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Mercane Widewheel Pro Review

10 May 2021


With prices beginning around the £718.00 mark (around $1,010), it could be the perfect addition for an experienced rider looking to add some excitement to their weekends or commute.

When the original Apollo Mercane Widewheel was introduced in 2018, it was a runaway hit. With its unique combination of dual suspension, chunky foam-filled tires, and impressive specs, it really stood out from the crowd.

With that said, problems came up. There were build issues that created a curious combination of both stiffness and handlebar wobble, a limited interface, and an alarming number of reports of metal fatigue causing justified concern for the customer.

With Apollo’s 2020 release of the Widewheel Pro, the updates address these issues head-on. There’s been real attention to detail and a focus on creating a sturdy and secure electric scooter – with acceleration and top speed that will knock your socks off.

The Mercane Widewheel Pro is a great addition to the Apollo scooters, providing a uniquely smooth riding experience with top-notch specs, sleek looks, and notable high speed. With prices beginning around the £718.00 mark (around $1,010), it could be the perfect addition for an experienced rider looking to add some excitement to their weekends or commute.



MotorMax Dual 500w BLDC Dual-Hub Motors (1kw Peak) Torque - Max torque: 37 Nm
Battery48V Li-Ion 5AH, 10AH, 15AH or 14.4AH Panasonic (720wh)
Charge Time4-6 Hours
Single-Charge Mileage22-30 miles (35-48 km) depending on mode
Max Speed26mph (43km/h) (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider)
Climbing Range50% or 20 degrees (varies depending charge state and weight of the rider)
Braking SystemCable Driven Brake Callipers (Mechanical Brakes) with Brake Discs (Not Hydraulic)
LightingHandlebar Mounted LED Light, Rear LED Tail light
HornNo horn
Max Load220lb - 100kg
Scooter Weight24.5kg (54lb)
Product MaterialAluminum with folding mechanism
Folding HandlebarScrew thread release handlebars
Folding Steering TubeAluminum with folding mechanism
SuspensionDual front and rear swingarm suspension
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 110*55*110cm

Folded Size: 110*22*41cm
Water ResistanceNo IP Rating


Mercane Widewheel Pro Video

Check out the Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Review from Fluidfreerides. To summarise – a fun, lightweight, durable scooter with a sleek design and smooth power output.

Mercane Wide Wheel Pros

tickicon 1kw Peak Motor Output Suitable for Day to Day Use

tickicon Very good range despite battery capacity

tickicon Durable, Strong Frame

tickicon Sleek Design with Contrasting Red Callipers

tickicon Strong Stem (Minimal Wobble)

tickicon Cruise Control & Intuitive Instrument Panel

tickicon Manages hills with ease

tickicon Foam Filled Tyres (No Puncture Worries)

Mercane Wide Wheel Cons

red  Top speed might be off putting for commuters

red  Wider wheels mean less agile steering

red  Fairly heavy

red  Known issues with brake recalls

red  Not fully waterproof (IP54 Rating)

red  Awkward cable arrangement

red  Harsher Ride Quality with Solid Tyres


Performance Overview

It’s worth noting that Mercane offers two versions of the Mercane Widewheel Pro 2020, both with a different price tag; one with dual 500w motors, and a single motor model. We’re reviewing the dual motor electric scooter.

The Pro contains new upgrades that really set it apart from its predecessors. Apollo has focused many of these changes in the build and power of the scooter. 

There are adaptations to the original mechanisms, dual suspension, and the electric motor that increase the stability and the max speed, adding to the overall riding experience.

There are also functionality upgrades including dual modes for different performance requirements, and a new LCD display control system.The acceleration and range of the scooter have been increased, promising shorter journeys and longer-lasting charge (thanks to a new battery pack), whilst the braking system has been completely upgraded featuring an additional rear disc brake and brake lever. This makes riding an absolute joy, quickly reaching top speed with an acceleration that can be maintained even climbing uphill. The Mercane Wide Wheel Pro comes with extra-wide, airless tires (to eliminate flats) and give a steady ride on the road – though they do struggle in wet weather. When you combine this with the stiff dual suspension it really is unique, offering a smooth ride with very little jarring interference, as long as you remain on the roads.It’s slim, but not light, and whilst it comes with folding handlebars and stem, you may struggle under the weight making it limited in its portability. We also found that it’s not very versatile. Though it excels on the roads, and at high speed, the tire grip and rigid suspension limit its use on more adventurous terrain.

mercane overhead


Battery Pack

The Pro comes equipped with a 720 watt lithium-ion battery, which is a 12% battery capacity increase on the previous model.This is a notable upgrade to the battery pack and extends the range of the wide wheel pro to a top performance of 31 miles (50 km) with a tested average of 19.3 miles (31.1 km) – a marked improvement to the range of the original Mercane Widewheel.Apollo claims the 2 amp/hour battery charger gets the Widewheel Pro to full charge in 4-6 hours. Performance testing showed an average charge time of around 8 hours to full. But consider that many scooters with half the range take an equal amount of time to charge and you realise how rapid a charge time it actually is.


