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Levy Original Electric Scooter Review

Holly Darani
3 August 2021


Equipped with a removable/replaceable battery back as one of the stand-out features, the Levy Original electric scooter offers a top speed of 18 mph and a range of up to 10 miles

Electric scooters have been legalised in several cities across the globe, leading to a boom in production. Most notable is the surge of new models in the entry-level and budget categories.  One of the new players with a real stand-out presence in the budget level category is the Levy Electric Scooter.

The scooter debuted in 2018 as Levy’s entry-level model. This premiere model by Levy immediately made headlines, with the convenient replaceable battery stealing the show. This feature allows riders to seamlessly remove their battery and charge it more conveniently, or replace it with a backup battery for a prolonged range.

Levy electric scooters are well-designed to offer great portability, range, affordability, and, most importantly, safety. We’ve reviewed this scooter, and here’s everything you need to know.

LEVY Original – The Lowdown

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Levy Electric made its debut in 2018 as a direct-to-consumer electric scooter brand. With their shining star, The Levy Original electric scooter, they quickly gained popularity as a dependable and efficient scooter brand manufacturer. In just one year, the scooter hit a significant milestone by entering the rental scooter market (2019), which spoke volumes to the premium build quality and reliability factor of their model- after all, rental models should be able to sustain immense abuse since not all renters will take good care of the scooter.

The Levy Original scooter is a gorgeous scooter constructed with premium materials. Simply glancing at the scooter does not give you the impression of a “budget scooter”, but the scooter is priced at £370/$500, which is squarely in the cheaper options scooter offerings. The stellar performance and incredible ride quality further solidify the scooter’s running for the best budget scooter.

Levy electric scooters’ stand-out feature is their well-designed and solidly built removable battery pack, rarely seen in most electric scooters, let alone mass scooters. This option gives you extended mileage, which accounts for a worry-free riding and also diversifies your charging options. The different speed modes and cruise control also make for a comfortable and safe ride experience for both novice and experienced riders alike.

At its price tag, the Levy electric scooter provides excellent value for money. But don’t take our word for it; read on for a more detailed review of this brilliant innovation by Levy Electric.

LEVY Original Specifications

Motor350 W nominal (700 W peak)
Battery36 V 6.4 Ah (230 Wh) Panasonic battery, removable
Charge Time2 to 3 hours
Single-Charge Mileage15 mi (24 km) in ECO mode, 8-10 mi (13-16 km) in Sports Modecondition)
Max Speed18 mph / 29 km/h
Climbing Range10 degrees
Braking SystemMechanical disc brake in the rear; regenerative electric brake in front and rear foot brake
LightingLED headlight and taillight/brake light
Max Load104 kg / 230 lb
Scooter Weight12 kg / 27 lb
Product MaterialAviation Grade Aluminium Alloy
Folding Handlebar6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Folding Steering Tube6082-T6 alloy aviation grade frame and handle.

SCM440 Shaft with steel and plastic covers
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded- 106 x 42 x 116.6 cm

Folded- 106 x 42 x 45 cm
Water ResistanceIP54

LEVY Original Video


Here is a Levy electric scooter review video showing a complete rundown of the scooter’s performance (top speed and range), build quality, portability, and ride comfort, among other features.

LEVY Original Pros

tickicon Attractive, sleek design with premium build quality

tickicon Functional and efficient cruise control

tickicon Powerful motor rated at 700W max. output

tickicon IP54 Water-Resistance

tickicon Removable/Replaceable Li-Ion battery

LEVY Original Cons

red Handlebars do not fold in

red The large diameter stem makes it a little challenging to carry

red Lacks off-road functionality

red No suspension


LEVY Original Summary

The Levy electric scooter falls in the standard budget level electric scooter class with a price tag of about £370/ $500. However, the scooter is a class above most budget scooters with its sleek design, premium build quality, performance (top speed and hill-climbing), and extra features, notably a removable battery.

The Levy electric scooter design strikes a balance between sleekness and utilitarianism. It stands out from the crowd of monotone electric scooters with a choice of green, blue, or red accents. With this scooter, you’ve got three colour options to choose from; black with turquoise accents, black with red accents, and blue accents with a silver front post to match your taste and style.

