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The MiniMotors Dualtron Spider is the newest scooter model from the respected brand of electric scooters. The Dualtron boasts a combination of a lightweight frame and a high-performing motor. It also has all the bells and whistles that make it fun and safe to ride.

Compared to its brethren, the Dualtron 3 and the Thunder, the Spider is tamer and more practical with its design and features. It’s also portable and doesn’t weigh as much as its beefier siblings, making it the perfect scooter for daily urban commuters.

This review will delve deeper into the different aspects of the Dualtron Spider and how it compares with other electronic scooters on the market.


Motor3,000 watt dual hub motor
Battery60 volt, 17.5 Ah, 1,050Wh, LG MJ1 cells
Charge Time 2.6 hours with the quick charger, 4.3 hours with 2 standard chargers, 8.7 hours with standard charger
Single-Charge Mileage60 kilometers (37 miles) varies on road conditions and rider’s weight
Max Speed60 kilometers per hour (37 miles per hour)
Tyres10-inch by 2-inch Pneumatic Tube
Climbing Range25 degrees or 40-percent depending on the amount charge left and rider’s weight
Braking SystemFront Disc, Rear Disc
LightingEmbedded ambience lighting, multi-color handlebar with remote, tail and brake light
Instrument PanelEYE multifunction smart LCD
Max Load120 kilograms (254 lbs)
Scooter Weight20 kilograms (44.1 lbs)
Product MaterialT6 tempered aluminium alloy frame
SuspensionDual Rubber Cartridge Suspension
Size (L x W x H, cm)112 cm x 23 cm x 48 cm
Water ResistanceNone


Dualtron Spider Review Video


Check out the video review of the Dualtron Spider Scooter. A lightweight, durable, all round great commuter scooter with great range and a very modern design.

Dualtron Spider Pros

tickicon Superb stability and manoeuvrability with no hint of stem wobble

tickicon Outstanding balance between performance and portability

tickicon Great aesthetics are further highlighted with its rainbow lights

tickicon Very functional and great looking EYE LCD dashboard

tickicon Great Handling

tickicon Plenty of stopping power from its disc brakes

tickicon Quiet ride thanks to its rubber suspension

Dualtron Spider Cons

 red  Underwhelming top speed of 60 kph

red  Dim stock lighting, especially for the brake lights

red  Some components are replaced with plastic, such as the mudguards

red  It does not have a lock mechanism when it’s folded



Performance Overview


The Dualtron Spider is one of the best ways to first get acquainted with using a scooter. It’s made for beginners since it’s user-friendly and handles well on the road.

The manufacturers of the Dualtron Spider have also made an effort to reduce its weight to appease some countries’ regulatory laws. The 10-inch pneumatic tyres, expansive deck, and aluminium alloy frame all add to its precise handling. The ride quality is pretty stable and gives the rider confidence on most flat terrain. The disc brakes offer excellent braking capability without having to rely on its hodge-podge of an ABS.

Meanwhile, the 60 volt, 17.5 Ah battery paired with a 3,000-watt dual hub motor delivers a smooth performance. On average, you can cover 37 miles on a single charge. The acceleration is what you’d expect from a more petite scooter. It can reach up to a speed of 37 miles per hour, according to MiniMotors.

The RGB lights, handlebar lights, headlights, and tail lights provide enough visibility during night rides. However, we recommend replacing some of the factory lights as they are a bit anaemic compared to its MiniMotor brethren’s lighting. The no-frills EYE control panel display is pretty straightforward with its speedometer and other data displays.

So, should you consider buying this scooter? Well, there is more to the Dualtron Spider than what the specs sheet could tell you. The manufacturer made it lighter, which means they have to shed some parts to catch that sub-44 pound catchweight, but it still offers excellent value at $2,774 (£2,000).

The surprising thing about the Dualtron Spider is that it’s a sleeper off-road scooter. It has a solid climbing ability and can scale terrains with 25 degrees gradeability as well as tackle ditches and other road obstacles.


Dualtron Spider Electric Scooter Rear Angle 2000x

Power and Performance


The Spider is a great climber and can scale terrains with 25 degrees gradeability, which often see on off-road scooters.

The dual hub motor delivers an exciting drive with excellent responsiveness. Its battery life is somewhere between two to three hours, with an estimated top speed of 37 miles per hour.