  • Durability

The battery pack is built in and is not removable on this scooter.


  • Single-Charge Battery Life

Claimed range of 22-30 miles (35 – 48 km), real world average range – 18 miles (29 km)


  • Safety Precautions

Like all lithium scooter batteries – it is recommended to charge your scooter fully when you first receive it. Avoid over discharging the Mercane Wide Wheel PROs battery. If storing for any length of time, keep the battery at 60% to 80%. Do not store for long periods of time at 100%.


The Mercane Wide Wheel Pro controller is an Intelligent Brushless Motor Controller, 48V max, 40v min with a max current of 15a, brake level – EABS.


  • Aesthetics

No Aesthetic Data on Controller Position


  • Ergonomics

The controller is tucked away in the front of the deck.


  • Heat Management

The controller is enclosed in an aluminium case to maximise heat dissipation. The controller is mounted to the inner section of the Mercane Wide Wheels frame to transfer heat away. The controllers on the wide wheel pro are relatively reliable and do not generate excessive heat in standard operation.



The Mercane Widewheel Pro certainly has the polished optics you’d hope for considering the price range. 

mercane scooter

Electric scooters are often critiqued for their design but the Pro is both eye-catching and elegant. 

With an aluminium frame and discrete folding mechanism, the scooter is striking with its dark-polish finish.  The refined measurements streamline the body, giving it a distinctly sleek look.

Nevertheless, the design hinges on the tires. The wide, solid tires are built for durability and comfort and have a distinctive look that draws your eye. For better or worse, (and depending on who you ask) they make a visual impact and are a central feature.


  • LED Lights

The Mercane Wide Wheel Pro has a single handlebar mounted light that’s very bright but, due to the height of the light the dissipation at ground level means the beam pattern is wide and isn’t overly concentrated, making it inefficient in the dark. Users will generally want to add their own extra LED lighting for night time riding.

The Widewheel Pro comes fitted with LED lights in the front and the back: a headlamp mounted at the top of the stem, and an LED tail light at the rear of the deck. 

Both perform sufficiently, with the headlight casting a decent level of light around 4 metres. We found that whilst this was perfectly suited to close distances, it doesn’t account for a wider perspective. 

This is a particular issue if you plan to make road trips in the dark. To ensure that you are able to safely use your electric scooter in the dark, we recommend an additional, stronger LED headlight,  as well as wearing bright colours, reflective outer gear, and, when possible, limiting your night rides. 


  • Solid Build

The Apollo scooters have upgraded the Pro, specifically with build in mind. This means the big differences between the original model and this new contender, can mainly be found in the structure.

The scooter is far more durable than its predecessors with a frame made from a new metal composite and reinforced alloy parts in the locking mechanism, stem, and fork, providing higher durability (a welcome relief).

This combination makes for a very reassuring firmness and weight in the build. It feels secure even at high speeds and stands up to the elements without unwelcome wobbles or stiffness to throw you off.

With unfolded dimensions on the slimmer side, you may be wondering about the capability of the deck. At 5 inches, the deck is certainly compact but provides adequate room to accommodate riders. 

It’s worth noting that the Pro only has a rider weight capacity of up to 100 kg (220 lbs). This doesn’t quite measure up to the average weight limit of other high-end electric scooters and is surprising considering the motor power.

On top of the structure, the Mercane Widewheel Pro comes with an IP rating of 54. With IP measuring the water resistance of an electric scooter, this rating means that whilst light rain won’t pose a problem, you don’t want to take it out in a downpour.


  • Colour

The Mercane Wide Wheel Pro is a dark metallic grey colour with metallic style paint that is very durable. The colour and design are simplistic with contrasting ruby red brake calipers. All Mercane Scooters follow the same colour / styling with a light matt finish making the wide wheel look modern and simplistic.


  • Suspension & Wheel Support

Whilst the wider tyres of the Pro handle a lot of the impact from riding, they need robust suspension to maintain a smooth feel. Luckily, the dual spring front and rear suspension of the scooter perform very well. 