The scooter’s construction oozes quality with the frame constructed from aviation aluminium alloy, making the scooter sturdy, lightweight, and durable. The scooter can accommodate riders weighing up to 230lbs (104Kg), slightly higher than models such as the Hiboy Max and Xiaomi M365.

Levy electric scooter is fitted with a 350W front motor which peaks out at 700W, propelling the scooter to a top speed of 18 mph in Sport mode. The scooter integrates three-speed modes: Beginner, Eco, or Sport mode, making it suitable for both experienced and novice scooter riders. The motor offers smooth, non-jerky acceleration that is quicker than some dual-motor models. Additionally, the scooter can effortlessly conquer 5-10 degrees but loses power in steeper hills, especially with heavier riders.

The scooter’s range varies greatly depending on the terrain, riding mode, rider’s weight, and inclination. However, Levy claims that the 36 V 6.4 Ah (230 Wh) Panasonic battery can provide a range of 12 miles in Eco mode and 10 miles in sport mode. When compared to other budget scooters, the range is slightly lacklustre.

However, what’s most exciting about the Levy scooter is its unique feature-a removable battery pack. The battery, fitted in the stem, can be seamlessly removed and replaced with a backup battery to extend the range. The battery charges in under 3 hours, which is a plus considering most standard e-scooters have an average charge time of 4-6 hours. The removable battery pack comes in handy to prolong the range (you can double up the range by carrying replacement batteries) and provide charging convenience.

Despite the lack of a suspension, the Levy electric scooter is comfortable for rides thanks to its 8.5-inch pneumatic tubeless tyres. The tyres offer sufficient traction on typical urban roads even in wet conditions and cushions riders from vibrations and impacts when riding over pavement cracks, bumps, and uneven surfaces. It’s very smooth to ride the scooter over paved surfaces. However, off-road riding isn’t recommended owing to the small tyres.

In addition to the pneumatic air-filled tires, the ride quality is further compounded by the spacious deck with a length of 18 inches and 6 inches wide. The deck is raised about 5 inches from the ground, offering sufficient ground clearance to go over road obstacles such as bumps comfortably. The handlebar is rounded with silicone grips, providing adequate control over your scooter.

Constructed with aviation-grade aluminium, the Levy Scooter is amazingly lightweight, weighing 27 pounds. Besides, it folds down into a compact package, allowing for ease in portability. You can comfortably carry it over short distances or store it in compact spaces such as your closet or car boot. With a lightweight and foldable frame allowing for seamless portability, the Levy scooter is a top contender for the best commuting scooter on a budget.

In terms of safety, one of the most critical aspects of an electric scooter, the Levy electric scooter combines electronic and mechanical braking (a rear disc brake, back fender brake, and front e-brakes), ensuring riders come to a smooth and precise stop. If you need to ride your scooter at night, you can comfortably do so due to the LED headlights and taillights that offer maximum visibility at night.

Overall, the Levy scooter is a well-rounded scooter available on a budget. The scooter is powerful, comfortable to ride, safe, and portable. What’s more, it comes with premium add-ons, including an LED display, cruise control, in-built bell, and IP54 water resistance rating.


Performance Overview

The Levy electric scooter outdoes most budget scooters regarding performance. Powered by a front-wheel drive, 350W motor (700W peak motor), the scooter zips off at 18 mph in Sports mode. The motor feels torquey and accelerates smoothly with no annoying jerks. You won’t have any problem attaining the top speed and feeling the thrill that comes with riding the scooter. At 18 mph maximum speed, the Levy electric scooter is one of the fastest budget scooters.

The acceleration is surprisingly smooth and fast, giving the dual-motor Unagi sufficient competition. The zippy little scooter accelerates from 0 to 15mph in just about 6 seconds- a few seconds faster than the popular Xiaomi M365. Additionally, with 700W peak power, the Levy electric scooter can climb hills of up to 10 degrees. Past 10 degrees, the scooter may substantially lose power leading to a decrease in performance, especially for heavier riders.

The braking system is very powerful, with a braking distance of under 7 meters from 15mph to 0 mph, within the average braking distance for most budget scooters.

The 36 V 6.4 Ah (230 Wh) Panasonic battery offers a range of 15 mi (25 km) in ECO mode, 8-10 mi (13-16 km) in Sports mode. The range is pretty low compared to scooters in the price category. On the brighter side, though, the battery can easily be replaced in seconds to prolong the range. To put this in context, you can carry a backup battery (or two or three) in your backpack to extend the range if you’re going for longer trips.

