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Pure Air Pro Electric Scooter Review

Brett Heyns
29 January 2024

The Pure Air Pro is a top-quality electric scooter at a pocket-friendly price, making it an ideal all-rounder for work and pleasure. It has a top speed of approximately 15.5 mph (25 km/h) and a range of up to 22.4 miles (36 km).

The Pure Air Pro is beautiful and a bit of a beast. So the specs don’t appear to be exceptional on paper, but the package is impressive. The 350W motor and 36V battery deliver power and torque that will keep you cruising.

At less than £500 ($600) you’re getting a superb electric scooter that’s built for thousands and thousands of trouble-free miles. It’s like Pure took the awesome Air and ironed out the faults… Read our Pure Air Pro scooter review to learn more.

Pure Air Pro – The Lowdown…

Wind, water, rain and even dust can’t stop the Pure Air Pro. The water-resistant IP65-rated Pure Air Pro package is based around a hard-wearing aluminium alloy frame, a reliable 350W motor and a whole host of quality components. The ride experience is exceptional, making it easy to rack up hundreds of comfortable commuter miles whatever the weather.

It’s sleek, stylish and speedy, with the 350W motor kicking translating into tremendous amounts of torque that provides better acceleration than its little brother, the Pure Air. It charges quickly, is built like a tank and is capable of thousands of miles, and around 500 recharges.

So it won’t win many prizes for originality (we’ve seen it all before) but this isn’t a statement scooter, it’s a reliable and practical alternative to public transport, bikes and cars.

Read the Pure Air Pro review to learn about how this king of an e scooter performed on the roads.

Pure Air Pro Specifications

Motor 350W (Front-wheel drive)
Battery 36V 345Wh
Charge Time 5.5 hours
Single-Charge Mileage 22.4 miles or 36 km (influenced by the weight of the rider and driving style)
Max Speed 25 kilometres per hour (15.5 miles per hour), but it can go up to 25/km/h with the extra battery
Braking System Front brake (KERS), rear drum brake
Hill Climbing Up to 15% Gradient climb
Tyres 10-inch front and rear air-filled pneumatic tyres, with pre-installed puncture prevention fluid
Lighting Adjustable front LED, rear LED lights, and side reflectors
Max Load 265 pounds (120 kg)
Scooter Weight 36 pounds (16.5 kg)
Product Material Aircraft grade aluminium alloy
Suspension No installed suspension
Horn Type Left side thumb activated bell
Size (L x W x H cm) Unfolded: H 120 x L 115 x W 50

Folded: H 50 x L 115 x W 50

Water Resistance IP65 Rating (Can withstand rain and puddle splashes without risk of damage.)


Pure Air Pro Review Video:

You-Tuber Ben Fox reviews the Pure Air Pro, and asks if it’s a Xiaomi M365 beater (spoiler: it is!).

Pure Air Pro Pros

tickicon  Stunning all-round performance

tickicon  Standout ride quality

tickicon  Puncture prevention fluid (for free!)

tickicon  Tried and tested 350W motor

tickicon  Built for British rainy conditions with IP65 water protection

tickicon  Suitable for larger riders, with 120 kg (264 lb) max-weight

Pure Air Pro Cons

red  Just a bit heavy for portability, at 17 kg (37 lb)

red  Handlebars aren’t adjustable

red  No installed suspension

red  We didn’t get to keep it after the review


Pure Air Pro Summary

Let’s start with the basics. If you’re looking for an all-round awesome electric scooter, then the Pro should be somewhere near the top of your list. At this price point, there’s some stiff competition from the likes of Xiaomi (and even Pure itself, with the entry-level Air), but the Pro can compete, boasting great build quality.

Like other Pure models, the Air Pro is built to last with careful consideration of commuters. The IP65 rating means it can withstand the worst of the weather, and you can even safely clean it with a garden hose. A corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy frame gives all-year-round protection from salt, dust and debris.

The running gear (frame, wheels and tyres) all stand up to scrutiny and gave us no problems during our riding time. 

