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Razor E Prime Air Review

Nely Hayes
29 January 2024

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One of the best commuter scooters around that has a top speed of around 15 mph (24 km/h) and a range of up to 10 miles (16 km). 

The E Prime Air is another work of art from Razor’s E Prime line of electric scooters. It oozes sophistication and style with its excellent craftsmanship with high-performing features that facilitate reliable urban transport. Razor has a reputation for designing e scooters that deliver on performance and quality at a budget-friendly price, and the Razor E Prime Air is no exception. It offers riders style, comfort, and speed in their daily commute, with the efficiency that is synonymous with the Razor brand.


Razor E-Prime Air – The Lowdown


razor e prime air electric scooter

Razor continues to revolutionise the electric scooters market with impressive and high-performance scooter offerings, as evidenced in the Razor E Prime Air. This model is a significant improvement from its previous releases. It is packed with cutting-edge features that set it apart from scooters within the same price range. It also sports a sleek design and world-class finish with a sturdy frame crafted from aviation-grade aluminum, complete with a steel fork. These heavy-duty materials are responsible for the robust frame and lightweight, essential for the scooter’s portability. 

Designed for commutes or a casual way to get around, the Razor E Prime Electric Scooter is well constructed and relatively affordable as far as e-scooters go. With the E Prime Air, Razor swayed from their go-to design that features the curve-over-wheel deck and instead went a little more modern-chic. The deck is still spacious but adopts a long and flattened profile, offering the same comfort level as its predecessors. The scooter is minimalist without being overly simplistic in design. The LED battery level indicator adds some tech flair to this Razor Scooter that is a little uncommon on the company’s scooters’ dashboards. For a mid-range scooter retailing under £300 ($422), the scooter’s design is really stand-out.

Razor’s patent-pending, anti-rattle technology- a major selling point for the E Prime Air. This, coupled with the adjustable-height handlebars, make for excellent ride quality. Additionally, with the target market doubling between teenagers and entry-level adults, the scooter remarkably strikes a balance between performance and safety. The robust battery attains full charge in a short amount of time, and powers the scooter for a modest 40 minutes, which can be a bit of a damper. However, the top speed of 15 mph (24 km/h) will be exhilarating for riders dipping their toes in the scooting world, an excellent preamble to higher performance scooters like Razor’s E Prime Metro.

Read on for a more detailed review of this fantastic scooter.

Razor E-Prime Air Specifications

Motor250W, kick to start, brushless hub motor
Battery36V lithium-ion battery rechargeable (lUL2771)
Charge Time3.5 hours
Single-Charge Mileage7.5 miles (12.0 km) or up to 40 minutes continuous use
Max Speed15 MPH (24 km/h)
Climbing RangeNot specified
Braking SystemElectronic, thumb-activated paddle, rear fender footbrake
Max Load200 lb (91 kg)
Scooter Weight21.78 lb (9.9 kg)
Product MaterialAluminum frame, Steel fork, plastic fenders, and rubberized grips
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 101.8 L x 46.2 W x 105.5 H cm
Folded: 101.8 L x 46.2 W x 96 H cm
Water ResistanceNo IP Rating

Razor E-Prime Air Review Video

Check out this video walkthrough of the E Prime Air. 

In summary – the Prime Air combines a sleek design and electric efficiency. The higher performance world high-quality motor is reliable and quiet to ensure a smooth urban ride.

Razor E Prime Air Pros

tickicon High quality build

tickicon Light-weight and easily portable

tickicon Has an easy folding mechanism

tickicon It has anti-rattle technology to cut down the rattling sound

tickicon It can be used as a regular non-electric scooter

tickicon It has a large 8-inch pneumatic front tyre that absorbs shocks over bumps on the road

tickicon It has a battery power level indicator embedded in the neck of the stem

tickicon It is affordable

tickicon It has an adjustable handlebar stem.

