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Razor Power Core E100 Review

Brett Heyns
18 April 2021


A great electric scooter for kids, that has a top speed of around 11 mph and a range of up to 60 Minutes


The Razor brand is a worldwide phenomenon, synonymous with quality and innovation.

The Razor Power Core E100 electric scooter is an affordable and fun release from the brand; a revamp of its predecessor the E100.

This elegantly designed scooter is the perfect choice for kids looking to ditch the ancient and uninspired kick scooters, for something with a little more zing. For parents seeking a safe, reliable, and low-maintenance scooter, the Razor Power Core E100 is the perfect choice.

The Pure Air E-Scooter: The Lowdown…

Razor USA prides itself in being industry leaders in the scooter community. They are revered for their affordable range of fun, efficient and innovative releases. Razor tailors each of their scooters to fit individual rider needs. When it came to the Razor Power Core E100, the scooter was designed to be an upgrade of its slower and heavier predecessor, the Razor E100. Razor upgraded the chain-driven motor to an in-hub wheel motor, which meant lowering the maintenance requirements of this performer. You will also note that the Power Core features a smaller frame, but the dimensions are near-insignificant.

The Power Core E100 is designed for kids aged 8 and above. As such, Razor capped the top speed for this e scooter at 11 mph, which is more than sufficient for your child to reliably move about. Additionally, Razor ensured that safety was at the core of this scooter’s design with nifty little hacks such as a 3mph minimum requirement to engage the motor; thus preventing beginners from getting jerked off the scooter as the motor powered on. Read on for a more comprehensive review on the Razor Power Core E100.


Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter Specifications

Motor 100-watt, kick-start, in-wheel hub motor
Battery 24V (two 12V)/6A sealed lead-acid filled
Charge Time 6 hours
Single-Charge Mileage 60 minutes on a full charge
Max Speed  11 mph or 18 Kph  (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider).
Braking System Front Hand-operated caliper brake
Tyres 8-inch inflatable pneumatic (front), 4.9-inch Abrasion-resistant, airless, flat-free urethane (rear)
Lighting Ni installed lighting
Max Load 120 lbs. (55 kg)
Scooter Weight 22 lbs. (12 kg)
Product Material Steel frame, foam grips, aluminium deck
Suspension No installed suspension.
Horn Type No installed horn or bell
Size (L x W x H cm) Unfolded: 83 x 41 x 89
Water Resistance No IP rating


Power Core Electric Scooter Review Video:

A brilliant release from Razor, the Power Core is an affordable, energy-efficient, fun companion for your 8-year-old son or daughter, with a vibrant range of colours to choose from.

Power Core E100 Pros


tickicon  Affordable

tickicon  Easy operation

tickicon  Decent torque

tickicon  Energy efficiency

tickicon Low maintenance

tickicon High load capacity

Power Core E100 Cons


red  It lacks lighting profiles, or reflective tape

red  It lacks a horn

red  There is no suspension

red  Low clearance issue, due to the battery and motor position

Power Core E100 Summary: 

Razor USA did an impeccable job with the design of the Power Core E100. This model shines over both its predecessors and newer releases in multiple functions. The in-wheel hub motor has been the most welcome restructure to the older E100 model. This motor is low on maintenance and delivers 50% more power than the E100. It powers the scooter to a decent speed of 11 mph; which reviewers say feels higher.

The scooter features a kick-start requirement to engage the motor. Riders give the scooter 2 kicks to attain this speed (3 if necessary), and once the motor is running, they then engage the throttle in a twist-grip acceleration control to pick up on speed.

The Scooter lacks suspensions, but this is remedied by the abrasion resistant, pneumatic front tire that absorbs bumps on the riding trail for a more comfortable ride experience. The 24V (2 12V)/6A battery is housed beneath the deck and delivers a ride time of 60 minutes on a single charge. For first-time use, the manufacturer recommends that riders charge the battery for 12 hours, and can subsequently achieve a full charge in just 6 hours.

The scooter features a hand-operated caliper brake, that locks the front wheel for braking power. Riders can also gradually release the throttle to come to a halt. The scooter is lightweight (22 lbs.) and carries a weight limit of 120 lbs., supported on the 8” wide deck. The Power Core also features a retractable kickstand for support when stationary. 

Below is a more detailed review of Razor’s Power Core E100 scooter:

Performance Overview: 

The Power Core E100 is a feat of design and build for a kids’ scooter. It delivers the performance of entry-level adult scooters with a top speed of 11 mph. It should be noted that customer reviews have cited a top speed of what felt like 13mph, a real neck-turner for the scooter’s small frame. The 100 W in-hub motor also delivers high torque, powering the scooter through slight inclines. Riders can engage the throttle to achieve faster acceleration. 

For its top speed, the Power Core E100 needed a powerful braking mechanism which Razor delivered. Real-world tests show that the front-based caliper brakes are able to bring the scooter to a halt, even on a downhill acceleration. Reviewers say that this scooter performs better than its later releases, like e125, e150, or even the e175.

Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter main image

Top Speed & Acceleration


The Power Core E100 electric scooter can achieve a top speed of 11 mph. The top speed can be affected by conditions, such as rider weight, inclines, and battery charge level.

Razor designed the scooter to feature a kick-start mechanism to engage the motor. Riders need to achieve a 3mph minimum speed to power on the motor. Riders need to then use the twist-grip throttle to achieve acceleration to keep on cruising.

At its price point, and compared to other models, Razor definitely delivered on speed. As a safety concern the manufacturer warns riders to avoid excessive speeds that can be associated with downhill rides.

 Battery Life & Range


This electric scooter features a 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid, rechargeable battery pack. The battery can power the scooter for an impressive 60 minutes, which is 20-30 minutes more than most electric scooters in its price range. This run time, however, may vary depending on riding conditions such as rider weight, weather, and/or proper maintenance. Upon first assembling the scooter, the manufacturer recommends that riders charge the battery for 12 hours. Subsequent charges should only take 6 hours. 

Unlike many entrants in the electric scooters market, like Segway’s Electric Zing 8 and E10, this scooter lacks a Smart Battery Management System. This oversight has been mentioned in reviews as causing electrical faults in the battery if the recommended charge time is exceeded. The manufacturer further cautions riders to switch off the scooter when it’s not in use in order to save on battery. If the riders intend to store the scooter for extended periods of time, they should ensure to periodically charge the battery to avoid instances where the battery refuses to charge at all.


Motor Configuration


The motor configuration on this scooter is one of its key selling points. The Power Core E100 features a 100-watt, kick-to-start, high-torque, hub-driven motor; an upgrade from the E100’s kick-start chain-driven motor. This upgrade alleviated the problem of chain alignment and tension that was experienced by the E100.

The Power Core’s motor is maintenance-free. However, it should be noted that riders have reported that the hub that covers the motor is subject to grazing when riders take sharp turns.

Side view of the Razor kids scooter image E100

Construction & Build Quality


The Razor Power Core E100 is a sturdy, durable, fun-looking design masterpiece, and or its purchasing price, you get real value for your money. It comes in 3 colour options; black & red, black & blue, and black & purple. The scooter is encompassed in an all steel frame that feels solid, in spite of its low weight of 22 lbs. The handlebar is non-adjustable, and mostly plain, except for the brake lever on the left and the twist grip throttle on the right. They are rubberized to offer a firm grip, with bumpers on each edge to keep the child’s hand from slipping off. The scooter does not come with a folding mechanism, which is a bummer for those short holiday trips with the kids.

The deck is slim at the front and widens at the rear, with a curve over the back wheel. It is spacious (8”) with enough real estate for your kid’s riding comfort. The battery is encased below the deck, with a power switch embedded on its side, alongside the charging port and the reset button. The 8” pneumatic front wheel serves as the scooter’s shock absorption system, while the 4.9” urethane rear tyre is never flat for worry-free rides. The scooter also has a retractable kickstand, which reviews say could be longer for even sturdier support.

The scooter lacks essential safety features such as a front headlight and a tail light, a horn, reflective strips; which are all essential for low light riding. However, seeing as this e-scooter is for kids, they are not exactly going to go out on a night ride, or even on their own for that matter.




The Power Core E100 houses an 8” wide deck plate. The deck is roomy enough and gives the child unmatched riding comfort. One unique feature about the Power Core E100’s deck plate is the unique design, that widens from the front back, and curves over the rear tire. This curve replaces the customary fender, as an added level of protection for the rear-mounted motor.

The battery tray lies directly beneath the deck, which aids in lowering the centre of gravity, thus increasing stability. The deck accommodates a max rider weight of 120 lbs., which is impressive on a kid’s scooter. For riders that are turned off by the oddly shaped deck, Razor Power A2 is an alternative scooter that one can purchase, that packs a lithium-ion battery, making for a slimmer deck.




The Power Core E100 features an 8-inch inflatable pneumatic front tyre and a 4.9-inch abrasion-resistant, airless, flat-free, urethane rear tyre. The front large air tyre is smoother than the urethane tyre, but much slower. It absorbs bumps and shocks on the riding trail to give the rider a smooth riding experience. The brakes are connected to the front wheel and bring the scooter to an uncompromised and precise stop, regardless of the conditions.

Zoomed in  rear tyre photo of the Razor E100 e-scooter



The Power Core E100 lacks suspensions like its predecessor the Razor E100. Riding comfort solely falls on the 8” pneumatic front tyre, designed to absorb shock and vibrations from less optimal road conditions.




The scooter features a hand lever-operated caliper front brake. The scooter cuts power to the motor when the brakes are applied, bringing the scooter to a precise halt.