All of this wouldn’t mean much if the scooter had terrible looks, but thankfully, it doesn’t. It really looks sleek and powerful, both at the same time. We love the solid frame, quality welds, tough paint coating, and how easily it folds and unfolds. 

It’s an electric scooter that makes a statement. We love the Pure Air Pro. Read our Pure Air Pro electric scooter review to find out why.

Performance Overview: 

In this Pure Air Pro review we go deep into the details, but here’s the top-line. The 350W motor and 36V 345Wh battery are perfect partners, turning out enough torque, which translates into impressive enough acceleration. 

The top speed is (sadly) limited to 15.5 mph (25 km/h) to comply with the legal UK road rules, but the scooter is capable of more. On a flat road, you’ll be pulled along, and the strong motor means decent hill performance too. It’s quick enough for most riders and holds its own against other entry-level scooters from other brands.

Where this electric scooter excels is the complete package, constructed with the trademark Pure build quality. It’s the first Pure scooter with an IP65 rating. That means it’s water, dust and weatherproof, giving its crucial components’ protection from the elements. Designed (but not built) in Britain, it’s a genuine all-rounder with a reasonable range.

As well as being waterproof, it just feels right when you stand on it and set off. From the box, it feels solid (it should do, at 4 kg heavier than other e-scooter options in this price bracket). The 10” tyres are larger than the 8.5” tyres used on the Xiaomi, and you probably won’t even notice there’s no suspension unless you seriously head off-road or intentionally ride into potholes.

Performance is amazing, but that’s at the cost of portability, something we come on to later. In tests, we used this scooter as our daily ride and run around, and it performed flawlessly, looked fantastic and was an awful lot of fun. Which is what scootering is about, right?

The main image of the Pure Air Pro electric scooter

Top Speed & Acceleration

Like most commuter electric scooters, the Pure Air Pro comes limited to 15.5mph. That’s fast enough to make it fun but slow enough that you can stay out of trouble. It’s also the same speed as rental scooters out there too.

Unfortunately, this is the case because UK legislation has pinned the speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h) for electric commuter devices.

Unlike a rental e scooter, acceleration on the highway was brisk with the 350W motor quicker to lay down the power than the slightly cheaper Pure Air. The motor has a mapping feature that smooths out the power delivery making it feel easy to manage, which is great for those who lack experience or confidence.

There are 3 speed settings, including an Eco mode (to preserve battery life) and a Speed mode for those who aren’t as worried about conserving power.

Hill Climbing

The Pure Air Pro, is a fantastic urban commuter. But it is just that – an urban commuter. Sure, there are inclines and hills in any urban environment, but don’t expect this e-scooter to climb the steepest gradient that you can find, at full top speed. At this scooter’s amazing price, you get the ability to easily tackle mild inclines with ease. 

Battery Life & Range

To manage the 350W motor, the Pro has a 36V 345wh battery that provides a reasonable (if not revolutionary) 22.4-mile range (36 km). That’s around 4 miles more than the standard Air.  Total distance depends on rider weight, and other things such as environmental conditions, etc.

Is it enough? We found it was. A full charge is pretty quick too, at just 5.5 hours, that’s more than enough time to charge during a shift. You can also monitor battery life on the app.

You’ll get over 500 charges from the battery, which is pretty standard. When the time comes to replace it, Pure has made it easy to do at home with some standard tools too, which could save you money in the long-run.

Motor Configuration

The 350W front-wheel motor provides a pull of acceleration that’s enough to raise a smile as you progress towards a leisurely 15.5mph (25 km/h).

The Pro has a tried and tested motor that’s reliable enough to rack up some serious miles. Would we trust this e scooter as a daily ride? Absolutely. 

Pure Air Pro electric scooter side view

Construction & Build Quality

It’s not bomb-proof, but it’s definitely a step-up from a typical entry-level electric scooter. The aircraft-grade aluminium alloy frame feels sturdy, which it should do at this weight. 

Jump on board, and you’ll not feel the additional bulk as you pull away. The reinforced frame has some thick tubing that gives it a great look too.

