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Razor Ecosmart SUP Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
14 July 2021


With its wide bamboo deck and sustainable credentials, the Razor Ecosmart SUP is a big, bold and (depending on your viewpoint) beautiful scooter, that’s built for city-centre cruising.


Big wheels and an even bigger personality, the Razor Ecosmart SUP is a statement scooter for city-centre riding. It’s safe and stable, but performance is average and it’s certainly not portable. Check out the review to learn more.



Razor Ecosmart SUP – The Lowdown

EcoSmart SUP BK Product

If we could sum up the Razor Ecosmart SUP in one word it would be stable. The massive 16” bike-size wheels and knobbly tyres provide a smooth ride. The massive bamboo deck adds some sustainable styling and is certainly comfortable, but it’s an acquired taste.

If you think you’ve seen the design before, you have. The SUP is the standing version of the Razor EcoSmart Metro.

The 350-watt motor is quiet and powerful enough to pull the 63lb scooter to 15mph. The maximum distance is 12 miles, which is OK, but not outstanding. The downside of this scooter is the size and the weight, it’s massive in both senses. Oh, and it doesn’t fold down too so it’s not portable either.

It’s not for commuting, and it’s not a long-distance mileage muncher, so what’s it for? It’s a great confidence building scooter or e-bike substitute for those who don’t want to pedal anywhere. Read our –in-depth review to learn more.


Razor Ecosmart SUP Specifications

Motor350-watt, variable-speed, high-torque, brushless, rear-wheel hub-driven
Battery36V (three 12V sealed lead-acid batteries)
Charge Time12 hours
Single-Charge Mileage12 miles / 19km ( may vary depending on riders weight and terrain condition)
Max Speed15.5mph / 25 km/h
Climbing RangeN/A
Braking SystemHand-operated rear brake
LightingNo lights
Max Load100kg / 220lb
Scooter Weight28.5kg / 62.7lb
Product MaterialSteel
Folding Handlebar6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Steering Tube6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
SuspensionNo suspension
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 145.5 cm x 52.5 cm x 115 cm
Water ResistanceNo IP rating


Razor Ecosmart SUP Review Video


YouTube reviewer The Giz Wiz gives a detailed breakdown of the sustainable e electric scooter. Check out how big it is!

Razor Ecosmart SUP Pros


tickicon Sustainable styling is nice (we love it)

tickicon Wide bamboo deck looks and feels great

tickicon Massive wheels and chunky tyres give a stable ride

tickicon Sturdy steel frame is well-made

tickicon Twist and go scooter is super simple


Razor Ecosmart SUP Cons


red The scooter is massive 

red 62.72 lbs (28.5kg) weight makes it super-heavy

red Battery life is poor for bigger riders

red Nothing folds down so it’s not easy to store or transport



Razor Ecosmart SUP Summary


We’ll start with the looks. Box-fresh, the scooter is beautiful, and we love the striking white finish and wide bamboo deck. The finish is smooth, and the steel frame welds are neat, which is a nice touch.

The SUP is an updated version of EcoSmart Metro, with the seat swapped for a super-sized deck. (SUP is an abbreviation for stand-up if you were wondering.) It’s super comfortable, and easy for adult riders to find a relaxed position. However, smaller riders beware that there’s no flexibility here – the bars don’t move, so try before you buy.

You can’t miss the massive wheels, which make this electric scooter feel more like a bike. On the road, the oversized air-filled tyres are great at dealing with kerbs, potholes and the usual (and unusual) obstacles you’ll encounter.

We’ll talk more about the performance below, but it’s average across the board. A 12mph range isn’t amazing, and 15.5 mph top-speed is standard.

Now for the not-so-good bits. The scooter is massive, which means it can be hard to handle for smaller riders. At 63lbs (28.5kg) it’s heavier than most e-bikes. It doesn’t fold either, so it can be pretty hard to handle. And forget about trying to carry it up a few flights of stairs.

 The kit is super-basic, with no display, lights or even a front brake. The 12V lead-acid batteries are old-school technology that can help keep the price down, but puts the weight up.

