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Razor EcoSmart Cargo Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
26 January 2024

The Razor EcoSmart Cargo is the perfect blend of affordability, performance, and versatility for the modern adult rider.


Designed with the urban commuter in mind, this electric scooter doesn’t just get you from A to B efficiently; it ensures you do it in style and convenience. Boasting a high-torque motor and twist-grip throttle, it promises zippy performance without breaking the bank. And it’s not just about the ride; the in-built headlights, tail lights, and intuitive display elevate the user experience to the next level. But here’s where the Razor truly stands out: its dual-purpose seating. Whether you want to share the journey with a passenger or swap the seat for a handy cargo basket, the EcoSmart Cargo has you covered. 


Razor EcoSmart Cargo: The lowdown 

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At the dawn of the 21st century, a phenomenon on two wheels took the world by storm: the Razor Electric Scooter craze. With an appeal that seemed instant and universal, it wasn’t long before the first Razor scooters for kids secured the coveted title of ‘Toy of the Year’. Streets, parks, and neighbourhoods resonated with the unmistakable buzz of Razor scooters, becoming a rite of passage for an entire generation. 

This iconic brand rode a wave of immense popularity, driven by eager children and teenagers wanting to showcase their latest gadget. Yet, as time has marched on, so too has Razor’s innovation. From the simplistic kickscooters of yesteryear, the company has evolved, and leading its modern fleet is the impressive Razor EcoSmart Cargo, a testament to Razor’s enduring legacy and vision for the future. 

The Razor EcoSmart Cargo is not just another electric scooter—it’s a versatile ride geared for adults, boasting a top speed of 19.9 mph. With its unique dual-seat design, it offers the flexibility of carrying either a passenger or cargo, accommodating up to 300 lbs. Another top priority is stability, which is provided by the vehicle’s 16-inch pneumatic tires. 

The Razor Ecosmart Cargo promises a ride time of up to 50 continuous minutes and is powered by a strong lithium-ion battery. And you can monitor speed and battery life on the handy LED display. However, it also comes with a few peculiarities, such as a slightly extended braking distance and a notably audible chain-driven motor. So, is the Razor EcoSmart Cargo the right fit for you? Dive into our review to find out.



Razor EcoSmart Cargo Specifications

Motor Type1000 W chain drivetrain
Battery Configuration46.8 V Li-ion
Charge Time6-8 hours
Single-Charge Mileage16.6 miles (26.7 km) or 50 minutes of continuous ride time
Max Speed19.9 mph (32 km/h)
Climbing RangeNot Specified
Braking SystemRear disc brake
Tyre Type16 x 3-inch tubed pneumatic tyres
Suspension TypeNo suspension
LightingLow-mounted LED headlight and taillight
Max Load300 lbs (140 kg)
Scooter Weight75 lbs (34 kg)
Product MaterialSteel fork & frame, plastic and bamboo deck
Size159 x 64.52 x 104.9 cm
Horn TypeNone
Water Resistance RatingNot Specified


Razor Ecosmart Cargo review video


Check out this video by Micah from Electrek covering the Razor EcoSmart Cargo adult electric utility scooter.

Razor EcoSmart Cargo pros and cons

Razor EcoSmart Cargo Pros


tickicon Has a seated form factor for two average-sized adults

tickicon Reasonably fast

tickicon Sturdy steel frame

tickicon Thick 3-inch wheels

tickicon Reasonably priced

tickicon Easy and intuitive operation

tickicon Parts easily available


Razor EcoSmart Cargo cons


red Not the most responsive braking

red Swapping the passenger seat for the cargo basket can be lengthy. 

red Loud chain-driven motor



Razor Ecosmart Cargo Summary

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The Razor EcoSmart Cargo is an adult electric scooter designed with utility in mind. It’s designed and built for those 18 and older. This Razor scooter comes in a standard olive-green body and boasts a sturdy steel fork and frame, complemented by a sleek bamboo deck. 

