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Kugoo G Max Electric Scooter Review

Nely Hayes
26 January 2024

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One of the most comfortable commuters scooters around that has a max speed of around 22 MPH and a range of up to 22 miles.

The Kugoo G-Max is ideal for the frequent traveller. It is a comfortable ride with lots of neat features that will make your trip that much more enjoyable. We’re specifically referring to three-speed modes (for a smooth and gradual ride), an extra spacious deck for tired and weary feet, and cruise control – need we say more! The Kugoo G-Max is another extension of the Kugoo electric scooter family, made for city-slickers that need a fab ride at a fab price.

Kugoo G-Max Electric Scooter: The Lowdown…

The Kugoo G Max electric scooter is a popular commuter scooter that is steadily growing in popularity for urbanites looking for a smooth ride to get about the city. It is reliable, durable, and sturdy. Three must-have qualities that are essential for frequent trips to and fro. Preferred over its competitors in a similar price range, the Kugoo G-Max is destined to take over when it comes to style, design, power, and comfort. And together with a semi-affordable price tag, you’ve got dynamite in a package with great value in return. So, if you’re looking for a serious-looking scooter that also has a fun side, check out this review to see if the Kugoo G-Max could be the e-scooter for you.  

Kugoo G-Max Specifications

MotorSingle brushless 500W motor
Battery36V 10.4Ah battery pack
Charge Time6-7 hours
Single-Charge Mileage22 miles or 35 km
Max Speed22 MPH / 35km/h
Climbing RangeUp to 15 Degrees (varies depending on charge state and weight of the rider)
Braking SystemElectric double brakes
LightingFront LED headlight and a rear brake light
Max Load220 lbs (100 kg)
Scooter Weight44 lbs. (20 kg)
Product MaterialMagnesium alloy
Tyre TypePneumatic 10 inch tyres
SuspensionNone, but the wide pneumatic tyres help to withstand impacts
Size (L x W x H, cm)Unfolded Size: 119 x 57.5 x 115 (LxWxH)

Folded Size: 119 x 57.5 x 53.5 (LxWxH)
Water ResistanceIP54 water resistance rating

Kugoo G-Max Review Video

Take a look at this review of the Kugoo G-Max by Martijn Wester as he unpacks what this electric scooter is all about.

Kugoo G-max Pros

tickicon Has an incredibly sturdy and stable design

tickicon Comes with integrated app functionality

tickicon The deck is extremely spacious 

tickicon Has an impeccable braking system 

tickicon Inventive folding system allows for quick and easy folding

tickicon Front-wheel-drive with enhanced motor responsive power


Hiboy MAX3 Cons

red Display lighting could be brighter 

red The kickstand is a bit fiddly to get right

red The brake light could be bigger and brighter



Kugoo G-Max Summary

The Kugoo G-Max could fit right into any futuristic sci-fi flick without hesitation. Slim-lined and elegantly designed, this scooter is no diamond in the rough. It’s just the opposite – it’s a polished looking e-scooter that is smartly designed with the frequent traveller in mind. Did I mention that it’s also got excellent torque with its 500 Watt front motor, can travel a reliable distance, and is as sturdy as ever? The Kugoo G-Max is a crowd-pleaser, no doubt. It has all the essential features that you might expect from an e-scooter of this calibre, plus a few exciting added extras that you probably weren’t expecting, such as handy app functionality, cruise control, a USB port, an insanely spacious deck with excellent grip, and more. The scooter itself is solidly built, with an ultra-stable stem and large, grippy tyres that provide suspension all on their own. The G-Max is just one of those try it and be surprised by its electric scooters. Designed to surpass expectations, the G-Max pushes the limits in all the right ways!

Kugoo G-Max electric scooter side view

Top Speed & Acceleration

The G-Max electric scooter can accelerate up to a smooth speed of 22 MPH. Simply engage the motor by pressing down on the throttle button to build up speedy momentum. 

    Hill Climbing

    Again, the Kugoo G-Max is a commuter e-scooter, so don’t expect to be smashing excessive hilly inclines while out and about. That said, the G-Max can scale gradients of up to 15 degrees, so if you regularly encounter the odd hill here or there on your commutes – just know that this scooter has sufficient uphill power.

    Battery & Range

    The Kugoo G-Max has an efficient 36V, 10.4 Ah lithium-ion battery with a fairly standard battery recharge time of up to 7 hours. As a side note, lithium-ion batteries are a modern take on the conventional lead-acid batteries previously used in electric scooters. Considered more energy-efficient and longer-lasting, lithium-ion batteries are the premium alternative for sure.

    Motor Configuration

    A single 500W motor sits in the front wheel of this scooter. Not only are brushless motors significantly quieter than its heavier counterpart, but they are more energy-efficient too. Furthermore, the front-wheel-drive design of the e-scooter gives it a strong driving force in the front of the scooter, which gives the scooter better forward momentum and torque.