Razor makes no apologies for the weight, and it doesn’t need to. This scooter is firmly aimed at the weekend warrior or leisure rider who wants stability, not speed, and doesn’t care too much about the weight. Oh, and someone who lives on the ground floor and has space to safely store this bamboo beast.

Performance Overview


Let’s not ignore the elephant-sized scooter in the room, this thing is a 63lb monster. But, when you kick off and get on the road, that melts away to give a smooth ride. The unrefined 36V lead-acid batteries drive a 350-watt rear-hub motor that’ll get you up to 15.5mph quickly enough.

Razor reckons you can get up to 12 miles on a full charge of the Ecosmart SUP electric scooter. That might be true for smaller riders, but if you’re an adult pushing the upper weight limit like we are, you’ll get less than that. A lot less.

Here’s another problem. The lead-acid batteries take an age to charge (12 hours, to be accurate). Which means you’ll get one ride a day out of this. And don’t try to ride it at night, unless you have some additional lights.

As we’ve said before, the ride is super-smooth, courtesy of the massive wheels and deck. The foot room is fantastic. It’s a confidence-making machine, with riders having very little to think about other than the hand throttle and brake.

The stripped-back approach Razor has taken with the Ecosmart SUP electric scooter extends to the brakes too, with the scooter only having a rear hand brake. Sure, it’ll stop you reasonably well, but we would have liked to have seen a front brake too.

If you’re wondering whether there are any other extras, there aren’t. There’s no display, Bluetooth connectivity, suspension or even much additional styling.

On a commuter scooter, we’d say these things were essentials, but we’ll cut the SUP some slack. This scooter doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. It’s designed for everyday riding, but for jumping on and off on a weekend.

If you’re psyched up by speed and specifications, then look elsewhere. If you want a reliable and fun scooter that’s big, bold and well-built, then it’s well worth a look.

EcoSmart StandUp Throttle

Top Speed & Acceleration


Absolutely average.

The top speed of 15,5mph is limited (although we’re not sure the 350-watt rear-hub motor would do much more).

Acceleration from a twist of the hand throttle is smooth but pretty slow, but we expected that when we felt how heavy it was.

This is all about cruising, not speed. You’ll get wherever you’re going, just not very quickly.


Controls & Display


The twist and go hand throttle and rear brake lever are pretty much the only things here you’ll need to think about.

You do get a couple of LEDs telling you if the battery is Full or Low, but that’s it.


Battery Life & Range 


Razors estimates you’ll get 60 minutes, or 12 miles (2m km) out of a full charge. That might be true if you’re tiny, but for normal-sized riders, we reckon you should bank on less. If you’re pushing 100kg, a LOT less.

It’s probably caused by the unrefined lead-acid battery (not the li-ion battery packs fitted to most electric scooters).

Riding a scooter is about having fun, but worrying about charging capacity can quickly drain that away.

The SUP electric scooter is great for short bursts around the ‘burbs, but we wouldn’t trust it for a 10-mile commute, let’s put it that way.

Oh, and forget rapid charging. Run down the battery and you’ll need at least 12 hours for a full top-up.

Motor Configuration


Razor has fitted a super-reliable 350-watt rear hub motor to the Ecosmart SUP electric scooter and we liked it. It’s not particularly fast or refined, but pick up and power were enough to get us going.

Razor has used the same motor on other scooters, which gives us the confidence to say it’ll last a few years of regular riding.


Construction & Build Quality


Steel is heavy and can be cumbersome, but it certainly is solid. Going over the SUB, it’s great to see such neat welds and a fantastic finish. The treated deck and garish green cover look fab too.

The running gear is all capable and has been tested too. Razor has sold over 13 million scooters so far, and we reckon this is built to last.

If we’re being picky, the rear mudguard looks a little flimsy and the cabling could have been a bit neater, but these are minor things. If you can live with the limitations, this scooter will last a decent lifetime.

EcoSmart StandUp RearWheel



There’s no suspension (front or rear) on the Ecosmart SUP electric scooter. Thankfully, the tyres do the hard work of keeping you planted on the road and comfortable while cruising.


Ride Quality


Solid, smooth and stable are how we (and other reviewers) describe the SUP.

