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Nanrobot Lightning Review

Brett Heyns
29 January 2024


One of the best wide wheel commuter scooters around, with a top speed of around 30 mph and a range of up to 25  miles


The Nanrobot Lightning is the latest entrant to the impressive range of Nanrobot’s family of electric scooters.

This scooter is a  feat of performance and reliability at a bargain price. Next to its bigger brother, the D6+, the lightning may not match in power, but this is not to say that it’s not a force to be reckoned with.

This incredible urban commuter is both feature-packed and highly competitive for its price range. Moreover, its impeccable build offers versatility in riding experiences, both on city roads and some off-road terrain.

Nanrobot Lightning Electric Scooter – The Lowdown…


The Lightning, as its name suggests, is a total speedster. With an impressive max speed of 30 Mph (48 Kph). This exceptional speed is accredited to its powerful dual (rear and front) motors that deliver a combined power output of 1600 watts. It is built from an aviation-grade aluminium alloy that makes it lightweight, durable, and safe.

This Nanrobot e-scooter model is surprisingly portable, and it’s fantastic folding mechanism makes it convenient when transporting your scooter through crowded places or carrying through harder access areas. This electric scooter can be collapsed into an easy storage size, for easy transport in the boot of your car, or simply for storing at home.

Nanrobot has incorporated state-of-the-art technology in the Lightning design and construction, ensuring an inexpensive, easy, and blissful riding experience. You can see this in the scooter’s non-removable lithium battery that gives the Lightning enough juice to cover an impressive maximum range of 25 miles (40 Km) on a single charge. The scooter has a staggering maximum rider weight of 130 Kg’s, with more than sufficient deck space to comfortably accommodate all foot sizes. Here is a more detailed look at the Lightning:


Nanrobot Lightning Specifications


Motor Dual 800 Watt brushless motors
Battery 48 V 18 Ah Dynavolt Lithium battery
Charge Time 8-10 hours using one charger; 2nd charger cuts the charging time to   4-5 hrs
Single-Charge Mileage 20 -25 miles or 30 to 40 Km. (real world results dependent on the weight of the rider).
Max Speed 30 Mph or 48 Kph  (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider).
Climbing Range 25 degrees or 40-percent depending on the amount of charge left and rider’s weight
Display Full colour, nighttime enhanced LED display
Anti-Theft Voltage Cut-off  with Key Lock 
Braking System Dual disk brakes (front and rear) + an Electric Braking System
Tyres 8″ Wide Wheel, solid puncture-proof tyres 
Lighting Front Headlight, 2x front LED lights for dusk and low light riding, red LED rear brake lights, turn indicators, 2 blue LED strips on the sides
Max Load 280 lbs. (130 kg)
Scooter Weight 65 lbs. (29 kg)
Product Material Aviation grade Aluminium alloy
Clearance 7 inches (18 cm)
Suspension C-Type with front and rear hydraulic spring shock absorbers
Size (L x W x H cm) Unfolded: 115 x 61 x 125

Folded: 115 x 61 x 51

Water Resistance No IP rating


Check out the video of the Nanrobot Lightning, ripping up the city.

To summarise – A light-weight design, impressive driving range, surprisingly smooth riding experience,  absolutely NO punctures, easy transportation and storage for budget-conscious customers.


Nanrobot Lightning Pros


tickicon  High stopping power

tickicon  Great portability for such a powerful e-scooter

tickicon 8″ inch wide tyres for maximum support

tickicon  The folding mechanism allows for easy storage and transportation

tickicon  Light but very durable construction

tickicon  Puncture proof, maintenance-free tyres

tickicon  Relatively fast charging times

tickicon  Single drive mode suitable for battery saving

tickicon  Decent range

Nanrobot Lightning Cons


red  Low load capacity

red  Solid tyres offer minimal shock absorption compared to pneumatic tyres

red  Solid tyres are heavier on electric scooters

Nanrobot Lightning Summary


The Nanrobot Lighting is a powerful and fast e-scooter that doesn’t bleed out your account. It is packed with style and performance, enough to give its high-budget successor, D6+, a run for its money. As with all its performance beasts, Nanrobot designed the Lightning for durability. This is evident in its frame that boasts of a strong, corrosive free and weatherproof aluminium alloy build.  

The Lightning’s signature dual-motor technology generates 30 Nm+ of torque, which is essential in the Lightning’s off-road terrain navigation. The scooter further offers the freedom to choose between single or dual mode drive, depending on the riding conditions. Dual-mode is activated to tackle more up-beat track conditions or burst into high gear, while single-mode achieves joy cruises while extending battery range. The two motors add to the overall scooter weight, which Nanrobot remedied by using the ultralight aluminium alloy. The scooter has an incredibly easy folding mechanism that complements the light frame in achieving portability, easier navigation, handling, and storage.

