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Ninebot Segway Zing E10 Review

Brett Heyns
13 May 2024

One of the best E-Scooters for Teens in the market, with a top speed of approximately 10 mph and a range of up to 6.2 miles

Are you a parent looking to gift your teen child the bliss of outdoor riding without the concern of scooter breakdown or dangerous neck-breaking speeds?

Then the Zing E10 is the perfect electric scooter for you. An improvement to Segway’s Ninebot Zing E8, the Zing 10 is another model that takes everything you loved about Zing 8 and adds a little spice- because teenagers are a picky bunch.

A safety-centric scooter with top-notch performance (for a kid’s scooter) and a classy and edgy look, the Segway Ninebot Zing 10 is the cool factor that your child needed yesterday.

Ninebot Segway E45E – The Lowdown…

The Zing E10 is an electric scooter with all the flairs of a beginner adult scooter. Sporting a 150 W motor, the scooter is perfectly calibrated for a teenager’s riding experience. The scooter does not achieve death-defying speeds but reaches a respectable top speed of 10 mph. While other kids’ electric scooter models offer higher speeds, Segway’s unwavering policy prioritizes safety, thus putting a cap on the top speed. This concern is further evidenced by an effective triple braking system that ensures a precise stop at any scooter speed (within recommended limits).

The scooter is incredibly sturdy with a firm silicone padding on the footpad, rubberized handlebars, and a firm stem that does not wobble when fastened to a riding position. Your teenager can haul around the scooter thanks to its lightweight build and its portability function. It collapses to a size that comfortably fits in a boot space or nifty storage corners.

The 4-hour charging time guarantees that the scooter is truly an on-the-go means of transport. The range is not the best, but Segway wasn’t trying to give the kids an excuse to wander too far from home. 

 Stay on to find out what the fuss is around this new range of teen scooters by Segway.

Zing E10 Specifications

Motor Rear drive, 150W
Battery 55.08 Watt hours or 2550 mAh Lithium-ion Battery
Charge Time4  hours
Single-Charge Mileage 6.2 miles (influenced by the weight of the rider and driving style)
Max Speed 10 mph or 16 km/h (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider).
Braking System 3 Brakes: Front mechanical brake, Electric Braking System, rear fender braking
Hill Climbing7 7% Gradient climb
Tyres Tubeless synthetic rubber tyres
Lighting Ambient lighting under the footpad, 3M reflective strip on the rear fender
Max Load 132 pounds (60 kg)
Scooter Weight 18.7 pounds (8.5 kg)
Product Material Aircraft grade aluminium alloy
Suspension 40 MM Spring damping shock absorbers (Front)
Horn Type None
Size (L x W x H cm) Unfolded: 91.5 × 40 × 95

Folded: 98 × 40 × 32

Water Resistance IPx4 rating (protected from splashing water – any direction)


Ninebot Segway Zing E10 Review Video:

As an addition to the Segway range of teen scooters, the Zing E10 combines usability, fun, and safety. Find out more about the features in this video.

Ninebot Segway Zing E10 Pros

tickicon  Durable and lightweight frame that’s easy to carry

tickicon  Three ride modes, for different user preferences, including cruise control

tickicon  3M reflector sticker for low light visibility

tickicon  Reliable front spring damping shock absorbers

tickicon  Compact folded size

tickicon  Three braking system for optimum braking

tickiconHigh-performance Electric Braking System

Ninebot Segway Zing E10 Cons

red  Limited range

red  Lacks front and rear lighting profiles

red  Slow hill climbing

Ninebot Segway Zing E10 Summary

The Zing E10 is the perfect bridge-scooter for kids graduating from kids’ scooters into more teenage or adult scooters. It is suitable for riders aged 8-14, weighing less than 132 lbs, and is available in a gorgeous and mature cool grey colour. This electric scooter has a top speed of 10 mph, a battery range of up to 6.2 miles, and a charge time of up to 4 hours. Constructed with aerospace-grade aluminium alloy, the scooter is amazingly light at 18.7 lbs. It features an easy fold mechanism that collapses the stem into a compact and portable size. Its compact folded dimensions allow for easy storage, while its lightweight build allows for easy hauling in harder-to-ride spaces. 

The E10 teenager’s electric scooter is safety-centric. Some of the safety features include a three-braking mechanism, a safe maximum speed limit, a 3M reflective strip for low light visibility, an easy-grip silicone footpad and thermoplastic rubber grips on the handlebars, Smart Battery Management System with a low battery indicator and a low profile for scooter stability. 

