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Razor E-XR Review

Daniel Foley
29 January 2024

One of the best commuter scooters around with a top speed of approximately 17 mph (27 km/h) and a range of up to 16 miles (25 km/h).

The Razor E-XR is a fantastic upgrade and addition to Razor’s mid-range budget scooters.  This robust model features a rugged, minimalist design with a focus on performance and functionality. It is perfect for users looking for a balance between performance, comfort, and control. The Razor is renowned for building high-quality lifestyle recreational products for kids and adults, and this excellent craftsmanship is reflected in the Razor E-XR. 


Razor E-XR – The Lowdown

The Razor E-XR (Extended Range) e scooter is the latest addition to the reliable and time-honoured range of e scooters in the Razor family. It bears a bulk of Razor’s traditional scooter design elements, with upgraded quality and a durable build that delivers high performance, comfort, and control. It is equipped with many advanced features, including a sturdy steel frame, a large pneumatic front tyre, thumb-activated throttle, and many other neat eye-catching features. 

Razor built this solid-feel adult scooter’s frame using heavy-duty steel. It further reinforced its sturdiness by using a steel tubular capable of supporting riders with a weight of up to 220 lbs (99kg). The E-XR electric scooter takes the performance of Razor’s price winning scooters and amplifies the performance with an impressive 350 W rear hub motor. This motor propels the scooter to top speeds of 17 mph (27 km/h), which is an incredible feat for scooters in this price category. It will get the wind blowing through your hair as it promptly delivers you to your destination.

You will be quick to note the Razor E-XR’s lacklustre look. Still, past that, the combination of performance, comfort, and control is all the rave with scooting enthusiasts and commuters looking for efficiency in their daily commute. It is no wonder that this scooter is one of the most popular options in scooter-share programs. Here is an in-depth look at this innovative multipurpose urban scooter of choice.

Razor E-XR Specifications

Motor350 Watts brushless rear hub motor
Battery36V/8Ah lithium-ion pack, rechargeable (UL2271)
Charge Time4 hours
Single-Charge Mileage16 miles (25.6 km)
Max Speed17mph (27.4km/h)
Running TimeUp to 60 minutes on a single charge
Braking SystemHand-operated, rear disc brake
LightingLED projection beam headlight and rear tail/brake light
Max Load220 lbs
Scooter Weight35.51 lb (16.14 kg)
Product MaterialHeavy-duty steel, Aluminum
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
SuspensionNo suspension
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 39.37” (100 cm) x 17.40” (44.2 cm) x 41.54” (105.5 cm)
Folded: Non- foldable
Water ResistanceNo IP Rating

Razor E-XR Review Video

Check out this video for an informed, in-depth expert analysis of the Razor E-XR.

Simply put, the Razor E-XR electric scooter is an advanced high-performance scooter with a rugged, durable, minimalist design.

Razor E-XR Pros

tickicon Retractable kickstand for convenient parking

tickicon Easy to manage speed using the thumb-activated throttle with a variable paddle and hand-operated brake

tickicon Made of durable steel frame, capable of handling rigid daily commutes

tickicon It can be ridden both as an electric scooter and as a regular non-electric kick scooter

tickicon Fast charging 

tickicon The rear-mounted motor enhances both drive traction and ease of steering by shifting weight to the back. 

tickicon Large 9 inches pneumatic front tyres for extra cushioning and comfort.

tickicon Equipped with a large 8 inches abrasion-resistant flat-free solid rear tyre

tickicon Expansive deck for unmatched ride quality

tickicon A rigid stem that does not wobble

Razor E-XR Cons

red It lacks a user interface, so it is not easy to know the scooter’s speed when riding. 

red It also lacks selection modes or riding modes, present in scooters in this price range.

red The rear wheel is airless and solid; therefore, vibrations can be felt on the feet when navigating through rough terrain or potholes. 

red It is un-foldable, making it less portable.

red It lacks suspension.

red Non-adjustable handlebars that are relatively high and challenging for shorter riders

Razor E-XR Summary

The E-XR electric scooter is an upgraded, high-performance scooter equipped with the latest innovation to enhance rider’s commute experience. It is one of the fastest and most advanced or Razor’s scooters at a price that does not blow holes in your wallet. It is designed to offer excellent performance, maximum durability, and unmatched comfort. We are immediately drawn to the Razor E-XR’s remarkable large 9-inch pneumatic front tyre that is shock absorbent for that ultra-smooth ride. It is also equipped with a complimentary 8-inch abrasion-resistant, flat-free, solid rear tyre to ensure easy navigation even through the most challenging terrains.

