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Nanrobot D4+ Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
26 January 2024

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One of the fastest electric scooters around that has a top speed of around 34 to 40 MPH and a range of up to 34 to 40 miles.


Word on the street is that the Nanrobot D4+ electric scooter is one of the best commuter scooters around town. The beauty of this e-scooter is that it is just as perfect for off-road riding as it is for riding on smoother surfaces.

The suspension system of the Nanrobot D4 also deserves special mention; it provides a cushioned ride quality that feels as if you’re gliding on air.

The Nanrobot D4+ is a durable and powerful looking electric scooter, capable of reaching untouchable top speeds and has a cool range to match. In short, the Nanrobot is a ripping e-scooter with the ‘it’ factor you’ve been looking for.


Nanrobot D4+ – The Lowdown

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The Nanrobot D4+ is an all-around stellar e-scooter that has all the bells and whistles of a premium scooter, with speed and versatility as its most prominent features. Two powerful 1000 Watt motors give you the torque you need to scale incredible inclines of up to 45 degrees.

This, coupled with a superior suspension system, gives you the ability to smash off-road terrain with minimal effort. And an eco and turbo mode gives you the option to change it up or tone the speed down with the press of a button. The suspension properties of the Nanrobot D4+ is excellent with its unique dual suspension system (with five shock absorbers) that add to the excellent rideability of this electric scooter.

If you are looking for a smooth ride (pun intended) that can keep up with the pace of big city living, then this is the scooter for you. Check out this D4 electric scooter review to see if the Nanrobot ticks all the right boxes for you.


Nanrobot D4+ Specifications

MotorDual 1000W hub all-wheel drive brushless motors
Battery52V, 23Ah lithium battery
Charge Time3 hours on dual charge, and up to 10 to 12 hours using the single charge
Single-Charge Mileage34 to 40 miles (55 km to 64 km) ( may vary depending on riders weight and terrain condition)
Max Speed34 to 40 MPH (55-64 km/h)
Climbing Range45 degrees (depends on rider weight and battery level)
Braking SystemElectric braking system with front and rear mechanical disc brakes
LightingFront and rear LED lights
HornElectric horn
Max Load330 lbs (150 kg)
Scooter Weight59.5 lbs (27 kg)
Product MaterialAluminium alloy
Folding Handlebar6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Steering Tube6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
SuspensionMotorcycle grade front hydraulic/rear spring suspension
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 114 x 57 x 122 cm

Folded Size: 114 x 57 x 30 cm
Water ResistanceIP53 water resistance rating

Nanrobot D4+ Review Video

Check out this D4+ electric scooter review by Soldier Knows Best as he takes this e-scooter for a test drive around the streets of St. Louis.

Nanrobot D4+ Pros

tickicon This e-scooter comes with five shock absorbers for maximum off-road functionality.

tickicon Has great range

tickicon Dual charge points cut the charge time in half

tickicon Simple folding mechanism and foldable handlebars for easy portability

tickicon Has a powerful EBS braking system with dual disc brakes

Nanrobot D4+ Cons

red Too heavy side for prolonged carrying 

red Doesn’t have cruise control

red Is not that competitively priced

red Charging time is also quite long without an extra charger or fast charger

Nanrobot D4+ Summary

The Nanrobot D4+ 2.0 is a slick-looking commuter scooter built for urban and off-road terrain. Dual motor power of 1000 Watts and an efficient 52volt 23.4 Ah lithium rechargeable battery gives this electric scooter the edge when it comes to speed and range. Not forgetting that even hills are no match for this fiery e-scooter can comfortably tackle steep inclines of up to 45 degrees.

The D4’s suspension is out of this world, with five incredible (and highly efficient) shock absorbers that eat bumps and dips for breakfast. And its 10 inch treaded pneumatic tyres are also a cool addition to the Nanrobot D4+ that add to this e-scooters off-road appeal.

The electrical and mechanical brakes on the Nanrobot are outstanding, too, giving you the assurance you need to stop swiftly, but most of all safely, when you need to.


Performance Overview

The Nanrobot electric scooter has incomparable speed and power – which is a pretty neat combo if speed and endurance are up your alley. When it comes to torque, the Nanrobot’s 2000W motor power is right up there, giving you top-notch speed and speed to acceleration capabilities that’ll far outweigh your expectations.

The Nanrobot D4+ is an excellent multi-purpose commuter scooter made for on and off-road riding that can hit long distances of up to 40 miles. This e-scooter is known for speed and is one of the top-rated scooters that can reach eye-watering speeds of up to 40 MPH.

However, if you’re just starting out, it also comes with an eco and single-mode so that you can take your time and acclimate to the sensational speed capabilities of this e-scooter gradually. In addition, good brakes are a must-have for electric scooters and even more for speedy e-scooters like the Nanrobot. It’s no wonder this e-scooter is a popular choice among urbanites (and country-folk) alike.