Fortunately, the rest of the scooter was made to complement its versatile performance. MiniMotors gave it a well-balanced deck and the right stalk length to provide excellent stability across any road conditions. This scooter can easily carry a rider with a maximum weight of around 100 kilograms.

Its steering is quite precise and stable, with almost no wobble or slops in the stem. The scooter also performs well when taking sharp turns on corners. Additionally, the Dualtron Spider can also get rough and dirty on modest trails. Much like other electric scooters, this scooter has the ECO mode, which extends battery life by reducing its speed.




Its frame is made from a T6 tempered aluminium alloy known for being rigid and corrosion-resistant. The deck has the classic Dualtron comprehensive layout, which gives your feet a comfortable and stable position.

The dashboard gives you access to the start method, where you can choose between kick or throttle. It also has the auto power-off function, a selection of three-speed settings, electric brake strength, and cruise mode.

Meanwhile, it has carbon fibre handlebars which you can swap for an aluminium alloy if you prefer more durability. Unfortunately, the foam grips are of sub-par quality. You may also need to adjust the handlebar position as it’s a bit on the lower end.




The scooter is quite agile and can hit 24 kph (15 miles per hour) in just 3 seconds. The acceleration is smooth, and the overall feel is quite progressive. The pneumatic tyres are also relatively grippy and offer superb stability.


Top Speed


The Dualtron Spider can travel at a top speed of 60 kph (37 mph). However, several Spider testers have found out that it can go much faster, especially if you remove the factory speed limit.

Other factors that can affect its speed are its current battery charge, road conditions, and rider’s weight.


Daultron Spider Electric Scooter Front Brake Detail 2000x

Battery & Range


The Spider uses a 60 V, 175 amp LG MJ1 cell battery pack and has an average range of roughly 68 kilometres. You can extend its content if you use regenerative braking, lower its top speed, and accelerate gentler.

If your office is just under 15 miles from your home, then you can use this scooter as your daily commute vehicle. The Lion batteries can last for about 2.5 hours. The scooter comes with two charging ports that can fully charge the unit in just under 9 hours.


Motor Configuration


The Spider comes with two brushless, direct-drive 800-watt hub motors. The two engines deliver a total of 3,000-watt output to the wheels. These sealed motors are also quite robust, and are being offered with a two-year warranty.


Brake System


MiniMotors equipped the Spider with cable-actuated disk brakes on its front and rear. The scooter also has a dual anti-lock brake system (ABS) and regenerative brakes. You can enable or disable this feature using its EYE LCD Interface.

Its ABS, however, is not entirely genuine and causes unnerving vibrations throughout the unit, which can potentially wear out its drivetrain. For this reason, a lot of Spider owners disable this feature.



Daultron Spider Electric Scooter Rear Brake Detail 2000x



The modest ground clearance and well-built suspension can handle urban obstacles such as uneven terrain, potholes, and minor road debris. It also features a dual rubber cartridge suspension which you can customize by swapping different cartridges until you get your preferred ride stiffness. 

However, it might take some experimentation to get the settings right. Once you get the proper calibration, it can easily absorb most humps and run over road debris like small rocks.  


Ride Quality


So, how do all the Spider’s power and construction translate to quality? In a few words, we’re more than satisfied. Here are the pros and cons.

During short trips, it’s hard to find fault on the Dualtron Spider. The sturdy motor and reliable battery ensure you have plenty of torque. Meanwhile, the light frame, decently sized wheels, and non-wobbly bar make it a pleasure to drive.

While standing on the scooter, you will always feel unnerved by any sways or totter. The manoeuvrability of this scooter is top-notch, especially when cornering.




The Spider weighs 20 kilograms and can be folded if you want to carry it on a train or bus. It measures 112-centimeters in length, 23-centimetres in width, and 48-centimetres in height when folded. This compact scooter can easily be stored or stowed at your home or work.

One disadvantage of this unit is that it does not have a locking mechanism, which makes it quite challenging to carry at times. However, you can address this issue with superficial modifications. 




The Dualtron Spider uses the EYE LCD dashboard, which has a bunch of practical functions. The LCD screen is quite neat looking and shows some of the most crucial information in real-time, such as the trip odometer.

The handlebar also features two push buttons for Single/Dual mode and Eco/Turbo mode. The first push-button gives you an option to use one or both motors. In contrast, the second button controls how aggressive you want the throttle to be.




Staying visible at all times is critical when driving a scooter at night. You’d be pleased that the scooter has LED headlights that can help you see the road ahead. There is also a light on the LED panel, so you’ll still be informed of your current speed and other vital data.

