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NAMI Burn-e Viper Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
9 November 2021


One of the most robust, swift and powerful ultra-performance electric scooters that delivers a blistering top speed of 60 mph and a range of 100 miles on a single charge.

For many years, manufacturers have promised a high-performance electric scooter that will eliminate the compromises we see in most scooters today and disrupt the status quo. Although it seemed like a far-fetched dream, the wait appears to be over after the release of the highly anticipated Burn-E electric scooter from NAMI, commonly known as the “Viper.”

This newest kid on the block outperforms nearly all scooters that we’ve tested in every aspect. Equipped with a bevvy of top-class features and functions, the urban juggernaut is ideal for on-road and off-road cruising.

NAMI Burn-E: The Lowdown…

If you’re in the market for the most complete electric scooter, then look no further than the NAMI Burn-E. The rugged, versatile and robust e-scooter delivers an exquisite ride quality and one of the best performances we’ve seen. With two powerful 1500W motors, this scooter can attain a wind-whipping top speed of up to 60 mph! The motors draw power from the behemoth 72V 35Ah battery, which offers an impressive range of up to 100 miles.

Weighing about 100 pounds, the Burn-E is an absolute beast. Its solid range of features and industry-leading specs means you never have to worry about breaking down easily. While it’s not the lightest to carry in hand, it boasts a patented lock taper folding mechanism that allows you to fold the base for easy storage.

The NAMI Burn-E rides on 11-inch tubeless, air-filled tyres designed to tackle all kinds of terrains. Combine this with the adjustable 165mm hydraulic coil-shock suspensions, and you’re sure to enjoy a smooth ride on any territory.

In addition, the Burn-E scooter comes fitted with powerful disc brakes that combine well with its regenerative brakes to bring the scooter to rest reliably. It also features a motorcycle horn, a powerful headlight, rear brake light, and side LED strips.

We also can’t fail to mention the scooters waterproof smart display that allows you to adjust multiple settings such as ride modes and acceleration and monitor the speed and battery level. While the display is rated with IP56 for water resistance, the entire scooter comes with an IP55.

Burn-E Specifications

Motor1500W x2 with hall sensors
Battery72 V 35 Ah Lithium-ion battery
Charge Time6 hours with one charger and 12 hours with two chargers
Single-Charge Mileage100 miles
Max Speed60 mph
Climbing Range35 degrees
Braking SystemRear NUTT hydraulic brakes, with 160mm discs and integrated electric brake
Lighting2000 Lumen headlight, brake-activated taillight, and side LED strip with turn signal
HornMotorcycle grade horn
Max Load330 pounds
Scooter Weight103 pounds
Product MaterialAviation-grade aluminium and carbon fibre
Folding HandlebarStandard Steel Frame
Tyre TypeDual 11-inch tubeless tyres
SuspensionFront and rear dual adjustable 165mm hydraulic coil-shocks
Size (L x W x H, cm)Fold Size: 134.6 cm x 62 cm x 64 cm
Unfold Size: 134.6 cm x 62cm x 144.6cm
Water ResistanceIP56 for the display and IP55 for the other parts

NAMI Burn-E Review Video

Here is a detailed Nami Burn-E video review that covers its features and specs. In summary – a robust, efficient, durable and innovative high-performance electric scooter designed for ultimate on-road and off-road action.

NAMI Burn-E Pros

tickicon Outrageously fast acceleration and speed of up to 60 mph

tickicon Impressive range of up to 100 miles

tickicon Solid and easily adjustable hydraulic coil suspension

tickicon Premium quality parts and accessories

tickicon Five different modes that are fully customisable

tickicon Super stable 11-inch tubeless tyres for fluid free ride quality

NAMI Burn-E Cons

red At 103 pounds, the scooter is extra bulky

red Handlebars are a little bit short

red Exposed electric components at the front and under the deck


Nami Burn-E Summary

Armed with two 1500W brushless motors that produce a total of 3000W output power and 8400W peak power, NAMI Burn-E can hit a top speed of up to 60 mph. It’s equipped with a massive 72V 35Ah battery made of Panasonic 18650 cells, which produces enough juice to power the two motors and take you up to 100 miles on a single charge.