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Top Speed & Acceleration

The Levy electric scooter has a top speed of 18 mph (30.6 kph). The maximum speed can only be achieved when the scooter is switched to Sport mode. The Levy is one of the fastest commuting scooters at this speed, with plenty of models in this category having an average top speed of 15 mph and below.

For the acceleration, the scooter has a highly responsive throttle with smooth, non-jerky acceleration. Simply push down the ergonomic throttle using your thumb in zero start mode, and off you go with punchy acceleration. Additionally, there is no delay in acceleration pickup. Even at full throttle, the scooter’s acceleration is surprisingly quiet- you won’t have to keep up with annoying creepy kink noise from the motor.

Hill climbing is another crucial aspect to consider when shopping for a scooter, especially if you reside in hilly areas. Levy claims that its Original electric scooter can comfortably climb 5-10 degree hills. Above this, the scooter loses power and appears to struggle. The scooter’s gradeability is dependent on several factors, including the rider’s weight and battery juice.

Controls & Display

The Levy electric scooter has an abundance of controls and a very bright display at the centre of the handlebar. You’ll find the rubberised thumb throttle on the right side of the handlebar, with the power button and mode toggle button attached to its housing. Using the power and mode toggle buttons conveniently placed on the thumb throttle housing, you can seamlessly change the riding mode from Eco to Sport (and vice versa), turn the headlight on/off, or even turn on the cruise control feature to maintain a consistent speed during long rides.

On the left side of the handlebar, you’ll find the brake lever and an integrated bell. An intuitive and super-bright LCD display is placed at the centre of the handlebar. The display console hardly takes up space and measures about 2 inches in diameter. It informs you of your speed, gear mode, mileage, system errors and battery state of charge. The display can be read even under direct sunlight.

There are different scooter functions activated by pressing the menu buttons on the Levy Electric Scooter as follows:

  • To power on/off the scooter,  press on the power button for at least 2 seconds.
  • To alternate between the different gear modes, press on the function key once. Do this till you achieve your desired mode; Beginner (no character indicator), Eco (white characters) or Sports mode (red characters).
  • To turn on the headlights, double tap on the function button in rapid succession. Notably, the taillight is always on. When both lights are on, it is possible to shut down both lights, including the tail light, by double-tapping on the function button.
  • Maintain a constant speed for about 6 six seconds, and a beep sound will alert you that the scooter is riding on cruise control. Engaging the brakes or throttle while on this mode deactivates the cruise control.

Battery Life & Range 

The Levy electric scooter has a manufacturer-claimed range of 15 miles (25 km) in ECO mode, 8-10 miles (13-16 km) in Sports Mode. Expect a slightly reduced range in real-world situations depending on your weight, speed, terrain, inclination, and riding mode.

The scooter is fitted with a 36 V 6.4 Ah (230 Wh) Panasonic battery encased in the stem for the battery. The battery can seamlessly be removed and swapped with a backup battery (purchased separately) for an extended range- say goodbye to range anxiety. As a mass electric scooter, Levy had to ensure that the removable battery process was seamless without involving complex processes and tools like Segway’s Ninebot ES4. The process is straightforward- Flip open the display console to access the storage area and pull out the ribbon attached to the top-facing end of the 1.36 Kg battery.

The removable battery feature comes with extra benefits and is gaining popularity with riders, as seen on the Swagtron SG7. You get control over your range by carrying the number of extra battery packs that you feel would power the length of your journey- it only costs you about £100/ $139 per battery. Additionally, the swappable battery system allows convenience in charging as it can be charged independently. Further, the removable battery feature guarantees you long life since you don’t have to purchase a new scooter once the battery starts to deplete. The battery is light, and carrying it in your travel bag will not affect your payload significantly.

The Levy scooter is one of the few budget electric scooters with a removable and swappable battery, providing plenty of benefits. Better still, the battery charges in under 3 hours, faster than the average charging time of budget scooters, i.e., 4-6 hours. Even better, the regenerative braking recharges the battery on the go, adding to your scooter’s range. Levy has further instituted a backup feature in the event that one runs out of battery power and does not have a replacement at hand- the scooter can also be used as a standard kickscooter.