The Lightning features a minimalist, picture-perfect design that screams simplicity and functionality. The 8-inch wide solid, puncture-proof tyres are impressively efficient when blazing through rough terrain. The rear fender is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functionally serves as a footrest for comfort when riding. This scooter is a design masterpiece, with safety at its core. The handlebars are cleverly outfitted with essential controls to make operation hassle-free. It allows for quick access to different control functions such as lights, single and dual-mode activation, turn signals, and the horn. This is just one of the ways that the scooter ensures safety and convenience. 

Some interesting reviews referred to the Lightning as a ‘hill destroyer,’ and rightly so. Turbo mode offers sufficient torque to tackle steep hills with 1600W power output. Adrenaline chasers can conjure enough motor power to accelerate to a maximum speed of 30mph. This road-ripping acceleration is sufficient to navigate some pretty harsh terrain. To further complement the power show is the impressive 48V18A battery, built to ensure quick charging and offer excellent range.

With both functionality and safety in mind, the Lightning sports a dual braking mechanism. This is achieved by the scooter’s front and rear mechanical dual disc brakes coupled with the Electric Braking System (EBS) for reliable and effective braking. Safety is further achieved by the scooter’s small but wide 8-inch front and rear solid tyres that provide a low centre of gravity, increasing stability. The wheels are puncture-proof and can manoeuvre even the roughest terrain without the worry of a flat, and are made of high-quality wear-resistant rubber.

The scooter is ranked as budget-friendly, but that in no way compromises performance and efficiency. This model is an excellent investment for riders seeking a fast, durable, and easy on the eyes scooter for their daily commute.


Performance Overview


The Nanrobot Lightning e-scooter offers top-tier performance, especially at its price point.  It is powered by a powerful dual motor with a combined output of 1600W. Riders get the freedom to choose between eco and turbo mode. Eco-mode utilizes 800W, saving on power and providing longer commutes. On the other hand, Turbo mode delivers more power to both the front and rear wheels, kicking the scooter into high gear, which is perfect for speed junkies or riders on adventurous trails.

The Lightning ranks high on power and performance amongst other similarly-priced scooters. The scooter can deliver a max speed of 30Mph on dual mode, which also boosts its ability to tackle off-roading obstacles. Such top speeds call for an even more reliable braking system, which Nanrobot fulfilled with the installation of a robust dual braking mechanism(front and rear). The scooter is outfitted with a dual C type spring suspension, which coupled with the swing arms, offer uncompromised shock absorption and even give the scooter a nice and smooth bunny-hop while riding over obstacles. 

The 8-inch solid tyres, though small, are specially designed with a unique pattern to provide enhanced ground grip when riding. This model is powered by a 48 V 18 A lithium battery that packs enough juice for an impressive maximum range of 25 miles. It performs exceptionally on diverse road conditions without compromising on stability. 

narobot lightning e-esooter header main image

Top Speed & Acceleration


The Nanrobot Lightning registers a respectable top speed of 30Mph with decent acceleration. It has two drive modes that offer freedom and flexibility in riding style; Eco or Turbo mode. It has an impressive speed compared to its peers within the same price range, making it perfect for speed chasers with budget constraints. However, the speed is subject to other variables such as the drive mode, weight of the rider, weather, and terrain.

While Eco mode suffices for flat terrain, especially in an urban landscape, riders need Turbo mode for inclined and off-road conditions that require more torque. For a safe riding experience on the Nanrobot Lightning electric scooter, be extra cautious once you pass the 15 Mph speed mark.

 Battery Life & Range


The Lightning scooter comes with a 48V18A Lithium battery that provides a maximum range of 25 Miles. The battery is designed to enable effective and safe charging. It takes 8-10 hours to charge the battery fully. However, since the scooter features a dual charging port, riders can acquire a secondary charger and cut the charging time down to 4-5 hours. As a side note, Nanrobot equipped the Lightning’s charger with a barrel connection port, which makes plugging seamless.

Besides offering convenient charging times, the Lithium battery is more stable, making it the perfect battery for an e-scooter. The upgraded battery system guards against overheating, risk of short circuit, and other battery-related risks, which is in line with the Lightning’s high standards of safety.


Motor Configuration


The Nanrobot Lightning e-scooter is powered by CE-certified dual motors, one embedded in the front wheel and the other in the rear. They have a joint output of 1600W. At this massive wattage, the Nanrobot electric scooter is definitely a power house. The brushless motors offer more efficiency and reduced maintenance costs with its prolonged usage.

