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Razor E100 Review

Daniel Foley
29 January 2024

One of the best commuter scooters around that has a top speed of around 10 mph (16 km/h) and a range of around 40 minutes of continuous ride.

From the house of Razor comes another fantastic electric scooter – the Razor E100. By now, the Razor brand has become synonymous with pocket-friendly, innovative releases that deliver on performance and quality without blowing canons through your bank account. The Razor E100 is the perfect entrant into your kid’s scooting hobby, and boy or girl, the scooter guarantees to deliver a great outdoor experience for them.


Razor E100 – The Lowdown


razor e100 electric scooter

Gone are the days when scooters were mere toys meant to serve as distractions for your son or daughter. Time-honored companies like Razor have revolutionized kids’ scooters to impressive performance monsters, as seen in releases like the Razor E100. The quality delivered by these pioneers in the kid’s electric scooter market is remarkable, and it only gets better with subsequent releases, notably the Razor Power Core E100 and E200, among others.

The scooter features a 2 (12 V) lead-acid battery, which powers your young one’s 40-minute commute around the block. Safety is at the heart of Razor scooters and much more emphasized with their range of kids’ scooters. Razor caps the top speed on the E100 at a modest speed of 10 mph (16 km/h), which is sufficient for your 8-year-old. The high-performing and ultra-responsive brakes ensure that the kid comes to a precise and uncompromised stop at whatever speed or riding condition.

The scooter bears a simple but well-thought-out design. As an entry scooter, there’s not much your kids will miss out on. The Razor company has a long-standing promise to deliver quality, and riders’ reviews put the E100 on top of its game with performance, comfort, and durability. Read on for a more comprehensive review of this incredible kids’ scooter, the E100 by Razor.

Razor E100 Specifications

Motor100-watt, rear-wheel chain drive
Battery2 x 12 V, lead-acid
Charge Time6 hours
Single-Charge Mileage6.5 miles (10 km)
Max Speed10 mph (16 km/h)
Climbing RangeNot specified
Braking SystemHand-operated front calliper
LightingNo lights
HornNo horn
Max Load120 lbs (54 kg)
Scooter Weight26 lbs (11 kg)
Product MaterialSteel frame, foam grips and aluminium deck
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
SuspensionNo suspension
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 84.0 x 41.0 x 90.7cm

Folded: Non-folding
Water ResistanceNo IP rating

Razor E100 Review Video

Check out this video of a detailed review of the Razor E100.

In summary- The Razor E100 is an award-winning kid scooter that offers high performance and reliability without compromising on safety.

Razor E100 Pros

tickicon The large, pneumatic front tyre offers sufficient cushioning over bumps and rocks

tickicon A high top speed capped early for enhanced safety

tickicon It has a kick-start motor that powers on the motor without jerking the rider forward or throwing the rider off-balance

tickicon The expansive deck provides a good standing surface and even accommodates the rider’s feet to stand side-by-side

tickicon It is built to be durable, sturdy, and solid

tickicon It is an award winner- Parent’s Choice Award winner

tickicon Can haul up to 120 lbs (54 kg) of weight

tickicon It has a retractable kickstand

tickicon It is affordable

Razor E100 Cons

red Low deck clearance 

red Motor, chain system and batteries require a high level of maintenance 

red The solid rear tyre slides in wet conditions and transfers shock to the deck

red It lacks suspension 

red The chain comes off quite often

red The lack of suspension, the chain, and the solid back tyre make it a noisy scooter 


Razor E100 Summary

For a little over 2 decades, the global phenomenon that is the Razor company has brought the oomph to the electric scooter market. More impressive has been the feat of performance exhibited by their range of kids’ electric scooters. The Razor E100 is one of their earlier models but in no way compromises the excellent performance or quality deliverance that is associated with the Razor brand. The design is minimalistic, and the scooter is encased in an all-steel frame. The sturdy deck is expansive enough for rider comfort and features one of Razor’s standard design specs, the curved wing over its rear wheel.

