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Razor Party Pop Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
4 July 2021

A Fun and Bright Scooter For Kids a Top Speed of 7 mph

The Razor Electric Party Pop is one perky e-scooter that may seem a bit too dainty to zoom across neighbourhoods with. But once you go through the specs and the numbers, you’d definitely realize that it’s more than meets the eye.

Playful as it may look, this rock star scooter doesn’t disappoint in delivering fun — from great speeds, amenable range, and 12 multi-colour LEDs pulsating on the front wheel and deck as one would glide away and bask in this scooter’s glory.

Undoubtedly, this is a version of a kid’s electric scooter from Razor that targets the adolescent or teenage woman demographic, managing to show that girls can ride as well. Not all scooter brands are able to give out this level of representation since electric scooters are usually branded as a “boys thing” so it’s definitely a swell idea from Razor to put out an e-scooter for the ladies to ride, too!

Razor Pop Party – The Lowdown

Electric PartyPop Product

With an 80W rear-wheel-drive motor that’s powered by a 10.8V Li-ion battery, the Razor Electric Party Pop e-scooter is known to take young ladies to speeds of up to 7 mph for up to 30 minutes straight. It weighs only 8.6lbs, so we’re certain that the young lady using it can take it anywhere she wants.

It’s not the most powerful e-scooter out there, and that’s for good reason. You can’t give a child below legal age a powerhorse of an e-scooter that can well be driven on a major road or highway.

This electric scooter was made tame enough since logically it’s meant for friendly strolls or quick errands. After all, riding electric scooters isn’t supposed to always be edgy and cool, sometimes it can be cute and perky too.


Razor Party Pop Specifications

Motor80w motor
Battery10.8 V Li-on fast charging CR2032
Charge Time3 hours
Single-Charge MileageBattery lasts 30 minutes
Max Speed7 mph / 12 kmh
Climbing RangeUp to 15 degrees
Braking SystemPatented rear fender brake
LightingLED multicoloured lights
Instrument PanelN/A
Max Load65 kg (143 lbs)
Scooter Weight3.92 kg (8.6 lbs)
Product MaterialSteel T-tube and frame with polypropylene deck
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 58.5 x 30.5 x 80 cm

Water ResistanceN/A

Razor Party Pop Review Video


Here’s a quick video to easily check out what this Razor Party Pop e-scooter can actually offer. The video below shows a quick unboxing and initial details, thoughts, and reactions towards the Razor Electric Party Pop.

Razor Party Pop Pros


tickicon Affordable price point

tickicon Very easy to operate – ideal for beginners

tickicon Comfortable foam handles

tickicon Very easy to maintain

tickicon 12 LED lights on the scooter

Razor Party Pop Cons


red No suspension on the scooter

red Battery will only run for 30 minutes

red The wheel could be bigger and with better traction

red Slow battery power – top speed is 7 mph



The Razor Electric Party Pop Scooter boasts an 80W rear-wheel-drive motor that’s powered by a 10.8V Lithium-ion battery. It charges quite fast when drained, which takes roughly 30 mins to do so.

If you think about it, the scooter is enough for an afternoon stroll in the neighbourhood or a quick trip back and forth from the house of a playmate. The power provided is sufficient for a day’s worth of fun, or 30 mins straight of pure adrenaline. It’s only up to the user to take a pick on their preferred activity.

The 80W rear-wheel drive along with the 10.8V Li-ion battery work very well hand in hand in delivering great speeds in the safest manner. The acceleration on this scooter is nothing too intimidating — with anyone managing to ride on it smoothly without feeling like the scooter is leaving their body behind due to the fast of an acceleration present.

The scooter only starts when you place your foot on the deck, in which the pressure-reliant feature never seemed to fail anyone using the Razor Electric Party Pop.


 Performance Overview


The Razor Party Pop is everything you imagined it to be — it brings the party with a bit of a pop whenever you’d decide to ride it across the town.

This electric scooter is undeniably the friendly kind, and you’d be able to tell just by looking at the aesthetic and the specs. Young ladies would definitely have a hoot and a half in taking this electric scooter to their lunch dates or meet-ups at the park, not to mention the fact that they’re doing it in the best style possible.

With 80W worth of power that’s juiced by the 10.8 V Lithium-ion battery, this beautiful steed can take you up to 7 mph, 30 minutes straight. You also don’t have to worry about being lit, because this Razor Party Pop is forever lit on the front wheel and deck — thanks to its 12 multi-colour LED lights installed.

There’s no suspension installed on the scooter whatsoever, but the 3.9-in polyurethane tyres make sure to take you to your destination no matter what. There are also foam grips, a patented rear fender brake, and some Razor decals all over the steel frame.

The biggest edge of the Razor Electric Party Pop is the fact that it’s a straightforward electric scooter that’s geared toward young women who want to ride an electric scooter to hang out with their friends.

It gets the job done nicely and it doesn’t really try too hard in doing what it’s supposed to do. For £35.5 ($49), it easily makes up for a perfect birthday or holiday gift to any young lady aspiring to step foot on an electric scooter for a ride of a lifetime.

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Top Speed & Acceleration


Upon placing your feet on the deck, the scooter would automatically accelerate up until it reaches a maximum of 7 miles per hour. It’s fast enough to do better than a bicycle yet slow enough to be a safe and fun ride for young ladies to enjoy.

Road conditions, gear and rider weight, and weather conditions usually affect the numbers, so results would definitely vary for everyone.


Controls & Display


There’s no cockpit or display on this model — just two foam grips at the end of the handlebars to have the rider get the most comfortable ride possible for probably 30 minutes straight.

Battery Life & Range 


The 10.8 V battery of the Razor Electric Party Pop is capable of taking anyone around for 30 minutes straight. Its battery life is powerful enough for a scooter of this stature, making sure to take you to your destination without dying out.