LED brake lights at the back of the scooter are somewhat dim and since they are placed on the lower part is less noticeable during night road traffic. Hence, you might need to wear reflector vests or attach blinkers to improve your visibility.

The Spider’s body is also littered with RGB lights from under the deck, the rims, and the stem tube. Aside from giving it a techno look, this can also improve your road visibility. However, do take note that turning more lights also means that your battery will be consumed much faster.




The Spider also has large 25.4-centimetres (10-inch) by 5-centimetres (2-inch) inflatable tyres, which offer more room for customization. However, they are much softer than solid rubber tyres and are more prone to flats.

While they are smaller than bulkier scooters, the tyres are pretty grippy, whether on-road or off-road. However, you need to be careful and avoid very rocky roads and ditches to be on the safe side.

Keeping track of the tyre pressure can also ensure that you get a smooth ride all the time. For information about the recommended air pressure, you can refer to the user manual or look at the tyres’s sidewall.




The Dualtron Spider’s deck is quite broad and can accommodate your feet comfortably. Riders, on the larger side, also won’t find any problems fitting on its deck. Additionally, its surface has excellent grip, which significantly reduces if you slip off even when you’re reaching top speeds.

The Spider’s deck design breaks the connotation that more expansive decks translate to less responsiveness and reduce handling quality.


Build Quality, Durability & Support


The MiniMotors Dualtron Spider has a superb build quality that closely resembles the Thunder. It’s the most affordable scooter model among the three options from MiniMotors. However, several features were toned down to make it cheaper and lighter.

The control arm has a hallowed design instead of a fully enclosed one. Meanwhile, several non-critical parts, like the fenders, were replaced with alternative plastic components. These redesigns allow the manufacturer to sell it at a lower price point while decreasing its weight to satisfy regulatory requirements in several markets like Singapore.

During our test, we observe no reliability issues with the Spider. Other reviewers and current owners also found no irregularity in this department. MiniMotors definitely live up to their reputation as one the best scooter manufacturers in the world.

In case something breaks or an issue occurs, you can always rely on its two-year warranty.


DualtronSpiderElectricScooter deck 2000x



The Spider’s battery and motor are sealed units, which means you won’t have to maintain it. However, it would help if you constantly charged the battery to keep it running.

Like most electric scooters, you also need to remove dust, dirt, mud and other debris from its internal and external components. You also need to check the tyres pressure now and then to ensure you are on the safe side when you take it for a spin.


Water Resistance


The Spider’s body and components are not water-resistant. While you can stay in the rain for a few minutes, it shouldn’t be wet for a very long time. Be extra careful not to expose it’s motor and battery pack to rain since they are susceptible to water ingress and eventual damage. 


Known Issues


We’ve searched the Internet for some issues that current owners have with their Spider. Some of the recurring problems include the subpar ABS feature and the dimly lit rear lights.

If we discover other issues, we’ll be more than happy to update this review and share with our readers our findings.




The scooter has stock lights on its headlight, brake lights, tail lights, and handlebar for better visibility at night time. The body also has the iconic Dualtron rainbow lights, which add to its techno look.

However, the stock lights lack brightness, which you might want to upgrade if you constantly take night rides.


MiniMotors Dualtron Spider Scooter Review: Conclusion


The MiniMotors Spider is a high-performing electric scooter that you can easily take anywhere in the urban jungle. It’s great for daily commutes or thrashing down on the weekends.

Among the other scooter models from MiniMotors, the Spider offers the most bang for your buck. However, you also have to conform to other design flaws, such as weak lights and plastic components. Overall, if you want a scooter that can take you from home to work and back, then you should seriously consider the Spider and put it on your must-have list. 


Where to Buy & Pricing


You can buy the Dualtron Spider from Ride and Glide for £2,200.  If you buy through Ride & Glide you will receive a free Triple 8 Helmet and you’ll get fast delivery!

The Dualtron Spider will come with 2 years warranty on the main scooter frame and 1 year on other components such as motors and battery.

  • Very Good Build Quality
  • Exceptional Customer Service by MiniMotors
  • Extended Warranty (2 years)
  • Fantastic All Round Commuter
  • Great Range
  • The Handle Grip Covers Wear Out Quite Quickly
  • Not Suitable for Heavier Riders (100kg+)
  • The LED Lights Are The First To Be Upgraded.
Where to buy the Dualtron Spider