Motor Configuration

The Levy electric scooter is fitted with a front-wheel-drive motor producing 350W nominal power and 700W peak power. The motor propels the scooter to a top speed of 18 mph in Sport mode and 15 mph in ECO mode. The Levy electric scooter offers sufficient torque for 5-10% hill inclines based on different factors such as rider’s weight and battery charge.

Construction & Build Quality

Levy is one of the top scooter manufacturers today, so you should expect top-notch construction with premium build quality. The scooter boasts of a sleek, minimalist design with a two-tone colour finish that certifies its elegance. Riders will have to get used to the few wire protrusions, but Levy has them routed in a way that does not interfere with riding. The frame is constructed with aviation-grade aluminium alloy, keeping the overall weight at a minimum and making the scooter sturdy and stable even at extreme speeds. This further ensures the scooter’s durability.

The scooter’s construction integrates an easy folding mechanism at the front and a safety lock for easy transportation. The plastic covers on the rear and front fender are not very strong, and might crack or break if exposed to rough handling. The scooter also features a robust kickstand that might be a little too long as it takes a few tries to find a comfortable parking position.


Regrettably, the Levy scooter doesn’t come with suspension. Nonetheless, the 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres stand in to absorb most of the track shocks. Unless you’re keen to notice, the absence of suspensions is barely felt as the scooter delivers a smooth ride experience.

Ride Quality

For a scooter that doesn’t have any suspension, the Levy scooter rides exceptionally well. It offers surprisingly smooth and comfortable rides on paved terrains. The 8.5-inch tubed pneumatic tires provide sufficient damping and absorb vibrations on the riding track. The scooter even outdoes other budget e-scooters with suspensions, notably the Hiboy MAX V2 that features solid tires and dual suspension. Overall, the ride quality is impressive on typical urban roads but poor on off-road terrains.

The handlebars are narrow, which affects the ride comfort. However, the rubberised grips ensure that your hold is firm enough to improve the experience. Additionally, the handlebar height is accommodative of short and tall riders alike. The extra spacious deck will allow for perpendicular standing and is covered with rubber to allow for a more sturdy stance.

The high mounted headlight, rear lights and reflectors allow for safe riding in low light conditions. The safety is further complemented by the presence of a bell, which is unfortunately inaudible to road users at a distance.

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The Levy electric scooter boasts a triple braking system encompassing the front E-ABS regenerative brake, a rear foot brake, and the rear disc brake. The scooter’s braking system is so cleverly designed, one lever will activate both the rear disc brake and regenerative brake. The lever features an electronic sensor, which allows it to control both mechanisms. A slight pull on this single handle activates just your regen brakes, while pulling down further engages both the front regen e-brake and rear disc brake.

When the battery runs out of juice, power to the motor is completely cut, which renders the front electronic brake useless. However, with the scooter’s ability to function as a kick scooter, you can continue on your journey. Levy also added a fender brake, which supplements the disc brake in such events. With the triple braking system, you’re guaranteed to stop even if the primary brakes (disc brake and regenerative electronic brake) fail. The triple braking system allows for quick, precise, and smooth stopping.


Weighing 27 pounds (12.2Kg), the Levy is one of the lightest budget scooters. The scooter features a fully foldable stem, which folds to 106 centimetres by 42 centimetres by 45 centimetres. The Levy’s folding mechanism is straightforward, encompassing a metal lever and an additional safety collar. To fold the scooter, you simply need to pull the safety collar to the side, then bring down the metal lever. The stem consists of a hook that attaches to the rear fender, locking it in a folded position for easy carrying. Once folded, the scooter is compact enough to fit in the boot of a car or in small spaces.

The combination of lightweight structure and folding frame makes the Levy highly portable. As such, it fits the description of a commuter scooter. Folding and carrying this scooter is a breeze, and you shouldn’t have any problem unless you have small hands owing to the thick stem. In essence, the Levy is designed for easy carrying, storage, and portability.

Water Resistance

The Levy electric scooter is rated IP54, meaning that it can withstand light showers and dust. As such, it’s safe to ride in wet conditions, perhaps when you’re caught up in the rain or riding through water puddles. However, please note that the scooter cannot handle a full submersion, and it can quickly get damaged.