Power and performance are a little above average for scooters of this seated design. You get an impressive 19.9 mph top speed, achieved by a powerful 1000W chain-driven motor. Riders can additionally expect a commendable 16.6-mile range or about 50 minutes of continuous riding, thanks to a UL-listed 46.8 V lithium-ion battery.  

Safety and control are ensured by a hand-operated rear disc brake, bright LED headlights, and a clear, user-friendly LED dashboard display. The scooter doesn’t feature a bell or horn, but the loud motor is impossible to miss. And as for wet-weather riding, Razor doesn’t specify the IP rating, so it’s safer to avoid riding in the rain.

The 16-inch by 3-inch spoked wheels provide stability, while the spacious deck, combined with retractable foot pegs, ensures both the rider and passenger ride in comfort. The scooter is not equipped with a suspension system but feels rather comfortable due to the large wheels and solid construction. 

The scooter’s most distinctive feature, however, is its customizable rack, allowing users to choose between a padded passenger seat with built-in storage or a detachable cargo basket. The passenger seat sets the EcoSmart Cargo apart from Razor’s other seated scooter, the EcoSmart Metro. 

Finally, it has a retractable centre stand that enables the scooter to stand upright while not in use. The centre stand also makes it easier to do maintenance and charge the scooter’s battery because it gives you a solid base on which to work. That said, the scooter does have some drawbacks, such as its lengthy stopping distance and loud motor, to name a few. But that is something we cover in detail in our review.

Performance Overview

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We categorise the EcoSmart Cargo as a commuter scooter. It has moderate speed and acceleration, which are perfect for beginner and intermediate riders. The well-integrated throttle and brake system makes this electric utility scooter easy to push to a top speed of under 20 mph (32 km/h). But your stops must be calculated to halt safely and efficiently, as this scooter doesn’t have the most responsive braking.

You can climb most basic city hills, but don’t expect any serious power on hills. E-scooters and even e-bikes with larger wheels have fewer point-to-point rotations, which makes acceleration slower, not to mention longer hill climb times. Nearing the carrying capacity will also significantly lower performance, even though carrying a passenger is how you get maximum utility from this ride; otherwise, you’d opt for a single-rider scooter.

Currently, the best performance-seated electric scooter is the EMOVE Roadrunner Pro. It is a high-performance, dual 4000W hub motor scooter that can run up to speeds of 54.7 mph and travel a distance of 32.3 miles. However, it doesn’t come with an extra passenger seat installed. That said, if powerful performance plus a seated form factor is what you’re looking for, that’s the scooter for you. In contrast, if local laws allow it, and you’re looking for a fun ride with decent performance for you and a plus one, go for the EcoSmart Cargo.

Speed and Acceleration

The Razor EcoSmart Cargo promises a smooth start with its low-end torque, ensuring a non-aggressive takeoff. Solo riders can expect an impressive acceleration, reaching the claimed top speed of 19.9 mph—with some even hitting the 20 mph (32 km/h) mark. You get a five-speed toggle switch to determine your riding mode. However, when riding with a passenger, anticipate a slight dip in momentum, with speeds potentially levelling out around 15 mph. Regardless, this seated scooter offers its users the perfect blend of comfort and speed.

Battery and Range

The Razor EcoSmart Cargo adult electric scooter is fitted with a UL-certified 46.8 V lithium-ion battery. Many of Razor’s scooters still use lead-acid batteries, making models like the EcoSmart Cargo stand out. This choice also probably explains why it’s their most expensive electric scooter. That said, lithium-ion batteries are the better alternative, as they are lighter, more efficient, and have a longer lifespan compared to lead-acid batteries. 

Additionally, lithium-ion batteries provide a higher power output, allowing the EcoSmart Cargo scooter to reach faster speeds and travel longer distances on a single charge. The Eco Smart Cargo is rated to cover 16.6 miles (26.7 km) of range, which Razor says is equivalent to 50 minutes of continuous riding. Use the convenient dash to monitor your battery life levels, and once you’re out of juice, you can plug in the scooter, and it will charge to full in about 6-8 hours.

