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Electric scooters are the ideal way to get around without the hassles of parking or gridlock, because they’re small, folding, and portable. 

A light, compact electric scooter should also be competitive in terms of its speed, construction, ride quality, power, braking, and handling. It should be safe, fast, fun, reliable, and portable! Below we’ll look at seven of the lightest, most compact electric scooters to meet the bar. 

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Why We Love Electric Scooters

Since their appearance as shared vehicles on city streets a few years back, standing electric scooters have evolved to conquer commuter paths, race tracks, rough off-road trails, and high-speed streets, with high performance, rugged builds, large capacity batteries, and powerful dual motors. Along with these components come advances in braking, suspension, tires, and controllers to provide the smoothest, safest of rides.

These innovations notwithstanding, the reasons most people ride lightweight electric scooters in the first place haven’t changed much. E-scooters may serve a wider range of uses, but they are still primarily sought out as last-mile solutions, i.e., small, portable personal electric vehicles that make the commute to and from the office more ecologically responsible, personally liberating, and convenient. In this regard, electric scooters have also improved as small, portable vehicles, perfect for covering short distances.

Electric scooters are the ideal way to get around without the hassles of parking or gridlock, because they’re small, folding, and portable.

What Makes an Electric Scooter Portable?

It might seem like an obvious question – you can pick it up and carry it, of course. But portability doesn’t just mean “able to be carried.” Ideally, a portable electric scooter should fold quickly, be light enough to carry with one hand without difficulty, and fold down compactly enough to fit in the back of a car or on public transit. The most lightweight scooters tend to be the most portable, but they’re not always the best on the road. A light, compact electric scooter should also be competitive in terms of its speed, construction, ride quality, power, braking, and handling. It should be safe, fast, fun, and portable!


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Electric Scooter Weight

How much can electric scooters weigh? Scooters can weigh well over 100 lbs, depending on their form factor, or they can weigh less than 30 lbs. The overall weight of an electric scooter is determined by its frame materials — from lightweight aluminum to strong but tensile materials like magnesium and carbon fiber that can shave kilograms from the overall bulk.

Weight is also determined by a scooter’s components. Suspension systems and pneumatic tires reduce vibration but can also add additional weight, as can larger motors and batteries. A portable scooter can be an unbearably harsh, or even unsafe ride, so it’s critical to choose a model that doesn’t sacrifice its most important features for portability, but rather one that considers portability one important feature among others like safety, ride quality, durability, speed, power, and battery life.

Folding Mechanisms

Without systems of hinges and locks that allow the stem of a lightweight scooter to fold and unfold securely, portability would not be possible. But not all folding mechanisms are made equally well. Cheaper electric scooters tend to be weak in this area, often requiring frequent retightening, when possible, and causing vibration in the handlebars and wobbly handling on the road.

Some light electric scooters fold more easily than others, and some feature telescopic stems and handlebars that fold as well, making their footprint even smaller. At the same time, such features increase portability and compactness but also introduce more possible weak points into the scooter’s design.

The lightweight electric scooters on our list have stood the test, and they have come out with consistently solid user reviews and critics’ approval for being some of the most high quality, lightest electric scooters you can buy. What’s the best lightweight electric scooter? That depends on your needs as a rider.

The Lightest and Most Compact Folding Electric Scooters in 2022


Inokim Light 2


inokim light 2 super collection 170755 700x min

Designed by Nimrod Sapir, called the “father of the electric scooter” for his original foldable electric scooter design in 2009, the Inokim Light 2 is one of the best lightweight electric scooters for the money. It is stylish, fast, and light, and doesn’t sacrifice ride quality for portability, folding up into a very compact package that is easy to carry, transport, and store.

