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Kaabo Mantis Pro Electric Scooter Review

3 July 2021


The Kaabo Mantis Pro is among the most reliable high-end scooters on the market. 

Despite the oversaturation of the high-end electric scooters market, the Kaabo Mantis Pro has managed to stand out as one of the most capable units in terms of speed, range, and overall reliability.The Kaabo Mantis Pro isn’t the most wallet-friendly e-scooter out there; priced slightly higher than most competitor units within its class, but it offers a tremendous deal of value, justifying its comparatively steep price tag.

In this Kaabo Mantis Pro review, we cover everything you need to know about the e-scooter, from its design, speed, and power to its braking, suspension, and overall riding experience. We also made sure to shed light on a few excellent alternatives in case the Mantis Pro doesn’t meet your needs.

Kaabo Mantis Pro Electric Scooter – The Lowdown…

Kaabo Mantis Pro electric scooter

 This electric scooter really does have a lot to offer and it definitely will exceed any expectation of it that you may have. Firstly, dependent on the weight of the rider and the speed you travel at, it can offer you up to 40 miles of range which is super impressive. It means that any trip you or your commute to and from work – can be done even if you don’t live close by.

Also with an impressive top speed of 40 mph – it makes being on this scooter a thrill, especially for those who want more from a scooter. The battery however does take around 8 hours for a complete full charge, but many riders don’t mind this as they love how this scooter operates.


Kaabo Mantis Pro Specifications

Motor2 x 1000w motor
BatteryLG Lithium Ion
Charge Time8 hours
Single-Charge Mileage40 miles / 64 kmh
Max Speed40 mph / 64 kmh
Climbing RangeUp to 35 degrees
Braking SystemFront & Rear Drum brakes
LightingFront & Rear built-in lights
Instrument PanelLED Display - battery level, power mode and speed in mph
Max Load120 kg (264 lbs)
Scooter Weight28 kg (62 lbs)
Product MaterialHigh-grade aluminium
Folding HandlebarUnspecified - Alloy Frame
Folding Steering TubeUnspecified - Alloy Frame
SuspensionRear dual shock absorbers
Size (L x W x H, mm)Unfolded: 127 x 123 x 60 cm

Folded: 127 x 48 x 60 cm
Water ResistanceN/A

Kaabo Mantis Pro Review Video

To start us off, here’s a quick video review on the Kaabo Mantis Pro — showcasing the unboxing, quality check, and some more information and footage of the electric scooter ridden on different roads and surfaces. The video quickly shows how much this scooter has to offer! 


Kaabo Mantis Pro Pros

tickicon  The speed of the scooter is very fast up to 37 mph

tickicon  Excellent value for money for what it has to offer

tickicon  Fantastic hydraulic braking system

tickicon  Portable and lightweight scooter

Kaabo Mantis Pro Cons

red  The scooter needs an improved read mud guard

red  The scooter could have better locking mechanisms

red  Not waterproof

red  The headlights aren’t overly powerful

Kaabo Mantis Pro Summary

The Mantis Pro absolutely crushed our expectations when it comes to its acceleration capabilities, in a good way, mind you. We had high expectations, to begin with, considering the scooter is equipped with a dual-motor system, 27A controllers, and a 60V battery, but it still blew us away.

This brilliant piece of machinery was able to go from 0 to 15 mph in only 2.0 seconds, which is insane for an electric scooter. It blew us away even more, when it reached its top speed in only 10.4 seconds.

Note that you may need to start at a low setting when you’re first getting started with the scooter so that you can get used to its pull. Bear in mind that this is one of the most powerful scooters on the market, so please don’t go full throttle right from the get-go.

We noticed that the Mantis Pro’s acceleration is pretty even and consistent at low speeds. It balances out at around 30 mph. Sensation-wise, you can feel the dual motors pulling you the second you squeeze the accelerator. The throttle is remarkably responsive with this scooter as well.