Razor E Prime Air Cons

red It has no rear or front LED lights

red It has a low ride range

red Lacks suspension

red It lacks essential safeguards such as reflector, horn or bell and lights

red It lacks cruise control

Razor E Prime Air Summary

With over two decades in the scooter manufacturing industry Razor continues to introduce head-turning scooters to the market. The scooters are impressive in performance coupled with high build quality that ensures their reliance and durability. Simplicity and ease of use are core in the hearts of Razor engineers; which the Razor E Prime Air delivers with a sleek design, superior performance, foldable-portable mechanism, and 8-inch shock-absorbing pneumatic front tyre. Unfortunately, the scooter doesn’t offer many choices in colour as it is only available in a jet-black colour. 

The e scooter is crafted using aviation-grade aluminium to forge the durable, sturdy frame and stem and steel for its fork. The aluminium frame is foldable, and the handlebar stem is height-adjustable. To further enhance the scooter’s portability, the scooter weighs a paltry 21.78 lbs (9.9 kg). The craftsmanship on this scooter gives it a sleek minimalist design with the 5 stage LED battery indicator display on the neck of the stem that shows the rider their battery level. The handlebars are simplistic and lean, with only essential controls like the throttle and brake controls. 

A 250 watts rear hub motor powers the electric scooter to achieve a top speed of 15 mph (24 km/h). The scooter can haul an impressive maximum load capacity of 200 lbs (91 kg). Additionally, the scooter runs on a 36V rechargeable lithium-ion pack battery that takes 3.5 hours to charge fully. When fully charged, it offers a riding range of 7.5 miles (12 km) or a continuous run time of up to 40 minutes. However, if the battery drains prematurely, riders can be confident in getting home as the scooter also functions optimally as a kickscooter. The scooter further boasts of high torque thanks to its 250W electric hub motor. Be advised, though, that the scooter performs excellently on flat terrain and dismally on hills and inclines. 

The Razor E Prime Air electric scooter has a large 8-inch pneumatic front tyre,  responsible for absorbing shock and smoothing the ride through road cracks. The rear tyre is also 8 inch, but made of solid rubber that is puncture-proof and abrasion-resistant. The lack of suspension on this model means that the front tyre is all there is to absorb shock and vibrations through bumpy terrain. Further on comfort, the deck is spacious enough at 5.5 inches wide and can comfortably accommodate riders above the teenage, weighing up to 200 lbs (91 kg).

On the flip side, it lacks lights, reflectors, and a bell, which are essential safety features for a scooter. Riders may need to get the scooter the safety features as add-on accessories, should they intend to use the scooter in low light situations. With this scooter, you’re getting performance, comfort, and style under one roof and accepting the compromises that come with its low price point.

Below, we delve deeper into a more detailed review of the scooter’s specifications. 

Performance Overview

The Razor E Prime Air is powered by a powerful and quiet 250 watts motor that delivers high torque. The powerful motor propels the scooter to top speeds of 15 mph (25 km). For the target beginner and intermediate riders, the speed is a  bit devilish and thus the need for effective braking. The scooter utilises a front electronic brake and a rear fender footbrake, which jointly facilitate effective braking, thus ensuring that the scooter comes to an instant stop.

The 36V lithium battery delivers 40 minutes of continuous ride or mileage of 7.5 miles (12 km), enough to take the rider to work or for an on-campus commute. However, the running time or mileage can vary depending on other variables, including speed, riders’ weight, weather conditions, and terrain. The immense torque from the scooter can carry a maximum weight of up to 200 lbs (91 kg) effortlessly. However, if the battery depletes, the scooter can be used as a regular manual scooter to cover the remaining journey. 

razor e prime air scooter

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Razor E Prime Air’s top speed is capped at 15 mph (24 km). While this doesn’t cut it as a speedster, it is decent and above average for the target audience of 14 plus years of age. This speed is sufficient to both get comfortable with riding, braking, manoeuvring crowds, and swerving. The scooter accelerates smoothly and quickly by using the ergonomic thumb-activated paddle controls, but without the options of different speed modes or cruise control. The scooter lacks a zero start feature, and therefore it requires the rider to push the scooter a little bit before the motor engages. 

