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Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
6 July 2021


Ideal for kids on the move, the Razor Power Core e90 has a top speed of around 10 MPH and range of up to 10 miles.


The Razor Power Core E90 is one of those cool, kid-friendly scooters that most tweens and teens would be more than pleased with.

With an age recommendation for children aged 8 and up, it is recommended for slightly older kids. Safe enough for children to operate themselves, the Razor Power Core E90 is an electric scooter that kids will have a ball riding on outdoors.

And with a runtime of over about an hour, they can enjoy scooter fun for quite some time before it’ll need to be recharged again. 


Razor Power Core E90 – The Lowdown

RazorE901.1 1728x

This kick to start scooter that can reach speeds of up to 10 mph and is nothing short of awesome for pre-teens and younger children wanting to experience the adventure of riding an electronic scooter.

Built with a steel frame and a retractable kickstand, this scooter is made for carefree kids on the move. New and improved with a 90W hub motor, the Razor Power Core E90 runtime gives them plenty of time to practice and perfect their ride.

If you are considering getting an electronic scooter for your energetic child and find yourself a little unsure of what to get, then this review of the Razor Power Core E90 will hopefully provide you with the information you need to decide if this is the one for him/her.

Razor Power Core E90 Specifications

Motor90W hub motor with a push button throttle
Battery2x 12V rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries
Charge Time12 hours
Single-Charge Mileage10 Miles
Max Speed10 mph / 16 kmh
Climbing RangeUp to 15 degrees
Braking SystemA hand operated front brake
LightingThe deck features 6 LED lights that light up when the scooter is in motion
Instrument PanelN/A
Max Load54 kg (120 lbs)
Scooter Weight9.9 kg (24.2 lbs)
Product MaterialSteel T-tube and frame with polypropylene deck
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
SuspensionLimited to its pneumatic front tyre
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 103.5 x 46.5 x 104 cm
Water ResistanceN/A

Razor Power Core E90 Review Video

Check out this review video of the Razor Power Core E90 by RazorWorldwide.

The Razor Power Core e90 is the ultimate e scooter for younger kids and pre-teens. Designed for kids, the Razor Power Core e90 is a fun and safe way for kids to explore the outdoors.

Razor Power Core E90 Pros

tickicon Safe for beginners with a kick-to-start function

tickicon Affordably priced for what you get

tickicon Sturdy build quality largely comprised mainly of steel

tickicon Relatively small charge time

tickicon Easy to get the hang of to learn how to use for new riders

tickicon High-torque motor

Razor Power Core E90 Cons

red Not the smoothest ride

red Not suitable for wet surfaces

red This scooter doesn’t fold up

red Fixed speed control

Razor E Prime III Summary

The Razor Power Core E90 is a neat scooter designed for tweens that can keep them entertained for over an hour at a time with a top speed of 10mph and a range of an impressive 10 miles on a single charge.

Dual brakes provide an added important safety element. Low in maintenance, due to its solid airless tyres that aren’t prone to damage easily, this scooter is perfect for busy kids that want to be on the move all the time.

Light but sturdy, this scooter helps riders obtain better balance as they prepare to zoom off into the distance. The Razor Power Core E90 is made for kids that want to experience the joy of riding an electronic scooter independently. 

Performance Overview

The 90W hub motor of this electric scooter is powerful enough for adventurous tweens that want to reach decent speeds of 10mph, and is fast enough for them to experience the thrill of riding solo whilst not compromise on safety.

A dual braking system makes this scooter even safer for use as they can activate the front brake (which is within easy reach) with their hand and can apply the rear brake by applying pressure with their foot.

This scooter also comes with a rear-wheel drive which is so important for beginners that are just learning to balance and ride on an electric scooter.

The Razor Power Core E90 can also function as a kick scooter until it reaches speeds of up to 3mph; thereafter, it’s smooth sailing as the motor kicks in and does all the riding for you. Accelerating is also a breeze with the simple touch of a button.

RazorE904 1728x

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Razor Power Core E90 has a top speed of 10 mph which is plenty enough for tweens that want to experience some speed and a taste of what’s to come as they slowly graduate to bigger and faster electric scooters with time.

As an added safety feature for beginners, you have to kick-start this e scooter and slowly gain traction until you’re up to 3 mph to set the engine in motion. 


Controls & Display

As far as controls and displays go on this fun-filled scooter, the green button on this electric scooter serves as the push control button. After enabling the electric motor through the kick-start function, riders can increase the acceleration of the scooter to its maximum (non-variable) speed capacity with the simple press of a button.

