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KQi Air X

Holly Darani
24 January 2024

Fully crafted from carbon fibre, this scooter weighs only 25.8 lb (11.7 kg) with a maximum speed of 25 km/hr and a spectacular range of 50 km.


NIU, a major name in the world of electric scooters, has recently unveiled its latest wonders: the NIU KQi Air and the standout NIU KQi Air X. These aren’t your usual scooters – they’re super light and incredibly portable. While both of them are spectacular, the KQi Air X, in particular, takes lightness to a whole new level.

Built entirely from a carbon fibre frame, this scooter barely tips the scales at 25.8 lb (11.7 kg). For a ride that can zoom at 25 km/hr and cover a whopping 50 km distance in a single charge, that’s quite impressive. Plus, it’s great for heavier riders as it can support up to 120 kg in weight. 

Keep reading to know more about the NIU KQi Air X electric scooter. This detailed full review highlights all the spectacular features of this new lightweight scooter, along with its pros and cons. 

The Lowdown

Along with the KQi Air X, NIU also released the KQi Air, its sibling. So, what’s the difference between the two scooters, and which is better?

Both these new scooters are made with carbon fibre— the super light stuff. The Air boasts about 70% carbon in its build, while the Air X goes all-in with a full carbon deck, stem, and handlebars, making it a tad lighter at 11.7 kgs. Compared to it, the Air is a little heavier at 11.9 kgs.

Apart from their weight, they have all the same features. Both pack a punch with a 350W motor that can boost up to 700W when needed. They also have the same range and top speed of 50 km and 25 km/hr. 

Now, here’s the twist—almost everything’s the same except for the carbon bit. But there’s a huge price difference. The Air X is around €350 more expensive than the Air.

So, if you’re up for spending more, the Air X is the top pick. But the Air is just as good if you’re not in the mood to splurge. It’s not full carbon and weighs a little more but also gets the job done.


MaterialCarbon Fiber Frame
Hill Climb20%
Top Speed25km/h Max Range: 50km
Max Power700W Battery: 451.2 Wh
Handlebars54 cm
Tyres9.5" Tubeless Tyres
BrakingMechanical Disc Brake and Regen. Braking
LightsTurn signals, Ambient Light, Rear and Front Halo Lights
Min. Rider Age14+
Max Rider Weight120 Kgs
App IntegrationNIU Smart App
Folded Dimensions48.0cm (18.9 inches) x 113.9cm (44.9 inches) x 19.0cm (7.5 inches)
Unfolded Dimensions118.6cm (46.7in) x 113.9cm (44.9in) x 19.0cm (7.5in)



tickicon Easy to carry as it weighs only 11.7 kg

tickicon Spectacular maximum top speed and range of 25 km/hr and 50 km, respectively

tickicon Features a powerful motor with 700W peak power.

tickicon Handles up to 20% gradient hills effortlessly.

tickicon Equipped with 9.5-inch stable tubeless tyres that are puncture-proof. 

tickicon Mechanical disc and regenerative braking for added safety

tickicon Convenient app control with the NIU Smart App 



red Very expensive 

red No suspension

red The display is easily scratched 

red App drains phone battery 

Performance Overview

The KQi Air X is quite a versatile and durable scooter. It hits a top speed of 25 km/hr, giving you a decent pace for cruising around town. And as for the battery capacity— it’s quite impressive. With a max power of 700W, it covers up to 50 km on a single charge, thanks to its innovative LG battery technology.

Moreover, the scooter’s braking system includes a mechanical disc brake and regenerative brakes, ensuring reliable stops while charging the battery for extended rides.

Speaking of comfort, the wide handlebars and deck with a 75° tilt angle ensure a smooth and comfy ride. And with four riding modes, you can pick the one that suits your mood or journey, whether saving energy, feeling sporty, going dynamic, or simply strolling along.

But what the Air X is best known for is its portability. Crafted fully from carbon fibre, it weighs only 11.7 kg, making it easy to carry.

Overall, this scooter packs quite a punch with its range and covers all the essential features for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

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Top Speed and Acceleration

The KQi Air X has a top speed of 25 km/hr, which is decent for zipping around town or cruising through neighbourhoods. But let’s talk about the way you hit that speed. Instead of a full-twist throttle, this scooter goes for a half-twist throttle for acceleration. Now, this is a game-changer.

Why? Well, with the half twist, you can keep all your fingers safely wrapped around the handlebar, giving you more stability. Plus, it’s much easier to control—twisting your hand is more precise than moving your thumb up and down. 

Hill Climbing

This e-scooter can handle climbing hills at a 20% gradient, which is awesome. This means it can tackle those inclines without breaking a sweat, making your ride smoother and allowing you to explore hilly areas without hassle.