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Inokim Light 2 Specs

MotorBrushless DC 350W Motor
Battery10.4Ah Li-ion battery
Charge Time4 hours
Range15-20 miles (25-32 km)
Max Speed21 mph (13 kph)
Climbing Range10 degrees
Braking SystemFront and rear drum brakes
Tire Type8.5-inch pneumatic tires
LightingFront & Rear LED / Side reflectors

Max Load225 lb (102 kg)
Scooter Weight30 lbs (13.5 kg)
Product MaterialN/A
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded: 42 x 43 x 19 inches
Folded: 38 x 7 x 15 inches
Water ResistanceNone


Portability & Weight

With its 30-pound weight, the Inokim Light 2 is an excellent choice for a portable electric scooter. It just meets criteria for “ultra-portable” (30 pounds or lighter) without compromising range or ride and build quality. While the Light 2 doesn’t fold as quickly as some other scooters on this list, it does rank as one of the most  compact scooters on the market once it’s folded.

The lightweight scooter’s telescoping stem and folding handlebars collapse it down to an easily manageable 37-inches long, 10-inches wide – small enough to fit into tight commuting spaces like subway cars or buses without needing its own seat. Inokim’s folding mechanism is rugged and durable, and has the added benefit of providing a slot for locks of all kinds.


inokim light 2 6 min


Speed, Power & Range

A single 350 watt motor doesn’t place the Light 2 in the range of high-powered commuters but it does provide enough power to climb hills with relative ease, though the scooter does slow down significantly on hills with a more than 10% grade. The combination of a fully-charged battery and the single motor pushes the Light 2 up to 21 mph, quite fast for a lightweight, portable scooter.

The Light 2’s range maxes out at 20 miles, which is only possible in the most ideal conditions. With riders closer to 200 pounds and a ride with hills and rough terrain included, the scooter can still match some of the best lightweight scooters on this list for range and speed.

inokim light 2 11 min

Braking, Handling & Ride Quality

The Light 2 has an unusual braking setup, using two drum brakes rather than disc or electric brakes. These brakes give the scooter excellent stopping power, require little adjustment and no maintenance, and will seriously outlast other mechanical braking systems. Low, 2.3 inch ground clearance makes the scooter’s deck susceptible to rocks and road debris, but also give it exceptional handling, thanks to a low center of gravity, on smooth urban roads. 

Ride quality for the Light 2 is top notch thanks to a relatively sizable deck that lets riders spread out their stance, and to 8.5 inch pneumatic tires. These provide great traction and absorb bumps in the road, compensating for the electric scooter’s lack of suspension. Foam handlebar grips increase comfort and a slightly curved back handlebar angle makes for improved ergonomics over straight handlebars. 


inokim light 2 super collection 334551 700x min

Additional Features 

Front and rear LED lighting on the Inokim Light 2 come on as soon as it gets dark, making sure you’ll always be visible to others. The lights are mounted low on the scooter, and for added safety, riders might want an additional light mounted on the handlebars so they can see where they’re going at night. 

Riders will not be disappointed with the electric scooter’s responsive thumb throttle, which provides smooth acceleration from the first kick-start (the Light 2 does not have “zero start” ) up to the fastest speeds. The display is small and harder to read than larger, center-mounted displays, but it saves all the scooter’s settings when powered off and enables the handlebars to fold neatly down the middle.

Inokim Light 2 Pros

  • cushiony pneumatic tires
  • rugged build quality
  • maintenance-free drum brakes

Inokim LIght 2 Cons

  • very low deck clearance


Apollo Air 


apollo air 2022 1 min


Rugged build quality, sleek looks, and exceptional ride quality distinguish the Apollo Air from the lightweight portable electric scooter pack. While it’s not the lightest electric scooter you can buy, it is one of the most comfortable, powerful, and feature-packed on the list.

apollo air 2022 13 min

Apollo Air Specs

MotorBrushless DC 500W Motor
Battery15Ah Li-ion battery
Charge Time5.7 hours
Range15-20 miles (25-32 km)
Max Speed21 mph (13 kph)
Climbing Range15 degrees
Braking SystemFront drum and rear electronic regenerative brakes 
Tire Type10 inch pneumatic tires
SuspensionFront dual spring suspension
LightingFront & Rear LED / Side reflectors

Max Load220 lb (100 kg)
Scooter Weight38.5 lbs (17.5 kg)
Product MaterialAluminum
Size (L x W x H, cm)Folded: 47 x 22 x 21 inches
HornBuilt-in bell
Water ResistanceIP54

