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Razor Electric Tekno Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
18 June 2021


An Edgy and Cool Scooter For Kids a Top Speed of 7 mph


The Razor Tekno Electric is a great scooter offering for kids who want a dashing ride that doesn’t require cardio — with the scooter letting its riders zoom to and from the school or even just from within the neighbourhood. 

It’s as sleek as any young male would want it to be. It also delivers great speeds, sensible range, cool lighting, and easy operability — making it capable to keep the party rolling. If anything, it’s the Razor Electric Party Pop but targeted for the male audience. 


Razor Electric Tekno – The Lowdown

Razor Electric Tekno scooter

The Razor Tekno Electric offers an 80W rear-wheel drive motor that comes with a 10.8B lithium-ion powered electric battery. This powerful combination can take any kid to ride around the neighbourhood at 7mph for 30 mins straight. When it gets discharged, you would need only four hours to wait for it to fully recharge once again. 

It weighs only 8.6lbs, making it easy to take around when it runs out of power on the way home and you’d need to walk it out. 

This electric scooter is not over-the-top powerful, which makes it safe for kids to play with. Undeniably, it’s still more of a toy than it is an electric scooter — which kind of puts it in a spot wherein it’s not to be taken too seriously yet it’s functional enough to still impose some level of danger when improperly used. 

Either way, it takes the fun to another level, and that’s what’s important in this scenario.

Razor Electric Tekno Specifications

Motor80 W rear-wheel drive
Battery10.8 V Lithium-ion fast charging CR2032
Charge Time4 hours
Single-Charge MileageUp to 30 minutes
Max Speed12 kilometres per hour (7 miles per hour)
Climbing RangeN/A
Braking SystemPatented rear fender brake
LightingFound on the front wheel and LED light-up deck (pulsating)
Instrument PanelN/A
Max Load50 kilograms (110 lbs)
Scooter Weight3.92 kilograms (8.6 lbs)
Product MaterialSteel T-tube and frame with polypropylene deck
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 58.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 80 cm
Water ResistanceN/A

Razor Electric Tekno Review Video

If you’re looking for a quick way to verify what the Razor Tekno Electric can do along with a quick comparison of it to the Electric Party Pop, this video below is made just for you. What is up with this e-scooter? Feel free to view it over and see for yourself.

Razor Electric Tekno Pros

tickicon Cool multicolour LED lights

tickicon Amenable speed and range 

tickicon Cool and sleek aesthetic

tickicon Comfortable foam handles

tickicon Super easy to operate

Razor Electric Tekno Cons

red It’s too entry-level, would need to buy a new e-scooter when outgrown

red There’s no suspension

red The battery could do better

red The aesthetic can be a little less flashy and more simple/classic-looking

red Could be a bit more powerful 


The Razor Tekno Electric is as straightforward as it gets — it’s a child’s e-scooter that would most probably be their gateway into riding 2-wheeled vehicles. This electric scooter offers a kid-friendly ride that attracts possible patrons, especially that it looks cool and it lights up majestically. 

Pimped out as it may be, it also manages to bring some power with it, with a motor and battery that’s sure to bring out the fun that would satiate your young one and his/her gang! The only caveat here is that it’s not meant to do tricks on despite the price tag and aesthetic, which is a downer for kids and a sigh of relief for the parents. 

Just like the Electric Party Pop, the Razor Tekno Electric boasts 80W of power from its rear-drive motor that’s hooked up to the 10.8 V Lithium-ion pack battery. This black beauty can take riders up to 7 mph for 30 minutes straight before it gets drained and would need some charging. Fret not, it only takes 4 hours to quick charge with its built-in fast battery charger, making sure the fun would only stop for a little while. 

It’s also great to take out in the dark, as it boasts multi-LED lights both on top and below of the deck and front wheel. Bursts of blue and green LED would illuminate any path you’d take this steed on, and stopping it is as easy as stepping on its patented rear fender brake. 

Do note that the wheels on this scooter are 3.9-in polyurethane that can withstand some wear and tear, while the other accessories included in this model are some foam grips for comfort and Razor decals so you can represent the brand as you take your stride.

The only thing weird about this scooter is its price — since it’s mostly directly copying off of the Electric Party Pop’s specifications yet it comes with a 300% markup at £100 ($139). That’s three kids’ e-scooters for the price of one easy, which makes it all the more questionable why one would pay for such a price just to get this scooter’s aesthetic. 

It doesn’t feel right to pay for this if your little boy really wants it, so maybe it’s time that you teach them a thing or two about gender stereotypes and explain to him how the Electric Party Pop is just as good an e-scooter to ride on. 