The E-XR electric scooter packs a heavy-duty 36 V/ 8 Ah battery housed beneath the deck that powers the scooter to a manufacturer-cited ride time of 60 minutes on a single charge. This roughly translates to 16 miles on smooth terrain and at an optimum rider weight of no more than 220 lbs (99 kg). The motor is cited to deliver high torque, meaning it can power through inclines, but Razor does not issue a standard hill grade rating. The 350 W brushless motor powers the scooter to a top speed of 17 mph (27 km/h) on a full battery charge, which is mildly impressive for a mid-range budget scooter.

With this amazing top speed, Razor had to outfit the scooter with reliable and highly responsive brakes. It sports a rear, hand-actuated mechanical brake that brings the scooter to a smooth and precise stop. Razor further mounted a front fender that keeps debris and dirt from reaching the rider’s feet. In addition, Razor’s standard deck design, featuring the winged back, is wider than most and offers unmatched riding comfort. While the scooter lacks suspensions, this is more than compensated for by the front pneumatic tyres. 

The stem features an embedded projection beam headlight that enhances low-light riding. An additional red LED light is embedded on the rear fender, which additionally serves as a brake light. The scooter has a thumb throttle on the right handlebar for your acceleration needs, and the brake lever is located on the left handlebar. The scooter has no exposed wiring, making for that minimalist, elegant-finish design.

Overall, a scooter at this price point calls for a lot of compromises. For instance, it lacks an LED display, and riders are forced to wing it on battery juice levels and mileage stats. The scooter also lacks a horn/bell, which calls for riders to get creative and buy a separate detachable horn. However, Razor more than delivered on the basic performance and comfort features. Read on for a more comprehensive review of its features.

Performance Overview

The Razor E-XR is propelled by a 350 watts brushless rear hub motor. This motor gives the scooter immense torque, reportedly delivering more power than the manufacturer cites.  Some scooter enthusiasts and reviewers claim the motor to be underrated and potentially produces more power than the stated 350 Watts.

The rear hub motor, hidden under the raised deck, effortlessly powers the scooter to an impressive top speed of 17 mph (27 km/h). The E-XR electric scooter also struggles a little on inclined tracks. The rider can quickly accelerate the scooter using the thumb-activated throttle. The throttle has varied speeds, offering the user more torque at their fingertips.

The Razor E-XR is fitted with a wide, 9-inch pneumatic front tyre. The air-filled tyre is built to offer a smooth riding experience that conveniently absorbs shocks and fully cushions the rider. Additionally, it is fitted with a maintenance-free flat-free solid rear tyre.

Razor E-XR electric scooter

Top Speed & Acceleration

The E-XR can reach a top speed of 17 mph (27 km/h), which earns it the top place as the fastest model in Razor’s range of scooters. However, this speed is average compared to other scooters in the same price category. The top speed is also affected by factors such as rider weight, inclines and battery charge level. The scooter accelerates quickly and with ease, and although it lacks ride modes, it has a simple thumb-activated throttle that controls speed. Riders need to kick the scooter and achieve a minimum speed of 3 mph (4 km/h) before engaging the throttle. However, users with larger hands have complained of the inconvenient throttle positioning- the thumb struggles to reach it when the hand is rested on the handlebar. Razor took a different path from its competitors by installing the brushless motor on the back wheel, which remarkably improves flat and inclined terrain rides.

Battery Life & Range

The Razor E-XR has a 36V lithium-ion pack battery. This is a significant upgrade from Razor’s earlier models that carried the heavy-maintenance Lead-acid battery. When fully charged, it delivers a range of up to 60 minutes continuous use, equivalent to an impressive range of 16 miles (25 km). The battery takes only 4 hours to fully charge, making it one of the fastest charging batteries. The only notable downside with the battery is its lack of a smart battery management system, a feature predominant with modern scooters. If it had this feature, users would probably squeeze more mileage from the battery. It is worth noting that riding at the top speed drains the battery faster, giving you only two-thirds of the maximum range. The scooter comes with a 3 stage battery indicator display and a charger.