The combination of tyres and suspension provides a steady road experience even when hitting peak acceleration.

It is worth noting just how stiff the suspension can be. This ensures excellent tracking on smooth roads or pathways but can make any bumpy terrain difficult. One more reason why the Pro is better suited to weekend riding and commuter rides than an off-road adventure.

Control / Cockpit

The Widewheel Pro controls sit between the handlebars at the top of the stem. Whilst the Apollo scooter brand have retained the somewhat temperamental push thumb throttle from the Mercane Widewheel 2019 model, the Pro includes some fantastic new features. Equipped with an extra brake lever, backlit LCD, and even upgraded grips, the control system is a big improvement from previous years. 

We’re fans of the new grips. They’ve been designed with ergonomics in mind as well as aesthetics, so you can comfortably steer without any wear on your hands or the need for extra grip tape.

The LCD screen is the nerve centre of the controls and gives you plenty of information to ensure you’re staying on top of your performance and can access the top speed easily.

The display list features:

  • Current speed
  • Mileage
  • Remaining battery
  • Voltage
  • Cruise control
  • Gear select

This is also where you have control over the scooter power mode. You can switch between the high functioning ‘Sport’ mode or conserve your battery with ‘Eco’. Both have their time and place but it’s helpful to have access to both at the tip of your fingers. 

The LCD display itself is very user-friendly and simple enough to use without being distracting as you ride.


With dual hub motors and a 1000kw peak, the acceleration on the Mercane Widewheel Pro is where things get fun.

In comparison to most electric scooters, the Pro takes a fraction of the time to reach its max speed at an average of 8.5 seconds in performance tests, making it a thrill to ride. 

For a more casual rider, the power and top speed may need some getting used to, but rest assured the stability and security in the build can be felt throughout. Maintaining speed is a breeze, and riding it is consistently enjoyable.

This makes the Pro an excellent choice if you’re a customer looking for enough speed to give you an exhilarating experience, but could do without white-knuckling your way to work.

Hill Climb

If the impressive top speed, acceleration performance, and dual motors hadn’t tipped you off, the Pro performs remarkably well when faced with hills. With the official Apollo website stating a hill climb angle of ‘up to 30 degrees’, we found tackling inclines and hills to be exceptionally easy.The Pro handles beautifully when many other e-scooters would struggle, and without sacrificing significant speed or stability. 

The acceleration holds out at near top speed (averaging 21 mph / 33 km/h in performance tests) and full power when climbing, so you can reach your goal without undue stress (to you or the scooter)


Trust us, these aren’t your average electric scooter tyres! The Pro is kitted out with the trademark Mercane, chunky, polyurethane filled tires. With a tyre size of 20 cm diameter and 10 cm width, they make for a smooth ride and the foam composite renders them essentially puncture-proof. They contribute to a different riding experience altogether. You feel bumps in the road far less than any other e-scooter, and they make you feel like you’re gliding across the roads. It’s a particularly enjoyable way to ride and a big selling point for customers.Apollo Scooters include these tires on the previous models of the Mercane Widewheel and they have proved wildly popular in the electric scooter market.These are arguably the best tires of their type out there. Requiring little (if any) maintenance and helping to stabilise the overall riding experience, they’re a unique feature for an electric scooter.These solid tires have been optimised for faster road use and hold firm even at max speed. However, this does mean you face a drawback in their ease rounding corners and the capability for off-roading. The smooth tire grip struggles on alternative terrain and can be slippery in the rain, limiting the versatility of the Widewheel Pro.


Sporting a braking system with 120 mm mechanical disc brakes and dual electronic brakes in the front and the rear, the Widewheel Pro is a great example of the push for increased scooter safety.The brakes perform incredibly well, with a braking distance from its top speed of a mere 12 feet (3.5 metres) on average. In comparison to the original Mercane Widewheel, with only one disc brake and a slower reaction time, this is a huge improvement.The only quibble we have is the debatable design choice of placing the brake cables outside of the stem of the Widewheel Pro, which makes them vulnerable to snags if you’re not careful. The performance of the brakes is not affected, and whilst it’s only a small issue, it feels like an oversight.