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Top Speed & Acceleration

The Nanrobot electric scooter boasts top speeds of up to 40 MPH making it one of the fastest scooters available.

The Nanrobot D4+ 2.0 has enough torque and motor power to expertly scale hills of up to 45 degrees in true to form Nanrobot style. If you prefer the scenery and vibe of off-road terrain, the Nanrobot e-scooter is an excellent choice for the outdoors, where hilly terrain is often aplenty.


Controls & Display

The Nanrobot electric scooter has a bright LCD display panel where you can switch the scooter on and off, adjust gears and check out your speed and distance covered.

The pull throttle is also situated next to the display screen (and can be used to accelerate this speed machine from fast to phenomenally fast). This scooter also comes with an old-school key switch that turns the scooter and the lights on and off.  

Battery Life & Range 

The Nanrobot electric scooter has two battery charge points for extended battery life. The 52V, 23Ah li-ion battery is energy-efficient and long-lasting, enabling this e-scooter to reach long ranges of up to 40 miles.

Motor Configuration

Dual 1000 Watt hub motors give this scooter the torque, power and above-average acceleration capabilities needed to achieve rip-roaring speeds. Or you can switch it up and choose between different speed variations – single, dual, eco or turbo depending on your ride preference and how far (or fast) you’re keen to go.


Construction & Build Quality

The Nanrobot is a sporty, savage-looking electric scooter with a cooler than cool build quality. Encased in premium aluminium, the Nanrobot is sturdy, ready for heavy-duty riding and can accommodate a max rider weight of up to 330 lbs. (150 kg) – enough said.

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The suspension of the Nanrobot D4+ 2.0 is tight! Five shock absorbers and a damping control system give this electric scooter sensational shock absorption as you drift over bumpy surfaces with ease. 


Ride Quality

The ride quality of the Nanrobot is pretty awesome – just saying. Not only is this scooter built for speed, but its pneumatic tyres, an advanced suspension system, and powerful motors also make this e-scooter super ride worthy.  This proficient scooter sets the bar in all the right ways. And did we mention this scooter also comes with all-wheel drive motors that give you better manoeuvrability on the road?



The brakes on the Nanrobot are particularly stupendous. This scooter comes with an electric and mechanical braking system. Activate the disc brakes using the brake levers on the handlebar. The EBS braking system comes preset on this e-scooter for extra stopping power.


The Nanrobot is not light. That said, you can still lift it up and carry it to your car, for instance, to transport it to its next destination.  Also, the scooter and the handlebar are foldable, minimising the storage space needed to store it away. The folding mechanism on the frame also locks securely in place for better portability.

Water Resistance

The Nanrobot D4+ electric scooter has an IP53 water resistance rating. What this gives you is added water protection from the odd puddle or splash. However, it is not rainy-weather friendly, so best to avoid torrential downpours where possible.



The Nanrobot comes with a standard headlight and tail lights that do the job. However, you may want to include additional lights such as brake lights and side deck lights to enhance visibility that much more. 


The Nanrobot D4+ comes with groovy 10-inch pneumatic tyres ideal for bumpy terrain, helping to cushion the impact of uneven surfaces. Beware of sharp surfaces, though, as this can make your tyres more susceptible to punctures.


The spacious deck of the Nanrobot D4+ provides comfort to the max, as it’s large enough to place both feet solidly on its surface. The grippy deck is also slip-resistant, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t be slipping and slidin’ off of the deck instead of moving and groovin’ on this streetwise e-scooter. 


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Nanrobot D4+ comes with a 90-day warranty from the manufacturer on ‘vulnerable’ scooter parts such as the tyres, the lights, the brakes discs etc., and a 180-day warranty on the battery and controllers.

The scooter frame also comes with a 365-day repair warranty. They also provide after-sales service for questions and issues that simply cannot wait.



Upon setting the scooter up, make sure all significant screws are fastened tightly. Other than this, the Nanrobot is a hassle-free e-scooter with few maintenance issues. However, as with most treasured items, you must look after your e-scooter correctly (this includes preventing water damage, not over-inflating the tyres and storing your scooter away in a cool, dry place).


Known Issues

There has been nothing reported on this scooter about any known issues.


Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

The Nanrobot is pretty pricey as far as electric scooters go, with a price tag of $1699 or £1200. But with a speed as supreme as this and such an excellent suspension system, it’ll be hard to say no to this powerful e-scooter when you come face to face with it.

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  • This e-scooter comes with five shock absorbers for maximum off-road functionality
  • Dual charge points cut the charge time in half
  • Simple folding mechanism and foldable handlebars for easy portability
  • Has a powerful EBS braking system with dual disc brakes
  • Adjustable handlebars to accommodate different rider heights
  • Too heavy side for prolonged carrying
  • Doesn’t have cruise control
  • Is not that competitively priced
  • Charging time is also quite long without an extra charger or fast charger

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