Portability & Weight

At 38.5 pounds, the Apollo Air is not an “ultraportable” electric scooter, but it is very easy to carry once it’s folded up. A quick latch secures the stem to the deck, and while it does not have folding handlebars, which make it wider than it needs to be when folded, it should fit easily into the backseat or trunk of a car when traveling. 

apollo air 2022 14 min

Speed, Power & Range

A single, 500 watt motor drives the Apollo Air, and a large battery provides enough power and capacity for longer-range travel, fast acceleration, and reliable climbing. This is one area where the Apollo Air adds extra weight to great effect. Its larger motor and battery combo also make it a solid choice as a portable electric scooter for larger riders. At an advertised 31 miles, the Air has the longest range of the scooters on this list. 

ApolloAirElectricScooterActionShot2 1920x copy min

Braking, Handling & Ride Quality

With a front drum brake and rear electric braking, the Apollo Air boasts best-in-class braking power in an affordable entry-level package that extends range with regenerative braking. Riders can decide to use only regenerative brakes with a small, throttle-like thumb brake on the left, or they can apply both regen and mechanical brakes with a brake lever that controls both.

Braking is adjustable through the Air’s impressive app (more on that below), and the scooter does an excellent job of combining both mechanisms for just the right amount to stop securely and quickly.

The Air’s ride quality is what makes it one of the best portable scooters on the market, even if it’s a few pounds heavier than most. Yes, it’s not one of the lightest scooters you can buy, but the Air’s beefy, 10-in pneumatic tires, front dual shock suspension, generously wide handlebars, and spacious deck make it comfortable on the roughest of roads and have made one reviewer call it “the SUV of electric scooters.”

ApolloAirElectricScooterActionShot 1920x copy min

Additional Features 

The Apollo Air’s display is a small LCD panel at the top of the stem, showing the usual speed, battery status, cruise control, and riding mode. It also features Bluetooth integration with an app that allows riders to check remaining miles, set riding mode and top speed, modify the acceleration and braking, turn zero start on/off, and update the scooter’s firmware. Lighting on the Air is top-notch, with a rear LED brake light/tail light and a bright headlamp at the top of the stem for the best visibility.

Apollo Air Pros

  • Excellent ride quality
  • Best-in-class braking
  • Great for larger riders

Apollo Air Cons

  • Heavier and less compact than similarly-priced competitors

Unagi Model One E500

$55/month subscription service or $590.00


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Unagi smashes barriers to entry with its unique subscription model, which lets riders try before they buy, or continue to lease a brand-new scooter for a low cost every month with no contract. Their scooters are warrantied against theft and damage and they offer a single and dual-motor version, both of which weigh in at under 30 pounds. The Model One may be the ideal commuter scooter.

unagi e500 header min

Unagi Model One Specs

MotorBrushless DC 350W or 500W Motor
Battery9Ah Li-ion battery
Charge Time4-5 hours
Range15.5 miles (25 km)
Max Speed21 mph (13 kph)
Climbing Range15 degrees
Braking SystemElectric brake E-ABS/Rear fender step brake
Tire Type7.5 in solid tires 
Lighting1.8W LED headlights, LED taillight
Max Load220 lb (100 kg)
Scooter Weight38.5 lbs (17.5 kg)
Product MaterialAluminum / Carbon Fibre / Magnesium
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded: 37.8 x 16.5 x 43.31 inches
Folded: 37.8 x 16.5 x 15 inches
Water ResistanceIP54

Unagi Photos 22 min

Portability & Weight

Unagi’s Model One comes in two sizes, the single-motor E350 and dual motor E500. Both weigh in at under 30 pounds, and with its stylish design and easy one-click folding mechanism the Model One ranks as one of the most portable, high-quality, lightweight folding scooters on the market. 

The patented folding mechanism on the Model One is both durable and quick-release, making it possible (if maybe unlikely) to fold the scooter with one hand in a pinch. Stuff it in a trunk or in Unagi’s own carrying case for a quick transfer to a subway car, elevator. It may be the ideal urban commuter. 