Seriously, the 16” bike-sized wheels and decent quality tyres on the SUP electric scooter are a great combination. The huge deck allows you to find a position that works, and grasp the twist-grip throttle.

The handlebars aren’t adjustable at all, so you’ll need to make sure the riding position is comfortable for you.




Basic braking is provided by the rear brake. There’s no regen braking, ABS or other advanced braking options for the Ecosmart. It’ll stop you in good time, but you’ll need to learn how to manage it – particularly as this scooter is massive.

It’s adequate, not amazing and something that we reckon Razor should work on.



Unless you’re a weightlifter or packing some serious guns, the Ecosmart SUP isn’t portable at all. You can have a crack at carrying the 62lb (28.5kg) scooter up and down stairs, but it’ll be slow going.

Nothing on this scooter folds or moves. Once it’s built, that’s it. This can make it cumbersome to carry, too.

And storage can be a problem unless you have space. This isn’t small enough to slide away somewhere. It will take up half your hallway or a big part of your bedroom.

Seriously, you’ll need a garage or storeroom to keep this safe.

Water Resistance


The Ecosmart SUP isn’t water-resistant or splash-proof, so don’t ride in the wet!




There are no lights at all (either front or rear) on the Ecosmart scooter so you’ll have to supply your own.



You can’t miss these monster 9” pneumatic tyres. The tread pattern tells you these beasts mean business and they feel safe on the roads, providing a smooth and responsive ride.

Air-filled tyres are notoriously nicer than solid tyres, so we’re glad Razor has specced those for the E300 product.



It seems weird that a scooter designed by the manufacturer for small people has such a super-sized deck (product dimensions: length 26.2” (66cm), width 8” (20cm) but we love it. The massive deck and big frame make it easy to find a position that works. The extra foot space increases both confidence and comfort.

If we’re being critical, there’s a tendency for a bit of foot slippage on board, so wear a decent pair of shoes and you’ll feel planted, or go for a scooter with a rubber deck.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support


The E300 manufacturer Razor has sold over 13 million scooters across the world, and you don’t do that by selling shoddy products!

Let’s be clear, this is a budget scooter, so it’s not built to last. Razor only offers a 90-day warranty on electric scooters, which seems pretty short to us. Information from customer reviews is limited, but there are few real horror stories.

Some people have reported that speaking to Razor is an issue. Others have had difficulties using Razor’s online ordering platform for spares.




You’ll need to keep an eye on tyre pressures and tyre wear (and deal with any punctures if they happen). To combat that, you can invest in tyre sealant which we reckon is worth it.

One of the great things about the E300 is that pars are easily available across the internet and the basic nature of the scooter means that working on it is easy enough. If you need too, you can even replace (or upgrade!) the 250W motor.


Known Issues

Razor has sold millions of scooters, and while problems do occur it doesn’t seem there are too many. Known issues include broken or damaged chargers and battery packs that don’t hold their charge.

Battery charging time is a massive 12 hours, and a full battery charge may not last as long as you think – particularly if it’s cold.

Lots of customer reviews have reported that the scooter is bigger and heavier than they’ve expected, so beware. If you can’t cope with the weight, look elsewhere.


Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?


Upfront, the Razor Ecosmart SUP is limited, but if you’re aware of the issues raised in this review, then it’s a great buy. It’s massive, heavy and pretty unrefined. But it’s easy to ride, comfortable and stable. It’s pretty cheap and will last a long time if you take care of it.

If you’re looking for a portable scooter for daily rides, then this isn’t it. If you want a fun weekend ride for short trips around the suburbs, this is a great choice.

Before buying, check you have the space to store it. And if you have any respect for your body (especially your back) don’t try to carry it up too many flights of stairs…


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  • Sustainable styling is nice (we love it)
  • Wide bamboo deck looks and feels great
  • Massive wheels and chunky tyres give a stable ride
  • Sturdy steel frame is well-made
  • Twist and go scooter is super simple
  • 62.72 lbs (28.5kg) weight makes it super-heavy
  • The scooter doesn't fold down
  • Can be difficult to store if you don't have much space
  • Battery life is poor for bigger riders

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