Motor Configuration

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The Razor EcoSmart Cargo electric scooter has a 1000-watt rear chain-driven motor. The motor is centrally located, providing balanced weight distribution for improved stability and control. This powerful motor allows the scooter to reach high speeds and is also efficient at climbing hills. 

One independent reviewer of average weight took the scooter on a 6% hill, and the EcoSmart Cargo was able to ascend at a steady 10 mph speed. In addition, the motor is rated to carry a max rider weight capacity of 300 lbs, making it suitable to actually ride with a passenger in the back seat. The biggest complaint would be the loud noise produced by the motor, which can be distracting in quiet environments. 



 Braking on the Razor EcoSmart Cargo e-scooter is probably where this little vehicle loses the most points. It has a hand-operated rear disc brake—a set-up that is not unique to this scooter and one that should normally give you assured and responsive braking. However, on the EcoSmart Cargo, the small brake pad will not lock up the rear wheel, no matter how hard you pull on the levers.

In the same regard, the braking distance is quite longer than expected, requiring more time and distance to come to a complete stop. In fact, most reviewers say they would only recommend the EcoSmart Cargo if Razor improved the brake system to provide better control and shorter stopping distances. That said, give the scooter an allowance of about 25 feet if you’re planning to come to a stop to ensure there are no unforeseen accidents or collisions.

Construction and quality

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The Razor EcoSmart Cargo electric scooter is a robust small utility vehicle. Its design is very basic, with minimal assembly required–takes about 15 minutes. The body is mostly made of steel, providing durability and strength to withstand heavy loads and rough terrain. However, you do get a blend of plastic and bamboo inlay on the deck, hence the Eco in the name. 
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The EcoSmart Cargo looks like a mini e-bike but without the pedals. You get a soft, padded seat for the rider and an extra padded seat that’s roomy enough for an adult passenger. The adult passenger seat goes on the convertible rack system; however, you also get the option to install Razor’s detachable cargo basket that comes with the scooter or to leave the rack as is. Swapping the seat for the detachable basket takes a bit of time, as you have to undo 6 screws using a Phillips head screwdriver and install the basket, whose screw you fasten with an Allen wrench.

Under the seat is an interesting built-in storage compartment. The tools and screws needed to assemble the scooter are delivered safely tucked away in this space. It is big enough to fit the scooter’s charger, your wallet and keys, etc. Other than that, the seat features a quick-release mechanism, allowing the rider to adjust the seat height and position as needed. For your passenger, you also get retractable foot pegs to guarantee their comfort during the ride.  

The centre stand is unique and a big selling point, as it provides unmatched stability and convenience when parking the scooter. Another standout feature is the front and rear fenders that keep road spray from reaching the rider’s feet. The rear tyre has an extended see-through skirt that not only adds a stylish touch but also protects the rider’s and passenger’s clothes from getting sucked up by the spokes.

Ride Quality

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The ride quality on the Razor EcoSmart Cargo scooter is okay, at best. The scooter’s ride feels like it’s somewhere between the Jetson Bolt, Costco’s famous little e-bike, whose pedals you’ll end up using on account of the smaller battery (tedious), and the GOTRAX Flex, the nimbler seated electric scooter with rear suspension for enhanced ride comfort.  

For casual commuting on well-maintained roads, the elevated feel of sitting still with your feet on a spacious deck without having to pedal or lean awkwardly to steer the scooter, the EcoSmart cargo is definitely worth it. However, without suspension, all the shock absorption is left to the tires, and despite their large form, they may not provide enough cushioning on rough or uneven terrain. This could result in a less comfortable and potentially bumpy ride, especially if you frequently encounter potholes or cracks in the road.   