As we said, the tires and suspension have made a real impact on the handling of the Mercane Widewheel Pro – even at full power and hitting the top speeds.It’s one of the best-balanced scooters you can buy, with a low centre of gravity to help self-stabilise and keep you level. The experience of riding it is second to none. We can’t think of another electric scooter that creates the same feeling of weightlessness.Regrettably, what you gain in ride quality, you lose in sharp turning ability. You’ll need to decrease your speed and take extra care when hitting a corner.  If it’s raining or you’re planning a trip on a busy road, you will definitely need to take this into account.You control the throttle with the plastic push thumb control which is well placed between the brake levers reducing any hand strain caused by stretching to reach your controls. However, the throttle response on the scooter can be a bit juddery. With the high power behind the Mercane Widewheel Pro, it takes some practice to smoothly accelerate using the throttle.The brakes function similarly to your standard bike brakes, controlled by two brake levers attached to the stem. They’re easy to apply, even at high acceleration, reacting quickly to pressure that helps achieve the impressive braking distance of the scooter. If you’re a customer who highly values quick stop ability in an e scooter (and who doesn’t?) you’d be hard-pressed to beat the Pro.



The deck of



The Storm’s side-stand is revamped with a sturdier fit compared to older Dualtron models. You also get to adjust the height at will. This is great for riders who often share their scooters with other people or those that simply like to switch between higher and lower rides.



The Wide Wheel Pro has been built with convenience and portability in mind, but it has not been the main focus. The scooter is absolutely portable, with folding handlebars and stem. The stem design is optimised to retain stability both folded and unfolded, with a locking mechanism allowing you to lock it in place. This can make folding down a little fiddly, particularly in avoiding the brake leads, but is worth it for the extra convenience when carrying.Folded down, the measurements of the Pro are neatly compact at 109-cm x 23-cm x 41-cm making it smaller than most on the market.However, this doesn’t do anything to help the weight of it. The Pro is heavy. At 24 kgs (52 lbs) it’s not impossible to lift and carry, but it’s certainly not the easiest for long distances. Whilst it would fit in most cars, it’s definitely something to take into consideration if you’re looking for a commuter e-scooter (especially if your office doesn’t have a lift…).


Overall Summary

After taking the Storm out for a test-ride, we are left with no choice but to admit that it lives up to its name. It is undoubtedly one beast of a scooter. You won’t find another electric scooter with such a combination of power, durability & power easily – the only real let down is the pricing point which is likely to be high for many – at £3,999 GBP (UK) or $4490 – $4790 USD it’s not cheap – but then, you pay for quality and a brand that is known for making superior quality e scooter models.

Asides from portability limitations due to its heavy frame and an eccentric torque which may prove tricky for beginners to handle, Dualtron Storm gives such a smooth riding experience that makes you want to stay on it for hours.

If you’re an experienced rider, this monster scooter is the stuff of dreams!



Where can I buy the Mercane Widewheel Pro 2020?

Apollo has ensured wide availability for the Mercane Widewheel Pro and can be tracked down at most of your favourite online e-scooter stockists.

United Kingdom & the EU

If you are a customer based in the UK or EU, you can purchase directly through the Mercane website. The prices start at £717.13 GBP (€837.75 EUR) and you can choose between motor and battery options when adding to your cart. Standard shipping is free but can take up to 4 weeks.

USA & Canada

If you’re based in the USA or Canada, it’s a very similar process but you are likely to receive your scooter in less time (standard shipping begins at 2 weeks). Prices begin at $999.00 USD ($1,260.83 CAD)

Expedited and Express delivery begins at $149 USD.

Rest of the World

If you live outside of these countries you can still get your hands on the Mercane Widewheel Pro 2020, but you’re looking at a standard shipping wait between 3-6 weeks.


The Mercane Widewheel Pro is a great example of the progress being made in e-scooter design and performance. There’s thought behind the features that make all the difference to the rider.With its additional features adding real benefit, it’s got much more going for it than just its thrilling speed. It’s genuinely fun and easy to ride, without sacrificing stability and the expanded range gives you more freedom in your journeys.Whilst it’s a significant improvement on the previous Mercane Widewheel offerings, it’s not yet perfect. 

Without the versatility of easily taking it off road, or having to take the rain into consideration, the use of the Pro is more suitable for an easy commute or weekend trip than rugged, everyday wear and tear. Some may require a more universal e-scooter, with nimble maneuverability, less weight and higher specs. But for those of us who want a speedy and enjoyable ride with robust features and plenty of power, the Widewheel Pro is a superb addition to the market.

Looking for a different electric scooter?

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  • Really Nice Aesthetic Design
  • Solid & Comfortable Ride
  • Very Stable at Speed
  • Range Good Enough for Most
  • Not Very Agile Due to Widewheels
  • Low Ground Clearance
  • Wheels Can Feel Unbalanced
  • Brakes Noisy & Can Squeak
  • Some Known Front Suspension Cracking Issues

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