The cabling is neat, the welds tidy and the whole thing just feels right. It’s hard to put into words, but it just feels “right”. Electronics appear reliable too.

We’ve mentioned it a lot, but the IP65 rating is a key selling point of this scooter. It just means you can ride without worrying that your expensive investment will get ruined by riding in the rain. Additionally, Pure completely covers water ingress malfunction with their warranty, which is incredibly rare to find for e-scooters in this price class.

Unlike other electric scooters we’ve tested, it doesn’t feel like Pure has cut corners to meet a price point. Instead, it’s like they’ve just put together a phenomenal package that works. We love them for it.


The deck is coated in a thick, quality rubber that gripped well while we were on the move. When something like this works well, you tend to forget it, which we did, and could happily just enjoy our ride.

The Pure Pro e-scooter is suitable for riders up to 120 kg (19 stone). That’s much higher than the 100 kg (220 lb) weight limit that most manufacturers normally recommend. This should tell you a bit about the quality of the construction and the size of the deck, which is very comfortable for foot re-positioning while riding, as well as overall ride experience.


We really liked the 10-inch air-filled tyres on this e scooter, preferring them to the smaller ones fitted to the Pro’s competitors. The tread pattern provided enough grip, even in damp conditions and (as long as you keep them pumped up) they should give hundreds of miles of happy riding.

We prefer pneumatic tyres for the feel, but there’s always the risk a puncture could ruin a ride, so it’s great Pure have added puncture protection fluid for free. It’s a really great value add out of the box, and it shows Pure are on top of the things that matter. Let’s hope other scooter builders take note. 

Picture of the front wheel of the Pure Air Pro electric scooter


Thankfully, the tyres on the Pure Air Pro are pneumatic air-filled. They are quite good at absorbing the judders and knocks, as there’s no suspension fitted. You can notice that by looking at the fixed front fork and rear wheel. 


There’s a front regen brake and a rear mechanical brake fitted, both operated from a single lever on the left-hand side of the handlebars. That’s standard for commuter e-scooters.

The intelligent braking system brought us to a safe stop with no skidding, slowing us down from 15mph to 0 in a few seconds.

There’s nothing to complain or cry about here. It does what it needs to do, and does it incredibly well.

Ride Quality

Pure has described this scooter as being built for British roads, and we were pleasantly surprised that we hardly noticed the lack of suspension. In part, that’s because the pneumatic tyres did such a great job of soaking up the bumps, and also because of a top-speed of 15.5mph (25 km/h) meant we were never really pushing this scooter hard.

Overall, the ride and build quality was great, and we’d be happy to spend hours on this scooter. In fact, we did just that.

Handling was precise and the extra grunt from the motor improves manoeuvrability over its little brother the Air.

Any negatives? The handlebars are fixed, which means you may need to adjust to find a relaxed position, but when you do this, it’s a joy to ride. 

pure air pro electric scooter lights


There are fairly good front and rear LED lights that do a good job on the roads. 

Pure has built this scooter for UK conditions, so it’s not surprising that these lights are better than units fitted to other scooters. The front LED can be adjusted too, enabling you to tilt it down to illuminate unlit tracks and paths (such as cycle paths). 

Side reflectors add a little more safety too. You can always add more lights if you need them, but there’s enough here to keep you safe and seen.

pure air pro electric scooter controls

Controls & Display

The integrated display gives you the basics, including speed mode, battery charge, your current speed, and whether the lights are on. The screen is backlit, and is clear at night and especially during the day. This is a huge plus! We like how it’s integrated, rather than sticking out as it keeps the stripped back look of this e-scooter.

You can hook up the scooter to a Bluetooth app on your phone. Pure has stepped up here, with the app having a good user experience and impressive functionality.

On the handlebars, you’ll find a signal brake lever, a push-button throttle, and a standard thumb activated bell. The components are quality, and perform very well. Happy days!


