motor that propels the scooters to top speeds of 10 mph, which is subject to factors such as rider weight, inclines, and battery charge level. The motor is a kick-start and requires 2-3 kicks for the scooter to reach a 3mph minimum speed needed to activate the motor. This model achieves modestly low acceleration. It lacks the standard twist-grip or thumb-activated throttle but instead features a foot-controlled, pressure sensor-activated accelerator.

This scooter performs best on flat and smooth terrains and will struggle on inclines. With the fastest of Razor’s kid’s scooters hitting 11 mph -the Power Core E100, the speed on this model is quite decent.

Hill Climbing

The Turbo A Black Label is best suited for flat and smooth terrains such as children’s playgrounds, walkways, and city routes. However, the scooter can still manage very mild inclines. Razor does not specify real world tested metrics for inclined riding.


The battery pack of the Razor Turbo A Black Label electric scooter

Battery Life & Range

The Turbo A Black Label is powered by a 12 V lithium-ion quick charge battery. The battery pack is detachable and features a cool plug-in power design. The battery is customized for direct recharge, with a charge time of 4 hours and the battery indicator will turn green when fully charged. The manufacturer warns against exceeding the recommended charging time. However, for added safety, the charger comes with an in-built safety feature that prevents overcharging, overheating, and short-circuits.

When fully charged, the rider can insert the battery in its housing unit, pop the on switch, and then can kick off their ride. At optimal weight capacity and on a full charge, the scooter achieves a cool 25 minutes of continuous ride time. This roughly translates to a 4-mile range. The range may not be excellent, but for children in this age bracket, the range is considered a safe one as it only takes them so far from home.

Should the juice run out prematurely, the scooter’s lightweight frame and its foldable stem allow for an easy pick and go. Alternatively, the kids can kick the scooter (the traditional non-electric way) for the remainder of the journey, so running out of juice is definitely the end of the world. It is also convenient to have a backup battery and is small enough to fit in the rider’s pocket.


Motor Configuration

This Razor features a push-to-start, high-torque 80-watt, geared-wheel drive motor. The scooter requires a 3mph minimum speed to engage the motor. This works in unison with a foot-controlled pressure sensor activator to get the motor running. The gear motor also requires less maintenance than the chain motor on models like the E100.

A picture of a child riding on the Razor Turbo A electric scooter

Construction & Build Quality

The Razor Turbo A Black Label is an ideal kid’s scooter, build for safety and durability. Its body features an aluminium deck and down stem, and steel handlebars with foam grips. The down stem incorporates a one-step folding mechanism for portability. The handlebars are uniquely plain, as is the down stem. The deck is covered in a sandpaper feel material and lacks the width of most of Razor’s other kids’ scooters decks. The rear deck does not curve over the rear wheel but is slightly angled and features a rear foot brake.

The 80 watt geared wheel motor is rear-located, as is the housing unit for the quick charge Lithium-ion battery pack. The 3.9” urethane tyres are fast, durable, and maintenance-free. The power button is embedded on the rear deck.

Yes, this scooter lacks many essential features such as suspension, lights, reflectors, a horn or bell, and an LED display, but that is to be expected in this outstanding and cost-effective kids’ package.



The electric scooter’s deck is made of aluminium and is lightweight and sturdy. It provides sufficient support for a max rider weight of 110 lbs. The Turbo A Black Label’s deck bears a low profile, which definitely aids in stability.

However, the deck clearance leaves room for grazing as riders go over bumps and obstacles. The deck is also covered in a sandpaper feel material for added grip – similar to skateboards.



This scooter features 3.9” Urethane wheels that are fast and durable. While they lack the shock-absorption qualities of pneumatic tyres, urethane wheels are designed to resist abrasion, extreme weather conditions and are low-maintenance. 

These are pretty much the same wheels that you would get on any non-electric kick-scooter. So, they are perfectly fine in terms of tried and tested toughness and handling.

Picture of the front wheel of the Razor Turbo A electric scooter


There is no suspension on the Razor Turbo A Black Label, but this should hardly be an issue at all. As stated above, this is a high quality electric version of a traditional kick/push scooter. So, as far as handling the judders and bumps, your kids will notice no difference in ride quality at all.



As with all Razor electric scooters, safety is of the utmost concern. The braking system here is a reliable rear-fender brake with a power cut-off that facilitates precise and uncompromised stops. The top speed of 10 mph may appear low for seasoned riders, but is relatively high for kids aged 8-14 years, hence the need for a dependable braking system.

The rear foot-operated fender brake is easy to use and cuts off power to the motor, ensuring that the e-scooter stops precisely when it’s needed to stop.

Picture of the rear brake of the Razor Turbo A Black Label electric scooter

Ride Quality

Once riders figure out the various nuances of an e-scooter, the other main feature they are concerned about is the level of riding comfort or its lack thereof. The Turbo A Black Label features a sturdy deck that offers sufficient standing area for the rider, with an angled rear that serves as a footrest and also houses the brake. The sandpaper lining on the deck ensures a firm grip for riders. The handlebar grips are foam-covered for a comfortable riding grip. The 80 watt geared wheel motor requires a push to start activation to keep riders from getting jerked as the motor activates.

The urethane tyres offer a solid and smooth ride and aid in fast acceleration. However, the brakes bring the scooter to a precise stop at whatever speed the rider is on. The battery is a quick charge, thus reduces on downtime. The low deck profile also offers increased stability while riding. On the flip side, low light riding would not be ideal on this scooter. This inconvenience arises from the lack of important safety features like lights, a horn and reflectors.



