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Nanrobot X4 Review

Brett Heyns
9 April 2021

This fun and comfortable commuter scooter is great for novices and pros alike. It has a top speed of around 20 mph (32 km/h) and a range of up to 25 miles (40 km).

The Nanrobot x4 is a decent foldable electric scooter for everyone; kids, adults, novice and professional scooter riders.

This model from Nanrobot is the low-end alternative but offers more power, better performance and enhanced riding quality than most electric scooters in the same price range, notably the m365 and ES1/2.

It’s a great commuting foldable electric scooter that’s portable, with great speed and excellent ride quality. Additionally, it has far more power to move you around comfortably and securely. Here’s an in-depth review of this outstanding scooter.

Nanrobot X4 Electric Scooter – The Lowdown…

The Nanrobot x4 is a decently priced commuting scooter that’s ideal for quick commutes to work, school, or simply running errands. The e-scooter is powered by a rear-mounted 350-watt motor providing a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h). Besides, you can choose from three different speed modes based on the terrain and personal preferences.

The e-scooter is powered by a 36V 10.4 Ah lithium battery with a quick charging time of 4-6 hours and an incredible travel range of up to 25 miles (40 km).

If your commute is less than 20 miles (40 km) in a day, then this model is the perfect choice. Alternatively, you can power your way to the office or school and fully charge the scooter for the return commute.

Nanrobot X4 Specifications

Motor Single Drive 350W (located on the back wheel)
Battery Lithium battery 36V/10.4Ah
Charge Time 4-6 hours using the Smart Lithium battery charger
Single-Charge Mileage 25 miles or 40 km (real world results dependent on the weight of the rider)
Max Speed 20 MPH  (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider)
Climbing Range 14 degrees (varies depending on charge state and weight of the rider)
Display Full colour LCD display
Braking System Rear drum brake system
Tyres Front pneumatic and Rear soldier rubber
Lighting Front and rear LED lights
Max Load  264lbs. (120 kg)
Scooter Weight 34 lbs. (15 kg)
Product Material High quality aluminium materials
Suspension Front spring shock absorbers
Size (L x W x H cm) Unfolded: 94 x 53 x 117

Folded: 94 x 53 x 20

Water Resistance No IP rating


Nanrobot X4 Review Video

Is the Nanrobot X4 Electric Scooter worth it?

We think so, but watch the video and see for yourself.


Nanrobot X4 Pros

tickicon  Average speed of 20 mph

tickicon  Decent ride quality

tickicon  Different speed modes to choose from

tickicon  Lightweight aluminium alloy frame

tickicon  Quick folding in just a few steps

tickicon  Waterproof Digital LCD display with intuitive controls

tickicon  Powerful battery life with a Short charging time

Nanrobot X4 Cons

red  Inaccurate speedometer reading

red  The headlight isn’t bright enough at night

red  No low battery indicator

red  It lacks a rear suspension

red  The handlebar can sometimes become loose

red  Brakes aren’t that responsive


Nanrobot X4 Summary

The X4 electric scooter boasts of an ultra-lightweight foldable design, allowing for seamless portability. In addition, the handlebars are foldable to save on storage space. With this scooter, you can effortlessly carry it to the train or bus, up the stairs to your office space, flat, or place it in the boot of your car.

For the tyres, the x4 features 8-inch front pneumatic, and solid rubber rear tyres, providing a comfortable riding experience. The tyres offer average shock absorption and traction on all terrains. Besides the tires, the e-scooter boasts a front suspension system making the ride smooth and comfortable.

You’ll appreciate the intuitive controls that are within easy reach, giving you total control over the scooter without taking your hands off the handlebars, or your eyes off the road. The on/off buttons and the rear brake lever are all on the left handlebar. The right side features the accelerator trigger, the ignition, and the LCD display unit, all allowing for seamless access.

In summary, the Nanrobot x4 electric scooter is fantastic as a commuter e-scooter. You can also purchase a comfortable seat, as an additional accessory. The X4 is a high-quality, durable e-scooter with decent speed, power, range and ride quality. However, it’s not the best scooter for someone who has long commutes, or lives in a hilly region. Besides, you should weigh around 230-240 lbs (104 – 108 kg) to use the X4 efficiently. Lighter riders might find the e-scooter to have a tendency to be a bit squirmy.

Performance Overview

A 350-watt motor with sufficient torque powers the Nanrobot scooter to take it to the top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) quickly and safely.