Part of what makes the Unagi Model One so portable is found in its high-strength carbon-fiber stem and magnesium handlebars, which are 33% lighter than aluminum, the company reminds us. Along with enhancing its visual appeal (check out that clean cable routing!), the scooter uses such materials to cut down significantly on weight.


Edited Updated Unagi Photos 11 min


Speed, Power & Range

The Unagi Model One is not a long range electric scooter, nor does it pretend to be, with a posted max range of 15.5 miles in its most economical riding mode. It’s tailor-made for short city commutes and quick errands.

The scooter’s range can be extended with more conservative riding, but such an approach is hard to maintain with the Model One because it’s simply so much fun to ride. On level pavement, it glides, and its dual-motor E500 makes the scooter a surprisingly powerful hill climber.

The Unagi Model One can be unlocked to reach speeds of 20 mph. Even at its factory limited setting of 16 mph, however, the electric scooter feels plenty fast, with smooth acceleration all along the throttle.

cost 8 min

Braking, Handling & Ride Quality

The Model One uses dual electronic brakes for highly efficient stopping. These are not, unfortunately, regenerative and will not increase the scooter’s range, but they work very well. For extra stopping power – or in the event the scooter runs out of power and the brakes don’t work – Unagi has included a foot brake on the rear fender that can bring the Model One to a full stop.

On level pavement, the Model One handles beautifully. Its low clearance and thus low center-of-gravity give it a very stable feel and smooth ride. The scooter’s greatest strength, its portability, also contributes to its greatest weakness, however: poor ride quality. Unagi’s solid, vented tires can take small bumps but will rumble and bounce on rougher pavement.


Edited Updated Unagi Photos min

Additional Features

The scooter’s elegantly designed display functions, like the rest of its components, exactly the way it’s supposed to while looking beautiful doing so, as does an integrated kickstand, ergonomically-designed stem that doubles as a tapered handle, and silicon-covered thumb throttle and brake lever for braking and acceleration that make the scooter even more of a joy to ride.


Unagi Model One Pros

  • No-contract monthly subscription
  • Elegant styling
  • Ultra-portable
  • Powerful hill climbing

Unagi Model One Cons

  • Poor ride quality on rough roads
  • Short range

Turboant M10


M10 21 1024x1024 min

It’s lighter, cheaper, better balanced, and easier to ride than its popular predecessor, the Turboant X7 Pro — a budget electric scooter with an edge: The M10 comes with large, 10-inch air-filled tires, almost unheard of at under $500, and while it’s not winning scooter beauty contests, its utilitarian aesthetics hide an efficient, ultra-portable personal electric vehicle, provided you don’t have too many hills on your ride. 

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TurboAnt M10 Specs

MotorBrushless DC 350W motor
Battery7.5Ah Li-ion battery
Charge Time5 hours
Range18 miles (29 km)
Max Speed20 mph (32 kph)
Climbing Range10 degrees
Braking SystemElectronic and disc brakes
Tire Type10 inch pneumatic with tubes
Lighting2W white LED headlight, red LED tail light 
Max Load220 lb (100 kg)
Scooter Weight29.8 lbs (13.5 kg)
Product MaterialAluminum
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded: 42 x 17 x 46 inches
Folded: 42 x 17 x 15.5 inches
Water ResistanceIP54

Portability & Weight

At just under 30 pounds, the Turboant M10 qualifies as an ultraportable scooter, in that nearly anyone of any body type can carry it. The scooter folds easily with a single latch, and it has a utilitarian construction that shows in its design and in the sturdiness of its build quality.

In other words, the M10 feels inexpensive, but never cheap. And while the scooter offers few frills to mark up its price tag, it does have 10-inch pneumatic tires, a minimal weight trade-off that pays dividends on the road.

The M10 gets high portability scores overall for its quick-folding latch and the system that secures the handlebars to the rear fender.