Compared to other scooters in its class, the Mantis Pro is a force to be reckoned with. It accelerates faster than the original Mantis. The only scooter we can think of that can slightly top the Mantis Pro is the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11, reaching 15 mph at 1.9 seconds.


Performance Overview

When it comes to performance – this scooter offers it all.

Not only does it have a top speed of 36 mph but it does come with a range of 40 miles (this of course depends on the average speed you’d travel at and how much the rider weighs). But this is impressive and very quick for an electric scooter.

Kaabo Mantis Pro Review Light Durable Frame

Top Speed & Acceleration

With a dual 1,000W brushless motor system, the Kaabo Mantis Pro is able to reach a maximum speed of 40 mph, which is remarkably fast for an e-scooter. It’s able to go from 0 to 15 mph in 2 seconds; a testament to how powerful it is. It’s an excellent e-scooter for high-speed getaways.

Note that the scooter’s ability to reach top speed is influenced by the rider’s weight. For instance, with a rider weighing 163 lbs, the scooter’s top speed will be around 39 mph, whereas, with a rider weighing around 233 lbs, the scooter’s top speed will be approximately 36 mph.

Other factors that can influence an e-scooter’s overall performance include terrain and incline. The rougher the terrain and the more inclined it is, the longer it’ll take the scooter to reach top speed.

Also, note that extremely rough and steep terrain may restrict an e-scooter from reaching its official top speed. So, if you’re hill climbing with the Mantis Pro, don’t expect it to reach 40 mph.


 Battery Life & Range

Having learned about the Mantis Pro’s acceleration and speed, you’d think that it’s subpar in terms of range. After all, the faster an e-scooter, the more power it requires, which, in turn, translates to a lower range. To our surprise, the Mantis Pro makes no compromises when it comes to range.

The Mantis Pro’s official range is 40 miles, which is insane considering how fast it is. What’s even more impressive is that we were able to get more than 40 miles in our performance tests. To be more specific, we were able to get 45 miles out of the Mantis Pro.

Like we already mentioned, an e-scooter’s performance is influenced by various factors, including the rider’s weight, terrain, incline, and so forth, so don’t expect the Mantis Pro to always cover 40+ miles. You must also note that an e-scooter can’t reach its maximum range if it’s not fully charged.

We feel the need to remind you that the Mantis Pro can operate in a single or dual-motor mode. The former will give you more range and less speed, whereas the latter will give you more speed and less energy conservation.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro is equipped with a 24.5Ah Lithium-ion battery from the industry-leader, LG. The battery is fully integrated into the scooter’s deck, meaning you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged from harsh bumps and sudden hits.

This scooter’s battery is quite capable, granting it a maximum range of 40 miles. It’s notably costly, which is one of the reasons why the Pro model is notably more expensive than the base model, which happens to house a 17.5Ah battery.

If the 40-mile range is too much for your needs and you’re looking to save some money, you should consider buying the base Mantis instead of the Pro model. If you want something in between, consider the Mantis Pro SE, which houses an 18.2Ah model.

The Mantis Pro’s battery needs anywhere from 13 to 16 hours to be fully charged. This is fairly long compared to other e-scooters in its class. Kaabo is planning to release a fast charger that you can buy separately. They’re saying that the charger can help reduce the charging time to 4-5 hours.

It’s worth noting that the Mantis Pro’s battery is equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS) that does an excellent job of protecting it against short circuits, under and overvoltage, under and overcurrent, and other faults of that nature.


Motor Configuration

The Kaabo Mantis Pro houses a powerful dual 1,000W 60V BLDC motor system, meaning you can toggle between using one or two motors at the same time using a switch near the cockpit. That being said, when both motors are engaged, the motor system is able to muster up a whopping 2,000W of motor power.

Why not equip the scooter with a single motor that can muster that kind of mean power alone, you might be wondering? Well, it’s not really about power. It’s more about the versatility of being able to switch between the single-drive and double-drive modes.