Battery Life & Range 

A 12V sealed lead-acid battery gives the Razor Power Core E90 an extended run time of up to 80 fun-filled minutes of scooter fun which is more than for busy, young kids that are always on the go.

The battery takes roughly 12 hours to charge which means you can leave it overnight to charge, ready for use the next day.

Motor Configuration

A 90 W hub motor still makes for a fun ride and is ample motor power to reach exhilarating but safe speeds of 10 mph.

As an added feature for kids learning how to master the art of riding a scooter, the motor is only activated after reaching 3 mph once kick-started manually. A push button throttle makes accelerating easier for kids with the simple push of a button.

With a high torque hub motor of 90 W, the Razor Power Core e90 can climb hills but is not as fast or as powerful as it would be on more even terrain.  

Construction & Build Quality

The Razor Power Core E90 has a steel frame that is light enough to transport and durable enough to last for ages. It has superb balance control with its rear-wheel drive and can accommodate a weight of up to 120 lbs which means fast-growing kids can still enjoy this awesome scooter for years to come.

Six led lights situated below the deck also add to the excitement (and safety) of this spiffy electric scooter.

RazorE905 1728x


No suspension makes for a bit of a bumpy ride on this scooter.

Ride Quality

The ride quality of the Core E90 electric scooter is great for beginners that won’t be too fazed by a bit of a bumpy ride as a result of its solid tyres that aren’t as impact-friendly as air-filled, rubber tyres.

The steel frame and retractable kickstand of the Razor Power Core E90 of is however made to suit kids who want to jump on and off on a whim and take their scooter for a ride around alone or with friends for some outdoor fun.

Short handlebars, an easily accessible push throttle, and a hand-operated front brake make this scooter even more child-friendly. 


Two types of brakes (one on the front end and one on the rear end) make the braking system of this scooter safer easier for kids to learn the hang of.

The front hand brake of the scooter is located on the left side of the handlebar for easy access and the rear brake can activated by pressing down with the foot.


The Razor Power Core E90 is not foldable but this doesn’t hinder its portability as its light-weight and smaller frame doesn’t require much storage space and is easy enough to pack up and transport and can fit easily in the boot of a car.

Water Resistance

The Razor Power Core E90 is not water resistant.


The Razor Power Core E90 comes with bright, luminous lights above the deck as well as 6 LED lights below the deck that are activated when the scooter starts to move.

This is one of the most exciting features of this scooter as kids soak up the glowing effect of these dazzling scooter lights. As neat as they are, these LED deck lights also make sure that young ones can see their way clearly in low light visibility.


The Razor Power Core E90 comes with airless front and rear tyres. These tyres are made out of abrasion-resistant urethane, perfect for adventurous kids that like to explore.

Urethane tyres are likely to last longer than pneumatic tyres as they are more resistant to damage and won’t get punctured or sliced on rough gravel.


The deck of Razor Power Core E90 has plenty of room for smaller feet and is just the thing to use for when they are ready to push off (traditional scooter style) and go before the cool motor power kicks in. 

RazorE903 1728x

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Core E90 electric scooter has a warranty period of 90 days (related to electrical problems) and up to 180 days for problems that are non-electrical in nature.

Their customer service is rated as average and above and as with most companies that operate online these days, you can contact them on their website should you have any issues or queries with their product.


The Razor Power Core E90 requires minimal, if any, maintenance.

Known Issues

Two issues that could pose a potential challenge for kids is the absence of non-adjustable push button throttle to gradually increase speed.

The second is non-adjustable handlebars that are not able to adjust to each individual rider’s height.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

For a starter scooter, this scooter is worth it for children just learning how to ride an electric scooter. A rear-wheel-drive enables better balance control as weight is dispensed more naturally in this direction.

It’s a durable electric scooter given its smaller size and is ideal for active kids that would want to ride on it as often as possible. It is priced reasonably, is value for money and can be purchased for $139.99 or £100.51 which would make it a great gift for any child with an e scooter on their wish list.

The Razor brand is a trusted and reliable brand that has been around for close to two decades, so you can rest assured that the scooter you’ll be purchasing is a quality purchase with very few negatives.

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  • Safe for beginners with kick start to function
  • Affordable price point
  • Very low maintenance
  • Rear wheel drive helps beginners with their balance
  • Not a very smooth ride
  • Not suitable for wet weather or surfaces
  • This scooter doesn't fold up
  • Fixed speed control

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