NAMI Burn-E represents a quantum leap in build quality and durability. It comes with a 6082 aviation-grade aluminium frame, full carbon steering column and polished stainless steel parts for its folding mechanism. It also boasts one of the most extensive decks for increased stability and comfort. Weighing at 103 pounds, NAMI Burn-E has enough strength to carry riders of up to 330 pounds.

The Burn-E electric scooter comes with solid NUTT hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm disc and electromagnetic brakes whose intensity can be adjusted for riding safety and comfort. The brakes are reliable enough to stop this massive device with minimal effort. Burn-e comes with 11-inch tubeless, air-filled tyres, which deliver unmatched ground traction, hence smooth and comfortable rides on any terrain.

Riders are cushioned against strong impact or force by the industry’s most reliable suspension. The dual 165mm hydraulic coil-shocks on both tyres ensure that this scooter offers the best ride quality in the market. A powerful 2000 Lumen headlight, responsive brake light at the rear, and a strip of LED lighting on the side will come in handy for after-dark riding. It also comes with a loud motorcycle-grade horn to warn pedestrians and motorists of your presence while on the road.

The NAMI Burn-E boasts lots of cutting-edge specs, but the highlight for us is the excellent and easily customisable and IP56-rated display. This crisp and interactive display allows you to toggle between multiple ride modes, activate cruise control and personalise nearly all kinds of data. Besides, it will enable you to view the scooters speed, battery level, front and rear motor temperatures and more.

Due to its weight, it’s not practical to carry this electric scooter by hand for long rides. Luckily, its patented taper stem folding mechanism allows it to collapse at the base of the stem for easy storage in the car trunk.

Finally, this e-scooter is rated with an IP55 water resistance rating, but the display and controllers are rated with IP56.

Overall, the NAMI Burn-E is by a mile the best ultra-performance electric scooter in the market right now for serious riders who enjoy cruising at pulsating speeds in all urban terrains.

Nami burn-e viper electric scooter

Performance Overview

While NAMI Burn-E electric scooter excels in all departments, peak performance earned them the global reputation they enjoy today. Nami fixes all the errors and flaws of other ultra-performance motorised machines in Burn-E, and for this, it has become the industry’s benchmark for robustness and efficiency. Its brushless dual 1500W motors deliver 3000W of output power and 8400W peak power, enough to push the scooter to a top speed of 60mph. Its large 72V 35Ah battery allows the vehicle to deliver a desirable maximum range of up to 100 miles.

Are you worried about its hill-climbing ability? The motors and battery combo will enable it to tackle inclines of up to 35-degree with such ease. If you’re an avid lover of electric scooters, you understand that such gradient-gobbling credentials are hard to come by.

With the ultra-wide and solid tyres and a pair of adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers on each wheel, Burn-e delivers the smoothest and most comfortable ride ever. The tyre and suspension combo produce enough damping to allow riders to go anywhere in comfort and style.

For an ultra-performance scooter of its ilk, you expect the NAMI Burn-E to offer reliable braking power. And without doubt, the Viper electric scooter does actually over-deliver in this front. Its sharp and well-calibrated rear NUTT hydraulic disc brakes and integrated electronic brakes bring the scooter to a halt with the lightest touch.

Burn-E also boasts a sophisticated dashboard, which makes it easy to manage and control the vehicle. Its cutting-edge displays further allow you to view, control and personalise various settings. This includes regular aspects such as speed, battery level and distance, and elaborate data such as cruise control, ride modes and acceleration control.

Speed & Acceleration

With its dual brushless 1500W motors and massive 72V 35 Ah battery, NAMI Burn-E delivers one of the most blistering speeds in the ultra-performance scooter niche. While not the fastest, it enthrals speed junkies with a top speed of 60 mph.

Regarding acceleration, the NAMI Burn-E electric scooter is unrivalled. With its dual Sine Wave 50Ah controllers, dual 1500W motors, and a Turbo mode, this e-scooter fries all its competitors’ hands down. Like its moniker “Viper”, this motorised machine is fast, whisper-quiet and unstoppable.