Speaking of tyres, the E100 has those heavy-duty, hard composite tyres, that coupled with no suspension, dampen the overall ride quality. The scooter features a chain motor, which already warns riders of additional maintenance requirements. The Power Core E100, however, features an upgraded in-hub motor for riders seeking an upgrade. The scooter is activated by 2 or 3 motor kicks, and once activated, the speed is adjusted using the twist grip accelerator located on the right handlebar. The handlebars are plain without the usual LED display or bell and only feature an added left-mounted brake lever.

On a full battery charge, the scooter achieves a decent top speed of 10 mph (16 km/h) and a 40-minutes continuous ride range. This capped performance deters your 8-year-old child from wandering too far from supervised spaces. It lacks standard lighting and reflectors seen in later models. The battery pack encased on the lower deck aids in the scooter’s stability, but the low clearance leaves room for grazing as riders go over speed bumps and other track obstacles. The power switch, charging port, and reset buttons are embedded on the side deck. The scooter is not foldable like its counterpart, the Razor Power A2. However, it offers a perfect balance of performance and compromise before your child can graduate to higher-performers like the Power Core E100, the E200, or the more adult E300.

Below, we take a deeper dive into more comprehensive reviews of the scooter’s independent specs.

Performance Overview

The Razor E100 is equipped with a powerful motor. It is powered by a 100 watts high-torque, chain-driven, single-speed mode motor. The motor runs on 24V (Two 12V) lead-acid batteries and is connected to the rear wheel via a chain. With this massive torque generated by the motor, the scooter quickly attains thrilling speeds of 10 mph. The front-mounted caliper brakes offer uncompromised stops to ensure that this top speed is ideal and safe for children.

The battery has enough juice for the kids to zip and zoom around the block for 40 minutes or an impressive range of 6.5 miles (10 km). However, the running time may vary depending on the speed. Slower rides can give the rider more running time, with some riders stating that they’ve surpassed the manufacturer’s estimated 40 minutes, while zippy speeds drain the battery faster.

Razor E100 scooter


Top Speed & Acceleration

The E100 tops out at a maximum speed of 10 mph (16 km/h). This is not the fastest speed for a kid scooter, but it is a decent and safe speed for the age bracket of 8-12.  It is an appropriate speed to introduce kids to riding PEVs and other two-wheelers.

The E100 is a kick-to-start scooter, and so it will require the rider to push the scooter to speeds of 3 mph (4 km/h) before the motor engages. This is an essential safety precaution, especially for a kid’s scooter. Although the scooter lacks variable speeds, the twist-grip accelerator makes it simple for the rider to accelerate to top speed, sustain the pace, and slow down.

Battery Life & Range

The Razor E100 is equipped with a rechargeable dual 12 volts sealed lead-acid battery that produces a combined voltage of 24 volts to propel the motor. The initial charging of the battery requires up to 12 hours to efficiently charge, while subsequent charging will only take 6-8 hours to fully charge.

A full charge on the battery offers the rider an impressive mileage of 6.5 miles (10 km) or up to 40 minutes of run time. This is enough time and mileage to take a run around the block, ride to and from school, or a quick stop at the convenience store. However, it is worth noting two things about the battery. The lead-acid battery is a heavy maintenance type of battery and subsequently requires utmost care for it to last; otherwise, it will disappoint.  Also, note that speeds will determine the mileage or run time you will get from the battery. Fast rides will drain the battery fast, while slow speeds will give the rider extended mileage.

Motor Configuration

This scooter is powered by a 100 watts chain-driven motor that has high torque and delivers superb performance. However, the chain-driven motor is not as efficient as a brushless motor embedded in the rear hub (as seen on the Power Core E100), which requires far less maintenance. Majority of riders complain about the frequency with which the chain comes off. While it offers an easy-fix mechanism for kids at this age, it can be pretty frustrating.