Battery Life & Range

The Prime Air comes with a rechargeable 36V lithium-ion battery pack.  Razor is known for using lead-acid batteries, which, while they bring down manufacturing costs, are higher maintenance than lithium-ion batteries. The battery takes 3.5 hours to charge fully. When fully charged, it offers a riding range of 7.5 miles (12 km) or up to 40 minutes of continuous ride time. However, note that the battery life depends on the rider’s speed (top speed draining the juice faster) and terrain- with a preference for flat terrains.

Motor Configuration

This scooter is propelled by a high-torque, single 450-watts rear hub motor. The hub-driven motor is efficient and requires less maintenance, unlike chain-driven motors fitted on most of Razor’s budget scooter models. The motor on the scooter is a kick-to-start and requires the rider to give the scooter a few kicks before the throttle kicks in. This feature prevents the rider from being jerked forward and thrown off balance. 

Construction & Build Quality

The Prime Air E is one of Razor’s most sophisticated and sleek-looking electric scooters. The wires are neatly tucked away and internally routed through the stem. This unit is built from high-quality materials that are both responsible for its durability and portability. The frame and downtube are built from aviation-grade aluminium, while the fork is forged from steel with built-in plastic fenders. Uniquely, the scooter is fitted with prism-shaped handles made from molded soft rubber. The front pneumatic tyre is made of polyurethane, while the airless rear is made of solid rubber.

The deck is lined with grip tape whose surface has a sandpaper feel texture to ensure the rider’s feet don’t slip when on the go. Additionally, the battery pack is stacked under the deck, increasing the scooter’s stability and overall control when riding. The charging port on the deck’s under-belly features a waterproof jacket to prevent electrical issues from water splashes. Attached to the deck is also a retractable kickstand for easy parking. 


The Razor E Prime lacks suspension, and instead, it relies on the front pneumatic tyre to offer a smooth ride by reducing the impact of rough terrain. 

Ride Quality

The ride quality on this scooter is essentially an upgrade to the likes of the E100 and the E300. The hub motor ensures your ride is silent compared to the noisy chain-driven motors on some of Razor’s less-priced models. The tyres on this unit are noteworthy, having earned this model positive customer ratings. The front pneumatic tyre offers a smooth ride by limiting shocks on bumpy terrain, while the solid rear tyre provides a worry-free ride as the tyre is puncture-proof. However, the ride quality would be so much better if it had suspensions. 

The Prime Air E  performs better on flat terrain, and riders will feel the struggling motor as they ascend an incline. Riders will appreciate that it doubles as a regular kickscooter, and one can hop off and drug it along with them as they ascend. The scooter provides enough torque and comfort on off-road terrain, but performance in no way matches that of urban terrain. The Prime Air has a dual braking system that comprises a front electronic brake and a rear fender footbrake, which, when used separately, offer less efficiency. Jointly, they offer the high stopping power required to halt instantly and in an uncompromised manner. 

The scooter’s handlebars have soft rubber prism-shaped grips for better grip and comfort when riding to further enhance the rider’s experience. Although adjustable, the handlebars stem is surprisingly sturdy and doesn’t wobble, thanks to Razor’s patent-pending, anti-rattle technology. However, it lacks essential features for low-light riding, e.g., lights, reflectors, and bells. 


The scooter has a dual braking system that combines a rear fender footbrake and a front electronic brake. The electronic brake is not that efficient, but it enhances the stopping power used alongside the rear fender-controlled brake. The front brake is thumb-activated, while to activate the rear brake, the rider steps on the rear fender to activate the brake. 


The E Prime Air is made from a lightweight yet durable material. The model weighs under 10 kg (22 lb) for portability and has an easy folding mechanism for quick folding and hauling into hard-to-ride places. The folding mechanism also makes it easier to store it in space-restrictive spaces. 


Unfortunately, the Razor did not fit lights or reflectors on this scooter. To remedy this, the rider can buy lights as add-on accessories.