Battery Life and Range

The KQi Air X is a champ in battery life and range. This scooter can go up to 50 km on a single charge with its 48V Lithium-ion battery that features the NIU Energy Battery Management System. This combo gives the scooter an extended battery life and ensures efficient power use. Plus, if you need to recharge, it’s pretty quick. You can get the battery up and running in just 5 hours—ready for your next adventure in no time.

Motor Configuration

The KQI Air X’s motor is pretty cool. It’s rated at 350W, but it can actually push up to 700W when needed. So, what does this mean for you? It’s like having an extra boost when you require more power, making your rides smoother and giving you that extra oomph when you need it most.

Construction and Build Quality

The frame is made from a fancy material called Premium PYROFIL TR50S15L Carbon Fiber, which is about three times stronger than aluminium. This stuff is seriously tough. It’s extremely strong but doesn’t weigh a ton, making this an exceptionally light scooter that’s robust too.


Alright, so the KQi Air X rolls on some pretty nifty 9.5-inch tubeless tyres. Being tubeless means they’re less likely to get punctured, which is a big win. You know those annoying moments when a nail ruins your ride? Well, these tyres say ‘bye-bye’ to that hassle.

Plus, they’re just the right size to handle different terrains smoothly, giving you a stable and comfy ride. 


There’s no suspension system on this scooter. But the tubeless tyres do a decent job soaking up some of the bumps and shocks from the road, making your ride not too bumpy or uncomfortable. 


The braking system on the KQI Air X includes both a mechanical disc brake and a regenerative brake. The Mechanical Disc Brake ensures reliable and smooth braking, giving you control and confidence when you need to slow down or stop while riding.

Now, the rear Regenerative Braking is pretty smart—it offers enhanced stopping power and, recaptures some of the energy and uses it to charge up the battery. This clever feature helps extend the scooter’s battery life, making your rides more efficient.

Ride Quality

Let’s talk about how smooth and comfy the ride on the KQI Air X feels. First off, the handlebar is nice and wide, making it super easy to steer and stay in control as you cruise around—total game-changer.

Then there’s the wide deck. It gives you more space for your feet and better stability while you’re gliding along, especially with that 75° tilt angle that’s just spot-on for perfect balance and maximum comfort. 

And let’s not forget the riding modes—it’s got four. Whether you’re in the mood for saving some energy with E-Save mood, feeling sporty, going dynamic, or just strolling along like a pedestrian, this scooter’s got you covered for any ride you fancy.


The KQi Air X is your go-to buddy when getting around town hassle-free. It’s made from super fancy carbon fibre, making it among the most lightweight scooters and easy to take anywhere.

The scooter only weighs about 11.7 kg. That’s like carrying a bag of groceries. And here’s the real deal— compared to other scooters in the market, this one’s a whopping 40% lighter.

Plus, folding this lightest electric scooter is a piece of cake. Unlike other standing scooters with complex folding mechanisms, this one has a two-part process with a hook and latch. Plus, there’s even a nifty safety button to keep things extra safe. Oh, and you can tweak how tight it folds by fiddling with a silver screw—easy peasy.


Lights are a big deal on the KQI Air X. At the front, you’ve got a spectacular Halo Light that beams the way ahead, and there are turn signals to keep everyone aware of your moves.  

This scooter even features a backlight and ambient light, adding a touch of style and making you stand out, especially when cruising around at night.

Controls & Display

The LED display on the KQI Air X is seriously cool. It’s bright, seamless, and shows you everything you need at a glance. With just a simple touch, you’ve control over all the features and can easily check out all the important info on the screen.

But wait, there’s more. The NIU App is like having a super-smart sidekick. It has spectacular intelligent features to keep you connected to your scooter and fully in control. It’s all in there, from setting your riding mode to limiting battery charging and checking out your riding stats.

Water Resistance

Keeping it waterproof is key. The KQI Air X has an IP55 rating, making it good at handling water and dust. This rating means it can fend off light water sprays and keep some dust-out. 

Is it Worth Buying?

The KQi Air X is an incredible lightweight scooter. Frankly, we haven’t encountered another e-scooter that’s this light and yet provides such top-notch features. The speed, range, power—everything about this scooter is impressive, and we truly adore it. However, if we were to choose, the KQi Air seems like the smarter purchase. It’s a few hundred pounds cheaper, offers all the same features, and weighs just 0.2 kg more, which is almost unnoticeable.

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  • Sustainable styling is nice (we love it)
  • Wide bamboo deck looks and feels great
  • Massive wheels and chunky tyres give a stable ride
  • Sturdy steel frame is well-made
  • Twist and go scooter is super simple
  • 62.72 lbs (28.5kg) weight makes it super-heavy
  • The scooter doesn't fold down
  • Can be difficult to store if you don't have much space
  • Battery life is poor for bigger riders

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