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NIU KQi2 Pro Electric Scooter Review

Josh Jones
23 November 2022
Josh Jones
23 November 2022

KQi2 Electric Scooter – The Lowdown…

NIU’s KQi2 Pro electric scooter may just be one of the best entry-level electric scooters you can buy, delivering some serious value for the price. It beats out popular, and pricier, competitors like the Okai Neon, Apollo Air, and Hiboy S2 Pro with clean styling, exceptional features and above-average performance.

From the rakish, ergonomic 15-degree tilt of its stem to large, 10-inch tubeless tires, this NIU kick scooter offers both casual riders and daily commuters everything they need from top to bottom. It’s an excellent alternative to the former reigning king of budget scooters, the Xiaomi Mi M365.

NIU KQi2 Specifications

MotorBrushless DC 300W Motor with Peak Power Output of 600W
Battery48V 365WH Li-ion battery
Charge Time7 hours
Range25 miles (40 km)
Max Speed17 mph
Climbing Range15%
Braking SystemDrum Brake(Front) + Regenerative braking
Tire Type10-inch pneumatic tubeless tyres
LightingFront & Rear LED / Side reflectors / Always-on Halo Driving Light

Max Load220 lb (100 kg)
Scooter Weight40.5 lbs. (18.4 kg)
Product MaterialN/A
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded: 115 cm x 13.3 cm  x 5.2 cm

Folded: 115 cm x 5.2 cm  x 5.2 cm
Water ResistanceIP54

NIU KQi2 Pro Video Review

Check out this video review of the NIU KQi2 Pro from ESG.

NIU KQi2 Pros

tickiconExcellent climbing ability and smooth acceleration

tickiconBest-in-class 2-year warranty on major parts

tickiconBright LED lighting. Always-on driving light. Brake lights.

tickiconComfy pneumatic, 10-inch tubeless tires

tickiconVery low maintenance

tickiconExceptional build quality

tickiconExcellent value for the price


NIU KQi2 Cons

red Not the lightest or most compact 

red No zero start option 




NIU KQi2 Pro Summary

Founded in 2014 by former employees of Xiaomi (maybe the best-known name in budget scooters), NIU has put millions of electric mopeds, motorcycles, and, since 2021, e-bikes on the road. NIU’s vehicles now make up the fleets in delivery and sharing companies (like Revel in the U.S.) worldwide.

The NIU KQi2 electric scooter is the company’s first foray into the electric kick scooter market, and this scooter benefits significantly from NIU’s real-world understanding of small electric vehicles. Indeed, NIU’S electric kick scooters have much of the same technology found on their time-tested mopeds. 

And, at only £449.99, the KQi2 might be the best entry-level electric kick scooter you can buy! 

niu kqi2 pro

Performance Overview

The KQi2 Pro is an impressively well-engineered electric scooter for the price, with smooth acceleration, above-average climbing ability, good range and excellent braking and handling. Its 10-inch pneumatic tyres glide over bumps and make for a cushioned ride even without suspension.

Speed & Acceleration

NIU promises a top speed of 17.4 mph for the KQi2 Pro electric scooter. However, in real-world tests, it maxes out at around 16 mph. It’s not the fastest scooter around, but it is plenty fast for an electric scooter in this class. It accelerates without any of the sudden jumps that can be quite rough for inexperienced riders– and the smooth acceleration is consistent even in its highest speed mode. Be aware that this scooter does not have a “zero start” option. That means the motor only engages when you physically kickstart it.

Battery Life & Range

The KQi2’s 48V battery and regenerative brakes both contribute to a longer-than-expected range for this scooter. NIU claims that the scooter’s maximum range is 25 miles (40 km) under ideal conditions. In a real-world range test, this has translated to around 16 miles for an average-size rider, still a fairly impressive range for an entry-level electric scooter. 

apollo city pro electric scooter

Motor Configuration

With a single, 300W brushless hub motor in its rear wheel, you might be tempted to think that NIU KQi2 Pro is a slacker. However, this commuter never feels underpowered on the road. It is one electric scooter that maintains a relatively high speed even as it ascends steeper inclines.

Construction & Quality

NIU’s tenure in the electric vehicle-making business shows in the KQi2’s exceptional build quality. Even at first glance, the fit and finish of the scooter’s design stand out. The NIU KQi2 is a thoughtfully-designed scooter that feels effortless and fun to ride in large part because of its solid build.

Fully integrated wiring means no cables protruding from partial routing that can get frayed, corroded, or caught on obstacles. The electric scooter has a clean, minimalist design all around, from front to back.

kqi2 pro rear tire

Ride Quality

NIU decided to forgo suspension for the KQi2 Pro, relying instead on its large, tubeless tyres to do the job. This cost-saving tactic usually comes at the detriment of ride quality for most commuters–but with the 10-inch pneumatic tires, the ride is very cushioned, and it helps that the KQi2’s solidly built frame does not rattle upon road impact.