The Pure Air Pro comes in at a fairly hefty 17 kg (37 lbs), which makes it about 4 kg (9 lbs) heavier than some of its rivals. On the road, you don’t notice this and in fact the additional weight adds to the riding stability factor, but it can feel heavy when you’re folding it down and moving it. 

The folding mechanism is a clip and clasp (unlike the old-school screw in fixing on the Pure). For our money, there’s less to go wrong here and less likelihood of corrosion or damage. 

It’s a big scooter when upright, and when folded down (folded dimensions are H 50 x L 115 x W 50 cm). While it may take a few seconds to pack down, you’ll need strong arms to run for the bus or climb up lots of flights of stairs. It’s definitely built for the stronger rider.

In building such a competent and robust scooter, Pure has had to increase the weight. It’s a payoff we’re happy with, but smaller riders or those with a long way to carry their scooter may disagree and choose an alternative to the Pure Air Pro.

Picture of the Pure Air Pro e-scooter folded down

Water Resistance

An IP65 water-resistance rating means this beauty is fit to ride in any weather. In fact, the waterproof resistance of the Pure Air Pro electric scooter is one of its key selling points.  It’s one of the few such-rated scooters for sale, and leads the way in the sub-£500 ($600) class (at current prices). Riders living in London just can’t stop raving about this capability, as their daily commute happens a lot in the rain, with this being the standard of UK weather. 

Under the deck, the key electrical components (wires and chips), are encased in a waterproof aluminium housing.

In our tests on the Pure Air Pro, we didn’t ride it through rivers or commute through canals, but during wet weather and rainy rides we had no problems, and you shouldn’t either.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Pure Air Pro electric scooter is built to be reliable and dependable, and we’re confident that you’ll get years of happy riding out of this commuter electric scooter in all weather conditions, including the rain.

Buy from a registered retailer, and you’ll get a 1-year limited warranty. While the Pro (like pretty much all e scooters) is made in China, it is distributed in the UK by brand focused dealers, so you should be able to easily contact a large range of customer service representatives reasonably close to you.

Also to note, is that Pure is one of the VERY few e-scooter companies to warranty cover water ingress damage. This is simply amazing!


We love the fact that Pure has thought about the rider and built a quality scooter for a fair price. On top of that, they’ve made it as easy as possible to work on at home – with the wheels, tyres and battery – fully replaceable with some standard tools. 

Punctures can be a real problem, especially if you’re riding in the city, so we’re pleased at the inclusion of puncture protection fluid on the Pure Air Pro. Let’s hope they set a standard and other builders step up.

After a commute, especially if in the rain, when you get home please remember to wipe your scooter down with a towel or dry cloth.

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues we experienced during the Pure Air review. There are also no rider reported manufacturer defects, so we reckon you can buy this e scooter with confidence!

A pure Air Pro e-scooter being ridden in the rain.

Is this Electric Scooter value for money, and is it worth buying?

So, we’ve come to the end of this in-depth Pure Air Pro electric scooter review. Do you want a reasonably priced electric commuter scooter that you can ride in all weather conditions on dodgy roads? Do you need water resistance? If the answer is yes, then you won’t go too far wrong with the Pure Air Pro.

Pure simply took the best bits of the Air and improved upon them for the Pure Air Pro.  We love the quality components, the ride quality, the updated motor and bigger battery. You also get that impressive IP65 water protection too. We honestly found it hard to find faults. 

While on the road this e-scooter rides well, as long as the terrain is not too bumpy, it can be a bit on the uncomfortable side to carry around when folded down. The 17 kg weight may prove to be too much for some to carry around, which would be a shame because if you can manage it, this is the best sub-£500 ($600) commuter scooter for sale today. 

  • Stunning all-round performance
  • Standout urban ride quality
  • Tyre puncture prevention fluid (for free!)
  • Featuring a tried and tested 350W motor
  • Very fast charging time
  • Built for British conditions with IP65 water protection
  • Suitable for larger riders, with a 120kg max-weight rating
  • A bit heavy for portability at a weight of 17kg
  • The handlebars aren’t adjustable
  • No installed suspension
  • We didn’t get to keep it after the review

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