The motor is also kick-to-start, and therefore, a rider needs to push the scooter to 3 mph before engaging the twist throttle to turn on the motor. This feature is an essential safety mechanism to prevent the rider from getting jerked forward and losing balance upon motor activation. Additionally, the high torque output from this scooter can easily support a maximum weight of 120 lbs (54 kg).

Construction & Build Quality

The E100 features a sturdy, durable, high-quality build. The scooter is made from steel, making it firm and aids in longevity. This is important, considering that the scooter is used by kids who are more likely to rough it up. Steel is also corrosion-resistant, thus enhancing the durability, safety, and quality of the scooter. This model is non-foldable, and therefore, it features a sturdy stem devoid of wobbling, common with foldable scooters.

The scooter has standard non-adjustable t-bar handlebars. They have soft rubber hand grips with rubber bumpers to protect riders’ hands from slipping while riding. The handlebar stem is primarily plain, save for the twist-grip throttle on the right and brake lever on the left. It lacks an LED display and horn. The wires on the scooter are also visible, which interferes with aesthetics and is less convenient.

The deck borrows Razor’s signature design of an expansive deck that sweeps over the rear wheel. The scooter also features an 8-inch pneumatic front wheel that incredibly contributes to a smooth riding experience and a 4.9” polyurethane rear tyre that is never flat for worry-free rides.

The scooter does not have a lighting profile or reflectors, which completely rules out low-light riding. You can get the scooter in the following colour variants; red, pink, purple, blue, or black.


The E100 lacks suspension. However, the large, pneumatic tyre in the front does a great job of softening and smoothing the ride.

Ride Quality

Despite the absence of a suspension system, the Razor E100 still offers a smooth riding experience. This can be attributed to the large 8-inch air-filled tyre that conveniently limits the shocks on rugged and bumpy terrain.

The deck is expansive and spacious, providing sufficient room and comfort during the ride. The deck is low for increased stability. However, be wary of the low clearance as it is subject to scraping when riding over obstacles. The ride is also noisy, from the clunking of the chain motor, vibrations from the solid rear tyre, and the general lack of a suspension system.

Riders under the recommended 120 lbs (54 kg) weight capacity will derive ultimate performance from the scooter. The brakes bring the scooter to a precise stop at any speed or riding condition. Riders also get to enjoy a worry-free ride time of 40 minutes before they need to stress about recharging.


The E100 comes with a hand-operated front caliper brake that brings the scooter to a smooth and precise stop. Children who have experience with riding bicycles will be familiar with this type of brakes. For supplementary braking assistance, riders can slowly release the twist throttle to reduce the speed on the scooter. 


The Razor weighs 26 lbs (11kg), which is lightweight enough for riders to drag alongside them in a powered-down mode. However, the stem does not fold, which significantly affects its portability. 


A massive downer with this model is its lack of standard lighting, available on Razor’s later releases. It also lacks other essential basic safeguards like reflectors and indicator lights.


The E100 has an 8-inch pneumatic tyre in the front and a smaller polyurethane 4.9’’ tyre in the rear. The front pneumatic is an air-filled tyre essential for absorbing shock and bumps on the road for a smooth ride experience. Other than enhancing the ride experience, the tyre also offers better stability and control than standard tyres. The rear tyre is a solid tyre requiring little to no maintenance. The curved deck that goes over the wheel would make it monumentally inconvenient to perform routine maintenance- so that’s a plus.


The deck is a Razor standard deck design- a spacious wide deck that sweeps over the rear wheel. The deck measures a comfortable width of 20.2 cms (8’’), providing sufficient space for the kids to safely and comfortably ride around. The deck can accommodate a whopping 120 lbs (54 kg) weight capacity. Due to the battery location, it is essential to note that riders will experience grazing as they go over speed bumps or other track obstacles. 