For comfort and ride quality, Segway outfitted the electric scooter with a front spring damping suspension system that reduces the impact of bumps on the riding track. The scooter also features a 3-mode riding option, operated by the power button. Cruise control allows the rider to glide without needing to engage the throttle. The scooter is also aesthetically pleasing with its simple yet elegant design. It is fitted with ambient lights under the footpad that also doubles as riding mode indicators. 

The  Ninebot Zing E10 is built for reliability. The electric scooter features an integrated battery design, coupled with a powerful 150-watt motor that provides sufficient power to enable the scooter to tackle a 7% hill grade. The IPX4 rating allows the scooter to ride through puddles and light rain. However, be sure to wipe the scooter dry to ensure its durability.

The features on this scooter translate to real value for money. Read on for a more comprehensive look at the features of this fantastic scooter.


Performance Overview: 

The Segway Ninebot ZING E10 carries a powerful 150-watt motor. While the motor sounds unimpressive for your regular electric scooter,  it is more than sufficient for riders between 8-14 years of age and weighing less than 132 lbs. It powers the scooter to a maximum top speed of 10 mph.

The scooter performs excellently on paved urban paths, will struggle a bit through a bit of grass or gravel, but is not suitable for off-roading. The E10 can tackle inclines of up to 7 degrees, but riders report that the scooter generally struggles on uphill tracks.

Main article image of the Nanrobot Segway Zing E10 electric scooter

Top Speed & Acceleration

Segway has been keen to limit the top speeds as a safety enhancement for its range of kids’ scooters. It offers three ride modes, Safe, Cruise, and Turbo. The mode can be changed using the power button embedded on the deck’s side when the scooter is on. The scooter is fitted with indicator lights under the footpad that blink to show a change in mode, known as breathing. In Safe mode, the scooter hits a maximum speed of 6.2 mph and is indicated by a red light breathing. Cruise mode attains a top speed of 10mph, characterized by blue light breathing. Turbo mode also hits a maximum speed of 10 mph and is indicated by a full colour breathing- multicolour display.

While Cruise and Turbo mode both reach a 10 mph maximum speed, Turbo mode achieves this with better acceleration. To activate cruise control, riders can kick-start the scooter, and it continues to glide without needing to engage the throttle. Riders engage the throttle to achieve acceleration. Segway ensured that this scooter features a mildly resistant and responsive engagement for kids’ safety. Another exciting feature is the scooter’s beeping sound as it accelerates downhill to alert the rider that they have hit a speed greater than 10 mph.

Hill Climbing

The Ninebot Zing E10 is designed for use on city tracks, kids’ playgrounds, school routes, which all generally bear mostly flat profiles. However, Segway ensured that the Zing E10’s motor can power the electric scooter up a 7% hill grade for the occasional mild incline.


Battery Life & Range

The Ninebot Zing E10 teens electric scooter is powered by a 55.08 Wh or 2550 mAh Lithium-ion Battery with Smart Battery Management System. The innovative battery pack adopts a new design and process, making it more compact and practical. It integrates a battery, controller, and intelligent battery control system into a single module. The battery has a max charge time of just 4 hours and comes with a low battery indicator. 

E10’s SBMS- intelligent battery control system allows for more robust and reliable performance. It provides twice the discharge capacity dispensed by typical batteries. Additionally, the control system comes with safety features to protect the scooter against electrical problems such as short circuits, over-current, over-charge and overheating.  

Segway quotes the E10 as having a range of 6.2 miles on a single battery charge when it comes to range.  However, the range is affected by other factors, notably the rider’s weight, weather conditions, and track conditions like inclines. The range is not excellent, but for kids graduating from kid scooters and looking to transit to more teenage or adult rides, the range is sufficient. It is adequate for age-appropriate commutes like grocery runs and travelling to and from school.

The battery juice may run out prematurely; this should not worry you as a parent. Your kid can kick the scooter for the remainder of the journey, explaining the clever reference, eKick scooter. The portability function also remedies this minor inconvenience.


Motor Configuration

 The scooter features a rear-mounted, powerful 150 W motor. The motor propels the scooter to respectable top speeds of 10 mph. Segway’s Zing E8, designed for kids aged 6-12,  carries a 130 W motor that propels the scooter to top speeds of 8.7 mph.

The Zing E10 is meant to be used by teens that are starting on their scooting journey or those that have outgrown the limitations of the Zing E8. However, Segway’s safety-centric principles do not allow them to install more powerful motors on kids’ e scooters, like Swagtron’s Swagger 8.