Motor Configuration

A brushless 350 W rear-mounted motor powers this scooter. Like most of Razor’s scooters, the motor has high torque and high power output and delivers surprising performance.  The brushless motor on the scooter comes with perks like increased efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. It is worth noting that some earlier releases in the family, like the Razor E100, carried the chain-driven motor that drove up maintenance requirements. This brushless, in-hub motor is a welcome alteration.

Razor scooters are outfitted with a unique safety feature in the kick-off mechanism. With such a powerful motor, riders can quickly get jerked off the scooter once the motor activates. The E-XR requires a minimum 3mph before the motor comes on, achieved by giving the scooter two or three kicks off the ground. Additionally, the torque output on the Razor E-XR can effortlessly haul a max load of 220 lbs (99 kg).

Construction & Build Quality

The Razor E-XR is crafted using heavy-duty steel, with the exception of its double-stacked aluminium clamp. The corrosion-free material enhances quality, safety, and durability. The stem is rigid and non-folding, which eliminates the wobble that’s prominent in most foldable scooters. The handlebars have a high, non-adjustable height, which is problematic for shorter riders and features a thumb throttle on the right and a brake lever on the left. Razor E-XR has soft plastic grips, and a bumper on the handlebar ends to keep the riders’ hands in position.

The headlight is embedded on the stem, while the tail/brake light is embedded on the curved deck rear. The spacious deck plate takes the popular oblong Razor design, with its rear running over the back wheel. Under the curve is an 8’’ solid tyre that houses both the rear mechanical brake and the rear-mounted hub motor. The front features a pneumatic tyre that compensates for lack of suspension. It also features a front fender to keep dirt and debris from reaching riders’ feet. The battery is housed underneath the deck.


The Razor E-XR lacks a suspension system. The front pneumatic tyre absorbs shock in upbeat terrain, facilitating a smoother ride experience.

Ride Quality

Surprisingly, the Razor E-XR offers a smooth ride despite its lack of suspension. This is majorly thanks to its ultra-wide 9’’ front tyres. The front tyre is air-filled and capable of limiting the impact of shock and bumps in mild off-road terrains. The solid back tyre offers reliability and stability through rugged terrains but produces vibrations felt through the deck.

The deck is spacious enough, and the user can conveniently place their foot on the raised rear deck that goes over the back wheel. This deck design presents mixed feelings among riders, with some enjoying the added real estate and some detesting the awkward rest angle. The deck is also entirely covered with anti-slip rubber to enhance its foot grip.

The rigid stem is quite firm, as it lacks the folding elements, which are notoriously associated with wobbling. The handlebar grips are covered in soft plastic to prevent slipping of the hands, with end bumpers for sure positioning. The overall quality of this scooter is highly rated, not just amongst Razor scooters but the scooting world in general.


The Razor has a hand-controlled rear mechanical disc brake that delivers excellent and uncompromised braking performance. The disc brake has several advantages over other forms of braking, like reduced wear on tyres and reliability in wet weather. Besides that, the rider is required to apply less pressure on the brake lever. They also reduce muscle tension, especially in steep descents, where riders constantly regulate their speed.


The Razor weighs a paltry 35.51 lbs (16.1 kgs ), making for an averagely light scooter. However, the scooter lacks a folding mechanism, making it hard to haul up a flight of stairs and conveniently store in limited spaces. Carrying this scooter is awkward, as it has no convenient carrying handle or position.


The Razor E-XR has a simple but effective and super bright headlight with an excellent LED projection beam. The headlight adequately illuminates the way during night rides. It is supplemented with an LED brake light that is activated when the user pulls on the brake lever. Notably, there’s heavy importance on Razor E-XR’s illumination profile due to its rental fleet, whereby clients are particular about such safety elements on their PEVs.


The Razor E-XR has two different types of tyres. It is equipped with a 9-inch pneumatic front tyre, while the rear tyre is 8 inches, tear-resistant, airless, and flat-free. The front tyre on the front fork absorbs most of the shock and maximises handling and overall control. On the other hand, the rear tyre offers convenience and reliability as it reduces the possibility of a flat tire. It only made sense for Razor to install a maintenance-free tyre on the rear, as replacement would be a hassle with the winged deck cover and the hub motor.