Unfortunately, the Turbo A Black Label lacks lighting. In fact, the only glow on this scooter comes off the power on/off indicator. It also doesn’t  have reflective strips on the deck or the handlebar stem. So, that means that parents should definitely call the kids in from their scooting play because no one wants to see their kid tumble over an obstacle because they couldn’t see it.

Plus, any neighbours in cars, might have a hard time seeing the kids zooming around, so it’s always better to rather be safe than sorry.

Controls & Display

Unlike most adult scooters, this kids e-scooter does not feature LED displays on the handlebar’s stem. It only has a power button embedded on the rear deck.

Control wise, the deck houses a foot-controlled pressure sensor that serves as an accelerator. If you lift your foot from this sensor while riding, the scooter will immediately begin to slow down. It takes getting used to, but the learning curve is not steep at all.


Picture of the handlebar grips of the Razor electric Scooter


By the mere fact that it’s a kid’s scooter, the expectation is that it is lightweight, and Razor did not disappoint. This electric scooter weighs 7.33 lb (3.33 kg), which when coupled with the folding aluminium stem, ranks it pretty high on the portability scale.

The Turbo A Black Label features a one-step folding mechanism, where the rider flips the latch, and the scooter collapses into a small package that kids at this age can comfortably haul around. The folded dimensions are pretty compact and also aid in convenient storage.

So, if your child needs to carry this scooter up or down some stairs, or you need to pop it into the boot of your car, it’s a really simple and lightweight exercise.

The Razor Black Label escooter folded up

Water Resistance


The scooter does not have a water resistant IP rating, which means riders should be cautioned against riding in wet conditions, so as to avoid water damage, which the manufacturer will not cover under their warranty.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The scooter’s battery charger comes with an in-built safety feature that prevents overcharging, overheating, and short-circuits. The battery also offers 25 minutes of continuous ride time. The top speeds let the kids have huge amounts of fun, without overly compromising their safety. Additionally, the brake is efficient and cuts off power to the motor at any speed. The frame is built for durability as long as riders perform good maintenance practices. The solid tyres offer a speedy, smooth and solid ride.

Razor has a dedicated Customer Support team with both a US toll line and an international customer hotline. The representatives take calls between 8 AM and 5 PM Pacific Time. During after hours, clients can leave text messages on the dedicated line or fill in a form on the help page on their website.

Razor is also popular for honouring its extensive warranties. The warranty covers you for 90 days, with a 30-day return policy for manufacturer defects. However, the client pays for the return shipping fee. The warranty does not extend to wheels, normal wear, and damage from incorrect assembly, storage, misuse, renting out, or water damage. The warranty is only valid for customers purchasing and using the Razor Turbo A Black Label within the United States and Canada. Outside these areas, be sure then to purchase this kids scooter from a reputable supplier/agent, so that they can take care of any potential issues on your behalf.


Regular maintenance should be done by an adult. However, the Turbo A Black Label only needs minimal maintenance. The deck and handlebars can be cleaned with a damp piece of cloth. For more permanent stains, scrub with a toothbrush, using some toothpaste, then wipe off with a clean, wet cloth.

Avoid cleaning with acetone, alcohol, and other volatile solvents, since they may damage the scooter’s frame and internal parts. The manufacturer further discourages the use of pressure washers and rough gauzes.

When storing, turn off the scooter and charge it fully to avoid overcharging, which may result in permanent damage. Charge the scooter once every month if you’re to store it for long.

Fortunately, the Turbo A Black Label does not come with chains or gears, which traditionally need regular maintenance for optimal functionality, so you are spared that headache.


Known Issues

There have been complaints by customers that there may have been a malfunction that caused some scooters to power down and not come back on while the battery still had some juice in it.


A picture of a child riding on his Razor Turbo A Black Label electric scooter

Is this Electric Scooter value for money, and is it worth buying?

As the cheapest (and lightest) of Razor’s range of kids’ scooters, and with uncompromising quality, we’d say that it’s a very big yes!

The scooter is in itself the reinvention of value. This scooter screams perfection for kids aged 8 and above graduating from kick scooters or getting started on their scooting journey. It closely competes with higher-priced electric scooters, but for a fraction of the cost.

You will get decent mileage, safe top speeds, an incredibly quick charge- and low maintenance battery, reliable brakes, a sturdy deck, a folding frame for portability, and a durable, solid build.

Riders should note that there’s a compromise when it comes to night riding, as it lacks lights, reflectors, and a horn. The scooter also lacks suspension, so the riding track may be limited to smooth and flat terrain for optimal comfort.

Regardless, the performance-packed features you get for this low-budget scooter are all the value you need for your spending. So get that Razor Turbo A Black Label Scooter today, and let you and your kids begin to build some memories.

Accessories and Upgrades

  • Razor Elbow and Knee Pads
  • Razor Helmet
  • LED headlamp, fitted to the stem

Other Similar Electric Scooters

  • Razor Power Core E100
  • Razor E200
  • Swagtron Swagger 8
  • Segway Ninebot eKickscooter Zing E8
  • Segway Ninebot eKickscooter Zing E10
  • Compact build and modern design
  • Reliable rear fender braking system
  • Foldable size for amazing portability
  • Maintenance-free urethane wheels offer solid riding
  • Quick charge battery for reduced downtime
  • Lacks basic safety features; e.g., front and rear lights, reflectors, horn
  • Limited range
  • The handlebar is not height adjustable
  • Performs poorly on inclined surfaces

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