M10 1024x1024 min

Speed, Power & Range

With a 350 watt motor in the rear wheel, the M10 puts out enough power to move the scooter at speeds of up to 20 mph on level ground, but it’s not a powerful hill climber and can slow down significantly on steeper grades. The battery capacity is underwhelming and riders closer to the 200 lb mark will more likely get 15 miles of range or less than the promised maximum range of 18 miles. 

The finger throttle works smoothly but some riders might find it more fatiguing than thumb throttles. Nonetheless, it is an ergonomic design with the added advantage of activating cruise control when held down for a few seconds.

M10 24 1024x1024 min

Braking, Handling & Ride Quality

The M10 uses a double braking system, with regenerative electronic brakes complemented by a mechanical rear disc brake, all activated by a single lever above the throttle. This system works particularly well and the scooter as a whole feels durable and comfortable on the road.

Although it lacks a suspension, something you’ll rarely find on an electric scooter priced under $500, the large pneumatic tires really do an excellent job of taking on bumps on the road and soaking up vibrations that make ride quality suffer on so many other budget models. It’s rare to find tires like this on a scooter at this price point, and they might even be the M10’s best feature.

M10 50 1024x1024 min

Additional Features

The M10 comes in one color, black, and its styling could be summed up with a shrug. This is a good thing if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. It’s also indicative of the electric scooter’s approach to design overall – what it does, it does straightforwardly well, without pretension. It’s a budget-priced scooter that rides like a much higher-priced model thanks to regenerative braking, a powerful 350 watt motor and, especially, large, pneumatic tires. The well-placed headlamp, LED taillight that doubles as a brake light, attractive display screen, and low weight all combine to make a scooter that excels in value over any on this list.


TurboAnt M10 Pros

  • Easily portable
  • Large, air-filled tires dampen vibrations
  • Great value for the money

TurboAnt M10 Cons

  • Nondescript styling

EMOVE Touring


emove touring black 5000x min

A very compact scooter that weighs a bit more than many portable electric scooters but offers superior ride quality, speed, power, range, and customization options. There are lighter electric scooters, but there are few other electric scooters that feel as solid on the road as the Touring.

FrontSuspension 834422fe a403 480a 81c7 dd3bb3701cbf 5000x 1 min

EMOVE Touring Specs

MotorBrushless DC 500W Motor
Battery13Ah Li-ion battery
Charge Time3-4 hours
Range25 mph (40.2 kph)
Max Speed25 mph (40.2 kph)
Climbing Range20 degrees
Braking SystemRear drum and regenerative brakes
Tire Type8 inch front pneumatic tire, 8 inch rear solid
SuspensionTriple spring
LightingFront and rear LED
Max Load308 lbs (140 kg)
Scooter Weight39 lbs (17 kg)
Product MaterialAluminum
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded: 43 x 7 x 22 inches
Folded: 43 x 7 x 11.5 inches
HornBuilt-in bell
Water ResistanceIP54

Portability & Weight

Not an ultra-portable scooter at 39 pounds, the EMOVE Touring is nonetheless a compact wonder, with its telescoping stem and folding handlebars. The latest versions of the Touring have greatly improved earlier user complaints about stability in the stem, and the scooter feels stable while still collapsing to very manageable size for almost any kind of use. 

KeyIgnition 7d5db6b1 1ddf 4935 a773 8631e915a7f7 5000x min

Speed, Power & Range

For a few more pounds more than lighter scooters on this list, riders get significant upgrades in speed, power, and range. Rated at a top speed of 25 mph, the M10 has a tested top speed of 21.5 mph with a 165 lb rider. Its 500 watt motor makes it a very able hill climber, and its large-capacity LG battery tests at almost 19 miles of range and promises 32 miles under ideal conditions. This is a great commuter scooter for all sorts of reasons, not least being its high-quality battery and powerful single motor, which gets the job done on hills without the added weight of dual motor designs.

RearSuspension effc52ce aca8 419b 9f53 a2a4b606910f 5000x min

Braking, Handling & Ride Quality

In almost every area, the EMOVE Touring justifies its relative extra bulk in comparison with similarly-priced scooters. Its dual braking system is quite good, with one drum and one regenerative brake in the rear wheel (though dual-wheel braking is usually preferable). The Touring also substitutes a solid rear wheel in place of two pneumatic tires.