Overall, the tyres provide a smooth riding experience in the absence of suspension. However, because of the rear airless solid tyre, users have reported feeling vibrations through the deck. This is not felt on the handlebars because Razor opted for the pneumatic tyres.


The Razor E-XR’s deck carries one of Razor’s popular designs- an expansive deck that narrows towards the front and back and wraps around the back tyre. It measures 26 inches in length and 8 inches in width and is covered with anti-slip rubber. The ample deck space facilitates comfort on longer rides.

Controls & Display

The E-XR is devoid of fancy LED displays that are common with modern scooter models. It is stripped down, lacks a user interface, and only has the headlight, a power switch, brake lever, and throttle. Isn’t it simple?

Razor E-XR scooter

Water Resistance

The Razor E-XR does not have any water resistance rating, so it is not prudent to use the scooter in extremely wet conditions. The manufacturer also advocates for wiping the scooter dry if one gets caught in light showers or rides through puddles.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The battery gives the rider a reliable 60 minutes of continuous commute time, even though it lacks a battery level indicator. The in-hub motor, mechanical disk brakes, solid back tyre and lithium-ion batteries lower the maintenance needs of the scooter. The all-steel frame is corrosion free, thus highly durable. The pneumatic tyres serve for the absence of shock absorbers for comfort reliance. Overall, the scooter’s features are enhanced to offer safety, reliability and longevity.

Razor Electric scooters are guaranteed for 90 days to be free of manufacturing defects. The warranty does not extend to wheels, normal wear, and damage from incorrect assembly, storage, misuse, or renting. The warranty is only valid for customers purchasing and using the Razor E-XR within the United States and Canada.

Razor has a dedicated Customer Service team with both a US toll line and an international customer hotline. The representatives take calls between 8 AM and 5 PM Pacific Time. During after hours, clients can leave text messages on the dedicated line or fill in a form on the help page on their website.


While there is no doubt the Razor is a powerful workhorse, it requires regular maintenance to get the best performance. However, maintaining it is neither costly nor time-consuming due to the robust construction designed to withstand harsh conditions.

A regular maintenance routine will give the user extended use while leaving the unit in pristine condition. These include cleaning the scooter, examining the charger cord for damages, assessing and replacing wheels and other parts that are subject to wear and tear. Additionally, keep the scooter dry and charge the battery as recommended by the manufacturer.

Accessories & Upgrades

  • Helmet
  • Bicycle Lock
  • Extra charger

Known Issues

  • Riders complain the handles are not adjustable. This is an inconvenience, especially for short riders.
  • Users report its disappointing performance on gravel.
  • The battery’s location means that it is subject to grazing when going over obstacles.

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

In a word, absolutely! The Razor company is a wheelhouse for high-performance, reliable, durable and comfortable scooters. They more than delivered with the E-XR, which reaches high top speeds with a reliable braking system, an extended range (as aptly named), sturdy frame, shock-absorbing pneumatic front tyre, spacious deck and an incredible lighting profile. The scooter lacks suspensions and a folding stem. However, at this price point, there’s always a trade-off. This in no way negates all the scooter’s exceptional specs, and we stand by our decision to back the scooter as a steal for the price you pay.

Razor Resource

Razor Website

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  • Retractable kickstand for convenient parking
  • Easy to manage the scooter speed using the thumb-activated throttle with a variable paddle and hand-operated brake
  • Made of durable steel frame
  • It can be ridden both as an electric scooter and as a regular non-electric kick scooter
  • Fast charging
  • The rear-mounted motor enhances both drive traction and ease of steering by shifting weight to the back
  • Large 9 inches pneumatic front tyres for extra cushioning and comfort
  • Expansive deck for unmatched ride quality
  • It lacks a user interface, so it is not easy to know the scooter’s speed when riding.
  • It also lacks selection modes or riding modes, present in scooters in this price range.
  • The rear wheel is airless and solid; therefore, vibrations can be felt on the feet when navigating through rough terrain or potholes.
  • It is un-foldable, making it less portable.
  • It lacks suspension.
  • Non-adjustable handlebars that are relatively high and challenging for shorter riders

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