With its maximum rider weight rating of 220 pounds (100kg), the NIU KQi2 Pro electric scooter may not be the best choice for some heavier buyers, but the KQi2 really does feel powerful and comfortable enough for those in the 200lb and just above range.

niu kqi2 pro headlight


A driving light like the KQi2’s headlight with the always-on halo light should be a no-brainer for an electric scooter, which needs maximum visibility to keep riders safe in traffic. In addition, the KQi2 Pro electric scooter also incorporates into its design a tail light and brake lights.

Add to this impressive lighting profile the KQi2’s loud mechanical bell and well-placed reflectors and it might be one of the best safety-equipped electric scooters on the market in this price class. Although it’s always advisable to consider additional aftermarket lighting for most scooters if you plan to ride at night, NIU has gone the distance to ensure visibility with the standard lighting on its KQi2.

kqi2 pro electric scooter rear wheel


The NIU KQi2 Pro brakes have several advantages over dual braking systems used by other electric scooters in its class and are the same configuration as the ever-popular Ninebot Max. Besides being maintenance-free, and lasting forever, the drum brake fitted up front prevents the KQi2 from skidding when the brakes are applied. At the same time, the rear regenerative braking is quite strong.

While disc brakes are the more common mechanical option and modulate better than drum brakes, they also require significantly more maintenance and last maybe a tenth as long. With a firm squeeze, the single brake lever on the left side of the handlebars combines both brakes effortlessly for just the right amount of stopping power.

kqi2 pro electric scooter folded


The NIU KQi2 Pro is an easily portable electric scooter with a top-notch folding mechanism that locks firmly into place when the stem is up, with no noticeable weakness in this area at all.

And while we wouldn’t consider 40 pounds especially light, most people will have little difficulty lifting the electric scooter to store it in the car or carry up a flight of stairs or two.


Large, 10-inch air-filled tires not only give this electric scooter a plush ride, but they’re tubeless, which makes them all the better. Tubeless pneumatic tires are less prone to pinch flats, giving you more confidence to roll over occasional road debris or potholes.

Tubeless tires can also be run at slightly lower pressures, which makes for an even softer, cushier ride if the roads near you aren’t the best maintained. These tires have traction enough for wet conditions and the NIU KQi2 Pro won’t slip in light-to-moderate rain.


This scooter’s got attractive, classic looks, with little flash or swag, but unlike many entry-level electric scooters, the KQi2 comes with some cool customization options. Although the scooter itself is only available in two colours, white and grey, its sleek, skateboard-like deck can be re-covered with 5 additional colours of grip tape in addition to its stock basic black, and it comes stock with one additional colourway option.

niu kqi2 pro lcd display

Controls & Display

The KQi2 Pro’s large, one-color LCD display is easy to read, even in bright direct sunlight, unlike several other scooters. The dash is refreshingly simple, showing speed up top (in mph or km/h), five small asterisks displaying battery level below it, and under that, the electric scooter’s power mode.

There are four riding modes: E Save, Sport, Custom, and Pedestrian mode. Sport is, of course, the top performance mode and will enable you to reach the scooter’s top speeds. Note that you can only reach its maximum range under the conservative E save mode.

Water Resistance

An IP54 rating makes the NIU KQi2 Pro suitable for riding in light rain. This designation means that it resists sprays of water from any direction. It should never be submerged in water, however.

EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

NIU is so confident in the KQi2’s build and components that it offers a 2-year warranty on all major parts. This is perhaps the best warranty offering we’ve seen on any electric scooter in this price class. It even includes the battery, motor, and controller – the most expensive parts to fix or replace. By contrast, many budget e-scooters come with 30-90 day warranties or exclude coverage on expensive and essential parts like batteries.

Known Issues

The KQi2 is fairly new to the market and there are no known issues to date. It’s a very well-built, durable scooter with a best in its price class warranty.


NIU’s first entry into the world of standing/folding electric scooters represents an unqualified success on all fronts for the price – an exceptional value especially because it’s such a low-maintenance scooter. Its brakes will never need anything but the most minor adjustment. Its solid build and exceptional warranty reduce any need for replacing parts. Aside from checking tire pressure regularly and topping off the air once in a while, the only thing owners will need to do to maintain their KQi2 is to keep it clean and maybe replace the deck’s grip tape after a while.

NIU KQi2 Pro: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

Is the KQi2 Pro a “Segway killer”? Probably not. However, it delivers better value than many of its closest competitors, including the Okai Neon and Apollo Air, both of which cost $100 more. Given a choice between these scooters, we’d easily recommend the KQi2 Pro not only for its exceptional warranty, but also for its sleek styling and safety features. Out of all the alternatives to the legendary Xiaomi Mi M365, which is mostly unavailable these days, the KQi2 Pro may be one of the best options.


You can improve your KQi3 Pro with the following accessories:

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