A great novelty, the controllers, are autonomous, meaning you can independently adjust the acceleration power on either the front or rear motor.

    Hill Climbing

    Although there isn’t plenty of information regarding Burn-E’s climbing capabilities on the NAMI website, independent tests have proven that this scooter is a beast.

    With two monstrous motors and an extra-large battery, this e-scooter climbs 35-degree inclines without breaking a sweat. Apart from the Dualtron X II, there’s no other scooter, even in the ultra-performance niche, that can match Burn-E hill-climbing credentials.

    Battery & Range

    Typically, scooters with fascinating speeds aren’t always good in range. However, this is not the case for NAMI Burn-E. Despite offering a blazing speed of up to 60 mph, the scooter’s 72V 35 Ah battery allows it to take riders up to 100 miles on a single charge. This electric scooter can take you up to the 55-mile mark when set to the highest performance mode.

    Its battery is made of 18650 Panasonic cells, ranked as the most efficient in the market. The Burn-E electric scooter comes with two chargers in the box. It takes 6 hours to charge with both chargers and 12 hours when using a single charger. 


    Motor Configuration

    Besides the battery, Burn-e boasts enormous 15000w motors that deliver a whopping 3000W output power and 8400W peak power. The best part is that the brakes are connected to the dual motors. When engaged, they disengage the motor bringing the scooter to a quick halt.

    Furthermore, the scooter comes with Eco, Drive and Sport modes, which besides allowing you to enjoy the speeds you’re more comfortable with, helps preserve the motors and make them more efficient.


      Nami burn-e viper electric scooter

      Construction & Quality

      You won’t find many electric scooters that are as solidly built as the NAMI Burn-E. For starters, its carbon fibre stem serves as the focal point of the scooter’s visual appeal and adds to its overall rigidity. The frame is made of aviation-grade aluminium that’s heat-treated to protect it from wear and tear. Finally, the technical moving parts, such as the folding mechanism, are polished stainless steel.

      Overall, the Burn-E adorns a dynamic design but still comes across as reliable, durable and dependable.

      Nami burn-e viper electric scooter folded

      Suspension & Comfort

      The Burn-E offers the industry’s most refined suspension. With a pair of adjustable 165mm hydraulic coil-shocks, the Viper provides the smoothest ride ever. The hydraulic shocks combine well with the 11-inch tyres to let you glide and cruise in comfort in any road condition. Since the shock absorbers are adjustable, you can simply dial your preferred amount of damping and relish greater control and comfort.

      Ultimately, there’s no doubt that Burn-E was designed with rider comfort in mind. More importantly, the extent to which it lets riders customise and configure the suspension makes it one of the best off-road mini-vehicle around!

      Ride Quality

      When you look at Burn-E’s hydraulic coil suspension, enormous tubeless, air-filled tyres and robust braking system, there’s no doubt that it’s among the most comfortable and safest ultra-performance motorised machines to ride in the UK. Its ride quality feels vehicle-grade, super-smooth and robust.

      The massive deck ensures that riders of all weights and heights are stable and comfortable, while the tall, ergonomic handlebars and state-of-the-art display offer options to help improve your riding experience and scooter management.

      NAMI Burn-e Viper electric scooter


      Embellished with multiple lights on each side, the Burn-E electric scooter is one of the most visible and visually enticing e-scooters in the market. Its powerful 2000 Lumen headlight, positioned beneath the handlebars, illuminates your path for after sunset rides. The taillight and strip lighting on each side of the deck not only create a fabulous light show at night but also makes you visible.


      A powerful and super-fast scooter like this needs equally powerful brakes. And without doubt, the NAMI Burn-E doesn’t disappoint.

      It features excellently calibrated NUTT hydraulic brakes that work in unison with the regenerative braking to halt the scooter with the lightest touch of the lever. With such immense braking power, it’s clear that NAMI wasn’t focused only on the range and speed but also on the riders safety.

      Nami Burn-E electric scooter


      NAMI Burn-E weighs 103 pounds, so it’s not one of the lightest devices out there. Regardless, it comes with a process folding system patent for its folding mechanism, which allows the stem to collapse easily at the base onto the deck.