The Levy Original electric scooter comes with dual lights: a single LED headlight and a rear LED taillight. The headlight is not the brightest, but provides sufficient forward illumination to cover the immediate track distance. The tail light is always on; however, the brake light function is activated once you hit the brakes and blinks to alert trailing traffic of your intent to slow down or stop. The Levy features reflectors on the side for further enhanced safety during night riding.


The Levy electric scooter features pneumatic tubeless tyres, rarely seen in budget electric scooters these days. Most manufacturers are moving to airless tyres, which benefit from no flats but don’t offer sufficient shock absorption. The 8.5’’ tubed pneumatic (air-filled) tyres on the Levy electric scooter provides optimal shock absorption enabling riders to ride over bumps, potholes, and pavement cracks without intense vibrations.

In addition to absorbing the small vibrations, the tyres offer good traction even on wet roads, making the scooter safe to ride in all weather conditions. However, unlike solid tires,  they are susceptible to flats. Have a bottle of tyre sealant at hand to deal with those pesky punctures, or acquire a set of spare tyres. Notably, for optimal riding, the manufacturer recommends a PSI of 50-60.


The Levy deck is extra spacious, providing 18’’ length by 6’’ of deck real estate. Depending on your shoe size, you can comfortably stand on the deck with both feet in a perpendicular direction. The deck offers about 13 cm of ground clearance with a handlebar height that caters to riders of up to a height of 6.5 feet. The deck is also coated with thick rubber to offer good traction and ensure maximum stability when riding.

Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

An upgrade of the popular Hiboy Max electric scooter, the MAX V2 is a hugely reliable scooter in the budget category. The step-fold electric scooter is compact, foldable, and portable to suit your commuting needs. The scooter is ideal for both adults and teens and is the perfect commuting companion for school/work. The scooter checks on safety, performance, ride comfort and affordability. What’s more, replacement parts and accessories are readily available via Hiboy website and Hiboy authorized dealers.

The Hiboy MAX V2 electric scooter comes with 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy, for a 100% refund. The warranty only covers the original buyer and only covers manufacturer’s defects. To ensure that Hiboy honour your warranty, ensure that you purchase your scooter directly from Hiboy or Hiboy authorized dealers like Amazon and Walmart. HiBoy has very supportive customer service that will attend to all your queries and can be contacted via the Hiboy Max app.


The Levy electric scooter doesn’t require much in terms of maintenance. Its remarkable build quality means that it can handle daily use without warping or breaking. Also, since it comes with pneumatic tires, which are susceptible to punctures, you should be keen to inflate it as recommended and learn how to repair flats. Preferably, get a spare tyre to replace it in case of a puncture or keep a bottle of tire slime handy. Some of the routine maintenance practices you can undertake on this scooter include:

  • Clean the scooter regularly
  • Don’t clean the scooter with corrosive detergents or other chemicals
  • Charge the scooter before storing it for a long time
  • Use only the recommended charger to charge your scooter

Known Issues

When designing the V2, Hiboy attempted to sort out some issues reported with the Max.  However, despite the improvements, MAX V2 comes with a few issues as noted:

  • The front springs clank together and rattle when the scooter goes over bumps or rough terrain.
  • The taillight is only activated when using the electronic brake. Engaging the disc brake solely won’t notify other road users you’re braking, which is quite dangerous.
  • Cruise control engages automatically and cannot be disengaged by using mechanical brakes. You need to first use the electronic brakes, then apply the mechanical brakes to completely stop. This is also quite dangerous

Is this Electric Scooter value for money and is it worth buying?

Definitely! The Levy electric scooter is undoubtedly a premium, affordable electric scooter, providing decent performance, good range, remarkable brakes, and excellent safety features. Its most significant selling point is the removable battery, which comes in handy to provide range flexibility. Its value for money is just incredible, with remarkable performance and ride quality not seen in higher-priced models such as the Segway Ninebot ES2 and the Turboant X7. To say the least, the Levy is a worthy buy, especially if you’re considering a budget scooter with a swappable battery that almost no other scooter offers.

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  • Attractive, sleek design with premium build quality
  • Fantastic brakes with effective brakes taillight
  • Functional and efficient cruise control
  • Bright LED display
  • Loses power going uphill
  • The range is pretty low when compared to other electric scooters in its class
  • No suspension
  • Handlebars do not fold in

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