Steering also gets a bit tricky, especially if you need to make sharp turns. The steering doesn’t turn as far as you’d like, which makes manoeuvring in tight spaces or navigating crowded areas more challenging. In addition, the motor turns fine if you need to push your scooter forward as you walk alongside. However, if, when parking the e-scooter, you need to push it back, you get a lot of resistance from the motor, making it quite difficult to manoeuvre.  

Lastly, thanks to the adjustable seat height and position, the EcoSmart Cargo is ideal for all kinds of riders. 


The form factor of this little vehicle does not make it as portable as a regular e-scooter. The Razor EcoSmart Cargo occupies a huge amount of space—159 cm x 64.5 cm x 104.8 cm, to be exact—and doesn’t fold for compact storage. It’s not light either, at 75 lbs (34 kg). Therefore, this utility scooter is mostly ideal for people with secure ground-floor parking. 

You could manage to carry it up a flight of stairs, but its bulky nature means it will take up a lot of space in a typical apartment. As alternatives, the Fiido Q1S seated scooter has smaller wheels, which means it would occupy less space in storage, while the GOTRAX Flex weighs only 47.6 lbs (21.59 kg), making it easier to haul around.


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Lighting is pretty basic on the Razor EcoSmart Cargo adult scooter. It has a mid-mounted, bright LED headlight that casts a strong beam of light, ensuring visibility during nighttime rides. Additionally, the scooter is equipped with a rear taillight that doubles as a brake indicator, letting other road users know your stopping intent. Riders may also want to wear reflective gear for night rides and get a high-mounted after-market light for even more visibility.

Controls and Display

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This Razor scooter is equipped with a basic, super bright LED display. The display shows you your current speed, your speed mode, and battery life left. It sits on the left side of the handlebar, and on the left of the display are two operational buttons. The lower button is responsible for powering the scooter on or off, while the top button switches the headlight and rear light on or off. 

The EcoSmart Cargo adult electric scooter also has 5-speed modes. To switch between riding modes, you use the display unit as a rocker switch. Tipping it upwards toggles from the lowest to the highest speed levels. Other than that, you get the mechanical brake lever on the left side of the handlebar and the twist-grip throttle on the right. And each of the bar ends is covered in extremely comfortable, soft rubber grips.


The Razor EcoSmart Cargo has 16-inch by 3-inch pneumatic tyres. These pneumatic tyres provide a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing shocks and bumps on various terrains. Additionally, their larger size enhances stability and traction, ensuring better control and manoeuvrability for the rider. They are also spoked, which adds to the overall durability and strength of the tyres. 


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The deck on the EcoSmart Cargo e-scooter by Razor is made of hard plastic but has a bamboo inlay in the middle. Bamboo is tough and durable, making it an ideal material for withstanding daily wear and tear. Additionally, the bamboo adds a touch of natural elegance to the overall design of the e-scooter. The edges are then covered in grip tape for traction, ensuring a secure footing even in wet or slippery conditions. Lastly, the deck dimensions provide sufficient foot room, and passengers get a set of footpegs on either side of the rear wheel.

Water Resistance

Razor does not indicate a water resistance (IP) rating for the Ecosmart Cargo e-scooter. That said, it is wise to keep off wet conditions to prevent any potential damage to the scooter’s electrical components. Riding in wet conditions can also increase the risk of accidents and decrease overall performance, so it is recommended to use the Ecosmart Cargo e-scooter in dry weather conditions. 

Reliability and Warranty

Razor offers a 90-day warranty for the EcoSmart cargo, which serves as protection from any manufacturing defects or malfunctions that may occur within the first three months of purchase. This warranty is objectively shorter than industry standard. That said, Razor guarantees fast shipment, prompt customer service, and reliable access to replacement parts for repair or maintenance purposes.


Maintenance of your EcoSmart Cargo electric scooter is essential to ensuring its longevity, optimal performance, and safety. Here are a few maintenance tips tailored to the e-scooter’s unique features.