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit into the trunk of most cars, even when folded.


      The NAMI Burn-E electric scooter comes with 11-inch tubeless, air-filled tyres to add to the lengthy list of its impressive features. The astonishingly solid and super-sized tyres are tailor-made to traverse any urban road smoothly and comfortably. However, you’ll have to invest in another set of off-road tyres if you’re planning to use the scooter exclusively on rough roads, forest trails and dirt tracks.

      Nami Burn-e electric scooter tyre


      You’ll never have to worry about foot space when riding the NAMI Burn-E electric scooter, which comes with an epic and robust deck measuring 56.4 cm x 31.2 cm, 76.6 cm. This is enough space to place your foot comfortably side-by-side without stepping on the kickstand base.

      Unfortunately, the deck is not padded to reduce friction. Instead, it comes with two thin strips of sandpapery grape tape, which do the job even though not as good as the rubber mat.

      The rear side of the deck is raised to form a handle for lifting the scooter when storing it in a car trunk. On each side of the area is a strip of LED lights that help you stay visible on the road. The deck also houses the massive battery under it. 

      Controls & Display

      The NAMI Burn-E features one of the most innovative and feature-packed dashboards. Although the handlebars are slightly shorter, they come with a moulded shape design and supple rubber grips for easy latching even on long distances.

      Near the middle of the T-bar is a water-resistant LCD that packs a lot of scooter management and control information, including the scooter’s speed, battery level, distance and more. It also allows you to toggle between ride modes, alter the intensity of the regenerative brakes, and access a bunch of other integral settings.

      On each side of the handlebars is a hand-operated brake lever. The motorcycle-grade horn, the thumb throttle, turn signal and headlight buttons are over to the right. On the left side are on/off and mode buttons.

      Water Resistance

      Surprisingly, the NAMI Burn-E comes with dual ratings for water resistance. Its cutting-edge display and controllers are rated with IP56 for water-resistant, whilst the rest are rated with IP55. This means you can ride in slight showers without worrying about its components getting damaged.


      From its innovative and IP56-rated display to expansive deck, extra built frame, robust motor and battery, top-class suspensions and powerful brakes, Burn-E is a trustworthy and safe e-scooter to ride.


      You’ll get a 12-month limited warranty when you buy from a NAMI affiliated distributor and 15 days to request a refund. The warranty covers the manufacturer’s defects as well as labour.

      NAMI is known to offer solid post-sale customer support on various channels. You can contact them through calls and texts using the information on the website or email and social media platforms.

      Known Issues

      Since the Burn-E electric scooter is relatively new, only a few people have had the privilege to use it. However, the few who have claimed it doesn’t reach the anticipated range of 100 miles. Then, there’s the issue with the brakes and suspension being wrongly configured during shipment.


      As with any other electric scooter, follow these basic rules if you want to keep your Viper in tip-top shape. Ensure the battery is fully charged before storage, periodical service moving parts, clean the scooter of dust and debris after every ride. Finally, inspect any exposed cables for wear and tear, check the tyre pressure before leaving home, and tighten loose nuts and screws periodically.


      NAMI Burn-E: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

      Although its price point is somehow frightening, Burn-E’s cutting edge features and specs quickly vindicate it. With a blazing speed of 60 mph, an impressive range of 100 miles, above-par ride quality and solid safety features, the Viper is the real deal.

      However, considering its fast speed, this is not a scooter for beginners. If you live in the city but often take off-road adventures, this is the right electric scooter for you.

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      Nely Hayes


      Nely is an adrenaline junkie and one of her life goals is to sky dive, but until that day she gets her kicks from testing fast electric scooters. Part time scooter fanatic & part time SEO analyst. Nely’s favourite scooter is the Dualtron X.

      • Outrageously fast acceleration and pulsating speed of up to 60 mph
      • Impressive range of up to 100 miles
      • Solid and easily adjustable hydraulic coil suspension
      • Premium quality parts and accessories
      • Five different modes
      • At 103 pounds, the scooter is extra bulky
      • Handlebars are a little bit short
      • Exposed electric components at the front and under the deck

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