Side view of the Zing E10 electric scooter

Construction & Build Quality

The E10 is a remarkably built kid’s scooter. Segway pulled out all the stops for this release with an ultra focus on durability, portability, safety, and performance. The scooter’s frame is made of aerospace-grade aluminium alloy that is remarkably solid yet lightweight. The handle grips are constructed of TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) material for comfortable and superior grip. At the same time, the deck is covered with a silicone footpad for anti-slip traction and easy cleaning. The E10 further features tubeless synthetic rubber tyres, that together with the front spring damping shock absorbers, guarantee not just comfortable but safe rides. 

The Zing E10 has a folding stem that collapses the electric scooter to a compact, portable, and convenient storage size. The scooter lacks inbuilt lights, but Segway offers an attachable headlight as an added accessory (purchased separately). The scooter also adapts a low-profile design that enhances stability by lowering the centre of gravity, ensuring kids enjoy a smooth ride without the risk of falling over. The power button is embedded on the side of the deck. The scooter also has a rear fender that serves as a supplementary braking system and prevents water splash.



The Zing E10’s deck sits 3.9-inches above the ground. This works to lower the centre of gravity and provide the maximum stability achievable. The deck is spacious enough to accommodate the rider’s feet comfortably.

It is additionally covered with a silicone footpad that offers anti-slip properties for the stability of the rider. This feature also enhances maintenance because of its easy cleaning property. 



The Zing E10 electric scooter features 7-inch tubeless synthetic rubber tyres, that offer good traction while riding. They are not as maintenance-free as solid tyres. However, they absorb bumps on the riding track to provide a smooth riding experience. They also require regular maintenance as they are prone to punctures.

Picture of the front wheel on an electric scooter


The Zing E10 electric scooter is built for enhanced riding comfort. Like its counterpart, the Zing E8, it is outfitted with a 40 MM front spring damping suspension system to absorb the shock from obstacles on the riding trail.

Although not the most effective suspension system, it is sufficient for absorbing vibrations thrown at the rider from rough road conditions. This system also allows kids to ride comfortably on playgrounds that consist mainly of dirt roads, gravel, and grass.

The tubeless synthetic rubber tyres work in conjunction with the suspension system to absorb most of the bumps, thus guaranteeing a smooth riding experience for your child.



The safety-centric Zing E10 is one-of-a-kind from Segway, especially with its three-braking system.  For optimal riding safety, Segway capped the top speed at 10 mph. While this speed may be a little low for the average rider, for kids in the 8-14 age bracket, the speed is relatively fast and calls for the need for a reliable braking system.

This Ninebot’s triple braking system consists of a front brake controlled by a mechanical lever, an Electric Braking System, and an added rear foot-operated fender brake. The front brake and foot brake are easy to use and achieve a quick, convenient, secure, and precise stop. Each brake can be used exclusively or in combination with the other, giving your speedster plenty of options in coming to a safe halt.

The triple braking system combined with the non-skid grip tyres ascertains overall safety. For most parents, the braking system on this scooter is what seals the deal.

Ride Quality

Second to safety, comfort tops the list for most young riders in the market for a new scooter. Segway Ninebot Zing E10 electric scooter is considered one of the safest kid scooters in the market. The scooter integrates several features to facilitate its superior functional reliability and safety. It comes with a front spring damper shock absorber that cushions riders from the impacts of uneven riding tracks, such as sand, grass & dirt. This, coupled with the tubeless rubber tyres absorbs the vibrations caused by bumps for unmatched kids-scooter ride quality.

The scooter’s low profile design is another aspect that significantly improves ride quality. It lowers the centre of gravity, thereby providing maximum stability for superior ride quality. The deck is slightly longer and sturdier than its smaller brother, the Zing E8 electric scooter; an alteration Segway made to accommodate the bigger kids in its target age group. The silicone footpad and rubberized handle grips give the scooter anti-slip properties for sturdy rides. Overall, the scooter is considered impressively comfortable and uncompromisingly safe.


An image of a folded up Zing E10 scooter


It only makes sense that a teens scooter is built in a lightweight design. Segway used aerospace-grade aluminium alloy for the scooter’s frame, which resulted in an ultralight scooter- perfect for kids. The lightweight design is complemented by the scooter’s easy folding mechanism that collapses the scooter to a portable and convenient storage size.

The folding mechanism is hands-free. It is activated by pushing down on the front folding pedal, causing the stem to collapse down on the deck. The scooter’s unfolded size of  91.5 × 40.0 × 95.0 cm is manageable and occupies little space, but Segway ensured that the scooter folds to even smaller dimensions of  98.0 × 40.0 × 32.0 cm, perfect for hauling around and storing in small spaces. 