  • Regularly lubricate the chain to ensure smooth operation and prevent it from becoming dry or rusty. Use bike chain lubricant for best results. 

  • Note that the chain might become loose over time, so check its tension periodically and tighten if necessary. However, avoid over-tightening, as it can strain the motor.

  • Seeing as dirt and debris can accumulate on the chain, gently clean it using a brush or a cloth, ensuring you remove any grit that might cause wear.

  • Check the brake pads for wear. If they appear thin or produce a screeching sound, it’s time to replace them. And clean them with a cloth to wipe off dirt and residue.

  • Periodically check the bolts and fixtures securing the seat. Tighten any that appear loose to prevent wobbling or detachment. Also, check all other fasteners on the scooter and tighten them as needed.

  • Regularly check the tyre pressure using a tire gauge. Inflate to the recommended PSI as specified in the manual, remembering that proper inflation ensures a smooth ride and prevents premature wear.

  • Ensure the spokes are tight and in good condition. Loose or damaged spokes can compromise the structural integrity of the wheels.

  • When not in use, store the scooter in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to protect its components.

  • Charge the battery after each use and avoid depleting it entirely. If the scooter will not be used for a prolonged period, charge the battery at least once a month to maintain its health.

  • Every month, give your scooter a thorough check. Ensure all parts are secure, working correctly, and free from damage. Regular inspections help identify potential problems before they escalate.

Known issues

The scooter has its fair share of positives and negatives, but here are the chief complaints by riders that have purchased the scooter through Razor’s official website and other retail platforms:

  • Short riders say that despite the seat height and position being adjustable if you’re under 5 feet, the seat remains too far from the handlebars.

  • The passenger seat is fine, but there is not enough leg space with two adults on the vehicle. The passenger’s knees have to get into an awkward position to avoid distracting the ‘driver’.

  • When you ride, things will probably fall out of the detachable basket if you’ve installed it in place of the extra passenger seat, so avoid placing valuable or delicate items there.

  • Razor should also indicate that the tools, screws, and the manual are shipped in the built-in storage compartment under the seat to avoid new owners’ frustrating calls to their customer care reps.


Is this electric scooter value for money, and is it worth buying? webp to jpg min

Diving into the details, the Razor EcoSmart Cargo stands out for those seeking an affordable yet multifunctional electric scooter tailored for adults. Its high-torque motor, combined with a twist-grip throttle, promises a stimulating ride. Enhancing this experience are thoughtful features like integrated head/ tail/ brake lights, and a user-friendly display. However, its showstopper is undeniably the dual-purpose seating, offering adaptability for either cargo or an additional passenger, all while comfortably supporting up to 300 lbs.

However, potential buyers should tread cautiously if they prioritize a robust braking system, perhaps due to specific riding environments like school zones or parks or if it’s a personal safety priority. The audible motor noise might be a sticking point for those preferring a quieter ride. Furthermore, its bulkiness might make it less appealing for those seeking high portability.

In essence, while individual preferences play a pivotal role, the EcoSmart Cargo does offer bang for the buck. For those willing to navigate its minor drawbacks, this Razor scooter stands out as a solid choice in the world of seated electric scooters.

Other similar E-Scooters

As you’re comparison shopping, here are other scooters similar to the Razor EcoSmart Cargo that you should look at:

  • GOTRAX Flex

  • GOTRAX Astro e-scooter with a seat

  • Hiboy ECOM

  • Fiido Q1S

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  • Sustainable styling is nice (we love it)
  • Wide bamboo deck looks and feels great
  • Massive wheels and chunky tyres give a stable ride
  • Sturdy steel frame is well-made
  • Twist and go scooter is super simple
  • 62.72 lbs (28.5kg) weight makes it super-heavy
  • The scooter doesn't fold down
  • Can be difficult to store if you don't have much space
  • Battery life is poor for bigger riders

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