When you engage a single motor, you get more range, whereas, with both motors engaged, you get higher top speed and faster acceleration. You can switch back and forth between the two modes depending on what you prioritize.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro is also equipped with an eco/turbo button that enables you to toggle between range and speed. If you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, the turbo mode is your best bet. If the battery is running low on juice, toggling to eco mode will help it last longer.

Kaabo Mantis pro electric scooter red

Construction & Build Quality

The design of the Kaabo Mantis Pro is something we really love about it. Everything on this scooter feels robust, safe and overall it has a very solid construction. 

All the cables are neatly wrapped up and protected, all the bolts or screws that you can see on the scooter also look robust and neat. When it comes to the build quality of this scooter – there’s nothing we can’t fault.  


Boasting a dual-coil spring suspension system, the Kaabo Mantis Pro is able to provide one of the smoothest riding experiences in scooter history. The dual spring arms do an excellent job of absorbing shocks and bumps, ensuring maximum comfort.

The Kaabo Mantis lineup of scooters is designed primarily for urban use, but thanks to the remarkable suspension system, the Mantis is able to travel across off-road terrain without any problems, be it gravel, dirt, grass, or other. It also performs very well on wet terrain.


Ride Quality

Overall, the Kaabo Mantis Pro has a smooth ride which is all down to its brilliant dual shock suspension and 10.0 pneumatic tyres which keeps the scooter sturdy at high speeds as well. This also means that the scooter can handle all types of terrain.

It feels very nimble and even when riders lean into a curve or a bend on the path you’re taking – you feel safe and supported at higher speeds as the scooter works with you. Some bigger scooters with a similar speed to the model can feel wobbly or as if you’ll lose your balance.

kaabo mantis pro front suspension


The Kaabo Mantis Pro, like the base model, features dual-disc brakes that are extremely reliable at higher speeds. The difference between the two models is that the Pro version has fully hydraulic brakes, whereas the base version has semi hydraulic brakes.

It’s worth noting that hydraulic brakes are notably more expensive than their mechanical counterparts because of their better performance. This is one of the reasons why the Mantis is one of the more expensive high-end scooters on the market.

What we love the most about hydraulic brakes is that they’re very efficient and responsive. You won’t have to apply a lot of pressure on the brakes for the scooter to respond.

During our performance test, the Mantis Pro’s braking was buttery smooth. It wasn’t chunky whatsoever. We were able to get a braking distance of around 13.3 feet from 20 to 0 mph. This is super fast compared to the performance competitor e-scooters.

What’s more, the Mantis Pro is equipped with dual electronic brakes. The strength of these brakes can easily be programmed to meet the rider’s requirements.

The electronic brakes feature an Antilock Braking System (ABS), which helps prevent the wheels from locking up, ensuring responsive steering while braking. The ABS can be toggled on and off.



The Kaabo Mantis Pro isn’t the most lightweight scooter out there, weighing 65 lbs. When you take into consideration that it’s a high-end scooter equipped with tons of impressive features, 65 lbs don’t sound too bad, especially when you learn that the Wolf Warrior 11 weighs a whopping 101 lbs. For your information, the base version of the Mantis weighs 61 lbs.

The scooter’s stem folding mechanism is quite reliable. It enables you to fold the scooter into a more compact size so that it’s easier to carry and put in the trunk of your car. It’s quite challenging to carry the scooter with one hand, though.

Bear in mind that the scooter’s handlebars cannot be folded, which makes it challenging to go through doors and tight openings with the scooter.

The stem is equipped with two locks that help prevent the scooter from wobbling around, which is a problem that’s quite common among most electric scooters. When folded, the scooter measures 48x24x19 inches.

The folding mechanism is responsive and very easy to use. It’s basically a sleeve that slides down, clamping the stem. Such locking systems tend to be loose, which is why the Mantis Pro is equipped with opposing quick-releases that help ensure firm locking; no bending, creaking, or wobbling.



The Mantis Pro is spangled with built-in lights. There are LED lights mounted on the front and back of the deck. There are also white lights mounted on the sides.