The 350W motor doesn’t require as much power as some of Nanrobot’s bigger models, such as the D4, which features a huge and heavy battery. As such, the x4’s motor is powered by a lower rated battery (36V 10.4Ah lithium battery).

The high-performance motor allows for faster acceleration and also enables the scooter to tackle slopes of up to 14 degrees.

nanrobot-x4-main-image- electric-scooter

Top Speed & Acceleration

The Nanrobot scooter has an impressive top speed of up to 20 mph (32 km/h). With such speed, you are guaranteed of a shorter and safe commute.

This speed is possibly not sufficient for hardcore riders, but it’s more than ample for the average rider looking to cut down on their travel times when going to the office, school, or simply running errands.

While the acceleration does not qualify as dangerous, it’s certainly sufficient to offer plenty of thrills when riding. Always remember to wear protective equipment, such as a helmet, when you are commuting.

Battery Life & Range

The Nanrobot X4 is powered by a 36V 10.4 Ah lithium battery with a quick charging time of 4-6 hours and a travel range of up to 25 miles (40 km).

The short battery charge time means that you can recharge your battery within a short time whenever possible and continue with your journey uninterrupted. Another plus is to be able to recharge your e-scooter at the office, knowing that due to the fast charging time, the X4 is ready to roll when it’s home time.

The long-range also makes this scooter perfect for the average commuter looking for a sustainable and cost-efficient means of transport.

Motor Configuration

Unlike most electric scooters, which feature dual motors, the Nanrobot x4 is powered by a single 350W electric hub motor. By using a single motor that’s conveniently mounted on the back wheel, the x4 can reduce the overall weight and can go for longer on a much smaller and lighter battery.

The 350 watt electric motor certainly produces plenty of torque. This is evident with a quick pull on the accelerator enabling the Nanrobot x4 to jump to its top speed. The high torque produced by the electric motor also comes in handy to enable the scooter to tackle inclines. The scooter will sustain slopes of up to 14 degrees before you experience a drop in performance. As such, the scooter is reasonably stable at climbing the various hills throughout your urban landscape.

Image of the Nanrobot X4 e-scooter's front wheel.

Construction & Build Quality

The Nanrobot x4 features a lightweight and foldable design making it incredibly portable. The frame is constructed with durable aluminium, which is not only lightweight but also quite strong.

It can hold up to 264 pounds (120 kg) of cargo without any dips in performance. You can immediately feel the quality when you lift your scooter out of the box.

picture of a folded up Nanrobot x4


The Nanrobot x4 is among the few scooters that come with a functional suspension. The scooter’s front wheels are equipped with a suspension shock absorber, which can effectively absorb the bumps on the road encountered by the tires, effectively improving the riding comfort.

While it doesn’t feature a rear suspension system, the front suspension does an excellent job of smoothing the overall ride quality. Considering that the front wheel suffers the most from impacts and is responsible for supporting the bulk of the weight while riding, the suspension is quite essential. This suspension setup makes the Nanrobot x4 easy to control, even at high speed.

Ride Quality

The Nanrobot offers outstanding ride quality. It’s sturdy and powerful enough to handle a rider with a total weight of up to 264 lbs. (120 kg) The 8″ tyres are built of quality rubber, making the ride feel very smooth.

In addition, the two front suspensions with spring dampers significantly enhance the ride quality.

The 350-watt motor at the back gives you more of a pushing feeling rather than that of the dragging feeling synonymous with most electric scooters. It’s sufficiently comfortable and is powerful enough to meet your riding requirements.

nanroboe x4 rear wheel and brake system


The Nanrobot x4 has an efficient braking system making it quite safe.

It has rear drum brakes enabling you to make time-sensitive and timely stops. The rear brakes get you to a complete halt within just a couple of centimetres. Besides, the scooter is lightweight and is therefore quick to stop.

The lack of a front brake should not be a concern since the rear brake is capable of quickly and smoothly bringing the scooter to a complete halt even in an emergency.


The scooter folds down at the stem, and inwards at the handlebar ends, making it highly compact for portable transport. Great foldability and a lightweight design make the Nanrobot x4 among the most portable electric scooters you will find.

You certainly would not want to carry the X4 for a great distance, but it is easy enough to pick up and take on the bus or train. Also, it’s light enough to easily pick up and store under your desk at work (while charging it), making it an ideal scooter for commuting.


Like most electric scooters, the Nanrobot x4 scooter comes with front and rear LED lights. The lights are pretty bright and do a really great job of lighting the way and keeping you visible when riding at night.

You’re assured of safety with its LED headlights that gives off an illumination angle of up to 75 degrees.