The immense torque adds to the e-scooter’s efficiency and can carry a  max load of 280 lbs. A 48W Lithium battery powers the motors. The motors are easily activated by engaging the throttle. 

rear view of the nanrobot lightning electric scooter

Construction & Build Quality


The Nanrobot Lightning is assembled using aviation-grade aluminium alloy. The material is ultralight and perfect for a portable scooter. The aluminium is also heavy-duty, weather and corrosion proof ensuring the Lightning’s durability. The machine’s frame is simply crafted, with the controls and a weatherproof LED display strategically mounted on the handlebars. The electric wires are neatly concealed and are routed internally for aesthetics and safety. This minimalist look and impeccable design gives the scooter a sought-after chic look.

The scooter is easy to fold, carry and store, thanks to its simple yet effective folding mechanism that compacts the frame when folded. When unfolded, it measures 115cm by 61cm by 125cm and collapses down to 115cm by 61cm by 51cm when folded. The folded size makes it easy to tuck it into nifty spaces and corners. It has integrated LED lighting with lights at the front, rear and side. The powerful lights are strategically placed to enhance visibility and increase safety while riding.

The 8-inch tyres, although small in thickness, they are very wide, so are incredibly effective. They give the Lightning an agile and lightweight feel when riding. The dual C-type spring suspension also adds to the smooth ride quality. The front and rear fenders come pre-installed, and they are perfectly fit with no wobbling. The fenders safeguard the wheels and protect the rider from splashes when running through puddles. It also features as a solid kickstand.



Suspension is really the ‘it factor’ when discussing the quality of a ride. The Lightning relies on a dual C-type suspension system to make the ride smooth and comfortable. Spring suspensions effectively limit the impact of bumps and offer shock resistance to enhance the ride quality.

Suspension is essential as it provides steering stability and better handling. It also limits the impacts of the road, and overall, it improves the rider’s comfort. With this sophisticated suspension system on this electric scooter, the Lightning can handle bumpy trails and also easily and safely navigate bends and turns in the urban jungle.


Ride Quality


With effective dual C type spring suspension, solid low tyres, and dual-drive mode, the Lightning delivers unmatched ride quality. The narrow 8-inch wheels offer a low centre of gravity for enhanced stability and improved scooter handling. While solid tyres do not match the ride experience offered by pneumatic tyres, Lightning’s dual-suspension helps counter the shortfall by limiting the shock impact.

For an extra cost, Nanrobot offers a seat as an essential accessory for added comfort, especially on long rides. The handlebar is well-laid for ease of access of the controls for different functions such as mode change and gear levels. The deck is also spacious enough, and the rider can use the rear fender as a footrest for even greater comfort. The scooter also has a high clearance, which is perfect for manoeuvring off-road terrain with minimal impact to the underside of the deck.

Nanrobot back wheel and suspension



With a max speed of 30 Mph, the Nanrobot Lightning needs an effective braking system that will bring the scooter to a smooth and precise stop when needed, without necessarily jerking the rider forward. The Lightning has record-breaking stopping power, thanks to its incorporated dual braking system; Electric Braking System, and mechanical brakes. Disc brakes offer reliability, high stopping power, and they perform in all weather conditions; while electric braking is efficient and does not require regular adjustments.

Whether you’re giving the brakes a slight pull,  or a hard mash, the brakes are sure to reliably bring the scooter to a halt without affecting the rider’s stability too much. However, some Lighting owners have reported that riders may need to lean back during emergency braking to avoid going over the handlebars.


A folded Nanrobot being carried by a person



The Lightning is currently the lightest of the Nanrobot scooters at 65lbs (29 kg). While it is not the lightest scooter in the market, its weight allows a high degree of portability. The folding mechanism makes it easy to fold and haul around hassle-free. The folding mechanism is simple and operates by a quick loosening or tightening of a knob located on the stem.

The Lightning has another added feature to facilitate portability; the fender, which allows the stem to click on it when folded in half. The scooter measures an impressive 115 cm by 61 cm by 51 cm when folded, allowing not only for easy carrying but also convenient storage.



The handlebar offers quick access to the LED light switch controls which control all the lights on the scooter. The Lightning electric scooter has a powerful fisheye headlight, with arguably one of the best lighting profiles on the market. Additionally, there are 2 LED lights fitted in the front of the deck, which are great at throwing light at ground level in front of you. 

It also has red LED rear lights, brake lights, and turn indicators. The front headlight is powerful enough to illuminate a wide projection. Simultaneously, the braking and turn lights enhance safety by ensuring enough visibility from trailing traffic. The ambient LED strips along the length of the deck appeal to the aesthetics of the scooter, as well as adds to its low light visibility. 