You’ll notice that all of the lights are near the ground, which makes it easier for other people to see you coming along the road. However, the lights don’t project that far ahead, so you’ll have a hard time seeing at night.

Luckily, this is a problem that can easily be solved by investing in high-mounted taillights and headlights. If you’re not going to ride your scooter at night, you don’t have to invest in high-mounted lights.



The Mantis Pro is equipped with large 10×3-inch pneumatic tube tyres. Their rounded profile adds to the scooter’s ability to provide a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. They also contribute to the responsiveness and overall agility of the scooter.

Replacing the inner tubes and changing the tyres is super easy with the Mantis Pro, as the tyres are mounted on a split rim. Scooters with a solid rim are typically hard to work with in the event of a flat tyre.



The deck on the Mantis Pro measures around 20×20 inches, so it’s quite commodious in terms of standing space. The deck is outfitted with an emblemized rubber mat that helps maintain traction in both dry and wet conditions.

We love how the mat grips to the rider’s shoes, reducing the risk of slipping or falling. We also like that it covers all of the seams and screw holes in the top plate of the deck, giving the scooter a more aesthetically pleasing layout.


Controls & Display

The cockpit on the Mantis Pro is nothing to write home about. It’s just a simple cockpit with wide handlebars that almost resemble those of a bicycle. One thing we don’t like about the handlebars is that their foam isn’t very high-quality and isn’t likely to last long.

On the controls, you’ll find the button you use to switch between single or dual motors. You’ll also find the button you use to switch between eco and turbo modes. Note that the scooter doesn’t feature a horn or bell, but you can purchase one separately. They’re pretty cheap.

And like all high-end scooters, the Mantis Pro has a Minimotors throttle on the cockpit. It’s a neat addition, but it gets uncomfortable the longer you use the scooter. You can find the throttle trigger built right into the LED display.

Speaking of which, the LED display is bright enough for you to read everything clearly in broad daylight. The backlighting is of the color green, which is convenient for night riding. The programming presets can be adjusted using the motor mode and power buttons.


Water Resistance

This electric scooter is not IP Water Resistant rated. Take care of its motor and battery to never go near a lot of puddles and water/rain. 


Reliability, Warranty & Customer Support

The Kaabo Mantis Pro comes with a two year manufacturers warranty.



There’s a bit more maintenance to go with this electric scooter, especially if you do take it to dirt or mud terrains. Aside from the occasional deep clean, just make sure to have the battery constantly charged, the tire’s pressure always on point, and the tyres spike thickness to never go below anything unsafe. 


Known Issues

In our opinion, the Mantis Pro is the best electric scooter on the market today, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. There are a couple of things we think could use some improvement.

After having tested the scooter for a few months, we noticed that the mudguard on the rear tire doesn’t do its job all that well. When you ride over wet and dirty terrain, it’s highly likely that the back of the scooter will be sprayed with mud.

Another thing we wish this scooter had is a locking feature. You’d expect such a premium-priced scooter to come with a locking accessory such as a chain or combination lock, but it doesn’t, so you’ll have to buy one separately. Nonetheless, these are just minor complaints.

kaabo mantis pro full

Is this E-Scooter value  money and is it worth buying?

All things considered, we feel like the Mantis Pro is darn near perfect. Yes, it could use a better rear mudguard and a locking accessory, but we’re just nitpicking here.

The Kaabo Mantis Pro has everything right going for it, from remarkable speed and range to responsive steering and braking to excellent portability and deck standing space. It’s very well-rounded, all in all.

Overall, it’s a scooter that lives up to expectations and is perfect for people who like to cruise and power through beyond what the road can offer. 

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  • It has a high top speed of 40 mph
  • Still very lightweight and easy to carry around
  • It has a fantastic battery range with 55 miles when fully charged
  • This scooter is not waterproof - no IP rating
  • The price is fairly high and won't suit people will a lower budget who want these features
  • It lacks lighting on the scooter

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