That being said, a good few riders have fitted additional front LED lights, on to the stem.


As stated by the manufacturer, the Nanrobot x4 scooter comes with 8-inch explosion-proof wheels.

The front pneumatic tyre is constructed from high grade rubber, and is fantastic at soaking up any bumps you might encounter in the urban jungle.

The rear fitted solid rubber tyre is obviously far more durable than air-filled pneumatic tyres, plus it requires minimal maintenance. The rear solid rubber tyre also enables you to lead-out on most urban terrain types, and makes your ride much more comfortable and nippy.


The Nanrobot x4 has a wide bamboo flooring deck, covered with hard wearing grip tape.

The deck is ideally spacious and yet strong enough to support a maximum weight of 264 lbs (120 kg). With such a spacious deck, you can be sure to comfortably ride on the scooter without straining your feet or back.

the controls on the Nanrobot handlebar

Controls & Display

The Nanrobot x4 features intuitive controls, allowing for seamless usability. The left side of the handlebar encompasses on/off buttons, horn button and the rear brake lever. These controls are easy to reach with your thumb when needed. The on/off buttons also double up as an emergency power-off function should you need it.

The handlebar’s right side consists of an LCD control panel, power lock, voltage lock, and the accelerator trigger. The LCD control panel informs you of the battery voltage, gear, riding time and speed.

The scooter also comes with a USB phone charging port, allowing you to conveniently charge your phone anytime, anywhere.

Water Resistance

Riding an electric scooter when it’s raining is usually not a good idea unless it’s fully water-resistant.

The Nanrobot x4 is not water resistant, but the digital LCD display is waterproof, making it safe to ride in light showers. Besides, the efficient braking system coupled with the functional 8-inch tires improves the x4’s safety when riding in wet conditions.

The manufacturer cautions riders never to ride or operate the scooter in heavy rain or snowy conditions.

The side view of the Nanrobot e-scooter

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Nanrobot is a reliable scooter for commuting. It boasts a high-performance motor, fast acceleration, lightweight structure and easily ascends inclined surfaces. The scooter is lightweight and folds down easily, making it highly portable, thus easy to pick up and take on the bus or train.

Riding the scooter is also quite comfortable thanks to the functional shock absorption system combined with 8-inch explosion-proof tires. The scooter’s short charging time (4-6 hours), as well as a long range (25 miles / 40 km), also makes it highly reliable for short distance commutes. In essence, if you’re looking for an electric scooter to streamline your commute to and from work or school, then the Nanrobot x4 is a great choice for you.

This E-Scooter comes with a 2-year warranty on the frame. Along with a 1-year warranty on the motor, and a 180-day warranty on the battery.

Support is always vital, so ensure that you purchase your electric scooter from a reputable dealer.


Since the folding handlebars and stem are the most active parts, they should be thoroughly inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

Ensure that all loose nuts are tightened, and the throttle and levers are in their proper position before going for a ride.

Also, make sure to keep the scooter clean and free of dirt or mud that can clog the motor or brakes! You’ll also need to keep your battery charged even when the scooter is not in use.

Known Issues

While the Nanrobot x4 is a great scooter, there are some issues that compromise its overall quality.

To begin with, the scooter lacks a front brake and rear suspension. These omissions reduce the overall functionality of the scooter, making it less comfortable and less safe.

Other known issues include the lack of a low battery indicator, making it impossible to determine the amount of charge left in the battery. Its dimly lit headlights also compromise visibility.

Additionally, according to the customer reviews, the handlebar becomes loose with time compromising balance and overall ride quality.

nanrobot x4 in the urban wild

Is this E-Scooter value  money and is it worth buying?

If you are a heavier rider, then you will get the most out of the Nanrobot X4. It’s just going to be a more stable and comfortable ride.

This electric scooter has been designed to take your urban commute to a new level of comfort and safety. If you just need to nip around for shorter distances, then you might want to look at a cheaper alternative.

If you are needing a fast and reliable scooter to get to work, then look no further than the X4. It’s portability and lightness will have you wondering how you managed before getting this scooter.

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  • Fast top average speed of 20 mph
  • Decent ride quality
  • Different speed modes to choose from
  • Lightweight aluminium alloy frame
  • Quick folding in just a few steps
  • Waterproof Digital LCD display with intuitive controls
  • Powerful battery life with a Short charging time
  • Inaccurate speedometer reading
  • The headlight isn't bright enough at night
  • No low battery indicator
  • Lacks a rear suspension
  • The handlebar can sometimes become loose 
  • Brakes aren’t that responsive

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