A solid rear wheel introduces weight and maintenance savings as solid tires cannot get punctures, but this can also negatively affect ride quality. Not so with the Touring. The scooter lives up to its name. With a triple-spring suspension system in the front, cushiony swingarm rear suspension, and a very large deck relative to its folded size, this electric scooter is a smoother ride than most for longer hauls.

HornSwitch e6669ee1 c282 4be7 a0f5 baa1cf9936a6 5000x 1 min

Additional Features

The Touring is highly customizable, with five colors to choose from and plug-and-play replacement throttles and displays, including options for a thumb or a twist throttle. Its P-settings for electronic braking are also highly adjustable, scooter features rarely found at this price point.


EMOVE Touring Pros

  • Customizable options
  • Suspension system provides excellent ride quality
  • Very compact

EMOVE Touring Cons

  • A little heavy
  • Utilitarian looks

Fluid Mosquito


The Mosquito’s name alludes to pure power-per-ounce; it’s an efficient machine, thanks to FluidFreeRide’s collaboration with veteran scooter maker E-TWOW.

Mosquotofoldedside1 1024x1024@2x min

Fluid Mosquito Specs

MotorBrushless DC 350W Motor X 2
Battery9.6Ah Li-ion battery
Charge Time5-6 hrs
Range22 miles  (35.4 km)
Max Speed25+ mph (40.2 kph)
Climbing Range10 degrees
Braking Systemelectronic , regenerative braking; rear drum and rear step on brake
Tire Type8 in x 2 in (20.3 cm x 5 cm) solid tires
SuspensionDual spring based suspension
LightingFront and rear LED
Max Load265 lbs (120 kg)
Scooter Weight29 lbs (13 kg)
Product MaterialAluminum
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded: 43 x 7 x 22 inches
Folded: 43 x 7 x 11.5 inches
HornBuilt-in bell
Water ResistanceIPX5

Portability & Weight

The Fluid Mosquito is one of the most compact electric scooters on the market, at 29 pounds and folding down to a minuscule 13 in x 6 in x 42 in (incorporating its own carrying strap into the design). A telescoping stem and folding handlebars further bring the Mosquito down to size.  

Mosquitodashboard 650x min

Speed, Power & Range

As a dual-motor ultraportable scooter, the Mosquito is bound to be fast, and it is, pushing a tested maximum speed of 28 mph on level ground. With a combined 700 watts to conquer hills, it can outperform nearly every competitor. This is a truly rare example of the struggle between weight and power in which, miraculously, both win.

Range does not suffer either, despite the relatively lightweight, 460Wh battery. The scooter promises over 20 miles on a single charge and it delivers, conditions depending, at least in the upper teens. 

Mosquitorear 650x min

Braking, Handling & Ride Quality

The Mosquito might qualify for many as the best lightweight scooter, with its dual brakes, consisting of a rear drum brake and front regenerative brake that extends range (and a redundant stomp brake on the rear fender in case of panic or power failure). But no scooter can be all things to all riders, and ride quality on the Mosquito takes a hit due to its solid tires. 

While a front-and-rear spring suspension system dampens vibration, solid tires will never perform as well on rough pavement as pneumatic. Nonetheless, on smooth pavement, the Mosquito feels rock solid, and with its large deck and adjustable stem height, it’s also great for larger, taller riders, with enough power to carry those over 250 pounds without lagging, a rare feat indeed for an ultra-portable electric scooter named after a Mosquito.

Mosquitofoldingmechanism 650x min

Additional Features

The Fluid Mosquito’s cockpit and overall styling feel a little underwhelming but its high build quality, dual motors, and ultra-portability make up for this shortcoming. It is probably the most powerful ultra-portable you can buy.