Due to the motor’s requirement of a 3mph minimum, Razor claims that riders do not have to kick-start the scooter if they release the brake and re-engage the throttle before the scooter hits the 3mph or below speeds. Gradually releasing the throttle supplements the braking system by slowing down the scooter.

Ride Quality


This scooter delivers a quieter ride experience, unlike the Razor E100. This can be attributed to the in-hub motor and smoother front tyre. Additionally, the motor gives high torque to power through light inclines. The scooter sports an incredible hand brake system that guarantees safe and precise stopping even at the scooter’s top speed of 11 mph. The deck is spacious and accommodates a high weight capacity of 120 lbs. The use of a pneumatic front tyre remedies the lack of suspensions by absorbing shocks on the road for improved ride quality. 

The rubberized handlebars with the bumpers at the end ensure a firm grip for more efficient manoeuvring of the stem. Riders will have 60 minutes of fun on this scooter before they have to worry about a recharge, which is a steal at the scooter’s price point.

On the downside, Razor did not factor for any safety features commonly associated with night rides on electric scooters- lights, a horn, and reflective stickers. It is arguable that this deters children from going out during unsafe hours, but still. The scooter also lacks a folding mechanism, which deters portability. 




The scooter is not designed for portability. While it features a small frame and a light build, the stem does not fold, making it cumbersome when not in a riding or parked position.



The scooter lacks a headlight, a tail light, and reflective strips.


Zoomed in image of the accelerator of the e-scooter

Controls & Display


The scooter lacks a display. It however has a throttle on the right handlebar and a hand brake on the left handlebar. There’s a power button featured on the battery tray under the deck, and alongside, a reset button.

The scooter is basically designed without the bells and whistles of seasoned-riders’ (much more expensive) scooters.


Zoomed in image of the brake lever of the e-scooter

Water Resistance


The scooter does not have an IP rating, which means riders should be cautioned against riding in wet conditions or through puddles, to avoid water damage.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support


The scooter has a reliable battery range, and riders can be sure to get a full 60 minutes’ worth of continuous ride time, subject to the rider’s weight, road conditions, and the weather. The Power Core E100 also features a maintenance-free motor in-hub, encased for longevity. The under deck features a reset button that allows riders to recalibrate the scooter in case of restart or charge failure.

Razor Electric scooters are guaranteed for 90 days to be free of manufacturing defects. Razor issues a warranty of 180 days for non-electric powered products. The warranty does not extend to wheels, normal wear, and damage from incorrect assembly, storage, misuse, or renting out. The warranty is only valid for customers purchasing and using the Power Core E100 within the United States and Canada.

Razor has a dedicated Customer Support team with both a US toll line and an international customer hotline. The representatives take calls between 8 AM and 5 PM Pacific Time. During after hours, clients can leave text messages on the dedicated line or fill in a form on the help page on their website. 




Wipe the scooter down with a clean and damp cloth. Using Water could cause damage to the electric and drive components.

Ensure that the battery is charged properly before extended storage. Also, ensure to power off the scooter when not in use, to preserve the battery.

Check to ensure the brake calipers are fastened periodically to ensure a safe riding experience.


Known Issues

• The battery is highly prone to electrical faults resulting from wrong charging or overcharging.

• The brakes and motor overheat after riding, and riders should be careful not to touch them.

• The hub cover on the rear wheel touches the curb when negotiating sharp corners. 


two kids riding their e-scooter at the sports fields

Is the Razor Power Core E100 value for money, and is it worth buying?

Are you conflicted on whether to get your son or daughter an electric scooter? Have you made the decision to buy one, but can’t decide on which one to get?

Well, worry no more. Razor’s Power Core E100 has got you covered. This scooter screams performance on a budget. As an entry-level electric scooter, the Power Core E100 is the perfect blend of speed, comfort, performance, safety, and above all reliability. The scooter’s frame, though light, is built for durability, and will serve your kids for many years till they are ready to move to more adult scooters.

The e-scooter offers your child the choice between three cool colour combinations to suit their personal style. Please note however, that this purchase will mean that your child forgoes the option to ride in low light, as the scooter is not equipped with lighting or a bell. Nonetheless, it is a tiny compromise (you can always buy an after-market bell and LED headlight) and some would even term it a necessary one. With a 4.7-star rating on Razor’s website, we’d say that numbers never lie.

Get your kids this amazing, pocket-friendly performer and let them be the playground sensation. It’s a purchase they will have years of fun with.

Accessories & Upgrades

• Razor’s Elbow and knee pads- youth size

• Razor’s helmet- youth size

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Brett Heyns


Brett is an avid outdoors adventurer, and is always super keen to give anything a bash that gives that GO-FAST rush.

  • Very affordable
  • Easy operation
  • Decent torque
  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • High load capacity
  • It lacks lighting profiles
  • It lacks a horn
  • It lacks suspension
  • Low clearance due to the battery and motor position making it hard to ride over obstacles and negote sharp turns

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