The E Prime Air rolls on an 8-inch pneumatic air front tyre and an 8-inch solid tyre in the rear. The pneumatic front tyre is air-filled, and so it offers a comfortable ride as it is perfect for absorbing shock and vibrations. Although the solid rear tyre offers less comfort than the pneumatic tyre, it provides reliability as it is flat-free and abrasion-resistant. Surprisingly the front air-filled tyre is sturdy enough to deliver a smooth ride even at the maximum speed. It also gives the scooter impressive traction in dry and wet track conditions. Having a solid back wheel offers the scooter structural integrity as having a flat-prone rear wheel would involve tinkering with so many fragile parts- a nightmare- which leaves the airless tyre as the only viable alternative. 


The deck measures a comfy 6.75 inches long and 5.5 inches wide. This is enough deck space for teenage riders and small-sized, average-weight adult riders to stand and ride with comfort.

Controls & Display

This scooter lacks a display, and the rider won’t know their cruising speed. However, it features a five-stage, multi-coloured battery indicator placed right beside the folding mechanism, where you’ll also find a power button. The LED battery indicators let you know how much juice you have left as you ride. The handlebars have only two controls: the electronic brake on the left and the throttle paddle control on the right.

razor e prime air scooter

Water Resistance

The E Prime Air doesn’t have a water resistance rating, and therefore, utmost care should be exercised as water affects the scooter’s internal mechanism.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The scooter features a sturdy and durable build thanks to the Razor’s excellent craftsmanship and use of high-quality materials. The aluminium alloy and steel materials ensure that this model is durable. The high torque motor pushes the scooter to a top speed of 7.5 miles (24 km) and hauls a maximum load of 200 lbs (91 kg). The lithium battery on this scooter offers reliability in extended life and impressive mileage. Razor went for a dual braking system that jointly delivers efficiency and practicality. 

Razor Electric scooters are guaranteed for 90 days to be free of manufacturing defects. For 180 days, Razor issues a warranty for non-electric-powered products. The warranty does not extend to wheels, everyday wear, and damage from incorrect assembly, storage, misuse, or renting. The warranty is only valid for customers purchasing and using the Power Core E100 within the United States and Canada.

Razor has a dedicated Customer Support team with both a US toll line and an international customer hotline. The representatives take calls between 8 AM and 5 PM Pacific Time. During after hours, clients can leave text messages on the dedicated line or fill in a form on the help page on their website.


Razor E Prime Air requires regular servicing and maintenance for sustained efficiency and optimal performance. The scooter should be cleaned and dried to ensure scooter efficiency. The recommended battery charger should be used to charge this unit, and it also should be charged within the prescribed charging time. All components should be checked and tightened regularly, as outlined in the user manual. If this is done, the rider can extend the longevity and ensure the scooter offers top not performance. 

Accessories & Upgrades

  • Helmet
  • Extra charger
  • Knee pad
  • Horn/ bell
  • Bike lights 

Known Issues

  • Users reported slow responsiveness to the electronic brakes and their jerkiness. 
  • Some users reported the motor overly struggles, despite riders being in the recommended weight range on inclines. 

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Absolutely Yes! The E Prime Air packs high-performance and essential features that make commuting a breeze. 

The large 8-inch wheels improve the ride quality and offer reliability as the solid rear tyre is maintenance-free. The easy folding ensures your travel is seamless as it makes folding as quick as one click. Changes such as the flattened deck, Razor’s patent-pending, anti-rattle technology, and choice of lithium-ion battery is a welcome change in design that more than justify the scooter’s price point. At a price of less than £300 ($422), you can effectively simplify your commute experience. 

Razor Resource

Razor Website

  • It has an adjustable handlebar stem
  • High quality build
  • It is lightweight
  • It has anti-rattle technology to cut down the rattling sound
  • It can be used as a regular non-electric scooter
  • It has a large 8-inch pneumatic front tyre that absorbs shocks over bumps and cracks on the road
  • It is affordable
  • It has no rear or front LED lights
  • It has a low ride range
  • It lacks suspension
  • It lacks essential safeguards such as reflector, horn or bell and lights
  • It lacks cruise control

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