The lighting system of the Lightning electric scooter



The Lightning comes outfitted with 8″ wide but low profile solid tyres. They offer wide contact and good traction resulting from their specially designed tyre pattern. The tyres are reliable and non-inflatable, ideal for off-road terrain as they are puncture-proof. They really are incredibly stable on urban terrain.

The tyres are supplemented with a dual C-type suspension system that enhances ride quality (though not on the same level as pneumatic tyres). They are low riding and therefore increase stability by lowering the centre of gravity.




The Lightning’s Deck has a metal rear fender to provide foot support for riding comfort.  It is nice and large and offers ample deck space, with a length of 115 cm, more than enough for the rider’s comfort.

The Nanrobot comes with a seat option at an extra cost that enhances the Lightning’s ride experience when going longer distances. The surface is covered by an anti-slip material, for better grip when riding.


the led controls of the Nanrobot electric scooter

Controls & Display


The Nanrobot Lightning has a fantastic LCD display that shows you information such as speed, time, battery power and the power mode you are currently on. Next to the LCD is 2 buttons, one changes the power mode and the other turns the display on or off. Next to these buttons is your accelerator lever and just underneath that you will find your brake lever.

There is also a USB charging port, where you can connect your phone (if fitted to the handlebars with the correct mount). Also, on this side of the handlebar, yet comfortably within the reach of your thumb, are your Eco and Turbo buttons which regulate the power output to the wheels, and your Single and Dual motor drive buttons.


Water Resistance


The Lightning does not have an IP rating, and thus it is not advisable to take a ride in overly wet conditions as it could affect the scooter’s functionality. However, the scooter can survive a few splashes, as long as you avoid full submersion in water.  


nanrobot lightning electric scooter braking

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support


The Nanrobot Lightning is feature-packed to give riders the best ride experience. The 1600W motors can tackle up-beat paths and inclined tracks. The 48V18 A battery powers an impressive range of 25 Miles, which is enough mileage for most commutes. It has a reliable dual braking system that brings the scooter to a smooth and precise stop; even at its top speed of 30 Mph. The lightweight build and impressive folding mechanism give the scooter the portability advantage. The Scooter is equipped with multiple lights, making it a reliable means of transport for both day and night rides. At its price range, very few e-scooters will match the value offered by Nanrobot’s Lightning.

Nanrobot has a dedicated Customer Service team to help customers with any support questions they may have. Nanrobot offers a 90-day warranty on fragile parts like tyres, horn, display, brake disks, lights, etc. For 180 days, they extend the warranty on the battery and controllers. The frame is covered for a total of 365 days. This offer is only viable if the damage results from natural causes and not human-related incidents.

For $149/ £108, customers can obtain an extended one-year warranty service. The warranty does not extend to malfunctions or damage caused by incorrect usage, maintenance, or adjustments outside the manufacturer’s directions. 





The Nanrobot Lightning requires maintenance like other electric scooters, albeit minimal. The required maintenance expectations are well outlined in the user manual. The battery is supposed to be charged within the recommended time.

Additionally, servicing and cleaning routines need to be followed to improve functionality and efficiency. The folding mechanism components should also be appropriately fastened and the disc brakes replaced after excessive wear. 


Known Issues


The Lightning’s motors experience vibration, which results in wear and tear over time. The solid tyres also make the Lightning feel a bit wobbly when doing over 15 mph, and negotiating corners at high speed is challenging. The scooter does not have an IP rating and may not be as reliable in overly wet conditions.


Nanrobot Lightning e-scooter in a parking garage with all its lights on

Is this E-Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?


The verdict is in, and it’s a win for the Nanrobot Lightning!

This impressive scooter, so aptly named, is both a cruising and speeding delight. At quite the pocket-friendly price point, the Nanrobot Lightning offers all the qualities and functions of higher-end scooters, without compromising on performance.

With its massive battery, impressive top speeds, powerful dual motors, efficient dual braking mechanism, ambient lighting, durable build, modern fittings, safety-centric design; it all but sounds too good to be true.

However, it’s here, and for riders looking to save some coins without too much trade-off, Nanrobot’s Lightning is definitely the scooter for you!


Ninebot Segway Air T15 Accessories

  • Seat
  • Extra Charger
  • Handlebar extender
  • Helmet


Other Similar Electric Scooters


  • High stopping power
  • Great portability for such a powerful e-scooter
  • 8" inch wide tyres for maximum support
  • The folding mechanism allows for easy storage and transportation
  • Light but very durable construction
  • Puncture proof, maintenance-free tyres
  • Single drive mode suitable for battery saving
  • Very good driving range.
  • Relatively fast charging times
  • Low load capacity
  • Solid tyres offer minimal shock absorption compared to pneumatic tyres
  • Solid tyres are heavier on electric scooters

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