The Zing E-10 lacks an inbuilt front headlight stock and tail lights. It is instead fitted with a 3M reflective sticker on its rear fender to caution tailing traffic. The scooter also features an ambient under-deck lighting profile that changes colour once different ride modes are engaged.

For increased safety, riders can opt to purchase one of Segway’s attachable LED lights as an accessory.

Controls & Display

The scooter does not feature an LED display on its handlebar stem like most adult scooters. It instead has a power button embedded on the deck, close to the rear fender. The button powers the scooter and is used to alternate between different speed modes.

The scooter handlebars are equipped with a throttle that accelerates the scooter when engaged and the left handbrake lever.

The handlebar and controls of the Zing E10

Water Resistance


The Zing E-10 has a water-resistant rating of IPX4, which protects the scooter from light splashes from wet ground.

It also allows riders to ride in mist/fog and light and infrequent showers without causing water damage. However, riders should be mindful to wipe the scooter dry after riding in the rain to ensure its durability.


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Ninebot Segway Zing E10 is a scooter built for reliability. The material used to make the scooter is durable and designed to ensure the scooter’s longevity. It is also designed with a Smart Battery Management System to safeguard the battery from electrical faults. Segway is known to build its scooters with the highest possible standards, as evidenced by the extensive warranty issue.

 Segway’s Ninebots include standard warranty coverage. However, the Zing E10’s is not comprehensive, and different parts are covered independently with varying cover periods. For instance, the E10’s body (deck, tyres, forks, stem, and handlebars, charging port, and folding pedal) comes with a 365-day warranty. Parts that come with a 6-month warranty include the battery, the throttle, and brakes. Components that are prone to wear and tear come with a 90-day warranty. Notably, the extent of coverage is subject to everyday wear and not human-caused errors.



Regular maintenance should be carried out by an adult. However, like most e-scooters, the Ninebot Zing E10 requires minimal maintenance. It has an easy-to-clean deck and handlebars. Use a soft and wet cloth to wipe down the scooter. For harder-to-remove stains, use a toothbrush and some toothpaste before wiping off with a clean, damp cloth. Be careful not to use acetone, alcohol, gasoline, and other volatile solvents, as they cause damage to the frame and internal structure. The manufacturer also warns against using pressure washers or rough gauzes. 

Before storage, please turn off the scooter, fully charge it (to avoid over-discharge) as it causes permanent damage. For long time storage, it is advisable to charge the scooter every 1-2 months. 

Fortunately, there are no chains or gears, which usually need regular maintenance to sustain effective functionality. Like the E8, the E10 is an ideal scooter for individuals (teens) seeking to enjoy the benefits of an electric scooter without worrying about too much maintenance. 


Known Issues

  • The scooter lacks a horn which is an essential safety feature for any scooter.
  • It also lacks enough lighting- headlight and tail lights.


Two teens riding on their electric scooters

Is this Electric Scooter value for money, and is it worth buying?

Much can be said about the Segway Ninebot E10, but what’s the final word on this teen electric scooter? The Zing E10 is a steal! Segway, as with all its Ninebot scooters, remains uncompromising with its quality deliverance. This scooter promises a little more kick than its smaller brother, the Zing E8, for your growing teenager. It’s the perfect bridge scooter before the kids transit to full-on performance monsters. 

 The scooter is not cheap, but it delivers value for your money. Its most notable features are the durable ultra-lightweight frame, its powerful motor, impressive braking, quality safety-centric build, and attention to detail. 

The scooter’s performance may underwhelm scooting enthusiasts, but it is imperative to remember that the scooter is designed for 8-14-year-olds, and these are would-be beginners trying out their scooting passion. Other scooter brands outrank the Zing E10 in terms of speed and motor power, for instance, the Hilboy S2 Lite and Swagtrons Swagger VIII. Segway remains adamant that for kids in this age bracket, the 10 mph is sufficient for them to drum up confidence and courage before graduation to more performance-centric machines. 

 So, what’s the verdict? It’s a straight and resounding yes from us.

Accessories & Upgrades

Here is a list of accessories to enhance your riding experience:

Other Similar E-Scooters

The following are electric scooters that share similar features with the Ninebot Segway Zing E10:

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  • Durable and lightweight frame that's easy to carry
  • Three ride modes, for different user preferences, including cruise control
  • 3M reflector sticker for low light visibility
  • Reliable front spring damping shock absorbers
  • Three riding modes to suit your preference
  • Compact folded size
  • High-performance 3 stage Electric Braking System
  • Limited range
  • Lacks front and rear lighting profiles
  • Slow hill climbing

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