      Kugoo G-max electric scooter folded

      Performance Overview

      The Kugoo G- Max is considered one of the best electric scooters if you want a fast, reliable, and comfortable scooter. The G-Max was made for the regular commuter who needs to hop on and hop off at short notice. It, therefore, has an acceptable travel distance of 22 miles and a maximum speed of 22 MPH or 35km h, which is what you’d typically expect from an electric scooter made for shorter trips around the city. However, this e-scooter is your average electric scooter by any means – it has excellent torque coming from a 500W motor, smooth speed and acceleration with three-speed modes and cruise control, is incredibly sturdy, and is incredibly sturdy amazingly comfortable with an exceptionally wide deck. Kugoo get that safety is paramount, and that is why this electric scooter features a dual braking system, ensuring that you can stop quickly and safely, especially when going at top speeds. And an innovative app ensures that the Kugoo G-Max is not left behind in the world of technology. The app is so epic that you can activate cruise control, remotely lock and unlock your scooter, as well as view various settings such as speed and battery status, all with the touch of a button. As far as suspension goes, the Kugoo G-Max relies on its solid and wide 10-inch wear-resistant tyres that handle irregular surfaces like a pro. Performance-wise, the G-Max is full-on!

      Construction & Quality

      So this is where it gets really interesting with this electric scooter. Instead of being constructed with aluminium alloy (which is what you’re likely to find with the majority of electric scooters out there), the Kugoo G-Max is made from magnesium alloy. The benefits? Magnesium alloy is lighter than aluminium alloy and can withstand more impact. This scooter is also amazingly sturdy and can accommodate a maximum load of up to 220 lbs. (100 kg).

      Kugoo G-Max electric scooter brake

      Suspension & Comfort

      Even though this electric scooter doesn’t come with your conventional shock absorbers, its pneumatic tyres serve as a shock absorber system. In this case, simplicity like this just works for a smoother and more pleasant ride overall.

      Ride Quality

      The ride quality of the Kugoo G-Max is pretty much all you could ask for if you’re a regular commuter in need of a solid and stable mode of transportation. Exceptional construction consisting of a fixed and sturdy stem, a wider than wide non-slippy deck, variable speed modes, and big tyres make for pure riding pleasure.

      Kugoo G-Max electric scooter display


      The Kugoo G-Max has a bright front LED light in front, reflector lights on the rear fender, and a single brake light above the rear wheel. However, the brake light is a bit inconspicuous, so it may be best to wear reflective clothing as an added safety precaution at night.


      This Kugoo scooter has excellent braking power with its efficient electronic brake system. You can activate the front electric brake and rear disc brake by pressing down on the brake lever on the handlebar for double the stopping power, or you could use the mechanical foot brake on the rear. Interestingly, disc brakes are some of the best brakes available, as they are highly efficient on both wet and dry surfaces.

      Kugoo G-Max electric scooter handles


      The folding mechanism is cleverly designed and is one of the most intriguing features of this electric scooter. All you need do is twist the red attachment to ‘on’ and move the pipe up and over the ‘on’ sign. Once done, the stem will be movable, enabling you to fold it securely in place to transport it to where you need it to go next. However, don’t be surprised if you can’t lug it around for long distances at a time, as this scooter is semi-heavy-ish (weighing in at 44 lbs.) and is not your average pick-up and go lightweight electric scooter.

      Kugoo G-Max electric scooter tyres


      The 10-inch wear-resistant tyres of the G-Max ensure a greater surface coverage, which means more stability and increased agility. Also, the air-filled tyres of the G-Max play a huge part in ramping up the suspension properties of this electric scooter. Consequently, suspension of this kind should be ample for different road surface conditions. 


      The deck of the Kugoo G-Max is its other significant advantage! It is 7.9 inches of supreme comfort. Grippy and impressively wide, the deck of the Kugoo G-Max is a dream to stand on as you can stand sturdily with both feet side by side instead of one in front of the other.

      Controls & Display

      The controls and display of the Kugoo G-Max are intuitively designed and are user-friendly for when you want to see important stats such as speed, gear, battery life, as well as a clear depiction of the position of your wheels at any given time. Conveniently situated next to the LED display, you’ll find the power button, throttle, and headlight button. On the left-hand side is where you’ll find the brake lever and an attention-grabbing bell. It also has a perfectly integrated Smart app control feature to control and view settings straight off your smartphone.

      Water Resistance

      This scooter has an IP54 water resistance rating and is resistant to water splashes and even the occasional drizzle. However, what it’s not suited for is thunderstorms or heavy downpours.

      Warranty & Customer Support

      The Kugoo G-Max has a standard 12-month warranty on non-electrical components, a 6-month warranty on the battery, and a 14-day money-back guarantee. On the whole, Kugoo offers additional customer support should you encounter any issues regarding the warranty process.


      The Kugoo G-Max is a dream to maintain, with decidedly minimal maintenance requirements. Apart from the standard maintenance recommendations that you’ll find for most scooters (such as checking the tyre pressure and ensuring that the scooter is assembled correctly), the G-Max is a hassle-free e-scooter that doesn’t require much upkeep at all.

      Kugoo G-Max: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?

      For $758 or £549, the Kugoo G-Max is a reasonably priced electric scooter. Whether it is value for money or worth buying will depend on your needs and your expectations. If you’re looking for a) a commuter scooter that will b) get you around reliably, then this scooter is well worth the bucks you’ll be paying for it. 

      • Incredibly sturdy and stable design
      • Comes with integrated app functionality
      • Deck is extremely spacious
      • Impeccable braking system
      • Inventive folding system
      • Display lighting could be brighter
      • The kickstand is a bit fiddly to get right
      • The brake light could be bigger and brighter

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