This electric scooter brandishes itself as a kid’s entry to riding electric scooters at such a ripe age, especially that the Razor Tekno Electric was made to look cool and that you’d feel like you’re just as cool riding on it. 

Having it is sure to make any kid become the envy of middle schools in the area — the only thing lacking from it would be for it to be sturdy enough to handle electric scooter tricks.

Performance Overview

The Razor Electric Tekno comes with a 10.8B lithium-ion powered electric battery that gives life to an 80W rear-wheel drive motor. Draining it requires 30 minutes of use, and fast charging requires 4 hours of patience. 

This e-scooter was built by Razor keeping in mind that kids would usually only take 30 minutes to get to a place where they can charge the batteries of the e-scooter, and while charging they can partake in other activities such as hanging out with friends and going to school. After that activity is done, the owner of the e-scooter can easily check on the unit and be surprised that it’s already fully charged — enough to take them on a safe journey home. 

Razor Electric tekno scooter

Top Speed & Acceleration

The maximum speed on this e-scooter is 7 mph, which is safe and fast enough to take any kid from one destination to another. The Razor Tekno Electric proves that it’s faster than walking or a bicycle yet is still slow enough to be unable to join major roads and highways — ensuring fun for the rider and relief for the rider’s parents. 

The road conditions, rider and gear weight, and weather conditions usually affect the numbers, so results would definitely vary for everyone.

It really doesn’t take long for the 10.8V Li-on battery and the 80W rear-wheel drive motor to get you to 7 mph, especially that it’s not really necessary to be that fast all the time. 

The acceleration on this e-scooter is pretty smooth, with the vehicle speeding up only gradually to ensure that the rider is safe and not intimidated by the ride. The only caveat is the weird learning curve that comes with trying to propel yourself forward on it with the unique foot-activated pressure sensor deck that serves as the gas pedal and the sole rear wheel fender brake as the sole means to stop.

Controls & Display

Since this is a kid’s electronic scooter, no cockpit with LED displays was installed, as it was deemed more fitting for the scooter to have more lights and a pair of foam grips instead. 

Battery Life & Range 

The 10.8 V battery life of the Razor Electric Tekno is sufficient enough for this kind of scooter, requiring 30 minutes of riding to drain and four hours of quick charge to power it up again. 

The CR2032 fast charging Lithium-ion battery was a good choice on this electric scooter, as it makes sure that it can power itself up fast enough for users not to be stranded in places that they shouldn’t be stuck in — like a friend’s house, a government facility, or the school.

Motor Configuration

There’s an 80W rear-wheel drive motor installed on the Razor Tekno just like that of the Electric Party Pop — and it’s actually more than capable of powering through flat terrains and smooth trails with much ease. 

The only thing it would have trouble traversing would be uphills, inclines, and rough roads, as the wheels may give and the motor itself isn’t particularly strong enough to push the rider and the electric scooter through. 

Even so, the young rider may opt to just push the e-scooter through the entire incline especially that it’s a pretty lightweight vehicle to carry around and propel forward.

Construction & Build Quality

Since the Razor Tekno Electric Scooter looks more like a toy than it is a vehicle, it is also packaged as such. Razor didn’t really try to take themselves too seriously on this one, as the e-scooter comes in a box where you can push on the foot-activated pressure sensor deck to try and make it light up. 

This is the same setup on how most toys have holes on the acetate so you can check out what it does, overall making up for an interactive experience that pushes you to buy the product. In this case, a parent would go out of Toys R Us with an empty wallet and a happy offspring.  

Moving onto how the scooter is actually built and made, you take it out of the box with the deck-frame and T-tube separated. Once you get that easily connected you’re pretty much good to go, as long as you’ve made sure to get its battery charged. 

It weighs only 8.6 lbs with a maximum load capacity of 100 lbs — ultimately making up for a light weight scooter that’s not over the top complicated but manages to be powerful and durable. 

The build quality on the Razor Electric Tekno is spot on — as it’s able to deliver its intended purpose very well. The durability also functions just as good, with the scooter only looking to get destroyed once someone above the maximum load capacity tries to ride it. But as long as its limitations are considered, the scooter will work just as fine as one would expect from it. 

Razor Electric Tekno scooter


There are no suspensions installed in this electric scooter since it’s a child scooter that requires no extreme measures to be undertaken. 

