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Ninebot Segway E25E Scooter Review

Daniel Foley
13 May 2024

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A stylish, safe and feature-packed urban commuter scooter with a top speed of approximately 15.5 mph and up to 15.5 miles in range.


Need a scooter for a short, flat commute? The Ninebot Segway E25E is the perfect urban solution. Released to market in 2020, this electric scooter combines style, utility and comfort. It comes fitted with a powerful motor that delivers outstanding speed and an upgraded battery that provides a praiseworthy range. The E25E has a foldable design, but its highlight is the ambient mood lighting under the footpad which makes heads turn while you are cruising around town.

Ninebot Segway E25E – The Lowdown


Segway Ninebot E25E electric scooter

Like most top e-scooters, the Ninebot E25E electric scooter feels very stable on the road. But that’s not all; its rider safety features are best-in-class for the money you pay for it. This scooter is equipped with 360-degree rear, front and side reflectors and front and back LED lights to increase sight and visibility at night. It also comes with a three-brake system to ensure that you can bring the scooter to a smooth and steady halt—even at high speed. The intelligent battery-management system preserves the environment by minimising power waste.

Thanks to the 300W motor powered by a 5960 mAh battery, the Ninebot Segway E25E electric scooter can reach a maximum speed of 15.5 mph and achieve a range of 15.5 miles. The nine-inch non-pneumatic tyres guarantee a puncture-proof and smooth riding experience.

Worried about portability? This e-scooter comes with a simple folding system that allows it to perfectly fit inside the boot of a medium-sized car or to be easily carried with one hand.

The Segway E25E electric scooter boasts a clear LED display of the ride mode, speed and battery level. Its IPX4 water-resistance rating means you can use it moderately in wet conditions. Finally, you’ll love its three power mode cruise control, a dedicated mobile app and ergonomic and comfortable handlebars.

E25E Specifications

Motor300W motor
Battery5960 mAh Lithium-ion battery
Charge Time4 hours
Single-Charge Mileage15.5 miles / 25km
Max Speed15.5mph / 25km/h
Tyre TypeNine-inch dual-density flat-free tyres
Braking SystemTriple braking system that includes regenerative brake, foot brake and magnetic brake
LightingFront, rear, brake LED lights, ambient lighting
Horn TypeComes with detachable bell instead of a horn
Max Load100 kg / 15.5 st
Scooter Weight31.5 pounds/14.3kg
Product MaterialAviation-grade six-series aluminium alloy with fine particle sandblasted coating
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 116 x 42 x 117 cm
Folded: 116 x 39 x 42 cm
Water Resistance IPX4

Ninebot Segway E25E Review Video

Check out this quick review video of the Ninebot Segway E25E. To summarise, this is an elegant, stable and safe electric scooter for the urban commuter.

Ninebot Segway E25E Pros


tickiconBuilt-in front, rear and brake LED lights and ambient lights for enhanced visibility

tickicon Triple brake system (electronic, magnetic and regenerative brakes) for a smooth and steady halt

tickicon Rated with IPX4 for water resistance and ideal for cruising during the wet season

tickicon Fitted with nine-inch dual-density flat-free tyres for improved comfort and stability

tickicon Classic foldable body and compact design for enhanced portability

tickicon 300W motor capable of reaching top speeds of 15.5 mph 

tickicon Eco-friendly smart battery-management system for improved motor power usage

tickicon Three speed modes and cruise control system for stress-free rides

Ninebot Segway E25E Cons


red Features a bell instead of a horn

red A little pricey compared to its predecessors

red Doesn’t have rear-tyre suspension

red A bit shaky when riding on rough terrains


Ninebot Segway E25E Summary

Scooter enthusiasts have stringent criteria when searching for the best scooter. However, safety, performance and comfort are paramount. Luckily, the Ninebot E25E electric scooter meets all these requirements.

For starters, its performance is unparalleled thanks to the 5960 mAh Lithium-ion battery that powers its 300W motor to deliver a top speed of 15.5 mph. The battery takes four hours to charge and a single charge can last for up to 15.5 miles.

As with rider safety, this mini-vehicle packs unique protection features. First, the triple-brake system ensures that the Segway kickscooter comes to a smooth and steady halt—even during emergencies. Secondly, the E25E features powerful LED front and rear lights, front, rear and side E-Mark reflectors, brake lights and ambient lighting under the footpad for enhanced sight at night. It also comes with form filled tyres with a perfect wheel size of nine inches. They rest comfortably on the road, giving you a comfortable ride.