To add, the battery is a CR2032 fast charging Lithium-ion battery, which makes sure you don’t get stranded when you visit a friend’s house that is roughly 30 minutes away.

You may opt to have the scooter charged at the house you’re staying at and by the time you’re done playing and you need to go home, the scooter would be more than capable of doing so.


Motor Configuration


The Razor Electric Party Pop Scooter is capable of powering through flat terrains with ease. It may not be powerful enough for some uphills, so one should be wary of that especially if the course of travel has several uphills.

If that should be the case, pushing the e-scooter would definitely be no problem since it’s a very lightweight vehicle.


Construction & Build Quality


The Razor Electric Party Pop Scooter is sent to you completely set up, with you only needing to take it off of its “try me” packaging and attach the steel T-tube that will serve as the neck and handlebars.

This comes with no surprise, especially since this specific scooter model is geared towards kids. In fact, the packaging more or less reminds me of a time in my childhood when I was about to get myself my first Nerf gun.

For the actual scooter’s construction, the actual frame to step on and T-tube to hold onto while riding is made from lightweight steel. Meanwhile, its deck is made from polypropylene.

Being able to carry roughly 143 pounds, one can say that this electric scooter is well made for something so lightweight as Razor had intended that it is to be ridden and carried around by children.

RZ PARTYP 3 Supersize



There are no suspensions installed in this electric scooter, as it’s not built with the intention to take it to bumpy roads or extreme trails.


Ride Quality


You definitely get what you pay for on this one — as the Razor Electric Party Pop is only capable of giving the best rides on well-made roads. The smoother the road, the better the ride would be.

The only thing to look out for when riding this e-scooter would be the bit of a learning curve that comes with it — as the e-scooter would tend to speed off as you’d put your foot and have a bit of pressure on it. It would take some masterful balancing and a bit of adjusting to acclimatize to the e-scooter’s way of functioning, but it surely is not a hassle to learn and be acquainted with.




The only brake installed on the Razor Electric Party Pop is its patented rear fender brake which manages to safely and easily stop the vehicle as needed.

One would need only to step on it for the rear-wheel-drive motor to finesse into a stop, which is more than adequate and safe for an electric scooter of this build.




Weighing only 8.6 lbs, this lightweight electric scooter was made to ensure that the kids who own it won’t have a hard time carrying it around or pushing it as needed, which makes it all the more charming as an e-scooter aimed at children.


Water Resistance


There’s no water resistance on this electric scooter, so be extra careful and wary of taking it over puddles or even through the rain. It would definitely not survive any contact with water.




Most of the light fixtures on the Razor Electric Party Pop are situated on the electric scooter’s grips foam front wheel and deck — with it boasting a 12 multi-colour LED that pulsates on its own rhythm. It’s called “Party Pop” for a reason, and this pretty much makes up for that case altogether.




The Razor Electric Party Pop has 3.9-in polyurethane tyres that are known to be full and resistant to feather wear and tear. It won’t give up easily and break, but of course, keep in mind to only take it to flat surfaces and away from rough or bumpy roads.




The polypropylene deck that’s embedded with the 12 multi-colour LED deck lights are spacious enough for feet to move around on, and it’s very comfortable enough to stand on for the duration of any ride. There’s ample grip to it too, keeping in mind that it can only go for speeds of up to 7 mph.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support


I believe it is safe to say that the Razor Electric Party Pop’s build quality is adequate enough for its intended audience. The only time this scooter would give up and break is when customers, especially older people above the maximum load capacity would ride it for fun — and from there we should be able to easily see how the scooter would give up and eventually manage to fail on functioning.

The only thing that Razor is weak on is their customer service, as based on their customer reviews and star ratings, several people seem to be complaining about the CSRs and management when it comes to dealing with problems with regards to the e-scooters they are selling.




There’s not much maintenance needed on the Razor Electric Party Pop. If anything, the only thing that would need replacement after a few months or years of use would be the foam grip if it tears up or starts to degrade, and the battery when it starts to discharge fast as the battery cycle gets depleted.

Known Issues


Some issues seem to target mostly the electronics, as some lithium batteries seem to be outright defective upon purchase — unable to charge or too easy to discharge. Another problem (albeit seemingly isolated) is that the 12 multicolour LED lights on the deck seem to fail to respond when the deck gets shaken or dropped.

It’s actually quite hard to try and have this be fixed, especially that this scooter is priced at quite a bargain. Still, it’s not all that bothersome, as you’d still be able to enjoy your time on this electric scooter despite these little caveats.




You may opt to buy an accompanying helmet and some knee and elbow pads to ensure that the young lady rider would be safe for every ride she takes. Aside from that, the only accessories that come with the box are the over-the-top lighting and the foam grips on the handlebars.


Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?


Overall, the Razor Electric Party Pop is an okay e-scooter to purchase for young ladies trying to get into riding their very first electric scooter or vehicle in general. It offers cute and perky aesthetics, ample and adequate torque and power, with a durable and lightweight construction all for a very low price.

It’s a product that doesn’t try too hard nor does it try and oversell itself, as it knows that it’s more of a toy than an actual vehicle to take out and do errands on.

The Razor Electric Party Pop is a perfect e-scooter that may serve as a gateway for young ladies to get into the whole riding and cruising business, and we can’t be happier to have this representation go out and about.

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  • Affordable price point
  • Comfortable foam handles
  • Very easy to operate
  • Very easy to maintain
  • 12 multicoloured LED lights on the front wheel and deck
  • No suspension on the scooter
  • The battery on the scooter is not very powerful
  • It's an entry level scooter - children will grow out of it
  • The design to some might be over the top

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