Ride Quality

The quality of a ride on the Razor Tekno Electric stands questionable for the price it’s being asked for, especially that it performs extremely reminiscent of the Electric Party Pop — yet it asks for a triple to that of the Electric Party Pop’s price. 

You can expect the performance of a kid’s electric scooter from the Razor Tekno Electric with nothing special following it — as it’s able to power through smooth terrains but has quite some trouble with rough trails and inclines. 

There may also be a learning curve for some, as the scooter immediately powers through once you step on the pressure-reliant deck. If one isn’t acquainted or used to how this e-scooter works, it may lead to serious injuries that may halt one’s interest in two-wheeled vehicles. 


The sole brake system on the Razor Tekno Electric scooter is the one installed on the rear wheel. The patented rear fender works fast and efficiently once you step on it, as it manages to gradually stop the motor smoothly into a halt — just adequate for an e-scooter of this size and built. 


Weighing only 8.6 lbs, Razor made this e-scooter keeping in mind that kids would be using it. This means that the electric scooter should be a fine mix of durability through the use of lightweight materials, as the rider would either need to carry it around to park it or push it through trails they can’t ride it. 

For what it’s worth, the electric scooter manages to work well in this area, so kudos to Razor for that.  

This electric scooter is lightweight, user-friendly, and was made with the intention of having the kids who own it not have a hard time carrying it around or pushing it as needed, which makes it all the more charming as an e-scooter aimed at children. 

Water Resistance

This electric scooter will not survive contact with water, so please bear in mind that it has no IP rating and it would surely start to mess up once you ride it through puddles and worse, through the pouring rain. 


The lights on the Tekno Electric exist in three spaces: the grips foam front wheel, on top of the deck, and directly underneath the deck. The lights on top of the deck help illuminate the rider’s position on the scooter, while the lights on the front wheels and underneath the deck help light up the path being taken. That is indeed Tekno. 


With 3.9-in polyurethane tyres to boot, the Razor Electric Tekno scooter manages to power through most trails with much resistance to wear and tear. Still, the plastic components make it unable to power through bumpy or rough roads, so use it with bit of caution.


The polypropylene deck is wide enough for a child to stand on with comfort, and the grip on it makes it convenient enough for the rider to not slip and fall. 

What’s even cooler is that it has lights both on top and below the deck, offering a well-illuminated ride at night that’s sure to catch some attention as one would pass through riding this glowing steed.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

We’re not going to lie, we managed to spot some customer reviews and star rating of people having some trouble with the scooters after a few months, but most of the complaints stem from the aesthetics — mostly with the lights malfunctioning and the grip tape peeling off, and the battery performing weakly. 

Aside from that, there are no complaints about how the scooter is able to keep itself together and how it manages to speed through roads so that’s probably something to keep in mind. 

The weakest link of the entire Razor brand exists in their customer service, with their associates being quite apathetic towards the product with little to no intention of helping out customers having problems with their scooters.


The only maintenance issues to look out for in the future once they arise are from the batteries when the charge cycle depletes, the grip tape when it starts to peel off, and the wheels once they start to degenerate. 

Razor Electric Tekno electric scooter

Known Issues

Some issues on the Razor Electric Tekno scooter revolve mostly around the battery, with it being easily discharging and sometimes even not charging at all. Sometimes the deck lights tend to give up too easy too, and the grip tape on the deck peels earlier than expected. 


The only accessories that come with the electric scooter are the foam grips and the lights on the deck and front wheel. Some optional additions to the scooter include buying a helmet and some knee and elbow pads to keep the party rolling and to ensure that the rider is in safe riding conditions every time he or she is going out and about. 

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The Razor Tekno Electric scooter manages to temper expectations, with only the £100 ($139) price standing questionable. It delivers the same torque, power, speed, and mileage as that of the Electric Power Pop, yet it’s priced thrice as much. 

We’re definitely not one to pay as much for the difference in aesthetic, especially that both e-scooters’ performance is spot on copycats of one another. 

Case in point, it may not be the best scooter to purchase if you’re looking to have your child take riding seriously, as it looks more like a toy than an actual vehicle. 

Nonetheless, it’s a great place to start for young ones to learn to balance and speed off roads but we definitely see an upgrade once this gets easily outgrown. 

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  • Cool multicolour LED lights
  • Amenable speed and range
  • Cool and sleek aesthetic
  • Comfortable foam handles
  • Super easy to operate
  • It’s too entry-level, would need to buy a new e-scooter when outgrown
  • There’s no suspension
  • The battery could do better
  • The aesthetic can be a little less flashy and more simple/classic-looking
  • Could be a bit more powerful

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