Lastly, the extended mudguard and IPX4 rating ensure that you are safe from dirt splashes while driving on wet roads.

Whether you enjoy cruising on rough or smooth terrains, this scooter is designed with you in mind. It comes with firm rubber grips on the handlebars for unmatched comfort. The perfectly-positioned multifunctional LED display dashboard shows the current speed, battery level and ride mode.

Its brake and accelerator throttles come in assorted colours for your convenience while the expansive deck offers enough space for foot manoeuvrability and stability. It also features a sturdy body and provides ample space for all the scooter’s components.

If you’re looking for an e-scooter with an exquisite design, unparalleled comfort and top-notch performance, then the Ninebot Segway E25E electric machine is a perfect choice. With this scooter, every detail is a bonus.

The only major drawback is that you may need to add an optional battery to enjoy maximum speed and extended range.

Performance Overview

The Ninebot Segway E25E electric scooter doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance. As we said, it boasts a powerful battery for its 300W motor. It has enough power to carry 220 pounds uphill (and slightly more) with an inclination of up to 15%.

When you add the nine-inch dual-density tyres into the mix, you can rest assured that you won’t experience any challenges while overcoming off-road obstacles or climbing small hills. Riders can hit a maximum speed of 15.5 mph with this machine.

What about the braking power? This e-scooter comes with a three-brake system to ensure that riders can stop smoothly—even while cruising at maximum speed. If you want to make a statement and turn heads while moving through the city, then the Ninebot Kickscooter E25E doesn’t disappoint.


Ninebot Segway E25E scooter front wheel

Top Speed & Acceleration

If you enjoy a little adrenaline rush while riding your scooter, the E25E can reach a maximum speed of 15.5 mph. This electric scooter accelerates steadily meaning that increasing the speed feels effortless and won’t compromise your stability. But remember that abrupt acceleration can thrust you backward, and if you have not latched the handlebars properly, then you might end up kissing the ground!

Battery Life & Range

The Ninebot E25E features an impressive range as per industry standards. The 5960 mAh Lithium-ion battery with a smart battery management system takes four hours to charge using a stock battery charger. The full charge can give you a range of 15.5 miles. However, if you add the bolt-in set (sold separately), then the range shoots to around 28 miles.

Motor Configuration

With a 300W high-performance motor, the Ninebot E25E electric scooter allows riders to speed up to a maximum of 15.5 mph. The motor is powered by a 5960 mAh Lithium-ion battery with a range of 15.5 miles. This motor gives the scooter a fairly impressive 15% slope-dumbing capacity, meaning that it can easily cope with most urban terrains.

Hill Climbing

Thanks to its 300W motor, the Ninebot Segway E25E electric scooter can climb hills of up to a 15-degree incline at a top riding speed of 15.5 mph, while carrying a maximum load of 220 pounds. Riders can also add the bolt-on battery (sold separately) onto the stem to climb steeper slopes with up to a 20% incline.

Construction & Build Quality

This Segway kickscooter boasts a lightweight, solid and stable frame that guarantees safe travel while you’re cruising out and about. Its frame is built from aviation-grade aluminium alloy material and coved with fine particle sandblasted coating to give it a really nice texture and feel. But don’t let its lightweight design fool you; it’s sturdy enough to anchor multiple accessories and support up to 220 pounds. Additionally, the material offers better corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity.

Ride Quality

Although the E25E’s battery is fitted in the stem, the scooter remains surprisingly stable; but of course it would do better with it below the deck. All the controls come in assorted colours and are elegantly anchored onto the dashboard.

The anti-puncture tyres are large enough to offer much-needed stability, and the IPX4 water-resistance rating ensures that you can still make it home—even in a downpour. However, be sure to wear a helmet and other protective gear as the experience can be a little nerve-wracking!


The Ninebot E25E electric scooter comes with a powerful three-brake system which makes stopping easy. The three independent brakes are the front electronic and regenerative brake, the footbrake and the rear magnetic brake.

With the triple-brake system, you can enjoy more peace of mind knowing that you can bring the scooter to a halt steadily—even when cruising at top speed.

Controls & Display

The Ninebot Segway E25E electric scooter comes with the most straightforward control configuration you’ll find on an electric scooter. Everything is exquisitely laid out on the dashboard for your convenience. But while the LED screen is bright, it can prove challenging to read it clearly when the sun is bright.

The screen displays the battery level, power mode, riding speed and Bluetooth status. You’ll find the power button below the screen. The firm rubber grips on the handles prevent slipping if your hands are sweaty. The acceleration thumb-throttle (green) is on the right handlebar while the brake-throttle (red) and the bell rests comfortably on the left handlebar.