Fluid Mosquito Pros

  • Fast and powerful dual motors
  • Ultraportable

Fluid Mosquito Cons

  • Solid tires can make for a rough ride



UScooters GT Sport


GT Sport 1 1 min

The UScooters GT Sport has some incredible portability features on par with its very few competitors in the ultra-portable, dual motor segment. It folds down to the same tiny dimensions and boasts the same just-under-30-pound weight and built-in carry strap as the Fluid Mosquito, thanks to ET-WOW’s basic design principles.

Angle1 Black Lightcopy 07988546 d663 4fa1 b41a 26c5399650ff 2000x 1 min

UScooter GT Sport Specs

MotorBrushless DC 350W Motor x 2
Battery10.5Ah Li-ion battery
Charge Time4-5 hrs
Range31 miles (49.8 km)
Max Speed28 mph (45 kph)
Climbing Range10 degrees
Braking Systemelectronic , regenerative braking; rear drum and rear step on brake
Tire Type8 in x 2 in (20.3 cm x 5 cm) solid tires
SuspensionDual spring based suspension
LightingFront and rear LED
Max Load275 lbs (125 kg)
Scooter Weight29 lbs (13.6 kg)
Product MaterialAluminum
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded: 43 x 7 x 22 inches
Folded: 43 x 7 x 11.5 inches
HornBuilt-in bell
Water ResistanceIPX5

Portability & Weight

UScooter’s GT Sport’s folding mechanism is unique to E-TWOW/UScooter models, however: a very sturdy, one-click latch that folds the stem down and locks it to the fender. Couldn’t be easier.

It’s hard to improve upon this form factor for an ultra-portable electric scooter, except with air-filled tires, which would likely push its weight over 30 pounds. But these kinds of trade-offs are part of what makes shopping for a compact, portable folding electric scooter something of a challenge. There are more than a handful of great options on the market, even from UScooters themselves. But none of them can do everything perfectly.

Speed, Power & Range

Few ultra-portable electric scooters come with dual motors, and the GT Sport’s incorporation of two 350-watt motors should, ideally, make it not only fast but also more powerful over hills than its lightweight competitors, including ultra-portable, dual-motor scooters like the Unagi Model One E500.

In meeting these expectations, the GT Sport succeeds on nearly all fronts, though the Model One is, surprisingly, still a slightly better hill climber. The GT Sport is fast, achieving a tested speed of 30 mph with ease. It uses the same E-TWOW controller as the Fluid Mosquito, which means smooth and reliable acceleration, but it’s even faster.

The GT Sport does fall short in the range department, and is not a scooter you’ll want to take on long-range rides in any case.

Braking, Handling & Ride Quality

The GT Sport triples up on the brakes, with a front regenerative brake, rear drum brake, and a stomp brake on the rear fender. All of these combined provide decent stopping power in most dry conditions, though you won’t want to ride the GT Sport on uneven or wet roads since its 8-inch solid tires lack traction and shock absorption. As an ultra-compact urban commuter, the scooter succeeds admirably.

In any other category, the GT Sport faces stiff competition from scooters with pneumatic tires or wider handlebars. The GT Sport’s handlebars are quite close together and can make handling a challenge.

The long deck, however–although low to the ground–allows for a wider stance than most ultra-portables, and the stem is adjustable to two different heights, giving taller riders a back-saving adjustment.

Angle1 Gray Lightcopy 1 bbcaa6ce d53b 42b2 8207 4e95223c5903 2000x 1 min

Additional Features

UScooter’s GT Sport is not a premium electric scooter, lacks a solid lighting profile, and doesn’t wow on the style front, but it does what it does very well. From its uncluttered cockpit, full color display, and powerful dual motor design, to its ultra-compact frame, durable build quality, and long range (thanks to light weight and regenerative braking), it’s hard to ask for more except an app. Luckily, UScooters has now added Bluetooth support for the E-TWOW mobile app, making a great scooter even better.

UScooter GT Sport Pros

  • Very fast
  • Super compact
  • Bluetooth compatible

UScooter GT Sport Cons

  • Needs additional lighting for riding at night
  • Solid wheels don’t absorb bumps  


Josh Jones


Josh is a writer, electric vehicle fanatic, avid cyclist, and all around gearhead.