Controls & Display

The Razor E100 has simple and standard handlebars without a display or controls. The handlebars are fitted with soft plastic slip-resistant handgrips with rubber bumpers. The handbrake is located on the left handlebar, while the twist-throttle is on the right handlebar. It lacks a bell or horn, but users can purchase one as an add-on. The switch button and reset buttons are located on the side of the deck.

Razor E100 electric scooter red

Water Resistance

This scooter doesn’t have any water resistance rating, and the rider is advised against riding in wet weather or wet track conditions. 

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The battery gives the rider 40 minutes of ride time and even more ride time at lower speeds. The all-steel frame is sturdy and durable hence long-lasting. The underdeck features a reset button that allows riders to recalibrate the scooter in case of restart or charge failure. 

This unit has a 90 days manufacturer’s warranty. However, it is limited to manufacturer’s defects and doesn’t extend to the normal wear and tear, wheels, and damages resulting from storage, misuse, incorrect assembly. The warranty is only valid for US and Canadian customers.

Razor customer care is available on the phone, via text,  and through the website help page. US customers can reach them through a toll-free number, while international customers have a dedicated customer hotline between 8 AM and 5 PM Pacific Time.


The Razor E100, while durable, requires regular maintenance for optimum performance. Maintaining this unit, however, isn’t a costly affair. Wiping the unit clean and ensuring that it’s ever dry is a good maintenance practice that should be adhered. 

The lead-acid battery also requires frequent maintenance practices like filling up on acid levels. The battery should be charged as advised by the manufacturer. The scooter should also be switched off when not in use to preserve the battery. The chain also requires lubrication to prevent wear and tear.

Known Issues

  • The chain frequently falls off the wheel sprocket and is tasking on kids to align it back.
  • The motor is noisy and tends to overheat.
  • The battery is highly prone to electrical faults resulting from wrong charging or overcharging.

Accessories & Upgrades

  • Horn
  • Reflector
  • Mudguard 
  • Helmet

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Are you looking for a budget kid-scooter without compromising too much on performance? If the answer is yes, then we recommend buying Razor’s E100. Scooting is no longer an old peoples’ mobility-assisted endeavour, and an electric scooter is a long way from being a distraction toy. Thanks to the ingenuity of companies like Razor, kids’ scooters now pack the power and performance of entry lever adult scooters, but with the safety enhancements necessary for kid’s safety on the riding track. One such scooter is the Razor E100.

The scooter delivers on fast but safe top speeds, uncompromised braking, decent range, a comfortable riding deck, decent acceleration without forgetting the durable all-steel frame. Reviews by kids that own the scooter are all the evidence you need to go out and grab this mini-performance beast. It comes with its fair share of expected compromises, like the high-maintenance chain-driven motor and lead-acid batteries. However, for the bargain you get at the scooter’s price point (around £119 or $168), it’s really a no-brainer! So, go out and grab your child the fantastic Razor E100; it’s a choice you won’t regret.

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Daniel is the ultimate adrenaline junkie when it comes to performance scooters. Daniel's favourite scooter is the Bronco 11 Xtreme. With a land speed record of 72 mph on electric scooters - Daniel lives for everything e Scooter.

  • The large front tyre offers sufficient cushioning over bumps and rocks
  • A high top speed capped early for enhanced safety
  • It has a kick-start motor that powers on the motor without throwing the rider off-balance
  • The expansive deck provides a good standing surface and accommodates the rider’s feet to stand side-by-side
  • It is built to be durable, sturdy, and solid
  • It is an award winner- Parent's Choice Award winner
  • Can haul up to 120lbs (54kg) of weight
  • It has a retractable kickstand
  • It is affordable
  • Low deck clearance
  • Motor, chain system and batteries require a high level of maintenance
  • The solid rear tyre slides in wet conditions and transfers shock to the deck
  • It lacks suspension
  • The chain comes off quite often
  • The lack of suspension, the chain, and the solid back tyre make it a noisy scooter

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