At 31.5 pounds, the Ninebot E25E is highly portable and can easily be stored in the boot of your car or carried with one hand when moving downstairs. It is just a half-pound short of the average weight for a standard electric scooter (32 pounds).

Its folding system is outstanding, as it only takes about three seconds to fold and unfold the scooter. The folded dimensions are also near average but the E25E is a little longer than usual. Even so, it’s portable and anyone can carry it without too much hassle.


You’ll never have to worry about visibility when riding an E25E electric scooter; it boasts four different lights on every side. The 2.5W front LED light casts a 13.5-meter illumination thereby allowing you to see more clearly at night. It also features a standard taillight to alert others in darkness.

The ambient lighting below the footpad ensures that vehicles beside you on the road can see you. Additionally, the scooter comes with multiple reflector lights which signal other drivers on the road.


The nine-inch dual-density flat-free tyres have the shock-absorption capabilities of pneumatic tires, allowing this scooter to provide one of the smoothest and most exciting riding experiences. The tyres are filled with foam-like rubber to prevent roadside punctures.


Most people are surprised at how stable and well-balanced the Ninebot E25E electric scooter is, even though it lacks dual suspension. This e-scooter comes with spring suspension between the stem and front wheel, which allows it to withstand hits and absorb shock while riding on uneven or rough terrains.

Since most scooter accidents are caused by potholes or uneven terrain, riders love the addition of front suspension to this scooter.


The Ninebot Kickscooter E25E boasts a sizeable deck that offers ample space to rest your feet comfortably. On each side of the deck are certified E-MARK reflectors that add to your visibility at night. Below the footpad is changeable ambient lighting that can be customised to fit your style and mood. It also comes with an extended mudguard that protects you from dirt and water splashes.

Ninebot Segway E25E scooter handlebars

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

Compared to other scooters in its price range, the Ninebot E25E is a standout machine when it comes to reliability. It’s sturdy, dependable and packs lots of details and innovative engineering. From the robust tyres and comfortable deck to the strong handlebars and excellent build quality, it’s not a surprise that this electric scooter delivers smooth rides with minimal vibrations and wobbliness.

Additionally, the E25E powered by Segway comes with a one-year warranty on all major components and electrical parts, a six-month warranty on the battery and a three-month warranty on wear-and-tear of its parts.

Although different customers have had different experiences with the Segway Ninebot support team, most agree that they respond quickly. Like most international companies, their help team may take some time to answer your queries, but their responses are comprehensive and useful.

Water Resistance

Rated with a 1PX4 water-protection standard, the Ninebot E25E is water-resistant. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s completely waterproof. Cruising in the rain will probably not harm the scooter, but we’d advise you to avoid it unless it’s inevitable.  


Since this scooter has many moving parts, riders should ensure that all screws are tightly secured to the frame before they go out for a ride. It’s also crucial to always keep the scooter clean and free from mud.

Lastly, we highly recommend keeping the scooter fully charged; you don’t want its motor power to deplete when you’re just getting ready to head home.

Known Issues

Although this scooter excels in nearly all major departments, it comes with a few weaknesses. For example, some people have reported that vibrations can be felt when riding on terrains that are not entirely smooth. There are also claims of the scooter starting to squeak near the rubber sleeve covering the suspension after a few rides. Overall though, the E25E powered by Segway is a reliable electric scooter with minimal issues to worry about.

Is This Electric Scooter Good Value for Money, and is it Worth Buying?

The Ninebot E25E is a perfect ride for beginners, but seasoned riders who enjoy extra range and speed will have to look somewhere else. Even so, the scooter provides excellent value for money if you’re looking for a machine for short commutes and adventures. So, if you are not planning to circumnavigate the entire city, then you won’t regret buying the E25E electric scooter.

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  • Built-in front, rear and brake LED lights and ambient lights
  • Triple brake system (electronic, magnetic and regenerative brakes)
  • Rated with IPX4 for water resistance
  • Fitted with nine-inch dual-density flat-free tyres
  • Foldable body and compact design for enhanced portability
  • 300W motor capable of reaching top speeds of 15.5 mph
  • Eco-friendly smart battery-management system
  • Three speed modes and cruise control system for stress-free rides
  • Features a bell instead of a horn
  • A little pricey compared to its predecessors
  • Doesn't have rear-tyre suspension
  • A bit shaky when riding on rough terrains

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